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  1. Viria let out a breath of relief as they got situated in their room, she was impressed with the technology in the pokecenter, she didn't even think it could look that advanced! Though, she still would mention that it couldn't replace their own back at home, she seemed.. especially sentimental about her hometown. She swung her legs as she sat on the bed, smiling as she watched her and her friends pokemon eat and "play". "The battle tower? Heck yeah, that sounds great!" She said with her signature grin, she was already going on her own little tirade about strategy and what type of pokemon t
  2. Keiran sped forward, he had a mission and it was one that he had to do.. after all, it would be bad to lose someone already.. right? The green frame cut through the sky at high speed which- while not recommended for most pilots, was something Keiran himself had never felt before, he was once again falling into the habit of treating his mobile suit as a fighter, but this time it would serve him well. "Dammit!" He let out, performing a barrel roll to dodge the fire, getting past the enemies, he slowed down and did a quick 180 to return fire with his bazooka! And that's where he saw it
  3. Mako happily accepted the pet's that his friend gave him, he seemed pretty happy all around, being with his trainer and all that. Viria herself smiled innocently "Pffft me? Never" She said "I wouldn't miss this trip for the world". She seemed pretty excited "I haven't actually been on a ferry like this though, just my grandparents fishing boat" She leaned over the railing a little dangerously, with Mako biting the end of her shirt to sort of pull her back away from the water, after awhile she did settle down and sit next to Felicia though, listening as Felicia told her about the gym.. though,
  4. Viria and her mother had a nice.. long talk about what was going to happen.. of course the daughter was.. well, sad.. in the absence of her father, Viria's mother did everything for her she took care of her, raised her, and taught her everything she knew about.. everything, and now.. it was time for Viria to spread her wings and go on her own journey, the usually tough and cool looking girl was currently holding back tears as she was "Lectured" by her mother. "Oh.. who am I kidding?" The mother couldn't help but shed a few tears as well, hugging her only daughter tight and running her fi
  5. Keiran let out a breath as he heard the squad leaders command "Affirmative!" He said, getting his mobile suit ready for a fight once again by priming the thrusters for a sudden push towards his location, In the mean time he joined Roane and Geneva in the main assault, firing his beam rifle towards the enemies and quickly taking cover upon being fired at, he clicked his tongue after narrowly dodging another barrage of fire.. this was starting to get exhausting, He peeked out to fire a few more shots before glancing at his teammate, now missing a shield. Keiran rushed forward at the same t
  6. Keiran sat back in the cockpit quietly, there was no preamble to prepare himself this time, he was ready for whatever he had to do, his mobile suit stayed the same from the last mission, he wanted to stay as a general purpose unit until his allies settled in to their roles.. right, his team.. He opened his eyes and wondered if they'd be ready, he would understand some hesitation here, though.. he himself wouldn't hesitate at all when it came to this, never the less... he waited, and when it was his time to launch, he was alarmingly animated "Keiran Larris, Launching!" He called out, gripp
  7. Viria went wide eyed as she saw the three pokemon, sure.. she's seen some before, but none like these, they were all so cute and cuddly! But at the same time.. she was nervous, her choice here would set her on a path that would change her life "Whoa..." She said, and once again after being handed the pokedex, she looked through it, smiling as she looked at all of the entries on it, but.. there was already one that was calling out to her, one that she knew was the one. Viria crouched down in front of the blue reptile, smiling a little and then patting it on the head "Hey, little guy.. you
  8. "Booyah!" Viria cheered as she was in her room, her mother had given her a piece of news that she was incredibly happy to hear "You mean it right?!" She asked with a big grin on her face "THE professor is here?" She practically had stars in her eyes as she leaned forward and looked up at her mother. Kianna let out a soft giggle and nodded, patting her daughter on the head softly "Would I ever lie to you?" She asked "Of course I mean it" She assured her child, cuasuing Viria to let out another loud cheer. "Alright!" The young one said loudly, walking past her mother, only to be pulled bac
  9. ImAnnoyingHer


    Gender: Female Eyes: Yellow Hair: Naturally Black Skin: Light-Skinned Handiness: Right Hometown: Cianwood City Region: Johto Relatives: Kianna (Mother) Trainer Class: Unknown PERSONALITY Rough and touble, but fiercely loyal. Viria is the type of person to appreciate her alone time more than others, but also appreciates having friends or family being available should she need them. She's loud and proud, willing to say anything on her mind if she feels like it has to be said, and willing to do whatever it is her friends need her to do.
  10. Keiran in particular extremely enjoyed their little team building exercise, in fact he enjoyed it so much that he had left the necessary self awareness to realize that this may not have been the sort of thing the team necessary wanted to do, much less what they needed to do in particular, never the less he went with it and was nice and happy to even give little fun facts about the production of the show and all that.. It was a jarring change really, one that he hoped would not stick on his teammates. After that? It was game time, all business from here on out, despite being trained alrea
  11. Keiran was.. excited, so much so that he lost the self awareness required to realized that this plan my not.. exactly be the best in terms of, well- planning, nevertheless the white haired male was adamant on having it happen, especially since he and Roane have had it planned for quite some time already, he kept this bubbling excitement hidden until the meeting ended, so many things were now going through his mind.. but the main thing was clear in his mind "Will we really be ready to face the future with just us?" It lingered in his mind but.. not for long, he had to believe in his teammates a
  12. Keiran was quiet throughout the whole thing, he was listening to everything that was being said and internally nodding along and agreeing with what he was hearing, he did feel like he had.. certain habits he had to get rid of as a pilot, but.. when Roane mentioned operation anime, Keiran couldn't help but let out a small smile "Ah, Right" He said, drawing in a small breath and then explaining what it was exactly "We thought it would be a good idea to gather all of our pilots and watch some.. err, Anime" He said "I already brought some onto the ship with my personal effects, and Roane was
  13. Keiran sat there on the rails for a little bit, knocking on the cockpit and then huffing after he got no response from his teammate, he sighed and then stretched out, to be honest.. he wanted to take a nap too, but if he did then he might not wake up in time, he groaned.. now not knowing what to do, he covered his mouth and shut his eyes.. shaking his head and then returning his face to a neutral expression, he decided that the best course of action for now is to go back to his room. He went straight into the bathroom and washed his face, clearing it of the make up and face paint that he
  14. Keiran sat back in his cockpit, he had acted a little out of character there, well.. a lot out of character, at least for him. He shut his eyes and thought about everything that had happened, two of his teammates had issues during the fight, Roane seemingly a mental one, and Geneva's an equipment problem.. it made him think.. "Did I do anything wrong?" He asked, thinking about it "I let some shots past and it hit our Commander, I should've been faster.. maybe" he mumbled to himself while sitting in the dark of his cockpit as he nitpicked every little thing he did, especially the damage the gre
  15. Keiran had taken some, well a lot of fire from the tanks he was going up against, though it wasn't anything he couldn't handle, he could still move, and fight.. and that was what was important to him, he grit his teeth and then kept on fighting till he finally got the retreat order, he let out a breath and nodded "I'll reinforce the rear! Let's get out of here!" He called out to his teammates, he was the most out of position, especially because he was the one that had pushed up the farthest to get the tanks out of play, he put his booster on as high as they would go, he noticed his commander w
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