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  1. Kieran was still in that haze, even with the G-Weapon going down, he turned and then watched the enemy forces start to retreat, he gave chase! using all of his thrusters but.. he ran out of fuel, it ended with him falling onto the ground below.. he was fine, the buildings around him?.. not so much, the green frame lurched back to his teammates, and he sat back in the cockpit.. as soon as it opened though, he quickly unbuckled his seatbelts and then proceeded to stumble over to the side and began puking up his guts.. all of those maneuvers had caught up to him.. alongside the whole situation, he was.. not in the best mindset. He had to be taken out to be examined almost right away, he wasn't hurt on the outside.. but his inside now had to be checked out it was.. well, bad though he would recover eventually, it was still.. difficult. He sat on the edge of the bed and looked down, gripping his knees as his head hung low, he bit his tongue to refuse himself from shedding tears "That was no where near enough to avenge Geneva..." he said lowly.
  2. Keiran's breath slowed down to a calm rhythm, he was calm.. focused, this was a dangerous fight to take and he knew that, he knew he should probably turn tail and run but.. he couldn't not after what had just happened, he gripped onto the controls and then watched as his first opponent started to turn tail and run, he decided to move quickly, flaring his thrusters and following their path, orbiting the opponent slightly and then firing with his beam rifle.. though, he wasn't really targeting the escaping GINN, he only made it seem that way, he fired! aiming past the GINN and making the beam go straight into the red G-Weapon, he presented them with a simple choice.. who would take the hit? His eyes darted around, the hud, the radar, his suits systems, but most of all the teams vitals, he grit his teeth hard and then got prepared to pull some quick, possibly dangerous maneuvers.. he can't die here, not after losing a friend
  3. Viria hummed a song as she went into the battle room, she looked around and though impressed, remarked that the gym back at home was a lot.. cooler, though she guessed it was the way it was to eliminate any unfair advantages for certain typings, she was excited to battle, and when her opponent came up, she sized up the guy, around her age, she nodded and then held her two pokeballs behind her back, waiting to see what pokemon she'd have to battle And it almost was bad, a grass type a Oddish, luckily.. she had more than just her trusted partner, She tossed out the second pokeball "Let's go, Spearow!" She said, her feathered friend crooed out as it was let loose. "Aerial ace!" She called out immediately, not wanting to give her opponent any room to think about their move, though the opponent trainer got his pokemon to dodge the attack, making it so spearow had to pull up hard as to avoid crashing into the ground too hard "Uh-oh-" Viria said, cut off by her opponent giving their next order "Razor leaf, oddish!" He said, pointing at the spearow, the oddish jumped up and then spun its head, shooting out razor sharp leaves toward the flying type "G-get above it Spearow!" Viria said, Her pokemon quickly flapped its wings, and avoided the brunt of attack.. though, she got clipped by it "Hit them back with another aerial ace!" She called out, this cycle would repeat.. and though she won, her spearow wasn't exactly in tip top condition.. Viria smiled and congratulated the flying type, before thanking her opponent- at which point her next opponent would come up "A-Already?" She was surprised, showing she didnt exactly pay the most attention earlier when Felicia explained the mechanics to her.. never the less she steeled herself and recalled spearow, this time she didn't have a choice "Alright, Mako.. Let's do it!" She said Her opponent, another guy but this time a little older than her.. He let out his Sableye, Viria was wowed by the pokemon- which she hasnt seen before "Whoa.. so cool.." She said, looking over it, though this momentary distraction let her opponent take the first move- Shadow sneak! "Ah! Mako move-" Though it was too late, Mako had already taken the attack, but was still standing.. she let out a breath "Alright! Let's get back at him.. Use Bite Mako!" Mako nodded, and with a growl he leapt forward with his maw ready to chomp down on his opponent! "Let's win this!"
  4. "Is that it?! You run up on me with one more man and you let me take him out like that?!" He taunted loudly, the adrenaline and rage had overcome him, he was a totally different beast, he flared his thrusters and went to dash towards the lone machine.. holding the beam rifle like an axe and preparing to swing down hard, only to suddenly screech backwards, the G's forcing him forward in his cockpit, but he was used to it- He lurched back just in time to dodge a beam rifle shot that came at him, he grit his teeth as he looked the red machine up and down "The hell is that?.." he asked, he transmitted the image he saw to his teammates "We got trouble!" He called out "A mobile suit, and its looking a lot like ours.." He gripped his weapon, switching from holding it like an axe to holding it back like a rifle "Two on one again.. huh?" He asked, squeezing his controls tight and then slowly relaxing them as he went into as deep a focus he can "Fine, I already took one of you down, and I'm gonna kill every single one of you for what you did" he said, as they stared each other down, he suddenly activated his thrusters, he moved in a circle, putting the GINN in between himself and the G-Weapon as it approached, firing relentlessly at his opponents as he took evasive action "Engaging enemy GINN and G-Weapon!" He called out to his team
  5. Viria let out a breath of relief as they got situated in their room, she was impressed with the technology in the pokecenter, she didn't even think it could look that advanced! Though, she still would mention that it couldn't replace their own back at home, she seemed.. especially sentimental about her hometown. She swung her legs as she sat on the bed, smiling as she watched her and her friends pokemon eat and "play". "The battle tower? Heck yeah, that sounds great!" She said with her signature grin, she was already going on her own little tirade about strategy and what type of pokemon they might go up against- when She heard what Felicia whispered "Huh? Of course you will!" She said, patting her on the head to reassure her "As long as you trust each other and take care of each other.. I know you guys will do great" Viria was confident, as always.. not just about herself either, she really did believe that her friend would be a great trainer as well, and it was obvious with the way she spoke and gestured while trying to hype her up.
  6. Keiran sped forward, he had a mission and it was one that he had to do.. after all, it would be bad to lose someone already.. right? The green frame cut through the sky at high speed which- while not recommended for most pilots, was something Keiran himself had never felt before, he was once again falling into the habit of treating his mobile suit as a fighter, but this time it would serve him well. "Dammit!" He let out, performing a barrel roll to dodge the fire, getting past the enemies, he slowed down and did a quick 180 to return fire with his bazooka! And that's where he saw it happen, Geneva's mobile suit shorn in half and then carried off like a backpack, he gripped his controlls tight as his heart beat quickened, adrenaline was coursing through him now more than ever- and.. so was his anger "You bastards!" He called out, grabbing a bazooka in each hand and then emptying both of their magazines at the enemies that had just shot at him, he coupled it with firing his CIWS Vulcans to detonate them early, as long as they were close to his target.. He dropped both weapons when they were empty.. and drew his beam rifle, Rising in altitude and firing down at them while doing so
  7. Mako happily accepted the pet's that his friend gave him, he seemed pretty happy all around, being with his trainer and all that. Viria herself smiled innocently "Pffft me? Never" She said "I wouldn't miss this trip for the world". She seemed pretty excited "I haven't actually been on a ferry like this though, just my grandparents fishing boat" She leaned over the railing a little dangerously, with Mako biting the end of her shirt to sort of pull her back away from the water, after awhile she did settle down and sit next to Felicia though, listening as Felicia told her about the gym.. though, she did suddenly brighten up when she mentioned a pokemon.. and she seemed even happier when she saw the pokemon "Whoa! that's so cool!" She said, getting up and trying to pet it- only to pout as it backed up from her though it didn't affect her much, she regaled her friend with the story that her mother told her about how her great grandfather sailed all the way to the whirl islands and back to prove his worth to his lover, though she didn't really think it was real, it was still something cool to talk about.. and it was her favorite story to listen to growing up as well When the large ship arrived in front of them.. she marveled at it "Whoa..." She said "That's way.. way bigger than any ship ive ever been on.." she said, nodding to felicia's comment "This is so exciting!" She said, humming and looking around as they arrived "Errr.. what about our accomodation though?" Viria tilted her head to one side.. though she was extremely excited to go up against the gym, she also wanted to see the sights somewhat
  8. Viria and her mother had a nice.. long talk about what was going to happen.. of course the daughter was.. well, sad.. in the absence of her father, Viria's mother did everything for her she took care of her, raised her, and taught her everything she knew about.. everything, and now.. it was time for Viria to spread her wings and go on her own journey, the usually tough and cool looking girl was currently holding back tears as she was "Lectured" by her mother. "Oh.. who am I kidding?" The mother couldn't help but shed a few tears as well, hugging her only daughter tight and running her fingers through her hair "I'm going to miss you so, so much Viria.. so you better be a great trainer, that way I can see you on TV all the time, okay?" She let out a small chuckle while trying to lighten the mood of both her and her daughter. Viria nodded and squeezed her mother tight "I will! I promise, I'll be the best trainer in the world, You'll see!" She had determination and strength in her voice.. she wanted to make her mother proud, more than anything. Her mother smiled and kissed her on the forehead, packing one more thing into her daughters backpack secretly, something she would need later on in her journey.. Viria got dressed and got ready to head out, she had everything she needed. the blonde girl turned to her mother and smiled brightly "I'll be going now.. I love, you mom!" She said before running off to meet with her friend, she was- a little late.. but never the less! she rushed to the port and got to the ferry quickly, upon seeing her friend Viria waved and called out to her "Felicia!" She called out, smiling brightly and accompanied by Mako, who was mimicking her movements and even calling out to Felicia in his own way.
  9. Keiran let out a breath as he heard the squad leaders command "Affirmative!" He said, getting his mobile suit ready for a fight once again by priming the thrusters for a sudden push towards his location, In the mean time he joined Roane and Geneva in the main assault, firing his beam rifle towards the enemies and quickly taking cover upon being fired at, he clicked his tongue after narrowly dodging another barrage of fire.. this was starting to get exhausting, He peeked out to fire a few more shots before glancing at his teammate, now missing a shield. Keiran rushed forward at the same time as him, clearing out a good amount of the astray's that were harassing their superior officer, Keiran suddenly turned his head and then jumped back after the missles shot forward, He raised his beam rifle to shoot back at whatever it was, but that was when Kali spoke up "Understood!" He said, gripping his controls tightly and then thinking of something "Roane! Take this" He gave the shield to his ally as he decided to dual wield his weapons.. his 3-in-1 Beam rifle in one hand, and a bazooka in the other "I'm backing up the boss!" He called out, flaring his thrusters and flying forward, he turned back mid flight and provided some covering fire for the blue and red frames.. before spinning and refocusing his efforts on the approaching enemy mobile suits that Kali called out for them
  10. Keiran sat back in the cockpit quietly, there was no preamble to prepare himself this time, he was ready for whatever he had to do, his mobile suit stayed the same from the last mission, he wanted to stay as a general purpose unit until his allies settled in to their roles.. right, his team.. He opened his eyes and wondered if they'd be ready, he would understand some hesitation here, though.. he himself wouldn't hesitate at all when it came to this, never the less... he waited, and when it was his time to launch, he was alarmingly animated "Keiran Larris, Launching!" He called out, gripping the controls tight as the mobile suit flew forward with his team, he was quiet, focused.. like a laser, as soon as he got boots on the ground with his team, he sprung into action, activating his thrusters to move forward and swing his mobile suits Beam spear at an enemy, cleaving it in two, he turned to cover Roane as well, noticing one of the enemy's fallen onto a building, he bit his lip "Don't let it get to you, evacuations have taken place" He said to reassure him, continuing in his stride to help cover his teammates where needed, only stopping when Kali made her call out. "Nice call, guards up!" He said to his team, staying on his toes with his shield up, and with the beam spear now in rifle form as he scanned the area,.. he wasn't going to let them get ambushed again, not this time.
  11. Viria went wide eyed as she saw the three pokemon, sure.. she's seen some before, but none like these, they were all so cute and cuddly! But at the same time.. she was nervous, her choice here would set her on a path that would change her life "Whoa..." She said, and once again after being handed the pokedex, she looked through it, smiling as she looked at all of the entries on it, but.. there was already one that was calling out to her, one that she knew was the one. Viria crouched down in front of the blue reptile, smiling a little and then patting it on the head "Hey, little guy.. you wanna come with me?" She asked, lifting it up as she got an affirming roar from the creature, she grinned and then stood up, keeping it close "I choose Totodile". Viria seemed over the moon with her new partner, which was shown by her hugging the Totodile rather close to her chest, and quietly whispering to it and snickering with it.. "I never thought I'd have a pokemon of my own one day" she said, still smiling like a kid in a candy shop, she then turned to her friend, Felicia.. excited to see what she would choose.
  12. "Booyah!" Viria cheered as she was in her room, her mother had given her a piece of news that she was incredibly happy to hear "You mean it right?!" She asked with a big grin on her face "THE professor is here?" She practically had stars in her eyes as she leaned forward and looked up at her mother. Kianna let out a soft giggle and nodded, patting her daughter on the head softly "Would I ever lie to you?" She asked "Of course I mean it" She assured her child, cuasuing Viria to let out another loud cheer. "Alright!" The young one said loudly, walking past her mother, only to be pulled back. "But~ while you go meet the professor" The mother handed her a list and some money "Go and get these from the shops, oh! and stop by to get some shuckle juice for your mother would you?". Viria pouted before nodding "You got it mom!" She said. Viria grabbed her bag and then hopped out of her house, looking out to sea and smiling wide, before running over to the shops, sliding to a halt before bumping into some people and laughing nervously "Aha.. oops" She said, before waving and then going over to the different stores and such, she herself was pretty popular, being the only daughter of the kind and well mannered Kianna. "You certainly seem excited about something" The old lady at the pharmacy said, Viria nodded and grinned a little wider "Yeah.. Mom said I should go and meet with the professor today" Viria seemed rather proud of the fact, and after getting everything she needed, she went straight to the pokemon center, and looked around at everything in there.. she was amazed, gleefully hopping around, yet containing herself from squealing in excitement.. she smiled, as she approached the professor, she was the first one here too.. but not for long. As Felicia walked inside, Viria would turn her head and wave, it was rare to see her with such a wide smile, she ushered her over and stood with baited breath as the professor opened the case, revealing the prizes inside..
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    Gender: Female Eyes: Yellow Hair: Naturally Black Skin: Light-Skinned Handiness: Right Hometown: Cianwood City Region: Johto Relatives: Kianna (Mother) Trainer Class: Unknown PERSONALITY Rough and touble, but fiercely loyal. Viria is the type of person to appreciate her alone time more than others, but also appreciates having friends or family being available should she need them. She's loud and proud, willing to say anything on her mind if she feels like it has to be said, and willing to do whatever it is her friends need her to do. APPEARANCE Viria usually wears a hand me down sailor outfit from her mother, who previously got it from her own mother, and so on and so forth, she walks around with a backpack that was also a hand me down, it carries everything she needs, generally she wears boots, but does own a pair of sneakers for more formal events. HISTORY Viria came from a family of sailors, ones that fished and sailed across the seas near Cianwood despite the powerful, crashing waves that became the city's calling card, her grandfather and great grandfather both became rather well known for their escapades sailing the high seas with their pokemon, Viria's mother would regail her with these stories in lieu of her fathers disappearance prior to her own birth. She never thought much of it though, and did her best to help her mother around the house, and even doing some odd jobs around the place.. truth be told though, she wished for more, those old stories did leave a mark on her after all.. LIST OF POKEMON: ITEMS:
  14. Keiran in particular extremely enjoyed their little team building exercise, in fact he enjoyed it so much that he had left the necessary self awareness to realize that this may not have been the sort of thing the team necessary wanted to do, much less what they needed to do in particular, never the less he went with it and was nice and happy to even give little fun facts about the production of the show and all that.. It was a jarring change really, one that he hoped would not stick on his teammates. After that? It was game time, all business from here on out, despite being trained already, Keiran still grinded it out as much as he could to be a teammate worthy of backing up the team no matter how bad the situation got, he kept it hidden but somewhere inside him.. his main goal was to protect his team, who he saw- personally at least, as his friends, comrades even. Keiran was watching the news, not his usual thing but he heard people talking about it, there was a commotion all over the ship about what was going on and- what he saw bewildered him, a coup? in these trying times? When the order came to get ready, he was one of the first to enter the locker rooms, getting geared up in silence as he tried to fathom what could possibly lead to this. He sat back in the green frame and drew in a deep breath, placing his hand over his heart "Phew.. You can do it" he said to himself before gripping his controls, his loadout didn't change, he didn't feel like he had to, a bazooka, the combination rifle, and a shield.. that's all he needed. when he felt ready, he tightened his grips on the sticks of his cockpit "Ready to launch when you give the order, boss" He said simply.
  15. Keiran was.. excited, so much so that he lost the self awareness required to realized that this plan my not.. exactly be the best in terms of, well- planning, nevertheless the white haired male was adamant on having it happen, especially since he and Roane have had it planned for quite some time already, he kept this bubbling excitement hidden until the meeting ended, so many things were now going through his mind.. but the main thing was clear in his mind "Will we really be ready to face the future with just us?" It lingered in his mind but.. not for long, he had to believe in his teammates and he did, but did he believe in himself? Not.. exactly. When the meeting ended, he went straight to his and Roane's room to get things ready, the laptop, the speakers, but almost more important than the anime itself.. the snacks. He looked around the halls outside, making sure it was clear before slipping back into the room and locking the door.. he slowly crouched down beneath the bed, and then pulled away the boxes covering the snacks. There they were, their stash, nice and safe, he pulled it out and then set it aside, after making the final preparations.. he went around inviting the squad, remembering to include Kali. He couldn't even hide his smile at this point
  16. Keiran was quiet throughout the whole thing, he was listening to everything that was being said and internally nodding along and agreeing with what he was hearing, he did feel like he had.. certain habits he had to get rid of as a pilot, but.. when Roane mentioned operation anime, Keiran couldn't help but let out a small smile "Ah, Right" He said, drawing in a small breath and then explaining what it was exactly "We thought it would be a good idea to gather all of our pilots and watch some.. err, Anime" He said "I already brought some onto the ship with my personal effects, and Roane was in charge of snacks" He said "We thought it would be good to increase the solidarity of the team sir, so what we all lack in experience, we can make up for in chemistry" "On the note of experience.." He said "I would like to have extra training in terms of piloting the mobile suit as well, My position as a fighter pilot has given me a bad habit of constantly being in motion, In no uncertain terms.. I run the risk of running out of thruster fuel every engagement sir" He said, while it was a nitpick, it was something that he wanted to remedy as well.. No one in the squad was perfect, not yet. Keiran looked over to Kali as she made her comments "While it might not be my say in particular.. I would like to extend an invitation to Kali to join our team building thing.. Operation Anime is what Roane called it" Keiran's slightly excited tone betrayed the neutral expression on his face "The fact that she was able to assist us in the way she did makes her a member of the team in my eyes" Keiran nodded as if to say "That was all", he then looked back at their commander for any other comments.
  17. Keiran sat there on the rails for a little bit, knocking on the cockpit and then huffing after he got no response from his teammate, he sighed and then stretched out, to be honest.. he wanted to take a nap too, but if he did then he might not wake up in time, he groaned.. now not knowing what to do, he covered his mouth and shut his eyes.. shaking his head and then returning his face to a neutral expression, he decided that the best course of action for now is to go back to his room. He went straight into the bathroom and washed his face, clearing it of the make up and face paint that he put on to help himself feel better, he cringed as soon as he saw himself in the mirror and then took his time to wash his hair, humming to himself as he did so, when he was done.. He began meticulously designing a new look for himself, well.. nothing too extreme, he just wanted to try different shades, instead of purple he'd try for a sort of powdered blue, only to wash it off again and then try green, then.. red, he'd continue to do so before his alarm sounded, it was time for the meeting and he had no cosmetics on.. he wheezed and drew in a breath, instead of being late though.. he showed up. He arrived about a minute after the others "Ah.. Sorry for holding the meeting up" he said politely before taking a seat and waiting, it was definitely odd to see him without well- the make up and all that
  18. Keiran sat back in his cockpit, he had acted a little out of character there, well.. a lot out of character, at least for him. He shut his eyes and thought about everything that had happened, two of his teammates had issues during the fight, Roane seemingly a mental one, and Geneva's an equipment problem.. it made him think.. "Did I do anything wrong?" He asked, thinking about it "I let some shots past and it hit our Commander, I should've been faster.. maybe" he mumbled to himself while sitting in the dark of his cockpit as he nitpicked every little thing he did, especially the damage the green frame had sustained, he sighed and promised to himself to do better, he took a few deep breaths to get his neutral expression back, and then he opened his cockpit, slowly hopping out "I-I have to go!" He turned his head over to follow the sound of his teammates voice, he saw Geneva run off in a panicked state, he followed where she was going with his eyes, until she was out of sight, he scratched the back of his head and messed up his own hair, he wanted to follow but.. he felt like the commander would, instead he went the other way, leaning back against the guard rails of the cat walk as he stood in front of the Red Frames Cockpit, silently waiting for Roane to show himself
  19. Keiran had taken some, well a lot of fire from the tanks he was going up against, though it wasn't anything he couldn't handle, he could still move, and fight.. and that was what was important to him, he grit his teeth and then kept on fighting till he finally got the retreat order, he let out a breath and nodded "I'll reinforce the rear! Let's get out of here!" He called out to his teammates, he was the most out of position, especially because he was the one that had pushed up the farthest to get the tanks out of play, he put his booster on as high as they would go, he noticed his commander watching over his escape as well, so he felt even more obligated to move faster, but he had to slow down as literal junk started falling down from the sky, he nearly got crushed by it "Are you kidding me?!" He asked, frustrated, he moved around nimbly, though he wish he could've just gone in straight line here. "I'm through! Let's go boss!" He said to his leader, grabbing his bazooka and then firing it at the enemies, emptying its clip as they retreated into the trees, he couldn't see much, what with all the fire and brimstone, but he had faith in the one leading them through, he relaxed a little, maybe this would go their way after all "Anyone hurt?" He asked, with a worried tone on his voice, he sounded exhausted too, because of how much he had to dodge and move the Mobile suit around.
  20. Keiran shot forward as fast as his green frame would allow, he was taking small arms fire from the helicopters, but he held on.. and once his teammate Geneva got to covering him, he was even more confident "Thanks for the cover!" He said on comms, trying to rally the troops in whatever small way he could, he raised his shield to block some tank shells coming his way, but the impact caused him to slide backwards quite a bit "Not indestructible.. got it" He said to himself, but he didn't let that hurt his confidence or hurt his main mission objective, gripped onto his now axe tightly, and then moved quickly, using his vulcans while swinging and swiping at the tanks, he was standing amongst them to dissuade the helicopters from firing their missiles on him, for fear of friendly fire of course. He was doing good, but a stray shot got past him and landed on their Commander "Damn! Sorry, Lieutenant! I let one get past me!" he said apologetically, immediately making up for it by clearing the tanks out with more care. He assessed the situation a little as he kept fighting, doing his damndest to keep his team and the archangel safe from the tanks, they were the biggest threat after all- if they got into position and got a good volley off then.. they were toast, he ran disruption as best he could, but the situation was slowly coming together in his mind "We need to make a power play or we'll get ground to dust.." He thought, looking around he saw his the blue frame in a predicament, the drones were protecting her.. but he was still worried, he started strafing, pulling his Axe up and then holding it like the beam rifle that it was, He took some pot shots at the helicopters, but.. he wasnt the most accurate with it, not yet "This thing needs more combat data!" he said, frustrated with it. He spun around and started firing on the tanks with his rifle as well "Boss?! I hate to say it, but I don't think we can take a battle of attrition!"
  21. Keiran looked at Roane as he came back carrying all of the food, he raised an eyebrow and then helped him store it underneath his bed, even using his own boxes of anime merch to help cover it up, it would be a small price to pay for the team morale.. well, that was the idea, if they were all close, he'd be able to let loose and be more.. like himself. He was able to speak with Roane a little, making small talk here and there, though neither of them talked much about their pasts. That's when the alert sounded, Keiran was in the middle of rearranging the episode count on his hardrive, he huffed a little before stowing it away securely and getting up "Let's.. get to work" He said, Nodding to his roommate before the two of them got to the hangar, he entered his mobile suits cockpit and smiled as he got comfortable in the seat "Alright, Green frame.. I was gonna take the Mirage but you drew me in.. Don't prove me wrong" He mumbled to himself, more to ensure himself and keep himself cool, he was a competent pilot.. but this was obviously gonna be different from the simulations he trained in, and even more from the Fighters which he originally learned to pilot. His loadout was a simple one, he wanted to be able to help out anywhere possible, He immediately took his green frames signature weapon, that 3-in-1 Beam rifle, A shield, and a bazooka for his secondary. He was already thinking of ways to use the main weapon, how it would work amongst his teams own loadouts, he closed his eyes.. relaxed, and when it came time to launch, he smiled. "Keiran Larris, Astray Green Frame, Launching" his serious tone was betrayed by the grin underneath his helmet, he flew through the air and landed with his team right in formation, he took the middle part of their formation, so that his distance between his teammates was equal. Unfortunately for him, and his teammates.. thing went haywire, he immediately shot his vulcan guns out towards the missiles to get rid of what he could, he raised his beam rifle to shoot back before lowering it.. That might be a bit too much, he thought.. at least for the choppers, he was about ready to spring into action when he heard two of his teammates with panic in their voice, he bit his lip and drew a breath before opening comms as well "Alright, focus up!" He said, he spoke with confidence, hoping it would rub off on his allies "We've got four state of the art mobile suits, top of the line weapons, and the entire archangel at our backs!" He went from holding his beam rifle in its rifle formation, to putting it in the twin beam saber form "Let's get this done so we can get home safe, yeah?" In his mind, he was screaming out at his own.. audacity? He'd never speak up like that normally, but after everything thats happened.. he had to make sure his team was ready to fight. He decided to take a step forward with his shield and twin beam saber ready, "Sir, permission to step forward and tie up the tanks?"
  22. (Thanks to Judge for the dialogue) Keiran turned to his roommate, quite surprised that he didn't just call out, but fully pulled him aside too. He kept a neutral expression, but let his surprise show through after his new squadmates introduction "Uh.. sure, sounds good" he said "I'm Keiran". Roane smiled at his newfound partner in team-building crime "Keiran, aye, a strong name," he gave the white-haired soldier a firm clap on the shoulder. "Right, good. First order of business then is finding what the hell there is to do on this rig that could constitute as fun. Somehow I doubt the movie selection is anything but non-existent and I don't see a fast-food joint on any of the islands we're passing by, so if you have any ideas lay them on me,". Keiran thought about it and realized he hadn't been able to go around the archangel either, causing a dumfounded "...Huh" to escape his lips. "Now that you mention it, I haven't had the chance to look around either" he said "Well, I have some anime we can watch in the room" he said. Roane quirked a brow. "A-anime?" he had never watched anime before, but had come across it in his day-to-day life. "Do you really think the others would be into that? What's it even about?" Roane tilted his head, curious to see what Keiran had in mind. "Well..." Keiran scratched the back of his head and then explained the premise of the show, as a war rages on, a young pilot is given the arduous task of having to pilot a prototype fighter, and after around 50 episodes of trials and tribulations, helps end the war in the short time span of the year "I guess i should mention i was like... 8 years old when it came out?". Roane listened intently. Young pilots, prototype fighters...it was highly compelling stuff. "Sold, that sounds fantastic. In that case, since you have the viewing material, I'll handle the food. Might be that I can sweet talk the cook into some of the good stuff I'm sure we keep locked away if he knows it's for the Lieutenant's new team,". "Sounds like a plan" He said, nodding along and cracking a small smile, though it disappeared. "I'll go ahead and set it up?" He asked "Which of us are gonna go talk to the others?" Keiran asked. "I can talk to the others once I'm done with that chef," Roane said. He was glad that Keiran had gone along so easily with his plan. His almost punk rock appearance was intimidating at first, but he seemed quite easy-going. They'd get along just fine, Roane decided. "You just have those vids ready, mate,". "Alright, Alright" Keiran stretched out a bit and then put his hands in his pockets "I'll get to it, good luck on your end" Keiran gave his new friend a pat on the shoulder before waving and then parting ways with him for now. The white haired male would separate off from Roane and then go straight to their room, he'd have enough time to tune his new machine later on anyway, so he focused on getting the stuff ready to have a fun little watch party of his favourite series, he hummed to himself, grabbing the box set of the first season, he didn't wanna just dump everything on them after all, he set them aside and returned what they wouldn't watch back in its place, he was excited, really excited actually, he didn't really get the chance to show off his love for the series with his friends before joining the military, he was always.. a little ashamed of it growing up, but now he was more open about it. He got everything ready and had a small smile on his face, he decided to sit back a little and wait for Roane to come back with whoever he got to join them, while he looked over the Green Frames data, brainstorming on what he could put on it.
  23. "Phew, that was good..." Keiran sat back in his chair, he had gotten himself a good meal in the cafeteria before he had to deal with his responsibilities, which to be fair wasn't much, he had to pack up his stuff and bring it to what would be his official quarters as an official mobile suit pilot.. just the thought of it made him giddy, a small smile crept upon his cheeks before he covered his mouth and looked around the area "Oops" he said, removing his hand from his mouth slowly while making sure no one was looking at him. The smile had disappeared and he had a neutral expression. "No telling who could see me doing that.." He mumbled, getting up and grabbing his tray, and returning it with that same neutral expression. The white haired male would leave the Cafeteria and check the halls for anyone, and once he had confirmed no one was watching, he pumped his fist in the air and gave himself a nod of approval "Hell yeah.." He said, before putting his hands in his pockets and then walking over to grab his stuff, he looked up at the ceiling a little and thought about the incident that had happened to him and his people "Here's hoping we're the only colony to meet such a fate" He thought, he still couldn't get much sleep after what had happened.. so many people were resigned to the fate that he feared the most.. he couldn't forget the looks on some of their faces, it made him cringe, and he felt his stomach turn "Ugh.. not after I had a good meal.." He held his stomach and then shook his head, making his way to where his stuff was and opening the door, immediately opening the lights to illuminate the dim room. Keiran... he didn't exactly have much, well- not much things other people would see as important, he opened up a box that he had.. it was filled with official tapings of his favourite show, and underneath that were official copies of said show's comics. It put a smile on his face once more, but it faded the same way as the one earlier. He'd place the things back and look at his other stuff, clothes.. makeup, a mirror, he was used to having his stuff be mistaken for a girls- at least at a cursory glance. He grabbed his bag, and stacked the two boxes he had and made his way to the pilots quarters. When he got to said quarters, he looked over to his new roommate, he was about to say something but figured it wouldn't be worth it. He stayed quiet, he put his things down and began unpacking as well, he didn't exactly care where everything went as long as they fit, and it didn't look messy, though there was one aspect that he did make extra care to organize, that was his personal space.. whether it be a desk, a locker, or the inside of his cockpit; he had a picture of himself and his family taped up, alongside a picture of his class from when he graduated school. He sighed a little as he looked at them, a mixture of nostalgia, mourning, and regret. He shut his eyes for a moment before clearing his face of those emotions, looking in his mirror and starting to do his makeup.. slowly, deliberately, to calm himself down. "Always thought I'd be the first to go, How come it was the opposite?" He thought to himself
  24. Keiran drew in a breath as he was kept in a holding cell, he really wasn't sure what had happened after the colony was torn apart, in fact.. he had even thrown up a little in his own mouth when it happened he leaned back against the wall and shut his eyes, this new team he had been transferred to caused him quite a bit of trouble, nevertheless he sat back and and tried to relax.. they were a good bunch of people, at least, worth working with and protecting should the going get tough. "Ugh..." He got up and paced the room over and over, what was he gonna do? What was gonna happen? He was in a ship in the middle of space, without a helmet. "Are they gonna send me out the airlock?.." He wondered, squatting down and then pulling at his hair a little "Makes me feel sick.." He said, shutting his eyes and then trying to recall everything that happened. He helped the Red Frame carry the materials and equipment into the angel, and upon finishing said goal.. he went to rush back to assist his allies.. and that's when it happened, the place that he, his family, and many friends could safely call home was well and truly gone.. and that angered him, quite a lot.. so much so that he had punched the metal side of his cockpit and hurt his hand in the process. He drifted a little in space before calming down and returning to the angel; where he was apprehended, and found himself in the situation he's in now. Keiran was now sat back against the holding cell wall once more, groaning and waiting for.. something to happen, anything, an execution would be better than to be left to rot in the dark, he thought, actually.. scratch that, he didn't want to die, he felt like there was more he was supposed to do in life, but he really didn't know what that could be, at least.. he didn't know yet.
  25. Full name: Keiran Larris Faction: Orb Rank: Private first class Age: 23 Sex: Male Height: 5’10” Weight: 189 Eyes: Pink Hair: Black Naturally, Dyed white Skin: light skinned Handiness: right handed Personality Keiran is a generally kind person, but that is offset by how hard it is to get past a rough, rude exterior that protects himself from harm, he cares deeply about his comrades. Strengths and weaknesses Coordinator – Being a coordinator allows keiran to be above average in terms of learning capability and adaptability, though he tends to leave this part of him rather wasted, as he does not spend as much time researching anything or studying up, as much as he does thinking of ways to improve what gear he has. Focused - Once Keiran finds something to fixate on, he focuses on it until he considers whatever goal he has as completed, he does have a tendency to hyper fixate on things directed to himself Self Conscious - Keiran is extremely self conscious, an issue which also extends to piloting, he tries his best not to drag the team down, which leads to him spending unhealthy amounts of time training in simulations or doing mock battles Slow to trust - Keiran has a hard time trusting.. and respecting people who he meets for the first time, coming off as stand offish and quite rude; but once people prove they are worthy of said trust and respect, he does not hesitate to show both of these. Fear of the dark - A childish fear, but one that Keiran has none the less, he hates the dark, as it makes him think of being sucked out of an airlock left to choke in space- though despite that.. he still wants to go to space... just safely. Appearance Keiran is very particular about his appearance, he had gotten into the habit of dyeing his hair white at an early age, after seeing a cool cartoon character do so, and had been doing it since then. After a certain event in his life, he had also started to put on make up or face paint before going out to help himself remain calm; though he is not all vanity, as he takes good care of his body so that he would not slow any of his teammates down. History Keiran was a first generation Coordinator, but unlike some of his fellows.. his family was not particularly rich or influential, he was born the way he was because of a favor his older than average father had cashed in to a close family friend, He had always been a bright mind, intelligent too.. but he was also rather Lazy, and couldn't find any interest in things.. it was because of this that he found out he was a coordinator, as his mother had said it was a waste to have him be one when he failed in his classes after not paying much attention. Though Keiran understood his family didn't resent him, so he decided to focus a bit more in class and did get good grades- though not a top scorer. He had found his true passion after seeing an old cartoon of a fighter pilot, zipping through space and bravely taking down his enemies, he wondered how a guy could be so fearless when the threat of being sucked out into the cold nothingness constantly loomed over him, this had sufficiently inspired him to want to join the military, but instead of being a fighter pilot, he trained to become a mobile suit pilot instead. He quickly found himself excelling in this field, though only after a few grueling moments of dragging his team down through his over zealousness and glory seeking. He learned to temper this side of him and became an effective pilot. From here he was bounced around a few divisions before joining a special operations team, where he excelled and was proven to be an excellent piece for the team he was in, though word is.. he's being transferred to a new team.
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