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Re: Basic Training


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Doing the 'EA Helpdesk' roleplay in the Roleplay discussion section has made me wonder if we should (or can) make a Basic Training topic.


...Where characters who just recently signed up as fresh recruits for EA go through a Boot-camp kind of situation. I don't think this should be necessary, but for those who want to just further their characters with a potentially-grueling Full-Metal-Jacket kind of training course.


How does it sound?

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sounds like a good idea, but I think that kind of thing may be covered when Valiant gets the pilot academy up and running.  So we'll have to wait and see.  I'd like the others to comment though, so we have a general idea of whether or not we want to do this.  So comment away people.

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Thanks for popping in to say hello Valiant 


If you guys are interested in this kind of training session, then perhaps the 87th special forces would like to start an RP for it after Orb Week is over; kind of a refresher course to get the blood pumping after having spent so much time off duty.  As it is, Schatten Dolch will not be participating, as neither Neko-Kyra nor Lune wants to get their clothes dirty right now  ((and Fuku seems to be AFK, so we can't really count him in on anything atm))


If it becomes an 87th special forces specific RP, then I will put Konigstiger in charge of organizing it, as he is the current group leader. 

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