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  1. The Astray's weapon stabbed directly into the belly of the unit, taking yet another of the mass produced Gundams out of the fight. Meanwhile, the shield lodged itself deep into the neck of another Ground Type, almost knocking the mobile suit of its back. It was too late for the two to help out their NPD colleague, but they weren't programmed to quit the fight, deciding to strangely fire at the legs of the Seed Gunpla. However, the NPD's were programmed not to fire at another living target. The Unicorn custom had put the two suits in quite the predicament as their friend was used as a shield. "Oh, they're screwed now." Wade stated, slowing moving away from his cover. The little SD tiptoed across the snowbank to get behind the enemies, hoping to take them out quick. "I got a little present for you." The SD's grenade pins flew up in the air, tossing both near the feet of the units. It was too late for the mobile suits to react as the explosion utterly decimated the two. "Uh oh!" Wade yelled. " I hope Icarus' mobile suit shield took the blast for him." Far from the ongoing battle, a lone Gundam Ground Type laid deep in the white snow. The mobile suit was riddled with slash marks and bullet holes. Surprisingly, the damage done was extremely precise, almost too precise for a mobile suit...
  2. The DaeDAL's beams gave the ground type no chance to recover as they pierced many parts of the torso section. The mobile suit crashed to the floor, causing its head to snap completely off. It rolled gently across the snow, tapping the closest ground type's foot. "They are now!" Wade yelled as he pulled back on the controls. The three remaining enemy machines fired a barrage of everything they had, from their machine guns to their multi grenade launchers. Icarus had his own shield, but Wade wasn't so lucky. The Diver bolted to get behind the raised base. It wouldn't give him to much cover, but the small Gunpla could mount its LMG easily on top. "Take this!" The LMG moved from left to right as Wade barely aimed at a specific target, knowing that he could at least distract the enemies from beating down on the ReZEL custom. Meanwhile, the Astray had taken two of his ground types out of the battle, but the remaining Gunpla near him was no rookie. Opting to forget its long range weaponry, the machine pulled out both of its beam sabers and ignited them. Taking advantage of its friend's demise, the mobile suit slashed down with both sabers toward the Seed custom. Thankfully, his backup arrived as two more ground types waltzed across the snow.
  3. "I probably should, but I don't want to be-" Wade turned around to see that Icarus was already bolting to the exit. "alone..." The diver picked up one of the nearby papers, attempting to read through the bloodstained text, but he could only make out two words. "PSYCHO EXAM?" Before he could read more, the entire base began violently shaking, knocking Wade on his back. "Welp, time for me to go!" The diver pushed himself up as the walls began to crack, sending small rubble and dust on top of Wade. He didn't want to stick around, not knowing what would happen to his avatar being crushed under concrete, but the tunnel caving in was catching up to him. Thankfully, his fellow diver hadn't left yet, still standing in the elevator. "WAIT!!!" Wade dove right into the back elevator wall, stumbling to the floor. "Man, that was close." He thought, noticing the elevator was going back to the snowy surface. Originally, the diver assumed their was a battle happening near the base with Aker, but he was proven wrong once the elevator door opened up. Wade ran out to find that the weather had cleared, but enemies had arrived. The Ground Type mobile suits had spread out, with only four being in Wade and Icarus' direct vicinity. "Let's take out these guys first." Wade yelled while he got into the tiny Gunpla. "Hopefully they haven't gotten Aker yet!"
  4. Wade was thankful only one of his comrades joined him. The elevator was extremely crammed, barely giving the Diver's any room. The ride itself was surprisingly short though, opening up to a dimly lit hallway. Copious amounts of papers and electronics littered the walkway, with some either ripped up or in pieces. "It's clearly abandoned, but they sure left in a hurry." Wade uttered while walking with the other Diver. Part of it did scare him as he started to see syringes sprawled around beds in rooms connected to the main hall. "Is this like a Cyber Newtype facility or something?" Wade enjoyed these types of story driven missions, especially the ones that weren't spelled out for him. Two large doors stood in front of the teammates. At first, Wade didn't even want to open them. "Aw! It's terrible! I can smell that from here!" He was admittedly impressed by how well GBN mimicked senses, but was horrified to see what was causing it. Inside was a gigantic area with one large cage, riddled with the bodies of Federation soldiers and labcoats. "Well, that answers what the smell was. But... these look recent..." He uttered, noticing the wounds many of the dead had received. "They're massive. Looks like a mobile suit tore through them." Wade knew the cage didn't work. It, along with a large part of the wall, were completely torn through. Whatever it was, it was long gone... - The blizzard had finally begun to die down for the lone Astray. However, he wouldn't be alone for long. Ten Gundam Ground Types, made for special operations, had managed to surround the three Fleurs Gunpla, with only one pilot at the scene. With machine guns readied, Wade and Icarus were sure to feel the rumbles of the battle.
  5. "If I was piloting a Gouf, I might." The SD trudged over a nasty patch of ice as its pilot responded to Icarus. It was getting to the point where the mission was becoming tiresome. There were no enemies to fight and they could barely see a thing. This is until Wade took a closer look at what he thought was more ice. "It's steel!" The Diver made the tiny Gunpla go down on its knees to wipe around the metal. "I almost stepped on it. That could've been bad!" Eventually, the little base was uncovered, a cube shaped building that was no where near the size of a mobile suit. Wade got out his machine, thankful GBN didn't have mechanisms in place to make him freeze to death. The snow level was high enough to annoy him as he stepped closer to the base, but not enough for Wade to be stuck. The Diver, after almost falling a few times, grasped the only opening to the building. Pulling as much as he could against the snow blocking it, all that was inside was a small elevator. "Ok, that's gotta lead us somewhere." He waved to the other mobile suits in his group. "Come on guys! I think this is it!" The blizzard was beginning to lighten up, I thought popped into his head. "Actually..." The leader of the group uttered. "One of us should keep guard while we go inside. You never know what could happen." The Diver knew he had to be a strategist, since it was likely that there would be opposition on their journey to the experiment.
  6. Wade had fallen to the ground of his cockpit, still seeing a flurry of white on each of his screens. The Diver had done missions, but nothing like this. The blast of chilly wind engulfed his little SD as more snow began to pile on top of the Gunpla. “I’d rather not get buried…” Wade thought, getting up the grasp the controls. The brown machine pushed itself forward with its hands, struggling to stay balanced while taking a barrage of bad weather. “Aker, Icarus!” He yelled out through his comms, wiping ice off the large eye section of the mobile suit. He'd lost the white ReZEL, but the Diver could very faintly still see Astray. That is until the blizzard quickly gave him no sense of direction, losing the unit in the process. At this level, he could see hills of snowbanks all around him. “There’s gotta be some sort of base or mobile suit around here.” The Diver stated to the others while pulling his LMG out of the snow. Thankfully, the Diver's communications still worked, no matter what climate it was. “Do either of you have any recon or like, tracking devices or something?” Pulling up his menu, Wade put a generic compass on his left screen, minimizing it. The small model kit started walking in a direction that felt the least troublesome, an incline that led south. “I'm walking south, but who knows if that'll lead me to the mission." The Gunpla started shivering, holding its tiny arms together. "I’m up for any ideas honestly…” Wade wondered if this was a huge mistake after all.
  7. The missiles did their job as smoke erupted around Rusty's unit, SD Gundam looking in awe. "Direct hit!" The tiny Gunpla pulled out its only remaining unit, a silver knife, and switched the grip to point the knife downward. "If you're still gonna fight, then I guess I'll have to pry open the cockpit door!" Wade blasted ahead into the smoke cloud, but the next two moments looked like a blur to him. When he looked ahead, Aker's Astray had appeared to slice off the Strike's arm, pretty much ending the SD's battle. Wade slowly floated to the strike and pointed his own blade at the machine, opting to follow Aker in keeping the NPD's alive. "Maybe we'll get a bonus or something..." The diver thought as the SD stared intently at the defeated enemy, watching for sudden movements. "I'm alright!" Wade finally responded to the Astray's pilot. "Looks like we were able to do some damage here. Thanks for the help!" Inside, Wade was thankful that the others could pick up his slack. The Gunpla also made a thumbs up to what looked like the remains of the ReZEL custom. "Nice job with the Freedom!"
  8. "Haha! It worked!" Wade made the SD pull out the LMG to continue firing on whatever was left of the Strike. However, only the Coordinator's weapon had been destroyed, causing Rusty to move forward at a rapid pace. "What's he doing?" Wade thought as he tried to keep his distance, blindly firing on the Full Armor unit. Without the feet, the small Gunpla had lost some of its thrusters, creating a bigger problem as the speedy mobile suit began to catch up. "Wait a minute... He's got a grenade too!" The SD's eyes widened, Wade realizing the pilot was looking for payback. "But where- there they are!" The explosives were kept on each shoulder of the machine. giving the Strike much more of an arsenal than he'd thought. "I'll just take those out then!" Suddenly, the bullets halted as clicking noises started to produce from the trigger. "AW! COME ON!" The Diver tossed the weapon aside, opting to fire the remaining two missiles at each shoulder. He wondered if it would cause a chain reaction, or even hit, with how well he could aim flying backwards.
  9. The SD fumbled its way though space, trying to dodge each of railgun blasts. The ginger’s plan had worked, clearly seen by the look on both the SD and Wade’s faces. “Oh please don’t hit!” The shocked Diver yelled out while jerking the controls back and forth. Each move was met with a volley of machine gun beams, but even the optimistic player knew he wouldn’t last. “Think. Think. Think!” Wade flew above a shot, legs wobbling in the process. “My grenade can do some damage to Phase Shift, but I can’t throw it far enough.” The diver looked down at the feet of the Gunpla, just barely hanging on. “Unless...” The stubby arms almost didn’t reach, but eventually, he grabbed ahold of the right foot. The ball joint popped right off while the SD attached the LMG to the hip. “This is REALLY strange, but it could work.” Pulling off the clip of one grenade, Wade chucked the explosive as far as he could. It got close to the Strike, but the speed in zero gravity wouldn’t be enough. “Now we throw-oh!” The railgun got extremely close, decimating the other leg as he threw the foot. Smacking the grenade, Wade assumed the fast weapon could make it in time before the timer was up, but wasn’t TOO sure...
  10. "Huh. I guess I should try that!" The two floated in the middle of the battlefield, but no battle was currently being held... ... The GM Rush blasted forward as it stabbed the last blue Zeon unit. The mobile suit crashed to the ground, creating dust all around him. "And time!" Ryu yelled out as the GM ignited its thrusters, now no longer flawed thanks to his new friend. Being brought back to the main lobby, the diver checked the score of the mission. RYU ZERO GM RUSH 58.6 seconds Ryu didn't jump for joy or freak out. He simply smiled, knowing that he got that score with the help of Carter. FIN
  11. Wade definitely wasn't expecting to be fighting these mobile suits, but he was still intrigued by the choices. "It's like a weird What-If story!" He exclaimed as he attempted to stay away from the Freedom's weaponry. "We're just getting started, you blue meanie!" He started to point the LMG at the legendary unit, but stopped after hearing his comrade. "Alright then. Leave the Strike to me!" The SD give a thumbs up and winked as Wade skirted away from the others, watching the three enemies in case there was more trouble. "He's right." Wade thought about what Icarus had said. "It'll be tough to get some shots in at this range." Whatever he decided on, he'd have to think quickly. It wouldn't be long before the Strike retaliated against the little brown Gunpla. "Oh, I got it!" The Diver pressed a couple buttons on the side panel, causing the SD's scope to be the main camera. "We'll keep him busy." At that moment, two of the four rockets blasted out of the launcher, heading straight for the Full Armor Strike. "Steady... Steady... NOW!" Once the missiles were close enough, Wade pulled up the LMG, firing a barrage of beams, hoping many could connect.
  12. (Collab with Replicator) "So much for pacifism, Quatre." "Lockon" thought as he stared down the barrel of the handgun. Once again, Kyle had accidentally gotten the team in quite a bit of trouble, this time because his uncanny resemblance to the CB pilot. There wouldn't be much he could do physically and Charo was left on the broken Trinames. Kyle slowly raised his hands as he began to speak. "They'll be no need to resort to violence." Kyle spoke calmly. "Whatever is going on here, we're all here to help you." Quatre took a step forward to the Diver. "Explain what happened!" As the four Maganac squad leaders held the Gunpla hostage, the remaining Maganac pilots opened their hatches and came out with cheap, but definitely deadly assault rifles. "We might be the expendable first wave, but even we would've been notified of such a drastic change of plans. We've only just arrived, but you're already here, even though you told us this was our phase! And with that machine..." Quatre calmly admired the Trinames, before going on to make his point. "Flight without propulsion... if that's not Celestial Being's secret technology, I don't know what is! I'm tired of being sent everywhere without explanations! Why can't you trust us?" Kyle pondered this revelation. "Sounds like they're working together." He thought as Quatre asked him questions. The Diver understood why someone like Quatre would be angry, but he had to keep playing his part. "I apologize for that. The plan must've got scrambled as the fight went on, but we did take out plenty of their fighters." Kyle also looked at his beaten machine. "As for my mobile suit, even I can't explain how it really moves!" This was the truth, the Diver didn't fully understand the workings of the game. "Celestial Being loves their secrets, I'm sorry." Kyle waved his hand at the Challengers of Diamond. "But me and my colleagues trust you. We just wanted to help." Quatre was not entirely convinced. "What about all of your high-and-mighty speeches over the infallibility of Aeolia Schenberg's plan? And I don't believe for a second you don't know what's going on with your Mobile Suit! There it is, right there! This is what I've hated of working with you ever since we took off from Barton's omnicidal plan! You say this and do that! You keep leaving us in the dark!" The team could see the pilots cocking their guns, likely in response to Quatre's worsening mood. Kyle watched as the others responded with readying weapons to Quatre's statements. "Please." Kyle uttered. "We're here to save this world, just like you are. Celestial Being is a flawed organization and if you're working together, this group should've kept you up to speed on events. All I and the rest of the team wanted to do is make sure no lives on our side were lost. I know you're a good person who believes in pacifism first. There doesn't need to be anymore bloodshed." Kyle held out his right hand to the blonde haired pilot. "Please work with us and I do what I can to personally fix this mistake Celestial Being has made." "Neither me nor Wufei were ever in danger..." Finally, Quatre sighed, and lowered his weapon. However, he did not signal for the Maganac Corps to do the same just yet. "Would you please stop talking like some sort of politician, Gundam Meister? In the end, you're just a pilot, like us. I find it hard for you to change anything at all. And that way of talking... it makes it all sound like even more of a lie." Kyle was hurt by the statement. A good chunk of GBN was the fights, but the interactions and friendships he'd built with people meant more to him. The Diver had noticed how much the campaign affected him and why he'd even try to reason with an NPD to begin with, but he wouldn't give up. "Like it or not, you, me, and everyone else here is more than just a pilot. With that mentality, I do believe none of us could make a change, but that's not how I roll!" Kyle lowered his hand. "I've seen firsthand how the decisions I've made have had consequences..." He said while thinking of blowing a hole in the MKII. "But I keep going because I know its the right thing to do, just like you. Every single thing I've said here is the truth." He looked at the Maganac Corps. "And I'll stand by that even if I have to die." At that moment, Quatre lifted his hand, and then took it down. His men lowered their weapons, and their Mobile Suits turned off their beam sabers. "It really is you, isn't it Lockon? Why are you here?" Kyle was relieved by the de-escalation. “Well, things didn’t end up going our way and we ended up taking out some OZ units. It’s just me and my crew now, but we’re here to help with the next plan of attack.” Kyle thought about what he’d said. “We need to know more about this world. The alliances made here have been quite interesting, and we won't last long by ourselves. Quatre's group is all we've got right now...”
  13. Ryu was shocked by the other Diver's actions. "Oh. I'm honestly shocked you didn't go for the kill." He stated as the GM was held in the Zaku's arms. "Honestly, I've been having issues with the thrusters on my unit." He looked around as the warnings kept blaring. "I think it has something to do with the build quality." Ryu thought about the other speedrunner, realizing that he'd have good advice. "I'd say you've won this battle, but could you actually give me some tips on fixing that?"
  14. Wade was the last of the newly formed group to leave the main lobby, ending up in the cockpit of the smaller Gunpla. "Alright! Let's take whoever these Knights are down. Command Gundam FSD! Let's do this!" The diver grasped the controls as he appeared on the space map their mission would be taking place. The brown SD blinked as it glanced over to the two other machines. "Better to stick together. You never know what could be out there." He thought while pushing the controls forward. The FSD's feet wobbled a bit, Wade noticing the craftsmanship of the Gunpla. "Sometimes the little ones can be the toughest to make perfect..." The model jetted closer and closer to the regular sized Gunpla, holding its LMG tightly. "I'll really have to prove myself here." Wade checked the maneuverability of the weapons, bringing his missile launcher up and down. "Can't stay behind while they fight." The unknown enemies were currently nowhere to be seen as the three flew in one direction. "So..." Wade exclaimed through the comms. "What's the plan?"
  15. “Ha! This the best you’ve got?!” Ryu yelled as he began to match the patterns, but flaws started to arise, calling for drastic measures. “That’s it! It’s time for this charade to end.” The red GM tossed aside its shield as Ryu fires every thruster on the unit. The Federation Gunpla blasted in the general direction of the enemy Zaku, pulling out both of its beam sabers. ”Come on Carter! I’ll-“ BOOM! The right side of his monitor began to blare red. “What?” The GM’s right leg had blown off at the knee, sending it flying behind him. At that moment, the left arm completely shattered under the intense pressure. “Oh please no.” By the time he had made it too the blue mobile suit, his Gunpla was only a head and torso, now slowly floating towards the Zaku. “Aw man...”
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