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  1. Carter was elated with himself, actually coming up with a winning plan that got them to safety "Hell yeah!" He said, sitting up from his cockpit and opening the hatch, he looked around the area and saw nothing "Hey.. we're on Earth right? Not mars?" He joked, wiping his forehead as if there was sweat. "Oh yeah! We did well out there guys" he chuckled and raised his fist "We'll get back at them for betraying us another time, I gotta go for now" he waved bye as he logged out. When he was back to reality, he shut his eyes and laid back, it wasn't too intense, but he was mentally strained.. his new MS felt amazing to pilot and use. He picked it up and admired it "You did well out there" he said, bringing it over to the shelf and putting it in action pose next to his Zaku. "Oh yeah, I should probably.." He nodded and looked at the time "I should make a visit" he said, grabbing his coat and heading out
  2. Carter's eyes widened as he saw himself get rushed down by the enemy mobile suit "Oh no, Oh no, oh no!" He thought to himself, hastily holstering the only two ranged weapons he had and raising a shield, the distinct sound of a beam saber activating was heard as the blue beam sprung from the handle, as the enemy got close he swung! Falling for the front and watching the Archangel get attacked for it "DAMMIT!" he said to himself, he gave chase, spotting his ally closing in.. he flicked the switch to his Saturn engine on and pulled ahead of the Enemy MS “This ship doesn't have Phase Shift, but physical ammo is the only chance we have! Carter, we don’t have much time, let’s mess this one up before the other one comes in!” he heard over comms "I hear you!" He responded "Switching weapons! Watch for the buckshot!" Carter announced as he grabbed the Anti armor shotgun he was packing, he turned around, and started blasting at the enemy to try and slow it down!
  3. "Dammit-" Carter said before getting on comms "Kira move! I need a clear shot!" He shouted before noticing a beam cut In through the space behind him.. someone had gotten close enough to shoot at the ship "Gah- hold that thought, the ships under direct attack!" Carter called out for his team. He changed sides, going from the tail end of the archangel over to the middle to protect it, he was looking for where the shots came from, frantically so. "You know what? How about this?" H switched over to the Anti armor shotgun and started blasting the direction the beams were coming from, he had to get them away from the ship before Something worse happens
  4. "The heck? Am I being ignored?" Carter sighed deeply as he was in position, he was able to see people engage in fights from his spot on top of the Archangels tail, it gave him a mighty fine view indeed. The pilot leaned back and relaxed a bit.. he saw the Zeong engage someone, and he saw the GM Go forward as well "We're spreading thin.. that might not be good" He mumbled to himself, before going on comms to his allies "Yo! Try to stay within range of me, if you're having trouble I can back you guys up with some artillery!" He called out before shutting off his comms. He saw the Bael, flying around space.. and he smirked "IBO, huh? Alright, Bael.." he grabbed the 350mm Gun Launcher from his backpack and readied it, loading it with am armor piercing she'll "Meet the Cosmic Eras Dainsleif!" He fired the launcher and the shell shot out towards the Bael
  5. "Alright! Let's do this" Carter suddenly said to psych himself up, he turned and started walking to his mobile suit; it was brand new, no longer the Blue Zaku that he was so used to- He was in SEED, and he did as the Romans did "Let's see how you'll perform in the field" he said excitedly as he got into the cockpit of his new mobile suit, a combination of the Buster Dagger with parts from the Astray Red Frame and Blue Frame, in his custom Black, Blue, and Silver paint scheme.. The Comet Dagger! It would be his muse for this mission, he booted it up and checked his weapons.. all systems green, saturn engine at the ready for a burst of energy.. He smiled "Heh, still got that new Gunpla smell" He said jokingly to himself as he placed his hands on the controls "Time to get serious.." He said, shutting his eyes and then readying the launch He opened his eyes and smirked "Carter Lee, Comet Dagger, breaking through the battlefield!" he then launched at full speed, feeling the full agility of his mobile suit as he looked around for a place to position himself, the Zeong had hidden behind the debris, which he would love to do if it werent for his bold paint scheme.. he decided to.. take an unconventional tactic. He decided to stand on the back of the archangel, combining his weapons into one so he could use the scope to look out further "In position for shelling!"
  6. Carter placed his head directly to his desk, shutting his eyes and banging his head there over and over again "Come on.. ideas, lets go.. just need a little bit of ideas, you can do it brain!" he said.. he thought about everything, what type of MS would be nice, what series he should take from, what mood he wants it to evoke. He looked over at his shelf of different Gunpla and Gundam memorabilia, he narrowed his eyes and then suddenly shot straight up when it finally came to him. "Of course!" He exclaimed "Thanks, brain!". Carter would run over right to his cabinets and grabbed paints, files, and sandpaper.. as well as a couple of other Gunpla, he smiled and then sat right at his little desk with everything he'd need.. he started taking them apart and putting them back together in different combinations, experimenting as much as he could before finding a combination he liked.. and he did, after about an hour or so of mulling over designs.. He grabbed his paints and got to work, sanding, priming, air brushing, and drying.. and when he was done, he pulled away and smiled at it proudly "What should i name it.." He tapped his foot and looked at its different aspects, the colors, the design.. and then it came to him "The Comet Dagger!" It was perfect in his mind, it was Based off the Buster Dagger and some Astray parts.. A high mobility artillery mobile suit. "Perfection" He said while holding it in his hands, he took it and its weapons and placed it on the scanner as he logged in. He took it straight to free roam so that he could test it, he primed its thrusters and then put pedal to the metal as he blasted off, it was nice and agile.. powerful weapons to match "Whooo!" He cheered, spinning in a circle while firing off the High energy rifle, and the Gun Launcher.. unfortunately it would be cut short- as the next he knew.. he would be in the hangar of the archangel, with his teammates. He sighed and disembarked, floating out of the cockpit and then landing on the catwalk.. He saw the Zeong, and the GM "Good taste.." He said to both, as he approached the other pilots
  7. When Carter left the room, he stretched out and sighed.. "I guess it makes sense he would call it a GINN, but jeez.." He scratched the back of his head and then went to log out, when he did he saw his mission rewards and smiled a little. Carter Available at Avatar Shop: These Glasses Are A CHAR! Badge: Outdated But Skilled (+30% Credits) Stage Completed: 13000 Credits "Guess that's something to write home about" He said, before standing up and stretching "Sheesh.. that was intense" He looked around his room and then focused on his Zaku, he smiled at it and then picked it up "We'll be better next time, I promise" he said, he went straight to his desk and got to work on tuning his machine.. a little after that, he turned to his shelf and saw another model standing tall. "Well.. I guess it wouldn't hurt" He said, he changed the model kit he was working on and continued late into the night.. with a big smile on his face
  8. Carter would have been leaning against his arms on the main control panel of his Zaku, he let out a sigh and shook his head "Man.. Next time for sure, that'll be it" He said to himself before perking his head up and leaning back, looking around to see his environment and a particular NPD that caught his attention "Hm.. thats SEED isn't it?" he asked to himself before nodding along and then relaxing, he noticed the other two mobile suits in the hangar and decided that he would probably have to introduce himself one way or another, he let out another sigh at the that prospect before opening his cockpit and sliding down the rope that revealed itself for him to get in and out of it. "Yo.. You guys were my teammates earlier right?" He asked just to make sure, but he would still continue.. placing his hands in the pockets of his jacket "I'm Carter, Nice to meet you two" He said, he took notice of the one holding a Haro, he liked that ones mobile suit and general appearance- Lockon was one of his favorite characters after all. He then turned to check his mobile suit, followed by everyone elses.
  9. Carter had believed that he had gotten away, which was clearly not the truth- as a beam rifle shot would find purchase right through the side of his mobile suit, he bit his lip and tried to assess- the damage, nothing too bad.. luckily- he would take a deep breath before his mobile suit would suddenly rock and be set off course; as he was nailed in the back with a rocket, and then another. He clicked his tongue and redirected himself to turn back to the Red Comet that he thought he could run away from "Alright, then.. guess I won't be able to help much" He looked at the small map on his Mobile suit's hud; he noticed one of his allies closing in on their targets and hailed them on comms "Hey lockon! I wont be able to back you up there for awhile" He said before reorienting himself and aiming right at his real opponent, he took a deep breath and pushed his mobile suit to the limit "Let's see you try this!" he said, going straight towards the Lieutenant and finally flicking on his saturn engine. The Blue Zaku quickly lived up to it's name, the Blue Comet would be seen picking up speed at a high rate, before he did a spin and started firing his vulcan guns right at him, quickly blasting backwards and circling his opponent while attacking with the guns, keeping careful watch over his engines temperature..
  10. "Tsk!" Carter clicked his tongue, even after getting the drop on him- The red comet was able to get a shot at the Blue Lightning. "You'll have to do better than that though!" he said, re-orienting himself to face his rival once more, he checked his mobile suit and saw the damage, the beams that the Rick Dias fired found purchase around the legs of the Zaku, though.. his mobility wont hurt much at least. He activated his thrusters, preparing to launch at the Lieutenant at fast speeds, he still had one weapon up his sleeve.. Literally, he aimed his arm forward, and the triple barreled vulcan guns he had installed came to the surface. He started firing at the tumbling Rick Dias while boosting hard towards him, he was preparing to do a quick barrel roll to avoid a head on collision, and.. "Beta Two! Beta Three! I want you to disengage that maniac and the Red Comet! We are ganging up on the black Rick Diases! Hurry! We haven't much time..." "What?!-" Carter asked, suddenly veering off course and facing down the Red Comet.. He sighed deeply and shook his head, opening up Communications with him "Next time" He said to him before turning and then going at top speed.. He was searching for the marked enemies.
  11. Carter had watched the red Gundam fall down into the colony, he let out a breath and shut his eyes "Damn.. I got lucky" He said to himself, though he had no time to relax- His mobile suit was detecting a machine coming towards him and fast. 'Who the hell?' he thought to himself before finally recognizing the machine; he smirked at it and then turned his MS to face the red comet.. “Come on, Red Comet!" Carter yelled as he went in full throttle. He wanted to greet Char properly, he tightened the grip on his Knuckle Spikes and Shield, his plan was simple.. Rush towards him, get in low and get a strike right to the head unit of the Rick Dias, he smirked confidently.. and as soon as he was close enough he swung at the Red comet and.. Missed? "Where?-" He couldnt even finish his sentence as the Red comet popped up underneath him, kicking his Zaku in the cockpit and pushing him back quite a bit 'Tsk.. I knew he would do that'. The Blue lightning stared down his adversary.. The chest area of his MS was dented, though lucky for him the cockpit was relatively okay.. for now at least. He took in a deep breath, he could fight an NPD at the least, He made his MS Point directly at Char "Come on! Hit me with everyone you have!" He challenged as he dashed at his adversary, winding up for a strong punch with the spiked knuckle, only to feint and try to get behind him to smash the backpack in
  12. "What?!-" Carter went as a beam disabled his go to melee weapon, he clicked his tongue and glanced over to the side so that he could see the mobile suit that fired at him, his eyes locked onto the Red Woundwort but he wouldn't have enough time to sit and stare.. since Quattro started firing at him "Damn!" he said as he started to kick things into high gear, he he maxed out his thruster output and narrowly dodged the shots fired from the clay bazooka. "I'll get you next time.. Char" He said over open comms, he flipped backwards and activated his thrusters to make some distance between him and his attackers "Damn, that red one must be a pro or something.." He concluded "They got my sword in the middle of a slash, and at full speed too" he continued to say as he circled around the area that he was in at top speed; he was still being fired at and.. that was very inconvenient for him "Think.. Think.." He closed his eyes and sped up a bit to make himself harder to hit "This is Zeta, and if we're on titans side then Kamille is important.. gotta make sure he's out of the fight but-" He dodged some stray fire coming from the other fights "That red one is after me". He stabilized his mobile suit and stood in front of the red woundwort "Alright.." he said "Here goes nothing" The spiked shoulder of his Zaku quickly popped off along with the Shoulder shield, which he held onto with his hands after tossing the sword aside "I'll show you why they call me Blue Lightning". With that, the blue afterglow of his thrusters appeared once more, leaning forward and blasting off towards the Red Gundam Type, he held the shield up to protect himself as he flew towards them in a spiral motion- then suddenly zig zagging and as soon as he got close he cocked his Zaku's arm back and Threw a punch at full speed!
  13. Carter sighed deeply when he heard the GM's pilot bark out orders at them, he shook his head and then gripped onto the controls of his MS. The blue haired male decided to survey the battlefield from the safety of his cockpit.. he looked around and before he knew it, the GM, and Dynames had launched without him- He allowed this to happen, it gave him a better chance to see how the enemy would react "So we're in Zeta right now, huh?" he asked himself "This is in the earlier episodes.." He shut his eyes as he continued to speak to himself in his cockpit "We're against the AEUG.. so Kamille should be here soon, then our opponents would be.." He suddenly opened his eyes, if this were in the anime then there would be a newtpye flash.. "Quattro Bageena.." He said, smiling just a little bit. Carter took a deep breath, despite how cool he was acting he was very nervous.. He was a speedrunner, not a PVP player. He was used to running through countless NPD's alone, just random bots that had no personality in the way they fought- Aside from that, all of his strategies could be planned before entering the mission and getting into the fight. He looked down at the controls of his mobile suit and ran his hand over the joystick "Alright, let's get back to work!" He said to psych himself up. He leaned back and then started putting pedal to the metal, The Thrusters of the Zaku had a faint blue glow around them which only started to magnify the longer her stood in place, he finally opened communications up with his team and said his first few words to them "Blue Lightning, Taking off" he said in a calm voice as his Zaku suddenly burst out of the platform it was standing on, he circled the battefield at high speeds, leaving a blue trail in his wake as he started picking out his targets.. There were a few good choices, The enemy players would serve to be a good challenge, but they were comprised of Gundam type mobile suits. 'I can take them if push comes to shove..' he thought to himself 'but i'll play it safe, for now' he thought. His eyes locked onto the Red Rick Dias, he tightened his grip on the joysticks and then nodded, he knew exactly who he wanted to fight. He opened communications once more "You guys handle the others! Char is mine!" He declared before spinning briefly and then activating hi thrusters at full power, launching himself towards the Red MS while reaching around and grabbing his Zaku's heat sword. He zipped right past the Dynames and AGE that were dueling, finally getting his target in range for his sensors to lock on.. He readied himself and.. SLASHED!
  14. Carter drew in a breath as he arrived home, he head been out on quite the trip; Visiting someone quite important to him and all that. The male enterred his apartment and look around, it was devoid of any other person right now- which was how he liked it actually, it gave him time to do whatever he wanted and right now what he wanted to do was.. relax, he put his bag down on the couch and passed by the shelf on his way through the kitchen to the bathroom. There was a huge amount of memorabilia from his favourite series: Mobile Suit Gundam, from The original all the way down to Iron Blooded Orphans he had Model kits, Figures, and other assorted pieces of merch as well. He quickly showered and thought hard about what it was he could do. "There's no point in trying to beat the world record in The Psyco Gundam strike" He thought "It's not like I have a new strategy for it or anything" He racked his mind as he stepped out and got dressed, then his eyes locked onto what was currently on his bedroom desk, He approached it and picked it up. It was an old friend so to speak, a Gunpla which he had spent all of his money on back when he first began the hobby. the male smiled softly at it and oriented its Monoeye so it was facing him.. The Zaku 2 High Mobility Type; He called it the "Forerunner". Carter then turned to his console and computer, and that's when it finally hit him. He quickly went over to his console and sat down in front of it, booting it up "Please scan your Gunpla". Those words plastered a small grin on his face, the male looked at his Zaku and pat it on the head "Let's do it" he said, placing the Zaku onto the scanner and logging into the game. Now, he was stood in the lobby of the GBN, looking around the place with a hand on his hip.. the place was empty.. He rolled his eyes and smiled a little bit as he started to walk around, exploring the familiar place.. he had read the patch notes sometime ago already so he knew exactly what he wanted to do. He entered the hangar and then looked up at his machine, standing before it and fixing his hair.. The Zaku's blue was matched by the pilots outfit, he was wearing a replica of Char Aznable's clothing, except in his own colours, blue instead of red and silver replacing gold. The diver looked down and nodded to himself before getting into the cockpit and going straight to the catapult. "Free roam without need to refuel? It's almost like they wanted me back" he said quietly as he prepared to launch "Blue Lightning launching in the Zaku Forerunner!" he called out as he launched, flying through the skies with a small smile on his face, and while he bolted through the skies.. he saw something new pop up on the mission screen - << Gundam Generation >> A randomized, dynamic and innovative campaign which reimagines events of every timeline and mixes them up with each other for a one-of-a-kind experience! Strike foes down on every known battlefield, oppose NPDs or ally with them, and gain exclusive rewards for passing the unmarked side assignments! Warning: Beta Campaign. Stability and playability errors might arise at random. Report any problems with this campaign to the nearest administrator. - "All timelines?" he said, before nodding.. This would be the start of something great, and he could feel it he clicked the [Join Party] Button and then noticed a flare shoot up "Nice timing.." He then did a quick flip in his Mobile Suit to reorient himself, blasting off in the direction of the flare, as he got closer he marveled at everyone's customized Mobile suits, he looked at his own Zaku and chuckled a bit; he felt a bit under-dressed. When he arrived, his MS Slid across the ground slightly, the blue afterglow of his thrusters slowly dissipating. He leaned back in the cockpit and crossed his arms.. Waiting. << Gundam Generation >> Looking for Divers… (Maximum 8 players) 1. [8TMS Lt.] Aida 2. [ZAPP Agent] Creed 3. [Comet Meister] Kyle 4. [Raging Beast] Shin Hakuren 5. [Blue Lightning] Carter Lee 6. NPD 7. NPD 8. NPD
  15. Carter's Gunpla Collection #1 - MS-06S Zaku "Forerunner" Base Unit: Zaku 2 High Mobility type, Gouf Custom Operator (Diver Name): Carter Lee Structural Defense: Conventional material - Low armour for great Mobility. Special System: N/A Melee Weapons: Heat saber - A sword which superheats itself in order to increase its already good cutting ability. Spiked Shoulder - Shoulder armour which can detach and be used as a spiked knuckle guard. Projectile Weapons: Mobile Machine Pistol - An SMG type weapon used in order to be able to deal physical damage during movement, High rate of fire, Mid range damage, Low ammo capacity per magazine. Zaku 2 Bazooka - can deal high damage at the expense of very limited ammo. Gouf Custom Triple barreled Vulcan - A triple barreled machine gun that is attached to one of the forearms of the mobile suit, damage is low but it has extremely high rate of fire and ammo count Shield: Zaku 2 Shoulder shield - A medium decent enough shield attached to the shoulder, only used when needed. Power System: Minovsky Particle Generator - offers unparalleled power at the cost of expense and environmental danger if damaged. Special Abilities/Features: Saturn Engine - A mobile suit engine specifically tuned for speed running, gives the mobile suit extremely high mobility and speed at the expense of overworking the engine to extreme levels. #2 - Comet Dagger "Blue Barrage" Base Unit: GAT/A-01E2 Buster Dagger, Astray Red Frame, Astray Blue Frame Operator (Diver Name): Carter Lee Structural Defense: Conventional material - Medium Armour, decent defense and mobility Special System: Laminated Armor - Provides defense against mobile suit scale beam weapons, no effect on physical damage Melee Weapons: ES01 Beam Saber - Beam sabers mounted on the fore arms of the unit Projectile Weapons: 350mm Gun Launcher - A weapon similar to a railgun, or linear gun cannon, it uses electro-magnetic forces to fire a solid shell or specialized munitions, can be combined with 94mm High-energy Rifle 94mm High-energy Rifle - A large rifle that fires high powered beam energy, mainly ineffective against beam coatings, can be combined with 350mm Gun Launcher Anti-Armor Shotgun and Hyper Impulse Long-Range Sniper Rifle - when the two main weapons are combined, they form a joint weapon with two different uses; The Anti-Armor Shotgun is the Gun Launcher portion of the weapon, it fires a powerful shell to deal damage over a wide area. The Hyper Impulse Long-Range Sniper Rifle is the High-Energy Rifle portion, a high power beam cannon type weapon has a higher energy output, firing a larger beam that is capable of penetrating several targets, including battleships. Shield: Anti Beam Shield - A medium shield treated with anti beam coating Power System: Minovsky Particle Generator - offers unparalleled power at the cost of expense and environmental danger if damaged. Special Abilities/Features: Saturn Engine - A mobile suit engine retuned for use with the mobile suits new weaponry, allowing them to fire at much more powerful levels
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