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  1. The inside of her cockpit dimmed as what was left of her Gunpla lied on the floor. The energy ball did its job, giving the win to her opponent. Amy couldn't believe it, but it taught her a few lessons on the defensive capabilities of her Archer. The Phase Shift Armor wouldn't be enough for her next battle, whenever that would be. "Hey there!" Her opponent said. "That was quite a fight!" Amy clicked on the chat to respond. "Yeah, it was! I learned a lot from it." She exclaimed as her machine materialized from the battlefield. The diver appeared back in the GBN lobby, immediately checking her battle record. "71-23 for one on one matches." She thought. "I've played this game way too much, but I have to practice more." She walked up to mission area, noticing that the team above her was going to take the Kobayashi Hayato test. "You do realize that's a no win scenario, right." She said to the three burly men wearing Zeon jackets. The biggest one turned around to Amy as the other two scowled. "You do realize that we're one of the best teams in all of GBN right?" He yelled. "We don't lose any matches!" She smirked. These three looked tough, but looks meant nothing in a cockpit of a mobile suit. "Ok, tough guy. One on one. Right now."
  2. The Murasaki Archer's shurikens were quite special. Due to the way they were built, the Kimaris' weapons could pierce almost any surface, including Phase Shift Armor. What Amy didn't realize was that those weapons could be used against her if the enemy was smart. As the Astray pushed down on her machine, one of the shuriken's pushed down on the body of the purple Gunpla. "Damn it!" She said as the Archer was given a "stomach" wound. The handle of one of her knife's embedded in the shield smacked into the strongest part of the body, breaking the Folding Razor's blade in two. The partially broken dagger landed on the floor as the battle got worse for her. The Archer lost its footing, falling straight to the ground. As it bumped onto the grassy field, Amy lost control of her Beam Boomerangs, falling out of arm's reach. The Gold Astray kept pushing on the body, jamming the shuriken deeper in into it. The Diver had many options, but she didn't want to give away all of her tricks just yet. "This isn't over Astray!" She yelled as she pushed her right hand up against the head of the machine. While attempting to push the Gold gunpla off, she looked for something she could use. The broken Razor lied on the grass, barely within reach. Using the enemy's broken arm and preoccupied shield to her advantage, she pushed the dagger into the part with the least amount of armor surrounding it, the neck.
  3. For what seemed to be a regular Astray, the machine had its strengths, likely due to the experience of the pilot. As the enemy's machine slashed down at the Archer, Amy turned her machine clockwise, attempting to block the attack with her right beam saber. The strength of the Astray, plus the awkward angle of the block, put tons of pressure on the Gunpla. With all her might, Amy turned again, pushing her other beam saber up against the enemy's by creating an X-shape with the two pink blades. The Astray's weapon was getting dangerously close to her Gunpla's head, sizzling off some of her own paint, just like her opponent. "I won't be able to hold for long." She thought. The angle of the attack was just awkward enough for her to be on the losing side, but she did have a trick up her sleeve, or rather, on her backpack. Two slash disks, taken from the Kimaris, were attached to the machine back thrusters, mostly used as short ranged shuriken. But they could also be launched directly from the mobile suit at opponents. "These are for one time use. Let's make this count!" The slash disks jettisoned for their normal spot, one aimed at the body, while the other was mean't for the Astray's right arm. She hoped that her aiming skills were good enough during this tense situation, but she had to regain her distance from the gold machine.
  4. Her attack didn't end up going to plan, but it wasn't a failure either. Amy could tell the other diver had experience, opting to now weave back and forth as they headed toward her location. She was shocked at first, but realized that the boomerang's trajectory would give her position away. The two beam weapons were heading back to their owner, so she had to think quickly in order to not be sliced in two. The Stealth System was out of the question, since its flaw of turning off the Phase Shift Armor could ruin her quickly. Plus, the other Gunpla was coming quickly, making the wise decision of kicking off the boulders. However, Amy noticed a pattern in the Astray's movement that she could take advantage of. Every other boulder was being used. "This'll have to be timed just righ- OH SHIT NOW!" The Boomerangs were close, so her attack began. The Archer ignited its thrusts, landing on top of the boulder it was hiding behind. Pulling out two Folding Razors, Amy leaped into the air, right over her opponent. Throwing the knifes downward at the machine, she rolled into a landing right as the Beam Boomerangs landed in each of the open hands. Her back was toward the Astray, Boomerangs now becoming beam sabers.
  5. Amy sat in the main lobby of GBN, browsing through various modes. "No. No. Definitely no." She said while scrolling down. Eventually, she found what she was looking for. "Close Combat only 1v1." The diver exclaimed. "This could work." As she pressed accept, her avatar was brought to the cockpit or her Gunpla, the Murasaki Archer. With an arsenal of close combat weaponry, the GN Archer had technology from the Blitz Gundam, allowing invisibility. "I probably won't even need it that much." She said as she looked around the large duel zone. "This place is perfect." The Murasaki Archer was currently hidden behind one of the larger boulders this field had to offer. It'd be a challenge to find her, but the same could be said for her opponent. This is until the fake sunlight glistened off the gold mobile. Peeking ever so slightly over the boulder, she saw the Astray, ready to attack with its samurai sword if she got close. "Hmmm. Can't get close with the Folding Razors." She thought. Kyle could likely pick off a mobile suit like this for her, but she was all alone here. Her skill as a diver was all that mattered now. Amy pulled a Beam Boomerang with her right hand, aiming and throwing toward the left side of the machine. She quickly turned on the stealth system, opting to now hide behind another rock almost perpendicular from the Astray. Hoping her distraction would work, she threw the other boomerang toward her real target, the beam sabers on the back of the mobile suit.
  6. Amy's Gunpla Collection #1 - Murasaki Archer Base Unit: GNR-101A GN Archer Operator: Amy O'Connor Defensive Systems: Phase Shift Armor - exceptional resistance to physical damage, at the cost of power consumption per hit. Melee Weapons: Folding Razor x4 - Anti-armor knifes that can be used in close combat or thrown. Combat Knife - Large foldable knife used as a last resort. Projectile Weapons: Beam Boomerang - Throwing weapons that emit a short beam blade on one end, and can return to the owner after throwing. Slash Disc - Two high-speed rotating disks that hone in on enemies. Not reusable. Power system: Battery Pack - offers a light weight power solution for greater mobility but limited supply. Special Abilities/Features: Stealth System - An invisibility system that can hide from plain sight. However, it's Phase Shift Armor is disabled.
  7. While opening up the hatch to the Zeong, Kyle also decided to change into his normal suit. The red and gold Celestial Being suited Diver hopped into the cockpit, although he wasn't exactly sure how he'd be able to launch with the machine. The pink monoeye flashed on, looking in all different directions as a test. "This is going to be pretty interesting. As he turned on the rockets thrusters, several mechanics and other crew members were pushed aside from the force of the gunpla. "Sorry!" He yelled out. "Wait. They're not actual people. This game is way too realistic..." Kyle flew to the catapult, waiting for the hatch to open. "Kyle, Zeong! Launch- well, actually I'm just gonna float out." The Archangel's hatch rose, allowing the Diver to put all power into his own thrusters. As he flew into the depths of space, the Zeon machine was pulled above the Archangel by Kyle, then maneuvered to the back of the ship. "Wow." He exclaimed. "There is a ton of debris out here." Not only could the Zeong blend in with the gray pieces leftover from other battles, but his wired guns allowed him to attack from more place than one. The Diver noticed some debris big enough for him to use cover for, deciding to fly toward it. "This spot will be perfect! I won't even need some NPD to cover me." The confident pilot couldn't do much else but wait for the others. "This is Kyle. I'm in position." He said over the radio. "You're up next, Carter!"
  8. "FINALLY!" Kyle looked at the finished poster, marveling at the detail of it. "They'll be so proud." He thought to himself. Something that wasn't finished though was his gunpla. He glanced at the Trinames' parts, with some still needing paint and other upgrades. "That one's taking a lot longer than I thought." He'd used custom mobile suits before, but nothing as intricate as the Trinames. Kyle grabbed the gray backup gunpla from his shelf, ignoring his previous kitbashes. "It'll be fun to try something a little different from the norm." Setting the machine down on his scanner, The diver made sure his visor would fit comfortably as he looked at the screen. MSN-02 Zeong. While the mobile suit technically couldn't be used outside of space without modifications during missions, settings could be messed with to allow movement during Free-Roam. After those were changed, Kyle flew into the skies, testing out many of the Zeong's armaments. He realized that would be the best thing to do right now because of how different the machine was from anything else that he used. The wired forearm guns for example, were nice training tools if he ever decided to use funnels in the future. "This is pretty cool, isn't it Har-" He looked to his right, expecting Haro to be there. "That's right." He said. "I didn't make this machine with Haro in mind." He COULD bring the little droid out of his inventory, but decided not to. He'd most likely annoy Kyle more than help during the next mission. Suddenly, a portal opened up, taking him out of this world and right into the hangar of the Archangel. It wasn't a comfortable move, as the machine came to a complete stop, startling the diver. "Geez. They could've given me a chance to react to the move..." Even with no legs, his machine was still around the same height as his team member's GM. "Looks like he upgraded. Wish mine was done too." He also noticed his other teammate's Zaku, which looked as if it wasn't even there. "The update sure is strange..." Seeing Aida in the hangar, Kyle floated to the GM's owner. "Yo!" The Comet Meister exclaimed.
  9. "Glad that's over." Kyle thought as he walked out of the debriefing room. "That could've ruined the whole campaign experience for me." However, this did teach the Diver something. Not only would decisions like that impact this world, but the shooting of the MKII didn't even matter. "Alpha Team still got away with Kamille and a MKII." As he reached the hangar of the Archangel, Kyle saw his robot companion annoying one of the engineers. "Hey Haro!" He yelled out. "Stop messing with him." The spherical droid floated back to his owner. "Sorry! Sorry!" It chirped. "I cant believe I just told a computer program to stop messing with another program..." He knew it was time to log off, so he pulled up his wrist hologram. As he made the world around him disappear, his mission rewards appeared. Kyle Badge: Hijack This! (+10000cr) Stage Completed: 10000 Credits Kyle had been hoarding credits for no real reason. After leaving his former team, nothing really enticed him to buy just for himself. "I'll use them eventually..." The Diver was brought back to the real world, staring down at his Gunpla. After he pulled off his visor, Kyle picked up the red machine. "We're gonna need to do some fine tuning." He said as the Gunpla was put next to his array of tools and unfinished model kits. "No way it'll be ready for the next mission though. I-" Suddenly, a voice made him jolt out of his seat. "Have you been playing this whole time?!" Kyle who had fallen on his back, looked up to see his angry wife by the door. "I thought you would've stopped to work on another project by now." The Comet Meister looked at the time. It was early in the morning. "Oh crap! Did I play all night?!" He exclaimed. "You sure did." His wife responded. "Can you please check the time every once in a while in the game? Work needs to be done, you know?" Kyle got up off the ground, putting his chair back in place. "I know, Amy. I'm sorry." Kyle said. "This new campaign was just super engaging though. It was like an SD G Gen game! One of the handheld ones though. It had Zeta and Seed mixed together with these realistic NPD's. Who knows what'll be next?" Amy sighed. "You can tell me all about it AFTER you get some rest." She exclaimed as she walked out of the room. By the way. The poster design for you-know-what is due this week." Kyle looked shocked. "Man... I thought it was due next week!" As he walked toward the bedroom, his eye caught a certain gray mobile suit on his shelf. "The Trinames may not be done, but that doesn't mean I can't use other mobile suits. This next mission will be in space, after all..."
  10. As the Trinames stood in the hangar of the Archangel, Kyle was still confused as to why they weren't back at the school. However, he couldn't help but be excited about this new campaign. "Zeta and Seed mixed together?" He said to his robotic companion. "Who knows what other series could be apart of this universe?!" The diver looked down to see two of this allies, along with Natalie Badgiruel. It was weird seeing so many named NPD characters for Kyle. Every once in a while, his old team would rent a Gundam alumni, but this battle and the way characters acted showed him how much effort was being put into the campaign. "There's more to this than meets the eye..." He thought. It didn't look like a basic mesh of universes. Characters were going to interact with each other, similar to a Super Robot Wars game or the series this campaign seemed to be named after. "How important will my interactions be to these NPD's? How will they respond?" Currently though, it didn't matter as Kyle pulled up a screen to his right, surveying the damage done to him by a real player. "The psycho sure did some damage..." He said. "No Trans-Am! No Trans-Am!" responded Haro. The diver chuckled. "Yeah, I didn't get to use it, but the Trans-Am wasn't stable anyways." None of the mobile suit seemed stable to Kyle. If he were to keep up with the others on Alpha Team, the Trinames would have to be completed. Picking the spherical droid up out of his slot, Kyle materialized in front of his Gunpla, glancing around the large hangar of the Archangel as he floated. His previous team could only afford a Supersonic Transporter, so being apart of such a massive ship was something he'd have to adjust to. Noticing Beta Three's Blue Zaku, he wondered who was piloting the Zeonic machine. The diver began to float down to his other teammate. "Aida, right?" Kyle exclaimed as his feet touched the ground. "My name is Kyle!" Haro jumped out of his arms and flapped his ears. "HARO! HARO!" It yelled out. Kyle sighed. "Yeah, that's my partner Haro, but I'm assuming you already knew that if you're playing this game."
  11. "What a mess!" As Kyle attempted to reach the others, he thought about how poor the mission seemed to be going for Beta Team. Not only were the Rick Dias' putting up a very good fight, but it felt like Alpha Team had the upper hand with their high quality skills piloting a Gundam. "Wish I was on the AEUG's team..." He thought, but the diver understood that type of mentality was futile. He had to work with what he had in order to win. "The challenge will make me stronger, even if the situation's not in my favor." As he crept closer, Kyle contemplated why Beta's leader felt that Char's buddies were so important to take down. "Who cares if one of those NPD pilots bites the dust? Wait a minute... Could that be the event condition?" He knew this was based on the G Generation games and that Alpha Team had an established mission, but could Beta Team change the battle with one death? "Either them or Quattro needs to die for this fight to truly progress!" Kyle was now reinvigorated, knowing (or at least thinking he knew) how to turn the tide in the colony battle. "Who do I fight? Where do I Attack? What weapon would work the best? Obviously I'd rather not use my damaged rifle, but what if-" "FIGHT DUMMY! FIGHT DUMMY!" His companion Haro brought him out of his rambling train of thought. "Thanks, little buddy." The diver responded. "Wait. Did you call me dummy?!" The sphere spun around and flapped its "ears". "Apolly! Roberto!" It responded. "Look down!" The Lockon fan had finally managed to catch up with the AEUG forces. In fact, him not paying attention ended up putting him above the action. It'd be the perfect time to snipe, but risking his right arm wouldn't be for the best, especially before the event condition., As he surveyed the battle, he saw that it seemed as if everyone else had beat him to it. The diver with the GM III was no where to be seen while the other in the Zaku looked to be engaging the Red Comet. "All I wanted out of this mission was to fight one of my idols, but all of this chaos..." He thought to himself. The diver surprisingly holstered his pistols, bringing out the Sazabi's heat axe instead. "I'm a good shot, but this definitely won't miss!" Kyle pushed down on the controls and headed directly into the firefight. Thankfully, it looked as if the two Zeon veterans were distracted with one of the MKII's, along with all the other madness surrounding them. "Someone's dying earlier than expected!" He yelled as the sliced toward one of the AEUG machine's head. "Sorry Apolly! Or maybe Roberto?!" (It was Roberto.)
  12. "Beta Two! Beta Three! I want you to disengage that maniac and the Red Comet! We are ganging up on the black Rick Diases! Hurry! We haven't much time..." “I’m a little busy right now…” Thought Kyle as the maniac proceeded to mock him. “Knockoff?! I’m even better than Lockon!” He brought up his own shield in an attempt to deflect the blasts back at the Astray. After all, the Sazabi’s shield was covered in Beam-Resistant coating. “Not this time, budd-“ The first shot scraped across his left arm as it went under the shield, causing some exterior damage. “Damage! Damage!” Haro yelled out! Kyle rolled his eyes, wondering how useful the robot could really be in battle. “Yes I know!” Thankfully, he managed to deflect the next blast back to his enemy, but the same couldn’t be said for the third. Not only did the final blast cause some harm to the shield, knocking Kyle back, but it deflected towards colony’s ground. “Uh oh…” An explosion erupted near the base as a massive hole opened inside, sucking everything it could into the depths of space. Kyle pulled back on the thrusters away from it as many vehicles and people were sucked out of the colony. “DAMMIT!” He said as the controls got tighter. The gaping hole was finally out of range as the Trinames slammed into some nearby trees. He instinctively held his head, even though no physical damage could be done to the diver. Turning on the main camera again, he couldn’t see his opponent anywhere in range. “Hopefully it got sucked out.” Suddenly, the spherical toy bounced up. “Kyle! Kyle!” Haro chirped. “Apolly, Roberto!” Kyle glanced up to see the Rick Dias’ in combat. “I don’t know why they’re so important, but fighting them will be a nice change of pace.” Kyle opened the comm line. “This is Beta Two. Engaging the enemy!” He yelled out as he blasted upward towards them.
  13. The entire battlefield was littered with drastically different Gunpla and CPUs fighting all over the Trinames. Madness seemed to unfold around the Lockon fanatic, but his eyes were set on taking out the crazed enemy pilot’s mobile suit. Unfortunately, he wasn’t giving up on his crusade for victory. While his Beam Gun did manage to damage his shoulder, the enemy Gunpla kept going on, swinging directly at the Trinames’. Kyle pushes hard on the controls, turning left from the slash, but his barrel stuck out ahead of him. He grunted as the large GN Sword took a chunk out of the built-in rifle. “Shit!” He thought. "If I fire that now, my whole arm would be damaged!” There wasn’t much time to worry though, as the other machine was pulling back. “You don’t get to damage my creation and get away with it!” He yelled. Pulling out the other GN Pistol, he fired it point blank at the exposed shoulder. Haro had different plans after this, pulling back to get distance between the enemy after the pistol shot. The toy attempted to move the Trinames away from the close combat as Kyle confronted the robot “Damn it Haro! give me back the controls!” While he wanted to do something similar, the sudden fallback made his return fire with both blasters a little wonky. “Acknowledged!” It chirped as the damaged Trinames was returned to the diver.
  14. "Forget the roleplayer! This guy's crazy!" Kyle's beam was just stopped by what looked to be a mix between the Astray and an Age Gundam. Not that it mattered, since the lunatic piloting it seemed to be out for virtual blood. "Why'd I have to end up with these type of people?" He thought to himself. Kyle liked to have fun in the game, but he knew that interesting people would always try to ruin that for him. "Haro!" He blared out. "Looks like we got oursel- HARO!" Kyle looked at the Char inspired toy, only to see it stare intently at a certain mobile suit. "MK II! MK II!" The toy chirped. The diver turned to see the unmanned MK-II was lying down, waiting for some boy with a girl's name to steal it. Kyle had heard radio chatter about Kamille. Both teams seemed to be intently watching over the boy. "Too bad he won't have a mobile suit to go to." Kyle used the Trinames left arm and pulled one of his GN Pistols out, firing at the cockpit of the black machine twice. "That thing was more trouble than it was worth." He thought as smoke came out of the machine's torso. "I got bigger problems right now." Kyle took the pistol and pointed both it and the Smart Beam Gun directly at the primary colored Gunpla. Without the distraction, Haro instinctively pulled the Trinames back in order to get more distance between the two. He could only aim the Beam Gun, since the pistol wasn't made for long range, but he fired both at the Astral Age, hoping to do some sort of damage as the other's fought among themselves.
  15. “Looks like this campaign will be more interesting than I thought.” Zeta Gundam was one of Kyle’s favorite series, knowing it like the back of his hand. He’d played missions based around it, but this campaign seemed to have more polish to it, as if it was more realistic. The cutscene for one thing, was way more extravagant and like the show than any other one he’d seen. “Thank God for the beta invitation.” He said. “We might be the first people to try this out.” As his team moved out of the hangar, he heard the GM III pilot, Aida, speak through the comms. "Beta Team, this is One. We’ll use provisional numerical callsigns for this assignment, according to your number in the team roster..." The NPD on the team interrupted, saying "Four, order acknowledged." “Oh boy…” Kyle thought. “He's one of THOSE players.” Kyle ran into the super serious Divers on many occasions. Most would act that way wanting to pretend it wasn’t a game, which is something he didn’t much care for. “It’s just a game. We’ll just take out the other players and… Wait.” Kyle pulled up the table filled with the player’s name and Gunpla. “This is going to be tough.” Three Gundams and a Woundwart opposed them, while the lone Gundam pilot had a GM, a Zaku, and a CPU Galbaldy on his side. “I hope those kits pack a punch.” Even though Kyle was the only Diver with a Gundam on the team, they still had two MK II’s, each piloted by somewhat competent pilots, and a Hizack. They were firing up at the Rick Dias, but Kyle knew they weren’t in range for them. The Trinames, on the other hand… “This is two. Targeting enemy Rick Dias.” The Trinames’ visor lowered as Kyle aimed directly at the red Rick Dias. “Sorry Quattro. I gotta take you out now. You’re quite beneficial to the AEUG’s victory and I’d rather not lose.” He hoped that the MK II’s could take out Apolly and Roberto while the other Divers duked it out, but another thought popped into his head. “Where’s Kamille in all of this?” The timeline had obviously changed to benefit the Titans, but if Kamille showed up, not only would Alpha team have another fighter, but the campaign would be affected negatively for Beta Team. Kyle glanced around to see the other unmanned MK II. He couldn’t spend all of his time looking for when Kamille would jump into it, but luckily, he had a friend who could. “Haro! Take control while I fire incase someone tries to attack!” Kyle shouted to the little robot. “and keep an eye on the third MK II! Tell me if it moves.” The red Haro spun around. “Roger! Roger!” Kyle kept his eyes on the NPD’s, opting to fire at one of Quattro’s pals instead. “Easier target…” The Smart Beam Gun pointed directly at the Rick Dias’ to the right of the AEUG Lieutenant. “Time to engage. NERAI UTSU ZE!” A pink beam emerged from the built-in beam rifle as it sped towards the target.
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