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  1. Shin watched the battlefield, always keeping an eye on the Dynames. However as the battle persisted the chatter and message pings started to get out of hand, and with a quick swipe he put the teams com on a 2 min mute. He couldn't keep it on mute forever, no matter how much he wanted to. He wasn't stupid, he would need to know there status and location after he was done with this gundam. Shin stood floating across from the Dynames, a decent distance from him,then he watched the mobile suit behind him begin to move away. It wasn't like he cared, but he made sure to watch his target closely. He didn't need it making any moves he didn't like. It was then he watched it pull out a beam pistol and fired at a mobile suit, that from what he could tell was empty. Was he wasting shots… demonstrating power. No none of that was it. Oh that's right this was zeta after all, but it wasn't like Shin was gonna try to stop the gundam or anything. All he cared about was the fight in front of him. After the shots on the MK II came a volley at Shin. A crooked smile crossed his face. "Finally got that distraction out of the way! GOOD LET'S FIGHT OUR HEARTS OUT!" That volley of shots ment he accepted his challenge and Shin could go all out. Shin rushed at the Dynames at full force, the pot shots where nothing easy to dodge but as he started to close the gap came a real issue. The shot from the smart beam rifle. For just a moment Shin so overcome by the elation of battle had forgotten the beam rifle. Using everything he had he tried to dodge but the beam clipped the top of his left shoulder. The damage was minimal but it exposed the inner workings on his left shoulder. A little electricity sparked off the shoulder but Shin didn't care he had to pay back the Dynames. Finally the gap was closed he was in the best range for him,close. His gundams right arm brought up the blade but this was a faint so that his left GN rifle sword could do its best to cut the barrel of the beam rifle. After his attacks he would do his best to use the thrusters to get himself a little distance before a counter attack.
  2. Shin watched as the party members grew and grew. He looked at each of there profiles looking at there Gunpla. Many of them had just regular mobile suits with a few modification real cannon fodder types. The few with the Gundam frames where the ones that interested Shin. As he looked at each one his excitement began to fade. After a few min and the lobby had filled up nicely that the mission began. A mission to do something or something another, really the cutscene and the mission was starting to get boring... As the cut scene ended Shin found himself and the Astral AGE in a hanger of a rusty old freighter. He looked around the hanger and saw the Savior Gundam, the Beta, and TR-6 Woundwart gunpla. It was then that he realized this was a team battle mission. His quest was do or protect someone but more importantly... It was to defeat the other Divers and the one he wanted to test his metal against was the one Gundam unit on the other team. It was then he faintly heard on of them talk but he didn't care and didn't acknowledge then he saw the Savior fly off and this put a grin on his face... now it was a free for all. He opened his comm's and spoke to the pilots on his team. "You take care of the cannon fodder! Ill handle the Gundam... and Rip out his throat!" With that The Astral AGE took off toward the Colony. The Gunpla pilot took off toward the huge hole in the colony thats what he would use to gain his entry into it. He flew around for a bit but nothing really took his interest, maybe he should have stayed with the group and then they could have found some action. None of this boring cannon fodder. Shin thought to him about how sometimes his need to rush in made him forget that he did need a plan every once in a blue moon. As he Flew into the colony and saw the NPD's flying around, acting the fool and firing when they didn't need to, but it was then that something caught the corner of his eye, the Gundam, and it was obviously aiming at what Shin guessed was his NPD ally. As the very least this had some sort of VIP assignment to it, so he couldn't let him take him out. Using his thrusters he punched it rushing in. He kept having to manually adjust for the weight of the gunpla and make sure it didn't go crashing into the Colony floor. He was to late to stop the Gundam, now that he was actually paying attention he could see it was a Dynames type. One of the wings on the Astral AGE slid up as the arm grabbed for it showing that it was actually a GN Sword Rifle. He pushed the machine harder adding more power to the thrusters of his Gunpla. Shin swing this blade out and as the beam was about to connect to the Rick Dias It shot off in some other direction toward the colony. The Astral AGE now positioned in front of the Rick Dias looked at the strange Dynames. Shin looked at the heat damage to the blade of his weapon. It couldn't handle that and in all reality it barely handled it in the first place. then he let out a sigh realizing he just used one his only defense to save some worthless NPD, with that he opened his comm's spoke on an open frequency "I guess if your shooting at this guy then im suppose to stop you right? But to be honest i dont really care if you take him out. I just want a good challenge. So are you the one who's throat i get to rip out!" With that the other wing detaches and the gunpla grabs it swinging it forward and bringing the blade down. The Astral AGE was now positioned and ready for combat
  3. The room was dark, all the lights were off. In the darkness you could see a little bit of movement before the light of a computer slightly illuminated the room and a voice rang out from the speakers “Wake up! Wake up!” The sound was that of a Haro the body moved in the darkness a bit more before the constant calling of the Haro made him get up. Wrapping himself in the blanket he looked on the computer's screen to see that GBN was fully updated and ready for the beta. He looked over to his right to see a gunpla covered in a cloth the light barely catching it. He let out a sigh to show his frustration and started up GBN 1.8. He placed his visor on as the system booted up, and carefully took the cloth off the half finished Gunpla. He looked at it through the visor inspecting it. He was frustrated, this gunpla at half finished wasn't so bad. It was missing a lot of its armament but otherwise it would do just what he wanted. The system finished it boot up and made a simple demand of him. ‘’Please, Scan you Gunpla” He placed his gunpla on the sensor and allowed the rings to scan his machine. The eyes ignited and with that its name appeared on screen. The young man in the chair finished his lock in prep and signed in “ Shin Hakuren “ as he was transported to the world the taste of it left a sour note in his mouth. When he opened his eyes he was once again in GBN’s lobby. It was 1000 times better in his opinion. Less people meant less to worry about. However… He knew some of the other beta testers must be on and that meant he could let loose in that gunpla. Using the commands he teleported himself to the hanger to look up at the machine he had built. He had heard it over and over, people talking about the love to see it like this but to Shin… all it did was make him violently angry. His eyes darted to the left and he opened the command to move him to the cockpit and with that Shin headed to the launch bay. Even though he hated it he had to do it every time, his launch phrase “ Shin Hakuren, Astral AGE Gundam, Eradicating Targets….” with that the machine launched into the air. For Shin this was the first test of this machine. Many of the parts he used made it a little heavier but the thrusters seemed to keep him stable and allow for decent maneuverability. It was then that Shin saw a flare in the sky, he flew around the area as he read the mission details “A randomized, dynamic and innovative campaign which reimagines events of every timeline and mixes them up with each other for a one-of-a-kind experience! Strike foes down on every known battlefield, oppose NPDs or ally with them, and gain exclusive rewards for passing the unmarked side assignments!” He liked the sound of taking on some of the best pilots even if they where NPD’s but from what he was told they were supposed to be much better now so maybe they could pose an actual challenge. He also saw the names on the list and seeing one name that he actually sort of recognized, Creed. If he was the same one he was thinking of maybe the beta test did have just what he was looking for, with that he hit the join button. Landing his custom gunpla a decent distance from the others and as he exited he didn't say a word << Gundam Generation >> Looking for Divers… (Maximum 8 players) 1. [8TMS Lt.] Aida 2. [ZAPP Agent] Creed 3. [Comet Meister] Kyle 4. [Raging Beast] Shin Hakuren 5. NPD 6. NPD 7. NPD 8. NPD
  4. [Diver]'s Gunpla Collection #1 - Astral AGE Gundam Base Unit: AGE 2 Operator (Diver Name): Shin Hakuren Head: Astray Red Dragon- Extra blades were added to the head frame, made from metal and shappened to be able to actually cut. Added weight Body: AGE-2 Normal- The A Sensor was removed and replaced with a new piece of armor plating for a little bit of extra defense. Caused slight increased weight and changed the center of mass Arms: AGE-1 Normal- reinforced joints to help the arms hold up the GN Swords, and A Sensor was placed on the left arm with a joint allowing the arm full movement. Legs: Astray Blue Frame Second Revise- Reinforced joints and 2 added thrusters to maintain normal movement speed. Back: AGE-2 Dark Hound GN Sword Rifles X2- Additions to the rifles were light weight metal plating with a slight layer of beam coating to allow use for defence, however after once use the coating is shot. Lastly the barrel has been made also from metal but slightly heavy and more dence to allow for variable levels of beam firing. Armor Schneider Knife x2- Blades made from metal and sharpened to a point. Structural Defense: Phase Shift Armor - exceptional resistance to physical damage, at the cost of power consumption per hit. Special System: N/A Melee Weapons: i.e. Beam Saber x2 - standard mobile suit weapon, offers exceptional cutting power at the cost of power consumption; small enough for multiple housings on the unit. GN Sword Rifle x2 - a cumbersome and slow weapon with exceptional cutting power, likely only one on the unit. Armor Schneider Knife X2- a whip-type weapon that heats up to deal damage, likely only one on the unit. Greater reach than most melee weapons, bordering on ranged, but less precise and damaging than heat sabers and hawks. Projectile Weapons: i.e. GN Sword Rifle X2- Can deal high energy damage at the cost of power consumption and rate of fire. With the modification it can have a variable output however if it goes to high to fast it can warp the gun. Shield: i.e. Exia Shield - small and lightweight Power System: i.e. Nuclear Plant - offers unparalleled power at the cost of expense and environmental danger if damaged. Special Abilities/Features: N/A
  5. Shin Hakuren Biography Full name: REAL NAME- Sorey Hakuru, DIVER NAME: Shin Hakuren Faction: N/A Rank: N/A Age: late 20's Sex: male Height: 6'2 Weight: 176 Eyes: Golden Hair: His hair is a deep crimson with scarlet highlights Skin: white Handiness: he is a South paw (left handed) and suffers for it Personality When you meet Shin his outward demeanor is calm, collected, and stoic. His attitude to most things is nonchalant, and can sometimes come across as brash or rude. While Shin can often agree that he is rude he does his best to never tell a lie always keeping in mind the truth is also subjective. Shins personality when it comes to gunpla is different, it's cold and the look he gives gunpla is that of someone that hates it. He sees gunpla and gunpla battle as an enemy. He might play and fight in GBN but it’s not hard to tell that he despises everything gundam. When fighting Shin is like an animal, he pushes his gunpla and himself to their limit. Often breaking the machine to do as he wants. Shin is a heavy melee fighter using swords and beam sabers most. That isn't to say he won't use a gun but it rare that he chooses to. Strengths and weaknesses Strengths -Shin Is a great gunpla builder, seeing as he has been doing it since he was a little kid. He always makes sure the gunpla he builds are made with high quality and often custom ordered or made materials to enhance their performance -Shin is highly intelligent and an excellent strategist. Having spent his whole life with Gunpla and Gundam he has absorbed a lot of battle knowledge. Shin often puts what he has learned to the test and strives to be better. Weaknesses -“Strong Willed” a blessing and a curse however in this case we will call it a curse at least for his gunpla. Shins strong will does not allow him to give up. He always has to stand tall no matter the obstacle in his way, or distance he must go. This means in battle he will always push it him and his machine to there ultimate limit. -Shin being a soft paw has more often than not come as a hindrance to him in battle. While fighting he telegraphs what move he is about to make. He can often make up for this with pure fighting power or determination but a pilot as skilled or better than him will be able to make use of his left handedness in battle and use it to their advantage Appearance Shins diver is tall standing at 6’2 with a pretty athletic build. The fiery crimson hair telling all he is ready for a fight. Tan skin and bright gold eyes that show contempt for Gunpla. He wears a black shirt with a fur trim to show how he fights like a beast. All in all he created his diver to give the look of one that's only there to fight not to make friends. When standing Shin is often leaning against something with his arms crossed, closing himself off to the world around him. His eyes shut or only half open, as if he doesn't want to see the world either. History Brothers in Gunpla Sorey was born to the Hakuru family who had one other son, Shin. The two were inseparable, always playing together and having a wonderful time. One day their father bought them modeling kits a Zaku 2 and a Zeta Gundam. Sorey was given the Zaku and Shin the Zeta. while they both had fun building the models Sorey didn't like his. It looked fine but something about it felt off. When he looked at his brothers it was as if it shined perfect in its glory and with Shin smiling back at Sorey he knew he wanted to build a gunpla just like his brothers. As time went on both kept making gunpla and even doing GBDuel with some of them. Shin loved it the Gunpla battles and the Gunpla but Sorey felt off… as time went on he had started to have less and less fun with gunpla. He only kept going so him and his brother had something to do together. Solo for the first time It was a rainy day and the sound of shattered glass could be heard from all over the house. Everyone scrambled to find the source of the sound and when they all made it to the kitchen they found Shin laying on the ground. Once at the hospital they were told the young man didn't have long to live. Sorey was devastated at hearing this news but Shin just smiled and told him that it would be alright. He handed Sorey a notebook and told him not to open it till after he was gone. Sorey couldn't help it and in the book found concepts for a gunpla… even dying he thought about gunpla. It was all he ever thought about. When his brother was gone, Sorey was alone… with anger in his eyes he took many of the gunpla him and his brother had made to a GBDuel center and fought…. And fought, and fought some more. He fought till all the gunpla had been wrecked and his hands bled. He still found no joy in Gunpla, so why, why did his brother love it so much. A Rising Beast As the years went on Sorey continued to make technically great machines but in each one there was malice and anger, each broke in combat under the strain of Soreys style of fighting. But long had they days of repairing them gone, with GBN he never had to break the models, just the data.Over the years Sorey had started to hate gunpla gunpla battles he only kept going because he wanted to understand… to know why his brother loved this stupid game so much. In GBN he took the Diver name Shin hoping that it might allow him to understand his brother more, but even that failed him. Sorey who now went by Shin always fought alone and slowly but surely he gained a name for himself “The Raging Beast of GBN” he climbed the latter reaching into the leaderboards of GBN as a solo player. His achievements spoke for themselves when he got invited to partake in the 1.8 beta test. Shin originally declined but once he was told that it was a chance to challenge himself and GBN he thought it might be a good way for him to push past the limits of his own hatred. He looked at the notebook with the gunpla design in it, he took them and after years he made the Gunpla that his brother left to him the Astral AGE... GBN 1.8 (To be added as the RP goes on) Possessions -Astral AGE Gundam -A Large Gunpla Collection -Shin’s Gunpla Concept Book Kills Role plays GBN 1.8 Coliseum battles
  6. Welcome to Advent Destiny. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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