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Action and Reaction


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3 people of different sizes and stature sat side by side aboard a large Atlantic Federation cargo plane, each of them trying to pass the time in their own way as the aircraft began its descent towards the Moscow Kremlin; the Eurasian Federation's current military headquarters.  The eldest, and only male of the group, watched from outside a window as the flew over Saint Basil's Cathedral, its distinctive onion shaped domes having made it all but synonymous with Russia.  He was a tall man, easily over six feet tall, and his husky frame and dark blue facial hair made him stand out as a man in his prime; despite the fact that he was in his mid-fifties.


The youngest of the trio also had blue hair, though it was far lighter in color than the man's, and was done in a pair of long pigtails.  She was small and frail looking, the picture of innocence as her golden eyes skimmed over the book she was reading; her fingers delicately turning each page as if she was afraid that turning them harshly would ruin the moment.  She sat next to the man as she read her book, which made their size difference stand out all the more, as she was well under five feet tall, giving the man a solid two feet height advantage over her.


Then there was the middle one, who oddly, wasn't made to sit in the middle of the group.  She had an athletically toned body, and unlike the other two who wore their Earth Alliance uniforms in a prim and proper manner, kept her uniform as casual as could be; also choosing to shun the traditional women's uniform for the long pants that came with the men's uniform.  Her golden locks of hair were kept out of her eyes by a blue headband, and her blue eyes gazed back and forth impatiently, unable to find something to occupy herself with unlike the others had.


While difficult to believe at first, the trio were actually a family:  Bian Zoldark, the father, Lune Zoldark, the eldest daughter, and Kyra Relm, the adopted, youngest child.  Lune's constantly curious eyes shifted towards her father for a moment after the aircraft made its final landing, having decided to once again ask the question she had been trying to ask this entire trip; though she knew that she would likely receive the same response as before.


"All right father, so what are we really doing here? I doubt we came just to take in the sights and sounds of the local culture, so spill the beans; whats so important that you have to drag me and the kiddo here?"  She said, her voice, while somewhat harsh, still seemed to hold a tone of respect towards Bian.  Despite everything she might say about him, she had always respected and cared for her father, and knew that no matter how much she might hate some of the things he did, that he often did them for a good reason.  It was that matter of patience that always seemed to keep the pair from ever sharing a true father/daughter moment; Lune was impulsive and spoke her mind, while Bian always had to think things two times over before committing to an action.  Kyra was their balance point of sorts, as while she was decidedly silent and cautious like Bian, Kyra still retained some hints of simple childhood innocence and impulsiveness, meaning that both Lune and Bian had something in Kyra that they could identify to.


"We're here on important military business, and I might require your opinion on certain matters when the time comes; of course, this also meant that we couldn't leave Kyra on her own, so it was best if the three of us went.  For the most part there shouldn't be much you'll have to do, just stay out of trouble while I speak with the chancellor and some of the officials here, and be ready for when I need you."  Bian replied as the trio walked outside of the plane, the crisp air around them bringing a much needed relief to them after sitting in a dry, stuffy cargo transport for several hours.  Kyra remained silent as father and daughter kept up their banter; having quickly grown accustomed to the way Bian and Lune acted around each other.  Instead, she decided to look forwards, hoping to see if someone would arrive soon to interrupt the pair so Bian would be able to attend to his business; though the thought of being left alone in a foreign land with Lune wasn't a heartwarming thought to say the least.


(huzzah for reintroducing three characters at once )

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[OOC: From 'A Young Dragon's Initiation']


The flight, as expected, was uneventful.  ChengHu managed to get a few hours of sleep despite the rather comfortless nature of the transport.  He made sure to distribute overcoats to his men an hour into the flight, as he knew that even 'warm' weather at the Kremlim would be unmercifully cool.  As the transport made its approach to land, he kept his guard up since the details he was given was rather vague as to the purpose of this visit.  Then with a light thud and screech, the transport touched down onto the runway.  ChengHu mentally complimented the pilot for the smooth landing despite the cumbersome nature of the craft.


After the transport taxied in, he opened the hatch and let out the small set of steps.  He saw what appeared to be a twin of the same transport right next to them; it appeared to have landed just minutes before theirs.  He got out and gestured for his men to do the same but to stay put outside the transport.  After stretching out for a brief moment, he buttoned his overcoat and looked around.  Apparently, there didn't seem to be any sort of official reception so far.


Then he noticed a trio of people exiting the other transport.  He did not recognize what appeared to be a rather petite girl but he did know the young but lively Lune Zoldark.  The third figure was unmistakenly her father, Vice Admiral Bian Zoldark.


"So that's the Atlantic Federation's delegates for...whatever this is," ChengHu thought as he decided to walk over to them. 


As he approached, he saluted briefly at the Vice Admiral and a brief nod to Lune before saying in a polite but neutral tone, "Vice Admiral Zoldark, I did not expect the Atlantic Federation to send such a high ranking officer here, sir."

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Jonathan woke up when Liu passed out overcoats for everyone. He smiled and nodded his thanks to his commander then briefly got up to put it on. It hardly surprised him that the coat would be slightly too big but there wasn’t much he could do about it, at the very least more of his body would be covered up. He tucked the coat around him and waited patiently for the airplane to land.


It didn’t take long for the transport to reach their destination and Locke shuffled out with the rest of the entourage out into the bitter cold air. He playfully made his breath appear as he stepped down steps of the plane. As he stretched and took in the new environment he noticed ChengHu Liu walking over to meet a group of people from one of the other planes near by.


Watching intently Locke soon realized that the man Liu was meeting was none other than the Divine Flame of Martius. Though he never met the Vice Admiral before Locke did know a thing or two about his reputation. Bian Zoldark was one of those men he always kept a track of and always wondered: why?  What would posses someone like him to switch sides and fight as an OMNI Enforcer? Secretly, deep down, Locke always hoped there could be an explanation close to his own reasons but he would never voice such immature ideas out loud, he knew that was a long shot. Then again Locke still couldn’t imagine any other reasons for being an OMNI Enforcer other than his own.


He was always taught that coordinators were a scourge upon the planet and it was his duty being born as one to try and atone for the sin of throwing the world into disarray. Locke firmly believed that it was because of the Plants that there was no longer a unified earth government and that NOVA was just another obstacle that the Coordinators helped establish by antagonizing the Earth Alliance. Locke shook his head in disgust and realized that he had been staring at his commander and the admiral the whole time. He averted his gaze to stare blindly into some buildings as he continued to think.


In the end it didn’t matter what he thought he was no more than a foot soldier, all that matter to him, was knowing that he was fighting for the right side, and more importantly a good country.

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((OOC: Yaawwwn..... huh, what? peoples?  ))


Bian and Lune looked skywards as a second transport made its landing, with Lune being somewhat jealous of its occupants for having received such a smooth landing.  Kyra remained aloof to the plane's landing, choosing to ignore the aircraft in favor of her book, which was less of a book, and more of a set of detailed schematics for some of the Earth Alliances older model mobile suits.  It was business as usual for her, and while studying these schematics might not end up helping her get through the vigorous training that Lune had started preparing for her, it helped to pass the time, and kept her from getting involved with Lune whenever she started acting impulsively; i.e. nearly every waking moment of the day.


Lune couldn't help but smirk at the East Asian representatives as they milled out onto the runway, each one of them wearing a heavy overcoat to keep them from freezing in the cold weather here at the Kremlin.  Lune had seemed to inherit her father's resilience, as neither she nor Bian seemed bothered by the weather despite wearing their standard issue uniforms.  Of course, Lune's uniform couldn't be called 'standard', since she not only wore the men's uniform, but insisted on wearing it sloppily.  Kyra sometimes pondered as to why Lune dressed the way she did, but she couldn't help but be somewhat jealous of her right now, as a regulation skirt didn't do much to keep your legs warm.  Regardless, Kyra kept her attention fixed on her reading, as it was just a matter of toning out the cold, as she did with everything else that she didn't enjoy.


"Lieutenant Commander Liu is it?  Leader of the Red Dragon Guard if I'm not mistaken?" Bian said as he returned ChengHu's salute.  Kyra seemed to notice her foster father's movements, and turned her attention away from her book long enough to salute ChengHu as well.  Lune on the other hand chose not to salute, but acknowledged ChenHu's presence with a silent nod.  Instead, she was casting her eyes over the rest of ChengHu's men, anxious to get a good look at the Republic of East Asia's renowned Red Dragon Guard.


"Ones rank seems to mean less in times of peace, and it doesn't hurt that I requested the task; it's been mostly paperwork and drilling new recruits these past few months." Bian said, opting to take things in a more friendly manner.  Of course, what Bian saw as friendly others would still see as professional, but that was how he was.  An old head on young shoulders, and only recently had his shoulders began to start catching up with his head.  Kyra remained silent as Bian spoke, returning to her reading since no one had specifically spoken to her.


"My daughters, Lune Zoldark and Kyra Relm." Bian added curtly, nodding towards Lune and Kyra in turn.  While Kyra remained engrossed in her book, Lune looked towards her father when he said her name, giving a cheshire grin before turning her attention back towards the rest of the REA representatives.  In particular, Lune spotted a fair skinned boy who looked like he couldn't be much older than Kyra was.  Unfortunately, despite being closer to Kyra in age, he was closer to Lune herself in height, and he might even be a few centimeters taller than her; though that may be more of a visual effect from the overcoat than anything.  Of course he'd be taller than her, it seemed that Kyra was about the only person who was ever shorter than her, and the novelty of that was beginning to wear off.  Ok, so she lied; she would never get tired of having the shorter Kyra around.


"It can't be that cold out, is it?" Lune said in an off-hand manner as she looked towards Johnathon.    Hopefully she wouldn't have another straight-faced kid like Kyra on her hands, but then again, if he was it would give her a chance to figure out new ways of getting Kyra to talk; without having her younger sister sending her odd looks at nearly everything she said.

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[OOC: If you don't mind, Kaizer, I'll be using winders' NPC soon.]


ChengHu smiled as he listened to the Vice Admiral's reply.  "Indeed.  Though everyday tasks of that sort are still a part of our duty, it is good to have a change of pace," he replied knowingly.  He waited as Zoldark introduced his daughters; he was knew Lune but Kyra was an unknown to him.  Kyra seemed to be rather taciturn as her focus was on an old schematic manual of the early Dagger models.  He nodded at her briefly before gesturing toward his own men, including Locke, to come over.  Then he heard Lune quip a quick remark.


"It isn't, Lieutenant, but I'd rather have my men sheltered from this weather rather than suffer in performance from some illness," he replied in the same manner her comment was given.  There would always be some form of friendly rivalry between special units like his Red Dragon Guard and Lune's Schlatten Dolch.


He turned back to Vice Admiral Zoldark and said as he gestured to the oncoming Guardsmen, "Ah, my apologies, sir.  These are several members of the Red Dragon Guard I asked to accompany me, including Ensign Kyoto and the unit's newest member, Crewman Jonathan Locke."

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Russia…cold weather…

Linite Estral knew perfectly well that the two made a fine and common pair, but somehow she’d been lost in a fantasy of a shining sun, generously warming the earth with its golden rays. Well…that fantasy was certainly thwarted…rather harshly, to say the least.


The Ensign stood obediently by the AF transport craft that she and her other comrades had traveled on separately from Vice Admiral Bian Zoldark and his daughters. Her tall figure was wrapped in a mid-length, military-issue overcoat, which concealed her uniform beneath it. Linite wore her uniform in a proper manner that day, contrary to her normal habits. She hated doing up the collar.  Her long blond hair was worn in its usual ponytail variation, and at the very least it blocked some of the wind.


Despite her best efforts to keep them still, Linite’s legs quivered from the icy chill that hung in the air.

Useless uniforms…” Linite muttered quietly to herself as she glared loathingly down at her skirt. At least they’d been given gloves, an offer that she’d taken to with much enthusiasm as soon as she’d first seen the tarmac, which was covered with a very light dusting of snow. 


Linite merely looked on as a few representatives from the Republic of East Asia’s Red Dragon Guard squadron greeted Vice Admiral Zoldark. She took notice of the two young women who accompanied him. Lieutenant Lune Zoldark, no doubt, was the tomboyish one sporting a sloppily-worn men’s uniform, and shoulder-length blonde hair that was anything but straight. However, it was the other young female that drew Linite’s attention. She was very petite, and her hair color was also unnatural. Linite couldn’t help but wonder if she was actually very young, or if she was just very undersized for her age. She hoped the latter was the case, as she didn’t like the idea of children fighting in wars. Linite felt slightly disturbed by the thought.

As she scanned the faces of each person in the group, another individual caught her eye. He was among the REA representatives, and was also quite small in stature compared to those of his comrades. His hair was pale blonde, and well kept. He appeared to be just a young boy, no older than 14.  Linite felt her emotions stir even more as she looked back and forth at the two small soldiers. There was no way the EA would recruit mere children into the military, unless they were exceptionally skilled…but even then…


Linite quickly snapped out of her thoughts when one of her comrades nudged her, informing her that her expression had shifted to the point where she was almost glaring at the group. Immediately she smoothed her expression, and hoped the chilled air had turned her cheeks pink enough that no one would notice her embarrassment.

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Locke bit his lip as he notice that his stares hadn’t gone unnoticed. The Blonde girl wearing the unkept uniform appeared to be looking at him now. His fears got amplified when he notice he was being called over along with the rest of the guard. Straightening out his expression he fell in line like a good solider and stood out to salute when his name was called.


He took a greater notice of the two girls that the vice admiral had accompanied him. They did appeared to be rather young, perhaps they were coordinators too. The younger girl appeared to be looking at some interesting stuff that seemed to involve the older strike daggers, Locke fought the urge to say anything about it given that he liked using them in the simulations, he wanted to ask her if she had any experience with them at all. His attention then turned to the blonde haired girl who continued to give him a curious look. The way she wore her uniform almost made him think she was on leave and that was her vacation. Locke’s eyes scanned her body from toe to head until he returned her curious look. Again he fought the urge to say anything, after all he had no right to even speak, it was his duty to act professional for ChengHu’s reputation at the very least.


In the back of his mind he wondered what the Atlantic Federation was thinking for sending over so many Coordinators on their behalf. As if on cue Locke shifted his attention to another group of AF officials leaving another transport. Perhaps this is the real group of representatives they wanted to send over… He noticed a few stares coming from the other group of officers and wondered what it must look like for him and the other two coordinator girls to be grouped together. Times have certainly changed from the old days I guess… not that I know what they would be like.

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[[OOC: Yep Yep, thats why I gave her to your group Liu ]]


"Cause its like we're gonna end up fighting any time soon, right?" Lune said jokingly towards ChengHu when she heard him reply to her off-hand remark.  Lune wasn't the kind of person to keep up with current events however, and had no idea of the growing tensions between the nations here on Earth.  Even this meeting didn't pique her curiosity all too much.  So what if some of OMNI's most renowned groups were all gathering for some reason or another?  For all Lune knew, this was just one of her father's crazy plans, which, while frustrating as hell to figure out, usually turned out for the best.  Lune's father glared momentarily towards Lune the moment she turned away, but stopped when Kyra tugged on one of his sleeves and pointed towards yet another transport plane as it made its landing.  Kyra and Bian turned their attentions towards the craft as yet another group of soldiers disembarked from it, dressed in the same standard issue overcoats that the majority of the Red Dragon Guard members were wearing.


"It seems the rest of the guests are arriving; now all we need is the man of the hour." Bian said quietly, more to himself than to anyone around him.  When ChengHu motioned towards the rest of his group, Bian turned back towards ChengHu and nodded, "They look to be a fine group of soldiers, I would say that you've done a fine job training them thus far." Bian said while keeping an eye towards the newest group.  Lune, however, wasn't nearly as cautious as her father was, and when she finally took notice of the new arrivals, she shifted her attention away from the Red Dragon Guard and onto the newcomers; managing to catch the gaze of one of the women, who, of course, was taller than her.  When she took a second look, she took notice of the woman's long blond locks, and she was surprised that she was able to look after so much hair.  Lune preferred a shorter hairstyle herself, but of course, that was also because her hair was as unruly as she was; making it impossible to keep it under control if she let it grow too far past her shoulders.


"Oi! Who have we got here?  Hey father, how many people were supposed to come to this thing anyway?" Lune called out to Bian as she approached the group.  Her father merely shrugged his shoulders, knowing that there was Lune didn't really expect an answer anyway.  Now that Lune's attention had been brought towards the newcomers, Kyra decided it was best to remain silent, and kept to her reading; not leaving the vice-admiral's side in case he should ask anything of her.

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[[OOC: Need to buy more time ]]


Moscow, Central headquarters of all Eurasian Federation Forces. The place is still called a city even though it was heavily renovated for a military fortress. Still there are civilians taking shelter inside the base and some on the outskirts of the city. The fortress itself is pride of Eurasian technology which they kept it secretly even to its allies. The secret of Moscow is not you usually see above, but rather below. With its labyrinths, bunkers and tunnels, the city itself is the impregnable armor of the fortress hidden away from sight.


The city hosts multitudes of other bases for specific battalions of Eurasia. There are also 2 military academies training and developing the next soldiers of the Federation. It also prides itself of its officer training to makes every year. It holds also 3 airfields, with one control tower for all of them. Both are controlled by military personnels but are also permitting commercial airlines for landing and takeoff. At the center of it all is the Kremlin, formerly used as the central government building now as the Central Military Headquarters of Eurasia. In front of it is renowned Red Square, soldiers are still often seen marching around it and also some tourist who visit the famous St. Basils Cathedral just across the end. Though the Kremlin is a high security place, tourist are still permitted to enter the place to look back at its history or take pride of Eurasian heritage and of its marvelous display military might as marches are done more often now than before.


Today is very special day for the entire populace of Eurasia. In Berlin, the central government establishment of Eurasia, will be having a new or renewed Chancellor. Representatives of nations composed of the Entire Eurasian Federation will appoint its leader and the one who will bring Eurasia's pride and power back. It has already been 3 hours since the start of the meeting in the Reichstag and still no leader has been appointed for the people. The military tightened their security of the entire Eurasia as the prolonged meeting created some tensions in other nations.


As Eurasia decides to whom their fate will lye. Two aircrafts from other nations of the Alliance just landed in the main Moscow airfield. Apparently, because of the tension of the prolonged appointing of the new chancellor, someone in the control tower, gave the two aircrafts the wrong airfield to land on. As the two aircrafts land on the icy tarmac, they were directed to stay on the airfield until the clearance has been given.


The air was still heavy as the cargo plane continued its decompression inside the cabin. The entire trip from the Atlantic federation, to the stopover at the Republic of east Asia and finally arriving in Moscow, deep inside Eurasian Federation, the air was heavy. Koenig never liked flying, nor taking up a seat as pilot of Mobile Weapon. He was always at home on land or below water, but not being airborne. Though he was not afraid of heights, its just the feeling of it made him very uncomfortable. The entire time of the flight he couldn't get any sleep, but it was no fuzz for him being awake the entire time.


As the last of the passengers disembarked, Ernst stayed a little longer inside as he heard some commotion inside the cockpit and decided to check out situation. He unstrapped his belt buckle and headed towards the cockpit door. As he near it, he could hear the pilot and hi co-pilot talking about the misdirection of their tarmac and that they were going to wait for someone to clear them. Instead of landing in another airfield, they were landed on the main airfield and that someone had forgotten to inform of their arrival. Ernst was dumbfounded by the event and couldn't what might be happening in Moscow Tower Control. As he thought deeper, he could only conclude that something must be troubling them, but nonetheless, they have made it safe, they would just have to wait for their entourage.


Koenig then returned back to were he was seated in flight, opened the cupboard above it and took out his leather black great coat. Ernst knows full well, that the Russian winter can be unforgiving even during the day. As he secured each button, he peeked through the window, he could see the other plane taxiing near their location and the other passengers standing around below the plane dumbfounded at the near emptiness of airfield. Finally, he got his canvas/holster belt, fastened it on his waist and on his right shoulder, picked up his officer's cap and walk towards the hatch door.


Ernst, reached inside his coat inner pockets and retrieved his silvery aviators glasses and wore it before exiting the cabin. Though the name of it is what Ernst resents, he doesn't use things on the purpose of looking dangerous or fashionable but merely as a tool of hiding of his intentions. The eye can tell a lot of stories by just glancing at it, and Ernst is determined not to let anyone know whats on his mind. Harmless as it is, but it can deceive others which Ernst uses to get what he wants.


The sun glared brightly blinding the sight and then there it was, Moscow. It had been years since Ernst was back again were his roots were. This is were he learned every trick of the trade he knew about being in the Special Forces. And this is were he also got his indelible scar from the training accident he got in the academy. Ernst can still remember the pain of the burning phosphorus eating his tissues. Remembrance he got years ago, lifetime memories that will never be forgotten.


As he was on top stare, he could see the entire airfield. Ernst made a quick recon of the entire area and remembering their placements. From left to right, the entire airfield was near emptiness, with few personnels walking around and staring at them. As if no one had notice them, but it protocol; No one can leave or go near the perimeter of an under surveillance aircraft. There was no need to panic, even if they were unwanted the defenses of the city can just pummel them in an instant.


Ernst, then secured his cap on his head firmly and started walking down the stares. He could see the admiral talking to another person he had never seen before nor on their aircraft. His only conclusion, is that its one of the officers on the other plane. Ernst then quickly walked towards the admiral and the other officer's location,with his boots thumping heavily as he walk and intruded in their conversation.


"Admiral..." Ernst spoke with cold deep voice in his mouth and a slight salute to give respect. "Sorry to interject in your conversation but there seems to be a slight... situation." Ernst sighs at the end and continued. "Apparently, someone has directed us to wrong airfield and forgot to inform of our arrival"

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[[Having finally found some free time to actually RP…-__-]]


Having been able to regain her composure, Linite began to ponder the true reason for this military gathering. The details they had been given were very vague, and basically just told them where to go, who to go with, and when to be there. This led Linite to assume that it was probably of high importance, and that thought made her somewhat nervous.

        She’d never really been that good at ‘serious’ stuff, and when the time called for propriety, Linite always had to be mindful of her words and actions lest she slip up and accidentally say something that would bring about trouble. Luckily, for the most part anyways, she’d always been able to make a good impression and breeze through in serious situations, and she wasn’t about to let that change.


After scanning the group of officials ahead of her, Linite noticed Lieutenant Lune Zoldark break away from the cluster of people, and approach the group she stood with. As she was one of the few higher-ranking officers among her group of comrades, she stepped forward to greet the Lieutenant. With a slight gulp, she straightened her posture and saluted just as Lune came to stand before the group.


Lieutenant Zoldark, I’m Ensign Linite Estral of the 87th Special forces squadron.” Linite moved her hand from her forehead to her side, and quickly bowed her head as a sign of respect. Her previously straight expression faded into a warm smile, and she extended her right hand toward the Lieutenant in greeting.

"It's an honor to meet you, especially during peacetime."

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Lune spoke a single word when Linite saluted and bowed, her eyebrows furrowing slightly at the fact that she had been called "Lieutenant Zoldark".  It made her sound like her father, and the only times she allowed such things to let slip was when she was in the middle of a mission, or if she was dealing with someone of a lower rank than her.  As if to punctuate her annoyance, she raised her left hand and gave Linite a quick, light poke between the eyes; nothing more than a short prod.  Afterwards she took a hold of Linite's hand and shook it vigorously, having decided she was going to have fun with this girl until she got her to loosen up a bit.


"Glad to meet ya Linite!  I'm guessing you got dragged here too then?  I'd introduce myself, but apparently I'm already famous; or possibly infamous, depending on who you talk to I guess."


Bian and Kyra turned to look towards Lune in unison, with both of them heaving the briefest of sighs before ignoring her and turning towards the more imposing figure that made his way towards them.  Both of them saluted Ernst briefly before he spoke, with Bian listening intently to the lieutenant commander's words, while Kyra went back to her reading.  It didn't have anything to do with her, so she didn't bother with the conversation, and if it did become important, the vice-admiral would be sure to tell her.


"They're usually more organized than this, I'm surprised that such a misdirection even happened.  Has the new chancellor even been appointed yet?"  He said as he looked towards the air traffic control tower.  Since there was a public airport here as well, it should have been second nature to the traffic controllers to direct any aircraft in this vicinity, so only something as huge as a change in government officials would be enough to distract the personnel.


"I'm sure we should be receiving some kind of orders soon; there shouldn't be too long of  a delay."  He said briefly before turning his gaze towards the air traffic control tower once more.  To allow so many military craft to land without so much as a single word of greeting or otherwise to their passengers, something would have to be done soon if things didn't change; this just wasn't the time to allow such disorder to arise.

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"They look to be a fine group of soldiers, I would say that you've done a fine job training them thus far."


ChengHu gave a deferential nod to the Admiral as he replied, "Thank you, sir."  Then they waited as another transport landed.  He noticed that Lune's attention was on the second AF transport that was near the first as well as the additional personnel that came out. 


Then he saw a rather imposing EF officer approach them from the recently arrived transport.  From the files he read, ChengHu knew that this man was Lt. Commander Ernst Koenig.  There wasn't that much information on him, but what scant reports there were indicated that this man was cold and cunning as well as extremely capable officer.  He quietly listened to Koenig explaining briefly about the current situation to the Vice Admiral but even that was rather lacking.  As he listened to the Admiral's calm and seemingly reasonable reply, he saw Ensign Kyoto behind him fidgeting rapidly.


"Is something the matter, Ensign?" ChengHu asked softly as he added a slight edge to his voice. 


The young woman shook her head vigorously as she replied, "No, sir, it's my first time here in the heart of the Eurasian Federation.  I was hoping for banners or something bright rather than this dismal welcome!"


He wondered how it was possible that such a skilled pilot and fighter like her could have such a hyperactive personality.  He shook his thoughts away as he replied in the same slightly edged voice, "Our expectations mean nothing right now.  All we need to do is to await further progress."  He looked over at where Lune, who was introducing herself to another young woman.  The insignia, which he could barely make out, indicated that she was from the 87th Special Forces Squadron.


He turned back to Ensign Kyoto and said in a lighter tone while gesturing at the second AF transport, "But since we are here, you may introduce yourself to the other young officers."  She beamed for a moment before returning a solemn salute.  Then she seemed to bound her way toward the other women.  He briefly wondered how they'd fare with Ensign Kyoto.


He turned back to Admiral Zoldark and Commander Koenig as he wondered what was the hold up.

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((OOC: can we please keep this thing going guys ))


Jonathan shifted from one leg to the other as he waited patiently for them to move indoors. One by one it seemed more and more officers were joining their little party yet it seemed rather ridiculous that there would be that many high-ranking officers out in the open, with none of them taking the initiative to move them inside and get things started.


Man I wonder how many spy satellites have already taken photos of each us right now… or how quickly a good sniper could take us out one by one with us standing out here freezing our butts off…


Locke growled as he shifted from side to side, he didn’t mind waiting usually but standing outside in the cold wasn’t something he enjoyed doing when he knew they had the option of sitting nice and warm inside.

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Linite blinked, surprised by the Lieutenants sudden action. She smiled and nodded once as Lune shook her hand roughly.


Lune.” She repeated in agreement. Linite laughed as she listened to the unruly Lieutenant.

Yeah…I wasn’t really to keen on coming here, but I didn’t really have much choice, obviously. ” She glanced at the other members of her squad. “Important military gatherings can’t exactly be avoided. ” She chuckled.


Do you know when we’ll be heading indoors? I’m guessing half the people out here already have frostbite” She said, trying to keep her smile on as her legs began to quiver again. Linite sighed, wishing she hadn’t brought up the topic of the temperature again. She had previously been happily distracted from the numbness in her legs.


Linite quickly glanced around the edges of the gigantic tarmac, her eyes scanning the buildings for an entryway or lobby that might possibly be heated, and have enough space for her squad, though she doubted they’d be permitted to move indoors separate from the other groups, even if there was one.


I hope for the love of god I never get transferred here…” Linite thought as she thought of home. She assumed it was a hot, sunny day there. Sighing again, Linite bent down slightly to rub her shins, trying to warm them up a bit as she waited for Lune’s reply.

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