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  1. Keiran shot forward as fast as his green frame would allow, he was taking small arms fire from the helicopters, but he held on.. and once his teammate Geneva got to covering him, he was even more confident "Thanks for the cover!" He said on comms, trying to rally the troops in whatever small way he could, he raised his shield to block some tank shells coming his way, but the impact caused him to slide backwards quite a bit "Not indestructible.. got it" He said to himself, but he didn't let that hurt his confidence or hurt his main mission objective, gripped onto his now axe tightly, and then m
  2. Keiran looked at Roane as he came back carrying all of the food, he raised an eyebrow and then helped him store it underneath his bed, even using his own boxes of anime merch to help cover it up, it would be a small price to pay for the team morale.. well, that was the idea, if they were all close, he'd be able to let loose and be more.. like himself. He was able to speak with Roane a little, making small talk here and there, though neither of them talked much about their pasts. That's when the alert sounded, Keiran was in the middle of rearranging the episode count on his hardrive, he hu
  3. (Thanks to Judge for the dialogue) Keiran turned to his roommate, quite surprised that he didn't just call out, but fully pulled him aside too. He kept a neutral expression, but let his surprise show through after his new squadmates introduction "Uh.. sure, sounds good" he said "I'm Keiran". Roane smiled at his newfound partner in team-building crime "Keiran, aye, a strong name," he gave the white-haired soldier a firm clap on the shoulder. "Right, good. First order of business then is finding what the hell there is to do on this rig that could constitute as fun. Somehow I doubt the movie
  4. "Phew, that was good..." Keiran sat back in his chair, he had gotten himself a good meal in the cafeteria before he had to deal with his responsibilities, which to be fair wasn't much, he had to pack up his stuff and bring it to what would be his official quarters as an official mobile suit pilot.. just the thought of it made him giddy, a small smile crept upon his cheeks before he covered his mouth and looked around the area "Oops" he said, removing his hand from his mouth slowly while making sure no one was looking at him. The smile had disappeared and he had a neutral expression. "No tellin
  5. Keiran drew in a breath as he was kept in a holding cell, he really wasn't sure what had happened after the colony was torn apart, in fact.. he had even thrown up a little in his own mouth when it happened he leaned back against the wall and shut his eyes, this new team he had been transferred to caused him quite a bit of trouble, nevertheless he sat back and and tried to relax.. they were a good bunch of people, at least, worth working with and protecting should the going get tough. "Ugh..." He got up and paced the room over and over, what was he gonna do? What was gonna happen? He was in a s
  6. Full name: Keiran Larris Faction: Orb Rank: Private first class Age: 23 Sex: Male Height: 5’10” Weight: 189 Eyes: Pink Hair: Black Naturally, Dyed white Skin: light skinned Handiness: right handed Personality Keiran is a generally kind person, but that is offset by how hard it is to get past a rough, rude exterior that protects himself from harm, he cares deeply about his comrades. Strengths and weaknesses Coordinator – Being a coordinator allows keiran to be above average in terms of learning capability and adaptability, th
  7. Carter really thought he had something, in fact.. he was feeling rather smug till he heard a loud bang, and saw the muzzle of the gun light up, he went wide-eyed.. and felt his stomach become warm, he placed his hand on it and looked.. seeing the crimson coat it "... Shit" He said, just barely.. falling to one knee and trying to stem the bleeding, his heart pounded- though he tried his best to calm himself down, he could barely do that given what had just happened to him "Bit off more than I could chew.." he said, he saw the new objective come out- which.. only gave him more anxiety to be hone
  8. "Come on youre killing me here-" Carter shut up as a gun was pointed directly at him, he was absolutely ready to go for broke and attack but.. something- or someone had come up, he looked past his assailant to see two others there, Fa and.. Someone else, he didnt recognize them, but given their appearance, he knew that it was one of his fellow divers, He bit his lip, first he had to worry about the apparent ally Scirocco had captured, and now someone elses life was on the line, he tried to think quick, his heard pounded against his chest, he internally vowed that this would be the last time he
  9. Carter flinched as he made his way from the hangar into the base, the cover fire from Isla was a god send, and with everything going on he was successfully able to enter, he kept running and slowed down a little as his Wingman errr.. wing woman went on comms.. "Dont worry about it!" he said "You did more than enough! If things get hairy then leave the Comet Dagger" he said "Its better we be one man down than two". Though- the thought of being hunted down did scare him a little.. he thought he was gonna have a rather.. metal gear esque type of mission, sneakily going through the hallways
  10. "Whoa-" Carter flinched a little as Isla suddenly fired first, though he was grateful for it- she did just save him "Thanks, good buddy!" he said over comms, after watching her take down the Asshimar, he noticed something on his radar and quickly fired at it with his Beam rifle, the pink beam cut through the air much faster than it would normally, thanks to the backpack now attached to his head- the beam struck a base jabber carrying a marasai, causing the mobile suit to fall into the water- where it would be nearly inoperable "Sorry, Isla but i have a request!" he said suddenly as they began
  11. Carter did his usual ritual of preparing for a fight, taking a deep breath and checking on his pet elemechu that was next to him, he chuckled a little.. it was probably pretty weird for others to see, but for him it helped calm the nerves- Though a lot of times, he was just too excited to stay calm in moments like this. The Blue Haired Diver went up ahead of his team, before coming to a stop to survey the battlefield- He figured it wouldn't be a smart move for him to immediately detach from his team. He got out of high speed assault mode, the dish like backpack came off of his head and then we
  12. ImAnnoyingHer

    Mass Produced Mayhem

    “It wouldn’t feel right to have gone for the kill in this situation..” Carter said, he looked kinda confused when he was suddenly asked for advice, he rubbed his chin and thought about it “Well.. its most likely loose joints right? Depending on the kit you use.. Take some clear or black nail varnish and coat the polycaps or joint with them, it should thicken it up so that when you put it back in the socket itll be a better fit” Carter thought that should do it, since thats what he used before
  13. Carter was absolutely, positively.. perplexed by the situation they were in, he realised that it was because of his teammates appearance, which impressed him.. on a game design perspective, so if he had chosen to cosplay as Setsuna, then the NPD’s would recognize and then treat him as Setsuna.. the blue haired diver snapped back to reality as his Elemechu jumped and “Bit” his finger, he waved his hand after grabbing the Elemechu “Right..” he said. He looked over at the maganacs “Well, now that we’re all friends.. shouldn’t we get moving or something like that?” He suggested, both he
  14. ImAnnoyingHer

    Mass Produced Mayhem

    Carter grabbed his shoulder spike once more and was preparing to catch his opponent with another strike, “Ora!-“ though, he stopped and held himself back as he saw his opponents Gunpla fall apart at the joints, when he saw the torso and head float over.. he didn’t know how to react.. for a bit. Carter put the shoulder spike away and floated over to his opponent, catching him “Whoa- uhh.. are you okay?” He asked over comms
  15. ImAnnoyingHer

    Mass Produced Mayhem

    Carter congratulated himself for the slick escape, not realizing he had just put himself in even more danger, he returned the shoulder spike back onto his.. shoulder, and turned around, ready to fire on his enemy- But what met him instead was a barrage of beams, bullets, and missiles “Ah man!” He raised his shield to block it but got sent flying back, the damage it caused broke the shield, but luckily the arm mounted Vulcan guns were intact. “Helluva barrage..” he said, floating there, he decided to draw his machine gun and start firing back while moving erratically, his machine move
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