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  1. The midnight blue-haired figure, dressed in a matching turtleneck with a brown coat and pants, would receive the news immediately upon sitting down. They took a moment to breathe in and looked out the window, spotting a white vintage convertible with a red synthetic leather top. Breathing out, their mind harkened back to driving the delightful vehicle into the parking lot minutes ago. Their contact in Sydney, an Observer who went by the moniker “Numbat”, had really gone out of their way to disguise modern equipment as historical replicas from the twentieth century. From the white convertible a
  2. Cloudy afternoon. A storm loomed over Caracas, and as its first droplets made contact with the floor, Rai was already making their way out of the city in a green scooter, protected from the elements by an orange waterproof poncho with big shoulder pads. A dead drop made by Celestial Being, the scooter included a delivery box on the back, with "Pizzas Julito: A Domicilio" printed on it. Inside, there used to be a matching uniform, but the space was now occupied by Rai's usual white suit. Instead, they wore the uniform under their poncho. No way I'm going to ride under the rain for an hour with
  3. Rai initially smirked in response to the Hellions that prepared to fire their linear rifles upon them. Virtue's GN Field could've made short work of the 120mm rounds, however, the pilot would think twice before activating the field. It is imperative that the enemy finds out as little as possible about GN-005. Perhaps, I should only use what little I've already shown them. With this in mind, Rai changed Virtue's attitude, speeding up as it adopted a flying pattern. Virtue wasn't especially fast or maneuverable, but being stuck firing forwards, and not being spectacular shots on top of that, the
  4. I've submitted Aida for GBN 1.8 Rai Nemerič for 00 ReDefine
  5. I'm all in for a reboot!
  6. It's begun. Dressed in a gray normal suit, Virtue's pilot had been listening on Albus ever since their air drop. While GN-005's stealth field dissolved to reveal a hulking dark gray and red Mobile Suit falling from the skies, Rai thought out loud on an open line with Albus. "Perhaps if you would take your mission seriously instead of smarting over the shade of green I chose for it, we'd be onto Phase 2 by now." Spotting the three similarly-colored flyers circling around the demonstration, Rai decided to make an entrance of their own. "18379845, Virtue. Current directive: support Exia. Executin
  7. Rai was, perhaps, the only one who was supportive about the decision to put Dynames in the hands of a teenage girl. Damn. She looks like she got so far and tried so hard, and in the end, it didn’t even matter. However… Their thoughts turned into words to defend Feldt. - “Veda chose her. The new Meister might look like somebody who cries herself to sleep to the tune of L’Arc-En-Ciel every night, but I assume its directive was to find the four best people for the job of handling our specific Mobile Suits. At least, I hope that’s what Veda was going for when it picked all three of you, out o
  8. Now, his enemy was preparing to fire another burst of energy. Aida knew that he had to destroy the cannon with his next movement, because he wouldn't be able to dodge the blast if it managed to fire this time. I can do this! Rather, I must! Cranking up the heat claws and flaring up all the thrusters, Aquatel went for an attack on the Sub Walo's, fully aware that it was a do-or-die moment. "For the love of God, HIT!" - Carter and his companion Elemechu were quick to spring into action to defend Fa, unlike Risu who had apparently frozen in place, probably due to the shock of the moment
  9. A body floated inside the chamber that served as a personal terminal, a bridge through which those who inhabited the mortal world interfaced with the all-seeing eye. No words could be heard, only the incessant humming of the hardware behind the globe of screens that engulfed the floating person. Nothing out of the ordinary for Rai, after all, they spent so much time inside the pod that Sumeragi argued whether the Meister used bathrooms and bedrooms at all. The Pod’s screens were filled with all the information about GN-004 that was available to Rai, along with a window where a simulated Virtue
  10. "Rai Nemerič" Biography Full name: REDACTED Faction: Celestial Being Rank: Gundam Meister Age: REDACTED Sex: REDACTED Weight: REDACTED Height: REDACTED Eyes: Dark blue Hair: Dark blue Skin: Fair Handiness: Ambidextrous Personality Rai can be best described as cold, calculating, and griping. A person who focuses on each little detail, they can be at times the only one to care about the little things that went wrong when everything else went right, and lose their minds whenever an operation does not go as planned, much like their handler, S
  11. A sudden spike of energy was detected by Aida’s enhanced underwater sensors. Kyle couldn’t see the enormous object coming at the Aquatel and the Pisces with a massive laser cannon preparing to fire, but Aida, who was submerged, could. He tried to use his thrusters to steer clear, but the Pisces was using all its thrust to keep him in place like its life depended on it, when it looked like the contrary to him. Desperate, he attempted to contact its pilot. “Oi! If you hold me down, he’s going to hit you too!” Receiving only static, his bewilderment grew stronger. “You’re going to die! Don’t you
  12. The sounds of gunfire got louder and the rain got heavier as the fight dragged on. The armor’s sonar showed the big silhouette getting closer by the second. Kyle’s Trinames would be essential support, so his priority was to keep it alive. One problem, however, was that three Cancers were getting awfully close to Kyle, and even though he was dispatching them fast, he couldn't help but worry. We couldn't get the Sonic Cannons or the Hand Missile Units ready on time… Kyle doesn't need me, rather, I'm dragging him down, but I sure as hell have got to keep him alive if I want to live long in this p
  13. While Deep Aquatel was, as the name suggested, deep under the water, it was definitely not going to be out of the loop about what happened above. Establishing an infolink with Isla to have a better view of the skies, Aida studied the scene. "Isla, maintain altitude. Let’s see..." What he could make of it was Mogadishu Base’s island. Aside from the Asshimar and Marasai squadron coming to greet Kyle, Carter and Isla, he spotted the silhouettes of six Cancers and six Pisces, along with a big, big silhouette. A boss? Reeks of trouble. From behind the island, one could see two planes, identical to
  14. Isla's Gunpla Collection #1 - LMV-04(E/F) Variable (EWAC/Flight) Gundam Base Unit: LM312V06 Victory Gundam Hexa Operator: Isla Defensive Systems: Variable Phase Shift - With exceptional resistance to physical damage at the cost of power consumption per hit, VPS is an improved version of Phase Shift Armor that runs at lower power levels until the need for better protection arises and can switch properties to better suit the situation, making it the most energy-efficient and versatile variant of the PS system. Special System: None Melee Weapons: Beam
  15. A rainy afternoon. Raindrops poured from the sky upon the fuselage and wings of the cargo plane, and the sky was overcast. No chances of it stopping anytime soon, thought Aida as the TV in the cargo plane's lounge, tuned to receive the local air channels, showed the same for Mogadishu. In minutes, the team would probably see the same aerial shots for themselves through their window. He walked to the cargo bay, deserted save for the snapshots of a damaged Trinames, a wrecked Comet Dagger, and an armless, deactivated Airbatel. The latter was not being repaired, however. Rather, it was that way o
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