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  1. The city was silent as twilight fell upon the city. Janus stood, wearing his uniform under a black military issue jacket a few feet in front of the Januarius City Memento Stone, built by philanthropist and now council member Joseph Whilhelm. The fact was that Janus had just come from a meeting with said council member. A dozen blue roses were at the base of the statue dedicated to a very special captain in the Great War. Janus answered his cell phone the second it rang, “Good, so all four snipers are set up and we have a 1 mile blackout radius. It helps even though this is not a high traffic area at this time of night. Understand that none of you are to fire, even if they aim guns at me. Very good, thank you old friend.” Janus clicked his cell phone and returned it to his pocket looking in the distance. The square was large enough of a park in the middle of a city. Janus had just walked in and introduced himself at Armory One, with little to no explanation. He had barely even had a chance to speak with any of the soldiers recently. He wanted to meet and speak with them formally but also wanted to see how they reacted under pressure. The commander seems a little soft. That’s all well and good, but I have to know I can fight at my full potential and not spend every second covering ofr them. Most likely should of asked the commander first. Janus laughed a little bit at the irony. He was making sure people his own age were competent soldiers where the closest Janus himself had come to death was nearly crashing a BABI in a live fire training exercise. Looking up Janus spoke to himself, “Good, they are arriving. Lets see if they earned the uniform they were wearing.”
  2. " And who's mind did this come from? " The room was dark at the time as the night had entered itself into the PLANT leaving only streetlights from the window to enter as a figure was sitting on his chair and staring outside, a computer having been on the table who which he had his back upon. The screen having shown that there was a online talk with another figure who's face was hidden. Kaze's eyes having stared outside as his head was supported by his hand, his lips having been barely open as he was wondering what else to say at the new decision having been handed out. " It's not a matter to you. It's an Order from you're superiors. The current tension between the EA and USSA require more direction. " The voice was filled with voice modifications, having been impossible to decode considering the amount of different additions and warping in tone. Kaze had attempted to change it himself but the data left over from the conversation would be completely deleted as if the call was never made. " The Assumed Creation of Suits. Yes, I've heard. " Kaze mentioned. " The PLANT's themselves are worried that this may turn into a global war for the planet. A new Leader of your status and capabilities would be better. " " And of Hitomi? " He had asked wondering what she'd take of this news. The woman had recently become the leader and such a thing may discourage her. If anything threaten her. " She will remain as she is. Consider it a cooperative Leadership. " He sighed, this was too sudden to take already. Having turned his seat around to look at the computer screen he had spotted the shine of glass and peered over to a chess board with glass pieces of black and white having been on the corner. " Do you wish for me to end up like the previous chairman? " He had asked referring to his teacher in medicine. " He served his purpose. That is all. " No answer like always, Kaze's eyes having darted back to the screen as he gave a disappointed look. " I understand. Keep my updated, though communication from now will be more harder to keep. " He had mentioned as he wondered how they would manage. " It had never stopped us before. If we do not communicate, a file will be in your computer from the next move. Remember Kaze, do not disappoint us unless you want your experiment to become public. " His hand twitched while his body remained calm, the fingers tightening a grip on the arm rest as he closed his eyes. " You wish to blackmail me using my Son? " He had mentioned, having understood they would take the chance would do it. " You've changed. Before you had called him a God, A Failed Experiment, and now a Son. Don't let yourself get attached. It will cloud your judgment. " He opened his eyes again to stare at the screen. " I call him Hope. A life that I've played God in, the same would go for her father also. " He mentioned having known the girl must have been his son of all others. " Hope, it is the quintessential human delusion, simultaneously the source of your greatest strength, and your greatest weakness. We have no further progress with this conversation. We will contact you when it's needed. " The screen had turned black as the computer shut down completely. A weak sigh escaping Kaze's mouth as his hand moved from supporting his cheek to his head, a weak smile forming. " It's all up to their Will then. " He whispered. Morning News networks had spread fast and moved to the PLANT's as the sudden spark of political debate had come up of a second Leader. It was a first for Coordinators, having a Cooperative leadership between two entities. The PLANT Supreme Council members having been arguing with themselves as they wondered how such a notion had passed and what it would affect in the future, it was rather unexpected for all of them. " A Second Supreme Leader?! The PLANT's will just end up in more confusion! " " Considering our previous ones we will need in case one does as the previous two! It'd be better if Kaze is elected, he's the leading scientist of Technology for the PLANT's. Who else?! " " For now we'll have to accept it. Whether he steps up or not we'll see. Besides this conversation is not worth our breath. The current issues of Mobile suits being made by USSA and in South America should be our main focus. " The Council had sighed in frustration, silence finally overtaking the room as a few members looked over to the empty seats as some couldn't make it. The meeting was rather unexpected so it wasn't surprising. Kaze o nthe other hand had to make it to the city in a car that was continually watched by news and several questions being shot at him as he made his way slowly to podium where he would make the speech, the room having been filled with several news networks from which he guessed a few were from Earth and ORB. Never the less there were a few soldiers at his sides that were prepared to defend him if needed. " I've come to talk about the speculation and rumors that have been going around. And they are true, I will be become the second Chairman of the PLANT's. Regarding my partner Hitomi she will remain also in control so this will be a cooperative leadership. It's rather sudden but for the progress of the PLANT's I feel as if I had no choice to deny it. As many as you know I am also the leading scientist for the military of ZAFT and you may be worried my views are towards War when they're completely far from it. I have been a doctor before and know full well the pain and loss of War. That's why...I wish to ask for a chance. That is all, I'll take no questions. " The speech was short but he had no desire to continue, having turned as a few people started to shout out questions and come close to him which made the soldiers and bodyguards start to move as they stopped them as he came out the door and into the main room of the Supreme Council building. Having sighed as he turned to look at the rock of the whale like creature that the first coordinator had brought back from space. Having smiled he opened his mouth and spoke: " Those who have a gift fail to understand the feelings of those who don't and those who don't envy those who do. "
  3. Aprilus One was Asahi's hometown, the bustling administrative center was all familiar to him. Bit what troubled him was meeting his new squad. Leadership wasn't his forte, and he admitted it, yet ZAFT was lacking appropriate role models, and Asahi seemed to be a good choice for the brass at the time. Asahi had arranged his proposed squad to meet at one of his favorite spots in town, the "Kombo Kwon" Korean fusion restaurant and cafe. Asahi flicked his watch to his face, reading it at 11:48 am, as he approached the cafe. Remembering that he asked for casual clothing, he had no worries on his choice of attire; white t-shirt and black jeans. With his folder of formalities under his arm, he pushed open the door to the cafe. A waiter came up to him and Asahi said politely that he had a reservation for six. He decided that it would be best to wait until everyone had arrived before doing any administrative duties. Sitting at the round table, Asahi glanced at the time, and with a few minutes to spare before noon, (the designated meeting time) he opened his folder and scanned the faces again. He smiled as he noticed someone, Chrisoph von Crailshelm. Asahi remembered him from the academy. A tough guy, but easy to get along with. Funnily enough, Chrisoph reminded Asahi alot of himself. A team of six. Two leaders, and four members. Asahi wanted to take the occasion to gather their personalities, and mobile suit preferences as he would be assigning them respective units. He propped his head on his left hand, imagining what they would be like. They might not respect him, as they were mostly his peers. He dismissed the worst case scenario and in response winced and ruffled his hair. It was almost show time, and Asahi had to be at his best. He re-arranged his hair and wiped his glasses. They would be there any second.
  4. The echoes of several footsteps could be heard through the hallway as a man in a black lab coat had been followed by several green ranked soldiers with papers in their hands with questions coming from each of them. Long flowing black hair having been moving with the body and a pair of crimson eyes that stared forwards had been of the lead scientist of Technology in ZAFT getting hassled by the army. " General Darlton and Janus want to know how the production of things are moving along? " One of them had asked while trying to maintain the scientists long strides. Kaze had been ignoring most of the questions and seemed to have had his own thoughts on mind. " Tell them it's moving along fine. " He had answered giving an answer which lacked detail. " Chairwoman Hitomi had also been wishing to talk to you about the current funding for the next few projects. " Another one had said out while the man's walk had increased in speed from the annoyance of the army. " Tell her to call me instead. " He answered in slight annoyance. Once through the hallway he had come across the main lobby of the PLANT and had planned to take the elevator to transfer out of Januarius and head off to other areas where he was needed. Having stepped in front of the elevator doors he turned and looked at the other men who had more questions and needed answers from the scientist at least. " I suggest sending the rest of the issues and pressing matter to my office. I wish to be alone. " He had said to them as the doors opened and a soldier was already in salute as he was standing inside the elevator. Kaze had smiled a bit and turned around stepping within as the doors closed to the soldiers who were about to follow him but were cut off, his crimson eyes turning to the soldier who was saluting him who was his son;Ryou Misaki. A pair of golden eyes who were hidden behind a few strands of the messy white hair which the boy had grown and left unattended to the natural messy order. Then again he was not one to talk, his own black hair had been longer that it reached past his shoulders at times. " You can stop saluting me... " He mentioned and walked over to the seats as the elevator had started to rise up. " Sir! " Ryou answered in response and placed his arm back to his side as he waited by the door. Kaze's smile having remained considering his son's attitude; Serious and Cold. He was proud to have him as a son, truly proud and yet there were...many flaws in that. Ryou was after all his finest project; A remake of the remaining information of Hibiki that he could collect without having been suspected. It did him no good, it was a failure in the end and the result caused a conflict between him and his assistant who had believed in a different theory than he did. In the end it resulted in him doing it alone and causing the womb of his wife to turn into a chamber for where he could create at least something similar to the man's hoped for work. Kaze had realized it now that the remnants he received were not enough information. And the cost of information made him create a failed coordinator; Ryou. Humanity's desire itself was the improve upon itself and Kaze wished for the same, he wanted to make that ultimate being and help the Coordinator's realize their true function: Help Humanity. George Glenn himself had wished for that desire, yet with the recent issue of Coordinators and Naturals it truly had strayed from that past. Coordinator's turned ambitious and seeked an identity for themselves. Dubbing themselves a New Species, A Better Species, An Improved Species. And of course with such arrogance in themselves they believed that the people of Earth were things of the past and a step lower in the evolutionary scale. Even now it does not change. People's eyes have grown accustomed to seeing them as 'Naturals' and yet what were Coordinators themselves - 'Unnatural'? The answer itself is No. George Glenn was wrong, Coordinators were no different than Naturals themselves. We have to study, train, adapt and grow old like any other human being. Coordinators are no different, just an arrogant race that in the end started a War simply to dub themselves the true rulers of Humanity. Humans, or Naturals as they liked to be called are no better themselves. If Coordinators did not exist, their blames would be put to themselves and thus would hate one another. The Planet called Earth would simply be filled with humans hating one another with racism. The government themselves couldn't handle all the issue so they instead blame the Coordinators and PLANTS. 'United in Hatred', as one can picture. The President, Countries and Nations, they all help one another for a sole purpose: Hatred for Coordinators. An easy answer for the government and people who are confused as to why they're poor or have civil issues. Truly...Humans are- " Dad? " Kaze had opened his eyes to realize that he was lost in thought and had closed his eyes. Having been at the top floor already with his son having placed a hand on his shoulder to bring him back into reality. " How have things been with your team? " He had asked his son as the boy stood up straight once more with a somewhat blank face. " I can't complain....other than the lack of experience for the captain. " He had mentioned as Kaze already knew of that, but it couldn't be helped. " Your not the only one. Other teams are starting fresh... " He mentioned as he had looked over the papers and was thinking of what mobile suit would be best for each person. " I guess... " Ryou had said with a shrug of the shoulders as he titled his head back a bit and looked to the side to the city through the elevator glass. As he stared at his son with the blank look of his son and innocence in soldiers Kaze had realized how War had changed from wanting trained personnel to wanting young children grow into battle itself. There was also an issue of Coordinators themselves making soldiers for the sole purpose of fighting. Those who are legends in battle and are the perfect soldiers, they are the ones who's genes are entered within other infants until they can make a perfect copy; A Clone. Yet this itself has it's own issues and that's something Kaze himself had been ordered to fix...not that it's public information or even known to most of the chairmen and chairwomen in the council. He wondered himself if Hitomi knew of this. Kaze had realized he spent his time within the elevator long enough so he had stood up and started to walk out and down another long hallway with his son 3 steps behind him. " I'll be needing some time in a room. " He mentioned as Ryou had given a serious 'Sir!' remark back to him and lead him to a room for the time being until a ride was ready to take him back. " Um..what about...meetings and people? " He had asked his father who's simple response was: " Just put them in a meeting room around here and I'll get to them. " He answered and closed the door. Kaze had sat down behind a desk and opened a laptop with a new email having been received from an Anonymous address which told him ' Continue the Process'. " What a joke...like you're not satisfied with the last two wars... " He whispered, sighing as he opened up a folder and watched the data from the previous wars. " Whether there will be peace or war...no one but them will know. " He whispered as he turned and opened the window to see the stars outside at least. " At least the stars will be witnesses to Humanity...even now we're traveling beyond the original bounds that's been placed in front of us...and we're repeating the same mistakes.. " He whispered, closing his eyes once more and contemplating the rest of what he had gotten over time. Ryou on the other hand was running through the corridor in a hectic speed. " Damn it...why'd you leave me to manage all your meetings with people. " He whispered as he didn't even know who wished to speak with the man. This was all too troublesome....
  5. OOC: this is a slight character building thread for me. I am also using it to introduce my character’s father, who I need to most likely have made into an NPC. If someone wants to drop in feel free. IC: Michael was on his knees hunched over at the foot of the Januarius City Memento Stone. The memento stones were statues made by Michael’s father at the end of the Bloody Valentine War to honor the sacrifices of those who lost their lives and for virtues that Coordinators and mankind must learn to live by. One was in each PLANT. The Januarius City memento stone held special meaning to Michael, and within a few moments his tears were falling onto the dozen roses left at its base. The Januarius City Memento Stone was “The Guardian”, and it was a statue of Michael’s mother, who died in the first war. Michael nearly broke the mask that he was now holding in his lap as more and more tears fell. Finally Michael was able to look at the twilight sky. Michael was filled with memories of the last time he was here a few years ago. When he finally stood up to his father and made the decision to join ZAFT. He was a stubborn man, who had tried to control Janus’s life. “Why mom, why did you leave me with him, and why did you die to protect other people.” Janus couldn’t even muster the energy at the time to scream. More and more tears fell till Michael just hit the ground with his right fist. After a few moments Michael stood up facing the statue. Putting his mask back on Janus turned and began to slowly walk away from the memento stone. His covered eyes were still showing the signs of his anger and his doubt. This is the right thing to do, I am walking the only path available to me right now. I'll defeat every enemy until I find the answers I want.
  6. Thwap, thwap, thwap. Hitomi exhaled each time she struck the black bag which hung from the ceiling. For the past several months she had been studying Taekwondo and she was quickly picking it up; already her sensei had told her that she would soon be ready to take on real opponents. Of course such compliments were flattery to be taken only at face value, as Supreme Chairwoman few things which were said to her could be trusted. Landing a succession of round house kicks to the bag's midsection Hitomi released the last of her frustration on the bag with a loud yell. Though this was an odd place to hold any sort of meeting Hitomi had wanted the soldiers she had invited over to feel comfortable and have the chance to relax, even though they were expected to arrive in uniform. As her aide passed her a towel and whispered the time to her Hitomi took both casually while she calculated just how long she would have to shower and prepare herself. Since she had the time Hitomi treated herself to a long hot bath, after which a different aide came in and helped her prepare her hair and did some last minute fussing over Hitomi's clothing. Today her aides had selected a maroon red skirt/coat match along with a white blouse, while this attire was still formal it was also very low key and unoffensive. As her hair naturally fell into place Hitomi waved her aide away and took one last look in the mirror before she left the room. Though an ordinary visitor may have gotten lost at the Chairwoman's large manor home Hitomi knew the hallways quite well, this aided her in achieving a speedy arrival at formal events and served a dual purpose should she ever need to escape the large home. Pausing outside one of the houses three tea rooms Hitomi waited with an aide who handed her a plain brown folder. Though she had memorized the names and faces of the soldiers she would meet days ago Hitomi had reviewed the list one more time before entering the room. Her timing was perfect and just as she sat down one of the house's staff members announced the arrival of a visitor.
  7. Landis Exel Zenastan tapped his foot. It held neither the impatience of one who could wait for no longer than 10 minutes or the anxiety of someone who can't help but attempt to memorize a short, informal speech before the people whom he was to meet arrived. It was a habit for him, that whenever he was alone, some things generally tend to surface, with foot-tapping being one of them. Although he wasn't particularly nervous, the newly named squadron leader was having second thoughts about the meeting place. Would it be better if it had been Maius, or perhaps Martius? They were two of the PLANTs he knew best and could probably get a bolster in confidence when addressing his new teammates. It might seem silly to contemplate his choices right now when he had earlier decided the venue without giving as much as a single thought about it, but it was yet another one of the habits he had: Thinking too much when he was alone. Sitting just outside of a quaint little French restaurant 'Monsieur Carte' (while wondering what it could possibly mean), he began imagining what they could be like. Landis was never completely comfortable when meeting with strangers but found his eyes straying to the pretty lady in a comfortable blue dress who stopped near his table. She moved on, and he was back to square one. Somehow it just seems like almost anyone could be them... He had specifically donned a little more than his usual streetwear-A black patterned collared shirt, unbuttoned and worn over a white t-shirt with light brown jeans- just to draw enough attention, though he had not thought of the group of giggly schoolgirls sitting behind him or a few curious monikers whose names he did not know, but apparently had a good idea of who's a stranger in the neighbourhood. "May I take your order, sir?" He felt his heartbeat quickened a bit, but mentally bashed himself over being too enthusiastic-or perhaps finally letting the nerves get to him. Recovering quickly, he smiled cordially and informed him that his order could wait. What was wrong with him? He had led in mock missions before, so leadership can't be that hard...Right? Yeah, right. He thought sarcastically to himself and combed a hand through his messy hair. A small orchestra of rising female voices behind him told him that was a mistake as well. ....So much for setting a good example. Coming early was one thing; Being conspicuous enough was another. In any case, he would have to wait it out till his members came.
  8. Friday was Clare’s favourite day of the week. It was one day when she could come home and lie in a phone conversation to her father that she was going out with friends, and then lie to her friends that she had family business to take care of. In reality, she could spend the whole half a day only to serve herself. Solitude is a horrible thing, but it is more horrible still when you don’t get it. Friday was one day when she did not have to go anywhere, did not have to do anything, when she could spend hours on personal grooming, on watching novellas, on reading sappy romance novels, on studying the subjects she was interested in... Oh, the list went on and on, but best of all there was the knowledge that the alarm would not go off the next morning. Friday also gave her the time she could spend playing with her little pet. Maybe it would be wise to pause here and describe this little creature. Clare’s ‘pet’ was a wonder of artificial intelligence, a prime example of state of the art technology, and the only present her father ever gave her that was not completely and totally useless. It was a tiny ball of fluff that resembled a brown-coat dwarf rabbit, except that on the inside of this coat it was filed with thousands of microchips and wires. Francois (the name that she gave to the robot and no one really knew whey she chose it) was soft like a real bunny, hopped around like a real bunny and looked exactly like a real bunny. On top of that, Andrew Clarick equipped it with a number of curious abilities. Francois had a personality chip installed that made him snide and sarcastic, but also allowed him to develop his own unique character and to change depending on the environment; he was given a sophisticated speech function, a three dimensional ‘vision,’ incredible level of comprehension, a built-in alarm, computer, clock, and everything else one could think of. Of course, this was also her work tool, but Clare could not help but love the little ball of fluff! To think that she could even wash him and brush his coat! They often bickered, often made fun of others, and somehow this amazing piece of machinery managed to make Clare a lot happier living alone than she could have imagined. Before moving to Plant she shared an apartment with her father, and although the two did not have much of a communication, there was still a human presence in her daily home life that seized to exist when she moved out. Francois, whose temper resembled Clare’s made a perfect companion for her. However this Friday was a tad different from the rest. It was only nine o’clock, but Clare already did not know what to do with herself. She paced the lavishly decorated rooms of her apartment at an incredible pace and was truly grateful that Francois stayed out of her way. Several times she passed the medicine cabinet in the bathroom, and finally on her fifth or sixth round decided to stop by it. With shaking hands Clare opened the drawer and took out a bottle of pain killers. She had been taking the maximum dose for a while now, but the headaches would not stop. With a grunt she tossed the bottle into a trash can and slammed the drawer shut. The pills, the hot shower, the strong coffee - none of it helped. Headaches were becoming stronger and more frequent. Clare shrugged and turned off the lights - she might as well call it a night. A small shadow passed along one of the walls, making her smile against her will. Yeah, Francois was a huge pain in the gluteus maximums, but he knew when to keep quiet. Tiredly she crawled into her insanely large bed and pulled the covers over her head. The throbbing pain was horrible It was as though someone tied a rope around her head and was now twisting it tight while slowly adding metal plates between the knots. However, little by little it seemed to pass. By midnight Clare no longer tossed around. She laid on her right side, curled up at a forty-five degree angle to the bed and wrapped up in a bundle of sheets and blankets. Her right arm rested under the pillow and her left hand was holding its corner for extra support. No sound was heard other than Clare’s even breathing until about three in the morning, and then... An awful sound of a ringing phone cut through the dead silence of the room. Clare did not wake up right away, nor did she realize what was ringing. Instead she sat up on the bed in a half dazed state and began pressing on everything that could make noise on her bedside table. Finally she hit the receiver button of the phone, and instantly a bright, wide screen popped up. Clare rubbed her eyes in attempt to adjust to the light. She was more than sure that she’d kill whomever was calling at the moment. Of course, in her righteous anger she did not stop to think that the individual on the other end was getting a darn good view of her tiny yellow pyjamas with a blue kitten print. This realization came to her as soon as she was able to see and recognize Ryou’s face. Immediately Clare pulled the covers against herself and tried to wipe the embarrassed expression off her sleepy face. “What the hell do you think you’re doing,” she yelled as soon as she could see that the young man did not look hurt, or like he's in a hospital, or some sort of trouble (why did she even care again?). This was the fist time she raised her voice above the tone of the normal conversation. “You moron! Do you even know what time it is!? I don’t even know what time it is!” “Three hundred hours, your highness,” a sarcastic male voice came from underneath the bed - Francois was also up now. “Three AM! Do you hear that!? It’s three AM!” Claire had a vein on her head you could tow a truck with. She never shouted and she never lost her temper, and yet somehow Ryou succeeded at getting her to do both. Aggravating young man! Why did she react like this to him? Had it been anyone else, she would have just hung up without even bothering to get mad or to ask what the issue was. “Do you know what NORMAL people do at three AM? They sleep! Do you know what I want to do at three AM? That’s right - I want to sleep! Now, give me one good reason not to hang up on you, you nocturnal lunatic! What is it that’s keeping you up at night? Lack of personal life? Lack of grey matter in the brain? Lack of work and abundance of boredom? All of the above? I guess what I’m trying to say is, what the hell do you want from me at three AM Saturday morning except for a possible nose job without an anaesthesia?”
  9. ~Seventy Two Months ago~ It all began with a small mistake, which would ultimately change the life for the young commander in the Zaft military. Alisha had started to focus on her private life, thinking of living styles outside of being a soldier for a majority of her life. She had taken a month off to get her life into perspective, and figure out what the next step would be in the rollercoaster called life. Alisha had returned to her once party like self, and started to attend social gatherings. At once such gathering Alisha ran into a young man Takashi Wilhelm. He was a gallant man, with his long black hair, and Asiatic features. She couldn’t take her eyes off him, and was stunned at the sheer beauty of this single male. It was uncertain if he noticed Alisha, but for some reason he spotted her. They both started to engage in heavy conversation about pop culture, political, and a majority of similar topics. From the distance they seemed very perfect, as if they were in their own world. Alisha couldn’t remember the night; her head was aching from the alcohol consumed during the night. She had found herself in the bedroom of Takashi Wilhelm. She panicked during the first moment of realization of what she had done. Alisha did what most confused women her age did, she decided to sneak out of bed, and make a run for it. Takashi was nowhere to be found, but the shower could be heard from the bathroom attached to the master bedroom, where Alisha, and him apparently had slept together. She managed to leave the house, and eventually decided to forget the event had transpired. Sadly, Alisha was reminded of the event when she had awakened to extreme nausea, and disorientation. It was only half a month from that very day, and Alisha ignored the early signs that something was growing inside of her body. One day during a routine day working at the national defense headquarters, Alisha found herself at the infirmary where the doctor had checked her over. The news was shocking to her ears, the doctor said with a smile, “Congratulations, you’re pregnant.” Alisha was dumbstruck; she was completely in a moment where she couldn’t think clearly. All that filled her mind was that her career would have to take an immediate stop, and that she would have to become a mother at the ripe age of twenty two. Days after meeting with the doctor, Alisha had contacted Takashi, and explained the situation to him. At first he was skeptic at the thought that he was the father, but soon Takashi came to realize the truth, and rushed to Alisha’s side. Unlike others, it would seem that Takashi was as gallant as he looked. He would try to make this relationship work, and try to get to know Alisha more for the child’s sake. They both were now burdened with the task of telling their parents of their “mistake.” The information wouldn’t be happily approved by the fathers’ of the Wilhelm, and Diederich families. It was a stressful time for the two young soon to be parents. Alisha and Takashi both continued working. Alisha was happy to find out that Takashi had served in the Zaft military for nearly eight years, and it seemed to be another thing that they had in common with each other. Soon after the lengthy period was over, Alisha was forced into taking maternity leave by order of her superior officers. Without work to fill out her day, Alisha spent it doing tasks befitting a pregnant woman. Both parents had moved in with each other and appeared to be a couple very much in love. This lasted for six more months, but due to the world being as it is, it would soon come to end. During the day of delivery, Alisha was at the hospital while Takashi was arriving on first shuttle from Orb to Plant. Alisha feels guilty about pulling Takashi away from his work, or he would still be alive. During his arrival on Aprilius, he boarded his vehicle, and drove the fastest possible with consideration of legal limits. Half way to the hospital, his car was hit by another creating a massive accident on the highway. Takashi was rushed to the same hospital as Alisha, but he died hours after due to complications. Alisha was unaware of his death until a day or so later, she was absolutely crushed, and seemed to be in a state of depression for a series of months. In that period of remorse, Alisha finally reconciled and devoted her life to raising their daughter, Alexis to the best of her ability. She was a beautiful child with her mother’s beautiful face, and her father’s passionate eyes. Another topic is that Alexis was decided to be a natural, due to the growing issue in third generation Coordinators. Alisha didn’t care what race her child was, she would love her to the best her heart could. Despite concentrating on her career in the growing years, Alisha did her best in raising Alexis to the ripe age of six. CE 85, Aprilius One, Present day The alarm clock buzzed in the large dimly lit room of a house in a suburban area amongst the large facilities of Aprilius One. The curtains were closed, but small rays of light managed to slip past illuminating the room with its artificial lighting. Alisha lied there in bed with her arm resting on her forehead. She let out a soft sigh, and removed her arm showing her vibrant green eyes. Alisha turned for the clock, and read the current time. “Its morning already….” She let out a carefree nod, and climbed out a bed. The door creaked open, and the small Alexis ran into the room with a big smile stretched across her face. She was dressed in a summer dress and held a teddy bear in her other arm. “Mommy, let’s go its almost time!”She grabbed Alisha’s hand and shook it intently. Alisha looked down at her daughter, and let out a soft smile. She patted Alexis on the head, and walked towards the bathroom. Moments quickly passed, Alexis stood by her mother who was now dressed in her formal Zaft uniform. Alexis tried to mimic her mother’s mature, and experienced stance, but failed in comparison. The pair walked together down the street to the nearby school bus stop. Alisha had managed to get Alexis into one of the few prestigious grammar schools in the colony. It was primarily due to her families influence, but it was well worth it. A few of the mothers looked at Alisha, she was independent, and had no husband. It was known that she was never even married when she had her daughter. Many of them stare at Alisha as if she were sub-human. “Oh, good morning you two how are you? A woman with an obviously fake tone greeted the pair. Alisha gave her a smirk, and replied in the same tone. Alexis started to converse with the others, while the mothers continued to stare at Alisha judging her in the way house wives would to working women. Minutes passed by while the school bus came into view. “Is everyone here?” The lady asked, while the driver opened the door allowing the lady to step out. The children all shouted in a unanimous voice, and started to board the bus. Alexis paused at midstep, and turned towards her mother. “Bye mommy! Have fun at work today!” Alisha let out a bright smile, and waved goodbye. “Have a good day at school, honey.”Alisha bowed her head to the other housewives, and started off back to the house. “They really should stop being so overt around me…” Alisha walked into the driveway, and entered her luxury sports car. It was metallic silver in color, and looked very expensive. It seemed to be a perk for one of her rank, and familiar lineage.
  10. From the oak podium Hitomi spoke out to the small crowd of reporters and foreign dignitaries who had gathered together that day. Each one had come to see the new face of PLANT and to watch Hitomi's first public appearance. Though she was nervous the long white coat that she wore over her councilwoman's attire did a splendid job of masking her body as it shivered ever so slightly. With both hands Hitomi took hold of either side of the podium and glanced down at her speech. When she got her cue she began to read and left her worry behind her. "As the newly appointed head of the PLANT supreme council I would like to announce my first act in office which is the addressing of PLANT's soldiers who are stationed throughout the Earth Sphere. I call on each and every one of you to do your duty and to act accordingly as you have been taught to by your families and by your superior officers. We living here in the PLANTs have you to thank for our continued safety and prosperity. I expect great things from all of you and I pray for your safe return." With a sigh Hitomi turned and left the podium, ignoring the reporters' questions, they would be answered by a subordinate more suited for the banter the reporters' craved. The event would last several hours during which time various representatives and personnel would deliver multiple reports on the current state of PLANT but what was done was done. Hitomi Matsuko had announced her presence to the world and she would not be going away.
  11. December City is made up of December 1 - 6, 9 - 12. It is represented by Senator Petrus Cledwyn who is a National Defense Committee Member in the Supreme Council. The specialty of December City is elementary education.
  12. November City is made up of November 1 - 10. It is represented by Senator Apollon Yuudai who is a Judicial Committee Member in the Supreme Council. The specialty of November City is multipurpose practical industrial engineering.
  13. October City is made up of October 1 - 10. It is represented by Senator Aki Rokuro who is the Administrative Committee Chair in the Supreme Council. The specialty of October City is social sciences.
  14. September City is made up of September 1 - 10. It is represented by Senator Iyov Yehiel who is a National Defense Committee Member in the Supreme Council. Specialties of September City are electronics, information engineering, artificial intelligence engineering and information science.
  15. Sextilis City is made up of Sextilis 1 - 10. It is represented by Senator Raúl Manuel who is the Diplomatic Committee Chair in the Supreme Council. Specialties of Sextilis City are basic physics, theoretical physics, particle physics, higher-dimensional physics and mathematics.
  16. Quintilis City is made up of Quintilis 1 - 10. It is represented by Senator Sandrilene Apfelsine who is the Supreme Council Chair in the Supreme Council. Specialties of Quintilis City are basic and applied chemistry.
  17. Junius City is made up of Junius 1 - 6, 8 - 10, and work is in progress for 11. It is represented by Senator Sandrilene Apfelsine who is the Judicial Committee Chair in the Supreme Council. Specialties of Junius City are basic and applied agricultural science and social engineering.
  18. Maius City is made up of Maius 1 - 10. It is represented by Senator Kapel Sho who is a Legislative Committee Member in the Supreme Council. Specialties of Maius City are applied mechanical engineering, basic and applied metallurgy, applied materials engineering and robotics engineering.
  19. Aprilius City is made up of Aprilius 1 - 10. It is represented by Senator Ashellia Ferrinas who is the National Defence Committee Chair in the Supreme Council. Specialties of Aprilius City are astronomy, astrophysics, cosmology, space planetary science and space life sciences.
  20. Martius City is made up of Martius 1 - 10. It is represented by Senator Ercwlff Hendrik who is the Legislative Committee Chair in the Supreme Council. Specialties of Martius City are aerospace engineering and shipbuilding.
  21. Februarius City is made up of Februarius 1 - 10. It is represented by Senator Raimondas Aras who is a National Defense Committee Member in the Supreme Council. Specialties of Februarius City are basic and clinical medicine, biochemistry, molecular biology and applied somatology.
  22. Januarius City is made up of Januarius 5 - 12. It is represented by Senator Hitomi Matsuko who is the Administrative Committee Member as well as Supreme Chairwoman of the Supreme Council. Specialties of Januarius City are basic and applied microengineering.
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