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  1. Barondel’s orders to pull back snapped Roane out of his battle focus, the shadowy edges of his mental tunnel vision peeling back to let the light of reality back in. He observed the wreckage of the helicopters and tanks he had obliterated, heaped and smoking on the jungle floor. The battlefield had been wreathed in flames and Roane felt like he was awakening from some dream to a scenario he no longer recognized. “What the hell happened…?” he asked himself as the Astrays began their retreat. “What was the Earth Alliance thinking?” Geneva’s voice came over the comms and Roane nodded. “
  2. “Our terms, huh?” Albus said as he blocked the few pitiful shots the lead Flag had taken at him before boosting towards him, his comrades distracted by the Kyrios. “Then I guess we show them that we can’t be pushed around. It’s world peace by our terms, no one else’s.” Albus’s mouth set itself in an unflappable scowl as the Flag engaged, sending its leg up in a tricky little kick that honestly caught him off-guard. The Exia’s shield, divorced from its mobile suit, spun off into the depths of the world far below them. Albus couldn’t lose focus though. He didn’t need the shield to deal with this
  3. (Thanks Roromi for the cameo) Things only got more hectic. Chaos, in its truest form, blossomed up around Roane and the Red Frame as his allies all moved to engage and the radios blared with orders and activities that barely penetrated the oppressive thud of his heart as it hammered deep inside his chest, the blood rushing to his head. It was too much for him. Roane’s hands should have redoubled their grip on the controls but instead he found them sliding up towards his helmet. Can’t breathe… Roane wrenched and twisted the helmet, trying to remove it but finding it locked steadi
  4. Like the others, Wade was booted back to the oil rig, only to find Icarus in a somber state. He knew exactly how the Diver felt, in terms of being the one to bring others down in battle. However, the Fleurs leader never felt that about his companions. "That's simply not true." He responded to his friend. "You weren't in control there. It's not your fault." Whatever had happened though, it was time to stop. "But I'm not gonna let people ruin this game. I say we finish all of this once and for all." Aker remained quiet, his right arm wrapped to grip his left shoulder tightly. Of the three
  5. After parting ways with Keiran, Roane undertook a daring, one-man mission to the galley to try and convince the cook there that theirs was a worthy cause and that a donation of snacks would be of a great benefit to the team’s morale. They were, arguably, the Orb military’s VIPs—what were a few bags of chips when it came to keeping their spirits up? When he arrived in the galley, however, he found it empty. Not a single soul sat among the myriad tables and, as far as he could tell, there was no one in the kitchen either. The pilot called out and received no response. Looking over his shoulder c
  6. “At least one of you showed,” Albus said, hailing the Kyrios as it appeared on his sensors. “Makes sense considering yours is the fastest, I guess,” the Meister read the data readouts as they appeared on his feed, his hand firmly embedded into the recess in his machine’s controls. Seems like these guys are banking on us to beat up their bullies…cheeky… “Spectre,” he turned his camera on this time. He looked at his fellow pilot’s image on the screen, stared deep into his singular eye and had to force back a scowl. “Give me your two cents on this. I’m no fan of the Union but it seems l
  7. Icarus could only watch as the Tallgeese engaged with the Noblesse, his kicking clearly useless. Aker fought valiantly but the QUEST fought just as hard, spurred on by the malicious energy of the Venom Drive. When his rogue mobile suit seemed like it had taken the initiative and began to really push the Noblesse into a corner, Icarus felt his breath catch in his chest. I can sense your hurt, Aker…the betrayal you feel… He let go of the controls, let his face fall into his hands as the cacophony of creaking metal and battle raged around him like hell’s own symphony. It was only when t
  8. Roane had barely had any time to introduce himself to his new bunkmate before they were all called into the briefing room. He had just been in the middle of hanging up his swimsuit model poster when they got the call and he had to hastily smooth it out before rushing out of the room. As he sat in the meeting room, his mind wandered. He hoped the poster hadn’t fallen down—it was a limited edition after all, signed by the model herself. Roane wasn’t one to label anything as priceless, but that poster came close. A glance from Hawthorn, the woman that had recently been promoted and the Archa
  9. The Tallgeese QUEST loomed menacingly above the Nu Origins as it fell to the cave floor, its energy expended, before exploding. The QUESTs cockpit cameras cleared themselves of the trolling purple haze that blinded its pilot just in time for Icarus to see what his mobile suit, regardless of his input, had done. His hands trembled as they clutched uselessly at the controls. “Wade…” Icarus clenched his teeth. He felt awful. He had brought his teammates, his friends into this, only for his mobile suit to go berserk with no explanation. Icarus couldn’t image what was going through his leader’
  10. “Alright, Roane,” came a voice over the Red Frame’s radios. “Tilt left hand 45-degrees and flex those fingers for me,” “Roger that, Micha,” Roane said, poking away at some buttons in the cockpit before doing as he was asked. “Movement on the rotational axis feels a bit sluggish. A little bit of recalibrating and some grease should fix that right up though,” he muttered to himself. “How about you leave the diagnostics to the scientists, Roane,” Micha said, laughing. Roane looked up to his co-worker on the screen. Micha Redwood was standing across from him on the catwalk, datapad in ha
  11. “God damnit,” Albus spat as he looked down into the dark waters of the Tokyo harbor. He had hidden the Exia in a secluded enough spot, a corner of the docks where there was little in the way of traffic and night-time work being conducted. “But still…why did I decided to hide it underwater?” he asked himself, folding his arms. He turned to look at the city rising behind him. Unless he had parked it somewhere up in the mountains outside of the city proper, there was no where else it could have been and hiding it outside the city would have made quick access an impossibility. Albus sighed again a
  12. The snake heads surrounding the Nu Origins were immediately disintegrated by the Fleurs Flash that Wade unleashed upon them. The Death Army were close behind them on the trip back to whatever hell they sprang from as Wade and his machine vaporized them as well. When at last the shining light of the diver’s special move faded and the Gundam set itself back on the ground, the Tallgeese QUEST turned its darkened gaze towards it. From some dark corner of the cave, the QUEST’s Squire platform returned to it, latching onto the mobile suits back. Within, Icarus wrenched at the controls, trying to wre
  13. The ground beneath the Nu Origins began to crack and splinter as the Gundam Snakes began to pull Wade’s machine deeper into the rock. Two more burst out around him, shooting their mouth-lasers at the Origins’ armor. The beams that shot into the Nu’s armor, however, seemed weaker, as if the energy was being diluted amongst the various Gundam Snakes as they appeared. They were still dangerous of course, and would punch through the Nu’s armor if Wade didn’t do something about it soon. -- The suicide unit stuttered and jerked before exploding in a burst of pink smoke, its inert parts cla
  14. Roane MacMaster shivered whenever the thought crept back into his head. He was in space. He was in SPACE. Surrounded by infinite nothingness and in that nothingness existed death. Which certainly wasn’t nothing but it was probably worse. Probably. “Leading Private MacMaster…” came a voice from across the desk. It belonged to a woman in immaculate military garb with symbols that told Roane she was way further up the chain of command than he was. “We’ve established that you were at Heliopolis at the time of the attack, but we haven’t fully established why. Would you care to elaborate?”
  15. “What’s the matter? Did I leave you speechless? Did I take your breath—” Albus pulled the Exia away from the crushed Enact and caught sight of the blood that was leaking from the cockpit, the blood that spattered against the Exia’s dark shoulder. “…away…” Shit….SHIT! The Meister’s eyes, hidden away by the tint of his visor, widened in surprise. He hadn’t been strictly prohibited from dealing with his enemies lethally but this was only supposed to be a demonstration. He didn’t know about Rai and the others, but he hadn’t come here to kill anyone, not without reason. Albus watched the
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