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War Games


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With a long line of purple and black coated soldiers following behind her Hitomi felt more like she was marching in a parade than beginning ZAFT's latest war games.  It has taken far more preparation than she had planned but Hitomi was still resolute in her decision to go ahead with these simulated terrorist attacks on Armory One.


As the set of doors which led into Armory One's main briefing room opened Hitomi let herself relax, things were finally underway.  While she made her way to the stage all of the officers, save one, sat down in the front row int heir respective seats.  Only General Diederich followed behind her and the slightly younger woman stayed in perfect step with Hitomi and was always a pace and a half behind her commander.  The general took the rightmost of the two open seats on the briefing platform while Hitomi immediately moved up to the podium and microphone that had been provided to her.  Everyone was already here, looking out over the crowd she could see as much, and she had intentionally kept them waiting simply to ensure the fact that there would be no latecomers.


"I would like to welcome all of you to Armory One and to extend my greetings to everyone who is watching this broadcast from home."  Hitomi was well aware that the entire nation was focused in on these war games and that with all eyes on her she was responsible to make a strong impression as PLANT's leader.  "Today we will begin the execution of ZAFT's first official war game of the year.  In the past this nation was the target of numerous terrorist attacks from former enemies and wayward soldiers who had lost their place on the battlefield.  As a response to the recognized threat that we, the citizens of PLANT, always live in these war games were developed to simulate such an attack by our own forces here on Armory One.  For those of you watching from home this broadcast will end momentarily as classified information cannot be broadcasted over the open airwaves.  I hope that you will view these war games with great suspense and pride as we demonstrate the will of our country to forge a pathway into a new era."  With that the red lights on the cameras all shut off and Hitomi's access to the audience of her countrymen was shutdown, which was fine since she was done speaking.


"If all you would give you attention to General Diederich she will explain the particular maneuvers of this war game."  Before applause could be given Hitomi turned away from the podium and sat down in her seat, not wanting to delay the exercise any more than she already had.  At the same time the general stood up and took Councilwoman Hitomi's place.


"Thank you Councilor Matsuko."  The general turned and bowed slightly, always sure to be polite when the brass was around.  Turning back to the podium and the audience she began her own, more detailed speech.  "In accordance with those in Central Intelligence this exercise will be codenamed Operation Runaway and will primarily involve two squads, Okina and Zenastan Tai, both of whom will be working in opposition to each other."  At this point Alisha broke the seal on the folder in front of her which up to this moment had contained information only seen by the chief of planning in Central Intelligence.  "All of Armory One's exterior and interior will be available for combat between the two squads and as such the entire colony has been equipped with a special beam coating that will reflect all but the most determined off attacks on the colony's protective walls.  Each squad commander should now be receiving a detailed packet covering the rules and outlines of today's operation and as such no further briefing shall be given in this auditorium except to note that it is currently 1205 hours and that Operation Runaway will begin at 1430 hours giving you just over two hours to prepare.  That is all, you are dismissed and may return to your respective posts."


Each of the packets that Okina and Zenasten had received were entirely different from the others and were as follows.


Okina's Packet


Objective: After gaining access to the colony destroy the simulated headquarters within Armory One and capture the simulated prototype mobile suit kept in one of Armory One's MS hangers.


Rules: From the point of reading this packet until the completion of Operation Runaway you and your squad are not bound by the oaths of loyalty to ZAFT with the exception that you may not destroy Armory One.


Time Limit All objectives must be met by 1600 on the day the operation begins on at which time a simulated "terrorist bomb" will detonate "destroying" Armory One.


Zenastan's Packet


Objective: Sortie out against a suspected group of terrorist, ascertain their objectives and prevent them from accomplishing said objectives; if at all possible capture the terrorists alive for interogation.


Rules: You are bound by all oaths and duties of ZAFT pilots.  As such you shall defend and protect Armory One at all costs and using whatever method the situation calls for, so long as you remain in the bounds of your oaths of duty.  In order to better simulate a real attack you also will not sortie out against the "terrorists" until they are detected by one of Armory One's operators.  You may use whatever resources that Armory One provides to you and from this point forth Squad Commander Zenastan shall act with the full authority granted to him within a combat situation.


Time Limit The operation must be completed by 1600 on the day the operation begins, at which time a simulated "terrorist bomb" will detonate "destroying" Armory One.

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"Operation Runaway eh?. I'd rather call it Operation Smackdown." he thought to himself.

Asahi gripped the packet with the mission files inside. Although the orders were somewhat lackluster, he felt it was straight forward enough. Dismissed from the briefing, Asahi made his way to the zero-g dock, walking past a majority of the officers who were also present at the briefing. Their ranks of white uniforms were broken by his crimson, as he excused himself through them.

"Funny. The Herchel was the ship we took here. Ironic..."

He found the gargantuan Nazca class battleship, the "Herchel" docked in a specific bay of the zero-g dock, where he had last seen it, earlier that day. Boarding the giant teal ship, he saluted a few corpsmen on the way to the pilot locker room inside the ship, before changing into his flight suit and proceeding to the bridge. There, he would wait for his men and finalize their tactics. He had already prepared for both situations, and in this case, all that was needed to be done was confirmation and finalization. Asahi brushed a strand of his ebony hair from his forehead and smiled slightly as he stepped out of the elevator and onto the bridge.


OOC: This means I'm ready. However, when the operation begins, I'll have to mod a little bit and "appear" in the cockpit of my mobile suit.

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Caine glided down the hall of the zero-g dock with multiple near collisions as he hurried to toward the Herchel's berth.  He liked to be early to new assignments.  There was less chance for things to go wrong at the last minute that way.  Nearing the boarding tube grabbed a bar next to is opening and flung himself feet first down it.  He'd timed it perfectly as the ships hatch cycled open and he glided onto his assigned vessel.


The ship's boson checked in him as having reported aboard and he headed to the hanger.  As he popped through the hanger hatch he saw his mobile suit being loaded.  He knew he was being paranoid but if he was gonna fight in a machine he wanted it to work correctly even if that fight was just an war game. He would wait here and watch till the mission briefing was paged.

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Riku had been already getting ready for the mission. He was the only one that had not been assigned a mobile suit. Which could be due to his lack of license at the moment. Although it didn't matter to Riku since he has had experience with missions on foot. Riku now was wearing light clothes, running shoes, and a big bag on his back. On his ankle, there contained one knife on either ankle. A knife could also be located under his shirt on his forearm. There was even two pistols on the back of his pants. In the bag, it contained many things ranging from smoke grenades to highly explosive bombs.


Riku quickly entered the Herchel and proceeded to the bridge. As he was now, he was already ready for this mission. As Riku stepped out the elevator, he noticed that his team leader was also at the bridge.... So he shouted...


"Hey! Asahi, nice to see that your here already, so what are we going to do now?" Riku said pretending to not know the mission at all. It was always good to keep himself entertained before a mission so he would be less tense.

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This looks reasonable... Landis looked through his own set of instructions for his squad. But one and a half hours...Things might have to go a little quicker than I can plan for.


He was nervous. And excited. Here was a good chance to gauge his own abilities of commanding a band of soldiers who had one unfortunate thing in common: Having a knack of getting into trouble or just being a really good friend of it, save Makoto Corale, of course. To say that he had yet to build a good understanding with his squadron was an understatement; The flaring up and arguments amongst them (Though it was mostly with Clare). It was just as one of his instructors had told him.


"The first several meetings with the squad was always a trying period. Either you get it right at the start, or you get it really wrong at the start. However, if you put in extra effort, even the worst start can't stop your squad from gainin valuable experience and camaraderie while working together."


Well, it certainly doesn't look that way... He pondered, amused at the notion that practically everything since the start of the meeting has been going slightly off-track from what he desired. His 'extra effort' had apparently been rebuked and thrown away into the darker corners of oblivion for the moment, while extra duties and unwanted meetings came his way even within the short time before the beginning of this war game.


Speaking of which, they are late... Landis thought flatly. Then again, he had to be slightly earlier, considering the fact that he WAS the squad leader. Now...Where's Brian? He glanced about, half hoping that his second-in-charge would magically appear out of nowhere, or that he just happened to have missed him in this waiting area for Armory One. It was slightly more packed than he had imagined it to be, with people rushing about the prepare for the war game. Still, It would not hurt to look...

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Makoto was drinking an energy drink as he entered the meeting area.  He looked around only to see his Landis, his squad leader sitting alone as other people ran on by.  Makoto stopped in the entranceway, backed out slowly then poked his head in looking around only to see a confused Commander Landis sitting by himself.  Makoto looked around again, and walked in cautiously, carefully setting his empty can in the recycling bin.  He walked slowly and stood in front of the commander.  He cautiously saluted and then carefully sat down.  He couldn't figure out if he was just extremely late or if by some strange twist of events he was actually on time for once.  Makoto sat there looking at his watch, and even kicked his feet out in boredom.  He then spoke up.


"I am on time right Commander?  I thought for sure Clare, or even Brian would be here before ME."


Makoto had a confused look on his face and scratched his head trying to figure out what was up.  "This isn't some prank is it Commander?"  Makoto said with a suspicious look on his face as he reached for his own packet of instructions for the War Games.  He carefully read it over and immediately started sweating bullets.  One and a half hours!  Makoto thought. This is our first time operating as a squad in a mission setting and they want us to do this in that period of time.  They must be nuts.


Makoto looked around to spot other members of the squad, but at this moment he could not see anyone.  So this is what if feels like to be on time, Makoto thought...

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An Hour Ago


The Suit felt odd at least once worn, having been a custom color of black. Though the shoulder padding was still white and the lining on the sides had a crimson color to it. " And this is supposed to be my suit? " He had asked looking across the changing room at the man that was leaning across the lockers; His Father.


" Yes. I'm glad the suit is to your fitting at least, I was worried you grew. " He had said as Ryou picked up his helmet. " Either way this 'War Game' is a test. " He mentioned as he looked at Ryou who obviously knew a she turned around the closed the locket with his clothing within.


" I'm sure anybody could tell. I'm sure whoever wins will die first. " Ryou said and turned around crossing his arms and leaning back on the lockers. " The better team may go on the front lines. That's the only thing...it'd be better to lose. " He whispered as he smirked.


His father smirked himself. " But losing would mean death after all. Just treat it like a battle. " He had said and then reached into his pocket and threw a small USB stick at him which Ryou caught easily enough. " Plug it into your suit when you start the battle. It'll scan you fighting abilities, compared to previous records and battles. Might give you improvements or failure. " The man said and walked out, having left Ryou in the locker room by himself as he looked down at the small crimson stick and sighed.


" Acting like a Father now.......Idiot. You should realize you don't know the first thing about it. "




Ryou had been walking around the base at the time, having looked at the suits that were given to them. His arms crossed as he looked up at one of the suits and started to daydream about how the battle may go, was it better to lose or win in this kind of situation? Losing would mean that the other team may be placed on the front lines and in more danger but...


Ryou smirked as he had such a cowardly way of thinking, he was actually placing his bet on the other team so they might die. How shallow could a man get-


" Good morning! "


A sudden slap on the back had made him trip forward as he turned around with one hand reached for his back as it felt pain. " Ow, only a slap like that could belong to.. " He turned and saw the smiling face of the operator he had before in several times. A Girl with hazel hair and light brown eyes, having had her hands on her hips. " Oi, you should really stop daydreaming and get back to the control room. I heard your commander and a few members are around..it's gonna start soon anyway. These War Games...Honestly I don't know why we're doing this in the first place. I mean the chairwoman could think of " She would start rambling pretty easily, but she was a good person at heart. At least she was a good person to talk with besides Clare. At least she'd be in another room watching this and talking with him, maybe it'd be more easier now if- " So you kiss Clare Yet? " Ryou had jumped back as her face was up close to him as she whispered the question. " W-what?! What kind of idiotic idea is that?! " He had shouted out as a few people looked over at them, the girl grabbing Ryou in a head lock as she whispered. " Shhh, don't make such a commotion. I was only wondering if little Ryou grew up from the Academy. I mean where are those crazy male urges that must be going through your head? " She asked in a rather funny tone. " What 'urges'?...She's a friend.. " He had whispered as the girl sighed and let go of him. " Puberty must have missed you. You know a girl can only wait so long. " She said waving a finger at him as she walked past. " Get back to the command post~ " She had hummed as she left him picking up his helmet.


" What was that all about...? " He whispered and sighed.


Ryou had then gone back to the command room and noticed Makoto and Landis as he placed the helmet under his arm and saluted his team leader and Makoto. " Ryou Misaki. Reporting in.  " He said in a stronger tone.


Meeting Room


Kaze had entered the meeting room a bit late, having heard the speech echoing through the hallways and speaker phones. " Mastsuko  and Diedrich know how to play the crowd. " He whispered as he opened the room and stepped in, with his arm's crossed. Having heard a few whispers as he passed a few people and sat down.


" Oh? Mizaki's gonna be watching this? "


" His son is in it. I'd expect nothing less from the man. "


" But he rarely makes these sort of appearances. He is the leading scientist in technology, shouldn't he be doing something? "


" Even the chairwoman is here. I'm sure everybody is having a day off for this. Now Shush. "


His eyes traveled down to his hands, having not been interested in much of the speech and more interested in personal thoughts. He knew ZAFT was protecting the colonies and during the absence that there was a small hole to kill many leading people, though he doubted it. Any ships coming in had been stopped 2 weeks before, and the war games had been announced to a rather large surprise to everybody only 3 days ago. Along with everybody inside the colony and area having had a thorough check in background and reports. Only soldier of a year's experience may have joined to be within this area. Security was tight, for now he'd let himself remain calm and enjoy the small game for the masses.

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Although war games were supposed to start in less than thirty minutes, Clare had no intention of hurrying anywhere. Why bother, really? She had plenty of time. The only thing that remotely concerned this young woman right now was whether or not Landis would approve of her uniform. Indeed, it was something. There wasn’t much left in it from the original ZAFT attire… well, perhaps the stripes, the colours, the logos and the belt… Yeah, that was pretty much it. The top coat was lengthened and the bottom of it made wider so that it blew apart every time Clare took a step. The pants were gone - instead she wore a short, frilly lilac dress right underneath the coat. It’s long sleeves went past the coat sleeves, which had also been modified. There were cut off at the shoulders and fastened to the cut by several white belts, while the cuffs were widened and gathered half way up the lower arm by emerald brooches. Even the boots were warped to fit this woman’s eccentric style. Instead of loose army-style boots, Clare’s were tight and raised on a pointy four-inch heel. Since this was an army event, Clare decided to be “modest” with her choice of jewellery - “just” an anklet on her left leg, and her usual horn-shaped hairpin that was attached just for looks since this time Clare chose to put her long brown hair up in a high ponytail.


Looking more like an eccentric fashion designer than a soldier, Clare headed to the elevator, completely ignoring the glares she was getting from some of her neighbours who happened to have fought in previous wars. Sure, Sandy would have like but he was off to some gay club (well, he left last night and hasn’t been back yet - probably sleeping off twenty too many martinis in some motel), so, the only moral support Clare might have had at the moment was currently out. No matter - Clare still managed to give more than one charming smile to her neighbours while going down thirteen floors in the elevator, and a few more on the way to the parking lot… Oh, just imagine how Landis would react when he saw her! No, she didn’t want to think of that. After all, he was a male - a young male, and she was a young attractive female. In other words, she could just flirt her way out of any chat he might want to have with her about the strictness of uniform guidelines and about how a ZAFT soldier should represent oneself.


As her red convertible ripped out of its parking spot all gloomy thoughts were out of Clare’s mind… And the bliss lasted for about five minutes. Fortunately, she no longer gave a damn about what anyone might have thought about her uniform. Unfortunately, she was now thinking about Ryou. These were war games, no? The rules would only be announced today, so there was no way of knowing what the bras had in mind. What if they were limited in their choice of equipment? Ryou was an ace pilot, he was a good sniper, but he was so frail! That boy could not manage in hand-to hand combat! He couldn’t run fast, he was so clumsy at times, and what’s worse, he was a bit of a coward when placed in unfamiliar, and unpredictable situations without much recourses. Clare sighed. Yes, she would have to stick beside him for the duration of the event. Perhaps that would compromise her own performance, but what if he was to hurt himself, or worse, make a fool of himself? She knew very well that his father would be watching this, and she knew how eager Ryou was to please the men and how he dreaded disappointing him. No, she had no other choice - she’d just have to look out for the kid today.


“A penny for your thoughts, handsome stranger,” Clare whispered into the young man’s ear as she wrapped her arms around his shoulders in a big sister way. She had only entered the meeting room, but it was clear that Ryou was depressing himself yet again, and as always she had to be the one to notice him and to try to cheer him up. Slowly but steadily this young man was becoming a major burden that she had willingly bestowed upon herself and would never even think of abandoning… Oh, how we cling to our chains!


“What’s up, Landis? Is the assignment anything crazy, oh gallant leader of the squad?” Clare turned to their captain without releasing Ryou’s shoulders and was inquiring about the task as though it was nothing more than a chore. Indeed, her careless, mocking manner of address showed as always that she was not taking anything seriously… Or was she?

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Everything sure is busy. Everyone must be taking these games pretty seriously, I mean they took the effort to call be back from the Earth


Floating back toward the lift Janus was again lost in his thoughts. Sure it was an important outing for the Chairwoman, but why did they call him all the way back from Earth for this. Maybe I have been reassigned to the Primerial Guard? It would be easy to attack while most of our machines are engaged in the simulation and do not have live rounds, but then again, even 25% of Armory One’s defenses would be enough to repel most offenses. Janus looked across the hanger looking at lines of ships, sure one of those is the Karl Jung, although Wulf isn’t on it anymore, heard he got assigned a team at Carpentaria. I still need to get that sword back sometime.


Minutes later, Janus floated into Command, he looked at familiar faces as well as a lot of unfamiliar ones. Councilmen and the Chairwoman were present along with a few people he recognized as leaders in science. He looked over at two crewmen talking about Mizaki as he walked forward. Janus had heard the last name, but that was of a pilot the grade ahead of him at the academy.


Most of the members of the Guard Janus recognized were the ground protection staff, the ones who wore suits and glasses. Janus walked to the central table where a few of the senior members had gathered and were looking at data on a display. Janus quickly saluted, “Janus Trine reporting for duty.” One of the men looked up, “Ah Trine, I am glad you made it from Earth. There has been a severe lack of manpower recently so that is why we recalled you. Did you enjoy your stay at Gibraltar?”


Janus began speaking, while on the inside he was laughing at all of this. These idiots want me back so they can hold it over father. Maybe I should remove this mask and become a great war hero just to stick it to their pompous asses. “It was pleasurable sure, I believe every soldier should serve at least some time on the Earth, since it is the cradle of humanity. What is my new assignment sir?”


“You have been assigned to the Zenastan team. You are hereby assigned the rank of Flight Lieutenant, with all the privileges and responsibilities granted to someone of your rank. I know we sent you to Earth to take command of a team of your own but we feel a pilot of your skills shouldn’t be wasted on test flying, but on the battlefield,” the man leaned in and whispered so only Janus could hear him, “and we shouldn’t separate father and son…”


Janus was glad his mask covered the anger in his eyes. “Sir, I will forfill my duties with the entirety of my skill and ability.” With that Janus saluted, turned and walked towards the elevator to find his new assignment.


Janus was looking at his reflection in the glass as his lift descended…I should of known father’s election would make me a political pawn. Guess his change of stance didn’t fool the ZAFT higher ups. Maybe its time to remove this thing…then again it serves me well for now. Mother, did you ever have to play this game? Janus decended into Armory One. Janus had done this dozens of times but it never seemed uniform or old to him. Maybe if all of us could see the Earth like this we wouldnt feel the need to fight. But this is neither the time or the place. I have been given an enemy to defeat and a squad to support. Zenastan seems like a good enough guy, but I have already heard about this squad...should be fun at least.


Fifteen minutes later Janus left the elevator pinning up his red uniform floating down different halls until he reached the one he was looking for. He walked at the same time as a female officer quickly noticing the pilot’s un-issued uniform. It took Janus a second to realize that they were the famous pair from the class ahead of him. She wouldn’t notice it because of the covers over his eyes, but Janus shot a cold stare in their general direction. Should I mention it? I do outrank her. I will let Commander Zenastan decide. It doesnt really matter, other than it most likely is a distraction from this Its odd they do not seem like they are planning for this at all even if we are the reactionary team.


After looking around for one second Janus saluted the group, “Authorization number 00569, Lieutenant Janus Trine, formerly of the Primerial Guard and of the ZAFT Terrestrial Forces, Gibraltar Base, reporting for duty sir,” Janus assumed a less formal pose, holding a pad in his right hand extended toward Commander Zenastan, with his assignment confirmation, “What are our orders regarding this mission sir?”


[OOC: Post modified, Fireminerva accepted my request to be in this squad for those who dont know, if the roster can be updated approperiately please.]

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OOC - Due to an incredibly amount of confusion and inactivity the War Games are hereby postponed/canceled.  So many people only have one character and I hate to see all of them tied up in an exercise that doesn't seem to be happening.  Squad leaders, my encouragement is for you to get creative.  Do whatever you need/want to do but try to reorganize your squads; right now everyone in the squads seems to be fairly active so maybe you can work with that.


If anyone is interested I could work you into the training session I'm doing with Wullf Tai at the moment; I could either make it work for individuals who want to participate or if entire squads are interested.


Once again I'm sorry.  Part of this is my fault since I took so long to organize all this and then to execute it but, in my defense, I was just starting out as faction leader at that point in time and it did take some time for me to figure out what I was supposed to do.  For my part in this failure I ask your forgiveness.  Here's to what I hope will be a renewal point for PLANT and ZAFT.

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