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Re: 87th Special Forces Regiment


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well a few things I guess; first being maybe you should divide the responsibilties by what things will require mobile suits, what won't. Secondly wouldn't intelligence cover the same thing as counter terrorism and even internal defense? I also don't see the need to put the word special in front of that either. I dunno i just see intelligence and recon as different things. Last thing; wouldnt terrorism done by us be called black ops? I can't imagine the EA wanting to take responsibility for having that word in their vocabulary openly.


Other than that it looks all good to me, you prolly just need to update the roster, no need having people on there who arent around anymore right?

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Hmm...I've been thinking...maybe it would be neat if we had a team logo, kinda like the F.A.I.T.H team does in GSD...


Although I'm graphically challenged ...I could make up some linearts to the best of my ability and post them for people to take a peek at, and then somewhere down the line we could decide on one as a team.


So whadya think?

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