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  1. After much discussion and debate ive decided to keep ray but im going to change quite abit maybe even lose the mask http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b290/window-licker/rayFULLFACIAL.jpg[/img] What do ya think
  2. Heya guys Sorry about all this after getting Ray reactivated but im afraid I wont be using him as I just read T569SSGOKU's bio for his Janus character (which was good btw) and we are more or less clones. The mask, the swords the dual identitys right down to personality so I am going to step down as Ray and maybe join another faction. So what factions need people more than others basically? And also does anyone need a character to tie in with any other one? Shame tho im gonna miss Ray, But greener pastures and all that May even bring back Baynard or Even bronan lol Any inp
  3. Will do ill get Ray updated and then well go from there thanks for the input guys. Cya in the C.E.
  4. Heya Guys Mine and my Wifes characters (Ray Katsuki and Sylia Rose) Dropped off the RPG radar about 10 months ago methinks just as the whole ORB foundation week was underway. We would both like to get back into the RPG very much but just need a little help with a general overview of whats happened(As we both work daft hours we unfortunatly dont have the time to sift through past posts). We are both more than willing if anyone wants to use us for any story arcs or anything else. Also not 100% sure but we would both like to get our characters made active again any idea who we see
  5. I really like the picture, Your pencil shading is great and your proportion is fantastic. Its just like Janus said its all about practice
  6. Ray Katsuki

    Heya Guys

    Thanks Guys! Things are looking to be on the straight and narrow now so RPGing will be back up and running, Keri says thanks and shell see ya soon! Im going to post in the RP section today to see if anyone could use Ray for anything. Cya on the flip side
  7. Ray Katsuki

    Heya Guys

    Hi guys Long time no see guys I hope your all doing well. I am so pleased that the site is still here! Both Keri and myself are sorry for disappearing but real life as always gets in the way. Numerous things worthy of a bad soap opera, Not least of which Keri's sister Julia (Some of you may remember from Lost Hope) ending up in a coma for a while and Keri's father passing away. I just really wanted to say hi and I missed you guys genuinely I did and you cant imagine how sorry I am that I never made it to singapore in december. For you guys that dont know me I play Ray Katsuki
  8. Ray Katsuki

    My New Art

    Good Afternon Ladies and Germs Ive been busy lately and still am but I have also been working on getting my art to make my style a more modern anime style than my earlier stuff, Ive also been working on my proportions and anatomy. Lol Ive also been working on drawing women as my previous women have been terribly ah manly And to be honest Crusnik has gotten alot better he used to be good now hes on a different level, so its inspired me to work on my art. So I purchased a couple of how to draw anime books and went from there. And I'm pretty happy how these guys turned out they ar
  9. Ray Katsuki

    Re: Parade

    Kusanagi coffee shop okay lol guys fall in
  10. Ray Katsuki

    Re: Parade

    Sorry guys im gonna post now, Really sorry ive been busy. Had to fix a hole a certain captain put in my wall
  11. lol Keri busted me (and she blames you valiant!) but ive made a purchase Ive bought a MG Gyan and the high mobility conversion kit. Gonna be sweet.
  12. I think what Van means is that its not unusual in most anime settings for characters to have an unusual hair colour. However I believe that at AD we are going for a grittier more realistic approach to characters, mecha and general attitude. To hopefully make it a more serious roleplay which is helped by not having characters running around with weird and unusual natural hair colour, as this would alter the tone. But all anyone who wants an odd haircolour has to do is dye their hair, they just cant have it as their natural colour. But the main thing is that its Valiants call, its h
  13. Absolutly awesome, you have a true gift and natural flair Keep it up
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