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  1. Overcharge felt frustrated. What had looked to be a nice day of blending in with human society and refining his alter ego turned out to be thrown to the drones. It wasn't that big of a loss for him, after all, it was his first time hiding among humans. Now, Slugfest had transformed, revealing that drones were capable of using alt modes. Giving up on diverting their foe away from Oaklio, Sargeant Hound transformed as well, revealing himself to the shotgun-wielding Decepticon, and any humans foolish enough to stick around. When the green Autobot transformed, after living untold thousands of cycles with the humans, he knew things were serious enough to switch to his true form himself. Taking advantage of the fact Slugfest's optics were on the Sargeant, Overcharge transformed and revealed a new weapon, akin to a big pistol, crafted by Perceptor from the remains of the Hope's attackers. Here's hoping this Empathic Magnum is the one to put you down. The irony won't be lost on me. Aiming for the back of Slugfest's torso and head, Overcharge fired several times from behind, holding the weapon with both manipulators and firmly standing on the ground, so as to keep the recoil under control. Even with these measures, every shot fired applied considerable force on Overcharge and the pavement he was standing over, so much that by the sixth shot, he had sinked a few feet into it, leaving a detailed imprint of his foot soles on the road.
  2. For a few seconds after Trent and Kate had gotten out of the car, the holo was left staring at the green bills. Ah, my first wad of Statesian currency! What could I buy with this? Perhaps a new spaceship? Who said we have to fix the Hope? It then dawned upon him that he had no way to interact safely with the rectangular pieces of paper. On second thought, maybe I should just hand these and any others over to Perceptor, see what he makes of this raw resource. While he blocked the street, contemplating what to do with the proceeds of his new job, another Decepticon drone attacked, this one fairly more menacing than the last. Rudely leaving a big recess on his hood and roaring over him, Overcharge quickly fought back. "What's wrong with you really?! I can't even complete a fare?!" he exclaimed before siphoning energy off the nearby energy lamps and transformer boxes. He didn't really have a need for more energy, but instead wanted to stun the stego, which was between him and the energy sources. In addition, he directed some of his stored energy outwards to help in his attack. Hopefully, this would be enough to at least get the robo-dino off him. As he did this, he called for his friends on the radio. "Sargeant! Private! Scienceofficer! A drone is attacking me next to the theater! We need to get this bogey out of the town so we can kick the scrap out of him somewhere nice and quiet!"
  3. Excited to finally speak to a real human, Overcharge eagerly followed Hound, Perceptor and Hot Shot through the forest. While his own experience with his past alt mode helped him traverse the terrain with more ease than his fellow crewmembers, the land yacht he had based his new appearance on was less willing to negotiate with dirt and mud. As they found a paved road, the land yacht in him found itself grateful for the softer ride. Inside, a there was a holo of a well-built man with receding blonde hair, wearing aviator sunglasses and a black jacket with an orange shirt. Having watched a movie about a flying taxi driver and a woman with red hair, this was Overcharge's idea of an average American cabbie. Wanting to look his best for his first human passenger, the teal Bot had stored some energy within himself, planning to use it to clean his exterior when no eyes were looking his way. He found his chance at the end of a tunnel they were driving on - as he drove out of it, Overcharge purged the drying mud and the dust. However, when his optics adjusted to the light, he was met with a sight far more beautiful than his own clean bonnet: Earth's beautiful landscape. Mesmerized by it, the Autobot said almost nothing during their journey. When they arrived in Oaklio, he regained his speech. This city was apparently not as advanced as the one in the movie. For one, there were no hovercars, which allowed him and the others to blend in all the better. When Sargeant Hound proposed they split up and keep talking over the radio, Overcharge agreed and headed for the center. The first order of the day was to get a feel for the surroundings and layout of the town. Reconnaisance was his job after all! Oblivious, the Autobot Corporal paraded around the settlement, having forgotten his top light on as he memorized landmarks, observed other vehicles and tried to follow traffic rules. Hmmm. I should've left a little dirt on. 12% dirt seems to be fashionable around here.
  4. Their luck appeared to be on the turn when Hot Shot rescued Perceptor from the Ravages, which strangely, started to retreat. They could've won if only they had pressed on... While happy about it at first, Overcharge then found it suspicious that the likes of them, vicious and bloodthirsty, would give up on their attack so suddenly. "Officer, something reeks about all this... Why did they just do that? They had the upper hand." A possible answer presented itself when his teammates turned around to look at him, probably without the slightest clue either and eager to tell him about it. In doing so, they spotted a metallic bird speeding towards him, and warned him about it. I see how it is! They were a distraction! This bird here's probably the one with the really important mission! But you won't get away with it! His body still jolting with electrons, he directed all his energy towards his fist, then turned around, trying to punch the robot bird in its shiny, pointy beak. "Electron... PUUUUUNCH!"
  5. The situation was becoming more complicated by the minute. The drones swarmed the four of them, despite their best efforts to keep them at bay. Having no weapons to his disposal, Overcharge was relegated to punching Ravages to keep them off him, and punch them he did. Then, he was ordered to fall back and guard the cargo bay by Perceptor, but the bot who gave the order was immediately ganged up on by more of the drones. Immediately, he had to decide between the ship and his friend. Choosing to put his faith on the Private getting a hold of himself and helping Perceptor before it was too late, Overcharge transformed into his alt mode and sped towards the cargo hold. He then spoke over the comms with Hot Shot, trying to scare him into reason. "Private! I cannot turn back now! You must help the Science Officer! That's a direct order! GOT IT?!" On his way to the cargo hold, he ran down several Ravage drones rather effectively, before transforming back upon arriving and siphoning energy from a loose cable. Is this it? Do we die defending this piece of scrap that might just not take us off the planet anyways? Is this really how I go?
  6. The situation was, suffice to say, less than ideal. Overcharge had little energy in store and was caught outside, without any nearby power sources to feed on. The four Autobots were heavily outnumbered and surrounded by Ravage drones, as Perceptor called them, which approached them slowly but at a steady pace. To make things worse, the bot in charge was none other than a Science Officer, and he wasn't giving out any orders that could be of any help. Forced to think of something on a whim, the teal Corporal made a suggestion, not wanting to question Perceptor's authority, even if he didn't seem the type that'd care about that. "Perceptor... Sir. Maybe we should form a circle? They're many, but they're weak. We could reduce our blind spots to a minimum and make it so they can't gang up on any single one of us..." After his statement, he adopted a fighting posture. Come on, then. I'm gonna beat the scrap out of you monsters... as many of you as I can.
  7. "Damn it!" Overcharge saw his only remaining ally getting shot in the head by one of the Frenzies, and from his experience in the urban battlefield, he knew he was very unlikely to keep Skids alive long enough to reach the medical bay. Hotlink was beyond what Overcharge considered the point of no return, and had been tossed next to some highly conspicuous crates. This, at least, made the process of triage easier for him. Siphoning some more energy, he quickly ran towards Skids and picked him up, passively transferring some of his stored energy to his body. Hopefully, that and the energy he'd pick along the way would be enough to keep him alive for a run to the ER. He intended to abandon the cargo bay and retreat wherever his odds looked better. And I am to retreat, I might as well try to save Skids. Next, he pointed his free hand towards Hotlink's propellant tanks and quickly fired a single blast of concentrated energy towards them. If his hunch was correct, the conspicuous crates contained highly volatile ammunition, and had been made bright red on purpose so Cargobots would know to handle them carefully. Igniting the propellant tanks could result in a big enough explosion to act as a smokescreen, behind which he could leave the room with Skids and maybe even take out a pair of Cons. Goodbye, Hotlink. I'm really sorry for this. I did look forward to meeting you.
  8. "Eek!" Overcharge, who had been following Skids' trail in his alt mode, quickly steered behind another pile of cargo and transformed as well to avoid the barrage. Staring down the barrel of ten assault rifles and probably about to be charged at with twenty battering rams, he understood that if he and Skids intended to survive without having to run away, they'd need to make an offensive play. Raising his left arm towards a junction box, he addressed his teammate. "Skids, right?! We won't be able to hold them off! I'm gonna try something, so have your gun ready!" He siphoned energy from the box until his lights and optics had a certain shine to them, and then prepared to make his move. "You better be on a fresh magazine..." Then, he put his right arm over the boxes and started discharging his energy on the Decepticon mooks, quickly panning his arm to douse the ones on the left first, then the ones on the middle and the right. "Now! Left to right, fire, fire, fire!" His intention was to stun as many of them as he could, so that they'd drop their guard and allow Skids to down as many of them as possible. If things went their way and they were to dispatch the Decepticons easily, perhaps Hotlink was not beyond saving. Most helpfully, the projectiles had not ruptured his flamethrower's fuel tank, so he wouldn't go up in flames if nobody hit it too hard. However, that was exactly why he couldn't go close until every enemy in the room had been taken care of.
  9. While the Hope made its way towards Krogo VI, Overcharge couldn't think of much but the planet itself. Like Perceptor, he was excited to explore it, even if he was stuck guarding the ship with a reformed Decepticon. I'm the recon specialist. Sooner or later they're gonna have to put somebody else in place and send me somewhere far away. Entering the cantina, he briefly observed an Autobot getting their daily ration from a dispenser. This made him think, as he walked past the room and into another hallway. Though there might not be any energy for me to siphon in such a planet. I might have to get some from the ship's generator before I go anywhere. He was also excited to socialize with the rest of his teammates, and get to know them, but Overcharge knew better than to find them right away and pressure them into playing cards or talking. Just like in the big metallic jungle, work would bring them all together. Wandering aimlessly around the ship, he stopped to observe Cybertron from a window, becoming smaller and more distant each passing second. Goodbye Cybertron. Will we see each other again?
  10. Bed's a bed... could be worse really. Having fallen on hard times before, Overcharge did not scoff at the notion of resting in the barracks, even if his roommates could be noisy. He followed Kup and Perceptor into the lobby, which had been turned into a mad scientist's cave. The Captain then proceeded to mess with the scientist's shiny trinkets, much to the latter's chagrin. However humorous the situation may have been, the teal robot successfully contained himself. After that, Overcharge was left alone by the war hero with the bot of science, which continued to pressure him about his ability. Good Hand above! The Captain just left me with this maniac, right in the middle of his lair... Gotta divert his attention somehow, at least until the briefing... The electromancer quickly looked around, and spoke evasively. "Psh. Yeah, Old 'bots can fail to see the big picture and concentrate on winning battles, ignoring why they're there or how... Not me, though. I like this science stuff too." His optics finally fixated on the orange, boxy machine the scientist appeared to be so proud of earlier. Maybe this will get him started and keep us busy until we're called to the bridge. "Like this! You called it a Teletrain Mobile, right? What kinda data does it give really? How does it work?" While not his preferred theme of conversation, Overcharge intended to listen to whatever the scientist could tell him. I might learn something... and anything's better than being impaled on a pivoting stick really.
  11. The teal Autobot stood up once instructed to by Sentinel Prime, who gave the gray and red chassis a quick run-down of his abilities. He was then approached by this individual, who introduced himself as the ship's Science Officer. Unsettlingly enough, one the first things he wanted to do was to run tests on him. Fortunately, another familiar face came to the rescue, instructing both of them to follow him into the ship. Wow, that's... that's Kup! He's supposed to be one of the oldest Autobots still in service. Quickly, he trailed behind the Science Officer, up the ramp into the ship. As they walked down a relatively deserted hallway, where the occasional civilian could be seen ferrying boxes from one room to the other, Kup promoted him from Private to Corporal. Overcharge could barely contain his satisfaction now, a smile running across his face. His efforts in the great steel and concrete jungle were starting to pay off. Now, the old timer opened up a window to learn more. Figuring out a question about their mission would just get brushed off with a cold "It's all in the debriefing", the electromancer decided to ask about the ship instead. "Sir. Thank you for this opportunity. Uh..." He stumbled for a moment, before going on with his question. "Where are we staying? Do we have rooms?"
  12. A teal all-terrain sped towards the HOPE's entry ramp, having been cleared through one of the checkpoints without issues. As it neared closer, it started decelerating, finally coming to a halt a few hundred meters ahead. It then transformed into a fairly unassuming Autobot, covered in grime and dirt from travelling all day. Immediately, he looked at himself, and strangely, he looked satisfied with his appearance. "Heh. My favorite part." Then, he approached a luminous beacon, and raised his hand towards it. Energy emanated from the lightbulb and shot towards the hand. The raw electricity then engulfed his entire body, repelling the filth away from the metalwork and, in some cases, outright disintegrating it. In mere seconds, the teal Autobot was spick-and-span. Then, he felt presentable enough to approach the ramp on which his superiors stood tall, while the beacon slowly started to shine again. Upon reaching the ramp, he took a knee at the very base, looking up towards Sentinel Prime and Perceptor. Of the two, he only knew the Prime. The other, he had not been told of, but he could only assume he was higher up the ranks than him. "Sirs. It is an honor to meet you. My name is Overcharge. I will be at the service of this ship." On the outside, he appeared calm and collected. Inside, however, he was excited to set foot on a new planet. A new frontier...
  13. OVERCHARGE "What gives you life can put you in the ground. It's all about the dosage." FACTION: Autobot RANK: Unassigned - Personality Laid back but sociable and street wise, Overcharge likes to blend in with his surroundings. For this purpose, he's well accustomed to choosing the appropriate alt-mode for every situation. His hobbies include sightseeing in other planets and socializing with its sentients, learning their language and customs. These traits make him a valuable asset in the fields of reconnaisance and snooping. He's at his best tending to the wounded and is always quick on his wheels, but when waste hits the fan, he's reliable backup. - Appearance Overcharge is a medium sized Autobot with a teal and yellow body. He is adorned with yellow lights here and there, which he can use in low visibility conditions to guide friendlies, or to lure enemies away from protected targets. His lights also dim or shine more intensely according to his mood, or when he uses his energy related abilities. - Alternate Modes and weapons While in Cybertron, Overcharge adopted an alt-mode better suited to mix in with the denizens of urban areas and fitting in tight spaces: a non-descript, four-wheeled vehicle usually shaped just like another one which just went by him in the opposite direction. This helps in throwing off followers and pursuers. As for his abilities, Overcharge is capable of siphoning energy from the environment, storing it in his body to redirect it somewhere else. He can apply this energy to inactive apparatus to reactivate it, which includes Cybertronians that are nearing death or, in extreme cases, have been dead for a very short while. On the other hand, he can dose enemies with energy to stun them or even neutralize them. - Backstory A new name in the Autobot ranks, it's not known what Overcharge used to do for a living before the Great War or if he was even around, but it is known that he participated in several covert and guerrilla-style operations against the Decepticons in heavily urbanized areas throughout the conflict. Offered the chance to participate in a highly secretive operation off world, Overcharge accepted without hesitation, eager to meet new teammates and adapt to new surroundings.
  14. The midnight blue-haired figure, dressed in a matching turtleneck with a brown coat and pants, would receive the news immediately upon sitting down. They took a moment to breathe in and looked out the window, spotting a white vintage convertible with a red synthetic leather top. Breathing out, their mind harkened back to driving the delightful vehicle into the parking lot minutes ago. Their contact in Sydney, an Observer who went by the moniker “Numbat”, had really gone out of their way to disguise modern equipment as historical replicas from the twentieth century. From the white convertible and its chrome “Saab 9000” badge, secretly an electric vehicle that benefited from the same breakneck acceleration as a modern sports car, to the modernized Browning HP pistols in the bag, blued with polished wood grips and chambered in a more contemporary cartridge. And then, their gift to the Meister, now trying to pierce a hole through the inner pocket of their cashmere coat: a replica of a Borchardt C93 pistol, originally made in what was now AEU territory, chambered in the same caliber as the Brownings to bring the weapon into the twenty-fourth century. The heavy but exquisite silver pistol with white pearl grips wasn’t a weapon as much as it was a piece of art, a statement in class, a heirloom from a more civilized, if simple age. The thought of putting on the white rubber gloves and using any of the pistols almost made Rai flinch, even though they knew Numbat personally, and knew the weapon’s eccentric owner probably kept authentic units of each model to themselves in a cold, dark cellar. “Well,” the Meister finally exclaimed, “so much for subtlety. It appears we will have to see for ourselves how well these work in the right here, right now. Unless you want me to have a go at that...” Rai pointed at Christina’s closed laptop, before dedicating Multi a warm smile, and making what could be interpreted as a sarcastic joke. “It could potentially save us from ridicule. You know, by the woman who can’t hold her liquor and the man who instead failed to maintain possession of a shield the size of two premium apartments?”
  15. Cloudy afternoon. A storm loomed over Caracas, and as its first droplets made contact with the floor, Rai was already making their way out of the city in a green scooter, protected from the elements by an orange waterproof poncho with big shoulder pads. A dead drop made by Celestial Being, the scooter included a delivery box on the back, with "Pizzas Julito: A Domicilio" printed on it. Inside, there used to be a matching uniform, but the space was now occupied by Rai's usual white suit. Instead, they wore the uniform under their poncho. No way I'm going to ride under the rain for an hour with that thing on… Indeed, an hour and a half later, Rai was still riding the pizza delivery scooter along the Taribian highways, harassed by heavy rain, when they set eyes upon their chosen hiding spot for Virtue. Riding on a side road for ten more minutes, they finally pulled up to the front gate of an abandoned airfield. Closing it behind themselves, their scooter made their way past the discarded airframes of old fighter jets, some still bearing the insignias of the country Caracas used to be a part of, before Taribia was established. Rai was pretty proud of themselves for having succeeded to hide their Gundam so close to the urban center without being spotted. At last, they entered one of the hangars, seemingly empty. Virtue's stealth field had its limitations, specifically up close, so Rai could see the Mobile Suit laying down on its back. Even with the delays due to the rain, it didn't look like Edmund, Albus or Feldt would show up in Taribian airspace any time soon, so they took their time to change into their blank normal suit, drew a cold pizza slice from the scooter's box and finally climbed inside Virtue, turning on the communication systems to listen in on every military and civilian frequency. As soon as any of the Gundams showed up in Taribia for a showdown against the military, they would be ready to deploy and provide support.
  16. Rai initially smirked in response to the Hellions that prepared to fire their linear rifles upon them. Virtue's GN Field could've made short work of the 120mm rounds, however, the pilot would think twice before activating the field. It is imperative that the enemy finds out as little as possible about GN-005. Perhaps, I should only use what little I've already shown them. With this in mind, Rai changed Virtue's attitude, speeding up as it adopted a flying pattern. Virtue wasn't especially fast or maneuverable, but being stuck firing forwards, and not being spectacular shots on top of that, the Hellion pilots would not land any meaningful shots either. Soon, they would fly past the ascending Virtue, which ascended with little more than scratches. The pilot was prepared. Before the group sent to stop them had any chance to scatter, they zeroed both GN Cannons on the group and fired. “No, I don’t think you will.” The beams of light hit the three machines without mercy, even going as far as to disintegrate one. However, the other three, assigned to take down Exia, escaped the artillery Suit's wrath. Rai was quick to warn Albus, calm as ever. “Three coming your way. Deal with them quickly or do that little dance of yours first… knock yourself out. I've met my quota.” Below the snark, Rai began to understand the reasoning behind Veda's choices. Albus had acquired a taste for flashy, unnecessary moves. Edmund loved to play the lone, aloof ranger. Even Feldt was full of what they perceived as eccentricities, but so far, Rai had not seen anyone who could do their jobs better. As long as we do what we're supposed to...
  17. I've submitted Aida for GBN 1.8 Rai Nemerič for 00 ReDefine
  18. I'm all in for a reboot!
  19. It's begun. Dressed in a gray normal suit, Virtue's pilot had been listening on Albus ever since their air drop. While GN-005's stealth field dissolved to reveal a hulking dark gray and red Mobile Suit falling from the skies, Rai thought out loud on an open line with Albus. "Perhaps if you would take your mission seriously instead of smarting over the shade of green I chose for it, we'd be onto Phase 2 by now." Spotting the three similarly-colored flyers circling around the demonstration, Rai decided to make an entrance of their own. "18379845, Virtue. Current directive: support Exia. Executing preemptive action." Leaving this on the record, Rai guided Virtue's fall towards the three Hellions, which were between Virtue and the military base guarding the Advanced European Union's Solar Elevator. "Phase: One." The Hellions couldn't spot the second Gundam until it was far too late. Like a brick landing on top of a toothpick, Virtue snapped the squadron leader's flyer in half, and kept falling down, as the better half of its victim trailed smoke and lost altitude. While they initially spared the other two machines, it wouldn't be long until Rai spun Virtue on its vertical axis, aiming its GN Cannons at them. They're scared to be spotted in violation of their own treaty. I wonder how much time will pass until they find us worse than an international tribunal, and deploy the elevator garrison. Gripping the controls of their Mobile Suit harder, Rai opened fire on the green AEU machines.
  20. Rai was, perhaps, the only one who was supportive about the decision to put Dynames in the hands of a teenage girl. Damn. She looks like she got so far and tried so hard, and in the end, it didn’t even matter. However… Their thoughts turned into words to defend Feldt. - “Veda chose her. The new Meister might look like somebody who cries herself to sleep to the tune of L’Arc-En-Ciel every night, but I assume its directive was to find the four best people for the job of handling our specific Mobile Suits. At least, I hope that’s what Veda was going for when it picked all three of you, out of thousands upon thousands of candidates.” Rai’s reasoning was sound: To doubt Veda would be to doubt the very machine that gave them an opportunity to change the world, and, in a way, themselves.
  21. Now, his enemy was preparing to fire another burst of energy. Aida knew that he had to destroy the cannon with his next movement, because he wouldn't be able to dodge the blast if it managed to fire this time. I can do this! Rather, I must! Cranking up the heat claws and flaring up all the thrusters, Aquatel went for an attack on the Sub Walo's, fully aware that it was a do-or-die moment. "For the love of God, HIT!" - Carter and his companion Elemechu were quick to spring into action to defend Fa, unlike Risu who had apparently frozen in place, probably due to the shock of the moment. While the Elemechu made Scirocco stumble, it wouldn’t take him long to recover by pushing himself away from the wall, kicking the Elemechu down the corridor and shooting Carter twice in the stomach, before making his exit down one of the doors in the corridor. He quickly closed it manually, and fired at the lock from his side, keeping the mechanism shut. “Paptimus” was angry as he took off the purple wig, but even if his intellect couldn’t hold a candle to that of his namesake, he saw that it was too risky facing who he thought were three Divers. I’ve been careless. They’ve got nothing to lose, but I do. I should know better than to do these things. Outside, the rain had stopped, the clouds giving way to the bright afternoon sun. While the unknown figure made his escape, away from the sights of Carter, Fa and Risu, alarms started blaring. The PA System dutifully broadcasted the base commander’s voice to everyone inside the island. “This is Base Commander Dangar! All forces, Kronos is being launched! Switch to the offensive as soon as it deploys! It’s payback time!” For all players, the ‘Objectives’ screen briefly glitched out. ‘Recapture Risu’, ‘Destroy Mogadishu Base’ and ‘Retrieve Red Hard Drive’, along with the three secondary objectives, were soon replaced by an ominous message, as an insurmountable foe rose from the waters. Mission Update: RUN AWAY Aida and Otto both opened their eyes right after the former’s suicidal attack on the latter’s Mobile Armor. To their surprise, neither were dead. The mega particle cannon had failed to fire and the heat claws were now stuck inside it. They shared a moment of silence, which did not last long. Aida soon realized it wasn't in his best interest to kill Otto anymore, as Isla shared her view of the battlefield with him. From Mogadishu Base, a black Argama-Class ship could be seen surfacing from the sea, deploying Taurus Mobile Dolls in frightening numbers. Further Taurus MDs arrived from outside the battle space, previously hidden in Mogadishu, waiting for this moment. From the bridge of the unknown Argama, Chief Engineer Tubarov laughed uproariously. “Hahahaha! If those fools would know just how screwed they are!”. A blonde man in an expensive pastel blue suit smiled in response. “I take it your engineers have finished the firmware on time.” Tubarov was delighted with his guest’s interest on the Mobile Doll Project, and didn’t hesitate to keep running his mouth. “Indeed! The very first one not to start with a zero! Now, not only will the Taurus run perfectly, those Leos, Aries and Cancers will start performing like they were supposed to! The Gundams don’t stand a chance!” Treize was having none of it. He was sitting on the captain’s chair, but he was not in charge. The Colonel despised those soulless weapons of Tubarov’s, however, it was at Duke Dermail’s insistence that this show was being put on, to appease the man in the light blue suit. In that moment, he thought of the few people who understood him, Une in particular. Lady… this is no place for people like us to die. Please, come back. The wave of new models proved to be merciless, putting their Beam Rifles to good use in order to cover the retreating forces, while establishing a front line of their own. First and foremost, a dozen of them flew to Une's rescue, shooting down Oriole's GN Sword and keeping Apollo away from the Leo's Flight Pack. Soon, she was the first to land alive and well in Kronos' hangar. Next was Noin: with another squadron of Taurus MS focusing their fire on the fiery AGE Axcel, Lucrezia found the perfect moment to pull back, reuniting with her superior. Finally, a volley was directed at Beta Gundam by yet another dozen MDs, offering Zechs a chance to follow her. "They played us like a damn fiddle!" Aida, enraged, lifted Aquatel’s other hand. In response, Otto tried to grab the Gunpla with one of the giant pincers. However, rather than try to kill Otto, Aida severed Aquatel’s lodged hand to free himself, and used the thrusters to evade the Cancers and Pisces until he could surface. Now hovering over the water, he could see the hordes of black Mobile Suits flying above them. “How the hell are we going to outrun these? We’re-!” However, his prayers were immediately answered when a gray Garuda, the namesake of the class, arrived with its back hatch open. A white, red and orange Gundam, which stood inside with two gatling guns on each hand, contacted Aida’s team. “Challengers of Diamond. This is T.B. We have a mutual friend. Can you reach this flight?” Tubarov, never the wiser, bossed the engineers in charge of feeding the Mobile Dolls orders. “Don’t you see the big gray plane over us? Let’s make an example out of them, shall we?” However, moments later, a shockwave was felt by everyone in the bridge. By the time they could realize what was going on, the Nouventa Cannon was engulfed in a devastating explosion, struck by a powerful weapon. The chief engineer could feel his chin touching the floor, only managing to muster a “Sweet Lord...” Soon, another transmission would be intercepted, this time from a certain legged ship, which was now retracting its sole functioning Lohengrin cannon. “Alpha Team! I hope you got what you wanted, because we’re only going to do one pass!” Cagalli’s voice could be heard by the members of Alpha. “I suggest you hurry the hell up and get in while you can! We’ll cover you!” Furious, Tubarov regained his composure, and started yelling at the engineers. “Fire! Fire! Take those down too! No mercy for the enemies of the Foundation!” Ever obedient, the Mobile Dolls flew towards both ships, firing their Beam Rifles at them. While Archangel put its myriad anti-air weapons to good use, along with a green Dom and a red Hi-Zack standing on one of the ship’s legs, the Garuda would resort to the covering fire of Trowa Barton’s Heavyarms Gundam, and four valiant Maganacs equipped with similar weaponry. The radars of both teams were updated to show yellow lines that they could cross to board their ships safely and escape the wrath of OZ. “That’s what i’m talking about! Challengers, we’re getting the hell outta dodge! All we gotta do is board that Garuda!” Now experiencing an optimistic second wind, Aida made Aquatel hover towards the little islands near their getaway flight. “Let’s all go home alive!”
  22. A body floated inside the chamber that served as a personal terminal, a bridge through which those who inhabited the mortal world interfaced with the all-seeing eye. No words could be heard, only the incessant humming of the hardware behind the globe of screens that engulfed the floating person. Nothing out of the ordinary for Rai, after all, they spent so much time inside the pod that Sumeragi argued whether the Meister used bathrooms and bedrooms at all. The Pod’s screens were filled with all the information about GN-004 that was available to Rai, along with a window where a simulated Virtue fended off waves of increasingly complex machines from the three major power blocs of Earth. The simulation stopped as the GN Bazooka’s output tore through an entire squadron of hopeless Anfs. Veda was notified of a chain of events that would result in multiple POIs (Person of Interest) converging on the medical bay, along with tactical forecaster Sumeragi and engineer Vashti. Omoshiroi. As Rai’s interest was piqued by the presence of who could be their new teammates, the humming became slightly more intense, and all the windows were temporarily archived. A partial override of Ptolemaios’ security system replaced them, all the while Rai gained control of the cameras inside the medbay. In a matter of seconds, said cameras were now their eyesight. It was as if they were floating inside the room, over Vashti, Sumeragi, and an unknown mug. Facial recognition: no results. Missing manipulator. Rai studied the man who had been going under the knife for a while now. Eavesdropping on his conversation with the forecaster, the engineer and the surgeon, they updated the subject’s file as the possible Meister spoke the word Albus. New data. Veda shows immediate validation response to the alias Albus. Identity confirmed: GN-001, Exia. As Rai confirmed the identity of one of their new teammates, another of the POIs dropped by. This one’s file was more readily available, as the subject’s face could not be subjected to facial recognition, but his helmet was a very distinctive piece. Code name: Edmund Spectre. I-6 authorization renewed two hours ago. Identity confirmed: GN-003, Kyrios. Nice to know you two. The person inside the pod felt as if massive loads were starting to fall off their back, but weren’t quite missing yet. The fact that Veda had left them in the dark about much of the data on the rest of the Gundam Meisters put them in a state of unease. If anybody should know more about them, than them about myself, it should be me. As one of the cameras inside the medbay made direct contact with Spectre’s own, as if staring through the helmet upon the man behind the mask, it dawned upon Rai that he knew not yet who was going to pilot Dynames. Come out, wherever you are...
  23. "Rai Nemerič" Biography Full name: REDACTED Faction: Celestial Being Rank: Gundam Meister Age: REDACTED Sex: REDACTED Weight: REDACTED Height: REDACTED Eyes: Dark blue Hair: Dark blue Skin: Fair Handiness: Ambidextrous Personality Rai can be best described as cold, calculating, and griping. A person who focuses on each little detail, they can be at times the only one to care about the little things that went wrong when everything else went right, and lose their minds whenever an operation does not go as planned, much like their handler, Sumeragi Lee Noriega. It’s worth noticing that they do know when they’re pushing people’s buttons, and are capable of acting in a much more likeable way, akin to that of a normal person. However, this appears to bring stress to their mind. Members of the crew jokingly theorize Rai was trained to smell good emotions, so they can locate people having a good day around them and ruin it. Strengths and weaknesses Analysis - As a Mobile Suit designer, Rai knows every Mobile Weapon in the database profoundly, and is most aware of their capabilities. However, they can annoy their teammates by constantly reminding them that what they’re doing is never enough. Absolute Justice - Obsessed with the idea of a just world, Rai plays the role of judge, jury and executioner. However, justice is not necessarily moral, and neither is Rai, which means sometimes they’re at odds with his teammates about the right call to make: what’s just, or what’s right. Lightning - Rai is a deceptively fast runner for how weak they appear to be, and have fast reflexes to match, making for a very elusive person to catch or lose, and not exactly somebody one would want as their opponent on a quick draw showdown. They are, however, possible to outrun or outwit. Amusingly, they can walk at an extremely fast pace, in a manner reminiscent of certain birds. Physically Frail - While they did pass the mandatory physical exam, like every other Gundam Meister and Celestial Being agent, he struggled to do so. Good at many things, heavy lifting isn’t exactly Rai’s forté, which is why they prefer to dispatch threats with the caseless round-firing pistol supplied to him by Celestial Being, whenever his far more overkill Gundam is not available. Appearance A beautiful young person with an androgynous appearance, it is not well clear what lies behind the fancy white suit, blue dress shirt and frameless glasses they wear everywhere they go, from Siberia, through Dublin, to Ipanema. They also have a well-kempt mane of dark blue hair to go with their eyes, and the pale skin of somebody who hasn’t been under the sun enough in their lives. History A sleeper agent who has only just been activated by Celestial Being and assigned to the duty of piloting the GN-005 Gundam Virtue. How this arrangement came to be apparently overnight, like most things about this person, remains a mystery, giving way to wild rumors among the staff. Some say they keep a picture of their wallet inside their wallet, that their legs are made of E-Carbon, and that they were involved in the process of designing a weapon to surpass the Gundams. All that is known is they're called Rai Nemerič. Kills None Roleplays - Mobile Suit Gundam 00: ReDefine [In Progress] Coliseum battles None ---
  24. A sudden spike of energy was detected by Aida’s enhanced underwater sensors. Kyle couldn’t see the enormous object coming at the Aquatel and the Pisces with a massive laser cannon preparing to fire, but Aida, who was submerged, could. He tried to use his thrusters to steer clear, but the Pisces was using all its thrust to keep him in place like its life depended on it, when it looked like the contrary to him. Desperate, he attempted to contact its pilot. “Oi! If you hold me down, he’s going to hit you too!” Receiving only static, his bewilderment grew stronger. “You’re going to die! Don’t you even care?!” More static came through the wire, and as the big Mobile Armor approached, leaving bubbling water on its wake, he wondered if he’d be killed. Of course, the worst thing that could happen to him would be to turn into a Newtype ghost, essentially the game’s spectator mode, and having to wait until after the battle to respawn in a hospital god knows where, then an hour before his Gunpla was repaired. But it wasn’t that which worried him. It was the fact that he was supposed to be the leader of the team, and he wasn’t leading the advance. What am I even doing? Opportunely, a torpedo came from above to help, severing the Pisces’ arms in time for Aquatel to use its thrust and narrowly escape the wrath of Sub Walo, while the Pisces was hit with full force by a gigantic beam. “Thanks, Kyle! You just saved my bacon there!” However, he was still within the firing cone, and smaller offshoot beams had hit Aquatel’s armor, piercing holes in his shoulders and taking off a chunk of his waist armor. Unaware that the Pisces and Cancers were, in fact, Mobile Dolls, he watched his enemy implode, having not gotten out of the way in time. They would give up their lives, just to bring us down with them? Why does my chest hurt? Dodging as many of the beams as he could, he tried to bring the Sub Walo into close range for an attack. “I won’t be laughed at! I’ll show everyone I’m worthy of commanding this unit!” Meanwhile, the attack raged outside Mogadishu Base. While Isla kept the Marasai force at bay, away from the Comet Dagger, Paptimus Scirocco had pinned Carter behind some unmarked freezer boxes with his shiny new gun. The lights soon came back on in the hallway, lighting his visage once again. His expression changed to that of bewilderment upon hearing Carter’s attempt at initiating a conversation with him. Seeing right through his ruse, his tone switched to a more angry, if still calm one. “Enough of your impertinent nonsense. We already have one of your co-conspirators. You’ll want to surrender, lest you see the tears of time.” As the figure on the unique, dark blue uniform slowly approached the boxes, Carter heard a weird sound effect, followed by Scirocco quickly turning his head around and unexpectedly unholstering a second pistol, like he was warned exactly of what was going to happen in a second. Entering the hallway from the other end, Fa Yuiry and Risu quickly found themselves staring down the sights of the spare firearm. The Titans member quickly understood what was happening upon seeing Risu next to Fa: after all, he had been the one who had her locked away, and Toto Yuiran shot for attempting to sneak her across him as his daughter. The thought of a spy attempting to undo his progress made his blood boil. “Come to die, have you?!” Before anyone could say anything, Paptimus opened fire on Fa, ignoring both Carter and Risu for a second. Both could do something to stop him, but it wasn’t so simple as leaping on him just because they weren't the focus of his attack. Scirocco had a weapon pointed in the direction of each, and it was possible that his sixth sense would just tell him of the impending threat, to shoot them between the eyes, then finish Fa off once they were dealt with. It was possible that there were other solutions to their problem, but they needed to think quickly: there was a split second decision to make.
  25. The sounds of gunfire got louder and the rain got heavier as the fight dragged on. The armor’s sonar showed the big silhouette getting closer by the second. Kyle’s Trinames would be essential support, so his priority was to keep it alive. One problem, however, was that three Cancers were getting awfully close to Kyle, and even though he was dispatching them fast, he couldn't help but worry. We couldn't get the Sonic Cannons or the Hand Missile Units ready on time… Kyle doesn't need me, rather, I'm dragging him down, but I sure as hell have got to keep him alive if I want to live long in this puddle of water. Deciding that he would be better safe than sorry, he used Aquatel's thrusters to ascend a little, and used an approaching Cancer as a springboard to gain more height. Here I come! In a timely manner, Aquatel jumped from the water just as the third Cancer, limping after being shot by Kyle but still operational, lunged from the water at the Trinames Torpedo. Aida brought the HyGogg claws down on the flying crab, wrecking it. “GET! DUNKED! ON!” The hulking brown and bronze machine came down shortly afterwards with its prey, the pilot contacting his teammate as the heated claws did short work of the straggler. “Kyle! Are you alright? Don’t die on me yet, we have one hell of a lobster to finish! Besides... holy flying sh-” As Isla's view of Apollo's massacre of the Leo force appeared on his screens, he was too amazed (and too distracted) by the sight to see three more red Mobile Armors fire torpedoes at him. A pair of them hit him in the left shoulder and skirt armor, making him come back to reality and put pedal to the metal, using the thrusters to swerve from side to side, so some of the projectiles would miss while others were cut by the heat claws. By the time the stray projectiles turned around for another go at piercing his armor, Aquatel had faced them and wiped them out too, before cutting one of the red machines in half as it tried to dodge him. However, he missed the opportunity to strike down the two others, which were now speeding away. Whether they'd turn around to fire at him again or go for Kyle, he couldn't tell. Three Pisces, forerunners of the big whale, arrived in the scene and switched to Mobile Suit mode to engage him. They were more dangerous than the Cancers, in a way, since the claws they used to destroy other Mobile Suits doubled as their propellers. This allowed them to spin them, drilling into enemy armor. That's gonna hurt! Eager to evade them but without any ranged attacks whatsoever, Aida depended on the long reach of the Hygogg arms to try and dodge the attacks of three Pisces, cutting one’s head and right arm off, then impaling the next’s torso. But the third got through his attack, and closed the distance on him. “This is not good!” Aida managed to swerve left, but the PIsces still managed to lodge its claw on his right shoulder. As the blades started spinning, Aquatel struggled to get the Pisces off him with the right claws, as the left ones still had what remained of the previous enemy lodged on them. All the while, Carter couldn’t help but take the chance to make a run for the base, while everyone was distracted firing at the black Gundam with huge Wings of Light sprouting from its back. He wouldn’t find any resistance on the way: even though he was careless to simply rush the base, Isla had his back, destroying two Marasai by shooting them with her rifles in a one-two kill, as they tried to line up a shot on Carter. The cold, empty gaze of her mask's eye slits betrayed no thought, no feeling, but the movement of her lips belied frustration. Maybe she wasn't too comfortable dealing with all the enemies so her teammate could speed ahead like nobody's business, or maybe it was the fact that Carter had suddenly started moving with a goal in mind, but as far as she was concerned, he hadn't talked to anybody about it. No matter the case, there was a job to be done, and so Variable Flight Gundam switched to MS mode to enter one of the hangars with Carter. As soon as they entered, they found resistance in the form of four Mobile Suits resembling modified Hi-Zacks. One was about to be boarded by a man in a black Titans uniform, while the others looked empty. Naturally, Carter shot the leader's cockpit, but the pilot was unusually quick to dodge the blast with the very rope he was climbing. RMS-106MC High-Mobility Hi-Zack Isla saw the lilac-haired man yell at the staff to get ready. He appeared to know what Carter was about to do, and soldiers quickly appeared on scene, rifles in hand, to fill Carter with bullets as soon as he surfaced from the cockpit. To avoid this, Isla used her head vulcans to provide cover fire. "Now, Carter!" This allowed Carter to exit his Mobile Suit safely and scurry into the base via a hallway. But this was a short lived victory. One of the seemingly empty Hi-Zacks promptly turned on its optics, and with surprisingly quick movements, the kind only magnetic coating could achieve, brought two beam sabers at Variable, its reactor apparently upgraded to handle more than one beam weapon at once. While Isla managed to dodge the attack and counterattacked, stabbing the blue Mobile Suit's back with her right beam shield, she managed to catch a glimpse of the mysterious Titan entering the same hallway as Carter, a jetpack on his back and a shiny silver pistol on his hand. "Carter, one of them got through. He's coming after you. I'm sorry." As the blue Hi-Zack went up in flames in the ground, Variable Gundam pointed its beam rifles at the other side of the blast door and prepared to defend the immobile Comet Dagger from Kacricon Kacooler's troops, firing a pair of shots at some Marasai that were already visible in the distance, but without much hopes of hitting them yet. Concurrently, Carter navigated the maze of hallways that made up the base to find the main computer, but with each step forward, the quietness became unsettling. At the very least, his assailant should have been heard behind. He could have gotten lucky, losing him in one of the turns. But the possibility that he was waiting for him around the next turn, sidearm at the ready, was also very real. There was some comfort on the Elemechu’s assistance, but ultimately, it wouldn’t be of any help. Halfway through, he heard someone talk to him, right before the lights on the corridor turned off and gunshots filled the air. "Fall, you crane fly."
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