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  1. Hot shot was too busy admiring himself to listen to Basically anything else that was said but when he did tune in he got the jist. Make an organic hologram and blend in. He made his hologram look like one of those action heros you see in racing movies, bald with normal clothes but very muscular. For the time they drove off road Hot shot had a rough time he wasn't fully built for that and the off road time was getting dirt and mud all over him something he wasn't a fan of. Once they got to the pavement he was more then happy he sped up and raced ahead till he had no idea where they were going so he slowed down and put himself behind the hound. After they reached the town it was suggested they look around and observe. Hot Shot liked that idea! He sped off in any direction telling the other bots to eat his dust. "Sounds good! Don't blame me if I learn more than you bots do!" At first he was racing around but realized if he got caught by the local authorities it could be an issue. Because of that, Hot Shot slowed his pace. After a while Hot Shot found a car show showing a plethora of muscle cars and tuners. As he looked around he knew this was his kind of place. He found a place and parked his heavily tinted windows to help him not be as noticed as he listened into passing by organics.
  2. To Hot Shot it was like he was back on Cybertron. Fighting off cons left and right trying not to be captured as he heard Preceptor scream for them to get off of him Hot Shot was finally able to snap out of his haze. It was like his memory circuits flew back in gear and Hot Shot was ready to race. Hearing over charge yell at him Hot Shot smirked as he quickly turned into his alt mode. "No need to tell Overcharge! But thanks for the kick in the tailpipe!" With that his tired squealed as he put himself in high gear! And he was off like lightning plowing through Ravage after Ravage till he made it to Preceptor. Using his transformation as a kick off his windshields slid out of his arms and became like blade hacking and slashing most of the beast-bots off Preceptor. After landing he used both his blades and hands to get them off the science officer and then pulled him up hoping to primus his hydraulics weren't shot. "You good to stand!" He waited to see his answer if he could they would need to work together to deal with the remaining bots.
  3. Hot Shot was still stasis lagged, having walked out of the new exit in their ship. He was fairly confused and once Hound and Preceptor began talking everything seemed to start sliding down hill. Things started getting heated and Hot Shot thought he might have to start blasting. However as the jets flew by and everything began to happen Hot Shot started to have flashbacks to when he was captured. Panicking Hot Shot, looked around and watched Hound hit the ground. Hot shot saw all the decepticon eyes glowing around him. Fear overtook him. Pulling his blaster "I'll slag each and everyone of you Cons! You won't take me again! Hot Shot wasted no time and began to fire out at random, sending blaster fire everywhere he saw the eyes. He didn't care fear had taken him and he wouldn't go back to being a decepticon prisoner or their lunch
  4. ShirokuHakudo

    Hot Shot

    Hot Shot “wwwwooooooohhoooooo!!!! I'm feeling a need for some speed!” FACTION: Autobot RANK: Private - Scout Personality Brash and Hot Headed, Hot Shot isn't known for his cool head. He more often than not thinks with his gearbox over his cranial circuits, it does nothing but get him in trouble. Hot Shot will do anything to prove he is the best, at what you ask? The answer is everything, whether he is or isn't. Appearance Hot shot is a medium sized scout build, however he will try to tell you he's a warrior bot. Most of Hot Shots color scheme is black with green and silver accents. When I'm robot mode Hot Shot has a visor on his head that he can drop down to help with looking really cool, oh and in combat it can assist in targeting. With his obsession for speed Hot Shot can transform into a sleek aerodynamic cybertronian racer. Alternate Modes and weapons Vehicle Mode- at current Hot shot has his Cybertronian Racer mode. Mostly black but with all 4 wheels on the ground Hot Shot can take off at Mach speed. There isn't a bot faster (he thinks) Armaments- Hot Shot has 2 weapons he uses for wrecking Cons First is his Ion Blaster: a small blaster able to do decent damage but it's not fast enough for the king of speed. Secondly is his preferred weapon Windshield Blades: his windshields can slide out of his arms allowing him a bit of up close and personal crash time Backstory In Hot Shots early days he wasn't big on the war and didn't care much. That was till the war moved in on his home turf. After that Hot Shot took to the streets for some Crash and Dash, and after a while he caught the attention of both sides. Eventually Hot Shot met Sentinel Prime who offered him to assist in a new mission, however Hot Shot refused all he wanted was to race over the tracks of Cybertron. It wasn't long after that he was captured by the decepticons. Tortured and damaged Hot Shot finally knew unless the Autobots changed their strategy there wasn't a way to win this war. Through a small miracle Hot Shot was able to escape and raced back to the Big Bot. Once he returned after shaking any Con tails he accepted the job. Sentinel Prime told him that to heal up he would need to spend time in a Stasis pod till hope had reached its mission. Hot Shot agreed and after entering the pod his peaceful travels began...or did they?
  5. Shots were fired, thrusters flared and the hail of beam and rifle fire all excited shin more than anything, but having a predictable opponent was a bit disappointing. Using the Exia's high maneuverability he was able to dodge and block many of the shots but not all. Some damage to his left shoulder and right leg but nothing serious. However since Shin was able to nudge his enemy in the right point one of his GN Daggers snapped to the Exia's hand, and with a bit of speed and just the right line of sight the dagger left the units hand flying toward the shoulder join of the right arm. Once did that Shin pushed the unit to quickly close the gap. Doing his best to slash the unit with his GN Blade but also get the dagger back. He had only a fraction of a section to close the gap and reach his target but he was sure he could. Hoping that his plan and the dagger would cause just enough to let him get in.
  6. Shin locked in the freshly built unmodded Exia 7 Swords unit and loaded into GBN. He has been waiting for today. Creed set him up with a fight and everyone knew Shin loved his fights. As he appeared in the cockpit of the unit shin smiled locked himself in and began the launch sequence "Shin Gundam Exia, Eradicating Target!" It took off flying with great speed and mobility. The overall design and even its power unit was one of Shin's favorites but lately he wanted to experiment and make his own to rival the actual units. But today was not about that today was all about a stock fight. He was worried about Exia being able to handle him but that was part of the fun. Without anything else he heard the com transmission and then a volley was fired at him right as he and the Exia reached radar range. Luckily he was able to dodge the volley but the fact the battle just begun without the need to hold back made him excited. Transforming his GN beam rifle into it's Rifle mode Shin fired his own volley of shots but his shots where planned he wanted them to be dodged so he could funnel the unit into a corner so he could strike.
  7. (Collab with Roromi) Everything began to happen so quickly a new machine retreat orders... the fact they hadnt recovered Risu yet. Shin was getting more and more angry. He did what they wanted, he played his part but now it was time to get Risu back and forget his teams plan. A transmission came in from the Beta Gundam as it retreated. "Shin, we don't have many options here. Luckily, the Tallgeese' pilot has strict rules regarding warfare. They've promised consequences if the Titans have really dragged civilian children like Kira into the situation. That's...the best I can do right now if Fa can't get out in time. I don't think the Beta Gundam can hold on against the inbound Mobile Dolls." Shin had the Axcel look at Zechs Machine off in the distance. He knew if he moved these two machines would clash. He opened a com channel and began to speak to the Pilot of the Tallgeese. "I dont like saying this so ill only say it once. I cant retreat yet not till i have the young one known as Risu. I dont suppose you would let me though without a fight because right now, I dont have time for games. So please let me save my teammate…" Zechs furrowed his brow, “I’ll tell you the same thing I told your comrade . No one will go past this point.” The Tallgeese raised its sword to aim it at the Axcel. “I gave my word as a soldier, if that isn’t enough for you then you have no place on the battlefield.” The tallgeese raised its’ back thrusters to prepare for a counter attack but stayed firmly in place. Shin looked at the Tallgeese and maneuvered the Axcel to look at the unit. seeing it was ready to fight Shin gave small smile "I figured that would be your answer, however the word of an enemy doesn't mean anything to me, and as a soldier you should understand no man left behind. Since we have come to this impasse I guess there isn't a choice but to fight. Ready yourself Zechs because me and the Axcel won't accept defeat." Shins thrusters roared as he made a mad dash toward the Tallgeese, his beam saber ready to strike. “I will protect his excellency!” Zechs roared as the Gundam came in for a strike. Though he mentioned Trieze his thoughts were really on noin and what this monster could do to her if he got past him. Thrusters flared to life and Tallgeese brought its’ shield up to deflect the incoming blow, he kept his own sword tucked in close and poised. He hoped to knock aside the incoming attack and reciprocate with a stab of his own. As the AXCEL got close almost in Range the thrusters turned and burned hotter then before and in a Flash the unit vanished into thin air. With speed the unit appear next to the Tallgeese. Attacking the side where the shield would be useless. The Saber came down slashing Shin was hoping to quick work of the high speed thruster on its back but knew that this fight wouldnt be that easy. Zechs’ eyes went wide as the Axcel disappeared. It was fortunate luck and good reflexes that saved the lightning count from immediate defeat as he brought his saber up to block the incoming slash from the Gundam. Had Zechs actually lunged he wouldn’t have been able to offer the defense. “I see you have some tricks up your sleeve.” Zechs mused as he locked the blade with the enemy. “Such cheap tricks demonstrate your lack of decorum. That is precisely why I can’t allow you to proceed.” He pushed the Axcel away. He didn’t follow up with a counter, clearly he was at a disadvantage when he didn’t fully understand all of the abilities his strange enemy possessed. “This could be my last battlefield Noin…” he muttered under his breath. Shin watched as the unit countered his move and pushed the AXCEL away. He didn't even give chase yet as he spoke. "Decorum? On a battlefield?! You are either overconfident in your skills or daft. On the battlefield it win or die." The AXCEL readied to strike again as it engines roared like a raging beast. It flew toward the Tallgeese with its full speed and power to crush it Zechs tried to counter by bringing his shield down to intercept the speedy Axcel. He managed to block the saber but wasn’t able to repel the momentum of the Gundam crashing into him. His teeth rattled from the impact. “Without decorum this place ceases to be a battlefield and soldiers are resorted to little more than beasts!” Both suits hit the ground at an angle, with Tallgeese taking the brunt of the punishment. With the Axcel so close he had to react. Tallgeese brought its beam saber up and over and threaten to stab down at the entwined mobile suits. Zechs wasn’t sure how much more fight Tallgeese had left but he was determined to make the most of his circumstances. “I’ve seen how you fight!” Zechs warned through gritted teeth. “You don’t deserve to have any power when you act so lowly.” The Axcel took the hit as the beam cut into the arm of the unit. it was as if the unit smiled the thrusters started to burn again grinding the Tallgeese into the ground Shin spoke and smile crossed his face as well. "You might just be right..... but up until i can no longer fight, ill use this power how i see fit, and right now its to show you! WHY THEY CALL ME THE RAGING BEAST OF GBN!" The unit kept flying holding down the unit into the ground its now free arm grabbing the Tallgeeses head and with the now damaged arm and gripping the side of the unit it lifting it off the ground it tossed the Tallgeese through the air the saber still in its arm now cutting through it making the unit have a single arm left. Shin looked at the Tallgeese as it flew and then looked at his timer. 60 seconds remained.... He moved his cannon on his working side into place and fire off a full powered shot toward the Tallgeese. however he wasnt aiming to kill oddly enough Shin actually enjoyed this fight and killing this pilot now would old serve to bore him later. "Hey Zechs.... If we dont kill each other here, promise me we will have a real fight later, with a stronger unit on both parts.. however... I have a mission to complete so i cant waste here any longer…" Maybe it was the initial impact or the sudden motion of getting tossed but the mask that concealed Zechs shattered as he was thrown away from the powerful Gundam. Shards of the helmet flew around the cockpit mixed in with drops of blood, his blood. He grimaced as he saw the demon aim a cannon at him. Not yet… he reasoned defiantly as the bolt arced for him. Shin’s mercy only fed Zechs’ stubbornness, as the shot did hit Tallgeese, severing the right leg just beneath the knee. The shot was wide because even as he was tossed, Zechs was pushing his thrusters to gain some sense of control. Tallgeese zagged, and arced back in towards the Axcel “don’t ignore me just yet!” For Zechs there was no resetting, no rematches, this was everything he knew so he would fight tooth and nail. His pink blade came slashing back in, he aimed for the dangerous arm of the Axcel as he came bounding in close, smoke trailing behind his lopsided approach. Shin watched his units timer slowly ticking down. He scoffed all he wanted to help Risu but lust for battle got him. No matter what he did here he couldn't save her, but this Zechs he put a fire in Shins belly. He talked of decorum but right now all Shin could see was a wounded animal lashing out. It was a look he knew something of and he held on to. The Tallgeese rushed the unit the AXCEL was starting to move slightly slower as the energy drained. He dodged the slash to his working arm but wasn't able to keep it from cutting into the damaged arms shoulder. The thrusters flickered and Shin spoke again over the comms "Do me a favor, keep that pride and spirit, and another thing. Don't Die!" He placed the cannon right into the Tallgeeses thrusters and fired again but not nearly as powerful as before and then with the shockwave pulled his unit back just enough to kick the Tallgeese with its leg. His time kept ticking down and down. The flames of his thrusters dimming. Till they turned off and the AXCEL look dead in the water. Then the computer spoke giving a warning to Shin "AXCEL Burst OVER" Zechs groaned as the enemy shot out his thrusters and sent him into the ground. Darkness engulfed him as everything shook from the violent series of impacts. His eyes fluttered open after awhile and he looked around in alarm to see that his cockpit hadn’t been destroyed. A gloved hand reached up to soak up some blood streaming from his head. He looked at the retracted hand and grimaced at the crimson he saw. “But why the mercy?” He asked rhetorically, knowing his foe wouldn’t hear him now that the tallgeese was out of commission. Indeed he wasn’t appreciative of being defeated, but it did mean he could very well have the chance for redemption in the future. “Tallgeese…” he murmured reflectively, “I wouldn’t have gotten this far without you… thank you.” He reached blindly for the emergency hatch release. He hoped he could get out to see what was happening at least, to see if maybe Noin would make it out of this mess alive….
  8. Shin kept flying at high speed ripping through the mobile dolls. The speed and force was incredible, and the unit's performance surpassed even Shin's expectations. While he understood the unit could only handle this for so long as his time was already ticking down. He wasn't done playing with the dolls. With each strike he taunted the next. His unit making a beastly like howl as the thrusters blasted past each enemy. The explosions only adding to the force of his strikes. This, a unit like this is one of the few reasons Shin is known as the beast of GBN. Shin laughed as cut through his last doll as the cannon fire continued to approach. "Is that all you have! Come on dance for me! At least show me a challenge. Because if you don't. I'll kill you and your damned leader!" His tone was aggressive but not like normal, he wanted to drive them to make a mistake, to act on emotion. He wanted them to be just like him. If even for a moment, with that they wouldn't stand a chance. Allowing them to pull back as he saw the cannon fire getting close. Now Shin was just going to show off. They wouldn't escape and he would make that Tallgeese realize he went after the wrong target. As the cannon's beams split apart and trailed toward the AXCEL the unit danced around them making a beautiful light show in the sky as cannon's beams and his thrusters intertwined. Even with his speed and control Shin wasn't able to come out completely unscathed while his unit hadn't taken any real damage, one of the beam sabers had crossed stream with the cannon's beam and blown up. Being a single saber down was no big deal for Shin though, it's not like he was defenceless and when all was said and done Shin had reached an altitude higher than that of the dolls and was now able to make his counter attack. With the Remaining 2:15 seconds he had, Shin would eradicate those mobile suits, and show this group just who they were messing with. As another blast from his thrusters fired his unit took off Rushing forward them,quickly gaining ground.
  9. Shin just watched as the Tallgeese flew past him and heard the words of the pilot but today was different. He wasn't in the mood for playing games. He used this to gauge the speed of the Tallgeese a smile appeared in his face. The group wanted a distraction then they would get one. The Tallgeese wasn't interested in him now but… what if all his support was taken out in one fell swoop. The wild beast of GBN began pressing buttons and messing with settings for a moment. The NPD messed up with its assumption he had been underestimated. In reality he hadn't thought of what an all out attack meant. All the other HUD options disappeared from the Astral AGEs gauges and a prompt appeared on his screen. "AXCEL SYSTEM" Shin looked at the screen and the activation button. He only had a limited number of uses of this but now was a perfect time to test the system to its full power. He really wanted to save this for it's true target that knockoff pilot but that didn't matter now. All that mattered was him saving Risu and showing GBN what messing with him meant. They would remember, no they would fear, never to attempt something like this again! "Show them how you howl…. Go FX Burst AXCEL!" As the system activated it opened up showed many thrusters placed all over the unit. And they all shot off the unit holding it place as the face plate moved down showing what looked like a mouth of something like a demon. Like a rocket the machine took off flying toward the Aires. As if it was nothing it shot past the Beta and the Tallgeese. And with the blinding speed closed the gap with the first Aires unit slashing at it with a beam saber. After it's slash the thrusters burned again this time shifting it's direction to dodge any incoming attacks. Spinning in the Air its cannon appeared from it's back and shot a few high powered shots at the other Aires units. He would make this quick as his timer was already ticking away.
  10. Shin watched on his monitors as several units began to approach. One flying much faster than the others. A Tallgeese, nothing he couldn't handle. As the machine opened fire on him and his beta gundam partner, Shin increased his speed and bursted toward the machine. Dodging each of the shots with ease. His new unit was much faster than the last one and easier for him to control. Shin did notice that the beta broke off to do something else but that didn't matter. In the end Shin knew that if he could take down this Tallgeese and it's forces, that would be enough to get more attention his way. Not to mention that battle was really the only thing he was good at. As the AGE AXCEL rushed the bank the Tallgeese flew too Shin pulled out one of his two beam Rifles that were attached to the back of the unit and shot at the Tallgeese then flared his thrusters and backed off heading closer to the Aries that were headed his way. He send out a com signal to the Tallgeese and just played it up. "Can you tell me what a Tallgeese and an Aries have in common?" He pointed his rifle at them now and fired another few shots doubtful he would hit them but it could at least make them scatter. " Both are nothing but cannon fodder."
  11. The room was dark the lights flipped on as the black haired man entered the room and placed his bag down. He took a seat at his desk where a new gunpla was being built. Work had called him in right before the last mission. The beta was important to him but so was work. However after he heard about what happen The Man spent every hour of his free time working on completing a new model for him to use. All he had to do now was place the finishing touches. One more hour passed it was only moments before the next mission one he wouldn't miss. As he finished the gunpla he gave a sigh. He hadnt worked this hard on perfecting a gunpla in a long time. The Astral AGE MK 3 or the Astral AGE AXCEL. He had build a gunpla to play on his need for speed but also making sure this could take out a certain knock off. He wiped the sweat from his face and removed his glasses. Now was the time to show the world a true speed beast. He placed his gear on as the computer spoke "Please Place you Gunpla" Placing it on and diving in the black haired man's expression and look changed. Now a fiery red hair and a scowl replaced his almost satisfied look. He quickly loaded into the match and into his gunpla. He watched as the others left. He had been briefed on the plan and now was no time for mistakes. While Shin was never a great team player he had a soft spot... And this mission hit it right on the head. As creed finished talking Shin replied "Roger that. This is Shin in the Astral AGE AXCEL. Launching." With that his new unit launched into the sky's. Thrusters burned and the unit quickly caught up with the rest of them. Shin followed up by sending an open com to his "teammates" "So boss, where would you like me?" Shin sounded aggravated but something about it was different then his normal tone it was almost compliant.
  12. Shin looked up as the Astral AGEs gears, and metal roars again. Seeing the unit charging him he smiles. The shot is fired but with the unit's right arm as a shield he moves slightly to the left. Dodging most of the but still taking out plenty of armor on his arm. With his left arm blades he planned full on to clash with the machine head on. As they closed in on each other Shin could see all the small meteors flying toward his machine. Taking this as a sign he dashed back. They worked pretty well as a team. Shin was an all out brawler and really he didn't mind the fight but he had to make sure it was all on his terms, and all these asteroids gave his enemy far too much cover. With that he took his other two bladed wings and detached them giving him another large blade. While his right arm was messed up the least it could do was hold the blade and slash a few meteors. He rushed headlong into the now meteor swarm. Pushing the limits of his thrusters and making his way through the field for the most part taking out all the meteors but still he was getting a bit of damage from some of the smaller ones pelting the machine. He used his thrusters and speed to dodge both machines and pass them and head directly for the ArchAngel. However as he passed them a meteor flew right into one of main boosters thrusters causing him to lose much of his speed. "Damn…. Guess that's what I get for trying to push the thrusters like this." He knew if he could get close to Archangel he might be able to even the odds. This unit in his head could handle the two but since he didn't plan on a 2 on 1 match he forgot to complete the booster fully. It was his "teams" fault. They were supposed to work together that's what they all said and wanted but in the end it was still a free for all
  13. Shin felt confident in his attack if nothing else it would have done decent damage, but bursting through the smoke came another enemy combatant. As the Titan stopped his dagger Shin gave a foul look at both fighters. A two on one match normally wouldn't be a problem for Shin but he was too distracted. As the Gundam frame charged at him firing, shin fired all thrusters trying to evade but his reaction time was far too slow and a large portion of the blast hit his unit center mass. Bits of armor flew off his unit and the AGE unit was thrust back into a nearby asteroid. Alarms sounded as Shin sat in his cockpit his hair now draped over his eyes. Was he gonna lose…. How the hell could all those people talk of teamwork but show him none in return. The other seemed to have a plan while they just kept going the same as last time. It was then that Shin noticed something. He extra armor on his chest had come off revealing a faint blue glow from AGE's A sensor. While most of his Gundam had a red glow that was as fierce as fire this light was different kinder, and seemed off from the rest of the Gundam. Shin looked upon this light and a slight smirk crossed his face. As the enemy unit taunted Shin he retorted "Sorry pal, but losing isn't an option." Shin silenced the alarms that had been blaring his using now slowly starting to lurch away from the hunk of rock it had been so kindly plastered to. The Zeong had also started to make a move but none of that mattered Shin was done worrying about the what ifs and if onlys. Now he was focused… on the kill. The blue light ignited from the A Sensor seemed to travel through the machine bursting forth. In a blazing flash of his thrusters he was gone. The speed was great but his direction was clear, the Titan. Heading straight for the Gundam the Astral AGE's blades slid down from his left shoulder and onto the wrist forming both a shield and a blade. Using the GN Rifle to fire at the Zeong while still rushing the Titan. As the AGE got close he slashed with his blade toward the barrel of the bazooka but this was a faint, he didn't care for the gun for all he cared he would happily miss. However At some point he had dropped the GN Rifle and also rigged it to explode using the blast to propel him into the Gundam with greater speed. As he collided with the Gundam he smiled and used the head of his Gundam to bash against the titans. Breaking off bits of his crest and the faceplate of the AGE. "Don't worry! You never stood a chance anywho! They don't call me the raging beast for nothing!" With that the AGE pushed the Titan off and tried to kick it into an asteroid. As the AGE stood there it took a grim pose like a wounded animal ready to take everything and everyone with him. The clanking of the gear and groans of the metal could still be heard as of the machine was roaring and ready for action
  14. Shin did his best to try and center himself. He took in a deep breath and closed his eyes trying to think of what his brother might do, he was a great Gunpla battler but a better team player. Right as Shin could feel his brothers word come to mind there was a sudden jolt. Warning singles as damage was done to his Gunpla. In the midst of trying to be a better team player Shin had lost his focus and didn't even notice the attack coming. His rage began to swell as all he wanted to do was win but if he did it like last time how could he win. It was a team exercise so how can his two opposing ideas on Gunpla battle work together. It was then he heard the pilot over the coms. It was familiar…. It was knockoff Stratos taunting him. The time for indecision was done, the time for action had begun. He could see the MS readying itself for an all out attack now that he had telegraphed and goaded his enemy this was a terrible strategy. Even with the damage his booster and his Ms were reeling and ready for a fight. As if the Astral AGE had yet to even activate the eyes lit up with a bright red glow and the thrusters on the Arise and the Astral ignited with an intense light. With that the Astral was gone. This was space combat, the Astrals home field. With all the thrusters it was made to move as the blast fired his Ms was long gone. While one of his rifles was basically shot that didn't mean it was useless. As the Astral AGE flew overhead of the enemy MS it set the rifle to overload and tossed it before it fully got in range the Astral's other Arm came up shooting it causing a explosion that acted as both a light wall and an obstruction in the enemies light of sight. Shin figured he would be ready for a shot of even his blade so he smiled as he used his rifle to shoot a few pot shots to keep the enemy in around the same place as he tossed a Armor Schneider though the smoke wasn't sure where it would hit but it didn't matter
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