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  1. If Dave hadn’t been using an IBO Gunpla, he would’ve been toast. Instead, the machine was only slightly toasted, muting the yellow and maroon colors of the Smackdown. He COULD keep pushing toward the large mobile armor, but even the Astaroth couldn’t survive an attack like that multiple times. “Can’t go upward.” He thought while landing his Gunpla on top of a nearby building. The bland man glanced all around the map, hoping to find some way to get to the Hashmal. Most areas were covered with Plumas. All except one hole in the outskirts. A tunnel, used for a nearby road, was dug out of the hills. “Must go downward.” He uttered while flying toward the opening, hoping the mobile armor would be distracted with some other poor souls. He knew the Exia’s pilot had skill though, knowing that he could be useful in his plan. The tunnel was a very tight squeeze, definitely not meant for a mobile suit. Barely getting inside, he listened for the steps of the machine, taking different paths to find the best route. This was all while he’d punch the roof of the tunnel, hoping his plot would come to fruition. Suddenly, Dave’s luck ran out. A substantial amount of Plumas began to catch up with him on both sides, leaving no way out to leave without major damage or the destruction of the Astaroth. Still far from the Hashmal, he had to rely on the other pilot. Using his four fists, Dave slammed up at the roof, creating massive cracks all around him. “Exia. Get it closer to your position, but keep him in the outskirts.” Pointing his arms at each group, he had to buy himself some time. “Don’t use Trans-Am yet. You’ll know when.”
  2. Three Plumas jumped off the roof of one of the broken buildings near the Smackdown, attempting to catch the yellow Gunpla off-guard. At first, it looked like they'd connect with the machine, but Dave was beginning the figure out their patterns as they would stop and start moving. Once they got dangerously close, the diver stepped to the right, pointing his right fist at the three. With all his might, the fist pushed the three into each other, smacking the wall in the process. The crushed parts mixed together with the wall's materials, creating a large crack. "Yes." Dave finally responded to his teammate, swiping the Gunpla's arm back to remove some of the oil. He knew the other player was right. The amount of Pluma's in the area were substantial. Whoever else was on the team was likely destroyed, meaning they didn't have much of a chance to even get to the Hashmal if they tried to defeat the mobile armor's minion. The Astaroth blasted upward in the air, attempting to get as much distance between the massive group and himself. Seeing the mission's goal in sight, he began his assault forward, knowing in the back of his head that the tiny machines would follow suit. "Ignore them." Dave uttered. "Get to the Hashmal." It was easier said than done...
  3. The main lobby of GBN was filled to the brim with crazy looking cosplayers and animal people as Dave walked around. That was the fun part of GBN for most players. You could look however you wanted to, but Dave was perfectly fine with just looking like Dave. Ironically, the bland man with a white T-shirt and jeans stood out in the crowd as he looked through the the mission list, seeing if he could find a mission that would just give him something to do. It didn't take long to find a mission that was starting to become quite popular in the game. Order of the Seven Stars began to get a reputation of being one of the most difficult challenges in all of GBN. In fact, no one had ever beaten it. "Hm. Okay." CLICK! Wherever he was transported to, the place had seen better days. Noticing the Hashmal immediately, he saw the mobile armor utterly decimating the landscape. "Alright." Said Dave as he walked toward the machine, not even worrying about speed or any of his teammates currently. He decided not to wait and try this mission with his Force, the Baka Brawlers, knowing that only their Grandmaster would stand a chance against the metal beast. He wasn't even paying attention as to who was even on his team right now while The Astaroth Smackdown's feet crunched down on debris. "Doesn't matter." He thought while black metal creatures watched him. Dave didn't really care if they won or lost. Suddenly, four of the Plumas pounced at the neutral diver, but Dave didn't care. He pulled up on the controls and turned around, grabbing two of the vicious enemies in the Astaroth's hands. He then quickly turned off the thrusters, angling his legs at the other two. They didn't see it coming when he crashed down on them, sandwiching the two between him and the ground. Dave looked at the two squirming in his hands, mashing them together into a mishmash of oil and metal parts. That wasn't the end of their attack though, as many more began to attack the IBO custom. Dave stared down, clicking two buttons on the control pad. The hands above the regular ones tightened, creating a "double fist" of two stacked appendages. The diver thought back to when he told his crew about his Astraroth's gimmick. "You gotta say it loudly when you do it!" Josh Duncan clinched his fists and began to punch the air "FOUR FISTS!!!!" Dave blinked and didn't react to the stupidity. "No. That's fine." The fists flew into some of the Plumas, pulverizing a couple of them in the process. The sheer strength of the hands began to push back the machines, all without the Gunpla moving from its spot. Eventually, the enemy had enough, opting to go kill some other poor mobile suit. Dave's comms blared as one of his teammates flew near him. “Anyone out there? We lost an ally already!” Dave heard as he ignited his engines, flying toward the white Exia. "Hello."
  4. Walking outside of the Zeong's head, Kyle looked around the savannah. The group of four seemed to be alone, with no Archangel or anything else in sight. The diver knew that whatever happens during their next mission, Beta Team will likely be on their own. "Wouldn't want to fight with those Titans anyways." He thought while walking toward Aida. Kyle put his hand on the back of his head. "Sorry I couldn't do much this time." He exclaimed. "I'll promise you that the Trinames will be complete by the time we do the mission, whatever that may be." Kyle pulled up his menu, checking to see if he was past his allotted playtime he gave himself. It was close, but the diver decided that he needed to get to back to his real job. "I'm gonna have to log out now." He uttered while pressing a few buttons. "Great job on the win! I'll see you guys next time!" With that statement, the diver materialized away from GBN. Pulling off the headset, the sides of them were covered in sweat. "Gross!" He yelled while grabbing wipes. "Wish I had one of those more comfortable, hi-tech ones..." He wiped the whole setup down and picked up his Zeong gunpla, placing it back where it belonged in his collection. "You were good, but you're no Trinames, that's for sure." He thought to himself as he glanced at the uncompleted custom. "Nothing will stand in the way of the Comet Meister's machine!"
  5. Each of the mobile suits blasted forward, changing into their much faster flight forms. One by one, the contestants began to make their way into the crevice, with the Wing Flanker taking the lead. “And they’re off!” Chaser exclaimed, now inside an announcers booth of a small transport ship. One of the race’s advertisers had their logo on the side of the vessel, with big red letters spelling out ZAPP. “Looks like the Wing Flanker has taken the lead, but the Kyrios Airspace isn’t too far behind!” Dash grunted as he tried to catch up to his nemesis, but the somewhat straight path lead to a hard right, causing many of the pilots to pull back. The two didn’t stop though, as the Wing Flanker maneuvered gracefully to the right, creating a big gap between the Gunpla and the others. Meanwhile, Dash’s maneuver wasn’t nearly as successful. He watched as his left wing ever so slightly touched the rock wall, causing him to lose the draft he had with the leader. “Ah! Stupid rookie mistake!” He said while gritting through his teeth. Many of the other players started to pass the Kyrios, including Rex in his Gassela. “Ha ha!” He laughted while tilting his machine left and right, taunting Dash. “There’s no way in hell you’re getting the win playing like that!” Now near last place, Dash pulled up near the top of the ravine, getting dangerously close to braking the rules. He looked to see if he could find some way to catch up, noticing a fork in the ravine. Situations like that happened constantly in GBN, with Dash rationally thinking what path would give him the best outcome. Seeing the Wing Flanker take the left path took any sense of rationality away from the diver as he began to follow suit. Diving down, he expected to see his rival, but the pathway only seemed to have him and the Airblaster racing down it. The two were almost neck in neck, but the alert my their mobile suits caused them to bank in different directions. Two tiny flyers blasted past them at breakneck speeds. “What?” Thought Dash. “The Bawoo Brothers aren’t that fast!” Pushing forward, Dash and the other pilot began to catch up to the undocked mobile suit parts. Upon further inspection, Dash knew the brothers weren’t using their typical Bawoo. It was white with red highlights, with it also being shaped slightly differently. “A Rebawoo? They didn’t register that for the race!” While not necessarily illegal in the GBN racing rules (Dash thought of the divers who reveal new Gunpla in tournaments), it was unethical to trick them, although the Bawoo Brothers weren’t known for their ethics. The attacker and nutter purposely lessened their speed, pulling back to get close to the Airblaster. “What the hell are they up to?” Dash thought. At that moment, the two flew over and under the custom model from Gundam X, sandwiching the poor machine. The Airblaster couldn’t do much except glide with the Neo Zeon flyers, which jetted forward toward the ground. Picking up plenty of speed, the brothers pulled back as hard as they could at the final moment of impact, causing the plane to almost slide out of the “sandwich”. It was too late for the Gunpla though, the Airblaster slammed hard into rocky surface, creating a large explosion. Dash could hear their chuckles as they began to fly back to him. “Oh man! Looks like the Airblaster is down for the count!” Chaser uttered while in the edge of his seat. Dash Velo better watch out! The Bawoo, or should I say, REBAWOO Brothers are creating mayhem on the racetrack. “What the hell?” yelled Dash as he pressed a couple buttons on the control panel. “These guys are really nasty today!” Looking through their profiles, he finally found a clear picture of the mobile suit. “That’s definitely an upgrade!” He exclaimed as he glided through the ravine, noticing now curvy their path was becoming. The attacker and nutter had much less of a problem navigating the canyon due to their size, getting closer and closer to Dash with each turn they had to make. The diver wasn’t stupid enough to get squished between them, but he knew how crafty the two could be. He recalled their famed Axis win, where the two managed to tie through clever tricks inside the asteroid. “Those two bickered more during the trophy ceremony than actually enjoying it!” Dash articulated. “Wait…” The diver’s plan began right as the attacker jetted toward him. Opting to fly diagonally to the left of the nutter, Dash waited for the top part of the Rebawoo to strike, pulling his controls toward himself. The Kyrios flew back as the brothers smacked each other, causing damage to both machines. “Watch it, Scound!” said the nutter pilot, Wretch. “Oh shut up, you shouldn’t of been there in the-” Dash jetted ahead of the two, all while the two bickered. “No you don’t!” The attacker pilot yelled with his brother following suit. Planning out his next move, the Kyrios pilot decided to pull back from his huge lead. “What’s Dash up to?” Chaser asked. “Oh, I get it! He’s baiting them!” The crowd cheered, with some more focused on the other path’s racers. Getting between the two horizontally, He waited for them to strike again, knowing that they wouldn’t be able to resist the urge. Of course, the attacker and nutter started their assault, but the speed of the Airspace left the two to become a mangled pile. “What the? We’re stuck!” Scound screamed as he pulled his controls in all directions. “This wouldn’t have happened if you weren’t such a terrible pilot!” Wretch responded. “Well your pilotin- AHHHHH!” The two weren’t paying attention to the turn, crashing right into the rock wall while Dash flew past the two. With Dash being the only person left on the path, he didn’t have much of a challenge getting through, eventually getting to the massive colony crater. It was much better than Dash had expected, but he knew that it would allow them to have plenty of room to fight. “Heh. Wish that was the only part of the match.” He exclaimed once he realized he was the only one there. “I too good for these clowns.” He didn’t have anytime to gloat though, as the other racers made their way to the crater. Dash noticed that the Rezelta was no where to be seen. “Probably couldn’t handle the turns.” He thought. The aircraft flew all around each other, waiting for the approval by the management to start the second part. “Let the dogfight begin!!!” Chaser screamed as the diver’s weapons unlocked. Dash watched as the other five kicked off the battle. The crowd roared as the fight between divers truly began.
  6. “Oh crap! Oh crap! Oh crap!” A skinny man in a lab coat was bolting through the hallway of what looked to be a high tech facility, almost smacking another worker in the leg with his briefcase. As he took a left turn, the door he was looking for finally appeared. “I didn’t expect Mr. Velo’s machine to take that long to fix!” He thought while he typed the entrance code in front of him. As the door opened, the room lit up, only containing a single large cabinet with a table next to it. “Oh man! That was a close one. If he had-” Suddenly, a figure emerged behind the cabinet. “You’re late, Ernie!” The man yelled. “One of the biggest events ever and you were late?” For someone who seemed important, the man looked fairly average with no outlying features or clothing. “MR. VELO!” The scientist said as he jumped back. “I was just-” “Did you fix the stability issue with the left leg?” Mr. Velo interrupted. Moving his glasses, the scientist put the briefcase of the table, undoing the latches. Mr. Velo pushed the man out of the way and stared at the blue plastic model, gently pull it out of the molded foam. “It’s perfect.” He exclaimed. “But there’s no issue for you to be late.” He walked inside the cabinet, putting the model over what looked to be a scanner. “One of the best racers in the goddamn league and I’m surrounded by morons.” Mr. Velo said as he sat down while putting on a headset. The cabinet door closed as the scientist walked out of the room. … “WELCOME TO THE GREAT CANYON TRIATHLON!” An accounted uttered through a microphone. Surrounding him were many large stands with thousands of people cheering. Many battleship were also high in the sky, with some displaying various sponsors on the side of their hulls. This area was only a small chunk of the Great Canyon, one of the many expansive places to go in GBN. The massive ravine went many different directions as nine mobile suits stood at the edge of one side. The platform, which was also surrounded by fans, had a gigantic screen facing everyone, with a smug doppelganger of Stalker smirking at them. “My name is Chaser and I’ll be your announcer for what’s sure to be one of the best GBN’s events ever!” One by one, the names and mobile suits began to be shown to the crowd. Near one of the concession stands, a Zeon fan with a snake head picked up a large cone with pink cotton candy on top. “Exsscuse me. Sssorry!” He exclaimed while trying to get through a large crowd back to his friends. Meanwhile, a Titans cosplayer was stuck sitting behind one of the biggest ogres he’d ever seen. “Oh, come on!” He screamed. “Can I at least get a look at the screen?” Getting a quick peak, he saw two people standing in front of a Neo Zeon mobile suit. “Next up!” Chaser yelled. “You know their Hotrod from the Axis race and their butting rivalry. It’s the Bawoo Brothers!” At that moment, the whole crowd went silent. Everyone who cared about GBN races knew who was next. “And last, but DEFINITELY not least, it’s the Celestial Speedster, the GN Driver, the diver looking for his 100th win…” Dash Velo and the Kyrios Airspace! The crowd went wild, cheering and hollering as Dash waved at them. No longer boring and drab, the diver now had bright blue hair with white streaks, all while wearing a special tracksuit made just for him. Outside was a confident man who kept waving, but inside, Dash was deep in thought. “He won’t beat me again. Never again…” A buzzer blared, signaling the pilots to teleport into their machine. As Dash appeared in the cockpit, he pulled up the racer list. 58-Kyrios Airspace 143-Airblaster 99-Mach Murasame 25- Gassela 392-Asshamar 653-United Over Flag 7-Rezelta 100- Bawoo Hot Attacker 001-Bawoo Rod Nutter 402-Wing Flanker “Wing Flanker…” Dash muttered. A deep voice then appeared over his comms. “Hey Velo! You gonna end up having another Dakar moment?” The other racer said while snickering. Dash chuckled. “Not if you end up like you did during the Marshall Islands Marathon, Rex!” The deep voice diver howled with laughter as Chaser began speaking to them and the crowd. “The race will begin and go all the way though the ravine. The racers cannot fly over the canyon or use any weapons. Once they get through the ravine, the dogfight begins in the colony crater. When two divers are left, they’ll be transported to the final secret area. They’ll be able to transform and duel for the victory with no restrictions! Are our racers ready?” Each of the Divers signaled, allowing the triathlon to begin. Chaser smiled. “GUNPLA! TRANSFORM!!!”
  7. Josh may not have been the sharpest tool in the shed, but he could tell something was fishy about the situation. Upon further inspection, their mobile suits didn’t have the look of an average GBN worker. Plus, they could easily just teleport the Juagguphant out of the hangar with them. “Hmm… You know what?” Josh said. “I think I’m just gonna go ahead and keep him.” He began to walk toward the outer hangar door, but the red and blue SUMO put its hands out, blocking the Titanus. “It’s against the rules to take it.” He responded. The diver, along with his twin brother, ironically had the physique of sumo wrestlers, along with shiny bald heads. The only part that wasn’t identical were their A-Law outfits, which matched the colors of their respective mobile suits. “Put it in the cage NOW.” However, something managed to grab the Juagguphant right out of its arms. “Where’d it go?” The other SUMO diver yelled. Suddenly, the Juagguphant slammed into the green and yellow Gunpla, stunning the mobile suit with its bubble. The animal bounced to the ground and rolled near it’s thrower. “The Fucanglong!” Josh exclaimed. “How’d you grab the Juagguphant?” The Titanus and red SUMO looked in awe as the cloaked machine slowly walked forward, who’s pilot was surprisingly chatty about the situation. “It took a little bit of retooling to get rid of the stunning effect, but once I figured out these special animals blocked anyone who has used Break Decals, I waited here for the true culprits to arrive.” “BREAK DECALS?!?!” Josh screamed while moving his Gunpla to also look shocked. “I’m surrounded by cheaters!” The red SUMO pilot chuckled. “You know, their stunning effect doesn’t last too long, but mine does!” With each arm pointing at its opponents, the I-Field Bankers turned on, holding the Titanus and Fucanglong in place. “Oh come on!” Josh uttered as the SUMO picked up the cage, lying it down on the Juagguphant. “These little Gunpla have been useful for making my generators much more powerful.” Josh scowled. “I doubt that’s the only reason you’ve been collecting them though.” The green machine stood up, grabbing its fallen saber. “That guy caught me of guard, Ho!” Ho laughed while closing the cage. “Hoho, you’re better than that!” He responded. “None of that matters though. We’ve got a REAL nice one to sell.” Josh pressed practically every button he had access to in an attempt to move, but to no avail. These two made his blood boil. Selling rare animals to the highest bidder was sickening, especially since they were put in the game just for fun. At that moment, a message popped up. THE SECOND YOU CAN MOVE, GRAB IT AND LEAVE The Dragon arm of the Fucanglong extended and tore into the hangar bay door, with the movement causing it to electronically open prematurely. The fake air seeped out more and more as it unlocked, causing all the mobile suits to fly out of the colony. For a second, Josh was worried about the oxygen for the Juagguphant, but realized that he once again got way into the game. He watched as the cage floated away from the others while the cloaked machine began its attack. The two blade wielders clashed swords while the red SUMO flew toward the caged animal. “It’ll be a while before these recharge.” Ho exclaimed. “Keep ‘im busy!” Hoho pulled back his shield, attempting to hit the enemy in the waist, but the black mobile suit fired its machine cannons, sending Hoho away from him to shield the attack. Meanwhile, Josh waited for the Titanus to reset, hoping to beat Ho to the cage. “Come on. Come on! COME ON!” He screamed. “Just work, dammit!” Punching the controls with both hands, the Titanus’ Age system lit up. “Huh! Guess that worked.” He stated while pressing forward on the thrusters. Switching blade hands, the Fucanglong set the shield ablaze, causing the entire part to burn right down to the socket. “Weak.” He said “You’re nothing without Break Decals. The Dragon head grasped the SUMO’s right arm, pulling the entire machine towards him. “I’ve become much stronger than any Break Decal!” The Heat Sword pierced the green Gunpla in the chest, stopping Hoho from being apart of the battle any longer. The Fucanglong’s diver glanced at the other two, but noticed many warning signs nearby. “It’s time to leave.” “HYEH!” The Titanus reached the SUMO, headbutting the red Gunpla. “There’s no way you’re taking him away!” Josh howled, slamming the Titanus’ hands together. Grabbing the I-Fields, he pulled back on the controls, ripping the only means of battle of the SUMO away for Ho. Not that it mattered much though. Warning signs were all over Josh’s cockpit view. “Aw man! Who’s gonna show up to ruin my battle?” The Titan cosplayer didn’t expect close to 20 GBN-Guard Frames to crash his party. … It took some explaining for Josh to get out of the mess he was apart of. At first, the administrator didn’t expect someone to make that many dumb decisions, but listening to Josh tell the story convinced him that the Diver meant no ill will. After all, this would allow GBN to stop a large trafficking scheme involving their rare animals. That would have been the end of it, but after much pleading by Josh, the administrator caved, giving the diver a not so secret prize. “PLEASE GRANDMASTER?” Josh begged on his knees to their team leader, a wise old man with a long white beard, to keep the reward he was given. The Juagguphant sat behind him, glancing at the bridge of the Champion. “A Marseille III-class ship with only five team members definitely has the room for a pet!” The Grandmaster stroked his beard. “Hmmmmmm. Fine! But you must care of it!” Before he could even finished, Josh had left for the nearest pet shop. Walking down the main street of the colony once again, he noticed there weren’t many people outside with him. “I wonder where anyone is?” He thought. “Oh my gosh! I forgot about the race! I gotta go tell the…” Josh did a double take to a nearby alley. He thought he saw a hooded man, but when the Diver looked again, he was gone. This wouldn’t be the last time he’d see the Fucanglong…
  8. The Fucanglong Gundam unsheathed a heat saber, taken directly from the Gouf. Holding it down, the tip began to scorch the ground of the colony. However, his plan of attack wouldn’t actually be to attack. Falling for the bait, Josh ran forward at the breakneck pace, readying his fist for a punch that could knock down a Psycho Gundam. “Hyah!” He yelled as the hand was about to connect, but the Fucanglong simply moved slightly to the left. The Titanus’ fist crashed, along with the entire Gunpla, right into the ground. “Lost my balance there…” Josh said. “There’s no way this guy could dodge my attack! I-It’s just impossible.” Climbing up, he turned around to see the black mobile suit staring right at him, still unmoving. The Diver stood in the cockpit, surveying the Titanus as it once again started attacking him. Punches, kicks, beam lariats, and everything the dark blue Gunpla had was thrown at the Fucanglong, but all were dodged. As two punches were thrown, the enemy made its move, grabbing below the shoulders of the Titanus. “Ah!” Josh yelled. “He’s so fast!” Before he could use his knee to counterattack, he heard a faint voice from the Fucanglong. “Age-1.” They whispered. “It’s flawed.” The cloaked machine pulled up, popping the two arms right out of their slots. The machine cannons on the torso fired directly at Josh’s Gunpla, causing cracks in the Age System. Josh could barely move the mobile suit as it crashed to the ground. “Hey!” He screamed. “That’s not faiAHH!.” The Heat sword burnt though the waist of the Titanus, piercing it. With no way to pull it out, Josh could only watch as the Fucanglong searched for his new friend. “Come on!” He said as he messed with the controls. “We’ve survived worse!” The fear of the other diver rose in Josh, as he saw the cloaked mobile suit push away a few fallen trees. Beneath them lied the hiding place of the Juagguphant, scared now of it’s mind. Not wasting time, the Fucanglong reached out but its dragon claw, but something stopped him in its tracks. Josh tried to look, but the angle of the saber blocked his view. Deciding to transport out of the mobile suit, the diver saw the red and black Gunpla motionless, with a bubble appearing around the Juagguphant. “What the heck?” Josh thought. The bubble dissipated while the Fucanglong was still unmoving. Running to Josh, the Juagguphant managed to trip on one of the nearby fallen trees, almost squishing Josh. “You ok?” He asked. The Juagguphant got up, then looked down to see a large shadow. The Fucanglong stood over the two, pushing its cloak away. “Don’t worry.” Josh told his friend. “Seems like he can’t touch you.” Strangely, the enemy pulled its heat sword out of the Titanus, sheathing the blade. “I’m done with this.” The pilot said, igniting its thrusters to fly toward the hangar. Josh stood there, looking confused at what just happened. “I guess… I won?” He exclaimed. “Hey! I won the mission all by myself, Mr. Juagguphant.” He looked to the right, but the animal was nowhere to be found. Instead, it was pushing one of the arms into position. “Oh hey! Thanks!” Josh got back in the Titanus and guided the machine to push the arms back in, with the help of the Juagguphant. The mobile suit had taken some damage, but it could still easily get to the hangar in time. Picking up the Juagguphant, Josh flew back to the airlock, noticing two shiny mobile suits waiting for him. “Oh, I thought the mission would end once I got here.” Josh said. “You two must be administrators wanting to pick him up, right?” The red and blue one looked at the other. “Uh, yeah! That’s right.” He said while putting a cage down on the hangarbay. “Just put ‘im in here and you’ll get your reward!”
  9. The Astral Age made it clear that the fight was mainly between him and Beta Four as he attempted to dodge the GN Rifle’s blasts. Only the last shot managed to hit, destroying one of the smaller thrusters on the unit. “That might cause some problems.” He thought to himself. His intention was to, once again, fire at the machine while it was distracted with his ally. However, he watched as the GP03 ended up slamming directly into one of the nearby asteroid. Going to help the machine, an idea popped into the diver’s head. “Idea? Asteroid?” Charo chirped. “You read my mind, Charo!” Kyle responded. “Who knows? In this virtual world, he COULD’VE actually read my mind!” As Beta Four began their counterattack on the crazed diver, Kyle began his assault to help. He looked around for the largest asteroid he could find in the wreckage. Jetting to the biggest rock nearby, he put the Zeong’s hands directly on it. Even with zero gravity, the size of the asteroid was proving to be a challenge for the diver. “Alright, little buddy.” He yelled. “Help me out here!” Charo jumped on the controls and push one of the joystick with him. In reality, it wouldn’t mean too much, but the asteroid did slowly manage the move toward the two other players. Once it was at a nice pace, the Zeong’s hands pushed off the rock, as Kyle watched it head to the back of the Astral Age. Launching it’s hands, they floated into the positions the diver wanted them to. “Perfect.” He thought. “One big rock could be a challenge, but he could still avoid it.” Kyle fired each of the finger guns, aiming all around the asteroid. “But tons of rocks won’t be avoidable!” The chunks flew forward in the direction of the enemy, as Kyle hoped the distraction would help Beta Four finally finish this.
  10. All Josh wanted out of GBN was fighting others while showing off some cool moves. He didn’t expect to be playing what was essentially a safari simulator (except the sky looked cylindrical) , which he admitted had quite realistic animals for a Gundam game. The diver kept walking, hoping that something different would catch his eye. “Maybe they’re a different color? Different size?” He thought. It was then that he noticed two cheetah perched on a nearby hill. The two didn’t look happy that an outsider was in their vicinity. “Just relax.” He said. “They’re not real. Just computer programs… who look very hungry.” Doing what you should never do in a situation like this, the scared diver bolted, starling the cheetahs. The two animals jumped toward the diver, who had no chance to outrunning them. “Please don’t rip me apart!” He yelled. “I never got to post my last video!” Thankfully, a missile slammed into the ground, blowing away the cheetahs far from Josh. The Titan cosplayer looked up expect a large mobile suit, but was surprised to see a machine only a couple feet taller (but much wider) than him. The Juagguphant sat near Josh, putting its left arm down. “What the…” He said. “Wait a minute. You’re the special animal!” He jumped up and ran toward the gray Gunpla. “I’ve heard about rare creatures like you appearing in GBN after the Bearguy’s success. I should’ve been looking for something like you!” He walked up to the Juagguphant, putting his head on its trunk. “Thank you for saving me.” Josh exclaimed. “I just really get caught up in this world. It’s a waaaaay better life than what’s happening at home.” Josh began to walk away, motioning for the special animal to follow. The Juagguphant hopped up and began to spray what Josh assumed would be water from its trunk. It was oil. After resetting his avatar, the two eventually made it back to the Titanus. “So…” Josh uttered. “All I have to do is take you to the hangar of this place.” Josh was excited to see what the secret reward would be, but he had started to get attached to the machine. The diver transported into the AGE, reaching down to pick up the Juagguphant, which just barely fit in the palm of the Titanus’ hand. True to its animal name, it was a heavy little creature. “Oh come on, Titanus!” He yelled. “Those muscles aren’t meant for nothing!” Deciding to hold it with two hands, Josh pulled up, flying away from the safari. However, someone else had other plans. A red and black claw grasped the Titanus’ left leg, pulling it down from the sky. Josh jerked his mobile suit around, but lost his grip on the Juagguphant! The diver ignited his right knee, pushing on the claw, then flew down to grab his new friend. “Come on!” He said as he just barely stopped the gray machine from plummeting into the ground. In fact, the Titanus had to do a forward roll to keep the momentum going. Josh planted the Gunpla’s feet on the ground, standing up to see a cloaked machine pulling back its own arm from the sky. “What do you think you’re doing?” Josh yelled out. “This is my mission.” The black Gunpla stood there, not responding to the question. Josh slowly put the Juagguphant to the ground. “Go hide somewhere safe, little buddy.” He told the Juagguphant. “I won’t let this guy hurt you.” The diver took a few steps forward, igniting his arm and leg’s beam sabers. “You’re not leaving this place with the Juagguphant!” He screamed as the pink blades got bigger. The enemy was unfazed by this flex, instead deciding to push it’s cloak back, revealing much more of the red and black Gunpla. Josh took the opportunity to scan the other machine hoping to find some sort of information. RESULTS: 1 FUCANGLONG
  11. Gundam Battle Nexus Online was home to many different locations, some of which are space colonies. Most were the typical sort. Cities with parks, bridges, and other objects to make civilians’ lives feel normal. A few though, were created just for certain quests because of their varied areas. One such quest managed to create a heap of trouble for a couple of divers with very unlike playstyles… “Mmmmm!” A man mumbled while eating a burger. “How can something fake like this taste sooooo good!” This is Josh Duncan, who had just managed to get some ketchup on his Titans uniform while finishing his meal. “McDaniel is still the best place to eat in GBN!” He yelled while walking out of the famous, fictional restaurant, catching a few annoyed glances from other players. Josh waltzed down the street of the space colony he currently resided in. His Force, Baka Brawlers, had their ship parked near the McDaniel. “Should’ve really thought that name through.” He pondered to himself. “Have the others even logged in yet?” As he opened up the Diver sheet, an alert blared at him, causing him to trip and fall. “Ah!” He exclaimed as he fell to the ground. “That… scared… me…” Suddenly, he began to smirk. “A timed mission, eh?” DESCRIPTION: Find the special animal and bring it to the hangar! LOCATION: Savanna Space Colony REWARD: ?????? “Hey, that place is near this colony.” He said while pushing ACCEPT. “I can do this while I wait for the boys to log in!” Josh managed to get even more glances from others. “Am I being to loud?” He thought, but soon realized that he was still laying on the ground. Not looking to be embarrassed even more, he teleported to the main hangar bay of the colony, directly inside of his mobile suit. “Time to get this reward…” He yelled as he moved the Gunpla to the catapult. “…that I actually know nothing about. I hope it’s good.” The Gaza E in front of him launched, allowing him to do so as well. “Josh Duncan! Gundam Age Titanus! Punching to Victory!” The dark blue Gunpla blasted into the depths of space, igniting its powerful MK-II backpack, which strangely had its beam sabers connected by a rope. The vastness of GBN’s space always amazed the Diver. He saw a couple others around, but once they were gone, he got to work. Not on the current mission though. What looked like two discs flew off of the Titanus’ shoulders, revealing cameras inside. “This place is perfect for a new video!” Josh proclaimed while turning on every single beam he had on the machine. He started to punch and kick through the zero gravity biome, thinking that he was the coolest Diver in the whole world. “This’ll probably be my most watched video.” He said as he threw a flurry of punches toward one of the cameras. In reality, or rather the GBN reality, his views were a far cry from G-Tubers like Captain Zeon’s, with most commenters finding it stupid. Josh was to prideful (and dense) to mind though, but eventually he give the cameras everything he could possibly do. “Not I just gotta pose for the thumbnail!” When he went to post his magnum opus, Josh noticed the entire reason he was out in space to begin with. “Oh crap!” He yelled. “I need to get to the colony before it’s too late!” The Titanus glided through space, making it to the colony’s opening with no time to spare. The other side of the airlock unlocked, showing Josh a gigantic plain of grass and countless animals. “Special animal?!” He yelled with concern. “I’m not in expert on these types of things. How am I supposed to know what’s special?” The custom Age jetted in the air while Josh attempted to make out any differences between any the animals. “I don’t get it. It’s just a bunch of zebras, giraffes, and what ever else belongs in a area like this.” No luck came from his search, so he landed the Titanus on the highest hill he could find. Josh teleported from the Gunpla, continuing his search on foot.
  12. The light and smoke from the rifle’s explosion almost blinded Kyle as the Astral began to counterattack. “Damnit!” He yelled out. “You distracted me, Haro!” The red sphere jumped up, bonking him on his helmet. “Charo! Charo!” The toy exclaimed. The diver looked perplexed. “Charo?” He questioned as the droid bounced up and down. “New name! New name!” It responded. “New name?” He thought. “I never gave you a name, although I should’ve called you that from the start… Oh God! He’s becoming more sentient! These new NPD’s must be rubbing off on him.” Suddenly, shots began to fly toward the legless machine. “Dodge! Dodge!” “I KNOW!” One of the pot shots slid across the right shoulder’s armor, disintegrating part of it. “Oh man! I gotta get out of this area!” Kyle pulled up on the controls, igniting all of his thrusters, but not before another shot pierced the skirt of the unit. “Damage! Damage!” The diver started to get quite annoyed, kicking the series mascot away from him. “Could you please be usefu-“ The sphere ricocheted off the side of the cockpit, smacking him in the head once again. Kyle sighed. “I can’t catch a break. Oh no no no!” An Armor Schneider was heading straight toward him, when suddenly the Titans GP03 appeared, blocking the attack from hitting Kyle. “Beta Four!” He said. “Thanks.” The NPD was already heading to the enemy, firing at and taunting the crazed pilot. “Alright then.” Kyle exclaimed. “It’s time for a beatdown!” The diver launched forward to the others, hoping to also take the Astral Age out. He let the beam hands loose once again, aiming at the sides of the machine. He assumed that his attacks would be a longshot, but felt that the GP03 could distract his opponent.
  13. One of the warehouse buildings began to crumble as the white mobile suit rose. “So that’s the test mobile suit.” Said Leon. “Watch yourselves, boys. It looks powerful.” The biggest team member gave a perplexed look. “Powerful? This mobile suit is just a mishmash of others. We could take it out in a second.” The Gundam II had no interest in proving them wrong, so it aimed every machine, gatling, and Vulcan gun it had directly at the three. “Sssplit up!” Sepp yelled as the other two jumped back. Leon took cover behind one of the taller buildings, but upon looking at the damage its weaponry did, he knew it wouldn’t matter. Hundreds of the bullets managed to obliterate an entire cave wall behind them. “Those aren’t your average Alex gatling guns. Wait a minute…” He thought. Hans watched as the white Gunpla picked up its folding bazooka and shield. He wanted to stop it, but even he was smart enough to know that couldn’t be done with him alone. “What do we do?” He asked. Sepp thought for a moment and realized how he could be of use. “I’ll bait him into going after me!” He exclaimed. “That’s when you and the boss attack him from behind!” The Gelgoog got up from its hiding place, aiming and firing its shotgun. The blast was blocked by the Gundam’s shield, so Sepp threw the shotgun aside. “Can’t reload it anywaysss.” The Zeon machine used its thrusters to get some distance between the two Gunpla, but Sepp’s enemy had the advantage in speed. Catching up to the weaker mobile suit, it fired two bazooka shots, decimating the lower half of the Natter. “Ah!” Sepp yelled as the Gelgoog smacked into the ground. “HEY!” Screamed Hans. “Don’t do that to my friend, Feddie junk!” Hans swung his halberd at the distracted Gundam’s bazooka, slicing it in two. The opposing Gunpla jumped back to avoid the explosion, but it gave Han enough time to strike again. “Hyah!!” He yelled as he swung, but the Gundam II grabbed the handle of the weapon, pulling it and the Dreistier to it. Pressing its chest-mounted guns to the torso of the Neo Zeon mobile suit, it was about to fire when Sepp used his Gelgoog’s remaining arm to grab the back of the Gundam. “Don’t do that to MY friend!” He uttered as he bit down on the back pack of the machine. Fire erupted from the back and an explosion engulfed the Gelgoog and the Gundam. Hans looked in shock at the explosion as his halberd was knocked far away from him. “It must’ve ignited Sepp’s Gunpla.” He said. “Wait…” From the fiery ashes stood a yellow-eyed devil, with no Gelgoog in sight. “Hhhhhrahh!” Hans shouted. “We were all supposed to finish this mission together! He shouldn’t have died here!” Sepp stood in his darkened cockpit. “He’sss getting into the roleplay way too much.” Hans’ triple beam cannons fired as the Gundam attempted to block. Its shield had taken much damage prior though, and broke away from the arm. The NPD’s only option was to fight back with all that it had. The triple beam cannons eventually stopped, along with every other part of the Dreistier. All the NPD knew was that there was one more left. It had no idea where the final Zeon member was until it heard the faint sound of two gatling guns. Its programming led to a mining section of the base, but no mobile suit was in sight. It walked closer, toward the only place in the area where a mobile suit could hide. Aiming at a large cavass, the Geara Hunda blasted upward, throwing its comrade’s halberd at the Gundam. The white mobile suit fell to the ground as its bullets kept going, inadvertently hitting the ceiling of the cave. “Gotcha.” The roof began to crumble, causing mountains of rocks and dirt to fall on the Gundam. The NPD heard footsteps as the buried mobile suit laid on the ground. The Gundam II’s head peeked out, staring directly above. The last thing it saw was a shotgun blast. The victory screen appeared to each of Die Zeonic Morder, with all getting the “Test has been cancelled” badge. “Nice! 15000 credits!” uttered Han. Leon chuckled. “Actually, you two are getting 30000. I don’t need any of these credits when you two got beaten while I worked on my ‘project’.” Sepp thought he didn’t have to do that, but he did want some new furniture for their base. “Thanksss boss!” Leon was glad he could help his other teammates out. In fact, he had another gift to give… … The three mobile suits stood in the team’s Gallop-Class ship, the Kreatur. Inside the ship was a fully furnished planning room for the team, but its current use was for laughing. Leon and Sepp almost fell out of their seats howling with laughter at their massive friend. Since they all used Zeon mobile suits, Leon got a special Zeon cap from a random draw. He gave it to Hans, but the towering man’s head made it look like a Kippah.“Aw man!“ Said Hans.“It’s not letting me change the size!“
  14. Deep in the tropical region, five mobile suits marched, looking for their target. Their pilots had no personality, other than the fact that they were classified as “hard”. These NPD’s were programmed to find and kill, but thankfully they had long ranged mobile suits. Long ranged MS in a short ranged battle… BAM! BAM! Four of the Guncannons looked over to see their comrade’s mobile suit fall over, knocking down a couple of trees in the process. Its head had been completely blown off, along with a massive hole in its chest. One motioned to the others, telling them to split up and get some distance from the enemy. “Big missstake.” Whispered someone in the shadows. A Guncannon started to kneel down, getting into an aiming position. It decided that the best option would be waiting for the enemy to mess up, blasting it with its cannon. It should’ve watched its back though. Suddenly, the enemy slammed its foot into the back pack of the machine, knocking it down. Another Guncannon came to its aid, but it was too late. This Guncannon also fell prey to the shotguns of the Gelgoog Natter. The Zeon Gunpla dashed toward its third target as the Guncannon began firing back. “Your rifle is too weak.” Exclaimed Sepp. “You can’t ssstop me!” The diver dodged the two beams, firing its own weapons (shotguns from the Kampfer) directly into the shins of the mobile suit. It began to fall forward, but the Gelgoog dropped its guns, opting to grab the machine by the shoulder. With its fangs, Sepp’s Gunpla “bit” into the head of the machine, pulling the part right out of its socket. The diver looked inside, only to see a still, generic Federation soldier inside. “It’sss alwaysss cooler when I bite a real player.” He declared. Losing his train of the thought about the battle, the other two Guncannons fired, demolishing the Natter’s right arm. “Ssscrew you!” He yelled out. “I wasss enjoying my victim!” He picked up one of the shotguns, deciding to head back to his other teammates for assistance. “Oh no you don’t!” Shouted Hans. “I’m not losing because of some silly smoke!” Grabbing his Halbred with both hands, he began to spin around, creating a whirlwind attack. The smoke began to fly away, as many of the Guntanks could now be seen. “My Sieg Spin attack always comes in- woah woah WOAH!” Leon landed near the Guntanks, firing everything he had at them while snickering. “Yeah! It only comes in handy if you can control it!” Three Guntanks were sliced apart as the Dreistier spun, eventually falling on its side. A Guntank tried to take advantage of this, rolling up to him to fire point-blank, but Hans rammed his head into the torso of it. “Hahaha! Mess with the stier, and you get the horns!” The pink blades of the Hunda sliced through the last Guntank as Sepp arrived. “It’sss time to take thisss elevator.” He stated. The Dreistier stood on top of the platform while the Geara Hunda walked to him. “Did you take out your Guncannons?” Leon asked. Sepp responded by pushing the Hunda back to the platform, with it also getting onboard. The two Guncannon blew through the air, blasting all that they had at Die Zeonic Morder, but the doors had already closed. Hans began to howl with laughter once again. “You couldn’t take out five Guncannons?!” His mobile suit almost laughed with him. “These are OWY Mobile Suits, but I understand. Your Gelgoog is one too. Can’t keep up with us, huh?!” The scaly snake almost turned beet red. “Ssshut up! They got lucky!” As they bickered back and forth, Leon put his mobile suits foot down. “Enough! Both of you!” He shouted. “We’re a team. We build each other up, not bring them down. The only way we’ll defeat this test mobile suit is if we work together!” Hans and Sepp looked at each other through the cockpit cameras. “Aw, I can’t stay mad at the snake boy! Let’s finish this together!” The side door opened to a city that looked similar to something below Jaburo. The three walked (or in the Dreistier’s case, hovered) to the buildings, looking to see if their target would appear. What they heard next from the intercom was the start of a battle that would change the way they play GBN forever. “GUNDAM II ONLINE”
  15. The three mobile suits appeared deep in the tropics. It looked to be somewhere in Southeast Asia, but that couldn’t be confirmed by the pilots. “What’d it say?” Blurted out Hans. “Something about a test mobile suit?” Leon glanced around with his Geara Hunda. “Yeah, but I don’t see any mobile suits around. Seems like we picked a mission with a real large map.” He began to move his Gunpla west, hoping they’d find what they were looking for, as the other two followed suit. “They could be hiding.” Exclaimed Sepp. “Waiting to ssstrike usss.” Leon thought so too, but eventually their questions were answered. A large lake, which glistened under the sun, flowed in front of them. Four massive bridges each connected to what looked to be an artificial island, a single elevator creating a hole in the center of it. “That’s where our prize likely is.” Said Leon. “Now be careful, this is obviously a trap.” Hans glanced at Leon’s face through his cockpit picture. “It sure is. Too bad I don’t care!” The heavyset mobile suit hovered over one of the bridges, heading toward the elevator. INTRUDER ALERT! INTRUDER ALERT! Alarms and lights on the bridges blared as the elevator opened up. 10 Guncannon II Mobile Suit blasted into the air, firing at the three Zeon mobile suits. “ Du Lusche!” Yelled out Leon. “We’re a team, you can’t run out on your own.” Hans chuckled. “Sorry boss. At least there’s only one, two, three…” “TEN!” Sepp screamed. “There’sss ten of them. Check your radar.” However, Sepp was also wrong now. The platform for the elevator rose to the top, with 10 Guntank IIs rolling in the direction of Hans. “Take those Guntanks out while I fire at the others.” Leon ordered as he retreated back into the tropics. “Sepp. Do what you do best.” The snakeman smirked. “Yessssssir.” “Time to create a junkyard!” The Dreistier flew toward the Guntanks as they fired back. Luckily through, their weaponry was ballistic. Anything that got near Hans was blown away by the custom Dreissen’s triple beam cannon. “Hahaha! This is too easy!” The Dreister jumped up into the air, slamming its battle axe down on the head of the nearest unit. The Tank exploded as Han slashed at the other Guntanks. Their programing began to adapt to the situation, with most opting to discharge smoke at the Zeon machine. “I can’t see my prey!” Hans bellowed out. Meanwhile, The Guncannons were on their way to the others. Pulling out his cannon, Leon aimed, blowing one right out of the sky. The debris fell into the water as the remaining members split up. Four Guncannons surrounded the leader, as Leon turned on his gatling guns. Hundreds of bullets flew at one of the enemy machines cannon, causing it and the head near it to explode. The other two returned fire, hitting the Hunda’s main weapon. This wouldn’t be enough to take him out of the battle though, as Leon ignited his twin beam sword. Pink blades slid through one of the Guncannons as the other grabbed on to the back of him. “Let go, Feddie Scum!” Leon said as he jerked around his Gunpla. The Geara Hunda flew forward, knocking itself into the side of the east bridge. Its shoulder almost broke off with the damaged bridge as it flew into the lake. The Neo Zeon machine laid underwater as Leon looked around. “Where did he go?” He thought. Unexpectedly, the Guncannon jumped onto him, similar to how the purple mobile suit beat him. It brought its fists up, ready to destroy its foe. “No, not again!” Blurted out Leon “You forgot to take out my gatling guns!” Bullets utterly decimated the Guncannon, leading it to fall back on the bridge. With his last foe defeated, Leon headed to the smoke. Meanwhile, five Guncannons walked around, as a serpent waited, ready to strike…
  16. The battle was over. The Murasaki Archer stood on top a green and gray Gunpla, which had seen much action prior to this. It was the Geara Hunda, a custom mobile suit piloted by someone who would be seen as quite old compared to other divers, Leon Schulz. In the world of GBN, the 40 year old wrote a dark green Zeon jacket which surprisingly complemented his graying hair. If this was a Universal Century Anime, he'd pass off as a battle worn captain very well. However, it seemed as if his experience did nothing for him, since the purple enemy managed to cut all of his weaponry in two, ending the battle quickly. The two mobile suits disappeared, transporting the two back to the main lobby. The divers stood across from each other, as Leon watched the other players battle record raise by one. She snickered. "Your overconfidence is what made lose." The girl pressed a couple buttons. "I gotta go. Good game." She was gone before he could respond. Leon growled. "She just caught me off guard. That's all." He thought. "I'm the leader of Die Zeonic Mörder, after all." He began to hear laughter behind him. "HAHAHA!" Easily the biggest Diver in the lobby began to walk toward him, howling with laughter. The massive bald man wore a sleeveless tan Zeon uniform to show off his fictional muscles. "She really destroyed you, huh boss?" Leon was angry, but couldn't get mad at the big oaf, Hans Sauer. "I could've blown that AU trash away with my gattling guns at any moment!" Leon responded. "I just didn't want to hurt the lady's feelings." "Ssssssure." The "man" to the right of Hans said. "I would've ssssssneaked up to her with my sssssshotguns and ruined that eyesssssore." While Leon and Hans could roleplay as real Zeon Pilots, their third teammate, Sepp, could not. While had did wear his own custom Zeon pilots suit, the scaly, brown individual had the head of a snake. "Ha! No way!" Hans yelled. "You couldn't take out a Ball with your Gelgoog!" Sepp hissed at the large teammates, sticking out his tongue. "Alright, break it up." Leon exclaimed. "I'm in the mood for another team mission!" "Me too!" Hans said as he put his fist in his hand. "But not that Kobayecho Heyto test. Not being able to win is stupid!" The snakeman sighed. "Kobayassshi Hayato tessst, dummy. Have you even ssseen Gundam?" Han put his hand on top of his head. "Oh yeah, sorry!" Leon looked through the missions, trying to find a new Universal Century mission that would be a challenge for them. In fact, their disdain for non UC stuff caused them to never touch a mission not from it. Eventually he found the perfect one. MISSION: Feddie Scum DIFFICULTY: Hard DESCRIPTION: Destroy the Federation's new test Mobile Suit! "Alright boys!" Leon yelled out. "Let's destroy some Federation garbage! SEIG ZEON!" The members of Die Zeonic Mörder each vanished as the mission began.
  17. Shockingly, the orange and blue machine did nothing to protect itself from Kyle's beam fingers. "Must've caught him off guard." He thought to himself. The left hand of the Zeong was pointed almost directly down near the back of the opponent's Gunpla, causing damage mostly to the booster attached to it. One of the finger blasts did minor damage to its right thigh as the other hand fired, intended for the waist, but most of the attack ended up hitting the left GN Sword Rifle, with slight damage being taken to what looked to be the Age-2's shoulders. The Zeong floated near the debris as the almost weightless arms did their job. "Come on!" Kyle yelled out. "At least try to fight back, or else I'm gonna have to go for the others!" His arms reconnected with the Zeong as he flew somewhat closer to Astral in order to get a better shot. The diver stopped, once again pointing the ten fingers at the enemy. "I'll just try to end this quick then." He exclaimed, firing not only each finger, but the two waist mega particle guns as well. "Hopefully this'll take care of h-" "HIT HIM! HIT HIM!" Something chirped near the feet of him. Kyle almost fell over from the shock of a familiar voice. "WHAT?!?!" He screamed. "Why are you here?!"
  18. Kyle wished he had the Trinames at the moment. He could easily take potshots when the enemy's got in range, but the Zeong wasn't built for that type of combat. "At least it has good maneuverability in space." He thought. "Flying around in this area will be a piece of-" Suddenly, alarms blared all around the mobile suit. A white Gunpla, the Bael, sped past him toward the Archangel. "Not much I can do against an IBO unit." The diver turned on his team comms, yelling out. "There's a Bael coming your way, guys!" Kyle grabbed the controls and pressed foward. "There's not much I can do in this spot, so I'm gonna go deeper into the debris field!" The gray mobile suit ignited it's thrusters, moving from metal slabs to asteroids as it's monoeye moved around in all directions, looking for a possible target. Placing itself near a large piece of a broken ship, he found the closest enemy he could attack, but it was not an ideal one in the slightest. "Oh no." He said. "Is that the psychopath's new machine?" Kyle zoomed in on the unit, which looked slightly different from the last battle. Kyle sighed. "I guess it's my job to fight anyone I see..." Kyle launched both of the 5 barrel particle guns, positioning them at their target. The two hands almost floated around in the zero gravity environment, aimed at the speeding machine. "Nerai utsu ze..." An uninterested Kyle uttered as he fired.
  19. The inside of her cockpit dimmed as what was left of her Gunpla lied on the floor. The energy ball did its job, giving the win to her opponent. Amy couldn't believe it, but it taught her a few lessons on the defensive capabilities of her Archer. The Phase Shift Armor wouldn't be enough for her next battle, whenever that would be. "Hey there!" Her opponent said. "That was quite a fight!" Amy clicked on the chat to respond. "Yeah, it was! I learned a lot from it." She exclaimed as her machine materialized from the battlefield. The diver appeared back in the GBN lobby, immediately checking her battle record. "71-23 for one on one matches." She thought. "I've played this game way too much, but I have to practice more." She walked up to mission area, noticing that the team above her was going to take the Kobayashi Hayato test. "You do realize that's a no win scenario, right." She said to the three burly men wearing Zeon jackets. The biggest one turned around to Amy as the other two scowled. "You do realize that we're one of the best teams in all of GBN right?" He yelled. "We don't lose any matches!" She smirked. These three looked tough, but looks meant nothing in a cockpit of a mobile suit. "Ok, tough guy. One on one. Right now."
  20. The Murasaki Archer's shurikens were quite special. Due to the way they were built, the Kimaris' weapons could pierce almost any surface, including Phase Shift Armor. What Amy didn't realize was that those weapons could be used against her if the enemy was smart. As the Astray pushed down on her machine, one of the shuriken's pushed down on the body of the purple Gunpla. "Damn it!" She said as the Archer was given a "stomach" wound. The handle of one of her knife's embedded in the shield smacked into the strongest part of the body, breaking the Folding Razor's blade in two. The partially broken dagger landed on the floor as the battle got worse for her. The Archer lost its footing, falling straight to the ground. As it bumped onto the grassy field, Amy lost control of her Beam Boomerangs, falling out of arm's reach. The Gold Astray kept pushing on the body, jamming the shuriken deeper in into it. The Diver had many options, but she didn't want to give away all of her tricks just yet. "This isn't over Astray!" She yelled as she pushed her right hand up against the head of the machine. While attempting to push the Gold gunpla off, she looked for something she could use. The broken Razor lied on the grass, barely within reach. Using the enemy's broken arm and preoccupied shield to her advantage, she pushed the dagger into the part with the least amount of armor surrounding it, the neck.
  21. For what seemed to be a regular Astray, the machine had its strengths, likely due to the experience of the pilot. As the enemy's machine slashed down at the Archer, Amy turned her machine clockwise, attempting to block the attack with her right beam saber. The strength of the Astray, plus the awkward angle of the block, put tons of pressure on the Gunpla. With all her might, Amy turned again, pushing her other beam saber up against the enemy's by creating an X-shape with the two pink blades. The Astray's weapon was getting dangerously close to her Gunpla's head, sizzling off some of her own paint, just like her opponent. "I won't be able to hold for long." She thought. The angle of the attack was just awkward enough for her to be on the losing side, but she did have a trick up her sleeve, or rather, on her backpack. Two slash disks, taken from the Kimaris, were attached to the machine back thrusters, mostly used as short ranged shuriken. But they could also be launched directly from the mobile suit at opponents. "These are for one time use. Let's make this count!" The slash disks jettisoned for their normal spot, one aimed at the body, while the other was mean't for the Astray's right arm. She hoped that her aiming skills were good enough during this tense situation, but she had to regain her distance from the gold machine.
  22. Her attack didn't end up going to plan, but it wasn't a failure either. Amy could tell the other diver had experience, opting to now weave back and forth as they headed toward her location. She was shocked at first, but realized that the boomerang's trajectory would give her position away. The two beam weapons were heading back to their owner, so she had to think quickly in order to not be sliced in two. The Stealth System was out of the question, since its flaw of turning off the Phase Shift Armor could ruin her quickly. Plus, the other Gunpla was coming quickly, making the wise decision of kicking off the boulders. However, Amy noticed a pattern in the Astray's movement that she could take advantage of. Every other boulder was being used. "This'll have to be timed just righ- OH SHIT NOW!" The Boomerangs were close, so her attack began. The Archer ignited its thrusts, landing on top of the boulder it was hiding behind. Pulling out two Folding Razors, Amy leaped into the air, right over her opponent. Throwing the knifes downward at the machine, she rolled into a landing right as the Beam Boomerangs landed in each of the open hands. Her back was toward the Astray, Boomerangs now becoming beam sabers.
  23. Amy sat in the main lobby of GBN, browsing through various modes. "No. No. Definitely no." She said while scrolling down. Eventually, she found what she was looking for. "Close Combat only 1v1." The diver exclaimed. "This could work." As she pressed accept, her avatar was brought to the cockpit or her Gunpla, the Murasaki Archer. With an arsenal of close combat weaponry, the GN Archer had technology from the Blitz Gundam, allowing invisibility. "I probably won't even need it that much." She said as she looked around the large duel zone. "This place is perfect." The Murasaki Archer was currently hidden behind one of the larger boulders this field had to offer. It'd be a challenge to find her, but the same could be said for her opponent. This is until the fake sunlight glistened off the gold mobile. Peeking ever so slightly over the boulder, she saw the Astray, ready to attack with its samurai sword if she got close. "Hmmm. Can't get close with the Folding Razors." She thought. Kyle could likely pick off a mobile suit like this for her, but she was all alone here. Her skill as a diver was all that mattered now. Amy pulled a Beam Boomerang with her right hand, aiming and throwing toward the left side of the machine. She quickly turned on the stealth system, opting to now hide behind another rock almost perpendicular from the Astray. Hoping her distraction would work, she threw the other boomerang toward her real target, the beam sabers on the back of the mobile suit.
  24. Amy's Gunpla Collection #1 - Murasaki Archer Base Unit: GNR-101A GN Archer Operator: Amy O'Connor Defensive Systems: Phase Shift Armor - exceptional resistance to physical damage, at the cost of power consumption per hit. Melee Weapons: Folding Razor x4 - Anti-armor knifes that can be used in close combat or thrown. Combat Knife - Large foldable knife used as a last resort. Projectile Weapons: Beam Boomerang - Throwing weapons that emit a short beam blade on one end, and can return to the owner after throwing. Slash Disc - Two high-speed rotating disks that hone in on enemies. Not reusable. Power system: Battery Pack - offers a light weight power solution for greater mobility but limited supply. Special Abilities/Features: Stealth System - An invisibility system that can hide from plain sight. However, it's Phase Shift Armor is disabled.
  25. While opening up the hatch to the Zeong, Kyle also decided to change into his normal suit. The red and gold Celestial Being suited Diver hopped into the cockpit, although he wasn't exactly sure how he'd be able to launch with the machine. The pink monoeye flashed on, looking in all different directions as a test. "This is going to be pretty interesting. As he turned on the rockets thrusters, several mechanics and other crew members were pushed aside from the force of the gunpla. "Sorry!" He yelled out. "Wait. They're not actual people. This game is way too realistic..." Kyle flew to the catapult, waiting for the hatch to open. "Kyle, Zeong! Launch- well, actually I'm just gonna float out." The Archangel's hatch rose, allowing the Diver to put all power into his own thrusters. As he flew into the depths of space, the Zeon machine was pulled above the Archangel by Kyle, then maneuvered to the back of the ship. "Wow." He exclaimed. "There is a ton of debris out here." Not only could the Zeong blend in with the gray pieces leftover from other battles, but his wired guns allowed him to attack from more place than one. The Diver noticed some debris big enough for him to use cover for, deciding to fly toward it. "This spot will be perfect! I won't even need some NPD to cover me." The confident pilot couldn't do much else but wait for the others. "This is Kyle. I'm in position." He said over the radio. "You're up next, Carter!"
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