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  1. OOC:sure I don't mind if you write me out of the mission.I don't mind if you move on ahead but do you have any idea on how your going to do that?I would like to know after all.
  2. OOC: I don't think I can keep this going much longer.I am in the process of moving at the moment.On the 18th I will get the internet cut off for at least 2 weeks meaning that Riku Ishimaru would win the match.Is there anyway we can hold off the match until I return? Please note I am aware that I still need to post currently but I think it's more important to get this sorted out first.After all there is no point in me continuing the match now if its going to end during the moving process.
  3. PhoenixForce

    Absentee List

    I will be absent on the 18th of this month, probably for at least 2 weeks.I am moving in 2 weeks and I get the internet cut off on the 18th.Also I don't know how long it will take to get the internet up at my home.
  4. Well with Aures idea, why don't you add a few additional boards inside the character library like you did with the coliseum.These boards would separate each of the characters by faction so when you look for a character, you just go into character library, go into the board of the respective faction and look for the character's name. I know this isn't what Aures had in mind but it would cut down the character library list into five or six smaller lists making them easier to find.Plus it wouldn't bne as hard to do as Aures' idea
  5. PhoenixForce

    ZAFT Role Call

    I know Strike hasn't been active for a little while.I will ask him about that the next time I talk to him over MSN which will probably be sometime on the weekend.I know he doesn't really count as a ZAFT member unless you include those who are applying to be a ZAFT force also but I am sure he will get his profile approved when he comes back.
  6. PhoenixForce

    Hi! I'm back!

    Well its good to see a person come back to the RPing even if its a year later.
  7. PhoenixForce


    I know I haven't been on as much as I should of been especially lately but I am hoping now to be on a little more.
  8. I guess you could say I am a bit of a non AD writer myself.Overall your workings are good except I would like to see you increase the length of your chronicle chapters as they do seem to be a little short but other than that everything seems fine.Oh and I think I saw a spelling error in one of your chronicles, I think its the introduction however I may have only imagined it.
  9. PhoenixForce

    Writers wanted

    I would be interested, although I would have to know more about the length of theses articles and how often I would have to post them before I agree.I guess you could say my life is a little busy at the moment and I am not sure whether I will be able to fit it in.
  10. OOC: sorry for taking a while to post.I haven't had much time to post lately. IC:Laike began to move to the right with his ZAKU knowing it could be a fatal mistake to stay standing in the one spot for too long.He began to wonder what his opponent was going to try next.As he kept moving right, he noticed something coming towards his way.It was an attack from the rail guns. He kept moving the ZAKU right as the attack came closer. The attack of one of the rails just barely struck his left side damaging the armor on that side.Noticing that his opponent was no longer standing where had fired it, he fired his beam rifle towards the most logical place he could be.He figured that he would be behind the nearby dune as it was the only place he could hide himself. Time for a taste of your own medicine.Laike began to fire the ZAKU's beam rifle a few times towards the dune, knowing that getting too close at the current time would be risky, especially seeing there was no guarantee that his opponent was behind the dune.
  11. "Yes sir, I will get right on it sir."as he took the disk quickly and stuck it into his pocket, knowing that Wullf obviously wanted him to read the disk.He also knew that the Mobile Suits had been painted fine and had the appropriate weapons attached. as he had noticed them on his slow walk towards the briefing room.He began to walk out as he saw James come in and salute Wullf.He walked out of the briefing room. He knew going back towards the dormitories to look over the information wouldn't be a good idea seeing he would most likely run into his other squad members.He instead went towards the hangar.He approached and went into one of the empty rooms near towards the direction of the hangar.He shut the door and sat down at the desk with the computer. He began to read through the information carefully knowing that Wullf was expecting him to know all of this and thats exactly what he planned to do.When he had completely memorized the data he took the disk and returned the computer to the state it had been before he had entered. He began to make his way back to the briefing room expecting the whole team to be there by now as he had probably gone for about 10 minutes.He arrived at the briefing room and went inside the briefing room one again.He noticed that James had arrived and Karl had returned.He didn't see Kanto anywhere though wondering where he could of gotten to. "The Mobile Suits have been painted properly and are equipped properly for the training missions sir."
  12. PhoenixForce

    ZAFT Role Call

    I am still active, usually every 2-3 days.I did use to be in every day but life got a bit more busier for me.As for a basic license, I am still in a battle for me basic piloting license.I have no idea how much longer its going to take but so far we have been at it for nearly a month.
  13. OOC-I know I probably shouldn't be posting here as I have yet to finish my reference battle but I don't want to slow the post down.Also please excuse my rudeness of not replying to the other thread but I saw this one IC-Laike as always, had prepared himself in his Red ZAFT uniform before the due time.He was a little anxious for this first training exercise to come that he had finished getting read three quarters of an hour ago.He had been waiting for it to be an appropriate time to leave.After all he didn't want to turn up too early. Laike decided to leave the dorms at '1235' with much thought on his mind.I wonder how this training exercise is going to go.I wonder how skilled I am compared to the others.I hope I am not the worst at this exercise.I wouldn't make a very good second if I don't have the skills in a Mobile Suit.Then there's the fact that I am the youngest on the squad meaning the other probably have more experience.Oh well, I just hope I don't screw up. Before Laike knew it, he had just about arrived at the briefing room.He had forgotten that he had been walking towards the briefing room the whole time he had been thinking.As he approached the door, he took a deep breath as he knocked on the door, to be polite and opened it.He noticed that the only person that was here was his Mr.Wullf.pleased to see that he was the first to arrive, taking a quick glance at the clock to see that he had arrived fifteen minutes early. "Laike Rinawan reporting for duty sir."as he made a salute to his squad commander.
  14. The explosion sent sand flying everywhere making it harder to see.This did not surprise Laike as he knew the sand wouldn't last very long at all.He knew it was only a way so his opponent could buy some time. He was moving the ZAKU forward just when he heard the sound of a beam rifle firing high in the air. He kept moving forward a little more to try and avoid as many shots of possible.This avoided some of the shots at these shots were clearly aimed at where he had been standing before. Two of the shots however hit his gatling guns.Laike knew that with the previous injury to his wizard pack, they would now be completely disabled.Another two shots caught him by surprise.He managed to fire a beam to stop one but the other hit his left leg. As the sand began to clear, Laike noticed a large pile of sand, big enough to hide a Mobile Suit under.He noticed that it had not been there before and knew his opponent would not be able to fly very well.He also knew that his opponent wasn't anywhere in sight and with the previous injury to his feet he wouldn't be able to run very far especially not quickly. Laike got the highly explosive grenade out and threw it at the large pile of sand, expecting it to have the GUAIZ R underneath it.
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