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  1. This will be an archive of all the characters used in Transformers Break Part 3 AUTOBOTS: Earth Team (Official Name TBD) - Four Autobots who have joined forces to help this world. The group works together as equals, using their varied skills to do battle with their adversaries. Perceptor - Science Officer Overcharge - Recon/Medical Hot Shot - Scout Hound - Earth Specialist Buzzsaw - Spy Drone DECEPTICONS: SOUNDWAVE - Still mysterious, it’s goals and values continue to not be clear. However, it’s army has grown in the 300 years of stay on Earth. Rumbles, Frenzies, Ravages, and Laserbeaks are all types that are currently known…
  2. “So those are called donuts? Fascinating…” Science Officer Perceptor navigated this “internet” Hound talked about in his lab as he stared at a picture of the treat. He wondered what the purpose of the round item truly was. A few weeks had passed since the Ravages attacked the wreckage of the Hope, no one even finding the ship since. Hound told the group that their ship was stuck at the bottom of Mt. Bison, apart of a rarely traveled forest range in Washington State. Nevertheless, Perceptor wanted to prepare, using the invisibility technology from the ship itself to cover the hole in the cargo hold with a very realistic looking mountainside. Their first act of business was to take care of the dead. While Skids’ condition hasn’t changed, it was too late for the rest. Since Cybertronian funeral customs were not possible at the time, the group decided to follow Earth’s customs, burying them along a nearby evergreen tree line. Perceptor had learned much about Earth’s customs in fact. The internet and Hound continued to give him a good idea of how the organics, humans, lived their lives. “What did you think of this Y2K problem when it happened?” Perceptor didn’t even look away from the Teletraan Mobile as he asked this. Hound stood across from him, tapping one of the beakers filled with a sloppy gray liquid. “Oh, well a lot of the humans ended up getting scared of it. My owners even got me a little freaked out!” Hound was thankful he had been taken care of by them over the years, but he knew there wasn’t a way to return to them without causing issues. Besides, being at the Hope was much more important to him. “I was worried it could affect a bot like me, but nothing really ended up happening, mostly due to preparation by computer wiz’s!” The green Autobot glanced at another beaker, this one filled with soil. “I mean, what if it got into my head from I’d use the internet? My circuits could’ve been scrambled!” “You might be giving the human’s creations too much credit, Hound.” The Jeep’s databanks showed him his times when he was in the Earth’s war, doing what humans called “remembering”. “I don’t think you give them enough credit…” Hound’s mood quickly shifted once a certain metal bird made a strange noise through the hallways, perching on Hound’s shoulder. “Buzzsaw!” He exclaimed, petting the drone. Perceptor had decided to melt down the drones using a service machine intended for Energon mixing. The dead Rumbles, Frenzies, and Ravages all got dumped in the mixer, but Hound opted to keep the Laserbeak drone, giving it a new black and yellow color scheme. Apparently, one of Perceptor’s parts used to fix the drone looked like a Buzzsaw, so Hound give it the perfect name. “Coast is clear, buddy?” The Sergeant asked him, the bird using the spinning saw embedded from its torso to communicate back. Perceptor finally looked back at the two with an annoyed, but thankful demeanor. “Such a bizarre creature, but it’s proven useful. Would’ve been a waste to melt it.” Unfortunately, most of the scrap from the drones had to be used to keep the ship’s power on, since Overcharge couldn’t be used as a permanent source. However, the red Transformer was able to make a few weapons for him and Hot Shot. “Well? He said yes, Perceptor. It’s time for you to see this beautiful world in person! Well, in Cybertronian.” Hound’s words made the Science Officer ecstatic. Since all the work on the Hope took up their time, none of the Hope’s original crew had made it far outside of Mt. Bison. “All Autobots, please report to the Teletraan Mobile!” Perceptor had managed to get the intercom on the Hope back online a while ago, calling this out all around the ship to wherever Overcharge and Hot Shot might be. He knew they wouldn’t waste time getting to his lab though. Today was the day they’d become robots in disguise.
  3. KAW! K-EHhhhh… The metal bird scraped across the cargo hold, coming to a complete stop right on the edge where the Hope and the landscape met. Perceptor stared inquisitively at the drone, picking it up to see what it truly was. The limp machine sported red sprites (although some of them had scraped off) and, like the Ravages, had a small brand. “Laserbeak-84.” While Perceptor held the bird, Hound wondered what all of this meant. He’d already been through the a few wars and definitely didn’t want to go through another, but the Decepticons attacking his new home? He couldn’t stand by and watch, even if the red Autobots seemed to not trust him. “They’ll be back, you know. Were the Decepticreeps following your ship when you crashed?” Hound tried to get answers, but Perceptor’s optics only narrowed once the green Autobot spoke. “You may have fought with us, but I’m still unsure of few things. I think I should be the one asking questions, ‘Sergeant’.” “Why do you act like Sergeant isn’t a rank? Sure, it was a more recent addition, but…” Suddenly, the ship’s cargo hold perplexed Hound. Obviously it would be damaged after a crash landing, but it wouldn’t rust… “No… Your ship… it isn’t called the Hope, is it?” That make Perceptor perk up. “You know of our ship and this clearly isn’t Krogo VI.” Perceptor uttered while walking toward Hound. “Perhaps we need to follow this trail more. Do you know what planet we are on?” Hound could barely speak after hearing this confirmation. “This is Earth. You-you guys didn’t come here to save me.” “Our mission was not a rescue. I-“ “No, no, no. I came here to rescue YOU, Science Officer Perceptor. It’s been so long that I forgot your faces from the mission files. You’re Overcharge, and you were the one in stasis, Hot Shot.” Hound pointed at the other two, amazed they also ended up on Earth. “You three went missing 300 YEARS ago!” Hound knew this shocking revelation would surprise them, but the looks on their faces said otherwise. “…I do not know what a year is.” — After a lesson in the difference between a cycle and an Earth year, the four met back the Teletraan Mobile, hoping to get more answers from Hound. While there was still an array of confusion coming from the Science Officer, much of what Hound said made sense. “Around 60 years ago, I was sent by Sentinel Prime to find the Hope. Krogo VI ended up being a lost cause, barely any Energon to siphon, but your disappearance weighted down on the poor bot. He’d sent search parties out before, but to no luck. As I went out to space, I accidentally ended up in a warp hole.” Perceptor stopped him there. “I would assume the was the same warp hole we went through.” “Then this should also sound familiar. The warp hole damaged my ship. Had to crash land in the Atlantic Ocean. Once I made it to the surface, it was awful. The humans, the organics living on Earth, were in the middle of an all out war, kinda like our own. Knowing I couldn’t participate in it, I disguised myself as one of their vehicles.” Hound transformed in front of their optics, showing the three his clean chassis. Transforming back, he continued. “It was violent. I saw some horrible things, but I couldn’t do anything about it. Just had to watch and be driven. After the war, I tried to make contact with home, but everything I did came up empty. Eventually, I ended up in an auction and was bought by a… nice couple? It’s complicated. Anyways, my owner kept good care of me. I could’ve driven off at any moment, but I knew I had to accept this new life.” “And you didn’t end up finding any Decepticon signals as well?” “No sir. No signals whatsoever until your ship finally broadcasted one. I did check the internet though once my owners got it! Useful resource. Kinda like our Mobiles. Actually…” Hound tapped several buttons on the Teletraan Mobile, much to the dismay of Perceptor. “Please don’t touch that!” Sounds of screeching and static came out of the Teletraan’s speakers. “Don’t worry! It’s just dialing up to AOL! Very primitive tech, but it’ll be useful, trust me!” Hound called out, yelling over the Teletraan. Thankfully, the sounds stopped, a small tab appearing on the screen titled “EARTH INTERNET”. Hound chuckled as he saw this. “So, what’s next sir?” Perceptor then realized that he was technically the one in charge of the four. Specialized ranks like his were the equivalent of a Lieutenant, but no one time did that idea cross his memory banks. He just gave out orders because someone needed to. “Well… as my first act as leader, I elect to share my leadership duties with the three of you. We’ll work together as equals, help each other as equals. Fight as equals.” — A blizzard coated the two jets with snow as they continued to fly north, following Soundwave’s beacon in what they would soon learn to be the Canadian territory called Nunavut. What they saw wasn’t hard to miss. A large castle hidden by the ice caps emerged for the two. Leaving them in awe. “He built this! Glad he didn’t end up waking us up sooner. I bet this would’ve been a pain to build! Ha!” Ramjet slowed with Slipstream on the runway appearing in front of them. Inside the bay were many drones working on weapons, carrier planes, and best of all, Energon. Ten of the drones carried their leader, still a large glowing box, toward the two. Ramjet almost chuckled until Slipsteam elbowed him, although she admitted that it did look a little silly. RAMJET. SLIPSTREAM. IT HAS BEEN 312 EARTH YEARS 6 MONTHS 14 DAYS 2 HOURS AND 38 SECONDS SINCE I LAST COMMUNICATED WITH YOU. “…OK?” Slipstream shrugged, unsure what any of that meant. “So… Soundwave, right? It seems like you’ve built up a nice small army.” CORRECT. THIS PLANET IS PLENTIFUL WITH ENERGON. I HAVE TRIED CONTACTING LORD MEGATRON 4,742,895 TIMES. I HAVE RECEIVED NO RESPONSE. TWO DECEPTICON SOLDIERS WILL BE USEFUL IN OUR CONQUEST OF THIS PLANET FOR LORD MEGATRON. “How did you find the Autobot’s ship?” I KNEW OF THE HOPE’S LOCATION SHORTLY AFTER LANDING ON EARTH. MY CONNECTION IS LIMITED. MY SUPERIOR INTELLECT WAS DAMAGED. SLIPSTREAM. RAMJET. YOU WILL FIX IT. LASERBEAK-84 WAS SUCCESSFUL WITH IT’S MISSION. OUR NEXT PHASE WILL BEGIN. End of Part 2: Earth
  4. Perceptor’s savior came in the shape of his extremely recent companion, watching him slash through the nasty drones. “Thank you, Hot Shot! I thought for sure that I was a goner!” The Science Officer wasn’t expecting to be torn apart today, that was for sure. As he got back to feet though, the Ravages growled, unmoving. The group, mostly Hot Shot, had taken out quite a few, but not nearly enough to stop fighting altogether. Nevertheless, the black panther bots literally turned tail, heading back into the wilderness. “Ok… I’m confused…” Hound rubbed his head as they dodged through the trees, only to turn around to see one more. Except it wasn’t a Ravage. A metallic hawk sped behind the Corporal, heading toward him. “Overcharge! Watch out!” Perceptor called out. He wondered if the small drone snuck in during the chaos.
  5. FrostyFoster


    “I wasn’t expecting my life to end up this way, but when the time comes for action, I’ll always join up.” FACTION: Autobot RANK: Sergeant Personality While he’s somewhat intriguing, Hound still tries to be helpful wherever he can. Ever since his life was changed, he’s tried to benefit the world, but hasn’t had much luck. He’s better off being with a group than alone though. Appearance A smaller sized Transformer, Hound is primary dark green with some streaks of red and yellow. His paint job looks very clean and up to date, unlike his alt mode… Alternate Modes and weapons Hound transforms into a standard WWII original production Jeep. He carries a large Bazooka, barely fitting on top of the backseat, and a pistol strapped to his right thigh. Backstory ERROR REBOOTING… … ERROR
  6. Overcharge’s suggestion to circle up made sense. Perceptor worried that these new rabid metal creatures could make it inside of the Hope, ruining whatever connection they had back to home. Unfortunately, they didn’t have much time to plan further as Hot Shot fired erratically at the Ravages. Some shots did hit their targets, Perceptor watching as a few slumped over dead. However, most blasts went into the forest, causing scorch marks in the gigantic evergreen trees. It was clear to Perceptor that the Private was still jittery from his stasis rest. The Ravages didn’t seem to care, screeching as what felt like an entire battalion came bolting toward the four. “Goddamnit! There’s too many of them!” Hound yelled, firing his bazooka. No trace was left of the poor Ravages that got hit. Not that Perceptor cared. He was more busy wondering what a Goddamnit was. As chaos unfolded (with the Science Officer joining in the battle, albeit missing most of his shots), he knew the Hope needed to be prioritized. “Overcharge! Fall back to the cargo hold and keep it secure. Hot Shot! I’m gonna need you to calm down and-“ Three Ravages took advantage of the weakest looking prey, latching their jaws onto Perceptor’s limbs as he fell backward. “No, no! Get off me!” Hound could only watch, still busy with his own batch of drones. The black hawk took flight, gliding across the sky to the cargo hold. While the night kept it hidden for now, it was clear this was no organic bird, but another machine…
  7. Birds chirped as they flew between many lush evergreen trees, a clear river flowing nearby. In one of trees was a hawk, mostly black with streaks of red donned on its body and wings. It didn’t chirp, or make any sound for that matter, staring directly at a dark green Jeep going off-road. The peaceful landscape was glistened by the full moon and stars, reflecting off his small windshield. They’re lucky they landed so far from civilization. The Jeep’s axels bounced while it went over the uneven terrain of branches and grass. Hound felt the area was beautiful, wishing he could stop and enjoy the scenery. After so long without any other Autobots though, he couldn’t allow this opportunity to slip. Unfortunately, his trek was stopped, parking next to a large mountain. What are they doing inside of Mt. Bison?” The Autobot transformed mid sentence, revealing boxy frame ordained with stars and red and yellow stripes. A single pistol was strapped to his right thigh, but a large bazooka was the real showstopper, rope over his chest holding the weapon on his back. “So, we are you hiding?” Hound surveyed the area, but the only noticeable objects in front of him were rocks, rocks, and more rocks. “Oh, maybe they’re hiding… or they’re trapped!” Hound pulled the bazooka onto his shoulder, hoping he was right. If he was being honest with himself, he just wanted to use it again after so long. “Eat your heart out, Patton!” Several shots of yellow lasers blasted into the mountain, each shot taking away a little bit of the craggily wall. The hawk continued to stare, watching the once rocky wall turn into a jumble of metal scrap. “Woah. Maybe I went overboard…” Seeing the condition of the cargo hold, Hound was expected a stern talking to by the ship’s Captain. Instead, three Transformers ran out, standing at the edge of the hold. “Please drop the weapon or we’ll fire.” The red one stated, holding a long rifle. “Wait wait wait! I’m an Autobot like you.” Hound noticed the Autobot logos, but still gently dropped his weapon, hoping not to raise tension. “Sergeant Hound, responding to the distress signal, sir!” He came a salute, but the red Bot didn’t seem convinced. “Sergeant isn’t one of our ranks, Decepticon.” Woosh! Two jets flew above the four as they didn’t let up, sending Hound mixed messages as he watched the white seeker head toward the skies with its companion. “What are you talking about?” Hound took advantage of the situation by pulling his pistol out. “I know a Cybertronian seeker when I see one! Now who are you!” — Perceptor was completely appalled. When he had checked the two Decepticon’s bodies, he got no lifelines. Expecting to scrap them for parts after they dug out of the Hope’s tomb, this new addition decided to do it for them. However, something was astray. “We are not affiliated with them. Drop your second weapon please.” Perceptor knew he probably wouldn’t be as assertive under normal circumstances, but with two by his side, the odds were in their favor. More trouble seemed to arise though as a shadowy figure struck the green Transformers in the back, slashing at him. “What the?” Hound turned to fall on his back, grabbing the creature by its neck. Bang! Bang! Two pistol shots went through it, dropping dead. “A… panther?” Hound looked shocked. The “panther” was metallic, obviously showing him what affiliation it was as he noticed a faint purple symbol on its rear. Perceptor also noticed Cybertronian writing on the creature. “Ravage-165…” The Science Officer noticed similar model numbers on the dead drones in the cargo hold. “I highly doubt you’re a Decepticon at this point.” Perceptor lowered his weapon, but this was a mistake. Many pairs of purple eyes illuminated between trees, rocks, and anywhere else a smaller drone like that could hide. Growls and purrs took over the sounds of the forest as each slowly made their way toward the four. “We are going to need your help, ‘Sergeant’.” Perceptor tried to keep his fear inside his chassis. Even with their small size, they were the ones to be outnumbered. Heavily outnumbered.
  8. “What? Whe- what is this?" Perceptor stood above the panicked Autobot. “I understand your shock, no pun intended.” He pulled the cap off the Overcharge, tapping a few buttons on the keyboard next to him. “A lot has happened. We seemed to have travelled through a warp hole and survived.” Perceptor surveyed the broken down medical bay. “The Hope is currently trapped inside of some sort of rocky tomb. I regret to inform you that most of our crew has perished, including Captain Kup.” A somber look appeared on his face, opting to type back on the keyboard. Still disoriented, Overcharge put his head between his hands. "Decepticons were boarding us... they blasted Hotlink to kingdom come and shot Skids... and then I picked him out and ran out of the room... damn... Skids is probably up there with Captain Kup and the crew right now, isn't he." Perceptor assumed the lifeforms in the cargo hold were of Decepticon origin. He couldn’t even find Hotlink’s body, but Overcharge was right to think Skids was dead. After all, most lifeforms don’t survive a headshot. “Surprisingly, Skids is still alive, albeit barely.” He motioned over to the large tube to the left of him. “I managed to put him in stasis before his body completely shut down. However, his memory banks are completely lost and I don’t have the technology to revive him. He’ll have to remain here.” Overcharge was surprised to hear that Skids managed to survive, even if it was likely he would never be the same. "Huh. That's one thing gone right. Yay us..." He looked at Skids' pod, before looking at the Science Officer. "What was that you said about being trapped in rock? Are we in Krueger... 7?" Overcharge asked, getting the name of Krogo VI wrong. “That, I am not certain, if you meant Krogo VI. Come with me.” Hoping to bring Overcharge to the Teletraan Mobile, he caught a glimmer from the crate he was pushed into. “Hmmmm.” Perceptor slid his hand across the lock holding it together, only for another stasis pod to slid out. “I can’t believe it…” He muttered, staring at the black Autobot inside, his green highlights matching the liquid. “Who is this?” Perceptor attempted to prop up the tube, but it proved to be quite heavy. "No way I’d know..." The teal Autobot only managed to utter these few words, as he got up from his resting place and sauntered towards the pod containing the mysterious Autobot. "The orange box... can't it tell you who's in all these pods? Doesn't it have a... a crew registry?" Overcharge proceeded to help Perceptor prop the tube up. “That is correct.” He responded, thankful for the help. The two went back to the main lobby. Perceptor had used the Teletraan Mobile a few times since their crash landing, but this new predicament needed to be prioritized. A name popped up, along with a picture. “Private Hot Shot. Supposed to serve as a Scout once we got to the planet.” Different from Recon soldiers, Scouts played the part of hit and run tactics, speeding off before trouble could erupt. “It seems he was injured before our trek and needed to heal during it. I wonder if that ended up saving his life.” Perceptor thought of the Autobot floating through the cold depths of space, but decided against continuing it. Before they went back to the medical bay though, the Science Officer checked their location. Big text that said “UNKNOWN” appeared. “So not Krogo VI then, unless some wires got scrambled in the Mobile.” “Hope he's gotten that rest he needed. I don't see anybody on their feet besides the two of us and getting out of the rocks is going to be a lot of work..." He was briefly interrupted when a roof panel that was hanging from a wire finally broke free and fell to the floor. "Never mind getting this ship to take off again. I'm no engineer but... looks beat to scrap from here." “I… agree. While it may be early, he seems to be in better condition than Skids.” Perceptor had to make a decision as he walked back to the medical bay. Opening Hot Shot’s stasis tube was risky, but Overcharge was right. They were trapped and needed all the help they could get. Connecting the tube next to Skid’s, so that the liquid could drain, Perceptor quietly pulled open the tube. Thankfully, the Private looked to be in healthy condition. “Hot Shot?” All was silent. All that could be heard was the buzzing of his spark. Then suddenly, the hissing of hydraulics as the pod opened. His fingers started to move as Hot Shot spark started to fully come online, his eyes lighting up. He blinked a few times. but he was groggy... "Where..." Before he could finish, he heard someone say his name. With his fuzzy optics though, he couldn't tell who it was in a haze, thinking he was still in his Decepticon holding cell. Leaping from his pod he pulled his Ion Blaster and pointed it at Preceptor. "I won't let any Slagging Con get me again!" Perceptor’s optics widened as the weapon pointed at his face, holding his hands up. “Please don’t be alarmed, Hot Shot! We are allies.” It was clear the Private was dazed from his rest and Perceptor knew he had to navigate this situation. “Autobots. See?” Hands still up, he motioned a finger down to his chest. “Now could you please put the Ion Blaster down? There’s a lot to share with you.” everything still looked fuzzy. Hot shot used his hand to snack his head a few times, trying to recalibrate his optics. It took a second or two, but they finally adjusted and he was able to see better. Looking at Preceptor, Hot Shot saw the Autobot logo and let out a few labored breaths as he put the blaster down and looked around. "Sorry about that... Stasis Lag it can really mess with your systems.” By the time Hot Shot had calmed down and could look his way, Overcharge was already ready for battle, his optics and lights shining bright with energy siphoned from the ship and his hand pointed at the Private. However, as the situation was defused, he put his hand away and calmed down. "Well, that's a full charge cycle wasted... Doc, do you have any empty batteries? If I try to give back this electricity, I'll just blow the room's fuses. And if I keep it for too long, I start having pains." “I wish I could’ve studied your powers before this tragedy…” Perceptor thought to himself, pondering if the Corporal’s powers were more than meets the eye. “Hmmm… try to power up the bridge’s batteries. If I recall correctly, those are fully depleted.” The Autobot turned back to his new companion, interested. “Perhaps I should introduce myself. I am Perceptor, the Hope’s Science Officer. This is Overcharge, a reconnaissance type. We are all that is functional on this ship.” Perceptor explained the situation to Hot Shot, from the attack to the fatalities. “And that’s how we ended up here. Come, we should get to the main lobby to work on Teletraan Mobile before we start digging.” Perceptor proceeded to walk toward the door, but turned. “Or do you have any questions, Hot Shot?” Hot Shot looked at Preceptor as he talked and told him all that had happened. It was a lot to process as he turned to leave Hot Shot, not wanting to tell him he was more lost than the Hope was. He just shook his head "Nope, no questions... Just ummm lead the way Preceptor." “Very well.” In actuality, part of Perceptor wanted to give the bodies a proper burial, but the Teletraan Mobile’s security was above all else. Keeping it intact was their only way to possibly send a message back home. The two left, Perceptor assuming Overcharge did the same toward the bridge. The main lobby was still messy from the explosion, Perceptor not bothering to clean up as the large view screen still displayed “UNKNOWN”. “This won’t be easy…” He muttered, tapping to get out some sort of signal. However, it had already been done. “Strange. A distress beacon was sent out already. Must’ve been automatic.” BANG! BANG! BOOM! The Hope rattled, sending whatever tools left on Perceptor’s table on the floor. “That came from the back of the ship!” The Science Officer’s fear heightened as he ran toward the cargo hold. Along the hallways that led to the cargo hold, Perceptor met Overcharge, also running towards the noise. "I heard that! I'm guessing one of those Cons isn't quite dead, huh?" As they ran together, he added: "I managed to charge some of the batteries! The systems should work long enough for you to do something before they're depleted again..."
  9. This will be an archive of all the characters used in Transformers Break Part 2 Bold text signifies Player Characters AUTOBOTS: Perceptor - A science officer for the Autobot Army, his goal is for the Cybertronian race to advance as aspecies. His theories and technology have helped Sentinel Prime’s cause on many occasions. He has been brought to a planet, which he’ll soon know to call Earth. Overcharge - Able to redirect his energy in many ways, Overcharge has become quite useful to Autobots, being able to fill multiple roles in a squad. Sentinel Prime wishes there were more soldiers like him. He has also ended up on a planet he’ll soon know as Earth. Skids - Little is known about this Autobot Corporal, only that be serves the army as a loyal soldier. Mortally wounded in the attack on the Hope, his life is on the line. Hound - Friendly and willing to serve, Hound has been on Earth for 60 years, apparently a veteran of a worldwide war. With his trusty bazooka and pistol strapped to his side, he’s ready for action. DECEPTICONS: Slipstream - A former high ranking operations officer, Slipstream ended up taking apart in a mission with her companion Ramjet, leading them to Earth. Famous for using two sleek blades, her kills were clean and precise. Ramjet - A weapons specialist within the Decepticon ranks, Ramjet ended up taking apart in a mission with his companion Slipstream, leading them to Earth. He’s famous for shooting first, asking questions later. SOUNDWAVE - CLASSIFIED Ravages - Drones shaped to look like panthers, they’re vicious with their fangs and claws. Laserbeaks - Drones shaped to look like hawks, their purpose is to make quick strikes, along with secret skills only known to their master.
  10. Ron! I swear to God if you’re workin’ on that Jeep again, I’ll-“ “Will you shut up already? This is history!” A heavyset man with a short gray beard and baseball cap rolled back under his prized possession, an original WWII Jeep passed down from his father. He had managed to take good care of the vehicle for many years, keeping the paint and parts pristine. “Dammit, where’d I leave the stupid flathead.” Rolling out to look for this screw driver, the Jeep remained silent outside, but inside… No… that can’t be true. A signal? An Autobot signal? 60 years and they’ve finally found me! Hahaha, yes! I can’t believe they… Wait a minute. That’s a distress signal… “Aw, come on!” The man ravaged through his toolbox, only for the Jeep to start up. “What the?” He exclaimed, turning around to see the headlights illuminate. The Jeep didn’t waste any time speeding out of his garage, leaving tire tracks across his driveway. “G-ghosts! The ghosts of dead soldiers took my car? Why? Why?!” He called out to the Jeep, but it didn’t slow down in the slightest. Uh oh. No driver. The Jeep quickly created a lifelike hologram in the driver’s seat. He knew those years of practicing holos would pay off in some capacity. Leaving the suburbs, the vehicle headed northwest. Years? Geez Hound, you’ve been on Earth WAY too long. … “No no… no?” Perceptor jutted up, looking around not to see shiny stars. or a warp hole, but sharp rocks sticking in the windows in front of him. Wherever he was, it wasn’t space. “Uh-I-huh?” The bridge didn’t look too different, other than the rocks decorating the place. The two Decepticons were still laying on the ground, albeit scuffled around from the landing. Kup and the pilot’s corpses also didn’t change much, but Perceptor wished he didn’t have to see them like that. “Better check for survivors.” Not wasting any time, Perceptor pried open the doors with a nearby piece of scrap, bringing himself back into the hallways of the Hope. What he saw in these halls broke him. More often than not, he’d find a dead body than one that was shut down. Protocol was too deal with the wounded first, so anyone who wasn’t conscious was taken to their medical bay. It was small, never intended to be used in the capacity it would have to be, but he managed to bring four bodies into stasis. “You’ll have to stay offline until we get better care. I’m sorry.” The Science Officer hooked up wires to their heads as they laid on makeshift gurneys. Ironically, the hardest part for Perceptor wasn’t the death, but lifting the offline around the ship. He understood very clearly he wasn’t the strongest Autobot and it showed. Eventually, he made it back to the cargo hold. A good chunk of it had been blown away, Perceptor assuming this was the explosion that rattled the ship around. Many blue and red lifeforms of unknown origin surrounded the space, utterly decimating their metal bodies. However, two bodies stuck out. “Overcharge!” The Officer ran toward him and one of the soldiers stationed on the ship. Perceptor had never gotten his name and it seemed he never would, considering the hole in his head. “Wait… he’s still functional?” Perceptor pulled up the blue Autobot’s chassis, leaving an unconscious Overcharge behind. “Don’t worry old friend, I’ll be back!” He called out, obviously not getting a response. Skids, who Perceptor looked up on the Teletraan Mobile, took over their only stasis tube, a contraption saved for only the worst of injuries. Perceptor tapped away on a keyboard as the barely alive Autobot floated in a light green liquid. “Memory banks are fried. Expected. But maybe…” Perceptor considered the options, but he wished not to leave Overcharge in the cargo area. Dragging the final Autobot back to the medical bay, Perceptor connected Overcharge to the final stasis cap, only for a jolt to send him flying into an unopened crate. “Ah… I should’ve taken caution. His energy powers could be unstable.” He uttered while rubbing the back of his head. Thankfully, this seemed to be a saving shock, as Overcharge opened his eyes, laying on a gurney. “Overcharge! By the Matrix, you’re alive.”
  11. Perceptor froze with fear. He didn’t sign up for such brutal events as this! While turning back toward the door to flee, Ramjet shot the control panel to the left of it, locking him inside. “Heh heh. Where do you think you’re going?” Ramjet scoffed as he walked closer. Slipstream tossed the bloodied head into the pilot’s corpse pile, Perceptor’s optics widening. “Please! Why are you doing this?” The Science Officer slipped as he slowly walked backwards, falling on his back. The two murderers laughed at the mistake, Slipstream placing her foot atop Perceptor’s torso. “Do you really need an answer to that? Who do you think we are?” She wiped the blueish purple liquid off of her blade, placing it back in her forearm. “We would just like to continue this fun little trip you’re taking. Well, not the trip you just did. The journey you’re on.” Slipstream had a perplexed look on her face. “Do you know how to pilot this? Triggerhappy over here took out your friends.” BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM! The Hope rattled and rocked as a large explosion commenced in the cargo hold. The three left alive on the bridge were sent flying an all directions, the ship not attempting to course correct. As smoke filled the entire backend of the Hope, Perceptor laid on the bridge’s floor, noticing a large swirl of multiple colorful waves outside the front window. “Wormhole!” Immediately jumping up, he noticed the two Decepticons, their chassis’s sliding across the ground while the ship began to be sucked inside. “No no no no no!” Perceptor pulled on the bullet riddled pilot seat to sit near the controls. While he would never wish to not be a scientist, he felt a pilot’s license would’ve been quite useful at the moment. Gripping the controls tightly, he attempted to bank left, but nothing would budge. It was too late for the Hope. Perceptor felt almost weightless as he watched the bright colors engulf his vision. And then, nothing. … Many light years away, a mangled mess formerly called the Hope came out of the warp hole. The mess floated on its side toward a large planet. It looked nothing like Krogo VI, instead being mostly shades of blue, green and brown. No one was around to see the beautiful planet, the only one awake no having eyes to begin with. CALCULATING THE BEST LANDING LOCATION. The black spherical vessel let go of the mangled mess, sending itself farther and farther away as the Hope broke through the atmosphere. By this point, standard protocol for a crash landing would’ve broken out, but without a Captain, or any crew member functioning for that matter, nothing was slowed as more parts flew off, the ship slamming into the bottom side of a mountain. The ship’s parts tore deep into the rocks, sticking snuggly inside as an avalanche of boulders began to cover it. From the outside of the mountain, it looked as if it had only been lightly scarred. However, this mountain how carried something important to the planet’s future. The black sphere, on the other hand, gently landed within a snowy tundra. While the sphere has minor damage, what was inside felt weak after traveling through the worm hole. ENERGON LEVELS DEPLETING. COMMENCING SCAN OF ENERGON. SCANNING. SCANNING. ENERGON LEVELS MORE THAN SUPPLEMENTAL. PROCEEDING WITH RECUPERATION PLAN. End of Part 1: Hope
  12. Full Name: Shinang Winte Occupation: Bounty Hunter Age: 28 Sex: Female Species: Mirialan Height: 1.8 meters Weight: 60 kilograms Eyes: Gray Hair: Black Handiness: Ambidextrous Personality: Headstrong but sassy, Shinang is the type to crack a joke while she cracks your skull. Years of experience in her field has made her untrusting of others, unless she’s already had a few drinks. However, she still tries to remain professional at her job, unless her bounty is cute. At that point, all deals are off. Strengths and Weaknesses: Shinang is heavily skilled in acrobatics, being able to hit special pressure points with her staff in order to incapacitate her foes, but she quite hasn’t mastered every species’ weak spots. While she carries two pistols, her longer ranged skills with rifles are weak, opting to spend a majority of her hunting within close combat. Appearance: Her green skin has been decorated with multiple tattoos, an expectation of her species. Her long black hair has been braided in four places, almost becoming like another weapon on occasion. She realized quickly that showing more skin was a good distraction and decided to take advantage of this with her normal wardrobe. History: Born on Coruscant in 47 BBY, Shinang Winte was abandoned by her mother soon after her birth, left on the streets of the mean underbelly of the planet. Learning quickly that life wouldn’t be fair, she became a small time thief in order to survive. As she grew older, she got better at pickpocketing, but still managed to screw up when she stole from a Nautolan Bounty Hunter. Her sentence was to be taken advantage of by the Nautolan, making her use her skills as a thief on many different jobs. She get as if she was a slave to the bounty hunter, but years of “helping” him taught her many tricks on what it took to do his craft. Once a job went wrong and the Nautolan was killed, Shinang took his ship and his belongings, deciding to join the Guild. For the next several years, she proved to the Guild that she was a decent Bounty Hunter, bringing in most of her targets in alive. The Clone Wars threw a wrench into her operations in the last few years though. The Galaxy wide war was dangerous and she wished to stay out of it, but the occasional Republic or CIS job posting’s prices were too enticing. Alone or with a group, she managed to get by. This is, until the Empire showed up. The new Galactic Empire once again changed everything for her, feeling as if limitations were being put in many aspects of her job. Nevertheless, she continued on, looking for when the next big bounty would appear on her Holodeck. Possessions: Golden Blaze A heavily customized Auzituck anti-slaver gunship, Shinang took this from her former captor once he perished, adding more flare to the paint job. Various blasters and other weaponry decorated the inside, waiting for the right job to be used in. The small but speedy ship was her most valuable possession, other than her “charming” personality.
  13. “You’re impressive!” Skids called out over the sounds of his blaster bolts hitting the drones. One by one, the Rumbles and Frenzies couldn’t do much to defend themselves as the Autobot made holes in their chest. “Just keep them busy, Overcharge!“ COUNTERPLAN. RUMBLES. EJECT. Five more Rumbles jumped down from the hole in front of the remaining drones, which was about half. While their appearance was mostly the same, giant shields had replaced their battering rams, holding them in front of their forces. “Blast!” Skids screamed as he watched his bolts hit the defensive wall, not leaving even a scratch. “We gotta lock down the cargo bay! Hold them inside while we recuperate.” The blue Autobot make an attempt to go toward the only door connecting the cargo hold and the main part of the Hope, only for a stray blast to slide into his right knee. “Ahhhhhh! Decepticreeps!” Pointing his rifle back at the Rumble’s wall, A Frenzy retaliated by firing a shot through one of the walls slits, sending it directly through Skid’s head. Blue and purple gunk and scrap hit the wall as the corpse crashed to the metal floor. Hotlink’s corpse, on the other hand, began to turn a bleak gray color, with one of the drones kicking it aside as they made an offensive toward the remaining Autobot in the room. Hotlink’s fuel tank slid across the cargo bay into a few bright red crates, tapping them ever so slightly, but not igniting. … “As long as there aren’t any… complications, no one will have to get hurt.” Slipstream negotiated with Hope’s Captain as Ramjet held the two pilots at blasterpoint. Kup couldn’t help but speak up once he heard this. “Typical Con lies! Your people are slaughtering my men as we speak.” Shrugging, Slipstream turned away from the grizzled Autobot. “I guess no one ELSE will have to get hurt?” Her split second mistake allowed Kup to kick the Decepticon in the back, sending her toward Ramjet. The two clashed as Kup pressed a single button on his chair, producing a heavy machine gun from the side. “Big mistake, Cons!” The Captain screamed with envy, sending an uncountable amount of blaster bolts toward the two. In fact, the pilots even had jump out of the way as the bridge became a war zone. “Big mistake, Bot!” As Ramjet jumped out of the way, his response was followed with a few shots toward the pilots. “Ramjet, you idiot!” Slipstream yelled over the gunfire, watching the pilots slump to the floor. “Those were are only way to the planet! We can’t pilot this!” The ship began to bank right without anyone controlling it, but Kup didn’t let up. “I’m sick of Cons ruining everything!!!” Perceptor attempted to grab broken gadgets and beakers while the ship lost control, but he quickly realized it would all be for naught. “The bridge!” Sounds of gunfire escaped through the walls of the ship, the Science Officer too far from the cargo hold to notice it there. A few Autobots ran past him as he made his way to the front of the ship, hearing them stammer about various mechanical failures. “I can’t believe it! Boarded in the middle of our trek? How inconsiderate! Click! Click! Click! Kup pressed down on the trigger, but nothing spurted out of the large machine gun. Opting to not give up, he tossed the blaster at Ramjet, sending him into the front control deck. Slipstream watched intently as the Captain swung a right hook at her, only to be stopped in his tracks with a blade to the neck. “Sir! What is-NO!” As the doors opened, Perceptor saw Kup drop to his knees, a Decepticon slicing deeper into his neck. “I… failed you all…” Kup‘s last words came out with a whimper as Slipstream pulled his head off of his body.
  14. Time began to pass. The Hope’s distance between its home and its destination was about halfway completed. While the ride had been mostly calm, it wasn’t without its hiccups. “Captain!” One of the pilots called out to Kup, who was jutted out of his slumber. “Huh! What is it?” The leader groggily called out. The pilot sighed, zooming in on a small spot in their trajectory path. “Another warp hole, sir. How should I navigate?” The pilot took these warps very seriously. No Autobot truly knew what was inside one or where they’d even end up. Kup, on the other hand, didn’t wish to be woken up for something as trivial as this had become. “Just alter the path. Do the same thing you’ve done the last dozen times…” While the ride was boring for most of the crew, it gave Perceptor more time to create new inventions for research purposes. “Just… one more… turn…” The Autobot held a wrench tightly as he spun it around a bizarre cubic device, only for the whole thing to crack and burst. “…Scrap. I thought I had fixed that issue.” Perceptor had opted to spend a majority of this time alone, realizing that making friends wouldn’t be useful for the mission in the long run. While he continued to tinker with the contraption, he missed a blinking message on the Teletraan Mobile. Something was headed their way. … “So, while we take the bridge, you’re gonna make a hole into the cargo hold and work your way up?” CORRECT Slipstream and Ramjet both looked perplexed. The box hadn’t spoken much on their journey to intercept the Autobot transport ship, only now letting the two Decepticons in on its plan. “But, you’re a box?” Ramjet ever so wisely interjected. INCORRECT “Then what trick do you have up your-“ WE ARE BOARDING. TAKE THE BRIDGE. At that moment, a door opened behind the two, showing them the vastness beauty of space, only to be taken out of this bliss by having their spherical ship violently crash atop the back of the Hope. “You heard the box.” Slipstream exclaimed to her compatriot, both transforming into sleek jetmodes. “We’re being boarded, Captain!” “What? How?” Kup slammed his fist onto the armrest, pushing himself up off of it. “It’s attached to the cargo hold!” The pilot responded. “The ship doesn’t look to be Decepticon, sir, but I’m sending our guards to intervene” A crash within one of the windows interrupted the conversation, with two jets spilling inside to transform in front of Kup. “Actually, we are Decepticons.” Slipstream called out to the three Autobots.“Sorry, we’re gonna need this ship.” At the back of the Hope, the box chirped, with sounds of ripping and cutting taking place below the mysterious contraption. OPERATION SOUNDWAVE COMMENCING. … “What is that?” Hotlink, one of the soldiers, stared directly above at a hole starting to form above him in the massive cargo bay. Getting his flamethrowers ready, he pointed them above once he heard a booming voice. RUMBLES. FRENZIES. EJECT. 10 of each jumped down the hole as Overcharge and Skids, one of the other soldiers, made it into the cargo hold. The two times of faceless drones were slightly shorter than Overcharge, very simple in detail and design. The blue types, Rumbles, had two large battering rams replacing their arms while the red types, Frenzies, carried standard assault rifles with their much more “normal” looking arms. “Hah! Is that the best you got, pipsqueaks? Let me show you the power of fire!” Hotlink yelled, only for his confidence to be drowned out by the sounds of gunfire. The Frenzies didn’t even bend their forearms as they pointed rifles at Hotlink, tearing him apart as his limbs became filled with holes. “Oh, scrap!” Skids dove toward behind the nearest cargo equipment he could find, returning fire as he got up. “Hotlink is down!” Sending a message intended for the Autobots to the bridge, Slipstream smirked. “Overcharge and I will hold them off as long as we can!”
  15. “This… was much less ‘bots than I had expected.” A total of 16 Transformers stood across from the blue veteran commander, patiently awaiting an explanation on what exactly they would even be doing. Perceptor attempted to keep himself dignified in the small group, especially after seeing what looked to be a reformed Seeker amongst the ranks, but the other Autobots paid no attention to the Science Officer. Kup cleared his voicebox, beginning to speak in a booming tone. “As you know, our mission is to reach the planet Krogo VI and extract as much Energon as we possibly can. While I’ll be a long ride to and from, it’s necessary for us to make it back to Cybertron before the Decepticons find out. Every single one of you need to be in your best condition if we are to succeed… let alone survive. This will be a suicide mission ONLY if you make it one. DON’T. MESS. UP.” Kup had been in worse situations during this career, but something as crucial to the war as this even made the old timer worry slightly. Hoping the thoughts didn’t stick in his memory banks, he began to split up the crew. Two pilots were assigned, while five, including Overcharge and Hotlink, were assigned to guard duty on the planet. Alien life on Krogo VI was unknown at moment, with Kup hoping Perceptor could find out they even landed. The rest were then made maintenance workers. “Everyone strap in! This’ll be a bumpy takeoff!” Seats popped up from the underside of the Bridge, a large seat put in the middle for Kup. A glass slit curved half of the room, although it wasn’t a useful design choice for the pilots, who had many screens in front of them already. Perceptor strapped into his seat, making sure the fastenings were extra tight. “Finally… I’ll be able to explore this mysterious world…” The Science Officer muttered to himself. All the waiting was bound to pay off as he watched the pilots moved levers back. The Hope began to point more and more upward as Sentinel Prime watched silently from below. The jets fluttered with small flares, only to burst out a stream of fire shortly after. The Hope quickly sent itself off the surface. “Put cloaking and radar scrambling online!” The pilots responded to Kup’s barking order by turning the ship visible, both to optics and any Decepticon trackers. This technology as still not completely accurate though, with small pieces still shown. Along with the fact that it drained a large amount of power, it would have to be turned off immediately after they reached a certain point between Cybertron and Krogo VI. The ride out of the atmosphere was far from enjoyable. For Perceptor, it felt as if the Hope could tear itself apart at any moment, jutting him back and forth in his seat as he held his straps. Once it broke the barrier though, the ride began to settle down, giving the ship a smoother sailing as it left Cybertron behind it. “Don’t worry.” Kup called out as if he was speaking to the planet. “We’ll be back soon. Turn off the cloaking and scrambling. We’ll be in a floating target if those keep drying up our power!” With a few clicks, the Hope looked as if it was back to normal. Everyone except the pilots left their seats, with Perceptor heading back to his lab. “I wonder what Overcharge thinks of his companions?” He wondered, hoping his new friend would get along with them. … There was nothing in a space section far from Cybertron, only a single small spherical vessel barely moving across the stars. Inside the ship was a single open area, dim lights just barely hiding a messy interior. A large dark blue box took up most of the space, creating a slight yellow from the cracks between panels. Two Decepticons shared this dour living space, currently sitting across from each other at a nearby table. “Ha! I knew you were gonna do that!” A white and gray Decepticon chuckled as he pointed to the game illuminating off of the table. “Looks like that’s another win for Ramjet!” The Transformer across from him scoffed, showing off her black and purple exterior as she moved in her seat. “Ugh. Stop acting like this is still a game of skill, you conehead! We’ve played this so many times that it’s pretty much random at this point.” Ramjet grunted, turning the game off. “This is the only taste of victory I get, Slipstream. My arm cannons have even started to rust from lack of combat.” “Need I remind you for the millionth time how we ended up there?” Slipstream asked in a demeaning tone. “YOU blew up that Autobot Captain before it was time, ruining Lord Megatron’s plan. YOU tried to hide your mistake by blaming it on me. YOU almost got us killed by Lord Megatron until I convinced him to banish us instead. We were Special Ops, the best of the best! Because of you, we’re stuck here forever on a tiny ship with a stupid glowing box that does nothing!!!” The timing was almost too perfect. ORDERS RECEIVED. ESTIMATING TRAJECTORY OF AUTOBOT TRANSPORT SHIP Silence feel into the room. “Did… did the stupid box just talk?” Ramjet asked. Slowly getting out of his chair to back away from it. Slipstream was equally surprised. That box did nothing for however many cycles they’d been stuck on the ship and now it started to talk? “I… I don’t-“ TRAJECTORY COMPLETE. STARTING ENGINES TO INTERVENE The box made the spherical vessel fly though the vast emptiness of space, not waiting a nanosecond for the Decepticons to buckle up. As the two slammed into the side of a wall, they had no idea what was in store for them…
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