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Team Okina Assembles


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Aprilus One was Asahi's hometown, the bustling administrative center was all familiar to him. Bit what troubled him was meeting his new squad. Leadership wasn't his forte, and he admitted it, yet ZAFT was lacking appropriate role models, and Asahi seemed to be a good choice for the brass at the time. Asahi had arranged his proposed squad to meet at one of his favorite spots in town, the "Kombo Kwon" Korean fusion restaurant and cafe.

Asahi flicked his watch to his face, reading it at 11:48 am, as he approached the cafe. Remembering that he asked for casual clothing, he had no worries on his choice of attire; white t-shirt and black jeans. With his folder of formalities under his arm, he pushed open the door to the cafe. A waiter came up to him and Asahi said politely that he had a reservation for six.

He decided that it would be best to wait until everyone had arrived before doing any administrative duties. Sitting at the round table, Asahi glanced at the time, and with a few minutes to spare before noon, (the designated meeting time) he opened his folder and scanned the faces again. He smiled as he noticed someone, Chrisoph von Crailshelm. Asahi remembered him from the academy. A tough guy, but easy to get along with. Funnily enough, Chrisoph reminded Asahi alot of himself.

A team of six. Two leaders, and four members. Asahi wanted to take the occasion to gather their personalities, and mobile suit preferences as he would be assigning them respective units. He propped his head on his left hand, imagining what they would be like. They might not respect him, as they were mostly his peers. He dismissed the worst case scenario and in response winced and ruffled his hair. It was almost show time, and Asahi had to be at his best. He re-arranged his hair and wiped his glasses. They would be there any second.

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Christoph carried his tightly folded documents in a black folder under his right arm as he walked up outside Kombo Kwon with a faint breeze made his dark brown hair twirl; it almost looked like the hair had a life of its own as it swayed back and forth. His ice blue eyes gazed trough the Kombo Kwon´s entrance windows, the Kombo Kwon seemed to be quite full, it was known for its Korean food and friendly personnel so it came as no surprise to him.


This seems to be an odd place to have a squad meeting; I wouldn’t pick a spot like this. But I guess the commanding officer wants a casual meeting where the new squad can get to know each other, anyway its not my decision.


Christoph adjusted his beige leather motorcycle jacket, brushed of his white t-shirt and gazed at his dark jeans and white sneakers, making sure he looked fresh for the meeting and his commanding officer. All seems to be in order.


He ran a hand trough his hair just before he grabbed the entrance door’s doorknob, a quick twist and the door flung open with a screeching sound. Some of the people inside looked over at the screeching door, but most people at the restaurant were used to the screeching and didn’t even notice it. This didn’t bother Christoph we couldn’t care less if people looked at him; he always made the best out of the situation.


A woman in her thirties at the table closest to the door scanned him closely from head to toe, Christoph smiled at her and gave her a soft gaze with his blue eyes, the woman smiled back and her cheeks blushed as she shyly looked away.


Christoph continued trough the big restaurant room towards a waiter, he had a white shirt and the classic black pants that you almost always could see on a waiter a slightly greasy towel was hanging from his belt. The waiter didn’t notice Christoph approaching from behind as he was busy talking to another waitress that was dressed in a white shirt and a short black skirt, she was obviously hot as she waved the notepad where she took her orders as a sun feather, this made her golden hair wave, it almost looked she was in a cheap music video.


Christoph stopped and crossed his arms as he stood behind the waiter that was busy talking to the waitress.


“Excuse me sir”


The waiter was taken of guard and fumbled with his notepad, he tried to not look to stupid by Christoph´s sudden approach, with big eyes and shocked expression on his face he ran his hand trough his short black hair.


“Yes, yes of course.”


Christoph stared the waiter straight in the eyes, his arms still crossed.


“I’m here to meet up with the Okina squad, could you please show me the table where they are my friend.”


The waiter looked relived that the last sentence included the word friend; he smiled at Christoph and gave him an inviting gesture.


“Follow me, ill show you the way” He turned away and started to walk towards a table a small distance away.


Christoph followed closely behind him, making sure that the waiter could feel that he was observed closely by Christoph. It didn’t take long before Christoph noticed a familiar face at a table close by, it was Asahi from the academy, of course that was why he recognized the squad name, Asahi “Okina”, and he seemed thinking about something as he was resting his head in his hand.


Fair enough he did well at the academy, seems like a wise choice fore as a squad leader.


They had talked to each other at the academy in some classes, lunches and of course they had participated in the same simulator exercises now and then.


Christoph put his right hand on the waiter’s right shoulder and squeezed it firmly.


“Ill take it from here, thanks for the assistance.”


The waiter turned around and nodded, he then continued to walk in the other direction, away from the table, and soon he was out of sight as he disappeared into the crowd of people in the restaurant.


Christoph turned his attention towards Asahi once again; he walked up beside the table and put his arms close to his sides and adjusted his posture to a by the book militaristic style.


“Flight Lieutenant, von Crailsheim reporting in, sir”

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Caine drove quickly, checking the click on the cars dash it still insisted on telling him he was almost late.  He whipped the small vehicle into the restaurant's parking area and into a spot near the building itself.  Getting out, he gave himself a quick once over.  Normally he didn't pay to much attention to how he looked but a first impression with a new commander was fairly important.  At least they guy had said he could wear civvies. 


Walking through the door he paused briefly to enjoy the smell of food that hit him and to glance around to find his new superior.  The place seemed to be pretty busy.  There! Caine spotted the guy with another man standing next to the table.  Pulling out a small sheet out of his pocket confirmed it, that was indeed his flight lieutenant with the squad commander.


Maneuvering through the morass of people was a challenge.  About halfway there a waitress heading toward the kitchens passed by with a try of glasses and a pitcher of water almost collided with him. Apologizing he resumed his maze of humanity and finally reaching the table and came to an almost but not completely lazy salute.


"Sir Pilot Nightwing reporting as ordered" 

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Riku had just woken up and still seemed tired even now. He was wearing his small blue jacket with a black t-shirt under it, and black jeans. Riku was told to wear casual clothes, even if he were told to wear a uniform, he would still wear this. Although Riku may seem a little or a trouble maker, a person that was lazy and rarely listens to orders unless in the battle field and by a superior.


As Riku stepped in front of the Kombo Kwon, he stopped and than yawned before entering fully into the restaurant. As he entered, a waiter came up to Riku and asked how many people a table. Riku once agian yawned and than replied.


"I'm looking for a table under the name of Okina?"


The waiter paused for a bit, had gave a weird facial expression. It was as if he was scared of that table or it was just that he had told another person and showed them where the table was. After a while the waiter snapped out of it and than showed Riku the way.


On the way to the table, Riku was looking tired and lazy. Riku was slouching when he walked, and yawned on many occasions. As Riku saw the table he waved the waiter away and started to walk towards the Okina squad table. Riku noticed that there were already two others there, suddenly a waitress was accidentally tripped by Riku since he wasn't paying attention.


Riku's eyes widened as if cat-like and than caught the falling waitress in one hand, and the other hand took hold of the plate and started catching the falling food. As the food fell, only half of it actually made it on the plate, the rest seemed to land on Riku. Riku frowned at how he couldn't do that due to his sleepiness. As food started to drop from Riku's head, he lifted the waitress back up and than used his hand to wipe all the food off of him. Luckily for Riku, it was only food rolls that landed on him, which meant it left no stain or difference to Riku at all.


Riku than noticed the waitress blushing as he brush at his shirt and pants. He looked at her and than smiled and said...


"Thanks for waking me up," With a big smile and than walked by as the waitress said sorry. Riku than seemed to have a totally change of personality now. He was very cheerful and than walked up to the Okina table and said...


"Pilot, Riku Ishimaru, reporting in... I guess," with a little sarcasm and heart full voice.

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OOC: Sorry guys, I would've started this thread off on a better foot (better "quality" situation?) please bear with me



Something bounced through his thoughts; actually, to be precise, the incessant worry of disapproval from his team members. He felt at their mercy, rather than them being at his. And this was perhaps the quintessential fault of Asahi; he was a rather submissive person. Catching him off guard, a voice sounded out from behind him, someone familiar. Asahi turned around in his chair, to face Christoph, his second-in-command-to-be.

"Flight Lieutenant." he nodded and smiled at Christoph. "Please, do take a seat. Everyone's bound to be here soon."

But before he could engage in anymore conversation with Christoph, another member promptly arrived. A well constituted man with seemingly purple eyes met Asahi's, as he looked to the other side of the table. He chuckled at the words "reporting as ordered"

"Don't worry, arriving late isn't something I'd punish severely. Take a seat. We'll get to the formalities when everyone arrives. I hope" he said to the new arrival, Caine Nightwing.

Asahi thought to himself, two down, three to go. Or one, as two of them were undetermined.


(OOC: I'm not kidding about this. There are two more people and they haven't replied to my invitation in the squad. Worse comes to worse, I'll only be us four And its all my fault *smacks self several times* I'll also have to mod a bit here, and assume you've all taken your seats after Riku "arrives" )


IC: As soon as he had finished replying to Caine, Asahi noticed a scene further behind him. A young man moved with guile and ease, as he caught a waitress tripping over and almost half of her tray of food. The other half landed almost comically on the man. He brushed off the food deftly, and approached their table. Riku Ishimaru identified himself, with a sting of sarcasm. Riku might have guessed most of the table could have seen his feat.

Asahi nodded with a slight smile at his new team member and replied once again,

"Take a seat mate, I think this should be about it."

He rubbed his hands together, as his fellowship had taken their seats.

"Alright. I'd like to take our first meeting to get to know each other. Hey, we're a team, and for a team to work, we need to know each other, am I right? So, to kick this off, we'll tell everyone a little bit about ourselves, I'll start." he gulped. The discussion was quite cliched, yet he couldn't help it. But the show had to go on, Asahi pushed his glasses up with a finger and continued.

"You should know who I am" he chuckled meekly, and cleared his throat. "Aprilus One is where I grew up, I'm not too bad a pilot, and for your sake and everyone else's, I hope I'll be able to lead this team with competence." A little voice in his head cooed to him. That wasn't that bad now was it? You big baby. Now lets see how this will go. Asahi motioned his hand to Christoph, and said

"Ok, this is Flight Lieutenant von Crailshelm. Lieutenant, go ahead."


OOC: Once again, sorry to the latecomers, if you guys do jump in suddenly I'm one shitty team leader aren't I?

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Christoph leaned forward with both his arms on the table to get closer to his new squad mates, his leather jacket softly rubbed against the table making the familiar leathery sound, he pulled away some of his brown hair with his left hand, it had slid down in front of his ice blue eyes when he had taken a seat, the ceiling light reflected in his eyes giving the illusion that they glowed.


“Born and raised in the Eurasian Federation, to be precise in the village of Crailsheim, my family and me moved to the PLANT´s due to some personal reasons….”


Like a portal to his soul, Christoph´s eyes reveled a story of much pain and joy, it was with mixed feeling he remembered his brother and their time together in Crailsheim, if you watched closely you could tell that they started to fill with sorrow.


His right hand wandered of into his right inner pocket, he grabbed his brothers EA Squad insignia tightly as he continued to speak.


“My motto is that no one is left behind and that everyone deserves respect until proven otherwise, so if you have any questions big or small about anything in the future don’t hesitate to ask me, that’s what I am here for.”


Christoph had a serious expression on his face to make sure that he meant what he said, respect and loyalty was a high priority for him. He leaned back and blew some hair away from his cheek, he flipped trough his black folder looking at the different files that was provided to him with information about the pilots, he suddenly looked up and his eyes froze on Riku Ishimaru.


“Pilot, Riku Ishimaru, what do you think you could add to the squad’s teamwork?”

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As Riku took his seat, his honey orange eyes glared at each perspective member of the team. Once he was fully sat down, he was already tired once again. The wake up call earlier didn't seem to be enough and now he looked tired once again, his eyes started to close and open.


Suddenly, one of the members said his name, and he quickly opened his eyes and looked up to see a man with a leather jacket and ice blue eyes. Riku gave a loud sigh and than said...


"There is nothing i can add that any of you can't add, except for the fact that i will most likely be the trouble maker in this squad," Riku said with a smile and winked at the person that had asked him the question.


"I'm most likely no better than anyone here and i have a mind of my own, or so I'm told, so just keep that in mind," Riku said it like it wasn't a big deal with a calm voice. In truth his personality is totally different when in battle. His expressions and how he execute plans completely change for the better. Riku's expression would be cold and straightforward if in battle.


Although now was not a battle and Riku seemed to be the most childish and foolish one at the table... so far...


After a pause Riku said...


"I can add to the team my strengths in a variety of skills, such as spying, piloting, and so on," with that, Riku suddenly seemed to doze off again but will respond when he hears his name spoken.

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Glancing at his commander Caine decided he may as well finish this and give his own introduction. 


"As you know, I my name is Caine Nightwing.  I am from Martius City." He paused briefly to gather his thoughts. " I have been in space almost my entire life, I am happy to lend any of my experience to the team to help in its success."


Suddenly he snapped his arm out from the table and snagged a full glass from a passing waitress's tray.  The girl was hadn't even noticed she was now one short.


"sorry boss just bit thirsty. As i was saying, i have years of experience of spa craft and their operation, only recently have i become part of a mobile suit team.  You can always count on my best" 


Laying back in his seat and took a sip from his illicit beverage. It was a Rum and coke, not bad.  He glanced over to the lieutenant and other pilot. " I look forward to working with you both in the future."

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OOC: We got a slight problem, Asahi is on leave, he wont be back for at least two weeks.


Christoph asked himself if Riku Ishimaru was serious with hir previous statement, was he going to be a troublemaker. If this was the case he should surely make sure that Riku would face the consequences, he made a mental note to keep a close eye on Riku. But after all there is no need to judge a person at their first meeting, Christoph always taught the best of people until proven otherwise. He could always show Riku what respect and loyalty was all about if he caused any problems, maybe he even could help him to develop into a more respectable person if this was the case.


Christoph had serious look on his face as he crossed his arms and tilted his head to the right; this made some of his brown hair fall down onto his cheek, a tickly feeling ran across his cheek.


Oh, so he has a mind of his own now has he, Christoph couldn’t help but to wonder if he would be a good “team-player” for the Okina squad, but after all Christoph had met other pilots even officers that was the total opposite on the battlefield from what their personality was in private.


“We all have our strengths and weaknesses; there is nothing wrong with having a mind of your own, but in this squad I expect you to follow orders. Not only in the heat of battle, but everything from dress code to polishing your boots.”


Christoph had a serious tone but made sure that Riku noticed the soft smile that was on his lips. He leaned back into his chair and unzipped his leather jacket, it was hot here, to hot for a zipped up leather jacket for sure, the jacket front split and slid to the sides reviling his white v-neck t-shirt, it was of the tighter kind that revealed the body shape underneath. The leather jacket had hid his athletic body quite well but now you could see that he worked out several times a week.


“As for you skills as a pilot, I am sure you have what it takes. The Zaft Pilot Academy makes sure that everyone is prepared for active duty with any kind of mobile suit. We might be at a cease fire with the EA, but we know that small misunderstandings or even debates can spin out of control and develop into big problems, everything from blockades to skirmishes or even worse.”


Glancing at his commander Caine decided he may as well finish this and give his own introduction. 


Christoph turned his head and focused his eyes on Cain Nightwing, this man seemed to have seen quite a lot in his rather “short” life, or at least had he been trough some rough times, Christoph couldn’t help but wonder where Caine got his rather big scar that ran across his head all the way back over the scalp, it looked like a painful reminder that Caine would see every time he looked into the mirror.


Christoph put his right hand in his left and made a fist in front of his face, while his elbows rested on the table, this gesture indicated that he listened carefully and was at his full attention. He gave Caine a soft smile, revealing his shiny white teeth.


“So you’re a “space” coordinator, that’s quite interesting, I love it out here at the PLANT´s. Everything you need right around the corner. But you have to agree that Earth is a jewel of its own, after all its humankinds cradle and THATS something to cherish.”


Christoph continued to smile as he adjusted his hands, squeezing them and relaxing them time after time, his mind wandered of back to the hillsides at Crailsheim, images of him and his brother playing as children, dinner with his whole family. His mind flashed back to reality and he focused on Caine once again.


“Some good reflexes there” He took a small pause as he watched the waitress walking away unknowing of what happened.


“It’s good to hear that we can count on you. It’s great with experience from different parts of the military, the more you know the better. I’m looking forward to working with you all as well.”

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OOC: Well did he plan anything for us that you know of? Also we can always say that he needs to go to the "washroom/bathroom" and than we just discuss between us 3 for a bit. and than we probably just say that the leader was taking long so we just leave, and re-meet again when Asahi comes back. BTW i'll post later, im like extremely busy so not much time to think...

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Caine nodded acknowledgment to his lieutenant, "Yes i guess a "space" coordinator is a farly good description for me" he responded, smiling slightly.  "I've never been to the Earth's surface, though i do agree with you, its our birthplace as a race, but space is now our place of growth and testing."


He took a brief sip of his drink and continued.


"I have experienced much here, I have served of both cargo vessels and of merc ships and i bare the marks of my time on them" Pointing to his scars. "I regret none of it, ZAFT is simply another opportunity to take part in. I hope to do well, and I and provide much service aboard any vessel."


A shadow announced the presence of a waiter standing next their table who, noticing Caines attention on him said "Would you gentlemen care for anything?"


Caine looking back at at the rest of the table asked the obvious question "Well were meeting here in a restaurant so we mas as well get something to eat right?"

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Christoph smiled at the obvious that everyone seemed to have overlooked, it’s quite common that obvious things can easily get forgotten when there are nerves in play. The squad did after all meet for the first time ever, but this shouldn’t hinder them to have a casual dinner together.


He remembered when he was back at the academy, the first times in class and the first time behind the controls of a GINN trainer. Christoph had forgotten some obvious thing there to; some in his class had even forgotten to turn on the OS of the GINN trainer before they tried to move it.


Christoph picked up a brown menu-folder that had been placed in the middle of the table. He turned some pages and followed the text on each page with his finger so he wouldn’t confuse the prices with the different meals. There were several Korean food dishes to choose from, in a way there was to many to choose from. Several dishes were to Christoph´s pleasing. Suddenly his finger stopped and started to tap on the center of a page. Makguksu, chicken soup with noodles with a fancier name. After all noodles are never wrong and accompanied with chicken soup it’s was winner in his eyes.


Christoph turned his attention to the waiter that had sneaked up behind Caine.


“Ill have a Makguksu and a mineral water with a splash of lemon in it.”


A splash of lemon in the water, to freshen it up with a natural flavor that Christoph had a sweet tooth for, sour and salty snacks was his favorites, so a lemon would do just fine.


Christoph scanned the table looking at Asahi and Riku, he crossed his arms and smiled at the two remaining men that also had overlooked the obvious. Asahi seemed to be quite nervous, but who could blame him, his first assignment as a “commanding” officer, who wouldn’t be nervous, maybe Christoph but that was another story. He could only hope that it was beginner nerves that would soon settle so the team didn’t suffer from an incompetent leader. He had already bumped in to several incompetent officers in ZAFT, some seemed to have a fast track to the officer career as legacy’s. Christoph himself had to work hard to gain his rank of flight lieutenant, it didn’t help that he had parents that was naturals and his now deceased brother had been in a EA mobilesuit squad a the contraire he almost taught he had to work even harder then the others in his class. 


Riku on the other hand seemed to be in need of some guidance to get back on the right track; Christoph didn’t want a loose cannon by his side on the battlefield, loyal and people that could follow orders was high on his list. All tough he admitted that some great things had come from people that had ignored orders and followed their instincts. But orders are meant to be obeyed. Life is full of dilemmas.


The restaurant was quite loud at this time more people had arrived and the waitresses and waiters seemed quite busy, they hurried to every table and made sure that everyone got served.

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Riku smiled at Christoph's expression. It seemed that Christoph wasn't very pleased at how Riku said he was a trouble maker and one mind of his own. Although this didn't bother Riku, it was a common reaction among commanders... He remembered when he first attended the ZAFT Military, Riku had always been a trouble maker and had disobeyed many of the training orders. The only reason ZAFT was able to even let Riku in was because of how much he changes when in a real battle. Riku's skills as a pilot and on foot had exceed everyone's expectations of what he might have done. Who would had thought that Riku had such skill even though all the training proved that he had none.


Riku snapped out of his past and than looked at Christoph... He was about to say something when Riku was interrupted by Caine. When Caine mentioned food, Riku's personality changed once again....


"FOOD??? GREAT..." Riku quickly grabs a brown menu-folder and looks through it. It didn't seem to take long before Riku had already known the entire menu... Riku paused for a bit and than said to everyone.


"Before I order... who may i ask is going to pay," Riku said with a smirk, he had always been one to get friends or other people to pay for him. Although most would say his skills of "persuading" and "running" were better off used during training rather than low life stealing and trickery.

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As it wasn’t enough that Riku seemed to be pleased by being a trouble maker, he seemed to enjoy living like a leech, Riku had long way to go in Christoph´s eyes. He made sure that he didn’t show any signs of disrespect towards Riku, he knew that people have different personalities, some better and some worse. Being cheap and a minor trouble maker didn’t make them a bad person. Maybe this was what the squad needed, different personalities that when combined worked like a well oiled engine.


Christoph raised an eyebrow towards Riku and looked him into the eyes with a chilling look with his ice blue eyes.


“Doesn’t ZAFT pay you enough so you can pay for your own dinner?”

Christoph leaned backwards and tilted his head; this made some stripes of his brown hair fall down over his face.


“If this is the case this dinner is on me Pilot Ishimaru. Feel free to choose whatever you want.” Christoph pulled away the hair from his face as he gazed at Riku.


ZAFT salaries are more then generous, so it was no excuse that Riku could use; it’s going to be interesting to see what excuse Riku had for not paying for his own food.

All the time Christoph had served in ZAFT he never had any economical problems; he could by almost anything he wanted, unless it was ridiculously overpriced.


The Okina squad seemed to be an interesting challenge for Asahi, he wonderd if Asahi would be able to pull this of, after all it was his first squad he had ever lead. Christoph would make sure to do his best to aid Asahi with the administrative work and anything else that concerned the squad. He didn’t want to do too much of Asahi´s work as he might take it as Christoph didn’t respect Asahi´s authority in the squad.

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Riku noticed Christoph was interested with him. Riku looked up and than started to lean his chair back. While having both hands behind his head as rest and said...


"Well yeah, but you know i have needs... Most money would go to different stuff," Riku said with a wink and than leaned forward and grabbed the menu.


"Since you insist, I guess it would be rude to deny your offer," Riku continued with a sinister smile. Riku waved his hand to get the waiter's attention... He waved his hand lower so that it signaled the waiter to bend down and listen to his order.


Once the waiter bent down, Riku whispered into his ear...


"I'll have everything on this menu," at that, the waiter's eyes opened and than stood back up... the waiter said if Riku was sure and Riku just nodded and waved him away. Riku sat there and whistled happily. Today, he was going to get a great meal.


Although it didn't look like it, Riku eats a lot for someone that... well small. Yet with everything Riku eats, he doesn't seem to even gain one pound. This is either very unique coordinator or it maybe because of how Riku always goes to the washroom/bathroom after a good meal.

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Smiling to himself Caine ignored the banter between his teammates and waved over the waiter and pointed to his order on the menu and ordered another drink.  As the waiter moved away he looked over at his teammates.  "Money isn't a problem for me at all, I will happily pay for myself."


Glancing directly at the lieutenant "Hey LT," he said trying to end the argument before took off "so have you actually been to earth at all then? D'you foresee us being sent there? "

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LT, well that was something that Christoph wasn’t used to be called, he didn’t even have a nickname and he sure hoped it wouldn’t be LT. It didn’t offend him but he was quite surprised by the sudden “outburst” from Caine.


Christoph leaned back and looked at Caine, it seems like he doesn’t listen to well. Let’s see if he can remember it this time then.


“Pilot Nightwing, as I said before I was born and lived in the Eurasian Federation before, I lived there more then half my life before I moved to the PLANT´s with my family.”


He looked at Caine to make sure that he paid attention this time around, in a causal conversation it didn’t bother Christoph that he had to tell the same thing twice. But at a formal event or a military operation, he excepted everyone to take in the information the first time they were told.


“I am quite positive that we will be sent to earth at sometime, after all it’s a great experience and some practice in none artificial-gravity is even better for your development as a MS pilot.”

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Wincing mentally Caine cursed himself for forgetting such a detail about his CO.  He'd have to do better here in the future.


"I am not opposed at all to being sent to earth at all.  In fact I'm looking forward to it.  I was merely interested in our future assignment as a team.  I apologize for my earlier lack of attention I meant no disrespect." 


So far Caine's first impressions of his team was positive for the most part, he rather looked forward to fighting next to them in operations to come.

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Asahi remained silent for most of the conversation, up until the waiter appeared. On several occasions, he made mental notes about the characters that made his team; their quirks, attitudes and their personalities. Christoph, well, he was as stiff as ever. Asahi smiled at that, every team needed a straight man. Caine, he was a space coordinator, having serious piloting experience, although whether or not combat related, was unknown. Riku, was another story, and as he said himself, was now the designated troublemaker.

Christoph's move to finance Riku was unexpected by Asahi. Riku mentioned his lack of cash on hand, and before Asahi could make a judgement call, Christoph decided to pay for his meal. Asahi chuckled slightly at Riku. Either he really was broke, or he was just cheap. Between that thought and the next occurrence, Asahi motioned to the waiter and ordered a Dol Sot Bi Bim Bap.

Exacerbating the situation, Caine asked Christoph about their prospects of mission assignment and if they'd get a chance operate on the Ground. But what he addressed him was a little risky, as Christoph was his superior and he wasn't the type to take too kindly to "LT".

Christoph shrugged of the name, and replied politely. Surprisingly, there wasn't the table flipping and  bottle breaking action Asahi envisioned. Then again, he was liable to an exaggerative imagination and misjudge people.

Asahi hadn't noticed it earlier, but it had occurred to him that Christoph had been steering most of the conversation. He decided, since he was done noting the backgrounds of his team members, that it was high time to jump back in.

"We're all dud- I mean soldiers of ZAFT, but I'd like to ask all of you your motives for joining ZAFT. Sure, its a job, and we get to shoot stuff. I joined for the engineering, working on mobile suits, etcetera. But now, I want to go career. ZAFT has given me this job, as your commanding nazi" he laughed at his own joke. How lame, he thought, and added hastily

"But, it seems this is good for my prospects. Although I do want to get to the engineering as a side dish. Hell, you might even pilot a mobile suit I designed in the future."

Asahi leaned back and adjusted his glasses. He didn't want to differ from Christoph's attitude, but Asahi couldn't help being light hearted about the whole situation.

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Riku opened his eyes while his fingers tapped on the table, waiting impatiently for the food. As Asahi started to talk, Riku replied...


"I joined ZAFT for no particular reason actually... except for me, was also to get more experience in engineering and designing or working with mobile suits. I, myself took piloting first because it would give me a more understanding of how well the mobile suits work, this is why I'm here as a pilot and not a engine---," Riku cut off as soon as he saw the food... His eyes suddenly turned cat-like (hell, lets add a tail too) and his mouth wide opened as he started to drool. There was a lot of waiters and they all carried different dishes on to the table. Everyone in the restaurant started to look at their table, wondering how they would eat that much between 4 people when really it was only Riku eating it all.


Before anyone knew it, Riku had already stuffed his face ate at every new dish that seemed to not be his teammates. Riku ate the dishes quickly but politely and without making him look like a slob. Dish after dish, Riku devoured each and everything and didn't seem to get full but rather more energetic. Yet with everything Riku eats, he doesn't seem to be gaining weight and his clothes dont have any food stains at all from how fast Riku eats. Riku maybe a fast eater but he is very keen on not getting food on too much of his face and clothes.


Soon Riku was already half way through the menu. While the rest just got their dishes. Riku paused for a bit and than repeated what he said last time before continuing.


" As i was saying I'm here as a pilot and not a engineer because i want to experience how well the mobile suits actually do in combat so that I may understand more of how to design a revolutionary mobile suit," Riku than paused for a bit before stuffing his face again...

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With th arrival of the food Caine politely waited as the dishes were placed on the table, with a disproportionate amount going to Riku.  He began to calmly eat as his teammate gave his explanation to their teams' CO.  It was interesting that both were in this for the engineering aspects of the job.  as Riku finished his story Caine set down his fork for a moment to give his. 


"Before i joined ZAFT i was part of a small mercenary organization. I performed many various positions while with them learning a great many things about what is involved with running a military organization, whether it be a privately owned company or a governmental arm like ZAFT.  When my mercenary unit had to close shop ZAFT seemed to be the natural place for me. Also ZAFT seemed to be a good place to contribute my skills and knowledge." 


Having finished his explanation he resumed eating his meal unhurried.  Looking over he was slightly bemused at the pace of his teammates food consumption.

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A mercenary, or rather a former mercenary in the Okina squad. This could develop into a problem later on, who knew who a former mercenary was loyal to. Maybe someday he’ll get an offer he can’t refuse and fail to do his duty willingly. It wasn’t right to think something like this about a person he just met but almost every single mercenary Christoph had ran into was double crossing slimebags, of course there are always exceptions everywhere. The question was if the norm within the merc´s was to be double crossing slimebags, let’s hope not.


There was something about this Caine character he couldn’t put his finger on, but Christoph would make sure to watch him closely, if it wasn’t enough already that he had a self-proclaimed trouble maker in the squad he had to watch closely.


“A mercenary? It’s not to most common thing you will find within the ZAFT ranks. But I am sure that you will develop into a great ZAFT pilot.”


Christoph grabbed a silver spoon he was given with the food; he looked over at Caine with pondering blue eyes. Let´s hope he put his merc personality in a chest, locked it up and threw away the key before he joined up with ZAFT


Christoph took as spoon full of food from the brownish chicken soup, it was extremely hot. Steam rose from the spoon towards the ceiling making patterns in the air as it made its way upwards. Christoph blew some strong puffs at the spoon before he put it in his mouth, making sure that it was at a normal temperature when he swallowed it. The soup was delicious, perfectly spiced and it seemed like there was no end to culinary experience.


With a swift motion and a satisfied look Christoph took another spoon full of soup and continued to eat in a formal manner making sure not to spill or eat in an improper way.

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Asahi give a slight smile, listening to both Riku and Caine reply. Caine had quite the background, whilst Riku made up the personality. It seemed Asahi had been given quite the motley crew. But the novelty and fun of that was completely irrelevant to survivability in combat. Asahi needed to gauge the skills of these two. On the other hand, if memory served him correctly, Christoph was one excellent pilot. It brought back the few GINN Trainer mock battles back at the Academy, which Asahi had remembered Christoph was the best gunner of the class; even with a GINN machine gun.

"Ah, yes. Speaking of MS, as Riku was talking about, i'd like to remind you guys, you should inform me if you have a piloting license. No shame if you haven't got one yet. Just tell me, and then I can get to procuring an MS for you." he rested his head on his right arm, his thumb under his jaw, and his index finger against his cheek. Asahi noticed something strange though. As the waiters started serving the meals (and, surprisingly, a feast for Riku), Asahi's stone bowl rice, the Bi Bim Bap, was absent.

"Huh, that's a little weird... Anyway, I also want to ask, what would you pilot? Just so I get an idea what I should assign you. He winked.

"And what role are you able to fulfill? I know Riku, you say you're for recon and the such, but what about you two? It's best that we work like clockwork, but hey, I'm not going to force that on you.

Asahi rubbed his eyes, and adjusted his glasses. He looked at Caine and Christoph, implying one of them should continue the discussion. Somewhere between their replies however, Asahi managed to ask a waiter about his dish, without being too rude to the speaker. It seemed his dish would be arriving shortly, and there was no need to alarm.

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Riku paused a bit at eating when Ishian mentioned mercenary. Riku smiled for a bit and than went back to eating... Riku was also once a mercenary but that was along time ago, it was how he had gain most of his recon and other skills. Although Riku didn't mention this for several reasons. Some was that he didn't think it was important and another was that ZAFT may not take him as seriously if they knew he was a mercenary. After all mercenary's were known to easily switch sides for the higher pay. Riku chuckled a bit at the old memories of him when he was a mercenary, the thrill of the fight and high pay.


As Riku continued eating, when Asahi asked everyone if they had a piloting license yet.


"At the moment I have not gotten one, but I plan to," Riku said while continuing his great feast. Than Riku continued while having trouble to swallow first. Riku paused, put his hand in a fist than hit himself in the chest a few times. Soon he was able to swallow his food and than he said...


"Any mobile suit will be fine for me... I have experience with most ZAFT mobile suits or at least through designs. Also I have no preference of the type of mobile suit."

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Caine paused a moment in his eating to consider the question directed at him.  It was one he hadn't really put much thought into before.


"Well," he began" It doesn't matter to much to me what suit i pilot, though if possible i wouldny mind a suit that gives me options in combat such as a ZAKU of BABI.  Both have a good weapons mix.  I can fight reasonably well in both close quarters and at long range.  I'm not well suited to an aquatic mobile suit, but i would be comfortable in any flight capable one."


Having said his piece he resumed eating as waited for the officers to respond.

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