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  1. The sounds of gunfire got louder and the rain got heavier as the fight dragged on. The armor’s sonar showed the big silhouette getting closer by the second. Kyle’s Trinames would be essential support, so his priority was to keep it alive. One problem, however, was that three Cancers were getting awfully close to Kyle, and even though he was dispatching them fast, he couldn't help but worry. We couldn't get the Sonic Cannons or the Hand Missile Units ready on time… Kyle doesn't need me, rather, I'm dragging him down, but I sure as hell have got to keep him alive if I want to live long in this p
  2. While Deep Aquatel was, as the name suggested, deep under the water, it was definitely not going to be out of the loop about what happened above. Establishing an infolink with Isla to have a better view of the skies, Aida studied the scene. "Isla, maintain altitude. Let’s see..." What he could make of it was Mogadishu Base’s island. Aside from the Asshimar and Marasai squadron coming to greet Kyle, Carter and Isla, he spotted the silhouettes of six Cancers and six Pisces, along with a big, big silhouette. A boss? Reeks of trouble. From behind the island, one could see two planes, identical to
  3. Isla's Gunpla Collection #1 - LMV-04(E/F) Variable (EWAC/Flight) Gundam Base Unit: LM312V06 Victory Gundam Hexa Operator: Isla Defensive Systems: Variable Phase Shift - With exceptional resistance to physical damage at the cost of power consumption per hit, VPS is an improved version of Phase Shift Armor that runs at lower power levels until the need for better protection arises and can switch properties to better suit the situation, making it the most energy-efficient and versatile variant of the PS system. Special System: None Melee Weapons: Beam
  4. A rainy afternoon. Raindrops poured from the sky upon the fuselage and wings of the cargo plane, and the sky was overcast. No chances of it stopping anytime soon, thought Aida as the TV in the cargo plane's lounge, tuned to receive the local air channels, showed the same for Mogadishu. In minutes, the team would probably see the same aerial shots for themselves through their window. He walked to the cargo bay, deserted save for the snapshots of a damaged Trinames, a wrecked Comet Dagger, and an armless, deactivated Airbatel. The latter was not being repaired, however. Rather, it was that way o
  5. - This post was made in a joint effort by the players of Alpha Team and Replicator. - (1/3) Marco managed to lodge Bael's right claw inside the Asshimar, doing such a good job that when it kept going, filled with momentum, it threw Bael to the ground and actually ripped its right arm off in a brutal manner, taking it away like a speeding train would a bird. Remy left the Gundam behind and flew some meters more, before his Mobile Suit crashed into the sand and tumbled down a dune. Finally, he lost power, but he was alive, owing to the enemy pilot not going for the Asshimar's head. Whe
  6. The attack on Bael was ferocious, but it was too much of a beast to handle unprepared. One Asshimar was lost immediately after the Gundam made its reactor go critical, but the initial attack missed the head and thus, the cockpit, so the pilot could’ve lived to tell the tale by ejecting the head to prevent its systems from overloading and letting the armor protect them. The next two casualties came from the twin Rail Cannons: an Asshimar was hit in the head with a round that went right through the monoeye, all the way to the cockpit, where it exploded and had somebody meet a gruesome fate. The
  7. Just in time, six beige and brown cargo planes started taking turns to land on the runway that hadn’t been blown to pieces in the chaos. Rashid Kurama spoke from his custom Maganac. “Not a second late. Master Quatre, our flight is here. The Maganac Corps will accompany you on your next mission.” Abdul followed by offering a helping hand, his Maganac moving the monoeye to look at the Trinames and the Comet Dagger. “You guys are not looking so good… Come on. We’ll take you to the planes.” As for Aida and Isla, they returned to their Gunpla rather cautiously, and used the loudspeakers to communic
  8. The battle was over. With the provisional leader of the Featherheads falling in his green Mobile Suit to a certain death, going out in a small atomic blast, whoever was miraculously still alive got out of their wrecked Mobile Suits or, in Neil's case, turned his machine around to return to the base, knowing he was all alone against those who had decimated eleven other Leos, and twenty-four Aries on their own. The members of Beta Team let them all go, and so did Quatre, but it only fueled their newfound hatred of them further. The survivors, scarce as they were, would be back, and so would thei
  9. As the brown and blue machine was about to land next to the hospital, though, it was hit by what he assumed to be a stray shell. Either that, or somebody out there thought of the international conventions that protected non-combatants as international suggestions, the thought of which scared Remy. “Shit!” Now where would he deposit the kid safely? He then figured the safest place would be the weird legged ship: even if they lost and the ship was defenseless, surely nobody would think of destroying it. The kid could escape with the rest of the crew to elude being recaptured, too. With this in m
  10. Quatre finally got to the battle zone, and registered every machine on the fray. Every machine had problems of its own: There was a silver and green GM of sorts, which looked even more weird without the visor that usually covered the monoeye camera in Federation Mobile Suits: having disposed of every Leo equipped with a Dober Gun, two beam saber-equipped Leos followed it to the site where a white and green Gundam fought with more Leos: two of them commander-spec, with a shoulder cannon on the right, and a shield on the left. The other one was apparently normal. On the other side, a blue GM loo
  11. Thanks to Roromi for letting me participate! When Aida entered the SEED festival, he was not thinking of attending the party, singing along to that famous Diver's J-Pop covers or discussing the shows and their side stories. Rather, when Daniel sent him a virtual flyer of the event, he scoffed at the idea, since he wasn't a big fan of Cosmic Era, even though he had watched the main series. But Daniel, who was an avid fan of the timeline and wanted to share his love of it with his best friend, convinced him to give the festival a try with the excuse of entering his old JANET Murasame in the
  12. Wufei felt scorned by fate. He had come all the way from the battle in Colony A0206, surviving his very own wife, the woman who gave Nataku its name, only to be bested by some soft-spoken, wealthy aristocrat in a Mobile Suit made of blue toothpicks. In his very first official sortie, no less. - “Kill me.” Feeling worthless, incapable of fulfilling his duty as a Gundam Pilot, he asked Treize to take the final step. However, he just lowered his weapon, deactivating the vibrating blade. - “It was a good fight.” He stated matter of factly, a trace of melancholy in his words. He shifted t
  13. "Tch!" Having actually been proved at a disadvantage, given the importance of maneuverability for a close-quarters combat machine, Wufei took a split-second decision to let the sonic blade try its luck against the Gundanium Alloy shoulder plate, and as it became lodged inside, Nataku let the Beam Glaive go, deploying its Dragon Fang and attacking Treize, but merely as a claw, so as to not make a dishonorable move. “I fight for a just world, devoid of tyrants!” Sandrock quickly saw to getting back its Heat Shotel from the flaming wreckage of the first Enact, and stored it in its backpack.
  14. Captain Remy Arbuckle was a man of following routines, with the same reverence people went to church on Sundays with. So when he first heard the air raid alarms, he was in Hangar A07, climbing the steps to the cockpit of his sky blue and sand brown Asshimar for some routine inspections. Just like every morning. Never one to reflect too long on the circumstances of each sortie, he climbed inside his machine and made a cold, quick boot of the systems, which really went to show the trust he placed in it. All he needed to do was to put on his orange normal suit, and in record time, both were ready
  15. Shenlong, being attacked relentlessly by the Colonel, had to increase the distance. Wufei reflected on his armaments and the Enact's: He couldn't incinerate the unit with his Dragon Fang, given the enemy's honorable action of discarding their rifle, nor could he use the Vulcan guns. No more option but to use his beam trident, while the nimble turquoise unit was stuck with a knife that didn't even glow orange. He had the longer weapon, he had beams and a reason to fight. "You're a good soldier… But!" It's all about taking control of this situation, Wufei thought, and flied a short distance back
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