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  1. Shots were fired, thrusters flared and the hail of beam and rifle fire all excited shin more than anything, but having a predictable opponent was a bit disappointing. Using the Exia's high maneuverability he was able to dodge and block many of the shots but not all. Some damage to his left shoulder and right leg but nothing serious. However since Shin was able to nudge his enemy in the right point one of his GN Daggers snapped to the Exia's hand, and with a bit of speed and just the right line of sight the dagger left the units hand flying toward the shoulder join of the right arm
  2. Shin locked in the freshly built unmodded Exia 7 Swords unit and loaded into GBN. He has been waiting for today. Creed set him up with a fight and everyone knew Shin loved his fights. As he appeared in the cockpit of the unit shin smiled locked himself in and began the launch sequence "Shin Gundam Exia, Eradicating Target!" It took off flying with great speed and mobility. The overall design and even its power unit was one of Shin's favorites but lately he wanted to experiment and make his own to rival the actual units. But today was not about that today was all about a stock fight.
  3. (Collab with Roromi) Everything began to happen so quickly a new machine retreat orders... the fact they hadnt recovered Risu yet. Shin was getting more and more angry. He did what they wanted, he played his part but now it was time to get Risu back and forget his teams plan. A transmission came in from the Beta Gundam as it retreated. "Shin, we don't have many options here. Luckily, the Tallgeese' pilot has strict rules regarding warfare. They've promised consequences if the Titans have really dragged civilian children like Kira into the situation. That's...the best I c
  4. Shin kept flying at high speed ripping through the mobile dolls. The speed and force was incredible, and the unit's performance surpassed even Shin's expectations. While he understood the unit could only handle this for so long as his time was already ticking down. He wasn't done playing with the dolls. With each strike he taunted the next. His unit making a beastly like howl as the thrusters blasted past each enemy. The explosions only adding to the force of his strikes. This, a unit like this is one of the few reasons Shin is known as the beast of GBN. Shin laughed as cut through
  5. Shin just watched as the Tallgeese flew past him and heard the words of the pilot but today was different. He wasn't in the mood for playing games. He used this to gauge the speed of the Tallgeese a smile appeared in his face. The group wanted a distraction then they would get one. The Tallgeese wasn't interested in him now but… what if all his support was taken out in one fell swoop. The wild beast of GBN began pressing buttons and messing with settings for a moment. The NPD messed up with its assumption he had been underestimated. In reality he hadn't thought of what an all out attack m
  6. Shin watched on his monitors as several units began to approach. One flying much faster than the others. A Tallgeese, nothing he couldn't handle. As the machine opened fire on him and his beta gundam partner, Shin increased his speed and bursted toward the machine. Dodging each of the shots with ease. His new unit was much faster than the last one and easier for him to control. Shin did notice that the beta broke off to do something else but that didn't matter. In the end Shin knew that if he could take down this Tallgeese and it's forces, that would be enough to get more attention his way. No
  7. The room was dark the lights flipped on as the black haired man entered the room and placed his bag down. He took a seat at his desk where a new gunpla was being built. Work had called him in right before the last mission. The beta was important to him but so was work. However after he heard about what happen The Man spent every hour of his free time working on completing a new model for him to use. All he had to do now was place the finishing touches. One more hour passed it was only moments before the next mission one he wouldn't miss. As he finished the gunpla he gave a sigh. He hadnt
  8. Shin looked up as the Astral AGEs gears, and metal roars again. Seeing the unit charging him he smiles. The shot is fired but with the unit's right arm as a shield he moves slightly to the left. Dodging most of the but still taking out plenty of armor on his arm. With his left arm blades he planned full on to clash with the machine head on. As they closed in on each other Shin could see all the small meteors flying toward his machine. Taking this as a sign he dashed back. They worked pretty well as a team. Shin was an all out brawler and really he didn't mind the fight but he had to make
  9. Shin felt confident in his attack if nothing else it would have done decent damage, but bursting through the smoke came another enemy combatant. As the Titan stopped his dagger Shin gave a foul look at both fighters. A two on one match normally wouldn't be a problem for Shin but he was too distracted. As the Gundam frame charged at him firing, shin fired all thrusters trying to evade but his reaction time was far too slow and a large portion of the blast hit his unit center mass. Bits of armor flew off his unit and the AGE unit was thrust back into a nearby asteroid. Alarms sounded as Sh
  10. Shin did his best to try and center himself. He took in a deep breath and closed his eyes trying to think of what his brother might do, he was a great Gunpla battler but a better team player. Right as Shin could feel his brothers word come to mind there was a sudden jolt. Warning singles as damage was done to his Gunpla. In the midst of trying to be a better team player Shin had lost his focus and didn't even notice the attack coming. His rage began to swell as all he wanted to do was win but if he did it like last time how could he win. It was a team exercise so how can his two opposing
  11. A few lights clicked on in the normally dark room. A thin young man with shaggy brown hair and glasses slowly walked through the room. Slowly he moved a sheet from over a table to reveal a freshly finished gunpla. The man took a deep breath and grabbed it and walked over to the GBN set up. He started the system up and put the VR headset on. The system spoke more like the old style of voice. -please set your Gunpla- With that the man placed the gunpla and logged in. As his character scanned into the lobby he looked totally different, bright red hair and a very fit body. A sharp smil
  12. Shin was ready to blow up at the kid, however his gaze quickly turned to the little squirrel girl. As the chat bubble appeared over head and her nervousness showed Shin stopped. All he could think as the girl typed was 'cute' he recomposed himself as Creed spoke and kept eyeing him. Shin let out a slight chuckle. He wanted to know if Shin could have seen a different or better outcome but he kept his thoughts on it to himself. This group already proved to him that moving past failures wasn't there strong suit. He remained quiet and once Creed was done speaking he could tell he was once again mo
  13. The battle had ended and what had he done… nothing. The anger he felt for himself and the gunpla was more like a raging inferno, however he took a deep breath as him and his gunpla were transported to a hanger. The Win Screen was still on his monitor with a snarl on his face Shin rammed his fist through the monitor making the screen vanish. "You call that a victory… I call it a tasteless battle." He crossed his arms and sat in the cockpit of his gunpla. He could see the rest of his so called team coming and starting to head out of there machines. He didn't care, he pulled up the battle d
  14. Shin laughed as the combatant struggled the shots flying off in other directions and even the fact that he tired to fire one back at him. It didn't matter this Meister was about to be taken out. Shin payed little attention to his thursters warning indicators, this was the moment he had been waiting for his chance to eradicate this Gundam from the field. His machine began to close the gap, his GN Rifle returning to blade form. He arm of his gundam extending into the air to pull off a powerful slash. A large explosion, and then Warnings the pilot couldn't Ignore. "What did you do! KNO
  15. The feeling of the clash sent shivers down shins spin. As the blade connected with the barrel and sliced into it, that moment of elation was the only feeling GBN ever gave him. As he began his slight retreat he counted on the counter attack pulling up his shield and blocking the point blank blast. The explosion however did knock him back and send the shield he had so carefully crafted was sent flying but none of that mattered it was time to go back on the attack. He pushed the throttle and rushed back in not allowing the Dynames to get away. What he wasn't expecting was the sudden jerk f
  16. Shin watched the battlefield, always keeping an eye on the Dynames. However as the battle persisted the chatter and message pings started to get out of hand, and with a quick swipe he put the teams com on a 2 min mute. He couldn't keep it on mute forever, no matter how much he wanted to. He wasn't stupid, he would need to know there status and location after he was done with this gundam. Shin stood floating across from the Dynames, a decent distance from him,then he watched the mobile suit behind him begin to move away. It wasn't like he cared, but he made sure to watch his target closel
  17. Shin watched as the party members grew and grew. He looked at each of there profiles looking at there Gunpla. Many of them had just regular mobile suits with a few modification real cannon fodder types. The few with the Gundam frames where the ones that interested Shin. As he looked at each one his excitement began to fade. After a few min and the lobby had filled up nicely that the mission began. A mission to do something or something another, really the cutscene and the mission was starting to get boring... As the cut scene ended Shin found himself and the Astral AGE in a hanger of a rusty o
  18. The room was dark, all the lights were off. In the darkness you could see a little bit of movement before the light of a computer slightly illuminated the room and a voice rang out from the speakers “Wake up! Wake up!” The sound was that of a Haro the body moved in the darkness a bit more before the constant calling of the Haro made him get up. Wrapping himself in the blanket he looked on the computer's screen to see that GBN was fully updated and ready for the beta. He looked over to his right to see a gunpla covered in a cloth the light barely catching it. He let out a sigh to show his frust
  19. [Diver]'s Gunpla Collection #1 - Astral AGE Gundam Base Unit: AGE 2 Operator (Diver Name): Shin Hakuren Head: Astray Red Dragon- Extra blades were added to the head frame, made from metal and shappened to be able to actually cut. Added weight Body: AGE-2 Normal- The A Sensor was removed and replaced with a new piece of armor plating for a little bit of extra defense. Caused slight increased weight and changed the center of mass Arms: AGE-1 Normal- reinforced joints to help the arms hold up the GN Swords, and A Sensor was placed on the left a
  20. Shin Hakuren Biography Full name: REAL NAME- Sorey Hakuru, DIVER NAME: Shin Hakuren Faction: N/A Rank: N/A Age: late 20's Sex: male Height: 6'2 Weight: 176 Eyes: Golden Hair: His hair is a deep crimson with scarlet highlights Skin: white Handiness: he is a South paw (left handed) and suffers for it Personality When you meet Shin his outward demeanor is calm, collected, and stoic. His attitude to most things is
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