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Found 3 results

  1. 3 people of different sizes and stature sat side by side aboard a large Atlantic Federation cargo plane, each of them trying to pass the time in their own way as the aircraft began its descent towards the Moscow Kremlin; the Eurasian Federation's current military headquarters. The eldest, and only male of the group, watched from outside a window as the flew over Saint Basil's Cathedral, its distinctive onion shaped domes having made it all but synonymous with Russia. He was a tall man, easily over six feet tall, and his husky frame and dark blue facial hair made him stand out as a man in his prime; despite the fact that he was in his mid-fifties. The youngest of the trio also had blue hair, though it was far lighter in color than the man's, and was done in a pair of long pigtails. She was small and frail looking, the picture of innocence as her golden eyes skimmed over the book she was reading; her fingers delicately turning each page as if she was afraid that turning them harshly would ruin the moment. She sat next to the man as she read her book, which made their size difference stand out all the more, as she was well under five feet tall, giving the man a solid two feet height advantage over her. Then there was the middle one, who oddly, wasn't made to sit in the middle of the group. She had an athletically toned body, and unlike the other two who wore their Earth Alliance uniforms in a prim and proper manner, kept her uniform as casual as could be; also choosing to shun the traditional women's uniform for the long pants that came with the men's uniform. Her golden locks of hair were kept out of her eyes by a blue headband, and her blue eyes gazed back and forth impatiently, unable to find something to occupy herself with unlike the others had. While difficult to believe at first, the trio were actually a family: Bian Zoldark, the father, Lune Zoldark, the eldest daughter, and Kyra Relm, the adopted, youngest child. Lune's constantly curious eyes shifted towards her father for a moment after the aircraft made its final landing, having decided to once again ask the question she had been trying to ask this entire trip; though she knew that she would likely receive the same response as before. "All right father, so what are we really doing here? I doubt we came just to take in the sights and sounds of the local culture, so spill the beans; whats so important that you have to drag me and the kiddo here?" She said, her voice, while somewhat harsh, still seemed to hold a tone of respect towards Bian. Despite everything she might say about him, she had always respected and cared for her father, and knew that no matter how much she might hate some of the things he did, that he often did them for a good reason. It was that matter of patience that always seemed to keep the pair from ever sharing a true father/daughter moment; Lune was impulsive and spoke her mind, while Bian always had to think things two times over before committing to an action. Kyra was their balance point of sorts, as while she was decidedly silent and cautious like Bian, Kyra still retained some hints of simple childhood innocence and impulsiveness, meaning that both Lune and Bian had something in Kyra that they could identify to. "We're here on important military business, and I might require your opinion on certain matters when the time comes; of course, this also meant that we couldn't leave Kyra on her own, so it was best if the three of us went. For the most part there shouldn't be much you'll have to do, just stay out of trouble while I speak with the chancellor and some of the officials here, and be ready for when I need you." Bian replied as the trio walked outside of the plane, the crisp air around them bringing a much needed relief to them after sitting in a dry, stuffy cargo transport for several hours. Kyra remained silent as father and daughter kept up their banter; having quickly grown accustomed to the way Bian and Lune acted around each other. Instead, she decided to look forwards, hoping to see if someone would arrive soon to interrupt the pair so Bian would be able to attend to his business; though the thought of being left alone in a foreign land with Lune wasn't a heartwarming thought to say the least. (huzzah for reintroducing three characters at once )
  2. This topic has been moved to Role Play Archives. [iurl]http://www.adventdestiny.com/index.php?topic=964.0[/iurl]
  3. Second only to the Atlantic federation in size and power, the Eurasian Federation is a fusion of the former European Union (Minus Great Britain and Ireland), along with Eastern Europe and the Middle East. Strong senses of mistrust still linger between the Atlantic Federation and Eurasian Federation, but they continue to stand united as trade partners and military allies. The space station New Artemis is an Eurasian Federation territory, situated at Lagrange point 3. Compared to the rest of the Earth Alliance, the Eurasian Federation has always been the most accepting of Coordinators.
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