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  1. Blasted by the non-stop wind as the Archangel moved, added to what she has received so far today, and gave her some wind burns as the sound of the guns firing and explosions, deafening as she heard ringing and feeling the vibrations through the hull; the bruises and cuts on her body from what she has been through this morning. Mai was holding on as best as she could. Maybe she should have stayed on the ground and used her plane as cover? Maybe she'd have been better to just drop into the water and swim to the shore? Maybe she should have just found a piece of debris at the base to hide under?
  2. Zhane sat in the Gunpla Club room, the seven kits opened and laid out as he looked at each to see what he wanted to do. Befor him, were two XXXG-01H2 Gundam Heavyarms Custom Kai, the blue version, GAT-X102 Duel Gundam, Assault Shroud version, Gundam Deathscythe Hell, Gundam Age-2 Double Bullet, Gundma Barbatos and Blitz Gundam. Looking, he thought on a range type unit and picked up the Heavyarms kits. pulling out his paint, he began the process of modifying the kit. Firstly, he removed the parts from Heavyarms that he wanted and from the Duel Gundam kits. Looking at the legs, he thought
  3. For me, my first exposure to Gundam was Wing and I fell in love with the story and personality of the characters. 5 teenagers trained to pilot giant robots are sent to Earth to battle a force that wants to control everyone. It was good int he mid 1990s when I saw it on Toonami on the Cartoon Network. After researching the suits, the series and seeing both X and G, I am not a fan of G myself. The suit I love the most is one that I thinks fit my idea of a fun character to play, and I played this character for about 3 or 4 years on Multiverse Mush, Duo Maxwell and the XXXG-01D Deathscythe and XXX
  4. I personally like Wing, as that was my first Gundam series to watch and got me hooked. X is good and has some interesting characters and history, such as what could have happened after the colony drops that occurred in UC. I would love to see more info on the characters that were there at the drop of the Colony. My least favorite series so far is G, as I have not seen Turn A. Now some of the designs of G is good, but I just could not get into it.
  5. Mai tried to pull away from the rails she was being held against, but the chute was not letting her, as the wind form the movement of the Archangel she was on, was causing her to be trapped. Slowly she reached for the harness and tried to unbuckle it as it was pressed just right in her chest from the railing. With a simple click, she was able to unbuckle part of it as she felt it loosen off of her lower chest and pulled on her up chest and arms. Slowly she reached for her sgian dubh, as she withdrew it, the ship moved and she held on tight, she was not going to lose anything else. As she
  6. Zhane was happy today, he had a good day at school, granted still tired after all he has been through with his cancer, and has two more treatment sessions before he was done and to see if he was cancer free after so many years. As he walked, with a cane that he was given, he entered the Gunpla Store and smiled as the attendant waved at him. "Hey Zhane, how ou doing?" he asked. "Tired," Zhane responded back. "Had a busy day at school," added as he walked to look at the Gunpla. "What are you looking for," asked the attendant? "I am looking at upgrading my Prime Gundam and
  7. Mai stayed in the corner of the building as the sounds of weapon fire and explosions were heard outside. Looking as a glass of water was gave to her, she nodded her thanks and drank it as she looked at people here. Besides the soldiers and herself, there were both civilians and other non-combatants here. She listened to the talk of the soldiers and stood as she approached Sergeant Gibbs, "Excuse me," she said to him. "I have a plane in the hangar," she stated as she looks and the ground shakes from a nearby explosion. Sergeant Gibbs looked and nodded, "Sir," he said to the soldier who tur
  8. JohnSeever


    Hal Biography: Full name: Hal Faction: AEUG Rank: Petty Officer First Class Age: 15 Sex: Male Height: 177.8 cm (5'10") Weight: 43 kg (94.79 lbs) Eyes: Amethyst Hair: Red Skin: Caucasian Handiness: Ambidextrous Personality: Due to his life as an orphan, Hal works hard, to get what he wants and is very protective of what he has and of his friends and will do what he needs to protect them. A street smart person, Hal grew up as an orphan on a colony at the L1 point and is tough, able to fight people easily if he has too. Resourceful and can get out of alm
  9. JohnSeever


    Lee Full Name: Lee Jalahafi Gender: Male Eyes: Brown Hair: Brown Skin: Caucasian Handiness: Right-Handed Hometown: Pewter City Region: Kanto Relatives: Jayson - Father, Joyce - Mother Trainer Class: PERSONALITY: An easygoing man; Lee uses his mind first before he resorts to force to solve a problem. Moreover, it takes a lot to get Lee upset, and instead tries to find another way to deal with this. Loyalty is very important to Lee, and has a loyalty that is fierce when it comes to his family and friends, since he will defend them until the end. One of
  10. Mai looked as she let out a silent sigh of relief as she said something that surprised her, considering she was waiting to be told, 'Your going to be locked up for a bit.' However, when Yuna said "Very well then, I’m sorry about this mix up. You are free to leave." she stood, "Thank ye Mr. Yuna sir," she says to him as she curtsies. "I do apologize for any issues I have caused ye. It was not my intention to do that," she adds. Looking around, she waits by the table and is not going anywhere, without an escort, that way she is not breaking any rules. As she stands there, she blinked as Yu
  11. Entering the area over the forest, Zhane looks around as he works on the controls of his Gunpla. "Ok, lets do this," he says as he lands just outside the area and goes over everything. Bringing the rifle up, he walks forwards and through the barrier. "Gunpla Battle Start" is heard as he looks around and waits as he moves forward, one step at a time. All of the sudden, he hears an alarm and looking, he drops his suit to the ground as an energy blast flies past and he looks, "Sneaky," he states as he squeezes the trigger and the custom beam rifle fires at the Leo and hits it. Moving forward
  12. The man, Yuna was already raising his hand at the end of her request, “Now now, don’t be hasty. You still haven’t stated why you were even flying near our country to begin with?” He said as he looked at her. “Besides I’d say you already found yourself in some trouble already… please help, me help you miss…” he said as he drew out the last word. Mai looked as Yuna walked around, talking and asking her name. . o O (I do not know him, and he seems...) and she looks, "Ingram," she states. "Me name is Mai, Mai Ingram," she adds with her Scottish accent. She looks at the table and than at Yun
  13. Walking through the GBN Lobby, Zhane, well Lucky looks at everything, when another GBN Diver approaches, "Hey," he says as he introduces himself to Lucky. "I am a sanctioned GBN navigator. You must be new here?" "I am yes, my first time," Lucky states. "Welcome to the Gundam Battle Network or GBN. This is a full-immersion virtual reality program you can explore yourself or with friends. You can take Gunpal you build and bring them here and fight in various missions," the GBN navigator says. "Do you have a Gunpal?" he asks him. "I do, yes. But it is not the best," Lucky says. The navi
  14. Looking at the Gundam Battle Nexus setup, Zhane blinked and had no idea what to do, "So, I just sit in this and put my gunpla here?" he asks the person at the GBN store as he looked back at them. "That's right," said the worker. Looking at the machine, he thought for a moment and sat down. "Ok, now what do I do?" he asked as she looked again after placing his Gunpla on the machine. The employee blinked and just looked, shocked more than anything "... you've never done this?" he asked. "My first time," was Zhane's response. The employee sighed, "You put on the headset, and create an account,"
  15. Lucky's Gunpla Collection Gunpla #1: RX-78GP01-OP Prime Gundam Base Unit: RX-78GP04G Gundam "Gerbera" Operator (Diver Name): Zhane Tan Legs: Gundam GP04 "Gerbera" Backpack: Gundam Exia Head: Gundam GP04 "Gerbera" Arms: Gundam GP01 "Zephyranthes" Torso: Gundam GP04 "Gerbera" Structural Defense: Phase Shift Armor: Exceptional resistance to physical damage, at the cost of power consumption per hit. Anti-Beam Coating (Shield Only): Exceptional resistance to beam weaponry at the cost of being frail to physical damage. Special System:
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