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Active Check V2


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Okay, so it's been a little while, and since it's a new school year for me, it means I gotta keep myself busy in one way or another, or I'll have no will to pay attention in class ; that means I'm doing a little spring cleaning in the EA HQ, and I'll be adding some long overdue updates to the Compendium and Colliseum boards.  First on my list of things to do, start up the Active Check thread .


Here's the new layout for the Active Check, since the addition of nation leaders has given me a reason to edit check-in process:  Post your character(s) names, their accompanying ranks within the EA, whether they're an NPC or not, and their nation of allegiance (Atlantic, Eurasian, East Asian, etc...).  As an example:


Lieutenant Lune Zoldark , Atlantic Federation

Vice Admiral Bian Zoldark (NPC), Atlantic Federation

Crewman Recruit Kyra Relm (NPC), Atlantic Federation


It's just that simple folks 

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