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  1. Hikaru's attack did little except damage one of the Asshimar, but not take it out of the fight. To top it all off, he didn't have the Flying Armor anymore, the bulk of which which slammed into the sand. Perhaps the only saving grace was that it had made a trench in the sand and kicked the offending material up to form a protective smoke screen. The Beta Gundam vanished into the sand, its leg thrusters kicking up even more material as they reduced the force of the landing. Once on the ground, it kept moving. The enemy Asshimar landing and taking pot shots into the sand cloud while circling Hikaru's machine wasn't a good thing, especially when a shot struck the outermost part of its shoulder. The joint survived, but the verniers and the armor were blasted apart. Another shot was narrowly intercepted by the shield. Other shots either passed the Beta Gundam outright or hit the ground to vitrify it into glass streaks. The situation seemed dire, but there was an ace in the hole. Though he was in the dust cloud, the G-Defenser wasn't. And radio link was still strong enough for its cameras and sensors to provide him telemetry. “Hikaru to Marco and Kamille. Still here, but they took out the Flying Armor. I'm ground-bound in a dust cloud! Using G-Defenser telemetry for secondary targeting!” The hip beam guns fired again toward nine and ten, tracking their positions to exchange fire. Hikaru had to move after each shot to avoid a retaliatory hit, but it was at least something. Evading a shot from above, Hikaru eyed a shadow cast by the sun and through the sand. It was confirmed by the G-Defenser to be the more damaged enemy, Hikaru took aim with his Beam Rifle and fired at the center of mass...
  2. Hikaru's hands clenched his controls more firmly as he worked to evade the inbound trio of Asshimar and their shots. He knew he wouldn't be able to keep it up, though. The differences between the Flying Armor and the Asshimar were notable enough to convey that he wouldn't be able to stay in the air for long with these odds. He held one notable advantage over the Asshimar, however. While the transformed machines were stuck on center line firing like most Mobile Armors, he could aim in unconventional directions. Two Asshimar were fired upon with quasi-psycommu-guided hip beam guns while the third was shot at with the more typical Beam Rifle. The pilot didn't get to wait and see if the attacks hit, or which ones. A thruster of the Flying Armor was hit and the craft began to smoke and lose altitude, compelling Hikaru to steer the craft toward the nearest Asshimar. Bailing at the latest point possible and holding a spare shield which had been placed between the Gundam and the Flying Armor on the descent down, the Beta Gundam fell in the general direction of the Dom and Mk-II's fight...
  3. (Collab with Roromi) "Of all the squirrley--" Hikaru exclaimed at the shock of Risu entering the fight without an MS. There were 'rookie mistakes' and there was 'blind incompetence'. Since Risu knew full well how to sortie in an Mobile Suit for at least the previous two missions, she didn't have the excuse of the former. Now they were down a machine while he was too far away to really intercede quickly. The enemy had already grabbed Risu and pulled her close to protect her from the elements while withdrawing...perhaps to interrogate? It was at this point that Hikaru made a decision and typed into his console...adding the NPDs Kamille and Fa to those being able to control the G-Defenser. He'd already added his team in case they needed a Sub Flight System with actual weapons. “Kamille...our combat readiness is down to dangerous levels with Risu being captured. We have the Archangel and her assets to attack, a Titans base nearby, various enemy transformable flying Mobile Suits, a fleeing enemy transport...” He noted Cagalli Yula Athha among them, the red shirt standing out among the desert and the brown of the trucks, but said little for now. “...and possible ground allies inbound who need support. You did well enough piloting in the simulation. Would you like to transfer to the G-Defenser and join combat operations? You'd be best suited for missile barrages and long range sniping...though catching Risu in your cockpit if she gets free would be ideal.” Kamille blinked processing what was going on and after a moment he nodded letting a sly grin grow on his face. “Sure! I’m more than ready to help!” Him and Fa were already dressed in their regular suits and Kamille reached up to lock the visor of his helmet. He didn’t wait for any more prompting as he moved to transfer to the G-Defenser. Fa looked on with worry but didn’t move to stop Kamille. Hikaru opened the cockpit of the Beta Gundam and made the machine stoop down before extending its hand to lift Kamille to the G-Defenser. The machine pulled back from the fight for the moment to do this safely, though it was the unit furthest back and above already. At the same time, the spare shield over the G-Defenser's cockpit capsule slid back so he could move Kamille to the fighter. They chatted over the radio during this process. "Alright. You've experimented with all this from the simulator. Your machine's helpless in melee, so it's base to stay in a support role. Not asking for heroics here." Hikaru tried to clarify this, not wanting the boy to be reckless. Kamille almost forgot to respond with “acknowledged.” As he made his way outside to the extra support unit. He made his way over and was soon enough strapping into the second cockpit. Despite the gravity of the situation he couldn’t help but wear a sly grin on his face. “Time for these damn Titans to pay!” He said to himself as he gripped the controls. Kamille and Fa already knew the password to the G-Defenser to enter from the training simulation, in case something like this came up. It was a risk, but Kamille showed no interest in stealing Hikaru's stuff after he'd helped them in training at least. "Acknowledged. Keep that situational awareness up, and good hunting! Detaching!" With that, Kamille, was allowed to launch from the Beta Gundam's back. The Flying Armor carrying the Beta Gundam rolled slightly back and forth as the G-Defenser's thrusters launched it forward. the Beta Gundam's cockpit closing again. Kamille echoed Hikaru as he felt the craft jerk free. “Kamille Bidan! G-Defenser launching!” "Beta Team, this is Hikaru. Kamille has transferred to the G-Defenser and joined the fight." Hikaru sent over communications, before pulling out his regular Beam Rifle from the rear skirt mount. With that done, Hikaru took note of the battlefield and tried to find targets worth attacking from range while he closed in. The Archangel was damaged but beam resistant unless hit in the right spots, the base itself wasn't going anywhere, he was unlikely to be able to hit the maneuverable transformed Asshimar at this range, and hitting the one that was in Mobile Suit form from this far out might hurt Risu. However, there was a target that wasn't as evasive while still moving away from the fight. A transport. Various possibilities as to its contents entered his mind. The Strike, the missing Mk-II, or the GP04 torso being flown out of the area, the spare parts that might be the Strike Rouge in the future, Striker Packs, Orb civilians being relocated that might be used as future hostages to force concessions from Orb... “...Right. That transport could contain the damaged enemy Gundams from the last battle. In case it has non-combatants though, I'll go for a non-lethal shot...” Explaining his thoughts to Fa so she'd understand why he aimed at something that was running away, he took aim at one of the wings rather than the body of the craft while he closed on the fight. The pink beam lanced outward, trying to deny the craft the lift it needed to maintain stable flight and force it to land. If Cagalli and her forces were attacking a Titans base to save her countrymen or equipment in a suicidal charge, perhaps he could lend them a hand. Hopefully everyone could hang on until he and Kamille managed to shift the momentum back somehow...
  4. (Collab with Roromi) "Hikaru here, doing fine.” Hikaru said in response to the radio check. His machine was a bit awkward in shape and size, requiring it to descend using the Flying Armor instead of in a second drop pod due to the G-Defenser's wingspan. It was a close thing with the G-Defenser not being intended for the Flying Armor's atmospheric re-entry coverage either. Still, he'd managed to make it work. Hikaru was glad that he included the Union Flag's rifle in the G-Defenser's armament, its aerodynamics-boosting electromagnetic field giving his machine just a little more protection. "Fa, Kamille, try to hang in there. I know this might get scary. It'd be best if you soaked this in for experience, but focus on my armrest readouts or something if it gets to be too much.” This was intended more for Fa than Kamille, but he really hoped that both would have the strength to take this and grow from it. Fa glanced around the cockpit nervously and gripped her chair tightly opting to close her eyes during the descent down. It was at that moment that she wished she was sitting right next to Kamille and could grab his hand or arm for support. She did open her eyes as Hikaru told her to focus on the displays. She had to assume the experienced pilot knew what he was talking about so she focused on the displays even if at that exact moment she didn’t entirely understand them. Kamille gritted his teeth and tried to ignore the other two and silently pretended to toggle the different switches and controls needed for re-entry. True it wasn’t him piloting but he was taking the opportunity seriously. 'Some day it could me at the controls,' he reassured himself as he diligently observed everything that was happened. Behind and a safe distance to the side of the drop pod, so as not to be hit by its planned breaking apart, Hikaru was still airborne when the others landed and were subjected to the missile barrage. Even as he noted the presence of the Archangel and its launching Mobile Armors, the pilot also noticed something else. Its launching catapults were open. He seriously doubted that the inside was treated with Laminated Armor. If he could hit one of those, he could at least halve its launching and rearming speed. If he was fortunate with his angle, he might even manage to do serious damage to one of the Archangel's legs and/or Mobile Suits waiting to be launched. Maybe he could even destroy a hangar and MS behind the launcher or the Lohengrin mounted in the leg! It was worth a try. Taking his Long Smart Rifle and aiming before the Asshimar got in attack range of him, he opened fire on the Archangel's right leg with the powerful beam - specifically on the open door and the contents beyond...
  5. (Collab with Roromi) Hikaru walked down the hallway with a pad full information. He looked for the room Kamille and Fa were staying in and wondered if the two were talking more openly because of the shared quarters. That didn't happen on the Argama, after all. Something Kamille had said before still worried him, and it was time to resolve it while still giving both NPDs something to do. Standing in front of the door, he gave a knock and hoped he wasn't interrupting anything. - Talking could be heard on the opposite side of the metallic door and soon the door was opened by Fa who at first appeared annoyed but then brightened up as she recognized Hikaru. “Oh it’s Mr. Hiyashi!” She announced for Kamille’s benefit. The teen new type floated casually behind Fa with his hands knitted behind his head. He gave a look at the pilot and gave a slight nod. Fa smiled at Hikaru. “What can we do for you Hikaru?” She asked politely. - "Hello Kamille, Miss Yuiry." He still lacked Fa's permission to call her by name, and remained aware of such. "I thought that since we have a day before we can do much, I might be able to see about getting some discussion and maybe some training in. Also, something Kamille said before worried me...I felt like I should discuss it. Nothing about ideology or the like, I assure you." He made sure not to enter unless told it was alright, observing proper decorum. - Fa blushed as Hikaru used her formal name and she grabbed his arm in a friendly manner, “please you can call me Fa. You did save my life after all!” She cast Kamille a look which seemed to speak volumes. Kamille scoffed at Fa and shrugged after a moment, still seemingly content floating around. Finally he spoke up, “So what do you want exactly? Hikaru?” He tried the name out as it trying a foreign food. He glanced over at the pilot, not exactly glaring but not quite friendly. He was still unsure if Hikaru’s overly friendly demeanor was genuine or not. - "Not a reason to be presumptuous on my part. Still, thank you for the permission, Fa." Hikaru looked to them both and noted Kamille's distrust. Not that he could blame the boy. "First, I'm worried. Kamille said that 'he could make a difference inside a Gundam'. I think he might be overestimating the value of that name and underestimating the value of a basic machine." With a smile, Hikaru looked to Kamille. "I don't want you to think you're invincible if you get in a machine that carries the name 'Gundam'. The RX-78-2 may have been amazing enough to survive against Char Aznable, but that's just because there wasn't much that could pierce Luna Titanium at the time. By the time of A Baoa Qu, the Gelgoog being fielded was superior to the Gundam in most respects save for armor...and the beam rifles in play made armor a moot point. By then it was Amuro's accumulated skill which cemented the Gundam's legacy, not the name 'Gundam'. It's actually more impressive to me that Char Aznable was able to use a machine as inferior as the Zaku to stand against the Gundam for as long as he did." Hikaru looked to the pair. "I think that's what you should be aiming for. To develop solid basic skills so you can be effective in any machine you're assigned to, even a grunt unit, rather than to risk using the name 'Gundam' as a crutch should you find yourself in one. Amuro Ray could easily have been killed if he fell into that trap." - Hikaru’s words hit a sore point with Kamille and even he had to admit the pilot had some good points. Slowly he nodded his acknowledgment. He cleared his throat, “that’s all well and good but I still haven’t even been in the controls of a normal mobile suit… and from what I’m hearing here these GINNs can’t be piloted by ‘normal people’ whatever that means…” he looked away slightly disgusted. “At least you’re are able to do something…” he muttered under his breath, silently not wanting to go down that road again. Fa studied Kamille silently and looked back to Hikaru to see how he’d react. - "That's why I'm going to let you two run some simulations in my Beta Gundam's cockpit. If I can't do anything for a day, I can at least make it available to you for that so you get some practice in. We can even try to make the machine emulate the handling of other units like GMs. Beta Gundam has two fold-out jump seats, so it's not like you would have to be by yourselves." Of course, Hikaru's intentions for this were not only to help the pair improve. He also wanted to see if Kamille's Newtype potential would be exercised a bit by the Quasi-Psycommu system. The boy would need every edge. "As for the GINNs, I think they refer to the fact that the Coordinators using them have the ability to process information differently than unmodified humans, and they've probably integrated that capability into their machines' OS. It might be possible to rewrite the OS to be compatible with a normal pilot, but my guess is that it's counterproductive for them to do so." He shrugged, making an educated guess as to the reasoning there when considering the nature of the mixed universe. - Kamille’s face did brighten up at the mention of doing training in the Beta Gundam. He couldn’t help but give Hikaru a sly look before nodding, “sure why not? It beats being treated like a second class citizen on board this place…” Fa gave Kamille a venomous look before looking around for any ZAFT members and responded in a hushed tone, “Kamille! You better be nice to them or they’ll kick us off this ship!” The boy gave a half hearted shrug as he kicked off the bulkhead to head towards Hikaru and the exit. “Let’s get to it then?” He asked casually as he moved out the door. The trio made their way to the hangar and Kamille looked at Hikaru to see how this would work out exactly. “You got room in there for both of us? He asked skeptically, still not believing Hikaru’s earlier statement. - Hikaru followed and gave a nod to Kamille's response. He agreed with Fa's comments, but at least Kamille was feeling a bit better now that he could do something. "There is a jump seat to the rear left and another the rear right of the main pilot's seat. They're meant for emergencies, like when I had to let Fa into the cockpit before. It'll be slightly cramped for the taggers on, but the pilot will be fine. All three of us will fit. You and Fa can trade off time in the pilot seat. In addition to the basics, I'd also like to have you both try some time with the quasi-psycommu. Most machines with that system use a simplified all-range attack, but the Beta Gundam uses it for aiming optional beam weapons." When they arrived, he would open the Beta Gundam's cockpit for them and allow them inside. He idly wondered if this would impact the design of the Zeta Gundam. Kamille had based the Zeta on his experiences with the Gundam Mk-II, if Hikaru remembered correctly. Maybe it'd wind up with biosensor-guided hip beam guns or something. - Kamille’s mood brightened up considerably as they approached the Gundam. He was half paying attention to Hikaru’s explanation as the cockpit finally opened, revealing the interior that he as so desperate to get into earlier. He fought the urge to immediately jump in the pilot seat, knowing it was better to be nice than rude in this situation. “Are you sure this is ok?” He asked Hikaru as he traced his fingers over the controls. He looked from Hikaru to Fa for approval. - Hikaru smiled, pressing a few buttons to make sure the machine would be in a training mode and to deploy the jump seats. "When you save someone, you generally want them to be able to stay alive. The best I can do for you in that regard is help you both improve your knowledge and skills. Go right ahead, Kamille." - A sense of relief washed over Kamille as he took the hot seat of the cockpit. Immediately it seemed as if the teenager knew almost more about the machine than Hikaru as he expertly ran his fingers over all the controls. Seemingly becoming acquainted with each relevant function. “My father…” Kamille mumbled before shaking his head and simply focusing on the controls. “I think I understand, this isn’t all that different from the smaller units I’m used to using.” He looked at the screen waiting for the training simulation to begin. - Hikaru had a seat in the left jumpseat and fastened himself in, letting Fa take the other position to Kamille's right. The cockpit showed a message for them to restrain themselves in their seats, though it didn't prevent the operation of the machine. The GBN tutorial started, allowing Kamille to select lessons from basic movement controls and weapons all the way to tactics and quasi-psycommu use. They could also simulate various conventional gunpla. The first simulation was in an empty colony, where Kamille's machine could walk, run, jump, and even fly to his heart's content. There were various checkpoints to reach. It was boring, but necessary depending on how much experience the pilots-to-be already had. - Kamille picked up the controls very quickly, he wasn’t known for being a gifted pilot for nothing, even if he hadn’t even scraped his potential yet at this stage. He worked through the boring tutorials before starting up a mock combat. Again if there was any disparity, Kamille didn’t show any signs of it. His proficiency was astounding and his ability to learn from mistakes was uncanny. As the simulation continued its difficulty slowly increased but it hardly seems to slow him down yet. - Combat started out with the basics rather than unlocking everything, though Kamille would note that the Beta Gundam's armament was diverse. A 'jack-of-all-trades' machine far more than the Gundam Mk-II that could test modular equipment. Some of that equipment included a backpack module allowing a Mobile Armor Mode, a Long Smart Rifle which the quasi-psycommu could help aim, and hip beam guns guided by the quasi-psycommu as a defense against multiple enemies or funnels -- an anti-Newtype point defense. There was a hypothetical hip incom he eventually unlocked as well, though the device was labeled "unbuilt". "You're doing far better than I expected for the first time, Kamille. I'm pretty sure that even in a GM you'd be a force to be reckoned with. I'd like you to try out the quasi-psycommu too. Let's see if you can balance your focus between combat and managing such a system." Hikaru advised, deciding to try something a bit more advanced. Whether he used it for sniping, defense, or offense was left up to Kamille. - Kamille offered Hikaru a sly grin and nodded, “sure why not? I’m up for a challenge!” They activated the quasi-psycommu, In the simulation he was engaged by three different GMs. The trio split up to surround him making Kamille having to focus his attention simultaneously. At first the concentration made his head hurt as the sensation could be commonly compared to rubbing one’s belly and patting their head at the same time, only worse. But as each GM took shots at him he miraculously managed to dodge them instinctively. Kamille felt as if he was wearing a hood with the simulation, like the raw emotions were stripped bare from the experience, but the threat (albeit it fake) was still there. A few more moments of tense dodging and he began to focus, or direct? The hip cannons to try and aim at two separate GMs. He leveled the rifle of the Gundam at the third and at the same time he fired at them all, eliminating them in one go. Kamille had to pause the simulation after the feat. He looked first at Fa who seemed thrilled at his ability to pilot then at Hikaru to silent ask of what he just did was normal. His expression speaking volumes. - "That was very impressive...and unusual." Hikaru said, nodding at Kamille. "That was a maneuver that usually takes far more practice to pull off. I'd really recommend getting your compatibility with a psycommu system checked out, Kamille. Your spatial awareness seems to be far higher than that of most people. I don't throw the term 'Newtype' around lightly and I don't want to inflate your ego, but you've got a lot of promise that should be looked into further." Hikaru still had some general advice, though. "Even if you can use a machine like that though, make sure to practice those basics so you can fight in whatever is available. The best aces could still make even a Zaku reasonably deadly and put up a good fight in just about any situation." - Normally such praise would have sent Kamille over the moon with happiness but he kept a somber expression of his face as he asked, “newtype? Do you mean like Amaro Ray?” He had an almost pleading expression on his face as he looked around numbly for a second and pushed himself away from the controls. In a rare gesture of kindness he offered to Fa, “how about you give it a try?” As he switched seats with the girl who still looked excited to just be in a mobile suit. Fa took the dear and strapped in, she gave Kamille a funny look before turning her attention to their instructor. “Ok, so where do I start?” She asked innocently. - Hikaru smiled and helped show Fa how to use the menu, guiding her to the first simulation. "Amuro Ray is a Newtype, yes. He's not the only one though. He's just the most famous one. There are even different types of powers among Newtypes. It's not just spatial awareness that's an indicator. There's also...an empathic connection that can develop, as I understand. An ability to sense others' feelings and intentions. Some even manifest telepathic abilities. That's a bit beyond my abilities to discern, and beyond the scope of this simulation to confirm. If you are a Newtype though...it's one more reason to be wary of the Titans. There are those who consider such powers as something to be controlled and employed solely as a weapon." With that warning, he nods to Fa. "Yes, this one. It's the same movement exercise that Kamille started out with..." - Kamille chewed on all the information that Hikaru was spilling out, boy did he know a lot about new types. As Fa went through the tutorial Kamille still seemed distracted, “how do you know so much about new types Hikaru?” Kamille asked the loaded question as he looked at the pilot sitting past Fa. - Hikaru pondered how best to parse this in a way they could understand. He couldn't say it was because it was a game. While monitoring Fa's progress, he continued the conversation. "...Because the Earth won the war, a lot of the information on Newtypes has been controlled. Zeon Zum Deikun, the original founder of Zeon before the Zabis took over, considered them an evolved form of humanity. The Zabis use them as weapons, but employ the rhetoric of evolution at times for propagandizing Spacenoid superiority since most Newtypes are born in space. The Federation likes to use Amuro Ray as the defining example, but took a long time to come to terms with the very existence of them until their combat effectiveness forced them to acknowledge their presence. None of the accounts seem fully accurate or complete. Sometimes, you have to do the research yourself to get a solid idea of how things really are. Isn't it interesting, the possibilities they offer humanity if it weren't for them just being used as weapons? It makes me wonder what they're really meant to be." - Again Kamille took his time processing the information, Hikaru didn’t appear to spewing off nonsense, but the alternative was certainly alarming. To him new types were somewhere between intangible fantasy, and political rhetoric. He blankly studied Fa as she moved on to the combat scenario. For no better reason than curiosity he found himself blankly asking, “and have you ever met one Hikaru? A new type I mean?” The man seemed so sure about his information, surely they must have first hand experience dealing with such beings? - "I believe I've met a few, but none of them have explicitly claimed the title." Hikaru stated, and was able to do so honestly enough. Rau, Char, Emma, Fa, and Kamille himself counted. "There's also a chance that some were in the last battle. Mu La Flaga is a Moebius Zero pilot with Enhanced Spatial Awareness, considered a prerequisite for a Newtype, but he was in an enemy Gundam Mk-II last battle. I also shot down a Zeong which is exclusively meant for Newtypes." Oh, the Zeong's pilot wasn't a Newtype, but he did know Rau was. Hikaru thus wasn't lying about there being 'some' Newtypes on the battlefield. "The Captain of this ship might be one, but I don't trust him. He's a good speaker and manipulator with a political slant. He tried to gain our favor as spacenoids, but seemed never to have even said the word before. That's honestly one of the reasons I worried about you being too eager. I worried you'd make a deal with the devil in your haste to fight...not that I dare to say so outside of an insulated area like this cockpit. Ah, watch your altitude, Fa!" Hikaru advised the rookie, still observing her piloting. "If we're distracting you too much, feel free to say something." The Diver knew it was little compared to the sounds of battle, but still... - Fa shook her head as she regained control of the machine pulling out of a risky looking dive. “I got it!” She half muttered to herself and likewise in response. She focused again on piloting and seemingly tuned the two boys out. Kamille simply shook his head in disbelief, how could there be so many new types out there? What did it mean for humanity if so many people could manifest such powers and abilities? “I had no idea there were so many…” he muttered. He watched as Fa did respectively well in the simulation as well. “Good job Fa…” he offered halfheartedly as still processed all the information Hikaru was revealing to him. To try and get himself off the subject he asked curiously, “I watched videos from the last battle and you seemed to do pretty good…” it was as close to praise as Kamille seemed to get, “how did you get to be a good pilot?” - Hikaru's expression was a bit sad for a moment, but he gave as honest an answer as he could. "An injury from a traffic accident left me years to research Mobile Suits and to practice in simulations. That information's serving me well now, though. It also helps that I maintain my own machine and designed its hip and forearm modules. When a pilot helps maintain and customize their own machine, they can tailor it to suit their skills and style while also getting a better idea of what it can do. Beta Gundam is designed with flexibility and versatility in mind, for example." - Kamille nodded his head in understanding, “guess that’s one way to kill time…” he shifted his tone trying to apologize for bringing up the awkward subject of injury, “but hey it looks like you made a good recovery.” He offered blindly. Fa almost crashed into a GM causing Kamille to offer, “ease up on the throttle Fa!” He looked back over to Hikaru, “I’ve often dreamed about designing a mobile suit… but without any kind of financial backing or formal background in the field it may never come true…” He lamented as he kept an eye on Fa’s display. His tone shifted, “I’m not sure how these ZAFT guys are going to treat us when you guys leave…” - "It's alright, you didn't know. Have you had to endure racism while you were here?" Hikaru asked. It was a viable concern...if these two were stuck on the Vesalius, people like Yzak could give them a hard time. He let the comment about his 'recovery' pass. "As for designing your own machine, everyone has to start somewhere. Being an unknown matters a little less in times of war as long as you come up with a good design. Everybody's desperate for the next big thing. With the Movable Frame ushering in the Second Generation of Mobile Suits, there's a lot of possibilities to use it in unusual ways. If nothing else, it would still give you a deeper understanding of Mobile Suit technology." "Good job on that GM II, Fa. Try to Spray and Pray a little less though. The computer can help you compensate for distance and your enemy's vectors." Hikaru said, advising the girl. - “Nothing overt…” Kamille responded to Hikaru about the racism, “it’s just not exactly friendly on here… I can just… tell…” he looked around conspiratorially before adding. “I am worried about what they are going to do with us that’s all. I get the impression they won’t want us on their plants and I haven’t heard them talk about making any pit stops to any of the sides. Is there… well…. I’m wondering if we should go to earth… if for no better reason than we can try and sort ourselves out down there…” he looked genuinely worried, his gaze fixed on the back of Fa’s head as she squirmed with the controls. - Hikaru pondered the matter for a moment before giving a nod. "I can see that. If you were a Newtype, you'd also be potentially sensitive to their feelings. Newtypes aren't empaths, but there is some overlap." He took one of Char's quotes from Char's Counterattack and appended to it a little. "The racism has been getting worse and coming to the surface as the war's gone on. I think they still need naturally born humans for breeding due to the Coordinator gene pool being shallow and low birth rates, but the nationalism and racism pushes that to the backs of their minds at times when they should be more accommodating." The Diver spoke candidly while to explain the matter, but he soon realized that the topic was the sort that might be embarrassing to the pair. "I'm willing to take you two with us, but I have no idea how much opportunity to 'sort yourselves out' you'd have. We're going down to keep chasing that ship. It won't exactly be safe for either of you, nor do I know what resources we'll scrounge up for you to pilot if you choose to fight." - Kamille was visibly relieved to hear Hikaru agreeing to take them down to earth. “I get the impression that no where is exactly safe… at least on the ground we won’t be on a battleship…” as he spoke his eyes peered into Fa’s head, concern could be seen etched on his eyes. Fa seemingly finished her routine and the simulation soon ended. All things considered she did relatively well for a beginner. She looked around for approval which Kamille obliged with a simple, “not bad…” as he looked away. Fa looked at Hikaru, “what do you think?” She was so focused on the simulation she hardly noticed what the two boys were talking about. - "It was very good, Fa. Kamille was just unusually skilled for his first time around. You did decently with the quasi-psycommu as well, though you still need some simulator practice to brush up on your general evasion. You're better than I expected you to be. You might try enhanced spatial awareness testing as well..." It made sense to see these results, especially given that Fa was known for wrecking the Methuss fairly often. If she improved beyond her rut with that machine, she could easily pilot a ZII or a ReZEL... "Orb should be safe right now, Kamille, but it might not stay that way. That's why I want to provide them a cheap aquatic Mobile Armor design I have to defend their shores against aggressors. There might be some other places you can go if you chose. We'd have to keep an eye open." Hikaru stated, giving Kamille a hint about how and where those designs he wants to make can do some good. Maybe Orb would get the Murasame sooner? So many possibilities... - Fa scrunched up her face up in confusion, “Orb? Never heard of it! Is that your country?” Kamille modded his head in agreement, “yeah can’t say I’ve heard of the place, is it nice?” The boy’s eye scanned the cockpit as if looking for clues. - Hikaru found that odd. Perhaps he'd been mistaken? Or did it fail to exist in this timeline? Hard to say...but the Astrays existed for the purposes of Orb, and those had been confirmed. "Maybe I'm pronouncing it wrong. They had built Heliopolis?" - Kamille and Fa nodded their heads in recognition, “oh yeah! That’s right!” Kamille nodded. “We’re not exactly familiar with all the countries in earth.” Fa apologized, “You didn’t say is that where you’re from? Is that why you want to protect it?” - Hikaru shook his head. "No, I'm not from there, but rather it's a peaceful country that doesn't want to play a role in the war. Of course, what happened at Heliopolis may have dragged them into it. It's a good place to live, as I understand, and doesn't have the racist thing going either. One of the few places that has decent leaders...though there are whispers of subversion of some of its officials lately." - “Some off the colonies could have been described the same way…” Kamille responded bitterly before shaking the sourness the air, “anyways… are you hoping to make it that far on earth?” - "Yeah, that's where I hope to eventually go, at least so as to provide them with a way to better defend themselves. Not sure I'll stay there though." He smiled, regarding the pair. "We'll just see how things go down there." - Kamille nodded his understanding, “thanks so much for showing us your Gundam…” Kamille offered rather shyly. There could have been a hint of jealousy in his voice but he remained grateful for the experience it seemed. “I look forward to the day when I can repay your kindness to us!” Fa nodded her agreement. Kamille continued, “We better get out of your hair and get ready for tomorrow, I’m sure you need to get ready too !” The duo headed for the hatch to leave. - The Diver opened the hatch and allowed them to depart. "You're welcome! The best thing you can do to pay me back is to stay alive!" He smiled, waving as the pair departed. Hikaru truly hoped that things would go well...thankfully, no one had noticed the Elemechu hiding in the cockpit. That was not the time to find out how Fa responded to mice.
  6. Hikaru shifted into Mobile Armor mode as well, with the addition of the GP04's lower body and main gun in its arms underneath. He accelerated, pushing the machine as best he could. Of course, this was only done long enough to get up to a reasonable pace before aiming himself at Beta Team's vessel and letting go of the lower body and arms. This only took a few extra seconds, but it might have some sort of consequence for secondary objectives. "Hikaru to Team, secondary threat resolved. I and the leader of Alpha Team are enroute! Bottom half and arms of enemy RX-78GP04G "Gundam Gerbera" drifting toward our vessel! Grab it on retreat! I need to provide cover!" The transformed machine was now more stable, even though it was carrying the Gerbera's main weapon in both hands underneath to deny it to the enemy. He was going to take aim at the Archangel with his Long Beam Rifle, hopefully being able to assist before Risu got overwhelmed, but seeing Shin in that state changed his mind. Taking aim at the larger target, the Zeong, Hikaru opened fire with the Long Beam Rifle in hopes of disabling or destroying the machine. "Risu! Withdraw, you've got inbound! I'm coming Shin, hang on!" Risu might have to deal with the consequences of surrendering her range advantage, but it couldn't be helped. Shin didn't seem likely to last as long.
  7. The controlled descent of his enemy was noted, and Hikaru decided not to assume that his enemy was incapacitated by any measure. The hits hadn't been confirmed, after all. With as light a step as a Mobile Suit could achieve, he moved his machine. He knew not to stay in the same position, and was sure his enemy knew not to as well. He shifted his loadout for urban fighting, adopting the Tempest Beam Sword and his shield with its beam guns in the face. Range would have to be traded for flexibility here. The Beam Sword was kept deactivated until needed, so its glow wouldn't give him away. Once he'd moved to a new position, he elected to try something he'd seen on the 08th MS Team. With the city empty save for the enemy and the destruction caused by the missiles, he attempted to use the Mobile Suit's audio detection systems. Perhaps he would be able to hear thrusters or his enemy's footsteps. "Let's see if I can figure out where you are with this." Hikaru uttered, trying to detect his enemy enough to get a rough bearing and distance estimate. It wasn't as detailed as listening through the ground, but it was hopefully better than nothing.
  8. Hikaru's machine kept moving in its Mobile Armor mode, managing not to get caught in the resulting blast from the Salamis. Grumbling, Hikaru sent out over his comm link with his team. "Hikaru to Alpha Team, I lured Beta's leader away only for us both to be ambushed by some sniper. We're both stuck on an adjacent map dealing with a secondary hostile Federation objective." All the while, the sensors normally dedicated to Long Smart Rifle's use scanned for the source of the shot while he kept up his evasive maneuvers. If he could keep the enemy from getting a bead on him, they could make this work. He established a laser comm link with Aida, though he didn't dare maintain the link longer than he could say "Still thinking I planned this junk? Switching to channel 195." The Diver still needed to prioritize evasion over the comm link. Once he switched channels again away from laser and waited a moment, he sent a communication. "We both have high speed machines suitable for evasion and recon. We should probably put aside our fight for later, triangulate the source of the shots, and take this one out as quickly as possible. Are you up for that?"
  9. Hikaru sped past Emma, her saber and subsequent beam strike failing to connect much as his own attacks had thanks to the speed as well as her own confusion. The boy was already on the evasive, and inwardly was thankful that he'd missed. He had trouble disconnecting with reality here and Emma wasn't a person he wanted to harm. The immersion was dangerously high. "Now we'll see how you Titans do without using civilians as shields!" He said to the woman, both a reference to Gryps having civilians alongside that R&D base and a 'coincidental' reference to the child soldier they'd recruited in the Strike. Hopefully that would cultivate further doubts in her mind. Of course, Mu and Kira could likely hear this as well. Thankfully, Hikaru's efforts were rewarded. Instead of interfering with the others, Aida was following him instead. Target fixation could be a wonderful thing when it was the enemy that wore the blinders. The two Mobile Armors danced across the debris-filled space, Aida's Shot Lancer's Machine Guns discharging and striking debris around him. "Hey! I'm ticked off seeing yours too, but at least I'm not accusing you of plagiarism! A G-Defenser based Back Weapons System is the obvious upgrade path for a Mk-II or Nemo-based machine! And what do you mean 'hired by a coward'? My team's leadership is out on the field, unlike yours! Bask Om's just looking intimidating on the bridge of a ship twiddling his thumbs rather than fighting, right?" He interpreted the comment as an in-character one, not even considering the out of character implications. The boy kept talking. He wanted to make sure the enemy was distracted by rage and chatter while luring him a sufficient distance away. Avoiding devastating hits from a single chasing enemy wasn't too hard as long as he kept evading and did not fly straight. Most Mobile Armors' weapons were fixed to the machine's center line with little in the way of an adjustable firing arc. The boy's machine shuddered with a few hits from the scaled up Shot Lancer Machine Gun in spite of his evasion, but pure Gundanium Gamma armor was sterner stuff than the composites that the Shot Lancer was initially designed to contend with. Were it not scaled up in size, the Shot Lancer may well have done nothing at all. Hikaru thanked his luck that the enemy seemed not to have missiles. This might be a good bit harder otherwise. Finally, when far enough away to keep the enemy from breaking off back to the others so easily, the Super Beta Gundam made its move. Dual-axis hip-mounted beam guns in the hip modules of the machine were already aiming rearward in this configuration to start with, and they shifted their positions slightly to track the enemy. The quasi-psycommu controlled armaments fired upon the Super Airbatel as it pursued. One was aimed at the machine's current path, while the other was aimed at what Hikaru deemed to be the most likely point to evade to. Hikaru wondered how the enemy would respond to a Mobile Armor capable of shooting behind itself to produce its own cover fire.
  10. Hikaru analyzed the current plan and the forces in play that he could identify. Part of him wanted to assist Rau and Creed respectively, but he also knew that someone had to take care of a certain Mobile Armor that bore a strong similarity to his own in function. He knew that machine and was a bit irritated, though not surprised, to find that it too had turned a G-Defenser into a Back Weapons System as part of its upgrade path. Having it intercept Creed wouldn't be ideal, but that was unlikely at the speeds they were going in opposing directions until Creed's first run on the Archangel was over. The pilot thought for a moment. Strike was a clear goal. Hikaru had previously marked Emma as such as well. If he went into the fight with the NPD Gundams, it would pretty much scream 'Beta Team, come intercede'. It might even draw out the other Mobile Suits they likely had in play as well. Otherwise, it was abandoning Rau to a three-on-one. Noting these measures, Hikaru decided to try and work with this. Between the irritation from the last fight and the fact they were both using Back Weapon Systems, the Diver hoped that Aida would be angry enough for target fixation. Decision made, he decided to show off his own machine's similar capability by shifting into Mobile Armor mode to speed toward the 'main fight'. The Beta Gundam headed for the trio of Gundams in support of the CGUE, trying to bait Aida into turning a one-on-three fight into a two-on-four. The fact Hikaru had gone for Emma Sheen before might just make it more believable, so he went for her unit first. The Long Smart Rifle of the machine discharged, the shot streaking toward her Gundam and also lighting up the battlefield a bit more than the typical beam strike. Catching her was an ideal option, but not necessarily tenable. "Still sporting that outdated version, huh? How does it feel to fall behind in your own Mk-II's R&D?" Of course, this taunt to Emma was meant to get Aida's attention as well.
  11. Hikaru had spent a little time after the briefing looking to the Buster. With a quick flash of recollection, the boy and his RX-179 Beta Gundam/FXA-00 Flying Armor logged out....only for his full armament and Flying Armor to log back in not long before the mission with the addition of a GAT-X1xx machine's shield in the Buster's colors on its right arm mount. He'd hurriedly freed the Flying Armor and Shield for others to use before he spoke to the group maintaining the Buster and tried to have them replace the conventional shield on the left arm with the new acquisition in case of emergency deployment. He'd once built a model kit for the Buster and thought its lack of Beam Sabers and vulcans was somewhat foolish. The shield he'd modified for it thus housed 75mm CIWS in the face and two Sabers on the back, and that later helped inspire the Beta Gundam's shield armaments. Now that old shield was hopefully being used for something practical. Unable to wait and see if the hangar team would abide by replacing the shield on the Buster with it or even letting both arms bear a shield, Hikaru prepared to launch his in machine. The mobile suit, complete with its new G-Defenser, was not deployed with the Flying Armor attached. His machine was fast enough without it. "Hikaru, RX-179 Beta Gundam, launching!" He truncated the G-Defenser's designation from the call as he launched, speeding off into open space to follow Creed and Shin. He'd have to be mindful of the machine's larger dimensions as he fought and moved, but the capabilities of his unit were notably enhanced now. Something he suspected that he would need. "At this stage? I'm thinking 'kick butt and be mindful of high-yield long range fire or debris field ambush tactics' for now. The Moebius Zero would be fairly ideal for the latter. I could also see them letting others take point while using the Strike as a mobile turret with the Launcher Striker if they go with a canon break. Keeping a rookie Kira tied to the ship for power and sensors to shoot from afar would be an option now that he has allies to do the close up fighting. Can't promise that though. He might be left as-is to be a secondary capture objective, so we'll just have to see." Hikaru had been carefully analyzing how Kira and the Strike might manifest in this battle. Trusting Kira to pilot the Strike might yet be necessary, but having him risk the Strike on the front line was not prudent for the Titans. There were better units and more experienced pilots to handle extended close range combat than in canon. It all came down to how GBN handled things. Already, Hikaru was watching his sensors carefully for long range discharge or signs of the enemy. The debris field had him particularly wary of the Newtype that likely hid within...
  12. Hikaru had been expecting less competence. Though he'd hoped that the pilot would descend or fire missiles on the position he'd drawn the enemy's attention to, he instead found that the pilot had seen through the ruse. Missiles streaked out and fanned the area. Hikaru was forced to duck behind the large building he'd adopted as cover only for a missile to strike at its base. The downside of using the shadow of the larger building to conceal himself was that the building was a larger target. The pilot was forced to use his thrusters to move back away from the building as it collapsed while falling at an awkward angle, not able to maintain its shape as it toppled over. "Tch..." Was all Hikaru had time to emit before his cover was blown, the pilot responding by keeping his shield ready and firing his Slack Pack's dual Hydra Gatling Beam Cannons. The ability to generate his own suppressive fire was a boon for a melee-oriented unit, though he didn't expect it to do much. Maybe clip his enemy's wings or intercept further missiles if he was lucky. Closing to melee was a priority, but he needed to regain the initiative first. Or at least keep his enemy from being able to retake the skies.
  13. Hikaru was more than a little surprised when, after adjusting the ZAKU Warrior Light Armor's parameters, he was thrown straight into a battle. He had no idea that there was an online multiplayer to this system. Perhaps it was something added later? Still, it seemed oddly implemented. He wasn't even given the option to decline. Hikaru would have minded were it his main GBN machine or one of his other builds, but this particular one? "Ah well, maybe it'll be fun." He took note of the terrain, quickly noting that the land surrounding the city was too exposed to serve as cover. It reminded him of the ancient UCGO computer game. The ZAKU have to use the city which it found itself in for cover. He initially sought out an overpass or something but found this to be a city much like those in Europe - ancient enough for roads to be forced to conform to the terrain and old buildings rather than the other way around. Roundabouts were present, though the inclusion of traffic lights at them indicated an American touch. It was a noncommittal mix of old and new. The pilot guided his machine into the shadow of a taller building, careful to turn down the light of his optical sensor to reduce visibility. Getting trapped between buildings was a bad idea since he would need to retain his mobility, so he stayed near some of the wider roads. Primary Directives: Find Enemy Mobile Suit (0/1) Maintain Peace and Order No Secondary Objectives Noting the beginning of the encounter and Shield and Beam Machine Gun at the ready, he decided to wait. It wouldn't be long before he saw a DINN take to the air in the distance, and he clicked his teeth. An aerial unit had an advantage with its ranged armaments. Though he could use cover to his advantage, it wouldn't be ideal. No, he needed to be careful with this. The pilot took one of his machine's grenades and tossed it into the distance from his cover. In a more constrained area between several buildings, one which the DINN might be able to corner a hypothetical enemy, the flash grenade went off. "Come on. Fall for it. Use up your missiles, be drawn in closer, something..." Hikaru uttered, hoping his enemy had an itchy trigger finger.
  14. Hikaru waited at the Gundam Base for his younger sisters who were currently fulfilling their duties as Puru image girls. They made time for him, but there were points where they were pulled away and he was left alone. His parents had been having them bring him to the Gundam Base so he wouldn't become a complete shut-in. There were still times like this where they had to go record voice lines or officiate events in GBN that he wasn't part of, which left him little to do. The latest anime/GBN crossover event left them busy. As he pondered what Gunpla to build to pass the time, he saw two high school-aged boys storm out of a room he'd never been in before. “Can you believe that? Who uses a system that wrecks the Gunpla you use with it?” One half-shouted angrily. “At least you won. My GOUF Ignited was pretty much destroyed...” The other one said, more grumbling than shouting. The two left the Gundam Base in clear irritation, making Hikaru curious. Navigating his wheelchair to the room and entering, he realized what what had made the pair angry. There was a Gunpla Duel setup in the room, and the system still had the two discarded Gunpla within. One was a High Grade ZGMF-2000 GOUF Ignited and the other was a High Grade ZGMF-1100/K Slash ZAKU Warrior. Indeed, the GOUF was very heavily damaged while the ZAKU had damage to some of its more superficial shoulder and ankle armor, its shield, its stock beam tomahawk, and its its leg energy piping. Laying claim to the parts, Hikaru headed to the build table and also took stock of various discarded pieces and runners which he'd collected from the establishment for turning into plastic for his 3D Printer. Noting some verniers, and a Heat Hawk with a broken handle, he got to work. Painting the parts wasn't possible right now, though he detailed seams with an ultra fine permanent marker and filed down various nubs. The base units were made stock by rookies, and he had to use the plastic spudger tool in a few places to disassemble the unit to fix things. The similarities between the GOUF Ignited and the ZAKU Warrior meant some parts commonality for fixing the internal frame. The eventual end result was a ZAKU Warrior with stripped down shoulder and ankle armor, a GOUF Ignited Shield which had heated spikes and a pair of "Draupnir" Beam Guns in the face that held a Tempest Composite Beam Sword, racks on the hips that could store E-Pacs or missiles, extra verniers in the legs where there were once power cable connectors, and an optional Slash Wizard Pack. “Not bad for trash parts...” Hikaru said, smiling to himself. His new ZAKU Warrior Light Armor may not have been the best build he made, but it wasn't something to be ashamed of at least. Scanning it with the GBN scanner parts in his wheelchair and resolving to use that data to maintain or improve it later, he re-entered the empty Gunpla Duel room. Placing it onto the device where the ZAKU Warrior originally was, he accessed the system to fine-tune its specifications. He was also more than a little curious about how the Gunpla Duel system worked. It was a bit before his time, after all.
  15. While not my favorite possibility, it's certainly an option and I have assorted MS and concepts that could be applied/explored. Many remain from the original AD and were never used. Does "non-canon timeline" mean non-canon story, or no canon characters as well?
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