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  1. Wade was shocked, but also extremely thankful to see the new Gunpla Aker and Icarus had brought with them. In fact, he was just glad Aker was still around to even work with them. "Thank Tomino you guys are here!" Wade ran over to the two mobile suit, confident they could win this fight. "Actually, I would like to know if-" The Diver was forced out of his thoughts as the announcer's loudly blared through multiple speakers surrounding the large landing platform. "And with their last member arriving, I'd like to introduce FLEURS DE NOBLESSE!!!" Sneaker posed as he pointed at the group of thr
  2. It was an abnormally dark night in the sky as the moonlight barely touched the Lincoln household. One of the rooms caught the slight light peeking through the curtains, pointing down at a broken plastic figure. It was the Local Type, irreparably damaged from its battle with the wall. It completely missed its right arm, along with having no V-Fin, looking rather miserable laying on the desk near a newly opened box. Wade didn’t know why they’d bought it for him for his birthday. They normally weren’t too fond of him playing GBN all the time and the playing at home would only make that worse
  3. Something had happened. Wade had no idea what, but before he could ponder further, the mission was over. Strangely, the mission's completion screen looked janky, only giving them a cash reward. Not that this mattered to Wade though. He was done, no ifs ands or buts. The four, or rather three, were brought back to the oil rig, which is when the Diver realized what was wrong. He watched his teammate in agony as he looked for their friend. Nether him or Wade could find him. The Fleurs leader didn't move a muscle, even as Icarus grabbed him. There were no more thoughts of joy in the Diver's h
  4. A few numbers blinked on the Local Type's control panel. "0.23%" Wade muttered under his breath. His Gunpla had practically no more energy left as it slowly floated through space. The Diver could care less though. He'd taken out his opposition during his beam rifle meltdown and had little reason to worry about another attack. As the red visor dimmed, the Fleurs Leader decided to take a little spacewalk, hoping to get a better look at the battle far from him. While it never truly felt "real", zero gravity had been improved once customizable cockpits were introduced. Now you could jump and
  5. Wade's hunt for the culprit was met with a flurry of funnel bits ready to see him down. With each in position, it wouldn't be long before the Diver was out of the mission for good. "Where are they?!" The Local Type swerved through space, hoping to dodge the assault, but each misstep cost him a good deal of damage. As he moved upward, his remaining gatling gun was immediately blown off at the swivel joint, sending it flying away. Meanwhile, his shields were just barely hanging on, both in defense and sub arms. Everywhere he went, he seemed to get hit. The Fleurs Leader gritted his teeth, s
  6. Kyle's look of fear was thankfully lost when Aida appeared on the scene, taking down the attacking Cancer with a Hygoog claw slash. "Whew. That was close!" The Diver looked at the Aquatel as he heard the Challenger leader speak. "I'm ok!" He responded. "Thanks for the save buddy!" However, the battle wasn't over yet as even more Cancers fired upon them. They seemed to mainly aim at Aida, but a couple headed in the direction of the Trinames. Already distracted, a missile slammed into the right shin of the Gunpla, causing Kyle to be focused on the opponents. "DAMAGE! DAMAGE!" The droid chir
  7. Wade had really hoped Icarus' persuasion tactics would work, but someone had to rain on their parade with green beams. "No..." Wade muttered, worried about the consequences that would be brought upon both parties. Athrun's group no longer seemed to have any intention of backing down, sending his army of GINN mobile suits against the team. The Fleurs leader's mood quickly changed from sadness to anger, now screaming in his cockpit. "JUST STOP IT!!!" With space thrusters helping his fit of rage, Wade took his Local Type's controls and pushed forward, but not to Athrun or the GINNs. "Fleurs!
  8. He didn't know what or how to feel when he noticed Athrun and the GINNs approaching. This game was (mostly) about fighting opponents, so Wade knew the death would have to continue in order to succeed. Or would they? His teammate had his own plans as he set a private channel with the Fleurs leader, talking to him about looking out for Aker. Wade understood that Icarus was right. "Y-yeah. We should..." He kept his response simple, but another way of thinking about the situation popped into his head. Whatever he was going through with all the killing in GBN, Aker was living through it. EL-Di
  9. Wade's Gunpla stayed in the air unmoving as another one of the Boosted perished. He'd assumed Clotho or Orga suffered a horrid death as well, not even paying attention to which Union Flag it was. Slowly, the mobile suit landed near the others, waiting for their own shuttle. They'd won, but at what cost? The ride up to space was dead quiet. It was just the way Wade wanted it to be as they continued on with the next phase. His mind kept flashing back to the Local Type's knife, stained with blood. "That's not... supposed to happen..." Thoughts had raced in Wade's head throughout the entire m
  10. The Local Type floated in the sky, watching the now limp Union Flag freefall towards in ocean. "Nope! Gotta get those bonus points!" Wade turned his Gunpla upside down as he ignited his thrusters, sending the mobile suit down to his defeated opponent. Beginning to catch up with the unit, he moved the Gunpla's hand under one of the Union Flag's shoulders. He hoisted the machine up to his level, bringing it to a halt as the Diver floated only about 100 feet from the water's surface. "Phew! That was close." The Fleurs leader sighed. He wondered what they'd get from the save, but his mind began to
  11. The final Union Flag, now revealed to be piloted by Shani from Gundam Seed, made quick work of Wade's attack. "He's good!" The Diver stated as he started to fire again, but the enemy mobile suit was faster than he had expected. The gray machine gained elevation over Wade's Gunpla, retaliating with shots from its linear rifle. The Fleurs leader didn't have time to pull back, causing the shots to slam into his left gattling gun. "Dammit!" He yelled while jettisoning the broken weapon, only taking a bit of damage from the explosion. The Diver knew those would be out of the picture and withou
  12. It wouldn't be long before the enemies' assault commenced, with Wade watching the three Union Flags pick their targets. "Welp. Here we go!" The Diver had has Gunpla crouch down to warm up the air thrusters. He wanted to get high in the sky quickly to catch up with the remaining member of his opponent's group. Blue flames spurted out of each thruster as the Local Type launched like a rocket. The inside of the mobile suit began to shake while Wade grasped the controls harder. "I wasn't expecting to go this fast!" Pushing the joysticks down as far as he could, the Diver was now well above ea
  13. There wasn't much of a scenery change, save for the Mass Driver instead of an oil rig. The Fleurs leader had hoped they wouldn't be in space again and he was correct. With his air thrusters already in place, the Diver was met with a question from Icarus. His teammate essentially just asked him to show off his Gunpla's gimmick, at least, that's what Wade out of of his question. "The Local Type is ready to fight anywhere!" Wade gave a thumbs up to his friend on the viewscreen, turning a knob with his other hand. Each of the thrusters on the Gunpla's back and legs rotated, showing the group
  14. Kyle knew that Aida was right. The little guys had to go quick, or else they'd be a real annoyance while going up against the main attraction. "Fire! Fire!" His droid companion yelled out as the Diver lowered the cockpit's shooting scope. "I know what I'm doing, dummy!" Kyle angrily responded while staring at Charo. "With my skills, it'll be like fish in a barrel." However, once the Diver looked back into his scope, the "fish" had already retaliated. Three Cancers had launched multiple missiles in a vicinity of the Trinames, causing Kyle to pull the Gunpla downward quickly. It was a close
  15. "I... only got... one shot... left!!!" In one of the many forest areas, a small military base looked like a blemish against the trees and wildlife. The few building it had were demolished, rubble spread across the paved road. It wouldn't be permanent, as GBN reset broken parts of its virtual world after a certain amount of time, but now was not the time. A fight between two Divers was in full effect, creating damage to the landscape and to themselves. A single Gundam stood atop a mishmash of steel and concrete, the only place it could go to be above its opponent. The Gunpla was viole
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