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Re: Hell Hounds Logo Ideas

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Okay, so I came up with the idea of trying to create a logo for the 87th Special Forces squadron, so I'm posting up some ideas that I came up with. They don't have any text on them, but depending on the feedback I get, I might add some later.


To make the images I combined various dingbat symbols I found on the internet, and came up with some pretty interesting things. Any 87ths can share their opinions on the designs, and then we will have a vote at a later date.


So critique away!!

















Tell me what you think!

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Those are pretty good. I like the fourth one the best. But, my vote doesn't really count for anything since I'm not part of the squad. Never the less, pretty good!

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I must say they're all pretty nice logos, all unique and have different meanings. Though artistically, I like them, but to be used for the 87th, I disagree. They are nice, but in my opinion there is not a single logo their that depicts who we are. Remember a logo depicts the one or the group that carries it. So I'm sorry...they are nice...but for usage, none.


So, I might as well help you from all my critique. Think about the Strike Rouge or Cagalli's logo. Make something between the lines of that logo and something that is more "devilish", "dangerous" and "deadly". Remember who we are... we are the 87th Special Forces Hell Hounds. Try to also get some inspiration from other special forces logos from real-life. By then you can come up something suitable for us.


I myself will try also to make a logo. Anybody else make up some suggestions...and give a hand for Grace for us to start with

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Alright! I'm bound and determined to get this right!!


Well, looking back at the designs, I'm beginning to see where you're coming from Konig. I was concentrating alot on making them look Cosmic Era...ish, and not really about meanings, or the symbols I was using.


I was thinking that, since the Hell Hounds is our AF unit, and the HQ is in the US, then perhaps I could use some symbols that represent the US, like a bald eagle.

Of course, that particular example might not be the most original idea...but I need something to start with. I'm really going to need some suggestions from others for this... So give me some input, people!! 

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Actually...that's not a terrible idea. For something rough, that's something I would consider. Not necessarily the combination of the two, but perhaps a dog/dog's head could be incorporated into some of the ideas. After all, a black dog is said to be an omen of death. Thanks for that Roromi! I'll be adding that to the ideas list.

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Hmmm...I thought about logo too...maybe hound should look like "steel nightmare" - i.e. more like robot, than mythical creature....and  if it would be consisted from weapons...more like weapon itself...errrr,for example, not ears, but radars, not tooths,but knifes and so on... *I can imagine it, but I cannot draw it(( *

And I absolutely versus US\AF style - well, my character EF's, so...

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Ah the steel wolves clan, I was more of a Dragon's Fury fan myself (though they had terrible range <_<).  That and Mercenaries, mercenaries in that game were pretty good .  I don't play the game anymore, but my brother does occasionally, and he uses steel wolves; they start off terrible, but they get stronger the longer in you get (and it didn't hurt that he had a Catapult he could snipe me with either V_V).

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      [align=center]O.M.N.I. Enforcer[/align]
      [align=center]87th Special Forces Regiment[/align]
      [move]Your Most Powerful Weapon is Your Mind[/move]
      Special Forces Soldiers possess boundless ideas and creativity and always thinks of new ways to organize and strategies. The Earth Alliances' Special Forces make up a unique, unconventional, combat arms organization. Highly trained and seasoned professionals— they are the most versatile Special Operations soldiers in the world. Warfare has new rules and calls for a different type of Soldier—a new warrior.
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      Special Forces team members work closely together and rely on each other for long periods of time, both during deployments and in garrison.  Because of this, they develop close relationships and personal ties which foster a team cohesion and esprit de corps.
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      These Soldiers are part of the OMNI Enforcers Special Forces (OESF)—the Earth Alliances' most specialized experts in Terrorism/Counter-Terrorism, Direct Action Operations, Internal Defense, Special Intelligence and Reconnaissance, and Unconventional Warfare.
      Primary Mission:
      [align=center]Terrorism / Counter - Terrorism[/align]
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      [align=center]Direct Action Operations[/align]
      [move]The Element of Surprise: The Special Forces Deadly Weapon[/move]
      Direct Action missions are short duration strikes that are used when Special Forces want to seize, capture, recover or destroy enemy weapons and information or recover designated personnel or material.
      In many instances, Special Forces are in and out before the enemy has time to know what hit them. Many of these actions are quick-strike missions, usually involving a raid or ambush of an enemy camp.
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      Special Forces organize, assist and train the military and national defense forces of EA nations. Those governments can use the tactics to protect their citizens from aggressors.
      Not do they train and assist other armies of the Earth Alliance but also track and block out agents or insurgencies from procuring classified data from EA nations.
      [align=center]Special Intelligence and Reconnaissance[/align]
      [move]Going Behind Enemy Lines Without Detection[/move]
      Oftentimes, before the Earth Alliance makes a strategic strike against an adversary, Special Forces are sent behind enemy lines to run Special Reconnaissance missions—covert, fact-finding operations to uncover information about the enemy.
      These intelligence-gathering activities monitor as much about the enemy’s movement and operations as possible and are considered by many to be the most important Special Forces mission.
      Special Forces teams survey enemy bases, machinery and weapons and send back the information to their commanders in order to best prepare for a strike.
      Special Reconnaissance missions generally take place before any movement by our military. Without that vital information, EA Soldiers might be caught off guard and unprepared when entering enemy territory.
      Not only does this involve in battlefield situations but also in enemy controlled establishments. Gathering information and procuring vital data from this establishments may also have the answers to what might the enemy do or what they are hiding away from Earth Alliance.
      [align=center]Unconventional Warfare[/align]
      Special Forces have long employed the use of Unconventional Warfare , a.k.a. guerilla warfare, to train forces in enemy-held or controlled territory. Unlike Direct Action, which is generally a quick campaign, UW can last even longer.
      UW missions give the EA Forces time to enter a country covertly and build relationships with local militia or natives, who are taught a variety of tactics including subversion, sabotage, intelligence collection and unconventional assisted recovery, which can be employed against the enemy.
      By using UW training, the EA can possibly prevent larger conventional attacks. And because of deep roots set up by UW missions, other Special Forces tactics, like Direct Action or Special Reconnaissance, can be launched quickly and seamlessly.
      The Elite Members of the 87th Special Forces Regiment:
      [align=center]Hell Hounds[/align]
      Ensign Ernst Gunther Koenig
      Ensign Linite Estral
      Crewman 1st class Johnathon McDowell Locke
      Crewman 2nd class Alexei Woroschzow
      Crewman 2nd class Seth Jedan
      Crewman 2nd class Yuri Crevecoeur
      Crewman Recruit William Asher
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