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  1. FrostyFoster

    Universal Century RP planning

    We could do that. It does give us a lot of different options with factions and stuff like that. Plus, I'm a big fan of Zeta so it'll be cool to use those mobile suits.
  2. FrostyFoster

    Universal Century RP planning

    That'd be fun! There was fighting in the colder climates during the OYW, it just doesn't get shown a lot. This is the only clip that involves winter fighting. An Arctic side story would be great to RP because there wouldn't be much interference from other things that happened during the OYW. I vote for this too.
  3. FrostyFoster

    Universal Century RP planning

    I think we should do side stories during the One Year War. A lot happened during it and I think it would easy for new players to create their own Federation or Zeon squads. Maybe we can do canon changes after the OYW ends if people want to.
  4. FrostyFoster

    Universal Century RP planning

    I am very familiar with UC. I've seen everything from MSG to Unicorn multiple times. I think doing side stories that go along with the main timeline might be easier, but the "What If" stuff where canon events change might be more fun. I'm new to this stuff, so whatever everyone else decides on, I'll be fine with.
  5. FrostyFoster

    Introduce yourself!

    Hello Everyone! I’m Frosty and I’m a newer fan of Gundam. A couple of years ago I saw an old Toonami Wing commercial and I loved it. Ever since, I have watched practically every show, with my favorite being War in the Pocket. This will actually be my first time doing an RP forum. I can’t wait to start!
  6. FrostyFoster

    New Gundam RP timeline

    Created a Profile just for this! I'll go with UC
  7. Welcome to Advent Destiny. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.