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  1. (Post was accidentally deleted, so here is a summary of it.) Slipstream scoffed at the poor Autobot. By this point, the military had arrived, but there was nothing they could do against the combined forces of Ramjet and Sundor, the latter taking down the tanks with a specialized grenade launcher. Explaining the situation to Overcharge and how painful it was going to be, lightning struck the tip of the Space Needle, sending Slipstream off the tower to join her teammates while energy began to seep from any possible life source, sending it into Overcharge and the contraption. A surge of energy blasted upward into the sky, a small black hole pushing the dim gray clouds away as the sounds the thunder and carnage continued. Meanwhile, Hound eventually finds Perceptor, glass broken, paint scuffed, but remaining limbs still attached. The wounded Science Officer tells the Sergeant to take him to Seattle after seeing what was on the Teletraan Mobile. Unfortunately, this meant Hot Shot had to be left behind, if he was even in the rubble. The green HUMMER, along with Perceptor laying on top of it, headed toward the city.
  2. “Come on! Come on! COME ON!!!!” Hound dug into the rubble with his hands, trying to at least create a hole into the hangar. You could barely tell a spaceship had crashed crashed into the mountain 300 years ago, save for a few sharp metal bits poking out. Hound didn’t have a clue what happened or how long he was even offline, but he knew one thing for sure. Whatever caused the explosion wasn’t an accident. Any of the Hope’s old missiles or anything else that could ignite what happened had to make placed in specific areas. “Overcharge and Skids, those bastards!” He slammed his fists hard on the dirt, blasting some onto his chassis. “No wonder they left in a hurry…” Buzzsaw squawked intensely, noticing a few fingers pointing up through the dirt. “Where, Buzzsaw?” Hound’s head turned around to see Perceptor’s hand. “There you are! I gotcha!” Hound ran at a great pace toward it, pulling the arm out of the rubble. “Oh no…” Hound stated as he pulled. At first, he didn’t understand why Perceptor was so light, only to see that the arm wasn’t connected to the Science Officer. … Rainy weather was quite common for the northwestern city, but it seemed especially awful this day as the whole area was covered above by gray clouds and the sounds of thunder. Even then, thunder couldn’t hide the sounds of two jets cruising through the air, carrying SOUNDWAVE’s battery. “There’s the pointy one!” Ramjet communicated, banking right. This jolted the machine around, along with Slipstream. “Be careful, scrapbrain! Just slow down here.” The two transformed, still holding the contraption while they planted their feet onto the Space Needle. This jolted the humans inside, causing many to fall as the building thankfully held up the two Decepticons. “Go play with the humans while I set this up.” She stated to Ramjet with a smirk, knowing him helping would likely make things worse. Howling with laughter, Ramjet jumped off the top of the observation deck to “greet” the city. Tons of humans, along with a certain rally car parked alongside a brick wall, watching as the Decepticon bellowed. “MEATBAGS! IENJOY YOUR LAST NANOCYCLES OF FREEDOM AND LIFE! THE DECEPTICON ARMADA WILL BE JOINING I, RAMJET, AND MY LACKEYS SOON AS WE CONQUER YOUR PLANET!” Slipstream rolled her eyes as many of the humans were more so confused by the white conehead’s words than actual fear. This changed once Ramjet let loose, firing his missiles and machine guns at wherever humans formed a crowd. “Wakey, wakey…” Slipstream held up Overcharge’s head as he turned online, placing the final cable into place. The machine slid over the needle like a glove, but it was far from pretty. Overcharge was still held against it in a T-Shape, arms held to the side while his legs were bound, unable to touch the surface of the deck. “Wake. UP!” She slapped the Autobot with annoyance, speeding up the booting process.
  3. “Hot Shot? Hound? Where are you?” Perceptor scrounged through the corridors of the Hope, attempting to find the remaining members of his team. Not even Buzzsaw seemed to be in the vicinity. “Everyone in this group just wanders off, don’t they.” The science not uttered to no one. “Overcharge better be back soon, or I’ll…” his rant was stopped by a dull beep, followed by another. Knowing this was coming from his work area, Perceptor noticed the beeps get louder as he stepped into the room. The Teletraan Mobile was completely off, but internally, something was brewing. The nanocycle before he pressed the button to boot up the system though, the beeps stopped. “Hm, my databank must be playing tricks on me. It HAS been a long time since I’ve been on Cybertron. Perhaps I require a full scan.” Suddenly, the beeping continued rapidly. Hound stared into the sky, watching Buzzsaw spread his wings against the cool breeze pushing the treetops. He knew the others wouldn’t understand, but Earth’s ecosystem soothed him greatly. “I can’t believe it. I never imagined in a million years or cycles that Earth would… would be my home…” His demeanor saddened, taking his optics off Buzzsaw to stare into the forest. “Cybertron never felt like my real home… Ah! Dammit, why can’t I-“ BooOoOOOooOOoooOoOm!!!!!!! Hound’s back stung as he was blasted into the trees, followed by a rumbling of Mt. Bison. Something in the Hope just exploded. … “Thanks.” Overcharge helped up the orange Cybertronian, two jets heading downward toward them. Skids watched intently, then sighed. “No, I’m not gonna hide.” He stated as the Decepticons came closer. “Kinda done with this.” Without any sort of windup, Skids grasped the Corporal by the neck, slamming his head into one the boulders the cliffside produced. Slipstream and Ramjet transformed midair, floating down to their location. The rally bot knocked Overcharge offline, making sure the Autobot would still be functional. Leaving him on the ground, “Skids” watched the two plant their feet near them. “Really?! You just HAD to fire those missiles THAT close to us? Could’ve stretched this badass paint job I got.” Slipstream scowled while Ramjet put his fist up. “Shut it, drone! The plan went perfectly. We got the power source.” “My name is Sundor, you stupid piece of scrap!” … The base was quiet. No Rumbles, Frenzies, or any sort of drone walked down the hallway Sundor stood in. His back laid against the wall as he folded his arms, processing his entire existence as Slipstream and Ramjet spoke with his master. He replayed what his optics saw for the very first time. One of SOUNDWAVE’s drones, a Laserbeak, was pecking at his cranial unit while he floated in the stasis tube. Sundor learned later that the Autobots reprogrammed that exact same machine into Buzzsaw from his time pretending to be Skids. Ironically, the reprogrammed Decepticon turned Autobot had been the one to make an Autobot into a Decepticon. Skids’ dead spark combined with SOUNDWAVE’s drone technology created new life, but not in the way Sundor controlled himself now. When the Autobots left for Oaklio, Sundor’s only objective was to use the Teletraan Mobile and gain new information. Any Autobot secrets by this point were useless, but SOUNDWAVE wasn’t looking for any of that. The supercomputer only needed more information on one Autobot in their ranks. One it called “The Source”. Unfortunately, Sundor got more than just that. He got a taste of the internet. The lifeless drone formed a personality of his own. Still a loyal one to the Decepticons, but he was no longer just a puppeted corpse. He was Sundor, the most badass Decepticon on all the Earth. All that was left was to fake being a reborn Skids until the time was right. Once he could be alone with “The Source”. The real plan would begin. SUNDOR-1 YOU ARE REQUESTED The booming voice jolted Sundor, door sliding open near him. Glancing the other way, then back, he walked into the massive command center. He couldn’t quite explain what he saw. Overcharge was held in a T-pose against a hollow metal cylinder with a large dish on top, wires connecting to any piece of the Corporal’s chassis that wasn’t binded down. “Woah, woah. You gotta calm down, Boss. Mr. Battery isn’t going anywhere.” He turned back to see SOUNDWAVE’s box along with the two jets, Ramjet tapping his foot as Slipstream put her hands on her hips. Their leader was far from amused by the rally car’s unintentional personality. SILENCE YOU WILL WAIT IN SEATTLE, WASHINGTON, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA UNTIL THE SOURCE IS CONNECTED TO THE OBSERVATION TOWER The jets knew it would be their job to haul the heavy contraption southwest to its destination, far from the most fun task they could do. Sundor shrugged and nodded, transforming into the rally car for what would be a long ride out of the icy tundra their base was apart of. He’d rather not ask more questions, hoping to not disappear like his drone brethren. Lines lit up upon SOUNDWAVE’s large cube, forming an octagon as the two Decepticons left stared perplexingly. COMMENCE OPERATION SPACE BRIDGE End of Part 4: Loss
  4. “Hound? He's trying to get used to his new body, so I'd give him a wide berth for a little while until his posture control recalibrates." Overcharge gave Skids a smile. "I do want to try that once before I kick the bucket o'bolts. Turn into one of those fancy armored vehicles the Terrans made. Or a wiring maintenance van..." “Hmmm, seems like there are a lot of vehicles on the planet.” Skids went up to the Teletraan Mobile. Various types were still present on the screen, only for him to focus on what looked to be a rally car. “Looks to be my size maybe?” Immediately, the blue Autobot changed shape into something different, with new headlights and other objects adorning him. “I should probably try something else new too.” His blue pigmentation became a deep orange. “Blue was for the past Skids.” “How do I look?” “Not bad at all! Maybe when my cover's blown again, I'll go for something like yours. You look ready to hit the dirt... are you coming with us next time? Perceptor has the final word on that, but where I'm standing it looks like you're in top operating condition." “Actually, I was thinking about going out to see this world.” He stated, turning off the Mobile. “If this is where we are stuck, it’s probably for the best that I research it.” Skids pondered a bit, but agreed. The two went to visit Perceptor, who was currently on the bridge managing some data logs. “No! Absolutely not! You just booted back up.” The red Autobot yelled, spooking the orange rally car. “You don’t know what’s out there.” Surprisingly, Skids stood defiant. “I believe it would be best, sir. What if Overcharge went with me?” “Don't worry, Science Minister!" Overcharge stated confidently. "We'll keep to the dirt. I didn't get acquainted with the surrounding nature. I'd like to use this opportunity to scope this forest out, and if Skids tags along, he can use this to get some heat into those tires, see if he's still got it." Perceptor processed this statement, only to sigh and move back to his chair on the bridge. “…fine. But do not be long. I’d rather you not end up a target for those drones.” Turning back, Skids asked his new friend. “You ready?” … The orange and teal vehicles sped through the holographic mountain, Skids’ wheels touching the dirt for the first time. “Woah!” He exclaimed as he almost spun out, just barely dodging one of the evergreen trees. Going practically the opposite way as Oaklio, the two were free to explore the dense area as they pleased. “This world… it’s very pretty.” The rally car noticed an open cliff side as they got further from the Hope. “I bet that has a good view!” Skids sped ahead of Overcharge to get to the top. Parking at the tip, he transformed to see rivers, birds, and large mountains within the distance. Transforming into an in-between mode behind Skids, Overcharge's optics scoured the area ahead to make sure no prying eyes were there to ruin their new covers before they could even use them. The coast seemed clear, however, so the teal Autobot was free to complete his transformation. "Yes, compared to Cybertron, it is teeming with color and life... natural colors, too. The only place where you'd see this palette in Cybertron would be a rush-hour crowd. Hundreds upon hundreds of chassis to lose yourself in." “It’s… still strange to me, although all of this is strange.” Skids listened to the sounds of wildlife as he said this. The rushing of water, the chirps of birds, some sort of rushing sound that preceded to get louder. Looking to the sky, four small objects caught his attention. “Are those birds?” He asked his companion, noticing winged creatures behind the objects. He was far from correct. Missiles were being launched from two jets! Squinting, as his optics enhanced the image to study them in detail, Overcharge realized they were not birds, in the normal sense of the word, and furthermore, that they were taking hostile measures towards them. "No time! Transform!" Desperate and having nowhere to run, the Autobot pushed his orange friend and himself off the cliff, transforming in the air in an attempt to touch the rocky walls with his wheels. “AhhhhAHHHH!” Skids slid against the cliff side at first, transforming into his rally car mode as he declined from the missiles. A crash of the weapons sent debris over the cliff toward the two. “Daredevils, are we?” Slipstream stated, spinning back to catch up with the Autobots, Ramjet not far behind. The cliffside eventually brought the two back to horizontal ground, but the speed was to quick to slow. Skids crashed into a few trees, transforming back into robot mode as a few rocks slammed onto his chassis. “That was… something…” He uttered, seeing the two planes still in the air. At his side, Overcharge laid on the ground, sucking in air through his intakes. Having done something comparable to throwing himself from a building and running on the side while the fall lasted. There was no time to waste however, as the jets were already circling back. Quickly, he got on his feet and helped Skids up. "Are you alright? We have to hide!" Overcharge knew those jets all too well from the security recordings of the Hope. He only watched them once in his free time, as he couldn't bring himself to watch what happened in the bridge again. But the one time he did watch, the image of them killing his comrades with such ease was ingrained within his memory banks.
  5. “You got what you need, boss?” Ramjet and Slipstream stood in the lair of SOUNDWAVE’s compound as drones continued to work. The two fliers didn’t look too different in their new Earth modes, only that Ramjet may have gained more height on Slipstream. She tapped her foot in annoyance. SOUNDWAVE was not responding to the two. “The box is wasting our time.” Slipstream turned away, pushing a drone out of her sight as she headed for the hallways, only for a booming voice to come through the entire complex. DATA IS INSUFFICIENT COMMENCE OPERATION SKY The box glowed, then turned dim again. The voice always made Ramjet jolt, never ready for the jump scare, but Slipstream only scowled. “Operation Sky? I’m assuming that has something to do with us?” Chuckling, Ramjet nodded. “I already blew some lousy organics outta the sky, what more do you want from-“ SENDING COORDINATES LEAVE THE VINCINITY Once again, the box glowed and dimmed. There wasn’t much the two could do, only that whatever SOUNDWAVE’s plan was, it might get them home. The two blasted out of the hangar deep in the snowy tundra, heading to their destination.
  6. Overcharge looked at the Sergeant. Understandably, after spending so many cycles as the green military vehicle, he was very apprehensive about switching to something different for his alternate mode. Trying to help, the Corporal spoke to his fellow Autobot. "If I may say something about it..." Hound processed what Overcharge had said, unsure what his statement. “Of course Overcharge, what’s on your memory bank?” With his teammate's approval, the taxi kept going. "I've seen some cities. I was in Praxus before we launched. I participated in some ops in Iacon and Stanix, too. Blending in was a big part of my job as a scout, and I changed alts often... I'm wandering off my lane. What I wanted to say is, I don't know if this would fool the humans, but at least in Cybertron, you'd be surprised how little I really needed to change every time I switched modes to stay invisible. I can demonstrate if you want." Hound felt Overcharge was a well versed Autobot for a Corporal, even being promoted from Private on the Hope. Being able to change alt modes as often as he could? Hound was surprised he wasn’t already working at Prime’s side. “I’d love to see what you can do.” The green Cybertronian responded. “Let's see" Overcharge stated as he scoured for images of sedans. "You said taxis were normal vehicles with an edible promotion box on top and ornamental graphics. So I'm thinking... maybe just get rid of those." His optics fixated on what appeared to be the civilian version of his alternate mode, except with a little advertisement on the front doors. "See, this could work. I'm gonna try it." After studying the image for a few seconds, the Bot switched to his alt mode right then and there. The changes were evident: now all the bright lights and checkered stripes were gone, the front doors now sported a similar advertisement to the car in the picture, and the teal was darker, but it was still a teal four-door saloon. “You see what I mean?" With Overcharge’s transformation now settled, Hound decided to look through much bigger vehicles. While his smaller size could help in battle, he realized the battle wouldn’t be getting better, and weapons needed to be plentiful. That’s when his optics settled on a HUMMER. “That’ll work.” The large machine appeared before Overcharge, only to transform into a much different looking Cybertronian. What used to be the shortest Autobot, now became the tallest. Pulling a Gatling gun off a nearby workbench, Hound placed it atop of his shoulder. He felt extremely bulky, but power infused through him. Perhaps a little too much. “Oh man, I need to sit down…” The Green Autobot didn’t bother with a chair, placing his rear directly on the floor. “I should’ve realized such a big change would reroute most of my body’s output.” After the change was finished, Overcharge transformed again to face Sargeant Hound. It felt weird. He felt tiny, yet cramped in the room with the green bot. However, he did quite like his new alternate mode. "How does it feel? Being that big?" he asked out of genuine curiosity. "I never tried that before." “Very… tiring…” Hound stated. His whole array of motion was off, but he knew it would be temporary. Cybertronians didn’t change size often, with the exception of soldiers rising into leadership jobs. Also, Cybertronians genetic makeup meant your vehicle had to remain similar. Fliers stayed as fliers and vice versa. “I’m just gonna go lay down in a more proper place. Thanks for showing me your new trick.” Hound got up to leave the room, only to be replaced by a blue Autobot shortly after. “Overcharge, right?” Skids asked. “I don’t mean to bother you, but I just wanted to say thanks. I wouldn’t be functional if you hadn’t saved my life. Watching the Sargeant stumble away, Overcharge smirked. *Yeah, that'd be exactly why I haven't tried it.* Predictability was a virtue, especially in regards to your own chassis. He only got a moment of respite before a blue Autobot appeared in front of him. It was Skids, thanking him for not giving up on him during the raid by Decepticons. "Oh, it's nothing. I did what I could for a fellow comrade. How are you feeling? Perceptor says a few cycles more, and we wouldn't have been there on time." “Ah, I’ve felt better.” He responded, but then processed his statement. “Technically, I haven’t actually.” He chuckled, glancing at Perceptor’s workbench. “I do have an textbook level knowledge of the war on my home planet though. Perceptor was real chatty about that.” His optics looked around. Hey, where did the green one go?”
  7. There was complete silence in the room. Skids, an Autobot Perceptor thought was likely never going to leave that stasis tube, was standing amongst the four other Autobots. The blue Cybertronian, optics still wide, had no idea of who, what, where, when, or why he was here. “Well… do you want the short version or the long version?” Hound asked. “Though I honestly don’t know much about you.” The Sergeant rarely went to the medical area of the Hope, but he had seen what he thought was a corpse floating in the stasis tube. Realizing his workshop was far from sterile, Perceptor walked toward Skids. “I am Perceptor, these are Overcharge, Hot Shot, Hound, and Buzzsaw. I think it would be best if we went back to the medical bay…” — “How did I survive getting shot?” Skids was hooked up to a circular device, wires protruding out of his head and neck as the machine beeped, Perceptor’s optics giving it his full attention, as his voice box answered any questions Skids had. “Pure luck is my best guess, though as a bot of science, I would hope for a better answer than that.” Sure enough, all traces of Skids were gone in his databanks. Any sense of history, training, or any other important aspect of Skid’s life would have to be relearnt. The stasis tube did a good job cleaning him up, save for the scar on the side of his head, but his spark was still without a memory. “Due to our complex structure, I cannot reprogram you, but I did read up on whatever history you had in the Hope’s service records. You were a Corporal who originally served under Lieutenant Warpath’s squadron.” While Perceptor didn’t know Warpath, the tank bot had a reputation of being messy with his battle plans. “You eventually got reassigned to the Hope due to security qualities, where you worked with Overcharge for a few Earth weeks. As you know now, Overcharge saved your life after you were wounded in the attack on the ship.” “I should probably thank him for that. Seemed like a chaotic time.” Skids stated as Perceptor shook his head. “Now is not the time, I should perform more tests…” — Hound and Overcharge stood in the front of the Teletraan Mobile, Hot Shot and Buzzsaw performing maintenance across the ship. “Damn Perceptor, the way he uses this computer is so wonky.” Everything about it seemed off to the green Jeep, but he managed to bring up the human’s vehicle’s once again. “60 years down the drain… Don’t even want to read the human news…” He began pulling up various artillery vehicles, but stopped. “You should go first, Overcharge. This is a big decision for me…”
  8. The Empathic Magnum proved its power quickly as its shots went through Slugfest’s chassis. The drone dropped to its knees, releasing its grip on the shotgun as it crashed into the asphalt. Hound gawked at the weapon, amazed by its strength. “Wow. Makes mine look pretty weak…” The Sergeant picked up the corpse, knowing it would be best to not leave the Stegobot with the human population, and transformed back into his Jeep. The size of the corpse make driving uncomfortable, but it wasn’t long before him and Overcharge were peeling out of Oaklio. News helicopters and police cars eventually made it to the scene, but by this point, the Cybertronians were long gone, along with Trent and Kate. The latter wanted to answer the questions authorities would likely have, but Trent thought otherwise. “I’m telling you, this is some sort of alien military government test or something! You can’t trust anyone.” The man whispered to Kate as they waltzed through a nearby alleyway. The lady scoffed and stared at the moron. “Are you kidding me? Our TAXI just shot a robot stegosaurus. Any theories you got can be thrown out the window. That Jeep did talk though. Does that mean they’re capable of cognitive thinking?” — “Hmmm…” Perceptor’s shoulder scope zoomed in and out as he dissected Slugfest’s corpse, all laid out on the table in front of him, his three companions also looking. “Smart idea to bring the carcass here, Hound. Who knows what the human population would do with it? You and Overcharge will have to find new alternate modes for your vehicles, though.” Hound knew the scientist was right. While it was necessary in that moment, he would have to kiss his classic Jeep chassis goodbye. “Yeah… I guess a more modern type of car could help me blend in better anyways.” The green Autobot folded his arms as Hot shot glanced at the Stego’s optics, completely dark. ”How could it transform?” He asked, noticing some of the spikes on the corpse had cracked in half once it fell to the ground. Perceptor’s shoulder scope zoomed out as he put his tools to the side. “These drones are getting more complex. At this speed, it won’t be long before its maker is creating drones equal to us. I don’t know how though…” Unlike Buzzsaw, the damage was too severe to reprogram, but it still perplexed him. The Science Officer knew that these drones didn’t have a spark. It wasn’t as if the dronemaker was creating new life, but the factory that created them had to be somewhere remote with access to resources. ”I still cannot find a way to learn where these drones are produced, but we’re going to have to if we have a chance at surviving. Whatever it’s goal is, its still a Decepticon. It’s function is likely negative.” ”Excuse me, who are you and where am I?” The voice caught the attention of all four Autobots in Perceptor’s workshop, turning to stare at a pristine blue Cybertronian. He stared back, optics wide like a lost child. Skids was alive. End of Part 3: Oaklio
  9. Perceptor and Hot Shot crouched against a ridge, watching as cars and people left the city limits in a flurry. Tall trees covered the two from anyone finding them, a small area in front being the perfect trap for Hound and Overcharge to bring the Stego to. A problem proceeded to arise though once the Decepticon drone changed next to Hound. “That’s the first time they’ve had the capability to transform.” Perceptor told Overcharge as he watched through his shoulder scope. “It seems rambunctious, I’m not sure the two will be able to get him out of Oaklio. The Jeep rolled back as Slugfest stood tall, revealing a surprisingly pristine shotgun in its right hand. BAM! The Stego didn’t waste time firing at the Jeep, sending pellets into the asphalt as Hound drove further back. “Crap! We won’t be able to lure him out like this. 60 years of hiding down the drain…” Hound had ended up in this world an outsider, a one of the kind alien who couldn’t show Earth his true form. These drones ruined that. ”Transform!” The Jeep changed before Trent and Kate’s eyes, becoming a robotic humanoid. Hound hoped no one would’ve been left to see this, but it was too late now. The Autobot Sergeant had to do something about this monster, who had all eyes on the dark green Cybertronian, not the Teal Taxi…
  10. The energy blast pushed Slugfest off of the hood, sending it onto the asphalt, but far from out of the fight. Hound was the first to respond to the call. “I’m on my way, Overcharge! Try to keep it busy!” The Jeep sped out of the alley to the battle, not knowing what the Taxi Bot was even up against. He knew that Overcharge was correct though. They had to get the drone out of the town and fast before there were any civilian casualties. ”Get back to base, Buzzsaw. We’ll handle this.” Perceptor’s window rolled down, allowing the metal bird to leave as chaos unfolded. Flying high in the sky, the red SUV headed west toward the movie theater. “I’m coming!” The Science Officer knew he had to help, but Hound had other plans. ”Wait a nanocycle, Perceptor. You and Hot Shot head for the trees west of town. I have an idea.” Once Hound made it to the attack site, he was met by a robotic dinosaur, one of the types of animals extinct on Earth. “Come on, you dumb drone!” Hound rammed himself into the Stego, jittering his holo in the process. Trent and Kate continued to watch as the Jeep joined the fight. “Is that guy crazy?” Trent asked his girlfriend, who squinted as the holo sputtered in and out for a second. “I’m not sure it is a guy…” Slugfest scraped across the pavement, growling as it got back on its feet. “Let’s go, you and me!” Hound was hoping to bait the drone to follow him, only to be met with shock at what he saw. FullSizeRender.mov
  11. I just need one of my characters approved. I asked on the discord, but I’m guessing there might be a limit on how many characters we can have. I’m not allowed to get rid of the other characters from dead RPs though. It’s the SOUNDWAVE one (all caps is intentional). Could not be showing up because of that too. Thanks!
  12. Called out, Overcharge was forced to a halt by an unlikely pair of a scruffy-looking man and a businesswoman. "Teh! I wasn't ready!", he said over the radio before both of them entered the passenger compartment. Not even giving him time for a "Good morning", the man ordered his cabbie to take both of them to the movie theater. Thinking of how best to manage the situation, he turned off incoming communications, so that the humans would not hear his team, but kept transmitting, so that his team could be aware of his own situation. "Oh, yeah, the movie theater. Haha. I know where that is..." Disoriented, he started driving around the central district and hoped the humans would entertain themselves long enough for him to find the thing on his own. As the driver made his way down the street, Trent thought about what Kate had said before, although there wasn’t much to think about. Once she made it clear she wasn’t too fond of his job, Trent knew he had to find a compromise. “Is Final Destination out? The trailer for it seemed ok.” Kate asked him, breaking him out of his trance. “I think so? We’re gonna have to check when we get there.” Trent turned away from the girl and back to the window, ending the discussion quick. “Honey.” She stated once she realized something was wrong. “I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings, but I-“ “So how long have you been a driver?” Trent called out to Overcharge’s holo, hoping to steer the conversation away from what Kate was saying. “I haven’t seen a teal taxi here. Kinda catches your attention since it’s different.” The hologram of Mr. Dallas appeared surprised when the man used him to divert the conversation from his own personal issues. Particularly, he was taken aback by the fact the teal was unusual for a taxi. Hound hadn't said anything about that when he picked his alt mode. "Is that so... no, nevermind, that's what we want. We're new here... a new company. We figured the teal would be great because people will want to try something new. Glad it's working." As per usual, Overcharge was able to come up with an excuse quickly, but perhaps it was too elaborate. As they talked, he kept roaming the streets, looking for the theater. Leaning forward to hear the driver better, Trent couldn’t help but shake the familiarity of the driver. “Man, he kinda looks like Bruce Willis!” Mr. Frosted Tips thought to himself. Kate, on the other hand, could tell the cab was new. It didn’t smell terrible like most cabs, although Trent bringing the garbage smell with him could’ve attributed to it. What also caught her attention was the fact that the driver didn’t seem to know exactly where the theater actually was. “We’ve passed the pharmacy already. Are you sure you know where the theater is?” She asked the holo. “You better not be trying to scam us, cause I will-“ Trent put his hand out, once again trying to change a conversation. “Like he said, he’s new. Just give him some time… just take a left up here.” “Oh, yeah, sorry. Left." The car, heading in a different direction, swerved to change course. Fortunately, no cars were on its way, but it was a rather sudden move for the passengers. However, before they could say anything, the theater was immediately in sight, and the teal taxi had parked right in front. "Well, I truly hope you've enjoyed your trip." the holo said pleasantly, while the rear right door opened on its own for the passengers to exit the vehicle. "Safe travels, friend!" “Keep the change!” Trent (thankfully) put the money on the middle armrest instead of handing it to the hollow holo. While Kate wasn’t a fan of the drive, they at least made it there in one piece. Until the robotic Stegosaurus showed up. The dinosaur, adorned in an ugly puke green and magenta paint scheme, was bigger than the average SOUNDWAVE drone, but still smaller than any of the Autobots. It was only a few seconds between the stego jumping off the theater’s balcony and the hood of Overcharge, slamming down on him with his claws. Dozens of civilians screamed as they ran from the scene, all except for Trent and Kate, who hid behind the ticket till. “I-I-what the hell is that?!?!” Trent yelled, only for Kate to cover his mouth. “Shhh! You want it to eat us or something?” Kate squinted at the writing on the side. The lettering was clearly not English, Russian, or anything from this planet that she knew of. To Cybertronians though, this said one thing. Slugfest.
  13. “No one has yet claimed the attack, but the President has announced…” A somewhat functioning tv sat in the corner of a coffee shop, showing a headline saying “UNIDENTIFIED OBJECT DOWNS THREE US JETS” alongside footage of the wreckage. No one in the shop is really playing attention to the program though, especially two patrons closest to the front door. “You know, maybe if you took things seriously, you’d finally get a job that didn’t involve garbage every day.” The woman took a sip of her coffee after pushing her shoulder length black hair aside, the light brown latte matching her skin tone. She dressed much more professionally then the person sitting across from her, his ripped jeans and faded leather jacket clashing with her business blouse. “Hey! Garbage collectors keep this town clean! I think I oughta get some respect!” Suddenly, a black and green sports car sped across the coffee shop, easily noticed by the two. “Isn’t that your dream car, Trent? How are you gonna get one of those on your salary?” The girl stated, finishing her drink. “Well, luckily I know this girl named Kate who can help out with the payments.” His frosted tips stood tall as he spoke, confident in his master plan for a sport car. Like the military jets on the news though, this was immediately shot down. “Yeah right, you’re not getting a penny for some loud death trap like that!” The two’s teasing stopped as they both laughed, smiling at each other. “Heh, where would I be without you?” Trent threw some money on the table, following Kate out of the shop as the tv zoomed in on an extremely grainy photo. The newscasters argued about what the triangular shaped vehicle was, ignoring the faint purple logo on the side of it… The couple held hands as they walked down the streets of Oaklio, various small shops adorning the land. While the town wasn’t packed, a good amount of people walked and drove around the cities famous landmark, Trent and Kate not even looking at the statue they’ve seen a thousand times. What did catch their attention was the newspaper stand near them. The front page talked about a strange power outage in one of the towns north of Oaklio. “I swear, something’s been going on these past couple of weeks. Like, something weird…” Kate uttered quietly. “Who knows, maybe aliens are attacking. OooOooOoo!” Trent wiggled his fingers while they walked past a red SVU in a parking lot, making Kate scoff and chuckle. “You said ALIENS, not ghosts. Aliens aren’t as spooky… are they?” The SVU pointed itself directly at the statue, it’s driver staring intently at the massive white lion made out of oak. “It’s preposterous, Buzzsaw. Lions are not native to North America.” The metal bird hid itself in the passengers seat as Perceptor’s holo adjusted its glasses. The metal plaque gave more detail about the painted craving, talking about how a white lion protected the natives for many years from threats, only for it to disappear a few hundred years ago. The Science Officer wondered how such a crazy myth could’ve even started. The couple continued their trek, with Kate noticing an Army Jeep parked in a nearby alley. “Wait a minute, how about you become a military man? We could travel the world that way.” Trent definitely didn’t feel the same way. “You gotta chillax, girl. I don’t like the idea some Army guy being in control of my life… wait, I got it!” Kate jumped up at the raised voice. “What? You got a good job idea?” “No, not about that. I think we should go to the movies. Get your mind off of this ‘job hunt’ thing. Not a fan of you trashing my work, pun intended.” Trent smiled at his clever choice of words. “You know I’m teasing you, honey. Buuuuut, maybe you could had bright idea before he walked home, the theater is all the way across town now!” Out of the corner of his eye, Trent found a solution to their predicament. “TAXI!” He called out to the teal taxi driving down the road, standing in the road waving his hand out, Kate had to pull him back onto the sidewalk. “You’re gonna get yourself killed! Let the taxis do their job.” As the two got inside of the cab, Trent didn’t waste any time. “The movie theater, please.” He exclaimed to the strangely familiar looking taxi driver.
  14. This takes place between Part 1 and 2 of TF Break You know what it feels like to be worshipped? Of course you don’t. Cybertronians like me are like… one in a million or something. Sure, technically EVERY Cybertronian is special compared to most species, but the ones like me? We’re different. We’re legends. “BLITZY!!! Come on, show us again!” Ten beautiful Cybertronian female types, ordained with the best jewelry credits could buy, laid on cushy couches next to the honored owner of the penthouse. The extravagant flat was one of many inside one of the tallest skyscrapers on the entire planet. Thethnia. Such a beautiful place. So many beautiful women, tasty drinks, and best of all, no war. Thank Primus this place hasn’t been touched yet. I don’t care about Lord Megapsycho or that Autocon Prime as long as they stay away from me. “Ok ladies, one more time.” The purple and gray Cybertronian they seemed to be so infatuated with changed into a tank before their optics. I know. I know. Why do I need to transform into a war machine when I’m not even apart of the war? It’s an actual question. Why did I pick a tank? A few of the ladies clapped, but that wasn’t why they were here. The tank then changed not back into a robot, but into a jet. The women cheered with joy, perhaps a little too much considering how much they’ve drank this night. The cheers fueled the jet’s ego, changing back into his robot form. I’m Blitzwing. I’m what they call a triple changer. Pretty much the coolest Cybertronian on the planet, to be perfectly honest. Never even met someone like me, though I know they’re out there. Hopefully I don’t meet them though. Rather not have any competition. “Blitzy, you are soooo amazing.” A blue colored bot chatted with the triple changer, leaning to whisper in his ear. “You know what I think? We should ditch the others and have some fun.” Curious about the offer, Blitzwing didn’t wish to deny the beautiful woman, but leaving the others behind? “I don’t know…” He responded, only for the girl to grab his arm, pulling him away. “Pretty please?” Hearing the sad sighs from the others, he had to make a decision. “Don’t worry ladies, I’ll be back soon.” The blue bot led Blitzwing into one of the many rooms he had in his penthouse. Yes, she’s kinda pushy, but I can’t deny that sleek exterior… The door slid closed behind them as the blue bot tossed the triple changer on a bed, only to smack the door’s control panel, locking them in. “Geez, let’s cut to the chase, Blitzwing. Why are you REALLY not apart of the war?” She sobered up quickly. “Ok, this is going way too fast for me. Who are you?” Blitzwing got off the bed, only for the blue bot to push him back on it. “Stay down. I’d rather not have your little harem find a corpse.” The sleek bot uttered while pulling up a datapad. “I’m agent Mirage with the Autobots. The only reason I’m telling you this is because you’re very useful to us.” She’s lying. This was-wait, who said that?-anyways, this was not the way I imagined my night would end, but I’ve had weirder things happen in drunken stupors. “Useful? Lady, you’re gonna have to be more specific then that. What, do you want to dissect my body? Find out what makes me tick so that you can create an army of triple changers. Gotta admit that sounds more like a Mega… Megastorm thing. It’s Megastorm, right? Doesn’t seem very Primey to do that.” Blitzwing continued to prattle on and on, only for Mirage to jam a pistol into his neck. “Countless Cybertronians die in this war, scraphead! You have the power to change that and you just sit up here with the rich folk. It’s not the fame. It’s the FEAR.” She smirked when she said this, knowing Blitzwing agreed. She’s good, isn’t she? There it is again. She didn’t say that. What is going on with my memory bank? “I am fearful, considering the fact you got a gun shoved into me. Don’t you know weapons aren’t allowed in Thethnia?” Blitzwing stared at the firearm through his visor, watching as she holstered it. “Explain your alt modes, Mr. Pacifist. A tank and a fighter jet? You could do some serious damage.” ‘Cause blowing up stuff is fun. Who doesn’t want to fly? WHO IS SAYING THAT? “Look Mirage. Now is not the time for… whatever this is. Can you please just leave?” Desperately wanting to be alone, the blue bot complied. “This is only the beginning, ‘Blitzy’. We’ll be in touch.” The sleek Autobot was then replaced with… nothing. What? How did she do that? One nanocycle she was there, the next she was gone. Talk about a weirdo though. I don’t think threatening my life after pretending to love me was a very good idea. Heh, you can say that again! Also, none of these women love you. They want your money. Blitzwing grasped his head, jumping off the bed as if he was in pain. However, no pain erupted from any of his circuits. “Who are you?! Get out of my head!” Hearing knocks outside of the room, Blitzwing tried to open the door, but to no avail. Stop pretended like you’re the one in complete control. We can all share. Yeah, sharing is caring! Please stop. I’m Blitzwing. I’m the ONLY Blitzwing. WE’RE Blitzwing. It’s time for you to share. Stop. No. STOP! Get out of my head! No. Why is this happening to me?! No screams came from the Cybertronian as he held his head, his memory banks racing with emotion from three sources. Blitzwing learned he wasn’t just a triple changer that day. He also had a triple persona. With every positive, there’s a negative on the opposite side. — “What did you learn?” Sentinel Prime sat by his office desk as he talked with Mirage, her optics glancing around room as she noticed various medals honoring the Prime. “Not much, but it was clear his other personalities were messing with him.” “Did they talk with you?” “No, he seems to still be in the early stages of TC rot. I bet his head is a mess right now.” Sentinel sighed, a defeating look on his face appearing. “I’ve dealt with Triple Changers before. They’re treated like legends, but something in their memory banks just… crack. Continue the mission with him. He’s going to help all the help he can get.” “Don’t worry, sir. He may be a shallow womanizer, but I was getting kinda used to the luxury. I’ll find a cure for him somehow.”
  15. “I believe everyone is now ready for our adventure.” Switching off the computer, Perceptor began to transform, only for Hound to put his hand out. “Not quite, buddy.” Hound stated as he transformed. The Jeep then suddenly created a human out of thin air in the driver’s seat! “Wait! That’s not how the organics create life! Unless…” Upon further inspection, Perceptor realized the human was nothing but a lifelike hologram. Hound’s was styled like himself, having a standard military crew cut and a camo jacket on. “There’s no way we’ll be able to get away with not having drivers.” The Jeep’s hologram exclaimed, surprising the Science Officer. “I’ve studied holograms for a while, but they’re still very limited. Can’t leave the seat or do much else beside look like they’re driving. I’d be best if humans didn’t get TOO close of a look at them.” Perceptor was concerned about the holograms, but was still thankful the green Autobot would be able to relay this tactic onto them. “Well then, Autobots. It is time to roll out.” — The invisibility tech to hide the Hope worked like a charm as the four drove out of the mountain. Buzzsaw sat in the passengers seat of Perceptor, his holo staring directly forward. It seemed the red Cybertronian was correct in his assessment that the holo’s design were dependent on their personality, with Hound calling his “nerdy”. Big glasses, a black sweater with a buttoned up shirt underneath, and brown hair with a speck of gray to it were the most obvious standouts to the Science Officer. The ride out of the forest was bumpy even for the SUV, making him wonder if Overcharge and Hot Shot had it worse. Nevertheless, it wasn’t long until the four made it to a main road. Perceptor was thankful the smooth trek, even through the road was quite windy, going on the side of smaller mountains and tunnels. The delicacy of the landscape amazed the Science Officer, with Hound even taking in some of the beauty. About an hour passed as the group finally made it to their destination, Oaklio. Like the blurry picture showed, the town was surrounded by evergreen trees, with a majority of the buildings looking like they were made of wood. “Oaklio. Population: 18,476. Officially established in 1901, the town is getting ready for its 100th anniversary.” Perceptor communicated with the group through each of their radios, something Hound also taught them. The SUV listed off many aspects that seemed typical of a smaller town like this. “It’ll be useful to ‘people watch’, as Hound called it.” The four, parked atop a hill that lowered into the town, started to make their way down, only for Hound to speak up. “We should probably split up. I just realized our little convoy driving together might cause a few heads to turn.” “Good idea, Hound.” Perceptor said as the four officially turned into the city. “We’ll keep in tough with our radios in case anything goes wrong.” Perceptor took a right at a stop sign, with Hound taking a left. While he was extremely interested in studying the humans, the Science Officer read about a myth pertaining to the town. While Perceptor believed in , not myths, something about the idea of a white lion piqued his interest…
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