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  1. (OOC: Collab with Roromi) Hikaru grimmaced while the Beta Gundam's Composite Shield lost its first layer to some of the Beam Rifle volley of his enemies, The light of its integrated Beam Shield, though primitive due to the contemporary 0080s technology used in its construction, managed to hold. The unit was pockmarked and stressed, however. Beta Gundam had seen better days. Hearing Zechs' comment, the boy considered Zechs' personality and personal honor. He was even willing to attack his own allies to ensure that the rules of war were maintained at this stage of development. Aft
  2. The Tallgeese moved far more quickly than it had any right to once more, this time its beam saber sliding down his own parry and into Beta Gundam's firing Hip Beam Gun. The weapon that had been aimed upward fired, sputtered, and exploded; making the Beta Gundam lurch toward the ground. The weapon was a loss, though the hip skirt armor still protected the hip joint at the very least. "Tch, what'd they do, put Magnetic Coating on that thing?" Hikaru asked himself as he allowed the force of the hip beam gun blast to force the Beta Gundam closer to the ground. It had been hard to miss the
  3. "Whoa!" Hikaru exclaimed as the Tallgeese achieved the maneuver that he had kept his speed up explicitly to avoid. The Mobile Suit was fast, far faster than it had any right to be under gravity. It was AC-era Gundam-grade to the point where the design was deemed overkill at the time of its rollout, at least in canon. Its history might be different here. These were thoughts Hikaru would only have time to ponder later. Hikaru was not without options, however, as the Beta Gundam was designed with such a scenario in mind. The Beta Gundam executed a roll, bringing the 'belly' of the Mobi
  4. Risu, as she looked at her menu, would notice that she had a Private Message from Hikaru and the one from Marco. If she clicked Hikaru's, she would read the following: Hoping you notice this, Risu. I'm not sure why you appeared last mission without a Mobile Suit, but that's a discussion for later. I'm sure you've seen the mission briefing the game gave us. We're sending the girlfriend of the boy you saved before to save you. In the meantime, keep an eye open for an injured fifteen year-old boy with brown hair and purple eyes that we want to find and save (the Strike's pilot, Kira Yamato,
  5. Hikaru's machine launched as well, in its crude Mobile Armor form. Subtle improvements to the G-Defenser improved its flight characteristics compared to its battle with the Asshimar. Not only did the Flag's Linear Rifle allow its aerodynamic properties to change due to electromagnetism, but Beam Sabers on the leading edges of the wings permitted him to play with the air's density on the control surfaces by heating it. Tricks like that could squeeze out added performance that may prove critical later. Adding the Phonon Maser Cannon and a new melee arm module would hopefully help out, too.
  6. 3/3 Continued (Formatting Glitch required a split post) - “Excuse me...” Marco started, before the man impatiently interrupted him.- "Make it quick, pal. Another one of our boys or yours could make it through the door looking like a colander any moment and I'm trying to savor the... uh, moment of silence." - “Umm, yeah... we’re looking for the pilot of the Strike.” Despite the plea Marco paused, still entranced by the room. The entire situation suddenly felt wrong, there weren't supposed to be casualties in GBN. He thought of one person in particular at that moment and shook his head, loo
  7. (3/3) Marco looked around to see if he could spy Hikaru. There were plenty of rebels milling around the deck looking busy as they moved material. Kamille wandered up to the magnificent Earth Alliance ship. Smoke climbed out from the gashes on the vessel, but it remained intimidating. He held his helmet in one hand while slowly tugging off the top of his flight suit. Rebels turned to regard him, but no one stopped him as he climbed up the ramp towards the hangar bay of the ship. He looked around anxiously for Fa and Hikaru. Beta Gundam regarded Kamille and stooped down once he was aboard.
  8. Hikaru's attack did little except damage one of the Asshimar, but not take it out of the fight. To top it all off, he didn't have the Flying Armor anymore, the bulk of which which slammed into the sand. Perhaps the only saving grace was that it had made a trench in the sand and kicked the offending material up to form a protective smoke screen. The Beta Gundam vanished into the sand, its leg thrusters kicking up even more material as they reduced the force of the landing. Once on the ground, it kept moving. The enemy Asshimar landing and taking pot shots into the sand cloud while circling Hika
  9. Hikaru's hands clenched his controls more firmly as he worked to evade the inbound trio of Asshimar and their shots. He knew he wouldn't be able to keep it up, though. The differences between the Flying Armor and the Asshimar were notable enough to convey that he wouldn't be able to stay in the air for long with these odds. He held one notable advantage over the Asshimar, however. While the transformed machines were stuck on center line firing like most Mobile Armors, he could aim in unconventional directions. Two Asshimar were fired upon with quasi-psycommu-guided hip beam guns while the thir
  10. (Collab with Roromi) "Of all the squirrley--" Hikaru exclaimed at the shock of Risu entering the fight without an MS. There were 'rookie mistakes' and there was 'blind incompetence'. Since Risu knew full well how to sortie in an Mobile Suit for at least the previous two missions, she didn't have the excuse of the former. Now they were down a machine while he was too far away to really intercede quickly. The enemy had already grabbed Risu and pulled her close to protect her from the elements while withdrawing...perhaps to interrogate? It was at this point that Hikaru made a decision
  11. (Collab with Roromi) "Hikaru here, doing fine.” Hikaru said in response to the radio check. His machine was a bit awkward in shape and size, requiring it to descend using the Flying Armor instead of in a second drop pod due to the G-Defenser's wingspan. It was a close thing with the G-Defenser not being intended for the Flying Armor's atmospheric re-entry coverage either. Still, he'd managed to make it work. Hikaru was glad that he included the Union Flag's rifle in the G-Defenser's armament, its aerodynamics-boosting electromagnetic field giving his machine just a little more protection.
  12. (Collab with Roromi) Hikaru walked down the hallway with a pad full information. He looked for the room Kamille and Fa were staying in and wondered if the two were talking more openly because of the shared quarters. That didn't happen on the Argama, after all. Something Kamille had said before still worried him, and it was time to resolve it while still giving both NPDs something to do. Standing in front of the door, he gave a knock and hoped he wasn't interrupting anything. - Talking could be heard on the opposite side of the metallic door and soon the door was o
  13. Hikaru shifted into Mobile Armor mode as well, with the addition of the GP04's lower body and main gun in its arms underneath. He accelerated, pushing the machine as best he could. Of course, this was only done long enough to get up to a reasonable pace before aiming himself at Beta Team's vessel and letting go of the lower body and arms. This only took a few extra seconds, but it might have some sort of consequence for secondary objectives. "Hikaru to Team, secondary threat resolved. I and the leader of Alpha Team are enroute! Bottom half and arms of enemy RX-78GP04G "Gundam Gerbera" dr
  14. MM007

    GBN 1.8 Gunpla Duel

    The controlled descent of his enemy was noted, and Hikaru decided not to assume that his enemy was incapacitated by any measure. The hits hadn't been confirmed, after all. With as light a step as a Mobile Suit could achieve, he moved his machine. He knew not to stay in the same position, and was sure his enemy knew not to as well. He shifted his loadout for urban fighting, adopting the Tempest Beam Sword and his shield with its beam guns in the face. Range would have to be traded for flexibility here. The Beam Sword was kept deactivated until needed, so its glow wouldn't give him away.
  15. Hikaru's machine kept moving in its Mobile Armor mode, managing not to get caught in the resulting blast from the Salamis. Grumbling, Hikaru sent out over his comm link with his team. "Hikaru to Alpha Team, I lured Beta's leader away only for us both to be ambushed by some sniper. We're both stuck on an adjacent map dealing with a secondary hostile Federation objective." All the while, the sensors normally dedicated to Long Smart Rifle's use scanned for the source of the shot while he kept up his evasive maneuvers. If he could keep the enemy from getting a bead on him, they could make thi
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