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  1. Thankfully, the Purple Frame's pilot was able to help out the Orb pilot with drones. At first, Geneva was confused by the repurposed machines, but was soon to understand her savior. "T-thank you?" She called out to the drones, but even they weren't enough. More missiles began to head toward the Blue Frame, with Geneva using her vulcans, only for her superior to come assist. "Sir?" Now two of her teammates had stopped to help, sending an array of emotions. "Why didn't I bring another weapon? Why didn't I check the heating levels of them? Why am I such a mess?!" At this point, there was lit
  2. “Tchh. Guess you’re not the killer I thought you’d be.” Graham scoffed at the Exia’s defensive position as the Union Flag got closer toward it. After watching the mobile suit take out the Enact at the demonstration so easily, he hoped its pilot would’ve been dumb enough to attack the Union’s greatest ace first. However, as the Union Flag was about to bank right, another flying machine raced past him and his comrades. “Heh! Thanks!” Graham chuckled as the Kyrios transformed in the air to fire on his squad. “I’ll do you one better!” At the breakneck speed a human should handle, Graham’
  3. The bullets kept pelting more of the missiles, but it wasn't long before Geneva was given another order. Their green mobile suit was taking some fire from the enemy choppers and needed to be stopped quickly. "Yessir! On it!" She yelled out as the Blue Frame left its location. Whatever was happening in this battle, it sounded much worse to the mobile suit pilot than she had first thought. Explosions and gunfire riddled the island and their mothership, causing Geneva to gasp as she watched the Archangel get hit. "Gotta focus. Follow your orders." She told herself while the sounds of warfar
  4. Geneva watched as the Gold Frame blasted away from the Archangel, with her Blue Frame being second in line. "Alright. Time to do this." The mobile suit gently placed its feet on the launching pad, bending down in the process. "Don't screw it up, don't screw it up..." However, the Blue Frame didn't move an inch from its spot. "Oh! Geneva Halston. Blue Frame launching!" Finally getting their approval, the Archangel crew sent the machine flying out into the jungle. The mobile suit jittered as it headed toward the beachfront. Geneva's stomach began to churn, the feet of the machine eventually plan
  5. (Thanks Grayson for the edit!) “Gundam. Our very first battle will begin soon.” Graham Aker glided through the air along with his new wingmates, Daryl and Howard. He gripped his controls tightly as he thought about the failure at Ceylon. “I’d like to see you try to get away this time, Gray Menace!” The three identical Union Flags flew far from the pack as several battleships and MS carriers entered the water space of Taribia. A majority of Union machines, Realdos. held the airspace of many Taribian cities. As they flew through the clouds, orange Realdos owned by the South American Nation
  6. "Again." "AGAIN. COME ON GENEVA!" Time and time again, the Blue Frame kept taking a beating from its AI opponent. With her small range of weaponry, the pilot wondered how she'd even be able to take down a squad of GINN's, let alone the red machine Nathaniel fought. "I don't get it..." She wondered, the Blue Frame beginning to power down. "This is a top of the line mobile suit. I took down two GINN's in reality. Why can't I take anything down in this?" Geneva rested her head on her hand as the cockpit door swiveled open. She felt horribly defeated, only to notice in array of weapons n
  7. Whatever was going on out there, the Fleurs Leader couldn't see. He would've liked to help Aker defeat the Venom enraged Tallgeese or perhaps even find a way to save Icarus' mobile suit, but all Wade could do was sit patiently while the team was crowned winners or losers. "Man... I shouldn't have released the Flash so soon!" He felt there had to have been some way to escape those creatures, but even the power of an RG Nu didn't have enough to help him. "Maybe I should go back to the drawing board." The Diver wondered, tapping his fingers on the control panel in front of him. The Nu Origin
  8. Geneva was quickly getting used to her new abode. stacking little knick-knacks up on the table near her bed. It was mostly quiet inside the room, giving her some time away from any of the crewmembers, but she still felt that something was off. "I wish I knew who was even gonna be fighting with me..." At first, the pilot thought that could possibly be better for her. After all, if she didn't put much effort into knowing them, it wouldn't hurt as much if they died due to her mistakes. She shook her head at the morbid thought. These would be her comrades, people who she could rely on in life
  9. Wade slowly walked along the path created by his wrath as rock chunks continued to break off the ceiling. His power was much lower than he had liked, with the Nu not being built to handle that type of finishing attack. "Ok... let's see how long you can keep going, little buddy. You RG's are a pain to work on!" At that moment, he looked ahead to see something come towards him at an alarming pace. "That's weird. No warning blares. Wait..." Upon further inspection, it was quite clear that the new enemy was in fact, his friend's Tallgeese. "Icarus?" While it wasn't the right colors, it was de
  10. EPISODE 4: It should’ve been a celebratory time for Celestial Being. The Real IRA was ceasing hostilities after hundreds of years. However, once the HRL gave their conference, people’s opinions of the new organization started to lower. 164 people were killed in the Ceylon attack, with the government comparing them to the same terrorists they’ve fought against. On the bridge of the Ptolemaios, the crewmembers discussed their next plan. Feldt Grace only watched with no input. When little had come to fruition, the forecaster summoned her best weapon for advice, Veda. “13 different count
  11. During the course of this RP, I will assume new variations will be created. This will be the home of them and will likely be updated many times. Hellion Pantera One of the earliest models of the AEU Mobile Suit Hellion, this Hellion Initium was used by the Mendoza Cartel's enforcers to establish their hegemony over the Taribian drug trade. It was most likely acquired as surplus as part of an illegal trade between officers of the Taribian military and cartel representatives. While the Mendoza Cartel gave way to rumors that the Pantera's performance even surpassed that of the Hel
  12. Taribia Simultaneously, Virtue hovered over burning coca fields in Taribia, littered with the pieces of orange Hellions whose pilots had painted their machines in flashy ways, but lacked the skills to back up their delusions of grandeur. Virtue fired its GN Cannons over and over again on what was left of an old manor, to no avail. The leader of the Mendoza Cartel laid beneath, well-protected in a bunker which the GN Cannons were having trouble with. After the fifth try, Rai was well through playing around. Flipping the visor down on their helmet, the Meister initiated contact with t
  13. It continued to get worse for the Diver as the Nu Origin was taken deeper into the rock. Even more of the snakes arrived to fire upon the Fleurs leader's machine, causing Wade to make an impulse decision. "I'm sorry guys! I gotta use it now!" Sliding his control screen to the left, he saw a single finishing move light up. "Time for you to smell the flowers!" Wade pressed down on the button, causing a large white light to slam down through the roof of the cavernous area. "Yes! It does work in places like this! The special move made the Nu glow a bright white color as he floated away from t
  14. (Thanks again!) Edmund remained perched on a wall with his arms crossed watching Feldt leave up the elevator. It figured that he would be stuck with the two most awkward people on the team, at least he knew he could work well with Feldt. His mono eye went from the retreating girl to Albus before settling on Rai. He silently wondered if his charade was doing more harm than good, as his fingers traced the chin of the mask. Shaking his head he stood up straight, “so… what’s your take on the rest of the crew?” He gave an indicated nod to Feldt as she disappeared, “I know there was a lot of ap
  15. EPISODE 3: HRL ORBITAL ELEVATOR Passengers boarding Heaven’s Pillar Travel Bureau Number E-273, please proceed to Gate A12. As hundreds of people came and went through the terminal, four sat in the corner of the waiting area on large couches. While a couple people glanced at Edmund, no one paid much attention to the group. Now that Celestial Being was around, a man in a mask was the least important thing on civilian’s mind. Feldt held a single black bag tightly as she sat. The Dynames, along with Haro, had been loaded with colony development materials on their trek back int
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