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  1. "Whoa-" Carter flinched a little as Isla suddenly fired first, though he was grateful for it- she did just save him "Thanks, good buddy!" he said over comms, after watching her take down the Asshimar, he noticed something on his radar and quickly fired at it with his Beam rifle, the pink beam cut through the air much faster than it would normally, thanks to the backpack now attached to his head- the beam struck a base jabber carrying a marasai, causing the mobile suit to fall into the water- where it would be nearly inoperable "Sorry, Isla but i have a request!" he said suddenly as they began
  2. Carter did his usual ritual of preparing for a fight, taking a deep breath and checking on his pet elemechu that was next to him, he chuckled a little.. it was probably pretty weird for others to see, but for him it helped calm the nerves- Though a lot of times, he was just too excited to stay calm in moments like this. The Blue Haired Diver went up ahead of his team, before coming to a stop to survey the battlefield- He figured it wouldn't be a smart move for him to immediately detach from his team. He got out of high speed assault mode, the dish like backpack came off of his head and then we
  3. ImAnnoyingHer

    Mass Produced Mayhem

    “It wouldn’t feel right to have gone for the kill in this situation..” Carter said, he looked kinda confused when he was suddenly asked for advice, he rubbed his chin and thought about it “Well.. its most likely loose joints right? Depending on the kit you use.. Take some clear or black nail varnish and coat the polycaps or joint with them, it should thicken it up so that when you put it back in the socket itll be a better fit” Carter thought that should do it, since thats what he used before
  4. Carter was absolutely, positively.. perplexed by the situation they were in, he realised that it was because of his teammates appearance, which impressed him.. on a game design perspective, so if he had chosen to cosplay as Setsuna, then the NPD’s would recognize and then treat him as Setsuna.. the blue haired diver snapped back to reality as his Elemechu jumped and “Bit” his finger, he waved his hand after grabbing the Elemechu “Right..” he said. He looked over at the maganacs “Well, now that we’re all friends.. shouldn’t we get moving or something like that?” He suggested, both he
  5. ImAnnoyingHer

    Mass Produced Mayhem

    Carter grabbed his shoulder spike once more and was preparing to catch his opponent with another strike, “Ora!-“ though, he stopped and held himself back as he saw his opponents Gunpla fall apart at the joints, when he saw the torso and head float over.. he didn’t know how to react.. for a bit. Carter put the shoulder spike away and floated over to his opponent, catching him “Whoa- uhh.. are you okay?” He asked over comms
  6. ImAnnoyingHer

    Mass Produced Mayhem

    Carter congratulated himself for the slick escape, not realizing he had just put himself in even more danger, he returned the shoulder spike back onto his.. shoulder, and turned around, ready to fire on his enemy- But what met him instead was a barrage of beams, bullets, and missiles “Ah man!” He raised his shield to block it but got sent flying back, the damage it caused broke the shield, but luckily the arm mounted Vulcan guns were intact. “Helluva barrage..” he said, floating there, he decided to draw his machine gun and start firing back while moving erratically, his machine move
  7. Carter was enjoying himself! Wreaking havoc across the enemy formation, dipping and dodging.. causing them to fire on each other before a loud boom and then crunch was heard, sending the machine off its feet and sliding across the ground “What the hell?!” He asked, the alarms sounded and his cockpit was flooding with red.. his Elemechu had hopped off his shoulder and cowered beneath the seat for security. “Damage report?..” he asked, looking at the HUD as he forced his mobile suit up, most of his left side had been blown apart, the side which held his shield earlier “Tch.. i knew i shouldv
  8. “Yeah! Eat it- Uh oh” Carters excitement quickly died down as he saw his targets aim their weapons at him. He clicked his tongue, and saw it almost like a challenge “Alright, buddy lets see how you can move!” He gently pat the armrest of his seat and smiled a little, he raised up his shield as the first barrage of hellfire came towards him. His shield blocked as much of it as possible, and by the looks of it.. he had been lit up completely, but through the fire and the black smoke of the explosions, a bright blue visor shone through “I don’t have to be invincible.. they just have to thin
  9. ImAnnoyingHer

    Mass Produced Mayhem

    Carter clicked his tongue and tried to think fast, after he pulled the second beam saber he knew that his heat blade was gonna lose out, though.. that wasn't his only melee weapon! Carter let himself get pushed back away from earth, before suddenly swinging his heat blade up and away, letting go of it completely “Let’s scrap!” He shouted as one of the Zaku’s shoulder spikes popped off, he grabbed onto it like a knuckle duster and threw a huge uppercut to his opponents torso. He glanced at the monitors to the side, it would be bad if he stayed in close.. but those shoulder cannons would b
  10. ImAnnoyingHer

    Mass Produced Mayhem

    Carter clicked his tongue as the rocket he shot got taken down “Good reflexes, he’s good” He said to himself, though he wasn’t idly speaking.. he was preparing his next strike, stowing away the bazooka as he stayed within range of his tumbling opponent, he wanted to capitalize; he started to aim his arm mounted vulcan guns, but.. ”He righted himself?- that quickly?!” He was surprised, he didn’t know someone could do that in such a manner, especially in PVP. He saw his opponent start dashing at him, he was new to PVP but.. he wasn’t gonna run off “I’ll accept that challenge
  11. Carter slid his little periscope back up the cockpit as soon as he got the order to move freely, he smirked a little.. the view of Aries’ getting caught up in the buckshot or.. birdshot for now, and getting torn up by the beam rifle shots from his teammate was incredibly cool, he snapped out of it though when said teammate saved him from the stragglers that got through “Nice save!” He praised over comms. He decoupled the high energy beam rifle and the gun launcher, stowing the latter away on its designated holster. “Don’t get sunk out here!” He said, acknowledging the snipers suggest
  12. ImAnnoyingHer

    Mass Produced Mayhem

    “Damn- he’s really going for it!” Carter tried to track him as best he could, but he figured out quickly just how difficult that would be, he clicked his tongue and raised his shield as he turned his thrusters on “Lemme show you a little something then!” He said over comms, he quickly dropped altitude and started cruising around at high speeds, matching the pace of the red blur, trading pot shots with it as they streaked across space. Carter looked at the monitors, he wasn’t that good at PVP.. well, at all.. but he had lots of practice when it came to general combat, if he was gonna
  13. ImAnnoyingHer

    Mass Produced Mayhem

    Carter was lounging in the hangar of the main lobby, since it was a place that players could see each others builds, talk shop about upgrades, and lounge around in their cockpit, he was checking the marketplace on one monitor, while the other was fixated on the leaderboards, for speed of course. “Hmm..” he thought to himself “Should i get the pet Elemechu?.. its expensive, though..” he thought. He saw a score pop up on the leaderboard and raised an eyebrow “73.4..” he said to himself “What slowed him down?.. hmm..” he was thinking pretty intently before he got a ping, and a request f
  14. “Come on boys, you’re killing me here!” Carter chuckled as he prepared his weapon, linking the two separate guns together to gain access to the anti-armor shotgun “If you guys wont say it...” Carter smirked and pulled the “scope” down from the top his cockpit, the sudden movement startled the elemechu into hiding under the seat. “I will!” Carter loaded explosive shells, smirking. “Challengers of Diamond.. Begin Armed Intervention!” With that, he pulled the trigger and sent explosive buckshot hurtling towards the enemy, he kept pulling the trigger over and over to make sure they did
  15. Carter weighed the options out in his head, the way he saw it.. there was the easy way, the hard way, or the fun way. He wondered what his teammates thought, he didn’t want to be the one to make the decision on his own so he decided to open comms. ”I think we can take ‘em all” he said, getting his mobile suit in position for an artillery barrage.. the Comet Dagger had gotten a slight change, though it was mainly internal. The cockpit in particular “We’ll have to play it smart Though” he pointed out. The inside of his cockpit had changed quite a bit, a panoramic Monitor set up with a
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