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Re: 87th Special Forces Regiment


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[align=center]O.M.N.I. Enforcer[/align]

[align=center]87th Special Forces Regiment[/align]

[move]Your Most Powerful Weapon is Your Mind[/move]


Special Forces Soldiers possess boundless ideas and creativity and always thinks of new ways to organize and strategies. The Earth Alliances' Special Forces make up a unique, unconventional, combat arms organization. Highly trained and seasoned professionals— they are the most versatile Special Operations soldiers in the world. Warfare has new rules and calls for a different type of Soldier—a new warrior.


Their missions often require rapid and discrete responses to unique situations throughout the world.  As the Global Scouts for the OMNI Enforcer, Special Forces_ ubiquitous presence generally guarantees that Special Forces is the first on the ground or already at a crisis location as trouble emerges. For this reason they are experts in unilateral direct action operations and unconventional warfare, as well as having thorough knowledge of foreign languages, customs and cultures.  In addition, they are masters of training and organizing insurgents, surrogate fighters, indigenous forces and foreign militaries in support of Earth Alliance objectives.


Special Forces team members work closely together and rely on each other for long periods of time, both during deployments and in garrison.  Because of this, they develop close relationships and personal ties which foster a team cohesion and esprit de corps.


They are mentally superior and creative, highly trained and physically tough. Alone and part of a team, they work in diverse conditions, act as a diplomat, get the job done in hostile situations and, at times, establish residence in a foreign country or terrestrial establishments.


These Soldiers are part of the OMNI Enforcers Special Forces (OESF)—the Earth Alliances' most specialized experts in Terrorism/Counter-Terrorism, Direct Action Operations, Internal Defense, Special Intelligence and Reconnaissance, and Unconventional Warfare.


Primary Mission:

[align=center]Terrorism / Counter - Terrorism[/align]


Special Forces are often deployed to preclude, preempt and resolve terrorist incidents. They prevent, deter and respond to terrorist activities and train other EA nations' military in the basics of fighting terrorism. One of the main goals of the Counter Terrorism exercise is to thwart terrorist uprisings or cells from forming and relentlessly hunting down terrorist organizations to extinction.


But also in some means, Special Forces also conduct Terrorism acts. Such unlawful doing would only be used upon ordered by the highest authority of the OMNI Enforcer. Upon given the order, Special Forces will conduct various types of Terrorism in their knowledge such as Propaganda of the Deed, Agro, Bio, Cyber, Eco, and Nuclear Terrorism. And also using acts of Hijacking, Kidnapping, Hostage Taking, Murder, Bombing and Assassination.


[align=center]Direct Action Operations[/align]

[move]The Element of Surprise: The Special Forces Deadly Weapon[/move]


Direct Action missions are short duration strikes that are used when Special Forces want to seize, capture, recover or destroy enemy weapons and information or recover designated personnel or material.


In many instances, Special Forces are in and out before the enemy has time to know what hit them. Many of these actions are quick-strike missions, usually involving a raid or ambush of an enemy camp.


Often, Special Forces use Direct Action to remove an enemy who is gaining power and influence in another nation. Other times it is used to protect EA nationals or Soldiers being held in foreign countries whom are deemed as enemies.


[align=center]Internal Defense[/align]


When a nation needs to purge lawlessness or protect itself from rogue nations, Special Forces’ tactics are put to use. But campaigns are also employed during times of peace to help nations prepare for unwanted or unwarranted attacks by enemies.


Special Forces organize, assist and train the military and national defense forces of EA nations. Those governments can use the tactics to protect their citizens from aggressors.


Not do they train and assist other armies of the Earth Alliance but also track and block out agents or insurgencies from procuring classified data from EA nations.


[align=center]Special Intelligence and Reconnaissance[/align]

[move]Going Behind Enemy Lines Without Detection[/move]


Oftentimes, before the Earth Alliance makes a strategic strike against an adversary, Special Forces are sent behind enemy lines to run Special Reconnaissance missions—covert, fact-finding operations to uncover information about the enemy.


These intelligence-gathering activities monitor as much about the enemy’s movement and operations as possible and are considered by many to be the most important Special Forces mission.


Special Forces teams survey enemy bases, machinery and weapons and send back the information to their commanders in order to best prepare for a strike.


Special Reconnaissance missions generally take place before any movement by our military. Without that vital information, EA Soldiers might be caught off guard and unprepared when entering enemy territory.


Not only does this involve in battlefield situations but also in enemy controlled establishments. Gathering information and procuring vital data from this establishments may also have the answers to what might the enemy do or what they are hiding away from Earth Alliance.


[align=center]Unconventional Warfare[/align]


Special Forces have long employed the use of Unconventional Warfare , a.k.a. guerilla warfare, to train forces in enemy-held or controlled territory. Unlike Direct Action, which is generally a quick campaign, UW can last even longer.


UW missions give the EA Forces time to enter a country covertly and build relationships with local militia or natives, who are taught a variety of tactics including subversion, sabotage, intelligence collection and unconventional assisted recovery, which can be employed against the enemy.


By using UW training, the EA can possibly prevent larger conventional attacks. And because of deep roots set up by UW missions, other Special Forces tactics, like Direct Action or Special Reconnaissance, can be launched quickly and seamlessly.


The Elite Members of the 87th Special Forces Regiment:

[align=center]Hell Hounds[/align]


Ensign Ernst Gunther Koenig

Ensign Linite Estral

Crewman 1st class Johnathon McDowell Locke

Crewman 2nd class Alexei Woroschzow

Crewman 2nd class Seth Jedan

Crewman 2nd class Yuri Crevecoeur

Crewman Recruit William Asher

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would we use the German or english name most of the time? just curious.


My suggestions...


Jester Blade

Banshee Guard

Ghost Steel


and I ran out of ideas


So far I like Black Hounds and Black Crusade from your list.



on another note it looks like Rusty has been added to our group. Maybe we should start contemplating how our group is going to function in battle; like what roles we will all be/want to be doing (assuming those of use who want to use an MS get our liscenses).

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Just keep the suggestions coming. And I added those german translations if you like to use a german name.


As for the roles, until I know your MSs I cant really know your roles are, but more likely theres gonna be always to squads. 1st squad will be a suppressing team. They give suppressing fire or covering fire. 2nd squad will be an assult team. Just like their name, thaey assult, attack and destroy. And this roles can sometimes go vice-versa.

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As far as suggestions are concerned, I'm not really getting anything. Name are very hard to come up with while we're so incomplete and untested. I kind of like the mythology behind the Black Hounds though. Not only does it boast a myriad of possible personal callsigns but it also carries with it a sort of threatening fearsomeness. Who hasn't been scared of a dog at one point in their life, after all?


The squad idea is pretty good. With our combined might there is no way a disorganized force can stand up to us.

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I was talking with Kaizer earlier, he hinted that MS assignment MIGHT correlate with anything we can come up with. Of course all this is speculation at this point, but it doesnt hurt to speculate does it? Another thing to keep in mind (from previous experience on Seed RPG at least) that for the time being i wouldn't expect too many more people to join our little troup here. And if we do get more people we won't really know whose reliable until a real mission happens (or through roleplay).


*recalls attacking Carpentaria with only 3 other active members at one time _<" title="" /> *


Besides I'm personally curious what people are expecting/hoping to be assigned for Mobile Suits.

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Well Special Forces hit the enemy were they hurt most. They often attack behind enemy lines. Disrupting comunication, rienforcements, supplies, morale or anything that would damage the enemy entirely from within. Also we attack the enemy from were they can not see us. Using surprise attacks and immidietly disappearing without a trace. Also we are capable to adapt quickly to any situations on the battlefield.


So with this, maybe we can come up with some tactical moves of our own. Combinig MS and non-MS units to a very effective and deadly strike.

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It seems like we've got the fun job all to ourselves.


I always have wanted to try my hand at total war.


Edit: By virtue of our perceived role, I'm guessing that we'll be more inclined to use a wide variety of mobile weapons to get out our job done. A probable standard would be the slightly aging Slaughter Dagger for its versatility or the Wild Dagger for its powerful weaponry.

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I'm going to be putting my money on us getting assigned something like the Dagge Ls or Windams simply for their striker pack compatability. Personally i wouldn't mind getting regular or slaughter Dagger, and if I could i would still like to try out the Buster Dagger. All else fails itll be good to use the jet striker pack again

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Personally I would not like two squad with  Black.  Given the fact that most people in our Squad would like to use Daggers or Windams that are compatible with the Strike Pack.  I was thinking something like the Strike Hounds.


Personally, I believe that using the Strike Packs would be great for us given the fact that our mission might change drastically, and proably we won't be on front lines.  The whole secound and first squad make sense if we ever have about 10 people in our squad, but at the moment given the number it might be better for you to give individual assigments.  (ex. James Support to Locke, Locke destoy target Alpha) and the Strike Pack would be very useful given the fact if I am supporting I might want to use a launcher pack and Locke might want a Sword or Aile pack given what target alpha is.  Besides also the fact that our CO is on base giving Strategic Support might makes us a tip of a knife in order to make presise strikes in weak area.


I have said Strike soo much in this last parragraph I would like to put Strike Hounds on the options. 

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Dont worry, as I said... I will still be in the battlefield with you. Giving up to date information you need to know. Giving also some laser designatiors for your missiles. Or giving artillery trajectories. Not to mention also Sniper cover, which is a very demoralizing attack against the enemy.


Since we are still a small squad, we should stick to a specific role for each suit.


And I think you said "Pack" more times than strike. So that would seem like:

-Pack of Hounds

-strike hounds

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Nice catch! If the other group has used black then we definitely cannot use that in our name. We'd be practically copying them, after all. Strike Hounds is a fine replacement though. It not only fits our role but it also stresses our capacity to meet any situation head on.

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How about the hounds of Baskerville? :p I dunno the more i think about it the more i'm not sold on hounds now lol. Still what ever you guys want to pick, Strike hounds sounds alright, just a little... generic given striker packs and such. Hell hounds remind me too much of Resident evil...If we doing a dog theme (which i love) how bout something like Cerberus Claw or something more mythical, afterall mythology is a great basis for names, just an idea :p

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It's a tough call. Black Hounds was an exceptionally good name. It's a shame that we can't use it. Out of Hell Hounds, Blood Hounds, Dark Hounds, and Strike Hounds though I can easily say that I like Blood Hounds the most. Based on their description, I believe the name could really fit in with our role in the war.

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Thanks for the welcome


If those are our two choices, I'd propose Hell Hounds. Blood Hounds makes us sound like a search-and-rescue team.


As for my role... I'd probably just pick a light unit like a Dagger. My character is trained as a guerilla, so if you'd allow me I could fulfill that area.

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  • 1 month later...

Just recently been assigned to the 87th.


About the name debate, I'd have to say that "Hell Hounds" has got my vote.


Also, I understand that we'll be assigned an MS by Kaizer after graduating from the Pilot academy, but if we'd prefer say, a mobile armor, would we be able to be given one of those instead of a suit?

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