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Found 3 results

  1. With a long line of purple and black coated soldiers following behind her Hitomi felt more like she was marching in a parade than beginning ZAFT's latest war games. It has taken far more preparation than she had planned but Hitomi was still resolute in her decision to go ahead with these simulated terrorist attacks on Armory One. As the set of doors which led into Armory One's main briefing room opened Hitomi let herself relax, things were finally underway. While she made her way to the stage all of the officers, save one, sat down in the front row int heir respective seats. Only General Diederich followed behind her and the slightly younger woman stayed in perfect step with Hitomi and was always a pace and a half behind her commander. The general took the rightmost of the two open seats on the briefing platform while Hitomi immediately moved up to the podium and microphone that had been provided to her. Everyone was already here, looking out over the crowd she could see as much, and she had intentionally kept them waiting simply to ensure the fact that there would be no latecomers. "I would like to welcome all of you to Armory One and to extend my greetings to everyone who is watching this broadcast from home." Hitomi was well aware that the entire nation was focused in on these war games and that with all eyes on her she was responsible to make a strong impression as PLANT's leader. "Today we will begin the execution of ZAFT's first official war game of the year. In the past this nation was the target of numerous terrorist attacks from former enemies and wayward soldiers who had lost their place on the battlefield. As a response to the recognized threat that we, the citizens of PLANT, always live in these war games were developed to simulate such an attack by our own forces here on Armory One. For those of you watching from home this broadcast will end momentarily as classified information cannot be broadcasted over the open airwaves. I hope that you will view these war games with great suspense and pride as we demonstrate the will of our country to forge a pathway into a new era." With that the red lights on the cameras all shut off and Hitomi's access to the audience of her countrymen was shutdown, which was fine since she was done speaking. "If all you would give you attention to General Diederich she will explain the particular maneuvers of this war game." Before applause could be given Hitomi turned away from the podium and sat down in her seat, not wanting to delay the exercise any more than she already had. At the same time the general stood up and took Councilwoman Hitomi's place. "Thank you Councilor Matsuko." The general turned and bowed slightly, always sure to be polite when the brass was around. Turning back to the podium and the audience she began her own, more detailed speech. "In accordance with those in Central Intelligence this exercise will be codenamed Operation Runaway and will primarily involve two squads, Okina and Zenastan Tai, both of whom will be working in opposition to each other." At this point Alisha broke the seal on the folder in front of her which up to this moment had contained information only seen by the chief of planning in Central Intelligence. "All of Armory One's exterior and interior will be available for combat between the two squads and as such the entire colony has been equipped with a special beam coating that will reflect all but the most determined off attacks on the colony's protective walls. Each squad commander should now be receiving a detailed packet covering the rules and outlines of today's operation and as such no further briefing shall be given in this auditorium except to note that it is currently 1205 hours and that Operation Runaway will begin at 1430 hours giving you just over two hours to prepare. That is all, you are dismissed and may return to your respective posts." Each of the packets that Okina and Zenasten had received were entirely different from the others and were as follows. Okina's Packet Objective: After gaining access to the colony destroy the simulated headquarters within Armory One and capture the simulated prototype mobile suit kept in one of Armory One's MS hangers. Rules: From the point of reading this packet until the completion of Operation Runaway you and your squad are not bound by the oaths of loyalty to ZAFT with the exception that you may not destroy Armory One. Time Limit All objectives must be met by 1600 on the day the operation begins on at which time a simulated "terrorist bomb" will detonate "destroying" Armory One. Zenastan's Packet Objective: Sortie out against a suspected group of terrorist, ascertain their objectives and prevent them from accomplishing said objectives; if at all possible capture the terrorists alive for interogation. Rules: You are bound by all oaths and duties of ZAFT pilots. As such you shall defend and protect Armory One at all costs and using whatever method the situation calls for, so long as you remain in the bounds of your oaths of duty. In order to better simulate a real attack you also will not sortie out against the "terrorists" until they are detected by one of Armory One's operators. You may use whatever resources that Armory One provides to you and from this point forth Squad Commander Zenastan shall act with the full authority granted to him within a combat situation. Time Limit The operation must be completed by 1600 on the day the operation begins, at which time a simulated "terrorist bomb" will detonate "destroying" Armory One.
  2. OOC: I do not know the first thing about RPing in a MS. But my character does so I will play the part. I think two students at a time would good, for the training session. IC: Holding on to the hand railing, James was pulled through the long blue corridor. It was cold, but that was space. He had been stationed at the Armory One for a month now, and he was not happy about it. He thought he was unhappy back when he was stationed at Aprilis, but that was nothing compared to the armory. News of a team being formed back at Aprilis made him even more angry that he left there. He was dieing to get in a MS, and for some reason luck and chance had been moving him away from them. Until now that is. This morning when he woke up, forms and paper work waited in his mail box to be filled out and brought to the main hanger on this date at XXXX hundred hours. The papers said "Mobile Suit Re-Certification Class" He didn't need to be re-certified though, he needed to pilot. That time was now. His uniform was properly set, as well as all his paper work filled out correctly. Maybe this would be his chance to get into a MS permanently. He made his right and entered the hanger. There he waited for the commanding officer to meet him.
  3. As Ahrend von Wullf Ahrend floated upside down as he watched Supreme Chairwoman Hitomi Matsuko deliver her first speech. It wasn't overly impressive but then the Chairwoman had been selected for her diplomatic capabilities and a well proofed track record in the intelligence field, not for her charisma. Ahrend rotated himself, careful to not spin quickly and induce sickness, so that he could properly leave the room. Outside in the hallways of Armory One Ahrend took hold of one of the many moving handrails and began to make his way towards the bridge. His red uniform did a good deal to set him apart from most of the other soldiers on the space station and so a good deal of time was spent exchanging salutes as lower ranked officers and soldiers passed by him. Though such respect was something that would always come with responsibility Ahrend sometimes wished that the salutes could be forgone for practicality's sake. Finally Ahrend made a right turn into the main hanger. Docked here was the Nazca Class Vessel Karl Jung, the ship Ahrend was currently stationed on. As he floated up the main ramp Ahrend presented his papers that identified him as a crew member of the Jung and after a moment's inspection he was allowed to proceed aboard and to navigate the Jung's hallways. As he arrived on the bridge Ahrend saluted the captain of the Jung and drifted over to a planner's table. With a three dimensional display that showed local asteroids, ships, and anything else a soldier could desire to see the table was a crucial system that enabled a smart captain to make split seconds decisions using the most recent data as his guide. Patiently Ahrend leaned over the table and watched.
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