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  1. You stubborn ass… Icarus clenched his teeth as he held on in the power struggle, the arms of each man’s suit quivering. If I move my left arm…I could grab my other sword and get a swipe in….no that won’t work. Icarus eyed the beam blade digging deeper and deeper into the shoulder-mounted shield. If he moved, chances were good that Athrun would recover more quickly and get a swipe in before he could act. Besides, he wanted to avoid a killing blow on the ZAFT pilot if he could, but he didn’t exactly have a lot of room for mercy. “So what options do I have left?” the Leo had
  2. Things seemed to be going well, for once. Icarus’s quick thinking had seemed to, if not convince Athrun, at least buy them some time. The ZAFT ace began to approach and inspect the shuttle when all hell broke loose in less time than it took to bat an eye. Maybe it was luck, or maybe it was his old baseball training, his ability to read a pitch, to quickly pick up on his opponents intentions, that allowed him to see the bolt of green energy as it flew into the army of GINNS. Time seemed to hang, frozen for a moment, as the shot ripped through the ZAFT mobile suits. Icarus’s eyes darted up towa
  3. Icarus frowned as Aker cut off his radio. Maybe honesty hadn’t been the best course of action in the moment, but the older man was hoping that his friend and teammate would come to appreciate it in time. Aker’s subdued answer wasn’t without an effect on his views either. As they flew through space, Icarus wondered whether or not there was another way to play and win the game without having to fight. He had already resolved to hold back from killing blows as much as he could—Wade had too from what he had seen, Shani withstanding. But maybe there was more he could do—maybe there was another way.
  4. There was a perceptible change in Orga’s demeanour and spirit as the two of them continued their desperate struggle. Icarus didn’t know what had happened, but the Flag broke the lock with a kick to the Leo’s torso, knocking the OZ suit away before turning tail and retreating. Icarus, clutching at his controls, made to pursue, but stopped himself. Something seemed to ring out in his head, calling to him, telling him to let his opponent live to fight another day. Is this…guilt? Swords in hand, the Leo hung in the air, watching as the Flag sped away before turning to face his comrades.
  5. Icarus smirked for all of a second as the rifle exploded before Clotho’s shot collided with him. As he was preparing to thrust upwards and catch his sword, the combination of the shot and the explosion sent the Leo reeling back and to the left away from Orga. The attack rocked Icarus in the cockpit, causing him to lose control of the machine which very quickly began to fall out of the sky. “Get a grip, Ray,” he growled under his breath. “Get this situation back under control,” The Leo spun, correcting itself in mid-air as the GN drive whirred to life. It took a moment for the diver t
  6. Are you friggin’ kidding me? He should’ve seen it coming, probably, because it happened all the time. Nevertheless, the Shooting Star Diver was annoyed that his grand entrance was cut short by his uppity opponents, who had decided that he was public enemy number one off the jump. The imposing cannon on the peak of hill had turned its sights on him and fired off a massive shot that went from being one beam to many. As if that wasn’t enough, a squad of Leos had mobilized against him and a dozen of those ridiculous Asshimar suits were heading his way. Why did I agree to this stupid miss
  7. Well, this is a bit ironic. And I just switched out my old normal suit. It appeared, from the voices that rang out over his radio, that he was locking blades with Orga Sabnak, one of the first generation Extended naturals from Seed, with his compatriot Clotho Buer on his way to back him up. Orga, in the meantime, had taken to questioning his taste in mobile suits. The extended bashed wildly at the battle blade, but the Leo managed to shift just enough to get his left-arm shield under one of the blows, just enough to make an opening. As the Flag’s saber cut into the shield, Icarus brought
  8. Icarus nodded as he saw Wade demonstrate what his abilities could do. Furthermore, in taking a closer look at Aker’s machine, he saw that it was, in fact, equipped with a flight-capable striker pack as well. “Glad I was mistaken,” the diver said to himself, looking over at Million. “I guess it’s just you then who’s grounded,” “Bah,” the female diver waved his comment away. “Who needs to fly when you have this much firepower anyway? I’ll be fine whenever the enemy—” the long range alarms of the divers’ suits went off simultaneously. “Speak of the devil,” Icarus gripped his contro
  9. As the oil rig faded away, it was replaced by yet more ocean. Icarus was in the seat of the newly upgraded Leo Chevalier, sporting its new physical sword and a second shield mounted on its other arm, and looking out over the water. It took him a moment to realize that he wasn’t still at the rig though, and a quick scan after that indicated that they were in the mission already—at the base of what looked like a mass driver. “Of course,” he said to himself. “Of course we’re heading back into space,” he had been hoping for a mission planet-side, but it looked like they would only be spending
  10. Ray rubbed his eyes with his finger and thumb and groaned. “Yeah, okay, fine,” he said as he took the last sip of his beer. He placed the glass back down on the patio table perhaps a little too hard, judging by the deep ‘thunk’ it made. “If you’re going to be this stubborn about it, there’s not really any way I can say no, is there?” “Not at all,” said the woman across from him. Amelia van Coor was beaming from cheek to cheek, having finally broken her friend’s will and weaseled her way into a visit to his Force nest. “You know me so well, Ray. I’m glad you finally see the futility in tel
  11. Icarus almost cried out loud when he saw Wade make his move, incapacitating the Wing Zero without killing the pilot within. That was something that Icarus needed to improve on. It was so easy for him to think of this as a game and take the lethal option, but now that he knew that people like Aker existed… The smile faded from his face as he turned his attention towards the battle between his comrade and the Altron, just in time to see the Jager slice the Gundam to pieces but abstain from a killing blow. And as the shuttle beyond them disappeared in the atmosphere, the words “Mission Accom
  12. The warm winds of Mogadishu gently tousled Apollo’s hair, his crimson scarf flapping gallantly in the breeze. There was a scent on the air, that day, a scent that Apollo knew well. The unmistakeable smell of victory. It goes hand-in-hand with the electricity in the air. The masked diver looked out over the city from the roof of a building, one foot resting on the raised ledge of the building, one hand poised confidently on his hip. His binoculars were pressed up against the eyes of his golden mask as he surveyed the skies, looking for any sign of them. Sure enough, the planes appear
  13. Apollo's Mobile Suit Collection #1 – MBF91V Gundam Oriole ((Thanks again to Frosty for the images)) Base Unit: Victory 2 Gundam/ Gundam F91 Operator (Diver Name): Apollo Structural Defense: Multiple Construction Armor - multifunctional structural material in which the functions of electronic equipment, such as circulatory and cooling systems, are inc orporated into the MS’ armor layers, making more efficient use of the highly compact MS’ limited internal space. Lighter armour that offers enhanced manoeuvrability and enables the use of the Metal Peel Off Ef
  14. “Will do, boss,” Icarus said as he stared across at the face of the Wing Zero. “And Wade—don’t lose heart. You’re doing just fine. Just remain focused and we can still win this thing.” “Enough of the quaint words of encouragement,” Zechs said, pressing harder on his saber. “You can’t win this fight,” The Wing Zero’s Vulcans whirred to life, a steam of bullets colliding with the Leo’s armor. Inside the cockpit of the custom grunt, began to blare once more. “Don’t count us out just yet,” Icarus gritted his teeth. Then, something deep within his suit shifted and the Leo seemed to sigh w
  15. Icarus’s proximity alarms screamed at him as a yellow beam ripped through the space between them and the Wing Zero. “Move,” Icarus cried, wrenching the Leo’s controls in a mad effort to dodge the beam. The Trans Am had given him a slight edge that the MK II Local Type sadly lacked, but even still the Wing Zero’s buster shot tore through the Leo’s already damaged leg and peeled away a significant chunk of the armor on the mobile suit’s right side. “No time to slow down, Leo,” Icarus muttered to himself. He turned his attention back to his leader, who had unleashed his secret weapon. “
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