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Yes, groups will be formed to help organize the EA.  As Former EA members will remember, I used to have a few active groups running, so I'll try and bring those kinds of groups together again.  Unlike ZAFT's method of putting teams together under the name of their squad leader, our teams represent specific military divisions, and are usually far larger in size than any ZAFT team.


If anyone has suggestions for division names, then go ahead and post em' here.  Here are some examples, taken from SEED RPG:

- EA 22nd Naval Fleet

- Combat Coordinator Division

- EA Special Forces, Archangel Division

(note that these are examples, and are not nescessarily active groups.  After all, we have NO Archangel class battleship atm)

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I would suggest the traditional military division names.

Military division is made up of different level, and they are ranked depending on their size, like this:










Then they wil be given a number, for which is more likely random.

Then what is their specilaty, like:




-Special Forces





So when you combine it. It would look like this:

-2nd Armored Division

-501st Airborne Brigade

-35th Specilal Forces Regiment

-353rd Infantry Corp

-120th Engineering Army

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I'll try and pair you guys up according to rank, but if you guys want to team up with someone in Particular, then I won't stop you, but I don't want too many people of the same rank on a team; at least not the higher ranking members.  Here are some working ideas for teams, give me your input.


13th Black Squadron 'Schatten Dolch':  Awaiting assignment to new battleship

Important members:

Lieutenant Lune Zoldark

Ensign Asagi Kyoto

Crewman 1st Class Ezekiel Koehler

Crewman 1st Class Jayden Cross

Crewman 1st Class Laine Williams

Crewman 2nd Class Kyle Ashford

Crewman Recruit Kyra Relm


87th Special Forces Unit: Off-duty and awaiting orders

Important members:

Ensign Ernst Gunther Koenig

Ensign Linite Estral

Crewman 1st Class Johnathon McDowell Locke

Crewman 1st Class James Hawke

Crewman 2nd Class Seth Jedan

Crewman 2nd Class Brendon Gorman

Crewman 2nd Class Atake Kesatsu

Crewman 2nd Class Alexei Woroschzow

Crewman Recruit Dylan Forester



Soldiers awaiting reassignment:

Captain Sylia Rose


When we get more members we'll be able to spread ourselves out a little more, for now I hope this is good. 

(Edit: Just posted the names of members awaiting reassignment.  please post in this thread if you have an interest in a specific group, or would rather form a third team)

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You do realize that my character is a non-piloting soldier in the squad and the rest are piloting. Not that I'm complaining, but just reminding you.



Who will be the leaders of this teams? Is it the ones with the higher rank or there is a NPC character for the leader?


If this is final, I have no comments, what-so-ever.

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Hm I think Nick meant for the highest person to be the leader, in your squads case it should have been you; perhaps you could just command them from the sidelines from a Spec Ops view. I know you might say stuff like stealth but Spec Ops can also be assault but at a higher level!


But then again you're the expert not me.


Anyway back to the topic, in I'm assuming Nick will be incharge of the other squad

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It was my intention that the highest ranking member of each squad would be the squad leader; so I would be leading 'Schatten Dulch', and Ernst would be leading the 87th Special Forces, but since Ernst is an ensign and doesn't want to pilot a MS at the moment, he would likely be giving tactical support from wherever their base of operations would be.

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Lol it almost looks like we got all the hardcore people in our squad. I can almost see Locke looking up to Ernst like a father figure now lmao. Either way it looks like things will be more fun if the battles are balanced out with MS and non MS components to the mission. Given that we know who we're working with now a few things; should we start getting to know each other in RP? Should we try and give ourselves a different name? and What could we do in the mean time without Mobile suits?

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Read the factions and nations guide for a basic rundown of how each rank goes, and you'll see that Ensigns have a bit more pull than one would think.  Though its true that they do not have as commanding a position as a lieutenant would, they can fill in when needed, and make for a good advisorary position.  Also, feel free to throw in NPCs that you feel are nescessary; but remember that Valiant would want profiles for these characters as well (Reminds me that I need to start working on Vice Admiral Bian Zoldark soon,  I'll get him done this weekend  )



BTW:  I'm stickin' Rusty with you 87th special forces guys, he's all yours 

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Crewman Recruit Kyra Relm is stickin' with Schatten Dolch, I'm not lettin' go of my secret weapon just yet 


Crewman 2nd class Atake Kesatsu will be assigned to the 87th special forces, his guerilla tactics background should be helpful to you guys.

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