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  1. Icarus almost cried out loud when he saw Wade make his move, incapacitating the Wing Zero without killing the pilot within. That was something that Icarus needed to improve on. It was so easy for him to think of this as a game and take the lethal option, but now that he knew that people like Aker existed… The smile faded from his face as he turned his attention towards the battle between his comrade and the Altron, just in time to see the Jager slice the Gundam to pieces but abstain from a killing blow. And as the shuttle beyond them disappeared in the atmosphere, the words “Mission Accom
  2. The warm winds of Mogadishu gently tousled Apollo’s hair, his crimson scarf flapping gallantly in the breeze. There was a scent on the air, that day, a scent that Apollo knew well. The unmistakeable smell of victory. It goes hand-in-hand with the electricity in the air. The masked diver looked out over the city from the roof of a building, one foot resting on the raised ledge of the building, one hand poised confidently on his hip. His binoculars were pressed up against the eyes of his golden mask as he surveyed the skies, looking for any sign of them. Sure enough, the planes appear
  3. Apollo's Mobile Suit Collection #1 – MBF91V Gundam Oriole ((Thanks again to Frosty for the images)) Base Unit: Victory 2 Gundam/ Gundam F91 Operator (Diver Name): Apollo Structural Defense: Multiple Construction Armor - multifunctional structural material in which the functions of electronic equipment, such as circulatory and cooling systems, are inc orporated into the MS’ armor layers, making more efficient use of the highly compact MS’ limited internal space. Lighter armour that offers enhanced manoeuvrability and enables the use of the Metal Peel Off Ef
  4. “Will do, boss,” Icarus said as he stared across at the face of the Wing Zero. “And Wade—don’t lose heart. You’re doing just fine. Just remain focused and we can still win this thing.” “Enough of the quaint words of encouragement,” Zechs said, pressing harder on his saber. “You can’t win this fight,” The Wing Zero’s Vulcans whirred to life, a steam of bullets colliding with the Leo’s armor. Inside the cockpit of the custom grunt, began to blare once more. “Don’t count us out just yet,” Icarus gritted his teeth. Then, something deep within his suit shifted and the Leo seemed to sigh w
  5. Icarus’s proximity alarms screamed at him as a yellow beam ripped through the space between them and the Wing Zero. “Move,” Icarus cried, wrenching the Leo’s controls in a mad effort to dodge the beam. The Trans Am had given him a slight edge that the MK II Local Type sadly lacked, but even still the Wing Zero’s buster shot tore through the Leo’s already damaged leg and peeled away a significant chunk of the armor on the mobile suit’s right side. “No time to slow down, Leo,” Icarus muttered to himself. He turned his attention back to his leader, who had unleashed his secret weapon. “
  6. Treize smirked as his newly arrived opponent roared his name and threatened to kill him, his eyes flashing with the joy of battle as he leaned into his controls. “Your machine is different. I can your conviction flowing through it. It won’t be enough though. I can see every move you make in intense detail. I know your every weakness,” Treize danced the machine out of the way of the beams and batted the beam rifle aside with an extended arm. The enemy pilot’s movements were precise and deliberate and he moved with a fluid elegance that the OZ leader had to commend. It reminded him of the ZERO s
  7. “So it’s a knife fight you want, huh?” the grimace that had graced Noin’s face as she took the brunt of the MK II’s fire turned into a smirk as the machine drew near. Without her shield, she had been forced to take the Local Type’s counterattack head-on, the gatling guns and LMG leaving significant wear and tear in the struggling Gundanium alloy. Noin knew that the Heavyarms was not designed for melee combat, but that didn’t mean it didn’t have options. By bringing his machine in close, all the enemy pilot had done was make the playing field equal. With the enemy closing in, Noin fired th
  8. Noin rejoiced to herself as she watched the enemy gundam’s shield hurtle into outer space, only for her smile to fade as her opponent pulled out another one and attached it to its arm. “That’s one seriously well-equipped mobile suit,” she tightened her grip on the controls of the Heavyarms Custom. This was no time to lose focus, she thought. She had to double down on her conviction to beat this pilot. The flurry of bullets that Wade’s machine let loose absolutely tore up what remained of the Heavyarms’s shield, damaging the gatling guns underneath as well. While the Gundam was sturdy, it
  9. Judge


    Character name Apollo Biography Full name: Apollo (real name unknown) Faction: Zapp Inc. Titles: The Golden Heart of Space; The Shooting Star Diver; The Shining Light From Beyond Jupiter Age: 27 Sex: Male Height: 5’8’’ Weight: 160 lbs Eyes: Green Hair: Brown Skin: White Handiness: Right Personality Charismatic. Brave. Mysterious. Charming. Handsome. Heroic. These are but a few of the words often used to describe Apollo, mostly by Apollo himself. The man known as Apollo has crafted his GBN persona around the mas
  10. “I'm on it!” Lunamaria said, angling the Destiny towards the shuttle. She unfolded the long range beam cannon and waited patiently for any sign of incoming combatants who might arrive late to the party. Noin didn’t lose sight of her initial target however, letting the Destiny go for the time being while she dealt with the target in front of her. Noin brought up the Heavyarms's shield, which took the three shots Wade had let loose admirably, watching as the Mk II Local Type retreated to gain some space. “Oh no you don’t,” she said, flipping a switch. The left shoulder hatches opened and th
  11. “Fleurs de Noblesse?” came the voice of Heero Yuy. The face of an older man appeared on the diver’s screens, confirming that it was indeed the politician and not his namesake “Well, whoever you are, your assistance is greatly appreciated. Our shuttle is at the following coordinates heading earthwards. If we can reach atmosphere, our UESA rendezvous force should be able to look after us, but until then we’re sitting ducks,” Icarus angled his mobile suit towards the coordinates given and in short order the passenger shuttle came into view. “You’re out here alone?” Icarus said, scanning the
  12. Icarus watched as Lunamaria materialized in the tower and came to life. The whole thing was indescribably odd—she was rendered so faithfully it was almost incredible. The diver watched silently as their NPD interacted with the other members of the squad, paying particular attention to how she and Aker conversed. Seeing Lunamaria and Aker conversing was…odd. Where did their similarities truly end, he wondered? Aker could think and feel, but like Lunamaria, he presumably only existed within the confines of the game. Were the NPDs sentient in the way that Aker was? And if not, what did Aker have
  13. Icarus scanned the list that Wade had curated, reading the names one by one. Nicol’s not a bad choice…Marbet…Roybea… He paused when he read Chara Soon’s name, his cheeks growing slightly more flushed as he recalled the Gundam ZZ character. He looked up at Wade and narrowed his eyes. Would she be an inappropriate choice? Wade was, ostensibly, a teenager. There was a chance that he was older in real life than he was in the game, but there was an equal chance he was younger as well. A character as provocative as Chara Soon might not be the best option. Sting Oakley, the next name on t
  14. In short order, the rest of Icarus’s team appeared, with Wade entering the tower first. Icarus turned to the teen and nodded. “Hey Wade—yeah, I thought I would splurge a little and build something a little sturdier. It might not be as fast as the DaeDAL, but it can still get moving when it wants to with that GN drive. I call it the Leo Chevalier,” Icarus scratched the back of his head. “I uh, tried to make it look like a knight, sort of. Sounds like you’ve got a new model yourself?” At that moment, Aker entered as well, dressed in a summery getup that Ray was pretty sure he owned in
  15. Ray Hermes couldn’t help but smile to himself as he sat down at the console, the sounds of the game mingling with the voices outside in the rest of the hobby store. It had been about a week since Fleurs de Noblesse had completed their last mission and purchased their force nest. Ray had thought that their new base, combined with his streak of totalling his mobile suit, was justification enough for the purchase of a new project. He had only given the DaeDAL two good runs and had more or less destroyed it both times. The use of the DaeDAL had mostly been his friend Amelia’s idea, he just put it
  16. Icarus could feel his heart thumping in his chest as the SD aimed the cannon. Steady, steady… The diver caught himself holding his breath, but when the shot from the mega beam cannon erupted from the barrel of the weapon, he involuntarily let it go in a gasp. A beam of yellow light tore across the landscape, consuming everything in its way as it closed the gap between it and its target. Icarus saw the mobile suit turn its head mere seconds before being overwhelmed by the light. He wasn’t sure what affect the cannon had on the SD, as it had only pulled the trigger, but the firing
  17. Icarus watched as the duel between Aker and the mystery mobile suit continued on feverishly, both suits moving in ways he certainly did not expect them to. When Aker began to yell at the machine, the pilot of the DaeDAL furrowed his brow. What are you doing? Eventually, the panicked jumping of the SD Gundam drew his attention away and Icarus snapped out of his reverie. Bringing the DaeDAL into a low crouch in order to grant access to the cannon, the diver turned his attention back to the fight. The longer he watched and thought about the whole thing, the tighter his stomach knotted i
  18. Icarus watched as the SD Gundam and the Astray took their turns combatting the newly arrived enemy and the diver took note of their adversary’s strange reactions. It’s almost as if…but that can’t be possible, can it? He had to be imagining things, surely, but flashes of what he and Wade had witnessed in the underground base kept coming to him. “Hnn…I don’t like this,” whatever was going on here, it wasn’t good, but Icarus doubted that they would get any answers before they finished this thing off. With that decided, it was time to take action, only… What action can I even take?
  19. The DaeDAL hit the Ground Type feet first, taking the unawares Gundam by surprise and sending it crashing to the ground. Icarus’s own mobile suit stumbled on the landing and joined his opponent in the dirt when the DaeDAL couldn’t find sufficient purchase as it stepped on the Gundam’s head. The diver grit his teeth as he hit the ground and let out a small groan of discomfort. “Well, it worked at least,” he said as he brought the suit quickly back to its feet. The Ground Type, too, was recovering, but Icarus’s attention was instead caught by something…different…looming in the sky above the
  20. Icarus held the Ground Type tight as Wade’s grenade exploded before him, destroying the two units that he had shielded himself against. Shrapnel sliced through then air, zinging across the space between the four suits. Shards of the exploded mobile suits embedded themselves in the disabled Ground Type, shielding the DaeDAL from the damage. “A damn shame,” Icarus said as he let the Ground Type drop to the earth. “I really liked these suits,” He had to admit though, his quick thinking this time around had left the DaeDAL looking a lot nicer than it had by the end of the previous missio
  21. The DaeDAL was buffeted by the hail of gunfire from the Ground Types as their shots connected with the shield, pushing the defending mobile suit backwards with their force. Aker’s growl came in over Icarus’s radio and the Diver smiled wryly to himself. I feel that right about now, An opening presented itself in the form of the Command Gundam letting loose with its LMG. Distracted by their own hail of incoming bullets, the Ground Types momentarily pulled back their assault on the custom ReZEL, giving Icarus time to thruster out of the way. The only problem was that he didn’t know wher
  22. As soon as Wade was on the elevator, Icarus jammed the up button multiple times until they began to rise. The short journey to the top felt like an eternity and when the doors opened to reveal the snowy exterior and the Ground Types surrounding them, his stomach sank. Him and Wade made a run for their respective suits and upon entering the DaeDAL, his younger companion’s voice came over the comms. "Let's take out these guys first. Hopefully they haven't gotten Aker yet!" “Roger that, boss,” Icarus said as the DaeDAL’s visor flashed with green light. The Diver scanned the surrounding
  23. Wade and Icarus’s journey into the depths of the base was short and the two of them soon found themselves wandering down a hallway full of scrap electronics and other detritus. The whole place reminded Icarus of an abandoned hospital, like the ones you see in scary movies or ghost hunting shows on TV. Wade theorized as they walked, the younger diver voicing his thoughts about what the space had been used for prior to its abandonment. “It sure could be,” Icarus replied. “Military’s have all sorts of dark secrets. Could be that they were looking for something even beyond Cyber Newtypes, t
  24. Icarus quirked an eyebrow as he watched Wade exit his mobile suit. He wouldn’t have guessed a mission in a Gundam-based game would require him to actually leave his mobile suit to complete it, but he liked how it added variety. After a while, Wade had uncovered what appeared to be an elevator of some kind and suggested that someone stay behind. Before Icarus could even mull it over, Aker volunteered. Icarus turned the DaeDAL to look at the Jaeger. “You sure?” he asked. But Aker had seemed pretty sure and so the DaeDAL nodded in affirmation. “Alright, I’ll go with Wade then. If something c
  25. “Same here,” Icarus said to Wade’s question. “This thing is kind of stripped down except for the cannon. It was meant for hit-and-run, not necessarily for recon. About the only advantage I have here is that my suit is partly white” Aker suggested going in the same direction, which Icarus agreed with, as well as the DaeDAL going ahead to scout, which he agreed with somewhat less. “I’m not sure mobile armor mode would be advisable right now. I can’t really see anything and I don’t think flying up above the tree-line—wherever that is—would change much.” Icarus placed a hand to his chin and t
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