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Valiant's PC is down!


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"BWAAAHHH!!!!! PUT IT OUT! PUT IT OOOUUTTTT!!!!!!", Janet (this would me be),at this, dashes over in attempt to water out the fire despite its intensity. "NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!! ORB!!!!! CAGALLI!!!!!"


"It's all your fault Riku!!!" Janet throws herself onto Riku sending them both plummeting to the floor. "You're gonna make her go through more pain!!! And you're going to remind her about IT?!?!?!!" Readies herself to punch Riku.


((sorry for the caps ))

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Is a riot going to start in here soon?


Oh, no...That's martial law you're going to have there, DD.


In any case, let's all wait patiently. Perhaps it would be even better if we do pitch in to liven up the place a little with a few more random threads here and there regarding character interaction.

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*eyes Pheonix* Glare%202.gif?et=zkljgl4m%2CCRcLApL0A%2Bfww


((hmm I hope the gif is fast. It should be but it really depends on computer . In admist me making it you guys just added 3 more posts T____T))


@ F.A.I.T.H: I would start if I were accepted!! lol still waiting... anyone actually see anything wrong with my profile still? 'cause no one's replying so I'm just wondering and waiting....

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Well, my laptop isn't back up yet. I'm pretending to be doing official work while dropping by to give a little explanation.


It's not the hard disk this time round (whew!) but it might lead me to have to reformat. That'll be a disaster because..... I DIDN'T BACK ANYTHING UP AFTER THE LAST TIME (four weeks ago) THE LAPTOP WAS DOWN!!!


*gulp* all that hard work coding + all my reports down the drain.


The cause: Trojan.proxy.win32.agent.mx


It was just a five minutes interval while I was switching to a different firewall and boom, my laptop got infected. On the bright side of things, it's only the system files that got infected. Let's hope the tech guys can restore the OS and then help to disinfect the computer. If we can avoid a reformat, we'll be saved!

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