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  1. Linite blinked, surprised by the Lieutenants sudden action. She smiled and nodded once as Lune shook her hand roughly. “Lune.” She repeated in agreement. Linite laughed as she listened to the unruly Lieutenant. “Yeah…I wasn’t really to keen on coming here, but I didn’t really have much choice, obviously. ” She glanced at the other members of her squad. “Important military gatherings can’t exactly be avoided. ” She chuckled. “Do you know when we’ll be heading indoors? I’m guessing half the people out here already have frostbite” She said, trying to keep her smile on as her legs began to quiver again. Linite sighed, wishing she hadn’t brought up the topic of the temperature again. She had previously been happily distracted from the numbness in her legs. Linite quickly glanced around the edges of the gigantic tarmac, her eyes scanning the buildings for an entryway or lobby that might possibly be heated, and have enough space for her squad, though she doubted they’d be permitted to move indoors separate from the other groups, even if there was one. “I hope for the love of god I never get transferred here…” Linite thought as she thought of home. She assumed it was a hot, sunny day there. Sighing again, Linite bent down slightly to rub her shins, trying to warm them up a bit as she waited for Lune’s reply.
  2. [[Having finally found some free time to actually RP…-__-]] Having been able to regain her composure, Linite began to ponder the true reason for this military gathering. The details they had been given were very vague, and basically just told them where to go, who to go with, and when to be there. This led Linite to assume that it was probably of high importance, and that thought made her somewhat nervous. She’d never really been that good at ‘serious’ stuff, and when the time called for propriety, Linite always had to be mindful of her words and actions lest she slip up and accidentally say something that would bring about trouble. Luckily, for the most part anyways, she’d always been able to make a good impression and breeze through in serious situations, and she wasn’t about to let that change. After scanning the group of officials ahead of her, Linite noticed Lieutenant Lune Zoldark break away from the cluster of people, and approach the group she stood with. As she was one of the few higher-ranking officers among her group of comrades, she stepped forward to greet the Lieutenant. With a slight gulp, she straightened her posture and saluted just as Lune came to stand before the group. “Lieutenant Zoldark, I’m Ensign Linite Estral of the 87th Special forces squadron.” Linite moved her hand from her forehead to her side, and quickly bowed her head as a sign of respect. Her previously straight expression faded into a warm smile, and she extended her right hand toward the Lieutenant in greeting. "It's an honor to meet you, especially during peacetime."
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    Re: Grace's Gallery

    Yay! I win! Thanks! But don't start fighting over her now! (She's not used to that kind of attention )
  4. Russia…cold weather… Linite Estral knew perfectly well that the two made a fine and common pair, but somehow she’d been lost in a fantasy of a shining sun, generously warming the earth with its golden rays. Well…that fantasy was certainly thwarted…rather harshly, to say the least. The Ensign stood obediently by the AF transport craft that she and her other comrades had traveled on separately from Vice Admiral Bian Zoldark and his daughters. Her tall figure was wrapped in a mid-length, military-issue overcoat, which concealed her uniform beneath it. Linite wore her uniform in a proper manner that day, contrary to her normal habits. She hated doing up the collar. Her long blond hair was worn in its usual ponytail variation, and at the very least it blocked some of the wind. Despite her best efforts to keep them still, Linite’s legs quivered from the icy chill that hung in the air. “Useless uniforms…” Linite muttered quietly to herself as she glared loathingly down at her skirt. At least they’d been given gloves, an offer that she’d taken to with much enthusiasm as soon as she’d first seen the tarmac, which was covered with a very light dusting of snow. Linite merely looked on as a few representatives from the Republic of East Asia’s Red Dragon Guard squadron greeted Vice Admiral Zoldark. She took notice of the two young women who accompanied him. Lieutenant Lune Zoldark, no doubt, was the tomboyish one sporting a sloppily-worn men’s uniform, and shoulder-length blonde hair that was anything but straight. However, it was the other young female that drew Linite’s attention. She was very petite, and her hair color was also unnatural. Linite couldn’t help but wonder if she was actually very young, or if she was just very undersized for her age. She hoped the latter was the case, as she didn’t like the idea of children fighting in wars. Linite felt slightly disturbed by the thought. As she scanned the faces of each person in the group, another individual caught her eye. He was among the REA representatives, and was also quite small in stature compared to those of his comrades. His hair was pale blonde, and well kept. He appeared to be just a young boy, no older than 14. Linite felt her emotions stir even more as she looked back and forth at the two small soldiers. There was no way the EA would recruit mere children into the military, unless they were exceptionally skilled…but even then… Linite quickly snapped out of her thoughts when one of her comrades nudged her, informing her that her expression had shifted to the point where she was almost glaring at the group. Immediately she smoothed her expression, and hoped the chilled air had turned her cheeks pink enough that no one would notice her embarrassment.
  5. Okay, here’s another post round-up! Afterwards, four pretzels rented a minibus, and flew because they were sick of Lynnks’ shoes, thus the end…Then it went through the window and flew like a burnt chicken which likes to go bungee jumping with his wife in his pocket. Then he hits a snag, and his wife summons three ghosts who appear as little things that have spikes, along with other paraphernalia. On his eyes were two big orange holes that shot bubble gum and cream soda at people who were wearing fur bursting with flame on his feet, on a canoe that was sinking. So in retaliation, a badger was running silly crumpets through a fire of grape jelly. ----------------------------------- Unexpectedly, gigantic hubcaps…
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    http://i57.photobucket.com/albums/g201/LacusJP/OCs/CopyofLiniteEstral.gif[/img] (Smacks Photobucket for screwing up the quality... _<" title="" />) Wow! Another drawing!! (Looks at the drawings in first post) I really do think I'm improving!! This is Linite Estral, as you probably already guessed...(Because the last one I drew sucked... ) Anyways, for this one I'd like some feedback from the male population... How...physically appealing is she? (For lack of a better word...) Other than that, any feedback is welcome!
  7. Actually...that's not a terrible idea. For something rough, that's something I would consider. Not necessarily the combination of the two, but perhaps a dog/dog's head could be incorporated into some of the ideas. After all, a black dog is said to be an omen of death. Thanks for that Roromi! I'll be adding that to the ideas list.
  8. Alright! I'm bound and determined to get this right!! Well, looking back at the designs, I'm beginning to see where you're coming from Konig. I was concentrating alot on making them look Cosmic Era...ish, and not really about meanings, or the symbols I was using. I was thinking that, since the Hell Hounds is our AF unit, and the HQ is in the US, then perhaps I could use some symbols that represent the US, like a bald eagle. Of course, that particular example might not be the most original idea...but I need something to start with. I'm really going to need some suggestions from others for this... So give me some input, people!!
  9. Okay, so I came up with the idea of trying to create a logo for the 87th Special Forces squadron, so I'm posting up some ideas that I came up with. They don't have any text on them, but depending on the feedback I get, I might add some later. To make the images I combined various dingbat symbols I found on the internet, and came up with some pretty interesting things. Any 87ths can share their opinions on the designs, and then we will have a vote at a later date. So critique away!! #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 Tell me what you think!
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    Re: Grace's Gallery

    Thank you, Kaizer!! I'm glad you like it!
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    Character Art Request

    All done, Kaizer! Check it out in my Art's Corner topic!
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    Re: Grace's Gallery

    http://i57.photobucket.com/albums/g201/LacusJP/OCs/KylierZergasComission.gif[/img] Tada! It's Kylier Zergas! Done as a commission especially for Kaizer! Hope ya like it!
  13. GraceJP

    Active Check V2

    Ensign Linite Estral; Atlantic Federation Reporting for duty!
  14. GraceJP

    Character Art Request

    I'll do it!! I've already got part of mine done anyways...I just hope I've got it right!
  15. Okay! Collection time! Here's the continuation of the story we've all made. The mongoose burped multicolored air waves, Dr. Seuss style, into an umbrella covered in purple, flashy dots. It smelled like a pudding that had a strawberry toffee. (I've no idea what you guys were doing at the top of the 5th page...O.o But I'm just gonna go with this...) There was also a yellow ferret that wore pajamas, jumping and dancing on the table. A polka-dot covered purple people eater eating green bananas with ketchup sauce and sour milk opened a packet of rubber monkeys that became chameleons and disappeared, but were replaced by gobs of grimy bananas in pajamas with pink sunglasses. Then rainbow colored backsides of heffalumps and woozles ate green eggs and ham in the pool of Valiant's new room, which is located on the coast, Papau New Guinea, and likes fuzzy wuzzy slippers concealing guns shooting chocolate pudding. Again, I've had to make some changes to people's posts for grammatical purposes. Don't kill me!! Guys (and gals, of course!), I'm urging more of you to start new sentences every once in a while. After about three or four posts, you should be able to start a new sentence. New sentence!! -------------------------- Afterwards, four pretzels...
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