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  1. Infinitely cool. The airbrushing is flawless on that Mobility Shroud, especially for the silver Shroud part and the actual torso. And a blade in an arm is always a plus in my book, not to mention two of them for symmetry. The stock MkII will be beautiful in their own right, especially with a glossy finish to go with Zeta's aesthetics, but don't forget kitbashes! Gunpla is Freedom! Side note: did you take inspiration from the All Nippon Airlines RX-78-2? It has a fairly similar color scheme to that Duel.
  2. "Uaaaaahhh!" Right in the middle of the spin meant to give his shield some impulse, his rival had simply shot Airbatel in the back with its beam rifle, without a care in the world. "It was in reference to the shield throw decapitation, you thick-headed buzzkill!" While the wing binders had taken a very bad hit, Aida was still able to complete his move, throwing the shield then firing the Shot Lancer at his enemy for a direct hit at… his shield, which had taken the worst of it. And while the Gundam was pretty much in one piece, Airbatel in turn no longer had a chance in the world to compete. The propellant in the wing binders had ignited, destroying the backpack and damaging the unit. His shield was gone, and so was his spike. "This is very bad… I'm grounded." All he had remaining were two beam sabers and his dual machine gun. "I’m relatively powerless… or am I?" Aida wondered, his finger menacingly hovering over the button that activated Airbatel's special functionality: EXAM System. But it was meaningless. His GM had entered the scuffle in an incomplete state, and this was meant to happen. "We were having ourselves a nice little duel, until you decided to show your most treacherous aspect... Beta One, falling back!" As the blue GM retreated on foot, hoping that the machine gun’s fire would be enough to keep the pursuing Gundam at bay, the green Galbaldy kept itself occupied with the Savior. The NPD was as skilled as its opponent this time, but the level of proficiency of the AI was always set before the battle by calculating the odds of each team winning, to give them both an equal chance. Could the Game System have predicted the downfall of Aida? Could the Game System have seen him as the weak link of his force? "Concluding that the defunction of Kamille Bidan will be critical to achieving our goal… Beta Four hereby commences sentencing of target." said the Galbaldy's pilot upon seeing the Zero Savior pull out its beam cannons to point them at her machine, and prepared to block, knowing the Galbaldy would survive a pair of shots. But her shield was oddly angled. Only the NPD could have known the face of the shield was pointed towards the suburbs… More specifically, at the torso of Higanbana, which lied still on its position, for a curious Jerid to climb on top and try to find the switch that opened the hatch. "Damn it, is the hatch even here or in the head? More importantly, what's with this designation… RX-124? Was this Mobile Suit made by our guys? Why does the AEUG have this…?" While Jerid kept looking, a figure climbed on top of Higanbana's torso with a vengeful stance, clad on a recognisable blue and yellow sweater, and holding a metal rod. Right on time, Jerid saw the reflection of his assailant in the shiny metal, and tried to turn around. Instead, he was hit by the rod in the nose, rather than the back of the head. This pissed him off considerably, and he stood up, nose bleeding, to face the angry teenager. "You tried to hit me in the back! Face me like a real man… YOU SISSY!" Jerid and Kamille promptly trading blows right on top of the red Gundam, while the NPD followed their movements by subtly adjusting her shield. Aida was amazed by her grade of control over the Galbaldy Beta. "She can control the machine like it's her own body… But it's not like those expensive Mobile Trace Systems on the market… she still moves like a machine, even though she wouldn't really have a problem imitating us." Another line of thought popped up in Aida's head as he tried to hide behind a radio tower, the only structure tall and wide enough for the task. "The goal of Alpha Team is very obvious… And she spoke of our goal, meaning we have one too… but it's still nowhere to be seen. I don't see it in the HUD, at least. Can she see it? What could it be?" His thoughts were interrupted by a pair of suicidal Titans, speeding past him at full speed on an electric military jeep, headed towards a pair of returning Rick Diases, which had made a trip to the space freighter Alpha Team had deployed from to acquire ammunition for their Clay Bazookas. The Titan in the passenger seat pulled out a portable Surface To Surface missile launcher after getting close enough to Apolly's unit, and yelled out before firing: "SPACENOIDS GET OUT!" An idea crossed Aida's mind, as the Rick Dias dodged the missile meant for one of its waist joints and leaned forwards to destroy the jeep with its Vulcan Phalanx. "Could that be it…? Nothing to lose for trying..." stated the team leader, and grabbed a hold of the mic on the right side of his head to speak on the team line, hopeful things could still be turned around. "Beta Two! Beta Three! I want you to disengage that maniac and the Red Comet! We are ganging up on the black Rick Diases! Hurry! We haven't much time..." Airbatel came out from behind the radio tower, and started running towards Roberto and Apolly, taking aim and firing single shots with its machine gun. His ammo count was in the single digits, and his thrusters were gone. He had to be really careful if he wished to get into melee range to try a saber attack on them, and he didn't really know whether Beta Gundam had given up on them just yet. But it could be their only chance...
  3. Back at the suburbs, Jerid woke up inside the cockpit of his Hi-Zack, or at least, what remained of it. The console was busted, and many of the panoramic screens were broken too. "What the…?" Disoriented, he spent a moment trying to open the hatch of the Mobile Suit and getting out, only to remember the details of his quick and unfortunate downfall at the hands of one of the black AEUG models, which simply took him by surprise while he tried to destroy the red Gundam, severing the Zack's left arm, before bisecting it with its beam saber, narrowly missing the cockpit and letting his mess of a GM-Zaku hate child fall over a two-story home, crushing most of it, but saving the Mobile Suit from exploding. "DAMN IT!" Now outside the smoking torso of the Hi-Zack, Jerid kicked a mailbox down in anger. "Is this what real wars are like…?" He wouldn't be long into his ramblings before a loud crash brought him back into reality. A blue Zaku, belonging to the sellswords hired by the Titans to defend the colony against high-performance machines, had just punched the red Gundam in the middle of the chest with a spiked shoulder pad. The impact appeared to be strong enough to knock the pilot out or disable the unit entirely, since immediately after that, it fell backwards and started crashing into the ground, destroying a nearby row of houses before stopping at the second-to-last one. Jerid started running towards the enemy machine, putting on his helmet again and grabbing a standard-issue pistol from his thigh holster. The Hi-Zack was out of commission, and it was entirely possible for it to have incurred enough damage to be scrapped altogether, but maybe, he thought as he leaped over the unconscious body of a young girl with black hair, he could steal the Gundam and come back to the fray, better than his fellow test pilots in their comparatively puny Mk-IIs, and repel all that pesky Spacenoid vermin from his colony. Unbeknownst to him, as a Non-Player Diver, he actually stood no chance of entering the cockpit of that machine without the pilot's permission, let alone hijack it. But without anybody there to break it to him, Jerid was now on his way to waste his time attempting to break into Higanbana, fueled by delusions of grandeur. Elsewhere, people still shot each other, but to Aida and the pilot of the RX-179, war was merely a backdrop for their brief exchange of words. Just as he was about to throw another quip, a loud crash and an explosion were heard in quick succession. Initially, he had plans to ignore both, and avoid taking his eyes off the opponent. But when an alert automatically appeared on his dash, reading "NEUTRAL MS DESTROYED", Aida immediately forgot about his course of action, turning his head around, alarmed, to see Unit 03 in the distance, blowing smoke from the cockpit as remains of its hangar rained down from the skies. "They... destroyed it? I don't understand..." He wouldn't get to speak one more word, since the enemy, just like he had predicted before losing his focus, had now trained a large beam rifle on him. Airbatel's sensors caught it only after it had been aimed in Aida's direction, and alarm bells ringed to bring him back to the task at hand. It was too late to dodge, however, as the weapon had been fired already, and so he covered the Airbatel with his shield as best as he could. The beam impacted the shield fully, and Airbatel was pushed back with enough force to knock it back a few meters. "Grrr! It's a bit early to underestimate ME!" Slightly infuriated, the sharply-dressed pilot checked on the condition of his machine, and surprisingly, half his shield was gone. Incredible. Could it be he had grabbed one of the uncoated spares that had yet to receive the anti-beam treatment? In any case, he quickly brought up the weapon and custom movement menu, before selecting one of the specials. "Say hello to Tolle Koenig for me! Shield Throw!" Aida "fired" the loaded move, and Arbatel quickly did a 360 degree turn, detaching the remaining half of the shield to launch it towards the white Gundam as a deadly throwing star of sorts. The shield spinned forward at first, but curved towards the right, where Beta Gundam was standing. Rapidly, Aida's virtually gloved fingers brought up the menu again, this time to select the Shot Lancer's primary firing mode: the spike that gave the weapon its trademark lance shape would be launched at a very high speed at Beta Gundam. As the shield continued its trajectory towards the white Gundam, Aida aimed the Lancer at the left of the enemy machine, where he was most likely to dodge the shield, and hoping to impale any part of it with the spike, he pressed the right thumb button to fire. Meanwhile, Emma and Kacricon fought back-to-back against Apolly and Roberto, while trying to contact Mission Control. After a few tries, they managed to get through the Minovsky interference and spoke to the base commander, whose silhouette was visible on the rooftop, next to a portable antenna that had to be armed on a whim, after a flaming GM II crashed into the regular radio tower right after the initial cutscene. He was filling in for a dead communications crew. "What? The mercenary in the GM dismissed you? And you let him?!" The officer replied furiously. "He said it was an order from Jamaican to let him handle that one..." Emma tried to defend herself, but Kacricon interrupted her. "Fool! Bask and Jamaican must be long gone now! And there’s no way he would have gotten through to the tower when we couldn’t! We have the latest technology here!". Emma still had the temerity to maintain her argument, however: "I don’t know… That GM looks a bit too advanced for something that’s allegedly older than our Gundams..." A new signal soon joined the conversation from the ground. "... hear me?! This is Matosh! Unit 03 was not destroyed by the enemy! The white and red mercenary aimed right at us and destroyed it without a care in the world! Astley and Davis are badly injured! And these nutcases want to put me in a stretcher as well!" Said revelation came as quite a shock for the Titans, but the man in charge of the ‘tower’ was quick to the draw. "Kacooler! Sheen! These are your new orders… destroy the AEUG forces engaging Beta Two, and move in to detain him for interrogation!" While Kacricon took off immediately, changing course to destroy the Orange AGE, Emma took a little more to address the tower, while Apolly and Roberto fell back to reload their Clay Bazookas. "Sir… what about that blue Lieutenant?". She imagined the base commander would simply berate her and tell her to fly away, but he actually took the time to explain. "His offense was… relatively minor. He can remain on this battlefield and be brought to court martial later. If he survives this fray."
  4. The battle raged on, and both teams were starting to disperse, each to their own thing. It wasn't surprising, given that they barely knew each other, Aida knew, but his dramatic mind couldn't afford not to season the battle with some juicy radio dialogue, so he intentionally made his orders very vague and left his teammates to their own devices. This battle was being fought and would be won by independent, original strategies. Still, he had to remain near the front lines to help any of the two if things spiraled out of control, part of his responsibility as the team's automatically appointed leader. Taking cover with his GM behind a Titans prison complex to momentarily avoid the wrath of anyone, he had to come up with a strategy, and fast. The enemy team could have at least one person with a knowledge of Zeta as extensive as his. "Think, think, think… The Green Noa Infiltration is the 08th TMS Team's favorite anniversary venue. We do it every year… Roger plays Jerid, Noah plays Quattro, and Cecilia plays..." Cecilia loved to play Kamille. That was it. Kamille needed to be located, lest he came into contact with Unit 03, and apparently, none of his teammates had come with that idea, seeing as the radio was mostly dialogue by the NPDs battling the Argama Team and dead air. But Kamille was currently far from the engagement area. He couldn't leave his teammates alone, and both were already occupied. Then it hit him. It lacked proper etiquette, but the NPD had been flawlessly obedient so far… "Beta Four, new orders in. You are to search the forest area and outskirts of the base for a suspect to detain. White male, shoulder-length blue hair, yellow shirt, crippling teenage angst." He added that last bit for the shits and giggles, but the NPD did not waver either way. "Initiating search for description-matching subjects." Aida was satisfied, though he felt obligated to say one last thing. "Oh, and Beta Four… let us know if you need backup. Your orders are important." After order acknowledgement from the artificial Diver, whose green Galbaldy distanced itself from the skirmish, he flew fast to avoid enemy fire and studied the situation while nobody focused on him. The Dynames, pretty predictably, tried to snipe Char out of the sky, only to be interrupted by the maniac in the AGE, whose voice could be heard on the team radio for a moment when it challenged the sniping machine. "That's a machine for twelve-year olds, but surprise… he's a grown man", Aida said to himself, paraphrasing Jerid. Blue Lightning was having none of that, and flied past them for a shot at Quattro too, with more success due to his Zaku being geared for speed and firepower, not unlike Char's. Now, both dueled next to the building that had been wrecked by Unit 03. The enemy team's units was more or less in the same disorganized boat, which could be beneficial for him if he acted fast and took advantage of it. The leader of the gang, in the Epyon-themed Savior, was apparently homing on Quattro, probably to defend him, in which case he and Three would probably clash. The very nice Woundwort he had seen before the match was also taking shots at the Blue Lightning, but it wouldn’t pose a problem at all if only somebody could distract the thing. Control of such powerful machine was reduced to almost naught due to the pilot being very obviously a newbie. "The aim is all over the place… Roberto has narrowly avoided death by friendly fire." Was this the pilot’s first sortie? The angry AGE, as stated, was engaging Two. But the real question was… "Where is that white Gundam? It's been real quiet around-" "SAY WHAT?!" "IFF confirms an RX-178 attacking us! The AEUG has brought a Mark Two! Lieutenant Bidan, what is the meaning of this?!" "I… Ensign Sheen, I swear i don't know what you're talking about! Check again!" "It's not just the IFF! I know what I'm seeing!" "Gentlemen, I swear to-" "Franklin. Bask's office. NOW." Not good. The Mark-II based machine was in front of Unit 02, and had managed to have Emma's IFF identify it as a legitimate Mark-II. This, in turn, was stalling her, probably for somebody to pop up and blast her from behind, securing an advantage for Alpha. He wouldn’t let that happen, however, and so he flied towards both Gundams to make his entrance. "Interesting one, aren’t you?", said Aida as he fired his Shot Lancer’s incorporated machine gun to provide cover for Emma. He promptly put a hand on the Mk-IIs shoulder to talk to her, while pointing the Shot Lancer at the Beta Gundam to keep it on the move. "Ensign Sheen, Commander Daninghan has ordered me to take care of this enemy. You are ordered to re-adquire the AEUG’s new models". Aida promptly flied away to keep firing at Alpha’s white Gundam, purposely avoiding Emma’s response to trick her into believing him and switching her target. "But! Sigh..." Emma had no choice, and turned around to check on the other two pilots, who had been busy: while Kacricon held back Apolly and Roberto, who were having a harder time than usual facing him due to the unfamiliar controls on their Rick Diases, Jerid saw an opportunity to score an easy kill on the red Woundwort that flied around, trying to lock onto something at all. "Hehehe! Kacricon! That Mobile Suit is scared! I’m engaging it!", Jerid barked at the radio while putting pedal to the metal, making his green Hi-Zack take off and fly at the red machine with the large rifle. Upon getting to it, Jerid had his mobile suit grab the large rifle to point it away from himself, while trying to have the enemy machine stare down the business end of a a Zaku Machine Gun Kai. "I'll have you plummet to the ground in flames!" Somewhere else, a young boy had come out of the woods to find the chaotic circumstances he had just put himself in. Far away, mobile suits were battling. He had to hurry if he wanted to board the Gundam that had crashed and help the AEUG, and so, he ran faster through the tarmac. But just before getting to the perimeter of the base, a green Galbaldy Beta landed right in front of him, knocking him down with strong gusts of wind and the impact of its foot against the floor. "Subject meeting Search Criteria 01 through 03 found. Compliance with Criteria 04 cannot be analyzed. Possibility of a match… 75%", the Galbaldy's pilot reflected before pointing its beam rifle at Kamille Bidan, latent Newtype and future Gundam-jacking extraordinaire. "Civilian, you are hereby under arrest. Do not attempt to flee. Lethal force is at my immediate availability." Beta Gundam was nearby, and could have helped if not for a very persistent blue GM III, which landed between him and the Galbaldy, seemingly eager to force it into a fight. "So. Alpha has a trickster. Hehehe..." began the pilot of the Airbatel, having its MS strike a dramatic pose, pointing the Shot Lancer at the RX-179 and readying its GM Command shield. "Most people argued that making the NPDs smarter made ordering them almost impossible… but you and i know something. Their blind obedience was merely traded for human-grade gullibility." Beta Gundam had a duel with a nonsense-speaking gentleman on its hands.
  5. Suddenly, one by one, complete strangers, piloting customized machines of a very good quality, started to drop around him and made their entrance before joining the wait list, like some sort of early Christmas miracle. First was a Saviour from SEED, mixed with some elements from Epyon. Then, a custom Dynames, with what appeared to be some parts from Sazabi. Aida needed not even look at the rest of it to know the pilot had to specialize in long-range attacks. It was followed by a very angry-looking AGE-2, which triggered the countdown clock that would send the four of them to the campaign as soon as 120 seconds passed without any new machines joining. But, surprise, surprise: three more challengers stepped up to the game: a custom Zaku II that still shined despite the simplicity of its build, a very well built Refined Barzam which had been mixed with a Gundam MkII and used the bright colors of Zeta Gundam, and finally, the surprise of the year: a very pretty red Woundwort to defy any and all of his prejudices towards Advance of Zeta units. Even he, the first one in every crowd to bash modern mechanical design, had to admit that it was one hell of a good Mobile Suit, and he expected it to be piloted by an equally skilled operator. Then there was him, with his humble Airbatel, holding a Shot Lancer and panning its main camera, while dishing out greetings to the other Mobile Suits as they landed. "What an unfortunate day to put the Defenser and the beam rifle in the bench..." Nothing more could be said before the alarm rang calmly. Sadly, no eight machine had joined them, so now, every single machine was transported to a black space for the start of the campaign. He was not disappointed, that nearly full house was much more than he was expecting to find that night, and the NPD that would fill the empty spot could make for a good test of might for the allied AI, if it ended up in his team. "Speaking of which", Aida wondered out loud, and looked at his right. There was an eight machine, a green Galbaldy Beta. The NPD? He checked with a table that had now appeared in the black space among the eight of them, and saw that the teams had been already decided. - - - Provisional Force Alpha Gundam Zero Saviour - Creed Astral AGE Gundam - Shin Beta Gundam - Hikaru TR-6 Higanbana - Risu Provisional Force Beta GM Airbatel - Aida Gundam Trinames - Kyle Zaku Forerunner - Carter Galbaldy Beta (Titans) - ReC-NPD - - - "Rec what?" Whatever it stood for, the NPD filling in was rather unusual. Most NPDs on this beta had flashy machines, famous for winning Gunpla Building contests in Perisia, and relatively normal names, like Re-1 and Mall Ninja. All of this, along with the upgrades to the AI, gradually active depending on the skill of both teams, were enough to fool some and think they were actual Divers. Mall Ninja even had a fan club due to his humorous quips and his neat red Susanowo. And even though the Galbaldy looked like GBWC material, with the amount of detail it had been given, the lore-appropriate decals and the weathering, he couldn't stop thinking something was off. But that wasn't the time for wonders. One by one, the rival machines disappeared from his view, and once even the NPD was gone, his view detached itself from the Airbatel's cockpit. Everyone was probably seeing the same. This was the beginning of a cutscene. Music started to play, and a banner announced their arrival to the stage of one of the most influential wars ever seen by the Universal Century... - - - << Cutscene Start >> Outer space. The position of the Sun offered an unparalleled view of a group of colonies, stationed at one of many Lagrangian points. One in particular was seeing movement: two black Mobile Suits jittered around one of the service back entrances, nervously if a sentiment could be assigned to their way of moving. Surely enough, it appeared something inside had just kicked the hornet's nest, as a red Mobile Suit automatically came out of the service entrance and retreated at full speed, with its black analogues following its lead closely, while two GM IIs and a Hi-Zack operated by the Titans came out of the other side of the colony. "Target acquisition in seven. It will be violent, men. Prep yourselves for contact", said the voice of the Hi-Zack to its subordinates, as they blasted full speed ahead to the other side of the colony. However, as they got closer they noticed a signal of some kind among the stars. "A flare… did the bastard call reinforcements? UAAG-" Nothing more would be heard of the three pilots, as a potent beam was cast upon them and the surface of the military-owned colony, destroying their machines and piercing the wall alike. "Apolly! Roberto! To me! We're going to capture the Gundam Mark II!" Soon after the explosion, while emergency sirens started blaring inside the colony and the smog clogging the artificial atmosphere escaped through the hole, three Rick Dias came out of hiding behind an asteroid, and accelerated into the colony, using the opening to begin their assault on the Green Noa base. Immediately after entering, they were greeted by a squadron of GM IIs, with their short beam rifles at the ready. "Eeeeh… But we haven't found out the whereabouts of the Gundam yet!" So, the red Rick Dias grabbed a hold of its beam pistol, and Quattro Bajeena’s squad of One Year War veterans faced a squadron with double the numbers, but half the skill, which had problems hitting the new models. "You think you’re so much better, don’t you?!", yelled one of the pilots in frustration, firing at Quattro’s machine. However, his fixation on it allowed one of his wingmen to get a crystal clear shot of the attacking GM with their clay bazooka. An explosion followed, and the remains of the leader’s GM descended upon some of the factories that had been making the materials to build the secret mobile suits and their equipment. Meanwhile, two black Gundams helped put a third in a mobile platform, meant to take it to its hangar. While the Mobile Suit was in what appeared to be perfect condition, the building it had landed on was not. Effectively, just like the third Gundam, people were being taken out of the building in stretchers, with a pair being on a far worse state than others, heading for a body bag rather than an ambulance. The pilot, a blond man who was about to board the wheeled platform, was approached by a very well known figure of the One Year War, accordingly dressed in his khaki Federation uniform. "What are you doing here?! Can't you hear the sirens?", yelled Bright Noa over the sound of the aforementioned alarms. Jerid Messa replied unenthusiastically to his concerns. "Tsk, i bet it was just a meteorite hit which opened up that hole." But Captain Bright wasn't amused, and fed back accordingly. "What would somebody like you know?! You've only just arrived from Earth!" This prompted an uncomfortable silence period between the two of them, while chaos continued to reign in the background. This lasted until Emma Sheen's Unit 02 suddenly twisted its head to look in the direction of the hole in the wall, turning on its loudspeakers to keep Jerid and Bright in the loop. "Scarlet Team down! Tower seven reporting three AEUG mobile suits!". Jerid couldn't help but stare in amazement at the idea that Bright's implications were right. Meanwhile, Kacricon Kacooler's Unit 01 rapidly turned on its thrusters and leaped towards its hangar to grab a hold of its arsenal: a cartridge-fed beam rifle, an E-Pac in the receiver and two more stored in the back, along with a modern shield. The pilot was enthusiastic, to say the least. "Scarlet Team is… they must be the new units spotted at the Moon! Hehehe, you don't know how badly I've wanted this showdown to take place… Emma, your weapons! Jerid, a Hi-Zack! Now!" Both shouted affirmatively and ran to their combat posts, as a GM II fell from the artificial skies of the colony, over the house of a poor civilian. << Cutscene End >> - - - <<< Commence Mission >>> "Ok, three, two, one, let’s jam..." Aida's custom mission beginning audioclip played. The match was on. With no further explanation or instructions, not that any were necessary, Aida found himself back on the cockpit of the Airbatel. His machine was in a very wide hangar with open doors, with space for the GM plus three other machines, which he could see by merely looking left: the customized Dynames, the blue Zaku, then the NPD’s Galbaldy. All four of them lied over their own mobile platforms, which started moving forwards automatically after the match started to take them out of the hangar. Patient, Aida waited for the platform to drive him out of the hangar, not wanting to fly through its roof, a popular practice that looked awesome, but was sometimes met with broken optics and antennae. Instead, he addressed his team. To lead them would surely be a ride, but being assigned as the squad leader was hardly the most infrequent thing to happen to him. "Beta Team, this is One. We’ll use provisional numerical callsigns for this assignment, according to your number in the team roster..." he started, but a voice interrupted him almost immediately. "Four, order acknowledged." Aida was a little put off by this, but an intelligence powered by computing power would predictably process things faster than a human. However, this one seemed to lack most of the common sense shown by the NPDs he had fought with and against in solo missions, as evidenced by it not waiting for Aida to finish talking, nor the other two pilots to respond. It also came off as not just serious, but simply devoid of personality or feelings, like a blank slate. Not letting that put him to a halt, he ordered his GM to get up from its stretcher, which had exited the facility, and grab the Shot Lancer that was laying on the floor outside. "Uhhh… Beta Team, ready primary weapons." he continued, slowly panning the camera to find two black Gundams carefully aiming their beam rifles, and a Hi-Zack carelessly shooting at the sky with its machine gun. His IFF showed them as green contacts, which meant they were friendly. "No immediate visual with Alpha, so this is a team battle… We’re up against those four, plus Quattro's boys. You better not let your guard down, Beta!" Surely enough, outside the green colony’s walls, a rusty freighter opened its cargo bays in front of the rather improvised entrance port made by the AEUG, revealing the four machines of Alpha Team inside, ready to deploy and infiltrate the colony...
  6. Pitch black darkness. It had been that way for long, but out of the blue, one of the four Gunpla Battle Nexus cabinets sprung to action and bathed the room in light. Somebody had turned it on by flipping one of the switches in the service room, while forgoing the other three cabinets and the micro-injection machine used to "print" out parts and weapons that were given to the players as rewards for clearing certain missions. A figure entered the room, having just treated himself to a grilled cheddar sandwich and some juice, ready for the rumble. A voice reached out to him after he put on his headset and visor. "Please, scan your Gunpla" It sounded human, but it was probably a recording. He still remembered the good old times, when the voice was jarringly robotic and spoke in a very butchered English. He took a 1/144 figure out of a holster in his pants, and put it over the scanner. It was a black and blue kitbash based in the GM III, crafted, painted and even slightly weathered in fine detail. Two rings of light emerged under the GM's feet and at the top of its head. One ascended, the other descended, and when they met halfway through to read the information chip, the name of the machine suddenly appeared in screen. Airbatel GM. Like Dan, the builder, he was pretty proud of the thing. "Are you proud of us too?" The Airbatel simply activated its main camera, more in response to the laser rings than his question. Logging in, which was a pretty straightforward process for such a secretive thing, he dismissed the coincidence and put on his visor, diving into a new world, the world of GBN's Community Update, full of new content to discover… and unsurprisingly devoid of people. The lobby inside the central skyscraper was empty save for an administrator, trying out new test NPDs meant to bolster the number of guides in areas too populated for volunteers to show all beginners around. Uninterested, the Diver by the nickname of Aida checked his context menu and used it to teleport to one of the hangar bays. Airbatel was there, standing tall and mighty above him. The administrator had also logged in with a personal Gunpla, which seemed to be that colorful Mobile Suit a few spaces away. Hobby Marasai. An interesting machine, but its owner was occupied. After a routine check-up of his machine, which was way easier when one was smaller than it and not the other way around, he turned it on and headed for the catapult. Being that he wasn't on a mission, and nobody could hear him anyways, he skipped out on the part where he shouted his name and his machine's out loud, to silently catapult away from the building, and fly away to cruise the game world, which could now be done even outside missions since the 1.79 update. That day, the GM-Defenser had been re-painted silver for a new balance of colors, which meant he couldn't use it until Saturday, when the paint dried out and the detail could be done again. He was using a Hyaku-Shiki's and backpack tonight, which hardly kept him in a continuous flight like those Aida was accustomed to. But one of the good things of Free Roam mode was that no fuel or energy would be consumed at all, so he could fly around carelessly in autopilot with the fuel efficiency tool disabled, while using the context menu to try and see just how many people were free to play that night. Hopeful, he gasped when he took notice of the current player count. There were more people than usual, just dispersed through the game world. Maybe that could be the day he finally got to try out one of those new campaigns he had been eyeing. Landing Airbatel smoothly on a yard located behind a replica of Alfred Izuruha's school, complete with a vendor of 0080 avatar paraphernalia, Aida coursed through the menu until he could find that one campaign he had been eyeing but couldn't play right until that moment, and when he found it, he picked the "Look for Public" option, even though his Gunpla was incomplete that day. After all, it wasn't like he was in any position to get picky, and probably all of the beta testers were decent enough people to get hold of a code from the administration. Then again, "it's not like the code was mine to begin with...", he sighed. - << Gundam Generation >> A randomized, dynamic and innovative campaign which reimagines events of every timeline and mixes them up with each other for a one-of-a-kind experience! Strike foes down on every known battlefield, oppose NPDs or ally with them, and gain exclusive rewards for passing the unmarked side assignments! Warning: Beta Campaign. Stability and playability errors might arise at random. Report any problems with this campaign to the nearest administrator. - "Let's see, let's see… aha! You've been occupying a space in the carry inventory for long. It was about time you were of any use...", said Aida while equipping a one-time use flare gun on his Mobile Suit's free hand, and promptly having Airbatel fire it. The custom GM III did a full 180 degree turn in a second, lifted its right arm, and pointed the flare gun at the sky to strike that famous 'Last Shot' pose from Mobile Suit Gundam, before firing. A golden V promptly appeared in the sky above them. The V-Flare signal would last an entire hour before disappearing. But he planned to leave for the night if nobody joined him before the flare was gone. If that were to happen, he would give up trying to find a group of night owls he could fit into the daily schedule, and come back Saturday afternoon to get started once and for all with a regular force… - << Gundam Generation >> Looking for Divers… (Maximum 8 players) 1. [8TMS Lt.] Aida 2. NPD 3. NPD 4. NPD 5. NPD 6. NPD 7. NPD 8. NPD -
  7. The OCs will, no, are in complete control of the events from the beginning on, since almost every canon character is KIA or MIA, from the Argama, to the Jupitris (keeping true to the series there) and even the Gwa(zine? Gwadan? The Gwa ships are all so similar in name and appearance.)
  8. Aida's Gunpla Collection #1 - RGM-86J Airbatel GM Base Unit: RGM-86 GM III Operator: Aida Defensive Systems: Conventional Materials - Lightweight armor, good mobility. Special System: EXAM System - Increases speed, thruster output and decreases reaction times by disabling every safety limiter in the unit. However, this causes the systems to overheat, eventually exploding if EXAM isn't safely disabled. Safe deactivation reboots every system in the MS and leaves it immobile. Melee Weapons: Shot Lancer - A weapon able to pierce heavy armor when colliding at high speeds, it saves up space and effective carrying weight by being both a melee and a ranged weapon. Beam Saber - Standard Mobile Suit weapon, offers exceptional cutting power at the cost of power consumption. Two units are housed in the back skirt piece as a backup melee system. Projectile Weapons: Shot Lancer - A weapon able to fire shells automatically for dealing physical damage with a high rate of fire, but limited ammunition. It saves up space and effective carrying weight by being both a melee and a ranged weapon. Shield: Physical Shield - Reliable and heavy shield taken from a 0083 GM Command. Power system: Battery Pack - A lightweight power solution for greater mobility but limited supply, it was taken from an unidentified SEED unit's Mission Pack. Special Abilities/Features: GM-Defenser - A support craft that is able to dock with the Airbatel, granting it extra propulsion in MS mode, along with a very simplistic MA mode where the unit flies wherever the GM-Defenser is pointing. It includes powerful twin beam cannons, along with its own battery pack, taken from a SEED unit's Mission Pack. This allows the craft to fire its cannons a finite amount of times before having to put strain on the Airbatel's battery.
  9. Year 20XX. People around the world have taken to building and customizing their very own Gunpla (Gundam Plastic Models) as the world's #1 hobby. In Gunpla Battle Nexus Online, a Virtual Reality MMORPG which is often touted as ''the next-generation hobby attraction'', users from all around the world turn into Mobile Suit pilots (also known as Divers) by scanning their Gunpla and uploading their data to the game, allowing them to pilot their dream machine. As if the content added by the game's administrators wasn't enough, they notice a wealth of very well made custom campaigns, individual missions and machines, made by experienced Divers with a knack for making their own original content. To acknowledge the newly formed modding community, they prepare Update 1.8, also known as the Community Update, where popular stages and campaigns can be submitted for the administrators' Endorsement, bestowing upon them the ability of giving clear rewards to the Divers who complete them, and where popular Gunpla builds can now be encountered as rare NPDs (Non-Player Divers), with either the personality of their Creator, or that of an existing Gundam character... However, despite being nearly complete, Update 1.8 hasn't been actually released to the public, and is now on one of the final stages: playtesting and polishing. This is the story of a group of beta testers from all over the country, which team up to tackle one of the most ambitious campaigns bundled with the update... - - - Cast and Posting Order Replicator as Game Master, Lieutenant Aida, Re-Configurable NPD, NPDs Roromi as Creed FrostyFoster as Kyle, Char Aznaharo ShirokuHakudo as Shin I'mAnnoyingHer as Carter Lee MM007 as Hikaru, Nana, Ellen Rabiddy as Risu (Sign-ups have closed for now. If the need arises, they shall open again. Contact Game Master via Discord when that happens.) - - - Gunpla Sheet To help everyone understand the machines each other made, and to establish what they can and cannot do, players MUST reply to this post with their own sheet to play. One sheet will be made per machine. For making sheets for new machines or upgrades to previous Gunpla, edit your original post and add the new sheet under that of your previous machine. IMPORTANT: Players can give their Gunpla a secret system of any kind, but they must add "REDACTED" in all-caps under "Special Abilities/Features", and run their idea by the Game Master for approval. --- [Diver]'s Gunpla Collection #1 - [Unit Name] [Images, if any] Base Unit: Operator (Diver Name): Detail the parts and modifications used by your mech by the following sections. Please remember that each perk will have a draw back for each bonus it offers. The examples given are merely examples and anything not listed may be added so long as it can be rationalized. If another player has already added a non-listed element you want to use, try to use that same rationalization for said element rather than making your own. Structural Defense: i.e Phase Shift Armor - exceptional resistance to physical damage, at the cost of power consumption per hit. Gundanium Alloy - well balanced endurance, at the cost of weighing down the unit. Nano Filament/Anti-Beam Coating - exceptional resistance to beam weaponry at the cost of being frail to physical damage. Conventional Materials - offers lighter armor weight for greater mobility, with no added benefit. Special System: i.e. ZERO System - offers exceptional target acquisition at the cost of zoning out the rest of the battlefield. Funnel System - offers a devastating attack system at the cost of being burdensome. Trans-Am - offers exceptional mobility at the cost of high power consumption. Melee Weapons: i.e. Beam Saber - standard mobile suit weapon, offers exceptional cutting power at the cost of power consumption; small enough for multiple housings on the unit. Anti-Ship Sword/GN Sword - a cumbersome and slow weapon with exceptional cutting power, likely only one on the unit. Heat Rod - a whip-type weapon that heats up to deal damage, likely only one on the unit. Greater reach than most melee weapons, bordering on ranged, but less precise and damaging than heat sabers and hawks. Projectile Weapons: i.e. Beam Rifle - Can deal high energy damage at the cost of power consumption and rate of fire. Machine Gun - can deal physical damage with limited ammo capacity but high rate of fire. Bazooka - can deal high damage at the expense of very limited ammo. Buster Rifle - high energy weapon with high power draw and limited shots; can deal massive damage. Shield: i.e. Physical Shield - reliable and heavy. Energy Shield - light weight but draws energy to function. Missile Shield - weaponised shield with limited ammunition and low protective value. Power System: i.e. Battery Pack - offers a light weight power solution for greater mobility but limited supply. Nuclear Plant - offers unparalleled power at the cost of expense and environmental danger if damaged. Solar Furnace - offers exceptional energy and propulsion (including Trans-Am) at the cost of being proprietary (limits backpack options) and expensive. Special Abilities/Features: i.e. transformable, SD, secret, etc.
  10. "Lieutenant Aida" Full name: Unknown Faction: N/A Rank: N/A Age: Appears as a young adult ingame. Sex: Male Weight: Unknown Height: Slightly tall Eyes: Leaf green, no contacts Hair: Silver Skin: Fair skin Handiness: Right-handed Personality A self-described Universal Century snob, he tends to look down on fans of series he thinks are less than equal to the UC ones, such as Gundam AGE and G Gundam. While mature and knowledgeable, he nonetheless comes off as an arrogant man, and his love of dramatizing every situation he is in has him come off as bossy by shouting random commands through the radio to ''add to the atmosphere''. The reason people can stand him at the 08th Thespian Mobile Suit Team is because everyone there fits this description too. Strengths and weaknesses Better at the painting booth and piloting than building overall, Aida is known for accepting the machines of others via mail (usually straight builds) and painting them for a look and feel not unlike that of the anime they came from, but at the same time adding lots of details such as decals, chipping and dirt. The result is ideal for re-enactment groups like the one he is a part of: his group is almost completely populated by his artwork, and this coupled with the crew's experience makes every battle feel real for those taking part in it, like they were actually a part of the anime. As a former member of a Diver force dedicated to atmospheric flight Mobile Suits, and now a re-enactment group, he hasn't lost much piloting practice either, and feels most confident in his abilities when airborne, while being well rounded on gravitated ground such as Earth’s or the Moon’s, barely holding his own on zero gravity, and finally falling short under the heavy pull of an underwater environment. However, he is a frequent team player, and knows how to make his teammates compliment himself to make do with what he has got and fill in for his weak moments, if he can build sufficient rapport with them. Appearance Usually told apart by his knack for elegant military uniforms and graceful posture, Aida shows up on Divers' screens as an adult Caucasian with green eyes, silver curtained hair and reading glasses. His most recent look, courtesy of GBN's early access to the next clothing catalog for beta testers, is a "Man From Jupiter" uniform in custom colors, complimented with a matchingly hued cap from an unknown set and white gloves. History One of the three employees of the hobby shop in his hometown, Aida's was peculiar in that it took orders from customers to assemble kits and customize them, physically and visually according to the customer's orders. He was in charge of painting and detailing not only Gunpla, but also plastic models of other categories, while his best friend was in charge of assembling the kits and modifying them, and the manager, also a close friend of his, double-timed as the store's cashier. Bored out of his mind despite the highly creative purposes of his job, his curiosity was definitely piqued when the number of orders for completely customized builds boomed as a result of the launch of a mysterious new attraction: Gunpla Battle Nexus. Quickly, he convinced the manager to get the shop its own cabinet for the game, which proved to be a highly convenient move, as he could now assume the role of a test pilot to try out customers' machines in battle and ensure that they had the desired performance. However, he started using the cabinet in his spare time, whenever not behind on his orders, and managed to enter a competitive Diver force focused on Mobile Suits capable of atmospherical flight, known as Janet Air. While he climbed the ranks of the force to become one of its key pilots, he one day grew tired of the pressure of competitive play, and after an argument with his superior, he swapped Janet for the 08th Thespian Mobile Suit Team, a pacifical ''force'' that gathers in Created Missions to recreate events from all Gundam series, with all members using straight builds and their best acting to play one of the main characters, or a disposable grunt. This mix of battling with amateur theatrics greatly amused him, and so his decision to join has endured the test of time, offering discounts and tips to help his fellow actors buy machines in a state as impeccable as his from the hobby shop or building their own, thus becoming the second-in-command of the force and a favorite among them. One day, while the group was in recess due to an ongoing pilgrimage to the 1:1 Strike Gundam in Japan by some of the members who knew each other in real life, Aida received an e-mail by the leader of the 08th TMS Team, who had gotten permission from a friend at the GBN administration to play Update 1.8's closed beta, but wouldn't be using the privilege since he wouldn't have access to his account in Japan due to him not having bought the International Access License, nor the time to log in if he did. Instead, he told the admin to transfer said privilege to Aida's account, then instructed him to investigate the new features on behalf of the club, reporting any problems to their friendly administrator along the way. Now, Aida logs into his account in early night while doing ''extra hours'', to deck himself in an impressive new set of clothes, and get the inside scoop on every new feature... Possessions Aida owns: RGM-86J Airbatel GM A Gunpla made as a joint effort between the hobby shop's builder and painter, it stands as a testament of their combined craftsmanship for users of GBN to behold, while customers get to gawk at a sister unit that has had its internals removed for public display. Based in the GM III, it is geared towards performance in medium to close range combat, making use of its Shot Lancer for high-speed impalement or physical damage at a high rate of fire. It also features a pair of elven-looking antennae that augment the operating perimeter of the radio transmitter and receiver. However, its stellar function is the ability to exchange its backpack for a back support craft known as the GM-Defenser, featuring twin beam cannons and a simple atmospherical flight transformation, along with increased mobility in MS mode. Kills None Roleplays - Gunpla Battle Nexus 1.8: Community Update [In Progress] Coliseum Battles - None
  11. Norman Reid Biography Full name: Norman Jonathan Reid Faction: Colony 30 Militia (EFF Rogue) Rank: Impromptu Militia pilot, unofficial and unranked. Age: 36 years old Sex: Male Weight: 72kg Height: 1,81m Eyes: Hazel pupils, no contacts. Hair: Wheat-colored, undyed. Skin: Fair skin Handiness: Left-handed Personality Very mature and fairly reserved, Norman is a person of routines, who likes to have his day planned out, and feels frustrated whenever inconveniences spring up, but always finds a way not to let them have the last laugh. Conflict absent from his nature, he was always cautious not to let opinions, political or otherwise, create rifts between his team, and acted in a highly diplomatic manner, while following orders from his higher-ups, no matter if he had a better idea. His attitude towards life means he simply cannot understand the human cravings for war, but it hasn’t stopped him from helping the Federation make mobile weapons in the past in exchange for a stable salary. Strengths and weaknesses As one of the designers of the GM lineage during the One Year War, and a former Mobile Suit test pilot, he knows very well how to pilot his machine, its specifications and what it's capable of. His movement has been very well honed due to his experience with rigurous, constant testing, but he doesn’t fare so well in the combat department, having not been in a real battle before. As such, he can dodge a surprising amount of shots, but so can his enemy, provided the onboard computer (which does most of the aiming) can't read their movements. Appearance A slim and blonde man, Norman used to be seen frequently in a white lab coat, but after his discharge, he prefers to wear a blue suit and tie with a white shirt. He also frequently uses a pair of frameless glasses for reading text up close. Said glasses are usually absent in a Mobile Suit, being as the screens of the machines are far from the pilots and show their text on a big enough font for most eyes. History Born a Colony 30 local in September the 23rd of UC 0049, he was thirty years old when the One Year War hit. Until then, he had been kept busy with study, graduating from high school with top qualifications in the areas pertaining to exact sciences and engineering. He spent seven years becoming a robotics engineer, graduating at age twenty-five and studying the case of Munzo's, then Zeon's mobile inventions, used in Federation territories as construction equipment. These efforts landed him a spot in a Federation mobile research team when the first unofficial battles between Zeon and the Federation took place, in which the former unleashed the wrath of the Zaku I, and later the Zaku II upon Federation Guntanks and Guncannons before the One Year War. His team would go on to design the V Project Mobile Suits for the Federation to build at Side 7 during the war. Upon the apparent success of the first operative prototype to enter battle, the famed Gundam, the remainder of Side Seven's researchers joined up with those of Colony 30 in Side 1. The resulting research team was split on a group that would be following the progress of Gundam and its support units, while the other half, comprised of lesser members such as himself, would go on to optimize the Gundam's design for mass production with the data provided by the tracking group. Reid became a key member of the GM Development Program, participating in field tests of the original model and variants like the GM Command and GM Custom, accompanying the pilot or even piloting the units himself. When the One Year War reached its end, he kept working with the Federation for some time, and would have become a part of the GM Quel and GM II development projects, had he not been put aside for evaluation when television cameras filmed him in the background of an anti-Titans protest in the main street, where he was walking on a purely coincidental manner. Fearing that the protesters were right after he saw MPs beating them, he submitted his resignation, then an application for a similar job at Anaheim Electronics, but before a reply could come in, Colony 30 rose up in protest against the Titans, and the Earth Federation. To make an example out of them, Commander-in-Chief of the Titans Bask Om decided to use nerve gas on the whole colony to suppress the riots. The information somehow leaked over to the local Federation garrison, the Colony 30 Defense Corps, which decided to sortie in their outdated Mobile Suits to try and save the colony from a small team of Titans that were hoping to infiltrate the colony in a silent manner, and attack by surprise. However, they were found in time by the Corps, which despite the anti-Federation riot inside fought the enemy Mobile Suits as well as they could. All but four of the Corps members were killed in the skirmish, while of the four-man formation of the Titans, only their squadron leader survived, along with his Galbaldy Beta. The colony had bought themselves some time before the Titans returned in utter seriousness, and finished them, so the administrative authorities of the colony started evacuating their citizens via space launches headed to other colonies. However, without somebody to escort them, they would be easily swatted down not if, but when the Titans came back. Spare units were available, but aside from the three surviving Corps members, only a single pilot survived, whose unit’s destruction was surprisingly non-fatal. Desperate to ready as many units as they could, they ordered their mechanics to prep the spare Mobile Suits, and organized a militia, recruiting Mobile Worker and Mobile Pod pilots, but the closest they could find to a qualified Mobile Suit pilot was one of the minds behind the machines they piloted, whose motives to get in the cockpit and to defend the space launches was the best friend of his lifetime, as she would be getting in one, and to eventually build the courage to speak to her about moving their relationship a step further would be in vain, were she to die in that colony... Possessions Norman owns: M71A1 Pistol: An old standard issue pistol for the Earth Federation Forces, one of the first ever made of the model, that has survived the passing of time thanks to a local armorer’s careful and skillful maintenance, and has now fallen in the hands of Reid after enlisting himself with the Colony 30 Militia to defend his home. It has been given a wooden grip to counter the weariness of the polymer frame around the magazine. RGM-79G GM Command: One of the spare Mobile Suits of the Colony 30 Defense Corps, it was given orange details and accents to differentiate it from similar Mobile Suits still answering to the Earth Federation. It answers to the number five, as its pilot was put immediately after the four ex-Federation pilots on the squadron order, being the most experienced among the rest of the recruits of the militia but still unable to compare to them. Kills None Roleplays - Mobile Suit Gundam: Consequences of the Future [In Progress] Coliseum battles - None ---
  12. Getting out of the Captain's living quarters with Shiro’s file and a clenched fist, Nicky floated to the cargo bay, where he got himself two red wrenches to slip into the sleeves of his jade-colored jacket, and approached a remnant of his friends in the AEUG's green Salamis: Nelson Astley, a chubby engineer who liked to collect military plastic models back in Earth, living with the elite before his parents kicked him out and he joined the AEUG in retaliation. Nelson had photographic memory, and while he didn't remember the name of the guy legally in charge of the maintenance reports, he did tell him about a guy with messy hair and a bandana keeping the upper part in place, dressed with a green military jacket. Dining with his friends in the cafeteria. Bingo. He made his way there, and surely enough, he found a posse of young adults, crammed in a single table and carelessly laughing at each other's jokes. He could hear what they said as he calmly floated to his table. "Heard we're gonna have to tow that GM all the way to wherever we're going." Said the bandana-wearer, apparently the leader of the pack, eating the last of his fries. He was bigger than what Nelson had said... "The one that ate shit?" The fat one opposite him stopped sipping his drink after the fizzy liquid had gone past the half mark, then left the plastic vase in its hole while reaching for an unfinished heart-stopping, triple-decked burger. "Dead weight. We could get there faster if we left the thing floating around space or something. It’s not even worth scrapping, not to us anyway." You’re another definition of dead weight... "Literally dead. Fucking Zeeks punched a hole through the torso. We're lucky they don’t try to bring that shit near the bay. You know, i completely pity the poor bastard who gets assigned the job of opening that thing once we get there. Must reek of fried burgers in there." The careless alpha-male laughed, along with his friends. One of them was drinking from another plastic vase when the black humor kicked in, and his nose fired the soda back into the table, along with an extra something, before he was forced to get out of the table and go to the bathroom, holding his face on pain and cursing at the air while the ones next to him were understandably grossed out by the sight of what seemed to be a blob of not-ketchup floating next to their bread. "Then..." Cleaning up the blood next to his brother’s sandwich so he could munch on it like nothing had happened at all, another one of them replied, clad in a green engineer’s jumpsuit. "We should get one of the new captain’s Feddie lackeys to start doing the dirty jobs here. The ex-Titans fucker walking around in the black jacket sounds like a good start." Nick didn’t give them any more time, and without a greeting, he began building his relentless offense. His hand threw Shiro’s file in the table, exactly in front of the culprit and just like his commander had done a few minutes ago. But it fell much more heavily this time, with an audible thump. "You know, you’re talking mad stuff, for the shithead responsible of killing a perfectly good soldier." His eyes open with disbelief, the green jacket turned around and looked at him. "The fuck you said to me, you little shit?" He asked, adding a lot of emphasis to the second word. Nicky was already scared shitless, and had to constantly remind himself not to show it to everyone present, not to run away, that everything was under control. We’ve been here before. You can time it right this time... "Of course, i did kill him." Nick continued. "But it was your fault too. You see, your name is probably somewhere in a piece of paper in Von Braun, a piece of paper that says you get paid for doing a job you’re currently NOT. Namely, doing the final check-up on every Mobile Suit." "And what do you know about little Eddie over there?" Said the jumpsuit guy, having finished his own Ham and Cheese Long. "I tend to read about the people i kill", Nicky jokingly added. "Edward Shiro was with this organization from the very beginning, because he was a man of outstanding morals, not like a group of people i’m currently staring at." Looking at the big man in the bandana, he could see him gritting his teeth. "He had two daughters, which means he was capable of maintaining much more than you ever will, even without your fancy toolbox. And he has left behind a wife. He seems to have been somebody a woman could get to love. Unlike your sorry behind." The gang replied with typical teenager behavior: "Ooooo"ing. The universal way to add gasoline to a fire you want to make sure will be there for one to watch the world burn. Their leader was an imbecile, but he could take a hint, and so he crepitated his knuckles, getting up from his seat. "Some fucking sorry ass excuse of a manlet is forgetting his place here, and i’m about to send his pretty face where it belongs… the infirmary." "Why not the showers? My new camera could use with the practice!" A fourth voice joined the fray with another joke, which made all of them laugh again, innocently enough to convince Nick that they hadn’t gotten ever before to that extent, nor would they get to anyways. He ignored the joker with the shiny black SQNY video camera, and made his final approach, to make sure all cards would be stacked in his favor against the alleged chief maintenance "worker" of the ship. "Funny of you to say. You’re failed a spot check in that confidence of yours. You see, that guy, that good man? He died covering me so i could get back to the ship. Because i was out of combat. Because my bullshit Mobile Suit sortied without giving me a single warning that it had been put in the wrong configuration. And it wasn’t entirely its job. It also was your job to warn me of how the Suit had been used beforehand and the state it was in. That father? That husband? Wasn’t only me and Anaheim. You killed him too. So if you think you actually deserve a place on this ship, you incompetent piece of shit, well… you’re as wrong as the colony gasser in the other Nemo." "Motherfucker!" With an audible yell, the big man finally lost it, having his punch go all the way back, to be launched towards Nicky’s face at terminal speed. With incredible nimbleness, however, all Nicky did in immediate response was to take a mere step back, and watch the fist come to a halt a pair of meters away from his face. He wasn’t one to simply keep dodging, though, so before his opponent could make another move and force him to step back again, he crouched, and one of the red wrenches came out of his right sleeve. He steered away from his rock-hard abs, instead launching it towards a much more harmful area. When the wrench hit his groin, the whole gang covered theirs impulsively, making all kinds of painful grins. Then, to drive the point home, he pulled his left arm back, and the other wrench came out of it too. When the disoriented man tried to look in his direction, it was too late. A solid piece of steel made impact against his nose, and by the noise it made afterwards, the watchers knew that was going to hurt almost as much. Fainting by the sheer amount of pain endured in a question of a few moments, his towering figure fell with his back over one corner of the table, turning it over and sending everyone’s food floating around the room, while he started floating slowly towards the floor, unconsciously grabbing his nose with both hands and leaving behind a trail of blood. With a smug smirk, Nick looked down upon the defeated man. Internally, he couldn't believe it. He had actually pulled it off, and now was feeling invincible. He raised his gaze to Bandana Man's shocked friends, and quickly tried to scare them off a "boo", which didn't work out as well as expected. He would only realize too late that the one that had gone to the bathroom was back, and so he was subdued from behind, thrown to the floor and kicked by the five men that were still standing. It went on for minutes, until one of the cooks got out of the kitchen with a rolling pin in hand, and threatened to beat them all to a mist if they kept making a disturbance in the cafeteria, while Nick was wise to fly away the moment the gang was being distracted by the chef with the killer glare. Not the most beneficial of ways to end the the battle, he reckoned an hour later, as he came out of the nearest men’s restroom with wraps over his own nose and forehead. Their leader wouldn’t get out of bed in a long while, but the five of them were still at loose, looking to return the favor. And Captain Grim was sure to slap him for it next day. Don’t give a piece of crap. The point has been made. That fucker better do what he’s paid to from now on... Only one thing left to do now. Nick set course for the sleeping pods, looking for the pod labeled B7R, and when he found it, he used a key to unlock the door. He briefly leaned inside to leave his e-journal and glasses there, under the watch of an empty receptacle where a CRT screen probably used to be, before it was removed and replaced with the kind of flexible tape one could see in early-morning weekend infomercials back in the colony cylinders. There still seemed to be something there Nick could use to close his eyes, though: a pair of worn headphones and a radio with a broken dial, which probably couldn’t even reach for anything on the emptiness of space, but maybe still played something. Eager, he plugged in the headphones and listened, looking for a musical safe haven he could let himself fall in, and as a happy tune played behind them, a familiar pair of Swedish women indeed welcomed him with the one thing he didn’t know he really needed that night: their voice. "You can dance! You can jive! Having the time of your life!" Yes! Somebody had probably left a number of incredibly dated, but unbelievably good mixtapes running as a makeshift radio station of sorts and plugged all of the bed auxiliary cords to it. Just like in that good old Salamis. Tired, Nick left his shoes in the receptacle under the door and climbed inside, getting cozy under the provided bed sheets and putting on the headphones again, before turning on his journal and typing for ten or twenty minutes straight about his first day of being berated and punched by a gang of incompetent, overpaid crewmen. After that, he turned off the journal and closed his eyes, drifting through the coldness of space as a roll of artificially softened bed sheets. By then, the radio had suffered a serious tone shift, from a cheerful song about happiness, to a sad piano piece over which another woman finished her solo, while he silently cried, alone, to once and for all kill what was left of that horrible day. "Nothing I can say A total eclipse of the heart..." --- OOC: If you thought this post would be good because of how long it is and how much time it cost me - you’re wrong. It's plain old writer's block. Have a good night.
  13. One Week Later "From the hands of the 101th Mobile Suit Team of the Zeon Earth Assault Force's South African branch: Take as much time as you want, but don't let it be because of us. The ten of us have signed this piece of paper as our will to sacrifice ourselves, with the intention to buy this convoy a strong head start. Make use of it and let them reach Axis. Give them their home, and they'll give the Feds their war." The entirety of Port Elizabeth in South Africa stared at the abyss of a clear night sky. An airfield in the outskirts of the city had opened the doors to the biggest hangar, one that was surprisingly big enough for a Gaw attack carrier. While this happened, sentries watched out for anything that looked even remotely like the glow of a GM's composite visor. The silhouette of a man leaned against a railing at the top of the abandoned control tower, glancing briefly at the hangar where the engineers quietly tried to get the main engine to work again (after a failed launch days prior), then lifting his gaze at the skyline of the thriving metropolis. His hands grasped the handle of a nearby ice container to open the door, taking out a beer can to quench the thirst and placate the heat. Condensation formed in the outer walls of the tin cylinder upon contact with the air. A nearby lamp post ocassionally flickered on and washed him in a warm, faint light, only to abandon him a few moments later. It had been a long day, and it would be a long night. Time seemed to be endless after the Axis officer read that letter he had handed him out loud. Erin had told him that it was a secret meant for the officer, that he or anybody else were never to even glance at it. Now, he knew why. He wouldn’t have left if she were ever to tell him. The woman behind him, of whose presence he was unaware, had been through a lot more. After the battle that ended with the lives of all but two of her team members a week ago, their struggle to live another day was all but lost. However, it didn’t turn into much of a disruption for her plans. Leading the Titans away, they would be sure to be too focused in her team for any kind of attempt at investigating the ruins and finding out about the convoy that was en route to Port Elizabeth. After all, ten pilots weren't much when compared to the whole group of Mobile Suit mechanics, workers and soldiers that would reach Axis. They weren't expecting a battle that early, hoping to gain a head start and lead them further, but the two Zeonics and the Zimmad that had come out of that mess were still enough to keep pushing. Enough to keep moving forward. Enough to eat a few more rounds. And so the three carried on, to what they thought would be their bitter end. Not everything had been lost, however. Two days of constant watch later, Lady Luck smiled upon their perseverance one more time, and had them find a remote village where scarce remnants of the ZEAF had gone into hiding after their base was retaken by the Federation. Scared and tired, the vast majority decided to forgive but not forget, carrying on with a calm rural life and a low profile. Five of them did not forgive either, though, secretly mantaining their Mobile Suits, their uniforms and small arms as best as they could, all of it for the day when the Principality would come back for them. Taking some rest at the local inn, she told them about the convoy that was making its way to Port Elizabeth, and so they agreed to repair her Mobile Suits and join her, with the condition that she tried to take them there. The Gouf Custom and Dom Tropen got up better next morning, while the Zaku’s legs were deemed a lost cause after they never turned on again, and replaced with a Magella Attack’s tracks to be given as a Zaku Tank to the greenest of the bunch. They started marching towards Elizabeth, the three of them plus a blue Zogok and a captured GM that had been painted in green camouflage. Yuri kept travelling by her side, but Lyle decided to stay in the village and help them heal their sick, being as their medic had been lost months ago in an unfortunate, violent robbery, and few of them actually risked a walk into the city. In exchange, the Tropen would be given to the leader of the local squad for him to pilot. Erin knew Lyle’s decision wasn’t all about helping the villagers, but also a result of his doubts after Raphael’s death. She would miss him, but she let him stay, as it would be for the best. No point trying to force somebody to fight when motivated pilots were available, and while his skills as a medic weren’t stellar, they were better than nothing at all. Now, Erin was back. The last week had been nothing if not terrifying. Every corner, every bush, every moving object could be a potential sign of a terrible death to come. Every step was a miracle. But that would be no more. She was safe and sound, and ready to go back to her life of eternal grudges and jingoism. Go ahead. You can say it now, you magnificent bastard. Happy to be there again, she let out a smirk and grabbed a beer can too, leaning against the railing, then looking into his astonished eyes. "I'm home..."
  14. Dead...? A GM was destroyed in the battle, and rumors that no capsule was spotted were abundant. But... Slowly, Nick stepped forward and reached for the folder, looking at the papers containing a script of every transmission made during the battle, the desperation that was thinly hidden behind every single word, and Shiro's personal file. Born Edward Benjamin Shiro, forty-one years old. Earth Federation Liutenant and AEUG agent ever since its formation after Colony 30. Husband to Lena Shiro Ferrin. Father to a teen, and a preschooler. Jesus fucking Christ... His right hand shook as it tried to reach for the pair of silver-trimmed glasses, taking them off. Such a sight saddened him profoundly, never mind the fact that he knew part of what Grim said was right: he was partially responsible for the death of a good man. Not only a good pilot. A husband. A father. Growing up in one of Hatte's grittiest colonies, he knew this feeling well. He had seen friends of his cry for the loss of their loved ones. He had seen his cousin cry for the loss of his aunt and uncle when Zeon took the capital colony away. It filled him with impotence, and impotence turned into rage. His left hand briefly clutched in anger, he gently set the folder down upon the table from which it was taken, and now looked at his Commanding Officer, hating him no more, but still full of hate. ''Sir. This will not happen again. I'll make sure of it as soon as i cross that door.'' Nick seemed a little different all of a sudden. He cared not about the enraged Commanding Officer that was more likely to unload another slap on his face than to actually dismiss him, nor the star pilot at his right, riding his high horse even after being backhanded across the face, but about what he was doing to do before getting to the sleeping pods, if only to sleep knowing he had tried his best at least once in that day. Not everything was my fault. Shiro died defending me, because i was defenseless. I was defenseless, because i had sortied in an useless Mobile Suit. I sortied in a useless Mobile Suit, because i did not know it was in that condition, not that it should have. And it was in that condition because somebody carelessly left it that way, even though the rest of the Mobile Suits came ready to use. I didn't know it was like that, because there wasn't a maintenance report over the seat, even though that was someone's responsibility too. For want of two nails, we lost the war. Whoever was responsible for this, i'll find out before the day ends, and i'll give him fucking nails.
  15. Working for the Zeeks. Hmph. If this shit keeps up, sure, I might. What do I have to say for myself? One of the first and most important jobs you're supposed to do is keep spies at bay. Yet Axis knew when and where to find us, on our first day. YOUR incompetence got us into this. I couldn't get to the unit for the most basic of acquaintances before those fucks appeared. There was no status report inside the cockpit warning me of the mode switch, a task too difficult to be done while all of you repelled the Zeeks, nevermind the fact that in an emergency sortie, you don't have time to go through the whole check-up. And even having so few mechanics in the ship, I was assigned to battle in a shoddily-made Mobile Suit of all people. You knew this would happen, and probably even wanted it. You're merely playing with all of us. This is but a game for your amusement, isn't it? Come on, what do YOU have to say for yourself? Because I didn't expect better from you, yet you still managed to disappoint. Nick looked at Grim with accusing eyes, not even gazing at Ryder. As much as they hated each other's guts, he felt this one was all on Grim, regardless of what the other felt. But he knew such thoughts would get him ejected through the airlock in record time. He couldn't simply give anybody in that ship his two cents. Everybody was unknown, and he was still making his white list. So far, only Hiro and the good-hearted cooks had made a good impression on him. The rest, an unknown force. Not to be trusted. Not to ever see behind the shield. So he put on his best poker face and spoke what they wanted to hear from him. "There's no excuse. This incident is completely on my shoulders. It will not happen again." I won't let you make it happen again.
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