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Re: Orb Foundation Week


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I would have been interested, but I don't really have a rank yet to back my credentials to represent anyway.

Don't worry; I don't think anyone's going to throw anything heavy at you Ray. I expect the few of us who are not that important are probably going to be spectators or the float, as Mal had stated.

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I will be going as a representitive of Plant, so I will not be wearing a Zaft uniform. Ray Katsuki will be my bodyguard, and if anyone wishes to wear their Zaft uniform may become part of my entourage


*this is purely comical, we should make our Plant float, and place inside of our pretty float, a Zaku inside of it. After our float nears the Orb parliment members. The Zaku Breaks out of the float, and blows stuff up. Namely the parliment officals that are watching the parade using a Ginn machine gun.* Not a serious plan, would be a semi-original way to start a war*


Its a funny plan, came up with it when chatting with Winders and Valiant on Skype a while back.

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I like the idea of it being escorted by a couple of ceremonial MS, I doubt anyone would believe in this 'peace' enough to let high ranking Z.A.F.T soldiers and P.L.A.N.T representatives head anywhere without an escort after all.


Oooh, make something with Variable Phase Shift Armor (for the float) so that you could flick between armor modes and change the color X3


I'll be attending in my Z.A.F.T uniform, showing off m'red and yellow squares

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And Ray, I don't want to hear you saying the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Well, if he's not allowed to... the road to hell is paved with good intentions!


Easy to sort F.A.I.T.H, anyone that wants to take part in the floatness and be dressed up in their ZAFT uniform just say aye, the higher ups can then decide if there's too many or whatever ;P


Oh, and, aye!

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We will, if your going to Orb post in the shuttle post! or find your own ride and risk beign late, and get scolded by Delfina!


Also, since none of us have licences yet to pilot MS, we can't use the cerimonial Ginn. Let alone if Orb would let us bring Zaft mobile suits into their territory. We'll just have a modest float, hehe I'm thinking of wearing a bullet proof vest underneath my blouse can't trust them naturals!

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