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Re: Hell Hounds Logo Ideas


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Okay, so I came up with the idea of trying to create a logo for the 87th Special Forces squadron, so I'm posting up some ideas that I came up with. They don't have any text on them, but depending on the feedback I get, I might add some later.


To make the images I combined various dingbat symbols I found on the internet, and came up with some pretty interesting things. Any 87ths can share their opinions on the designs, and then we will have a vote at a later date.


So critique away!!

















Tell me what you think!

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I must say they're all pretty nice logos, all unique and have different meanings. Though artistically, I like them, but to be used for the 87th, I disagree. They are nice, but in my opinion there is not a single logo their that depicts who we are. Remember a logo depicts the one or the group that carries it. So I'm sorry...they are nice...but for usage, none.


So, I might as well help you from all my critique. Think about the Strike Rouge or Cagalli's logo. Make something between the lines of that logo and something that is more "devilish", "dangerous" and "deadly". Remember who we are... we are the 87th Special Forces Hell Hounds. Try to also get some inspiration from other special forces logos from real-life. By then you can come up something suitable for us.


I myself will try also to make a logo. Anybody else make up some suggestions...and give a hand for Grace for us to start with

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Alright! I'm bound and determined to get this right!!


Well, looking back at the designs, I'm beginning to see where you're coming from Konig. I was concentrating alot on making them look Cosmic Era...ish, and not really about meanings, or the symbols I was using.


I was thinking that, since the Hell Hounds is our AF unit, and the HQ is in the US, then perhaps I could use some symbols that represent the US, like a bald eagle.

Of course, that particular example might not be the most original idea...but I need something to start with. I'm really going to need some suggestions from others for this... So give me some input, people!! 

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Actually...that's not a terrible idea. For something rough, that's something I would consider. Not necessarily the combination of the two, but perhaps a dog/dog's head could be incorporated into some of the ideas. After all, a black dog is said to be an omen of death. Thanks for that Roromi! I'll be adding that to the ideas list.

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Hmmm...I thought about logo too...maybe hound should look like "steel nightmare" - i.e. more like robot, than mythical creature....and  if it would be consisted from weapons...more like weapon itself...errrr,for example, not ears, but radars, not tooths,but knifes and so on... *I can imagine it, but I cannot draw it(( *

And I absolutely versus US\AF style - well, my character EF's, so...

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Ah the steel wolves clan, I was more of a Dragon's Fury fan myself (though they had terrible range <_<).  That and Mercenaries, mercenaries in that game were pretty good .  I don't play the game anymore, but my brother does occasionally, and he uses steel wolves; they start off terrible, but they get stronger the longer in you get (and it didn't hurt that he had a Catapult he could snipe me with either V_V).

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