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  1. OCC: yeah i dont mind, since i also very busy so i wont be on much... loads of test... but i would need a reminder when the two weeks are over or something. Plus i need this battle so i can get my license... so yeah =/
  2. There's something else thats also funny... Theres a Haro in the cockpits... and did you notice how big the Haro is? like its so much bigger than the ones in seed/destiny, or atleast thats how i see it.
  3. It looks nice, btw doesn't Exia look like the Strike but with some new equipment? actually now that I think about it... all their gundams are very similar to the ones in seed and/or destiny Like Gundam Dynames, looks seems like Gundam Buster from seed. Also Gundam Kyrios looks like a Mobius Zero sorta what do you guys think? Although most gundams do look alike somehow xd
  4. OOC: same, ive been busy too =/ Train noticed that there was no major explosion happening, and counted this as missing his opponent. Although at least he had gotten to the cover of the dune. Now with the time being he would be able to cool down all the systems before they overheat. As the GUAIZ R laid under the cover of the dune to cool down, eat sources were detected heading to it's area. Train assumed these were the enemies shots as a counter. Train wasn't really sure if his enemy knew where he was or was just guessing... Train couldn't take the risk... but it was too tempting,
  5. Riku Ishimaru

    War Games

    Riku had been already getting ready for the mission. He was the only one that had not been assigned a mobile suit. Which could be due to his lack of license at the moment. Although it didn't matter to Riku since he has had experience with missions on foot. Riku now was wearing light clothes, running shoes, and a big bag on his back. On his ankle, there contained one knife on either ankle. A knife could also be located under his shirt on his forearm. There was even two pistols on the back of his pants. In the bag, it contained many things ranging from smoke grenades to highly explosive bombs.
  6. Riku Ishimaru

    ZAFT Role Call

    yeah me and Phoenix are still battling for ours.... im sorry it's taking long, it's just that i've become busier with school and all, plus have to actually focus in school now. So i couldn't be on as often. Once school gets out of the way or it gets easier, i should be on every day or so... Well i am on everyday, but i can't post, i just come on to check up on stuff than go, cause i dont have much time to be able to type...
  7. During the time Train was waiting, he started to slowly move out of range. The smoke was only a distraction and also a cover for Train to find a way to take the terrain to his advantage and start winning this battle. Train quickly started to walk back and stop the boosters to halt the sand cover. When suddenly there was a explosion right where Train had just been. The explosion was big and had blow the GUAIZ R backwards. Shrapnels of the grenade even came at the GUAIZ R. Luckily the GUAIZ R and already backed away and had the time to take out his shield to protect the upper body of the GU
  8. (OOC: Whoa my bad, got caught up in school and kinda didnt have much time) Train noticed that his shots had hit something, but than the opponent suddenly counted attack. Beams came straight towards the GUAIZ R. Train had little time to react but quickly pulled the throttle and used the time to back away. As the GUAIZ R backed away, it grabbed the beam rifle which was in front of it, and quickly shot a few shots to counter the beams that came at him. The beams of both sides touched and neutralized each other while also creating a big explosion. Train had thought he had gotten all t
  9. (OOC: my bad i totally forgot about this...) Riku listened carefully as he had finished his meal and had been rubbing his stomach for the past few minutes. In front of him was a large pile of empty plates that were quickly taken away by the waiters and waitress. Riku was intrigued by the fact of practice before battle. It was always fun to do some team practice, or at least to him, to be on the field and find some action. "How about a paint ball kind of training? We can train with mobile suits or we can train by foot. Heck theres we can even have grenades that blow up paints. Thi
  10. Train watched as beam after beam was shot at the dune. Suddenly Train thought he saw something fly over. The GUAIZ R stopped shooting with the beam rifle for now, but it still had the beam rifle aiming at the dune. Train zoomed in on something black, his eyes widened a little and than he quickly held the controls tight. The GUAIZ R now quickly took out it's shield and threw it's beam rifle as far away from the range of the grenade as possible. Than the GUAIZ R tried to jump back while having it's shield in front to prevent as much damage as possible. Although it was too late, the gre
  11. (OOC: i wasn't away .>" title="" /> i was just having my coliseum battle so i can get my license faster... but i was like waiting for Ishian to reply... well i have school now so maybe i post after i get back...)
  12. Train stayed in the air for awhile, wondering if he had hit his opponent or not. Regardless, he was about to go check when all of a sudden, beams came out from the smoke and headed straight for the GuAIZ R. Quickly the GuAIZ R dived down as fast as it could as the beams came by. Unfortunately it wasn't fast enough and had skinned off the GuAIZ R shoulder pads. Train noticed that the shots were aiming at his sides, which meant that his opponent wanted to destroy the GuAIZ R railgun's first. Train calculated the direction of the last beam shots to pinpoint the location of his opponent.
  13. Once Train knew to begin to fight, he jumped backwards. The railgun's on either hips of the GuAIZ R and the GuAIZ R arm's held tight on the railgun to guide it. Although as soon as Train was able to access the railguns, a few beam shots came towards him in a triangle sort of formation. "Tch..." Train said as he aimed the railguns and fired. The railgun beams collided with those of the beams that was aiming for his sides. Once they collided a explosion was created and pushed the GuAIZ R backwards due to close proximity. Although with Train's attempt, a few more beams came through the s
  14. OOC: i was wondering why this topic stopped? if you were waiting for me... i thought it was clear that i need not post since i kinda answered those questions and it seemed right for you guys to talk between each other. That and plus i was getting busy >.
  15. Train moved the GuAIZ R slowly, he didn't fly but rather walked. This was slow but it saved energy, which was what was on Train's mind in this kind of battlefield. With this heat and the fact that there were few places to hide in; say for some hills and when a strong wind blows causing sand and dirt to be blown up for brief cover. As Train approached the targeted area he noticed a Zaku in the distance. He smiled as it seemed the opponent had gotten here earlier than expected. Train looked closer to see that the enemy was in a ZGMF-1000/K Slash ZAKU Warrior, judging from the weapons on it.
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