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  1. The DaeDAL was buffeted by the hail of gunfire from the Ground Types as their shots connected with the shield, pushing the defending mobile suit backwards with their force. Aker’s growl came in over Icarus’s radio and the Diver smiled wryly to himself. I feel that right about now, An opening presented itself in the form of the Command Gundam letting loose with its LMG. Distracted by their own hail of incoming bullets, the Ground Types momentarily pulled back their assault on the custom ReZEL, giving Icarus time to thruster out of the way. The only problem was that he didn’t know where to run off to. There was a notable lack of cover, which put the fragile mobile suit in a precarious position. “Guess there’s only one good option for me,” Icarus muttered. “Boy I hope this works,” If he couldn’t find cover, he’d have to make some. Flaring his thrusters, the DaeDAL skated in a loose circle, kicking up a flurry of snow beneath it before it sped off in the direction of the Ground Type on the left. Leading with its shield-arm, Icarus began generating a beam blade from the barrel of the rifle. When at last he rammed directly into the Ground Type shield-first, Icarus brought the beam blade forward, shoving it through the unit’s head piece and quickly removing it. The DaeDAL then maneuvered itself behind the Ground Type and wrapped an arm around it, hoping to secure it in place as a shield as Icarus turned the two suits to face the other bogeys.
  2. As soon as Wade was on the elevator, Icarus jammed the up button multiple times until they began to rise. The short journey to the top felt like an eternity and when the doors opened to reveal the snowy exterior and the Ground Types surrounding them, his stomach sank. Him and Wade made a run for their respective suits and upon entering the DaeDAL, his younger companion’s voice came over the comms. "Let's take out these guys first. Hopefully they haven't gotten Aker yet!" “Roger that, boss,” Icarus said as the DaeDAL’s visor flashed with green light. The Diver scanned the surroundings, counting four Gundam Ground Types surrounding himself and Wade. He wasn’t sure if they had noticed them just yet, so Icarus brought the DaeDAL’s beam rifle up to bear while keeping the suit itself kneeling. “Let’s see if they’re paying attention, Wade,” Icarus said as he fired off a volley of beams at the rightmost Ground Type. After the shots were loosed, the DaeDAL rose to its full height and brought its shield up on the left side to hopefully intercept any fire coming from that direction. “Aker it’s Icarus. How are you holding up?”
  3. Wade and Icarus’s journey into the depths of the base was short and the two of them soon found themselves wandering down a hallway full of scrap electronics and other detritus. The whole place reminded Icarus of an abandoned hospital, like the ones you see in scary movies or ghost hunting shows on TV. Wade theorized as they walked, the younger diver voicing his thoughts about what the space had been used for prior to its abandonment. “It sure could be,” Icarus replied. “Military’s have all sorts of dark secrets. Could be that they were looking for something even beyond Cyber Newtypes, too. I’m sure there will be some clues laying around for us to find.” The two of them approached a large set of doors and were immediately greeted by an overwhelming odour, the strength of which Icarus did not think reproduceable in a videogame. He didn’t have to wonder at the source of the smell for very long, either, for the room beyond it contained dozens of bodies—both soldiers and scientists alike. “Damn,” Icarus hissed, looking over at Wade. The kid (if in fact he actually was a kid in real life, Icarus didn’t know) seemed rather unperturbed by this sight. He should’ve expected as much though, kids—especially teens—didn’t seem nearly as sensitive about these things as adults did. Still, Icarus felt like it would be irresponsible not to ask: “You alright seeing this kind of stuff, Wade?” It was a gruesome sight too. As Wade had put it, it looked a like a mobile suit had torn through them. Just then, Aker’s voice came over the comms. “…we…income…mies..back…ere!” “This place must be interfering with the signal, but that sounds like bad news,” Icarus nodded at Wade. “If you want to stick around here and search for clues, I can go back topside and see what the situation is. But it might be best if we both go,” Without waiting for an answer, Icarus jogged back down the hallway until he reached the elevator, turning to see if Wade had joined him before pressing the button to head up. “Hang on, Aker,” he said over his helmet’s radio. “Back up is on the way,”
  4. Icarus quirked an eyebrow as he watched Wade exit his mobile suit. He wouldn’t have guessed a mission in a Gundam-based game would require him to actually leave his mobile suit to complete it, but he liked how it added variety. After a while, Wade had uncovered what appeared to be an elevator of some kind and suggested that someone stay behind. Before Icarus could even mull it over, Aker volunteered. Icarus turned the DaeDAL to look at the Jaeger. “You sure?” he asked. But Aker had seemed pretty sure and so the DaeDAL nodded in affirmation. “Alright, I’ll go with Wade then. If something comes up, don’t hesitate to call us back or run if you get overwhelmed. As long as one suit survives we pass the mission, right?” Right, let’s do this, Icarus brought the DaeDAL into a kneel, opened the cockpit, and rode the wire down. The snow was deep and felt realistic when walking through it and Icarus was eager to get out of it almost as soon as he had landed on the ground. “Alright, Wade,” he said, clapping his teammate on the shoulder and gesturing toward the elevator. “Lead the way,”
  5. “Same here,” Icarus said to Wade’s question. “This thing is kind of stripped down except for the cannon. It was meant for hit-and-run, not necessarily for recon. About the only advantage I have here is that my suit is partly white” Aker suggested going in the same direction, which Icarus agreed with, as well as the DaeDAL going ahead to scout, which he agreed with somewhat less. “I’m not sure mobile armor mode would be advisable right now. I can’t really see anything and I don’t think flying up above the tree-line—wherever that is—would change much.” Icarus placed a hand to his chin and thought deeply about the situation. Since they hadn’t spotted the enemy, their biggest concern at the moment was advancing without being separated, a task made more difficult by his own suit’s colouration. Both the Jaegar Astray and the Command Gundam were darkly coloured which meant Icarus could, theoretically, make them out better against the snow. Theoretically. “I don’t suppose either of you have a Gundam-sized rope, do you?” the idea sounded silly as soon as it came out of his mouth, but the idea would’ve been sound. It would ensure at least that the newly formed Force wouldn’t get too far without one another. “Scratch that—we could have our mobile suits join hands if we’re worried about getting separated, but as soon as the shooting starts that’ll go out the window. But either way, we should head south and stick together like Aker said. Weapons at the ready,”
  6. Icarus clenched his teeth as the Freedom made its desperate charge, beam sabers in either hand and wings of light blazing behind him. “Come on, come on,” he hissed as the mega beam cannon shot bubbled at the tip of the barrel. When the shoulder cannons of the Freedom folded out and took aim, Icarus began to panic. Gotta’ adjust, but the cannon… There would be no time, not if he wanted to score his hit and remove the pilot from the scenario. All he could do was hope that, in his fury, Yzak was firing from the proverbial hip and not aiming with any kind of scrutiny. The mega beam cannon let off its massive shot, the golden light lancing forward and consuming the Freedom as it continued its charge. The shoulder cannons, however, still managed to get their shots off before the Freedom was engulfed and the beams tore through the DaeDAL, obliterating its left arm and head, leaving behind little more than a singed and melted torso, a cracked arm, and a red-hot mega beam cannon. Inside the virtual cockpit, Icarus’s cameras knocked out, the screens turning black and displaying ‘no feed’ in bold red letters. Icarus himself tensed up as he waited. He had no visual confirmation of, well, anything really, which meant that it was possible the Freedom had somehow survived and was closing in for the final blow. “Are you guys alright?” Aker’s voice came over the comms. “One sec,” Icarus responded as he opened the cockpit hatch. Floating in space before him were the toasted remains of the Freedom. He breathed a sigh of relief. “Yeah, scratch one on my side. My suit isn’t looking too pretty though. How about you guys?”
  7. The DaeDAL’s volley sped through the empty space where he thought he had left the two mobile suits. “Huh? They’re gon—” sirens blared as the Freedom and the Justice appeared at his flank. “Damn it,” Icarus brought the shield up once more as the Freedom’s entire arsenal let loose a full salvo but the timing was far from perfect. They had managed to get the drop on him with their speed, something that Icarus foolishly miscalculated. The Freedom’s cannons tore through the legs of the DaeDAL, obliterating them completely, and melted the shield to the point it became unrecognizable. “It’s a good thing you don’t need legs in space,” Icarus said over the comms, his voice laced with smarminess. Let’s get him really worked u— His train of thought was interrupted by the sudden reappearance of the Jaegar Astray, which had jammed its beam saber up into the torso of the Justice. No— Tossing the shield aside, Icarus wrenched on his control sticks, throwing the DaeDAL in as fast of a backward thrust as he could manage. There was no time to shift to waverider and he had his doubts that the suit was still capable of transforming at all without legs. The explosion of the Justice was a beautiful, horrible thing—radiant, iridescent, and blinding. Despite his evasive manoeuvres, the shock wave still managed to send the DaeDAL hurtling even further away. “Icarus try to keep Yzak interested in you!” “Roger that, Aker,” But maybe I’ll do you one better and take him out myself. As the light of the explosion began to fade, Icarus brought the Mega Beam Cannon back up and aimed, waiting for the Freedom to come into view. One shot an end this here and now---I just have to concentrate.
  8. “Two on one, huh?” Icarus smirked. “Hardly seems fair to me,” The DaeDAL raised its shields and Icarus adjusted the machine to make it as small a target as he could. Beams collided with the shield while others flew past him. A few of the last beams, however, managed to glance his shoulder and hip armor, melting them somewhat. Careful, Ray. Your armor isn’t anything special. Those beams will cut through it like butter if you stay still. “Tch, right. You guys wanna’ play ball, we’ll play ball,” Icarus shifted the mega beam cannon back to the shoulder and, with the shield still in front of him, pulled one of his beam boomerangs from the defensive device and flung it towards the two incoming mobile suits. He hoped it would serve at least as a distraction of some kind as Icarus transformed the DaeDAL back to mobile armor mode and pushed the engines to max in a wide arc around the Justice and the Freedom, keeping them to his left. At the end of his turn, which he had hoped would place him behind the two suits once more, the DaeDAL transformed back, lifted its rifle, and shot off a volley aimed primarily at the already disadvantaged Justice. Don’t linger for too long. You’ve put yourself in between those two and the Strike unit. Hit and run, hit and run. He hoped that Wade was managing to distract Rusty and the Strike—if not, one well-aimed shot from that cannon of his could do a whole lot of damage to the DaeDAL. Icarus scanned the battlefield and, curiously, found no sign of Aker in the Jager Astray. “Did he ditch us?” he muttered to himself. He brought up the comm channel to hail his fellow pilot but closed it quickly afterward. “No, have some faith in him. He might have a plan of his own,” For now, Icarus would focus on Dearka and Yzak and hope that his comrades had his back.
  9. “Sounds good to me,” Icarus said as he patted the mega beam cannon attached to the DaeDAL’s shoulder. “I’ll be your guardian angel for this one,” The comm system beeped with an incoming transmission from somewhat outside of their squad. “attention unknown mobile suits, you have trespassed into a restricted air space. If you do not withdraw now you will be fired upon.” The pilot’s voice was grating and bordering on hostile. Aker responded and the name Jule came up. Jule team? Does that mean we’re dealing with the Duel, Buster, and Blitz? Maybe some Zakus? This was supposedly a beginner mission—Zaku’s would make sense. But the three mobile suits that appeared on the sensors did not fit the specifications of Zakus. “That’s odd, I wonder wh—” “Spread out!” Aker cried. A lock-on warning blared and flashed in front of Icarus, who instinctively pulled back on his controls, sending the DaeDAL dashing in reverse away from his comrades as a volley of beams sliced through the space he had previously occupied. “Tch,” Icarus grit his teeth. “That’s definitely not a Zaku—it’s not even the Duel. That’s…the Freedom?” Aker warned him of the Justice and the Strike as well and Icarus shook his head. Nothing about what he saw in front of him was accurate in any way, but Icarus quickly chastised himself for expecting these npc pilots to be in their own mobile suits when he himself was in something highly customized and non-canon. “So this is GBN, huh? Gotta’ expect the unexpected, I guess. Let’s see,” he tried to pull up images of his opponents from afar. “a blue freedom, a black Justice and…Bazooka Strike? No, a railgun maybe?” Only one way to find out, Ray, “Right. I don’t know what they call those suits,” he said to his comrades. “But they certainly have some secrets to them. That Strike unit looks particularly long range. I’ll try and distract the others and one of you can get in close to it,” Alright, big guy, time to see what you can do with this cannon. You get three shots, make them count. Icarus brought the mega beam cannon up and aimed it towards the Black Justice. “Firing mega beam cannon, stay clear, you two,” the muzzle of the shoulder mounted gun glowed as a great orb of light grew at it’s tip before turning into a laser that cut through the darkness of space as it approached the Justice.
  10. Icarus took Aker’s disappearance as the signal to start the mission. With a glance over at the kid—Wade—Icarus nodded and pulled up his menu. It all sort of came flooding back to him then. His students had run him through the basics of navigating the menu the first time he had logged in and showed him how to access the hangar. Tapping the button, he soon found himself staring up at the RGZ-99i DaeDAL, a slightly trumped-up ReZEL painted to match the classic Gundam colour scheme. “Hey there, big guy,” Icarus said as he scanned the mobile suit. “You ready to go for a ride?” Another series of button presses saw him in the cockpit of the machine, staring down the barrel of a launch catapult and the starfield beyond. Icarus closed his eyes and took a deep breath. Relax, Ray. It’s just a game. If kids can do it, so can you. Icarus opened his eyes and focused as another side of him took over. “This is Icarus. DaeDAL is good to go,” the ground beneath him shifted, throwing him and the mobile suit forward down the long hallway and flinging them both out into the reaches of space. Luckily for Icarus, the controls came back fairly quickly—it was the only thing he had really practiced extensively the first go around. “Let’s shift gears, DaeDAL,” he said to himself as he activated the machine’s mobile armour ‘Waverider’ mode. The DaeDAL contorted and changed shapes, folding itself into a plane-like silhouette. “Everything is feeling good and tight so far,” Icarus said to himself. Ahead of him, he saw a dark blue-and-white mobile suit with the head of an Astray. As he approached, Icarus seamlessly switched the DaeDAL back to mobile suit mode. “Alright,” he said, hailing Aker on the comm system. “I’ll try not to hold us back,”
  11. “Finally,” Raymond sighed as the game began to load. The amount of time he had spent fumbling with his gunpla just to get it to stand steadily on the scan pad had bordered on embarrassing, let alone the three failed scan attempts following it. Eventually though, his model had scanned successfully and Raymond was shunted into that unsettling space where he hovered naked as the game asked him if he would survive. “Lord knows I’ll certainly try,” it was his first dive without his students, something they had urged him to do to get some practice on his own outside of the club. The feeling of shyness that came with walking into the store alone was alleviated when he saw several older businessman types chatting fervently about their win-loss records against one another. Now all he had to worry about was embarrassing himself in-game even though he knew it’d be an inevitability. As the lobby formed around him, Raymond—now Icarus—caught a glimpse of a masked man in a black coat practically jump out of the way of where Icarus appeared. Icarus glanced at the masked man from between the loose strands of his now much longer hair, his tired-looking eyes scanning him from head-to-toe. A suspicious looking guy, but he couldn’t possibly be one to judge. He was a disheveled looking man in the normal suit of one of the bad guys. Tucking his helmet—with the ridiculous horn that Icarus so enjoyed—the newbie stepped out of the way of the loading zone. The black-clad man had begun speaking to him, asking him if it was his first time playing the game. “No, not quite,” Icarus responded. “But pretty close.” He scanned the man one more time. “You some kind of navigator? I could use a little help I think. I can’t, uh, remember how to pull up the menu,” Icarus chuckled weakly. “I’m kind of useless without my students here,”
  12. Raymond Hermes's Gunpla Collection #1 – RGZ-99i DaeDAL Base Unit: RGZ-95 ReZEL Operator (Diver Name): Raymond Hermes AKA Icarus The RGZ-99i DaeDAL is a mobile suit born of necessity—or rather, the lack of funds. Based off the RGZ-95 ReZEL, the DaeDAL adds increased mid-to-long range combat options while foregoing short-range equipment, in order to increase speed for hit-and-run tactics. The Daedalus forgoes the dark colouration of the ReZEL in favour of the classic white-red-blue-yellow Gundam colour scheme. Structural Defense: Conventional Materials - offers lighter armor weight for greater mobility, with no added benefit. Special System: N/A Melee Weapons: Armor Schneider Combat Knife x2—stored in left leg armor. Projectile Weapons: 60mm Vulcan Cannons x 2—A pair of head mounted shell firing weapons with a high-rate of fire, but little power. They are mainly used to restrain enemy units, intercept missiles and the like. Beam Rifle -- the beam rifle's muzzle can generate a beam blade, allowing the rifle to function as a long beam saber. Mega Beam Cannon—Shoulder mounted, three-shot mega beam cannon. Continued use puts considerable strain on the mobile suit and rapid fire is likely to damage the user via recoil. Beam Boomerangs x2—Short beam weapons mounted in shield, capable of returning to user once thrown. Shield: Multipurpose Shield--A beam cannon that fires in a 3-round burst is mounted at the front, and serves as the main weapon in waverider mode. The blade at the back of the shield can be used as a ramming weapon in close combat. Power System: Nuclear Plant - offers unparalleled power at the cost of expense and environmental danger if damaged. Special Abilities/Features: Transformable—Waverider MA mode
  13. Biography Full name: Raymond Hermes, “Icarus” Faction: Rookwood Highschool Gunpla Club/ Fleurs De Noblesse Rank: Founder Age: 34 Sex: Male Height: 5’10 Weight: 188 Lbs Eyes: Brown Hair: Blonde Skin: White Handiness: Left Personality Raymond Hermes has always taken a little bit of secret pride in his taciturn nature and the way that it seems to stymie others, though at the same time there are days he wishes that he could find the energy to emote as strongly as those around him. He is, by no means, emotionless, but merely stoic and often monotone in his manner. One would think this puts him at contrast with his job as a school teacher, and often it can, but Raymond has found that his calmer disposition has often been a boon in the classroom. While his profession requires a certain degree of put-togetherness, on his own time Raymond is somewhat of a slob—the kind of man to lounge around in his underwear or pyjamas and leave dishes unwashed—and he often deals with a sense of ennui stemming from his past failures. Still, he makes strides to be proactive and kind to others. Strengths and weaknesses: Raymond’s key strength is his amenable nature, especially in combination with his analytical skills and the ability to keep cool under pressure. He tries his best to get along with everyone and often finds himself slotted into a position of leadership despite preferring to take a backseat and let others call the shots. However, while Ray is a logical man who isn’t prone to emotional outbursts, he is only human after all. Raymond often struggles with a perceived lack of ability, and there are times when he finds himself spiraling into a hopelessness and cynicism that he has trouble pulling himself out of. This stems partly from the spectres of past physical injuries; Raymond deals with chronic pain and a limp in his damaged right leg. Appearance Pale blonde and slightly overweight, Raymond is an otherwise well-kept man though this is by necessity rather than choice. He is often well-dressed, though his suits are in fact lower-quality as a result of his strict budget. Naturally prone to being stoic and taciturn, Raymond can be a hard man to read as he often wears a frown or neutral expression on his face. In game as Icarus, Raymond’s hair is longer and pulled into a somewhat unkempt ponytail, perhaps reflective of his true personality. He wears a normal suit resembling that of SEED’s first generation Biological CPUs (Orga Sabnak, Clotho Buer, Shani Andras) with yellow highlights. History You may have heard of Raymond Hermes, but chances are his name for you has faded into obscurity as it has for most everyone else. Rookie of the year, MVP three years running, and first overall draft pick—by all accounts Raymond Hermes was headed for baseball superstardom. However, 27 games into his first major league season, a rogue twist of fate changed all of that. Rounding second off of a hard line drive, something simply…shifted—mostly Ray’s knee. And that was all it took for his life to be altered forever. Laid up for 3 weeks in the hospital, Raymond didn’t need to be told he could never play professionally again, it was obvious from the numbness he felt in his leg that things would never be the same. It wasn’t something he took gracefully, either. For a little more than a year, Ray found himself in the clutches of a depressive episode, spending more and more time sequestered away from society. On the brink of rock-bottom, Raymond’s saving grace was his friend, Amelia, who helped him gradually find his way back. After returning to university, Raymond found work as a high school English and history teacher. It was here that he was introduced to Gundam and gunpla in general via his students. Remembering such things from his own youth, Ray found it to be a suitable distraction and dove headlong into the hobby to the point that many of his students poke fun of him for it. With the advent of Gunpla Battle Nexus Online, Raymond found a new way to reconnect with his students and the world around him, and acts as the founder, sponsor, and current leader of the Battle Nexus club at his school. Kills N/A Role plays Coliseum battles N/A
  14. Judge


    Hi there, I likely won't be sticking around here for very long, but I used to roleplay on Advent Destiny around 2010~ish under the username Alistair Judge (though I ran many characters, such as Cross Kelst and Jude Ellsworth). For some reason, I had a random thought about advent destiny --i think it was the username of an old friend from those days, Techi Zinphio--pop into my head today and, lo and behold, you're still here. But I wanted to pop in and say hey, even though I don't really rp anymore, because the years when I did were some good times. I don't know if there is anybody here who really remembers me, but I guess a quick shout out to the names *I* remember from that time: Janus, Ryou, Brightblurr, Outlaw, MM007, Techi, AaronW, Lunamaria, and all the rest. I hope I wasn't too annoying 10 years ago haha
  15. Welcome to Advent Destiny. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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