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  1. I recently re-watched Stardust Memory again, and I really love the way things look! Not just mobile suits, (Although Hajime Katoki designed some beautiful creations. There's a reason he's so well known today.) but the backgrounds and the world around the mobile suits. Many of the animation directors and background artists later worked on Cowboy Bebop, and I can see the similarities. 0083 is easily my favorite in terms of cel animation.
  2. For Ryder, the worst thing about a battle wasn't the threat of death. It was reloading, which kept him for being a part of the battle. His sniper beam rifle is a powerful weapon, but each cartridge could only hold one shot. Over the years, Ryder tried to get better at reloading, but it was still a process that could take a while. A lot had happened since he reloaded the rifle. Grim had managed to destroy one of the Gaza-C's, the mercenaries had managed to join the battle, and Nick had managed to almost get himself killed. "Ensign!" He yelled out. "Get back to the hangar! We can take care of this!" His teammate had said something about technical trouble, but it wasn't worth it for him to be a sitting duck for the last two Zeon mobile suits. Hiro was chasing after one trying to flee, while Grim and the other mercenaries went after the other. The bipod on the beam rifle swiveled open, resting on the Firefly. "You're not going back to the Zeeks..." He thought as he aimed toward the fleeing MS. It was farther than the last one he incapacitated, but it was staying on a direct course. Ryder simply had to accurately measure the correct angle, and the thing was toast. "Come on..." He whispered to himself. "Steady. Steady. NOW!" The beam glided to the pink Zeek, hitting it diagonally through the side. The Gaza-C produced a shockwave as it exploded. Thankfully, Hiro wouldn't have been close enough to do damage. "Phew. It's up to the others to take care of that last one."
  3. "Not a problem, Artemis!" Amber yelled out. She kept firing at the Gelgoog, but her shots were too far away to even hit. "Come on, get closer!" She shouted. In reality, Amber was somewhat scared to fight the mobile suit. She had no experience. "Dammit!" She thought. The pilot had no choice. Amber pushed forward on the controls. Leaving less and less room between the two suits. The Gelgoog hadn't stopped firing either, sending the barrage of energy at the orange machine. She brought up her shield in an attempt to block, but to no avail. The Dra-C was taking damage in vital areas quickly. "Not like this!" She said as her gatling gun's ammo depleted. "What?! Was it not fully filled?" The machine threw the heavy weapon at the suit, pulling out her beam saber. She swung to the right, but it left more vital parts exposed. She was wide open.
  4. Four Gaza-C's jetted toward them, firing at the hull of the ship. "Shit!" Ryder yelled out as a beam slid across the Firefly. He had positioned his Nemo on top of the hull, laying the AEUG suit down. "Captain!" He said through the comms. "I've got four Gaza-C's in their mobile armor mode!" Ryder had never fought one of the Neo Zeon suits outside of simulations, especially not their transformed mode. He grunted as he positioned the rifle at the one on the right side of the group. "Once I hit one of them, they'll all scatter. You'll have to be quick to fire back at them!" Ryder looked through the scope of the rifle, attempting to aim the reticle right down the middle of the enemy machine's eye. Luckily, this could completely destroy the suit, since its cockpit was positioned behind it. Numbers flashed all across his screen. Distance, movement, and speed were all big parts of a sniper, but Ryder's trained years for this. The pilot aimed, exhaled, and fired. The large beam sped toward one of the Gaza-C's, missing the eye, but hitting its beam gun almost directly. The Mobile Suit ignited, going out in a blaze of fire. "Damn, that was a little too far up. I can do better." He thought. As expected, the other three scattered, making it much harder for him to hit another. The magazine fell out, with Ryder trying to reload as fast as possible. "It'll take a while for me to reload!" He yelled. "You need to..." Suddenly, the three Zeeks began firing all at once as they flew closer to the vessel! "Dammit! Ensign! Hiro! Where are you?!"
  5. Lol they're only 3 to five thousand dollars. For a watch haha.
  6. Both! There's a main story mode where all the characters meet, but you can also do random missions. (There's also a historical mode where the missions are based on scenes from the anime.)
  7. Honestly, they're not hard games to master. All of them follow the same rules and the same controls, so you won't have to know Japanese. (Although the newer ones are also in English.) They're on almost every platform actually, so I'm sure you'll find one. Dynasty Warriors Gundam is great too! It's a hack and slash fighting game with hundreds of enemies, but it's great. The 3rd one is really cheap nowadays.
  8. Ryder listened to the intercom, sighing in the process. "Looks like my workout isn't over yet." He scoffed. He looked around to find a pilot suit, noticing one of many hanged up on a nearby rack. It was a standard orange normal suit for the AEUG, but Ryder didn't mind. "I'm sure I'll get my own custom uniform later." He thought. Putting on the normal suit was a challenge to him. His hands still felt raw and every touch stung, but the pilot eventually got it on. "Snug fit." He floated back to his seat, looking to see his superior getting in the white GM II, confirming to Ryder that was his and not Hiro's. He quickly used the controls and buttons to get ready for the battle, making sure the Nemo was in combat mode, not training mode. The AEUG mobile suit started, with Ryder making it reach for the beam sniper. "Can't forget these." He said as it grabbed several magazines for the weapon, clipping them to its waist. The Nemo also took a spare regular beam rifle, knowing that they had extras. The decked-out mobile suit waited for one of the doors to open, but nothing seemed to occur. It had to wait for the others to sortie before opening, letting the air out. "I hope they can make it in time..."
  9. Totally agree. My first kit looks like trash lol
  10. It was never actually canceled, but due to low ratings, they changed it so that it'd finish earlier, so they'd have a proper ending.
  11. "Damn, this kid's got guts." He thought as he finished his drink. Ryder expected a little less from the Ensign, but what he got was perfect. Nick had the guts, but would he have them in a real battle? He turned his head toward Nick "Hmph. You know something, Ensign?" Ryder asked. "No Zeek has or ever will even get close to me, so I guess I don't really have a need for you, do I?" Ryder got out of his seat. "I do wish I knew what you're like in battle. The only thing it seems you're good at is being a smart mouth toward your superior. I hope your trash talk is as good as your piloting skills, Lavie." Ryder floated to the door. "I'll be taking my leave now, Hiro. I'd like to see our mobile suits." Ryder felt weightless as he headed toward the large hangar, noticing the Trainer Nemo's and the GM II's, one of which was almost completely white. "That's gotta be Grim's or Hiro's." He thought. Thankfully, in the corner of his eye, he saw his sniper-type beam rifle being held to the ground with straps, along with some other basic beam rifles. "Good." Ryder used his legs to push himself toward one of the Nemo's. The mechanic of the ship was working on another mobile suit as they saw Ryder opening the cockpit. "Hey! I'm working on these right now." They yelled out. Ryder thought they would be in their bunk by now. Ryder briefly glanced at them. "Don't care." He floated inside the cockpit. It was an upgrade to his old GM Sniper II, but not by much. It had various training logos and instructions around the controls. "Baby's first mobile suit..." He thought. Ryder pushed one of the red buttons to his right, closing the cockpit. He watched as the entire cockpit's screen turned on. He loved the vision he had in the suit. "Alright. Time for simulation one of many..." Ryder proceeded to use the AEUG's simulation program for what seemed like hours on end for him, fighting many GM Cannon II's, other Trainer Nemo's and Gaza-C's in the process. Each time, he seemed to get a little better, but it was physically starting to take a toll on him. His hands started to bleed after becoming raw from holding the joysticks. His last challenge was defeating a Gaza-C holding G-3 gas with only a clay bazooka, barely succeeding. By the end of it, Ryder shut down the suit. He was tired but felt like it was good practice.
  12. More so in the fact that so few people have actually watched it. The other series that came out around its time (G and Wing) are so much more popular. It's unfortunate, I think more people should give X a watch.
  13. I just recently bought Super Robot Wars OG The Moon Dwellers and I've enjoyed it. Only their original characters are in it.
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