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  1. “Wait. We’re not alone.” Giovanni got into a defensive position, backing away as he noticed the two Gundams coming their way. “Is that a new model?” Olivia stared inquisitively at the Kyrios, mimicking her superior. Marco on the other hand didn’t wait as he sent his Enact toward the Exia. “The Gods of combat are looking down upon me! Finally!” The purple mobile suit ignited its sonic blade to the plasma sword configuration, firing a few shots at the gray Gundam while it sped into battle. “Dammit Marco! We need to go for backup, not engage.” It was too late for the three to retreat though
  2. "Watch it!" The annoyed Fleurs leader blew backwards at the Wing's machine gun blasts. Strangely, the two held the exact same gatling loadout, causing Wade to retaliate with his. "You wanna fight! Let's fight!" What seemed like thousands of bullets went toward the two mobile suits, with some even directly hitting each other. With no shield, Wade could only do so much to dodge the attacks. One small mistake could lead to catastrophe though, causing the Diver to clinch his controls tightly in an attempt to not be out of the game in such an important battle. "Zaku! Zaku!" Charo a
  3. "Thanks Viria. I hope so..." Their beds were surprisingly comfy, but Felicia was unsure if it was because of the quality, or the fact that it was a long day for the two. As she pulled up her covers, Sneasel let its arms go wide to stretch, laying at the end of her trainer's feet. Viria and her Pokémon had long since fallen asleep in their bed, with Felicia soon to follow. "I can't let any of these people down. I'll find my path in..." Falling into a deep slumber, the only sound in the room has Sneasel's snoring... As she opened her eyes, the purple haired girl found herself upon an r
  4. "Steelix! Iron Tail!" A massive metal snake brought its appendage upwards as it glowed, ready to slam down upon Richter's Heatmor. The two battlers each had a single Pokémon left, with Heatmor looking quite injured compared to the giant Steel Type. Richter only smirked once he heard Jasmine's command called out, pointing his finger at the Fire Type. "Dig now!" The shiny tail slammed down on the broken floor, causing more damage to an already demolished battlefield, but didn't connect with its target. "Watch out, Steelix!" Jasmine stated with a sense of urgency. The Steelix looked down at
  5. “Accommodation? Well...” Felicia realized she was off to a great start. She had little clue of what it truly meant to be a Pokémon Trainer, down to the fact that they had no clue as to where they’d even sleep! “Uh... I’m sure there are some hotels, right? Hopefully.” Shuffling her feet, a thought popped into her head. “Maybe we should go to the Pokémon Center and try to get some answers. ... ”That’s right, the Pokémon League offers free rooms to any travelers.” Nurse Joy had just got done telling the two more about the ins and outs of truly being a Trainer. Thankfully, it seems as if
  6. "UGH! What is up with the air?" Tasting quite salty to the rich boy, Richter scowled while walking off the cruise ship. He had only ever vacationed to Goldenrod in this region over the years, not stepping foot anywhere else in Johto until now. "Talk about a bad impression." The red haired individual waltzed across the harbor with his backpack in tow, uninterested in the port town. "Let's just find the Gym and get outta here." Not wasting any time, Richter had already signed up for Johto's Pokémon League back home, hoping to blast through each with ease. The trainer twirled his shrunken P
  7. Wade couldn’t believe it! The amount of people showing up was much more than he had anticipated. Kyle wasn’t too much of a shock, (Although the Fleurs Leader did wish the annoying Charo would have been tossed aside by this point) but once the other Gunpla began to show, his demeanor brightened. “I... I can’t believe it.” The Hi-ν continued pointing at the Buster Rifle at the Strike, although it proceeded to look around him. “Alright.” Wade’s smile faded as he got more serious, contacting the entire group. “We outnumber them, but that doesn’t mean we can treat them like a joke.” He glanced
  8. The Wing Gundam set its sights on almost every enemy it had, aiming the massive minigun to spray and pray. A steady stream of bullets came, but they never reached a target. Several gold panels deflected the bullets immediately, causing the Wing to stop. “If you wanted to fight like a chump, you should’ve done it without the Charudim on standby!” “Long time no see, Wade! I almost wasn’t going to make it.” Kyle O’Connor said through the comms. “You’re lucky I met up with my... ‘friend’ in the Freedom here. It’s a long story.” The Lockon fanboy launched his regular funnels off
  9. FrostyFoster


    Richter Gender: Male Eyes: Red Hair: Red Skin: Light-Skinned Handiness: Right-Handed Hometown: Castelia City Region: Unova Relatives: Various Trainer Class: Rich Boy PERSONALITY Stuck up and loud, Richter makes sure that he can get what he wants with the money and influence he has. However, while he treats the common folk poorly, his Pokémon get to see a kind demeanor from the boy. His strive for success on his own right has changed him recently, giving him a new drive for winning no matter what. APPEARANCE Dressed
  10. (Collab with Roromi) With plenty of strength still left in her, Geneva continued her destruction upon the poor mass production units, only to see a barrage of smoke erupt from some close to her. “What?” She called out after hearing Roane, but it was too late. The Ginn who only revealed its red eye fired directly at the Blue Frame, utterly decimating the two submachine guns she carried. Tossing them aside to save her hands, Geneva only had two backup beam sabers on standby. “I’m not gonna be beaten by some stupid GINN.” It was almost a complete change in personality for the Ensig
  11. "There you are! I thought you weren't going to make it in time." Finally seeing the new trainer, Felicia watched as the two sat next to her on a small ferry. She noticed that her Totodile seemed to be getting used to Viria, even mimicking her mannerisms. "Looks like Mako's having a good day!" Felicia stated while petting the Water Type Pokémon. With Viria being the last passenger on board, the boat left the dock at a quick pace. "At least it won't be long until we're in Olivine." She told the trainer while the sound of speedy rotors hummed underneath them. She had been to Olivine a couple
  12. Gundam Kyrios Repair After its battle with Graham's Flag, the Kyrios was mangled and beyond repair with Celestial Being's capabilities at the time. Since the arms took a majority of the damage, they have been replaced by more generic appendages, preventing the mobile suit from transforming. This temporary fix was able to use of the current weapons available, with its main rifle meant for a variation of the Virtue. While unofficially called the Kyrios Repair, it was still referred to in missions by its original name. Full Armor 0 Gundam Due to the merging with Feresht
  13. “Oh. Well…” Sherilyn hadn’t thought about how she’d explain the situation to her new allies. While she couldn’t forget it, watching someone’s neck explode in a bloody mess does that, but she was unsure if the Meisters would like the idea of being killed if the higher ups even just THOUGHT you could be a liability in the future. The engineer wondered if Edmund had an explosive device inside of his mask. “He was killed in a mission off of Indonesia.” Eco blurted out. “We were barely able to even recover the GN Drive. It wouldn’t have happened if I was the one piloting…” Like Lasse, Eco was
  14. Real Grade. The only grade in GBN’s scale that would allow Wade Lincoln to continue his part in finding and defeating Spider once and for all. The Fleurs Leader poured his heart and soul into a mobile suit that he likely wouldn’t even use more than once. As much as it pained him to think it, he wondered if it was time to hang up the visor after this mission, but now wasn’t the time to be selfish. Shades of brown paint littered the desk next to the gaming device along with various sanded or cut parts, showing the Diver how much it really took for him to accomplish the task. “It’s… exa
  15. Could you include pictures from these designs? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tofMm1yM5jQ&ab_channel=JhhkTheCollector Thanks!
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