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GBN 1.8 Gunpla Battle Nexus 1.8 | OOC

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Year 20XX. People around the world have taken to building and customizing their very own Gunpla (Gundam Plastic Models) as the world's #1 hobby. In Gunpla Battle Nexus Online, a Virtual Reality MMORPG which is often touted as ''the next-generation hobby attraction'', users from all around the world turn into Mobile Suit pilots (also known as Divers) by scanning their Gunpla and uploading their data to the game, allowing them to pilot their dream machine.

As if the content added by the game's administrators wasn't enough, they notice a wealth of very well made custom campaigns, individual missions and machines, made by experienced Divers with a knack for making their own original content. To acknowledge the newly formed modding community, they prepare Update 1.8, also known as the Community Update, where popular stages and campaigns can be submitted for the administrators' Endorsement, bestowing upon them the ability of giving clear rewards to the Divers who complete them, and where popular Gunpla builds can now be encountered as rare NPDs (Non-Player Divers), with either the personality of their Creator, or that of an existing Gundam character...

However, despite being nearly complete, Update 1.8 hasn't been actually released to the public, and is now on one of the final stages: playtesting and polishing. This is the story of a group of beta testers from all over the country, which team up to tackle one of the most ambitious campaigns bundled with the update...

- - -

Cast and Posting Order

Replicator as Game Master, Lieutenant Aida, Re-Configurable NPD, NPDs

Roromi as Creed

FrostyFoster as Kyle, Char Aznaharo

ShirokuHakudo as Shin

I'mAnnoyingHer as Carter Lee

MM007 as Hikaru, Nana, Ellen

Rabiddy as Risu

(Sign-ups have closed for now. If the need arises, they shall open again. Contact Game Master via Discord when that happens.)

- - -

Gunpla Sheet

To help everyone understand the machines each other made, and to establish what they can and cannot do, players MUST reply to this post with their own sheet to play. One sheet will be made per machine. For making sheets for new machines or upgrades to previous Gunpla, edit your original post and add the new sheet under that of your previous machine.

IMPORTANT: Players can give their Gunpla a secret system of any kind, but they must add "REDACTED" in all-caps under "Special Abilities/Features", and run their idea by the Game Master for approval.


[Diver]'s Gunpla Collection

#1 - [Unit Name]

[Images, if any]

Base Unit:

Operator (Diver Name):

Detail the parts and modifications used by your mech by the following sections. Please remember that each perk will have a draw back for each bonus it offers. The examples given are merely examples and anything not listed may be added so long as it can be rationalized. If another player has already added a non-listed element you want to use, try to use that same rationalization for said element rather than making your own.

Structural Defense: i.e

Phase Shift Armor - exceptional resistance to physical damage, at the cost of power consumption per hit. 

Gundanium Alloy - well balanced endurance, at the cost of weighing down the unit.

Nano Filament/Anti-Beam Coating - exceptional resistance to beam weaponry at the cost of being frail to physical damage. 

Conventional Materials - offers lighter armor weight for greater mobility, with no added benefit.

Special System: i.e. 

ZERO System - offers exceptional target acquisition at the cost of zoning out the rest of the battlefield.

Funnel System - offers a devastating attack system at the cost of being burdensome.

Trans-Am - offers exceptional mobility at the cost of high power consumption.

Melee Weapons: i.e.

Beam Saber - standard mobile suit weapon, offers exceptional cutting power at the cost of power consumption; small enough for multiple housings on the unit. 

Anti-Ship Sword/GN Sword - a cumbersome and slow weapon with exceptional cutting power, likely only one on the unit.

Heat Rod - a whip-type weapon that heats up to deal damage, likely only one on the unit. Greater reach than most melee weapons, bordering on ranged, but less precise and damaging than heat sabers and hawks.

Projectile Weapons: i.e. 

Beam Rifle - Can deal high energy damage at the cost of power consumption and rate of fire.

Machine Gun - can deal physical damage with limited ammo capacity but high rate of fire.

Bazooka - can deal high damage at the expense of very limited ammo.

Buster Rifle - high energy weapon with high power draw and limited shots; can deal massive damage.

Shield: i.e. 

Physical Shield - reliable and heavy.

Energy Shield - light weight but draws energy to function.

Missile Shield - weaponised shield with limited ammunition and low protective value.

Power System: i.e. 

Battery Pack - offers a light weight power solution for greater mobility but limited supply.

Nuclear Plant - offers unparalleled power at the cost of expense and environmental danger if damaged. 

Solar Furnace - offers exceptional energy and propulsion (including Trans-Am) at the cost of being proprietary (limits backpack options) and expensive.

Special Abilities/Features: i.e. transformable, SD, secret, etc.

Edited by Replicator
Closed Sign-Ups; RP Start
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Aida's Gunpla Collection

#1 - RGM-86J Airbatel GM



Base Unit: RGM-86 GM III

Operator: Aida

Defensive Systems: Conventional Materials - Lightweight armor, good mobility.

Special System: EXAM System - Increases speed, thruster output and decreases reaction times by disabling every safety limiter in the unit. However, this causes the systems to overheat, eventually exploding if EXAM isn't safely disabled. Safe deactivation reboots every system in the MS and leaves it immobile.

Melee Weapons: Shot Lancer - A weapon able to pierce heavy armor when colliding at high speeds, it saves up space and effective carrying weight by being both a melee and a ranged weapon.

Beam Saber - Standard Mobile Suit weapon, offers exceptional cutting power at the cost of power consumption. Two units are housed in the back skirt piece as a backup melee system.

Projectile Weapons: Shot Lancer - A weapon able to fire shells automatically for dealing physical damage with a high rate of fire, but limited ammunition. It saves up space and effective carrying weight by being both a melee and a ranged weapon.

Shield: Physical Shield - Reliable and heavy shield taken from a 0083 GM Command.

Power system: Battery Pack - A lightweight power solution for greater mobility but limited supply, it was taken from an unidentified SEED unit's Mission Pack.

Special Abilities/Features: GM-Defenser - A support craft that is able to dock with the Airbatel, granting it extra propulsion in MS mode, along with a very simplistic MA mode where the unit flies wherever the GM-Defenser is pointing. It includes powerful twin beam cannons, along with its own battery pack, taken from a SEED unit's Mission Pack. This allows the craft to fire its cannons a finite amount of times before having to put strain on the Airbatel's battery.

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Kyle's Gunpla Collection

#1 GNS-300RE Trinames Repair



Base Unit: GN-002 Gundam Dynames

Operator: Kyle O'Connor

Defensive Systems: Conventional Materials - Lightweight armor, good mobility. Anti-Beam Coating - exceptional resistance to beam weaponry at the cost of being frail to physical damage. (Shield Only)

Special Systems: Trans-Am - offers exceptional mobility at the cost of high power consumption. Currently unstable due to the unit being incomplete.

Melee Weapons: Beam Tomahawk - A weapon able to cleave into most units, but is slower than most other weapons. It's kept in the shield and rarely used.

Projectile Weapons: Beam Smart Gun - A weapon that fires at mid-range to long-range enemies. Can deal high damage at the cost of power consumption and rate of fire. It's equipped to the right arm.

GN Beam Pistols - Two pistols that have a high rate of fire, but low damage.

Shield: Physical Shield - Heavy Sazabi shield painted with Anti-Beam Coating.

Power system: Solar Furnace - offers exceptional energy and propulsion (including Trans-Am) at the cost of being proprietary (limits backpack options) and expensive.

Special Abilities/Features: Sniper Mode - Like the Dynames, it allows the pilot to focus on sniping enemy units. The Haro connected to the machine can take control of it, as if it's a NPD unit.


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Marco’s Gunpla Collection


Name of the unit: Gundam Bael

Base original design: Gundam Bael

Name of the operator: Marco Creed


This is just a high detailed version of the Gundam Bael. Occasionally Marco likes to make a simple vanilla version of a mech he enjoys. 


Defensive systems:

Nano Filament - offers exceptional resistance to beam weaponry at the cost of being frail to physical damage. 


Weapon system:



Melee weapons: 

Bael sword x 2; Sword Mace x 1 (Barbatos)


Projectile weapons: 

electromagnetic cannon x 2 (close range, mounted on top of thruster wings)





Power system: 

Ahab reactor x 2 (offers no bonuses)


Any other special abilities/features: 

High performance thrusters - offers additional speed and maneuverability at the cost of additional armaments. 




Name of the unit: Zero Savior Gundam

Base original design: ZGMF-X23S Saviour Gundam

Name of the operator: Marco Creed

The Zero Savior is Marco’s mash up of the Saviour Gundam with aspects of the Gundam Epyon. While the chassis is largely unchanged from the original Saviour it does have a noticeable difference in the beam rifle being replaced by Epyon’s beam sword. Two of the “super fortis” canons were removed in order to conserve power for the beam sword, as well as reduce weight. The two shoulder mounted beam sabers have been swapped out for additional thrusters instead. The “soul” as Marco puts it, is heavily influenced by Epyon with the addition of the Zero System. The Zero Saviour was intended to be used as high speed attack unit with high output, but risky drawbacks from high power consumption.


Defensive systems:

Variable Phase Shift Armor - offers exceptional resistance to physical damage at the cost of power consumption.


Weapon system:

Zero system - offers exceptional target acquisition at the cost of zoning out the rest of the battlefield.


Melee weapons: 

Beam sword - offers exceptionally high cutting power at the cost of energy consumption, beam can be lengthened dramatically, directly powered via cable, hand-carried in use. 


Projectile weapons: 

2 x MMI-GAU25A 20mm CIWS, mounted in head; 2 x M106 "Amfortas" plasma beam cannon, mounted on backpack, can be fired in mobile suit and mobile armor mode; 2 x MMI-GAU2 "Picus" 76mm machine gun (Mobile armor only); 



MMI-RD11 aerodynamic shield, mounted on left arm- anti beam coated, reliable and heavy.


Power system: 

Battery pack - offers a light weight power solution for greater mobility but limited supply.


Any other special abilities/features: 


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#1 – RX-124 Gundam TR6 Higanbana


Base Unit: RX-124 Gundam TR6 Woundwort

Operator (Diver Name): Risu

Structural Defense:

Anti-Beam Coating - exceptional resistance to beam weaponry at the cost of being frail to physical damage. 

Special System:

Tracer-R System: - Allows the pilot to monitor and track up to 500 targets at once, but while this system is active, the mobile suit must remain stationary with its weapons powered down.

Melee Weapons:

Composite Shield Booster: Long Beam Claw/Heat Blades - a cumbersome and slow weapon with exceptional cutting power.

Projectile Weapons: i.e. 

Composite Shield Booster: Long Beam Rifle - high energy weapon with high power draw and limited shots; can deal massive damage.

Vulcan Guns ­­– low damage weapon with high rate-of-fire, primarily for lightly armored targets.


Composite Shield Booster – multipurpose shield, improves mobility with thruster suite and acts as a primary weapon.

Power System: i.e. 

Nuclear Plant - offers unparalleled power at the cost of expense and environmental danger if damaged. 

Special Abilities/Features:

Transformable – Gundam TR-6 Higanbana is capable of transforming into a nimble MA.


Edited by Rabbidy
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Carter's Gunpla Collection

#1 - MS-06S Zaku "Forerunner"


Base Unit: Zaku 2 High Mobility type, Gouf Custom

Operator (Diver Name): Carter Lee

Structural Defense: Conventional material - Low armour for great Mobility.

Special System: N/A

Melee Weapons: 

Heat saber - A sword which superheats itself in order to increase its already good cutting ability.

Spiked Shoulder - Shoulder armour which can detach and be used as a spiked knuckle guard.

Projectile Weapons: 

Mobile Machine Pistol - An SMG type weapon used in order to be able to deal physical damage during movement, High rate of fire, Mid range damage, Low ammo capacity per magazine.

Zaku 2 Bazooka - can deal high damage at the expense of very limited ammo.

Gouf Custom Triple barreled Vulcan - A triple barreled machine gun that is attached to one of the forearms of the mobile suit, damage is low but it has extremely high rate of fire and ammo count


Zaku 2 Shoulder shield - A medium decent enough shield attached to the shoulder, only used when needed.

Power System: 

Minovsky Particle Generator - offers unparalleled power at the cost of expense and environmental danger if damaged. 

Special Abilities/Features: 

Saturn Engine - A mobile suit engine specifically tuned for speed running, gives the mobile suit extremely high mobility and speed at the expense of overworking the engine to extreme levels.

#2 - In Progress build

Edited by ImAnnoyingHer
Engine name change
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#1 – RX-179 Beta Gundam


Base Unit: RX-179 Beta Gundam

Operator (Diver Name): Hikaru Hiyashi

The Beta Gundam, in lore, is an upgraded and improved Refined Barzam built by the Federation after the fall of the Titans as a weapons testbed as well as a possible option for using hardware that was otherwise stigmatized by its association with the Titans. This was a similar concept to how some normal Barzams became the MSA-008 Bar-GM. It was called Beta Gundam because it was considered the realization of the Gundam Mk-II's potential, whose start preceded the Gamma Gundam (Rick Dias) and similarly named projects at the time.  Employing the Gundarum Gamma alloy that seemed to be ubiquitous in high-end products of the era, the machine boasts high durability as well as enhanced thrusters and verniers to improve its agility and speed. It boasts reverse compatibility with the Gundam Mk-II's and Refined Barzam's large array of equipment, with the addition of added hardpoints to become even more versatile. The rumor goes that this machine was also used to test new weapon ideas via its hardpoints rather than to make a dedicated machine for such purposes.

In actuality, the Beta Gundam was built by Hikaru because he didn't know what to expect in GBN Online and wanted an adaptable machine he could tailor to his own needs and developing style.

Structural Defense: Gundarium Gamma Alloy - well balanced endurance, at the cost of weighing down the unit.

Special System: INCOM System – modified to allow for advanced fire control with compatible hardpoints, not yet able to execute all-range attacks. Somewhat burdensome, but less than funnels.

FXA-05E G-Defenser – modified G-Defenser that can fly as a Mobile Armor while the Beta Gundam is docked and also operate via remote control. It can adopt the Beta Gundam's shield as a crude fuselage. It is also compatible with Gundam Mk-II, Refined Barzam, Nemo, and GM-III inspired systems, albeit password protected. Remotely controlling the machine while controlling the Gundam is difficult, and the flight characteristics of the G-Defenser are not optimal in atmosphere due to lack of streamlining.

FXA-00 Flying Armor – A re-entry capable flying armor based on the Zeta Gundam's waverider mode, this functions much like a Dodai or Base Jabber in allowing non-transformable Mobile Suits to fly. Unfortunately, this particular unit is unarmed. It is chiefly retained for the benefit of allies for them to use as needed.

Melee Weapons:.

2 x AE-BrG-Sc-L Beam Saber - standard mobile suit weapon, offers exceptional cutting power at the cost of power consumption; small enough for multiple housings on the unit.

Saber Claw (Arm Hardpoint) - Arm-mounted hardpoint with two Beam Sabers pointing forward over the back of the wrist, connected at the base. Used for slashing at foes as well as catching and parrying enemy blades. Has exceptional cutting power at the cost of power consumption.

Projectile Weapons:

2 x VCU-505EX-VB/Ver.012 Vulcan Gun (+ 4 in G-Defenser) - Head-mounted CIWS guns for shooting down missiles and unarmored targets. Not very effective against Mobile Suit armor. 700 rounds per gun.

(BOWA) XBR-M87A2 Beam Rifle (Long Beam Saber) – A beam rifle with a Long Beam Saber mode which is normally found on the Zeta Gundam, intended to be a better match for the increased reactor output of the model. Can deal high energy damage at the cost of power consumption and rate of fire. Can mount on side skirt armor, backpack, or side of G-Defenser when not in use. Shield carries two spare energy packs.

AE/ZIM.C-BAZ-531 Clay Bazooka – Can launch various types of ammunition including immobilizing adhesive shells or explosive shells at the expense of very limited ammo. 7+1 rounds, can be stored on rear skirt armor or on side of G-Defenser when not in use. Extra or different types of rounds can replace an E-Pac slot on the shield.

2 x Point Defense Beam Gun (Hip Hardpoints) - INCOM-controlled hip-mounted point defense turrets to improve the machine's ability to respond to threats at almost any angle. The INCOM system is used not for all-range deployment, but simply controlling the axes of movement by thought to trim response time. Comparable to a lower powered Beam Rifle, capable of destroying or damaging a Mobile Suit at the cost of power consumption.

2 x 4 tube Grenade Racks (Hip Hardpoints) – Each hip can hold a 4-tube grenade rack similar to those of the RGM-89 Jegan's three tube models. These can be used to attack enemy targets with explosive damage. They can be shot down, and it is also possible for them to damage the very machine that threw them if the pilot is careless.

Long Rifle (G-Defenser Armament) - High energy weapon with high power draw and limited shots; can deal massive damage. Typically equipped when the G-Defenser is attached.

2 x 14 tube Missile Pods (G-Defenser Armament) - Dual 14 tube missile pods are located in the G-Defenser's armament units, and can be used to attack enemy targets with explosive damage. They can be shot down, and it is also possible for them to damage the very machine that launched them if the pilot is careless.


RXM-Sh-VT/S-001 Shield (Arm Hardpoint) – Standard Gundam Mk-II shield with anti-beam coating and a viewport, carries two spare E-Pacs for Beam Rifle.

CIWS Shield (Arm Hardpoint) – Shield with two E-pacs, anti-beam coating, and a viewport, with CIWS on either side of the viewport for simultaneous defense and light attack.

Missile Shield (Arm Hardpoint) - Shield with anti-beam coating and a pair of missiles that launch out from underneath the shield.  Less durable than normal shields.

Power System:

Minovsky Ultracompact Fusion Reactor - offers unparalleled power at the cost of expense and environmental danger if damaged. Fusion is not hindered by N Jammers like fission is.

Special Abilities/Features:

Can use hardpoints and existing Gundam Mk-II equipment for a vast array of configurations.


Edited by MM007
history elaboration + spelling error
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    [Diver]'s Gunpla Collection

    #1 - Astral AGE Gundam


    Base Unit: AGE 2

    Operator (Diver Name): Shin Hakuren

Head: Astray Red Dragon- Extra blades were added to the head frame, made from metal and shappened to be able to actually cut. Added weight

Body: AGE-2 Normal- The A Sensor was removed and replaced with a new piece of armor plating for a little bit of extra defense. Caused slight increased weight and changed the center of mass 

Arms: AGE-1 Normal- reinforced joints to help the arms hold up the GN Swords, and A Sensor was placed on the left arm with a joint allowing the arm full movement. 

Legs: Astray Blue Frame Second Revise- Reinforced joints and 2 added thrusters to maintain normal movement speed. 

Back: AGE-2 Dark Hound

    GN Sword Rifles X2- Additions to the rifles were light weight metal plating with a slight layer of beam coating to allow use for defence, however after once use the coating is shot. Lastly the barrel has been made also from metal but slightly heavy and more dence to allow for variable levels of beam firing. 

    Armor Schneider Knife x2- Blades made from metal and sharpened to a point. 

    Structural Defense:

    Phase Shift Armor - exceptional resistance to physical damage, at the cost of power consumption per hit. 

        Special System: N/A

    Melee Weapons: i.e.

    Beam Saber x2  - standard mobile suit weapon, offers exceptional cutting power at the cost of power consumption; small enough for multiple housings on the unit. 

    GN Sword Rifle x2 - a cumbersome and slow weapon with exceptional cutting power, likely only one on the unit.

    Armor Schneider Knife X2- a whip-type weapon that heats up to deal damage, likely only one on the unit. Greater reach than most melee weapons, bordering on ranged, but less precise and damaging than heat sabers and hawks.

    Projectile Weapons: i.e. 

    GN Sword Rifle X2- Can deal high energy damage at the cost of power consumption and rate of fire. With the modification it can have a variable output however if it goes to high to fast it can warp the gun.

    Shield: i.e. 

    Exia Shield - small and lightweight 

    Power System: i.e. 

    Nuclear Plant - offers unparalleled power at the cost of expense and environmental danger if damaged. 

    Special Abilities/Features: N/A


Edited by ShirokuHakudo

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  • Similar Content

    • By Roromi
      As Creed locked the MKII into place on the AEUG vessel his screen suddenly acknowledged “Mission Accomplished”. Marco release the controls clearly relieved at the end of the situation. He didn’t realize how on edge he was until the cutscene had started. As the cutscene went on Marco realized that the mission would become distinctively Seed based for the next round. He watched in intrigue as it depicted a slightly familiar scenario with Heliopolis. “Does this mean we’ll be working with Zaft this time around?” He murmured out loud. 
      Finally the controls returned to his cockpit and Marco saw that a waypoint had been set for a familiar looking ship not that far away from his current position. Maneuvering the Saviour to the Nazca class Vesalius; Creed began to feel excited once more. His machine docked and he found himself inside the hangar of the fabled ship. As he looked around the hangar a deck officer approached him with a crisp salute. “Please proceed to the briefing room on the command deck sir! Commander Le Creuset will join you as soon as he’s able to.” Creed gave a half hearted nod in response. He floated his way to the command deck and was marveling at the detail of the ship. Part of him always enjoyed the idea of having a ship as a force nest. 
      As he entered the debriefing room he brought up his game menu and swiped a few controls waiting for the rest of alpha team. Even as he did so he brought up the after action report and grimaced at the statistics. If they succeeded it was in spite of being a team not because of it. Creed wasn’t above acknowledging his own shortcomings. He got flustered, lost his temper, he was reckless. He let out a sigh and started stroking his beard in concentration. The memory of the Galbaldy caused him to furrow his brow in anger. He was letting something so simple bother him. That’s not the type of player he was, nor the type of person. “Things will change this time around.” He mused. 
      One by one his teammates entered the room and he eyed each one curiously, having never seen their avatars before. The two boys seemed like normal average players  but the squirrel girl did caused him to slightly shake his head in confusion. As they filed in everyone eyed each other with their own motives hidden behind their faces. Marco cleared his throat, “I want to apologize to everyone here…” he looked at everyone in the eye as he said so, Marco was standing in front of the room. “I let my feelings cloud my judgment that mission and fought instinctively err- recklessly really... I don’t think I have to tell everyone that we got lucky.” He waited to see if anyone had a response to his admittedly lame apology. He dared to add, “I think if were going to succeed in his next round then we’re going to have to work together as a team…” he let the words hang in the air and waited to see what his teammates would say. He was genuinely curious how they would react. 
    • By Replicator
      Back inside his crashed Mobile Suit at the factory, Beta’s acting commander prepared to abandon Airbatel for a little experiment. He opened his inventory, more importantly, his avatar’s wardrobe menu, and pushed a button to load Preset B. Only a blink of an eye passed between his uniform and cap vanishing into glowing particles, and the appearance from thin air of a Gryps-era normal suit, customized by Aida with the colors of his Man From Jupiter attire, and loaded with accessories taken from Quattro’s normal suit: the leg pistol holster and jetpack, which ironically, made their Zeta debut on the very episode this stage had been built upon. Taking a deep breath, he pushed the button that would make the hatch open. Weirdly, despite not really having anything to lose in a virtual videogame, he had his doubts. The experience was more realistic than ever, and he could only wonder what would be of the world when these games became fully immersive thanks to full-body sensor coverage. Somehow, people preferred fiction to reality, even if the worlds they were moving into weren’t really places one should want to live in.
      Bingo. The hatch was now open, and he was out of the cockpit, but his avatar’s health meter was not decreasing in any way, fast or slow, which meant no significant oxygen loss. They had even implemented a practical use for normal suits… which meant people in public servers would finally have to stop breaking character and getting out of their machines into space wearing only swimsuits or casualwear if they didn’t want their Divers to die. He climbed down from the GM III, and continued his journey on foot. His avatar still having the meter at all meant he had not been ‘ghosted’ into Spectator Mode… and could still influence NPDs or other Divers, even though his MS was out of the fight for good. However, he thought as he fired up his jetpack’s thrusters and flied out of the factory, watching out not to get too close to the whirlwinds, only God knew what he could do now. To find such opportunities to wreck havoc as a mere person was rare. And since he was on the defending team, there weren’t even enemy facilities to infiltrate… only these factories, and the Titans building in the distance…
      Suddenly, he needed to take cover. A GM’s BOWA rifle, briefly caught by the wind vortex before it became too weak to keep it spinning circles, was now approaching him with speed, just as he was getting used to seeing the colony from above. Rapidly, he accelerated towards another one of the factories, and crashed through one of the upper windows before the gigantic weapon could claim his avatar's life. Landing forcefully on top of a metallic scaffold, he took a moment to get up again, grabbing a hold of the metal bars. After getting himself on his feet again, he found yet another weird detail left in the map by the campaign’s creators, a sign of a different Universal Century. Did they really waste so much effort in detailing all of these factories and minor buildings, just in the remote case somebody did enter them?
      “... Beta Team… calling Beta...” Now, a faintly familiar voice could be heard emanating from a device on his wrist. It was the pilot of the Galbaldy Beta. She was surprisingly alive, and still trying to contact the team. Quickly, he initiated a conversation with her. “Beta Four? This is Beta One, come in! What’s your status?”. An uncomfortably long pause followed, but B-Four would respond eventually. “Beta Four reporting… slightly wounded, Mobile Suit inoperative. On foot, armed with explosives. Hiding in a building… what are my orders?” Hearing her out, Aida recoiled for a moment, thinking of a response, before looking down from the scaffold upon what lied on the floor. Yet another idea that could get the team back on their feet. “Beta Four, i’m sending you my coordinates. Regroup with me, on the double.”
      Elsewhere in the battlefield, Emma and Kacricon flied, looking for the sellsword that had shot Unit 03, when a woman in a blue normal suit appropriate to the era passed them, flying her jetpack towards the factory district. “What the hell… Kacricon, did you see that-” Emma was interrupted, however, as Kacooler’s news were more urgent. “Quick, I see stray shots!” Quickly, the dark blue Gundams spotted the enemy: one of the AEUG’s machines was in trouble, with a friendly trying to end it with a well placed slash, and an enemy keeping the energy blade from touching the Rick Dias' head with a beam saber. She recognized the friendly as the one that had shot 03, and the enemy as that weird Gundam that seemed to share more than a passing resemblance to her own Mark II. Why didn't the blue GM want her interacting with the white Gundam? She didn't know, but the other black Mobile Suit had caught wind of their arrival, and now fired its Clay Bazooka towards Kacricon and her. Kacricon acted quickly, dodging out of the way, and she followed suit, lifting her shield up in case the Gundam was not fast enough to dodge the round. "Emma, we'll waste that one! Poor bastard must feel pretty lonely, and with that kind of firepower, the maniac in the glitter dispenser can probably handle two tangos at once anyways." said Kacricon, referring to Apolly's Rick Dias as their new target and the Trinames Repair as the "glitter dispenser".
      Emma had her doubts, their orders were to bring the glowing Mobile Suit's pilot to their superiors for interrogation, and the Mark II lookalike still poked at her curiosity. But in such a situation, they had to be pragmatic. Emma fired her beam saber up, not wanting to use her rifle inside the colony, and charged at Apolly Bay's unit.
      Suddenly, the cockpits of all Divers cut to black, with the words “Mission Accomplished” for Alpha Team, and “Operation Completed” for Beta Team. Apparently, that had been the end of the stage. Now, a new cinematic showed, and control of the Mobile Suits was temporarily taken away.
      Over at the Titans base, from which the firefight and the wind had both shifted away, giving fire control and medic teams way to take action, base commander Samuel D. Rogen of the Federation idled nervously next to a window on the upper floors, assessing the situation with a pair of binoculars and talking to himself in a low tone. "Not good… Some mercenary crashed into one of the R&D hangars. Let's hope these lunatics don't notice Sisquiede… they've already flied away with 03's wreck, so they are not afraid of carrying dead weight." A beeping signal interrupted him, followed by the shout of the communications officer operating the receiver/transmitter array of the base. "Distress signal from LCAM-01XA! The structural supports of Heliopolis-” The young officer paused, knowing the Titans were insistent in using another name for the colony, and corrected himself. “The structural supports of Gryps 1 are very damaged, and-” The young officer was cut off by Rogen. “What do they want us to do about it?! Our hands are tied over here, and all we have are Mobile Suits anyways! We can’t repair a colony! Order them to retreat and get over here before ZAFT comes back and squashes us all! Bask will have a plan.”
      Immediately afterwards, a new signal came in. The communications officer listened in, then gave everyone in the room the news: “Gryps 1 has experienced dissasembly. Archangel, X-105 and the Hawk of Endymion are falling back here. ZAFT has chosen to fall back for unknown reasons.” At the same time, the radar technician on Rogen’s other side spoke with an update on the fight taking place in Gryps 2. “The AEUG is on the run! They’ve put Unit 03 in a barge… the red one and his escorts are currently flying away.” Commander Rogen was not amused, but right as he was beginning his rant, the faces of Bask Om and Jamaican Daninghan appeared on screen. Samuel promptly filled his commanders in, and when he was done, Jamaican spoke. “So ZAFT partnered with the AEUG and used them as a distraction here, while they stole our X-Numbers… damned know-it-all spacenoids! We’ll give them a beating they won’t ever forget… once we’ve built System, no fleet, no weapon will be more powerful than us!” Bask lifted his hand, prompting Jamaican to shut up and let him speak. “Base Commander, Archangel is coming here. We’re boarding it, but without four of five X-Numbers, the ship is seriously understaffed. And we can’t really leave anything of value, given the condition of this colony. Lieutenants Kacricon Kacooler and Emma Sheen are to board Archangel with Unit 01 and Unit 02. Have the mercenary team join them. They’re insubordinate, but they're regular force material.”
      In space, an orange Mobile Armor could be seen approaching the punctured hull of Green Noa 2, escorting a white legged ship...
      When the cutscene ended, control returned to all the Divers. The IFF, however, had been disabled, and the weapons had been deactivated. Combat was no longer possible, nor were the Rick Diases where they used to be moments ago. Now, Quattro, Apolly and Roberto all were far away from Beta Team and the two dark Gundams, flying towards the first hole, the one next to which the AEUG barge now safeguarded a Gundam Mk-II, before crossing the threshold and disappearing into the darkness of space. The two operational machines of Beta Team were left alone with Emma and Kacricon, while the voice of Jamaican pierced the silence. “... repeat, this is Lieutenant Commander Daninghan. Units 01 and 02, retreat towards the spaceport. Beta Team, escort Units 01 and 02. All non-mentioned personnel is to stay and help repair this base.” While Kacricon and Emma took off, the Divers of Beta Team saw a blue arrow appear in their cockpits, pointing in the direction of the hangars they had taken off from at the start of the operation. Apparently, that was the destination of the Mk-IIs, and by extension, theirs.
      As both his beam tomahawk and the modified Barzam's beam saber turned off automatically, Kyle was not disappointed or angry, he merely couldn't help but be bewildered in the team's voice channel. "Shouldn't we be back at Alfred's school already? We lost, didn't we?" Taking off towards the spaceport, the pilot of Trinames wondered to himself: How come I can never ever get a bit of casual fun without risking this kind of stuff…? Stupid maniacs.
      Upon returning from the cutscene, Carter found his Mobile Suit in midair, lunging at a missing person. The Red Comet was long gone now, and he was left alone, circling around his own axis. "Agh, I'd have beat him to a pulp..." he said as he landed the Zaku Forerunner for a moment, and turned it around, flicking the Saturn Engine back on to cruise towards the other side of the colony. They did give my mech one hell of a beating, though... no respect for the classics, no respect for the classics.

      As for the team NPD, she unexpectedly burst through the roof of a factory, now at the helm of a restored GP03S, painted in Titans colors and wielding a Folding Bazooka. Her passenger, Aida, hanged on to the pilot seat as best as he could, lacking any jump seats where he could sit. He was not happy that their stellar find couldn't make it in time to save the day. "Crud… It was a perfect idea. But we are too late." The nameless NPD looked back at him, her black helmet visor betraying no faction, no feature of her. "We must go to the mission marker's position." Aida calmly replied, regaining his composure, "I know. But first, we must pick up my Mobile Suit. The Stamen can probably take it to the spaceport..."
      Minutes later, the six Suits entered the spaceport, just as the venerable Moebius Zero could be seen entering Archangel, in anticipation of the ship aligning right in front of an open gate, allowing the Marks and Beta a clear landing onto their Mobile Suit bays. The Trinames and Forerunner took off into space first, clearing the way for the two dark Gundams, before joining the Stamen and Airbatel behind them and landing inside the ship, which closed its hangar bays and turned around to flee, before the enemy Nazca-class could catch up. Leaving Airbatel in one of the bays and the GP03 in another, Aida and the NPD materialized in front of the latter, floating in the middle of the hangar bay towards the floor. Oxygen had already been restored to the area, and a black haired woman was moving in for an introduction. Not wanting to be impolite, Aida traded his helmet back for Preset A's cap. The NPD, however, did not change attire.
      With graceful movements, a woman dressed in a white Earth Alliance uniform stopped in front of the Mobile Suits, as a blonde man could be seen unboarding his Mobile Armor. Holding a clipboard, she would address the group. "You must be the reinforcements… I'm Executive Officer Badgiruel. Commanders Bask and Daninghan have boarded the ship some minutes ago and will be in the conference room for a debriefing. You can head there when you're ready. Dismissed." She would then head back, with the NPD following her in a manner reminiscent of an automaton. Aida was somewhat disconcerted at the two of them. "Yeah… nice to meet you two I guess." Then, he looked at the white Dynames and the blue Zaku, curious about the people inside.
    • By Replicator
      "Lieutenant Aida"

      Full name: Unknown

      Faction: N/A

      Rank: N/A

      Age: Appears as a young adult ingame.

      Sex: Male

      Weight: Unknown

      Height: Slightly tall

      Eyes: Leaf green, no contacts

      Hair: Silver

      Skin: Fair skin

      Handiness: Right-handed

      A self-described Universal Century snob, he tends to look down on fans of series he thinks are less than equal to the UC ones, such as Gundam AGE and G Gundam. While mature and knowledgeable, he nonetheless comes off as an arrogant man, and his love of dramatizing every situation he is in has him come off as bossy by shouting random commands through the radio to ''add to the atmosphere''. The reason people can stand him at the 08th Thespian Mobile Suit Team is because everyone there fits this description too.

      Strengths and weaknesses
      Better at the painting booth and piloting than building overall, Aida is known for accepting the machines of others via mail (usually straight builds) and painting them for a look and feel not unlike that of the anime they came from, but at the same time adding lots of details such as decals, chipping and dirt. The result is ideal for re-enactment groups like the one he is a part of: his group is almost completely populated by his artwork, and this coupled with the crew's experience makes every battle feel real for those taking part in it, like they were actually a part of the anime.
      As a former member of a Diver force dedicated to atmospheric flight Mobile Suits, and now a re-enactment group, he hasn't lost much piloting practice either, and feels most confident in his abilities when airborne, while being well rounded on gravitated ground such as Earth’s or the Moon’s, barely holding his own on zero gravity, and finally falling short under the heavy pull of an underwater environment. However, he is a frequent team player, and knows how to make his teammates compliment himself to make do with what he has got and fill in for his weak moments, if he can build sufficient rapport with them.
      Usually told apart by his knack for elegant military uniforms and graceful posture, Aida shows up on Divers' screens as an adult Caucasian with green eyes, silver curtained hair and reading glasses. His most recent look, courtesy of GBN's early access to the next clothing catalog for beta testers, is a "Man From Jupiter" uniform in custom colors, complimented with a matchingly hued cap from an unknown set and white gloves.
      One of the three employees of the hobby shop in his hometown, Aida's was peculiar in that it took orders from customers to assemble kits and customize them, physically and visually according to the customer's orders. He was in charge of painting and detailing not only Gunpla, but also plastic models of other categories, while his best friend was in charge of assembling the kits and modifying them, and the manager, also a close friend of his, double-timed as the store's cashier. Bored out of his mind despite the highly creative purposes of his job, his curiosity was definitely piqued when the number of orders for completely customized builds boomed as a result of the launch of a mysterious new attraction: Gunpla Battle Nexus. Quickly, he convinced the manager to get the shop its own cabinet for the game, which proved to be a highly convenient move, as he could now assume the role of a test pilot to try out customers' machines in battle and ensure that they had the desired performance.
      However, he started using the cabinet in his spare time, whenever not behind on his orders, and managed to enter a competitive Diver force focused on Mobile Suits capable of atmospherical flight, known as Janet Air. While he climbed the ranks of the force to become one of its key pilots, he one day grew tired of the pressure of competitive play, and after an argument with his superior, he swapped Janet for the 08th Thespian Mobile Suit Team, a pacifical ''force'' that gathers in Created Missions to recreate events from all Gundam series, with all members using straight builds and their best acting to play one of the main characters, or a disposable grunt. This mix of battling with amateur theatrics greatly amused him, and so his decision to join has endured the test of time, offering discounts and tips to help his fellow actors buy machines in a state as impeccable as his from the hobby shop or building their own, thus becoming the second-in-command of the force and a favorite among them.
      One day, while the group was in recess due to an ongoing pilgrimage to the 1:1 Strike Gundam in Japan by some of the members who knew each other in real life, Aida received an e-mail by the leader of the 08th TMS Team, who had gotten permission from a friend at the GBN administration to play Update 1.8's closed beta, but wouldn't be using the privilege since he wouldn't have access to his account in Japan due to him not having bought the International Access License, nor the time to log in if he did. Instead, he told the admin to transfer said privilege to Aida's account, then instructed him to investigate the new features on behalf of the club, reporting any problems to their friendly administrator along the way. Now, Aida logs into his account in early night while doing ''extra hours'', to deck himself in an impressive new set of clothes, and get the inside scoop on every new feature...
      Aida owns:
      RGM-86J Airbatel GM

      A Gunpla made as a joint effort between the hobby shop's builder and painter, it stands as a testament of their combined craftsmanship for users of GBN to behold, while customers get to gawk at a sister unit that has had its internals removed for public display. Based in the GM III, it is geared towards performance in medium to close range combat, making use of its Shot Lancer for high-speed impalement or physical damage at a high rate of fire. It also features a pair of elven-looking antennae that augment the operating perimeter of the radio transmitter and receiver. However, its stellar function is the ability to exchange its backpack for a back support craft known as the GM-Defenser, featuring twin beam cannons and a simple atmospherical flight transformation, along with increased mobility in MS mode.


      - Gunpla Battle Nexus 1.8: Community Update [In Progress]

      Coliseum Battles
      - None
    • By MM007
      Hikaru Hiyashi

      Full name: Hiyashi Hikaru, user name “Hikaru”
      Faction: N/A
      Rank: N/A
      Age: 16
      Sex: Male
      Height: 5' 5”/165 cm
      Weight: 125 lbs/57kg (130 lbs/59 kg online)
      Eyes: Blue
      Hair: Brown
      Skin: Pale Japanese tone (slightly more healthy color online)
      Handiness: Right-handed
      Hikaru is a somewhat withdrawn person outside of his small circle of friends and his step-sisters in real life, but hopes to break free of this through GBN Online. He remembers the sense of friendship and camaraderie he had when playing soccer and making Gunpla in his school's study hall in his youth, and hopes to recapture it. The idea of feeling whole again and ignoring his injuries in a fantasy world borne of Gundam, and perhaps sharing it with others, is a very attractive prospect.
      That being said, he's not quite sure how to interact with others anymore and is a bit unsure of how to work in a team, and may at times default to an analytical mindset. This can show in combat as well as in his MS design. He also has a deep technical knowledge of Gundam while also able to explore and mix the lore to make backstories for his models.
      Strengths and weaknesses
      A builder first, Hikaru is not yet experienced with direct combat or teamwork when first signing onto GBN Online outside of training battles with his step-sisters. Even talking to people can be difficult, though the anonimity of the internet helps to mitigate this. The two gave him some lessons, but he still has to work on trusting strangers and finding his niche in combat. He does not yet know if he even favors long or short range weaponry, opting for a high versatility machine which could serve in either role and be amended over time.
      In spite of these weaknesses, he is none the less capable of analyzing a battle, defining priorities, and building or amending his Gunpla to meet various criteria and try to give him the edge needed to survive in combat. He is capable of 3D printing Gunpla parts of his own design by recycling runners, even experimenting with plastic additives and even metal rods in certain cases to improve resiliancy and strength of parts. The Gunpla he builds are high quality to the point where he produces and sells builds to other players to suit their needs, even offering advice on how to improve the builds if desired. Machines built by him tend to be more durable and have tighter joints than basic builds, but he has no idea how this will translate into GBN Online.
      Hiyashi is a teenage Japanese male with unruly brown hair and bright blue eyes. He likes the colors blue and white as personal colors and tends to work them into his clothing as much as his designs, but is not opposed to including other accent colors. He has some differences in his physical appearance when comparing his online self to his real life one. His real life self is pale from lack of sun and is a little underweight, being confined to a wheelchair that has a tray which can swing over the arm of the chair for eating from and constructing Gunpla on. The chair is also motorized. Outside of his school uniform, he favors comfortable clothes like white tennis shoes, blue jeans and a white shirt...offending his step-sister Ellen's fashion sensibilities. His GBN Online avatar is a little heavier and with slightly darker skin, being a healthier version of his real self if he wasn't injured, and wears his blue jeans and white shirt with the addition of a belt, black boots, and a dark blue bomber jacket. He also has a white pilot suit with blue accents, and often finds Ellen/Puru Eleven trying to push other outfits on him.
      When Hikaru was young, he was a fairly average and happy child with a doting mother and a distant father who was an engineer. When he wasn't playing soccer and tending to school, he played with classmates and enjoyed the Gunpla craze which swept the world. Though he lived in an old house in the woods (which looks suspiciously like a certain home on Side 6), he was fairly sociable at the time if a little awkward. His grades were good, one of the few demands his family made of him outside of helping around the house, and he spent his time alternating between these activities.
      This changed, however, when he was twelve. On returning from a soccer game in which Hikaru played, the car he and his mother were in was struck by a truck running a red light. The vehicle was knocked into a nearby storefront, and Hikaru's mother was killed instantly. In addition, Hikaru's own legs were crushed and he awoke in a hospital bed as a double amputee. His father was not an empathic man, the marriage to Hikaru's mother already strained, and did what he could for his son from a financial standpoint. Sadly, he couldn't tend to the child's emotional or daily needs. No longer could the crippled Hikaru be left alone, but the father couldn't stop working lest he be unable to pay for his son's medical care.
      While Hikaru's depression mounted and he found himself unable to visit or play soccer with his sympathetic but drifting apart friends, his father finally found aid. Outside of his job a few months later, the nurse of the driver who had accidentally killed his wife was waiting. Prostrating herself onto the ground and apologizing in tears, the woman revealed that the man she was responsible for watching had escaped and fled in the truck that caused the crash during a psychotic break. After learning that the woman had lost everything and was on the verge of homelessness, and hearing that she would be willing to do anything to atone, a decision was unilaterally made. She was hired on as a maid to assist in Hikaru's care, and she and her twin six-year-old daughters would live in the house in the woods with him.
      Hikaru was not a fan of this arrangement in the least. He protested, but his complaints fell of deaf ears. His father felt that the woman needed a chance to atone, and they needed the care the licensed nurse would provide. His father felt free to work and fulfill what he felt were his obligations, leaving the child in the care of the stranger. The woman's six-year-old twin daughters, Nana and Ellen, weren't sure what to make of Hikaru and neither could he relate to them. He was envious of Nana's penchant for playing soccer, seeing her kick his old soccer ball around out in the yard and woods from his window, and Ellen's ability to go where she wished for her shopping trips. Being reminded of his handicapped nature and having no one to discuss it with made him yet more irritated, making him retreat into Gunpla and the internet.
      Noting Hikaru's depression reaching dangerous levels, but knowing full-well that she was not one he wanted to trust or talk to, their live-in maid asked her daughters to approach him with one of his interests. As part of a last-ditch plan, Nana and Ellen brought three 1/144 HG RB-79 Ball model kits to Hikaru's room and asked him to show them how to make the Gunpla. Hikaru was more than a bit surprised, but aquiesced. His skills had grown immensely since his injury and he was able to convey not only the basic skills, but also more advanced ones as well as the lore behind the RB-79 Ball. Of course, he emphasized that the point was to have fun with it. By the end, they had a pristine looking Ball in stock colors, Nana's Ball painted to look like a blue and white soccer ball, and Ellen's pink Ball perched atop a removable humanoid shape made of runners cobbled together with super glue.
      The girls spent more time with Hikaru as time went on, watching the assorted anime and making their own Gunpla with his assistance and tutelage. They also picked up runners and broken models from local shops at his request, as he'd been given an idea by Ellen's design. Obtaining a 3D Printer by asking his father, Hikaru started to learn how to use the system to bring out his ideas. He started out by re-melting the runner plastic into stands and custom parts for on-demand replacements. Eventually, he would make his own 3D Printed Gunpla conversions and scratch-build Gunpla. While these Gunpla were sometimes fragile until he refined the process, he eventually managed a system which would allow equal or even sometimes greater strength compared to original models. Learning how to make structurally sound prints also helped him in general when it came to design and he even started to include metal elements in key places.
      By the time he was sixteen and the girls were ten, he had more or less accepted the maid who had since become his new step-mother, happily accepted his new step-sisters, and he was making custom Gunpla and conversion kits on commission. This had spiked with the Gunpla Battle Nexus Online and he elected to join. He did so in part at the behest of the twins, who had been found to have an uncanny similarity in appearance and voice to the assorted Purus and thus played as Puru Seven and Puru Eleven and done some events in real life as well with those identities. Not knowing what to expect, he made a custom Gunpla with hardpoints that he could make new armaments for later as he learned more about the setting. When he first logged in, he was stunned to be able to walk for the first time in four years. From then on, he was hooked.  Eventually, his wheelchair was modified to double as an access interface to the service thanks to his father's connections.
      Hikaru has created and uses...
      RX-179 Beta Gundam

      The Beta Gundam is a Refined Barzam with additional Gundam Mk-II elements and other upgrades. Its story is that it was built from Refined Barzam parts after the Gryps conflict as a modular platform to test assorted hardware and weapon configurations. The machine is built with four hardpoints on its hips and arms, allowing it to carry hip, arm, and shield-mounted weaponry and equipment. It also carries full compatibility with the Gundam Mk-II's G-Defenser. The G-Defenser can mount a spare shield to serve as a fuselage and serves as a crude flight-capable Mobile Armor form, and can also detach and be remotely operated for tandem attacks.


      Role plays
      GBN 1.8
      Coliseum battles
    • By Replicator
      Pitch black darkness. It had been that way for long, but out of the blue, one of the four Gunpla Battle Nexus cabinets sprung to action and bathed the room in light. Somebody had turned it on by flipping one of the switches in the service room, while forgoing the other three cabinets and the micro-injection machine used to "print" out parts and weapons that were given to the players as rewards for clearing certain missions. A figure entered the room, having just treated himself to a grilled cheddar sandwich and some juice, ready for the rumble. A voice reached out to him after he put on his headset and visor. "Please, scan your Gunpla" It sounded human, but it was probably a recording. He still remembered the good old times, when the voice was jarringly robotic and spoke in a very butchered English. He took a 1/144 figure out of a holster in his pants, and put it over the scanner. It was a black and blue kitbash based in the GM III, crafted, painted and even slightly weathered in fine detail. Two rings of light emerged under the GM's feet and at the top of its head. One ascended, the other descended, and when they met halfway through to read the information chip, the name of the machine suddenly appeared in screen. Airbatel GM. Like Dan, the builder, he was pretty proud of the thing. "Are you proud of us too?" The Airbatel simply activated its main camera, more in response to the laser rings than his question.
      Logging in, which was a pretty straightforward process for such a secretive thing, he dismissed the coincidence and put on his visor, diving into a new world, the world of GBN's Community Update, full of new content to discover… and unsurprisingly devoid of people. The lobby inside the central skyscraper was empty save for an administrator, trying out new test NPDs meant to bolster the number of guides in areas too populated for volunteers to show all beginners around. Uninterested, the Diver by the nickname of Aida checked his context menu and used it to teleport to one of the hangar bays. Airbatel was there, standing tall and mighty above him. The administrator had also logged in with a personal Gunpla, which seemed to be that colorful Mobile Suit a few spaces away. Hobby Marasai. An interesting machine, but its owner was occupied.
      After a routine check-up of his machine, which was way easier when one was smaller than it and not the other way around, he turned it on and headed for the catapult. Being that he wasn't on a mission, and nobody could hear him anyways, he skipped out on the part where he shouted his name and his machine's out loud, to silently catapult away from the building, and fly away to cruise the game world, which could now be done even outside missions since the 1.79 update. That day, the GM-Defenser had been re-painted silver for a new balance of colors, which meant he couldn't use it until Saturday, when the paint dried out and the detail could be done again. He was using a Hyaku-Shiki's and backpack tonight, which hardly kept him in a continuous flight like those Aida was accustomed to. But one of the good things of Free Roam mode was that no fuel or energy would be consumed at all, so he could fly around carelessly in autopilot with the fuel efficiency tool disabled, while using the context menu to try and see just how many people were free to play that night. Hopeful, he gasped when he took notice of the current player count. There were more people than usual, just dispersed through the game world. Maybe that could be the day he finally got to try out one of those new campaigns he had been eyeing.
      Landing Airbatel smoothly on a yard located behind a replica of Alfred Izuruha's school, complete with a vendor of 0080 avatar paraphernalia, Aida coursed through the menu until he could find that one campaign he had been eyeing but couldn't play right until that moment, and when he found it, he picked the "Look for Public" option, even though his Gunpla was incomplete that day. After all, it wasn't like he was in any position to get picky, and probably all of the beta testers were decent enough people to get hold of a code from the administration. Then again, "it's not like the code was mine to begin with...", he sighed.
      << Gundam Generation >>
      A randomized, dynamic and innovative campaign which reimagines events of every timeline and mixes them up with each other for a one-of-a-kind experience! Strike foes down on every known battlefield, oppose NPDs or ally with them, and gain exclusive rewards for passing the unmarked side assignments!
      Warning: Beta Campaign. Stability and playability errors might arise at random. Report any problems with this campaign to the nearest administrator.
      "Let's see, let's see… aha! You've been occupying a space in the carry inventory for long. It was about time you were of any use...", said Aida while equipping a one-time use flare gun on his Mobile Suit's free hand, and promptly having Airbatel fire it. The custom GM III did a full 180 degree turn in a second, lifted its right arm, and pointed the flare gun at the sky to strike that famous 'Last Shot' pose from Mobile Suit Gundam, before firing. A golden V promptly appeared in the sky above them. The V-Flare signal would last an entire hour before disappearing. But he planned to leave for the night if nobody joined him before the flare was gone. If that were to happen, he would give up trying to find a group of night owls he could fit into the daily schedule, and come back Saturday afternoon to get started once and for all with a regular force…
      << Gundam Generation >>
      Looking for Divers… (Maximum 8 players)
      1. [8TMS Lt.] Aida
      2. NPD
      3. NPD
      4. NPD
      5. NPD
      6. NPD
      7. NPD
      8. NPD
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