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  1. Mai had been busy since the battle. Getting a clear bill of health and all the necessary clearance, she was able to work and get paid. As she worked on the scrap, being a member of the Guild, she also grabbed parts of mobile suits for ORB that they asked for. As she worked, she spent many an hour, like 15 with the others clearing and re-purposing. Mai was even able to get to her down craft and pull parts off of it and was able ot get her family sword, and the lone photo she had, However, nothing else was savable. If she ever found out who shot her down, she would give them a piece of her mind. After she had gotten her stuff, she worked on a project for herself that she felt might be good and with ORB, willing to help her, it was better that way. She was able to get pieces of mobile suits, mainly GINNs and a M! and had a suit built for her. The drawback, she had no idea how to pilot a mobile suit, and hopefully, she could learn, since the suit had to be reprogrammed so a Natural could pilot it. Luckily that was possibility, but she was still learning and had not fully started the process to learn to be a ms pilot. That was where she would need to speak to this guy in charge of the suits on the ship, Nathaniel Barondel. She was known on the ship, working where she was needed due to work and with the suits, plus she had showed that she could be a pilot and as damn good one of both rotor an fixed wing. A friend she had made was the CMO of the ship and she hung out with him normally or the techs but that was it mostly. So, when she was told that he would be available, she was shocked and approached a room, "This looks more like a meeting room than an office," she said to herself in her Scottish accented voice. Shrugging, she knocked on the door, not aware there was a meeting going on and waiting for a response to enter.
  2. During the commotion of the battle, Mai was resting due to the medications that was given to her by the doctor. As she was sleeping, she had no idea of the chaos that had occurred, nor the lost of life from the fight. Therefore, as she came out of the medical induced sleep, she groggily opened her eyes and looked around as she was shocked at where she was before she remembered and relaxed. Mai looked around, and pushed herself up onto her elbows as she saw the medical staff treating the injured. She knew that things were bad, as she was shot down and she was not even part of the military and had no weapons on her plane and not sure who shot her, ZAFT, Earth Alliance or the ship she was on. Slowly, she looked at where she was at and began to move to get out of bed when she was stopped by one of the nurses, "You cannot get up miss," she said. "Like bloody hell I can," she responded back. "I am in the way and my injuries are not bad enough as the people coming in." she responded back. the nurse looked and got the doctor over, "Doctor, she wants to leave," and the Doctor looks, "Mrs. Ingram, I think that is not a good idea," he said. "I know I am hurt, but you have more injured coming in and I am in the way. I can go to a place and wait, but I am not really that bad," Mai said. "I just need me cloths or some cloths and I can be out of your way," and she looks. "Not like I can leave anyway," Mai added. The Doctor thought and nodded as he spoke to the nurse, "Get Mrs. Ingram some cloths and lets move her to the Mess Hall. Also let security know to escort her and let the bridge know as well." the nurse nodded and did as he was told and she looked at the Doctor, "Thank you," she said to him as she smiled, and thought as she looked at the injured coming in, Poor lads and lassies, this stupid war is just going to get everyone killed, even those who are not fighting, dad why were you so into fighting people who did nothing to ye she thought as some clean closes where brought and she was taken to the bathroom to change and then she got her first chance to see what she looked like and sighed, "I look like I went a few rounds in the loch with me brothers," and she slowly got dressed in the simple cloths, mainly a pair of pants and a tee-shirt. Her actual cloths were covered or stained with blood, cut, burnt and had to be cut off to be removed. She put on some shoes and sighed as she exited the bathroom. "I would love to give the dolt who shot me down a piece of me mind," she said to the nurse and the security guard. Walking to the Doctor she sighed as she saw the injured and closed her eyes as she said a pray for them. Opening, she nodded her head, "Thank you Doctor," she says simply as she walks with the guard to the mess hall. She is quiet as she walks with a few bandages, cuts and bruises on her and she nods a thank you to the guard as they arrive and she slowly walks and gets a cup of coffee and looks to see if they have any Scotch, and not seeing any takes her drink and sits down. She looks at the coffee and says nothing as she listens to the noise and sounds around her.
  3. Blasted by the non-stop wind as the Archangel moved, added to what she has received so far today, and gave her some wind burns as the sound of the guns firing and explosions, deafening as she heard ringing and feeling the vibrations through the hull; the bruises and cuts on her body from what she has been through this morning. Mai was holding on as best as she could. Maybe she should have stayed on the ground and used her plane as cover? Maybe she'd have been better to just drop into the water and swim to the shore? Maybe she should have just found a piece of debris at the base to hide under? Anything would have been better than this, would anyone see her here or would she stay till the battle is over. Mai thought she heard something or someone, but the ringing in her ears made it hard to hear much right now. Looking up and around, as she held her ears she blinked and saw someone talking, waving at her and the hatch open. She blinked at this and looked again as she saw the motions and figured it out as best as she could. She began to unbutton the harness and was not able to. She looked up at the crewman, then fought again for the harness and was not able to unbuckle it. Looking she tried to pull on it to get some slack and to try to slide out of it, but that was not happening, just giving her some more bruises and causing pain to the injuries she has received. Mai Reached for her ankle, pulling her sgian dubh and began to cut the straps. The first one, at the top, near her breasts, is cut. Then she tries to cut the second one as the Archangel fires the Lohengrin again and as she is slicing the last connector, she cuts her hand and cries in pain as she managed to get out of the harness and moves towards the door, as fast as she can. She tried to run but is knocked to the ground and then attempted to crawl and falls again, hitting her nose on the deck. She laid there, a few moments, seeing spots from the pain she is in. Pushing with her feet and arms, she attempted to dive to the crewman and the guards standing at the hatchway. Mai reached for the party and is grabbed by the outstretched hands, pulled in, landing on the crewman, knocking the wind out of her as the hatch is closed. Blood is coming from her hand where she cut herself and her nose as she lays there. “Tha….” She started to say, “Thank you…” she said finally and winches, “Oww……. I hurt,” Mai added as she rolled off the crewman and onto the floor. Instinctively, she reached to put her sgian dubh back and sighs as she lays there, starting to cry, from both the pain and the losses she had today. “Get her to Medical,” the crewman stated as the guards help pick her up. A 5’6” girl with red air and covered in cuts, bruises and parts of her tech jumpsuit stained with both her own blood and others blood, who was crying on the floor. Her head pounding from a headache from the number of times she has hit her head to her ears ringing from the loud sounds. Arriving at Medical, she is placed on a bed and the doctor and nurse work on treating her, removing her clothes and getting a hospital gown on her. The doctor and nurse than work on her injuries. As she lays there, she looked at the doctor and tried to smile, but winces from the pain. “Hold still, no movement please,” she says as he places a hand on her shoulder. “You’re going to be ok,” he said. “What’s your name?” he asked her. “Mairéad Sandilands,” and she blinks as she said her real name. "My name is Mai, Mai Ingram," she states as she tries to back away but can’t and she looks looked at her body, in a hospital gown and covers up. “Whe…Where am I?” she asked in her Scottish accent. “It’s ok Mairéad or Mai, whichever you prefer," he says to her. "Your safe, you’re on the Archangel, in the Medical Bay he added. The Doctor talked with Mai as the nurse took notes and the doctor setup for some fluids via IV and pain medicine, in addition to x-rays and to check for a concussion, which turned out to be a Grade 2 or moderate concussion. He talked with her on who she was and what happened. Afterwards, once Mairéad was resting, due to the medication, the doctor documented the situation and sent it to Hawthorne to be reviewed after the battle. The report stated the information on Mairéad, she is a pilot with the Junk Guild, goes by the name Mai Ingram but not explained as to the different name, and how she ended up on the Archangel, her at the base and how she was trying to get people out before her plane was shot down and exploded, that explosion outside of the Archangel and her landing on the hull. He explained the medical condition of her, the moderate concussion, the various cuts, bruises and injuries she has received, and how she is resting in Medical. Additionally, the doctor added that she needs to be kept an eye on for at least a few days in Medical; a guard was summoned and stationed nearby due Mai not being a part of the crew and due to the current battle. OOC: skip Me on next few turns, as she is in medical on Archangel.
  4. Zhane sat in the Gunpla Club room, the seven kits opened and laid out as he looked at each to see what he wanted to do. Befor him, were two XXXG-01H2 Gundam Heavyarms Custom Kai, the blue version, GAT-X102 Duel Gundam, Assault Shroud version, Gundam Deathscythe Hell, Gundam Age-2 Double Bullet, Gundma Barbatos and Blitz Gundam. Looking, he thought on a range type unit and picked up the Heavyarms kits. pulling out his paint, he began the process of modifying the kit. Firstly, he removed the parts from Heavyarms that he wanted and from the Duel Gundam kits. Looking at the legs, he thought for a few moments as he took the Beam Gatling guns and begain to work on them. As he worked on these first, he slowly cuts the pieces out and began to sand and glue them, adding gap filler as he worked. Once he was finished with the beam gatling guns, he got his paint and began the process of priming them, placing them tot he side to dry. As he worked on these, he though on two of the weapons and put them aside and worked on the other two. Once finished, he thought and decided to look at something and went to the unused parts and looked at the different parts and got a few that he needed or that should work and returned to the kit. Next, he began workign on the torso of the suit, He goes with the Heavyarms torso and repeats the same process to it that he did with the beam guns and than finding the extra parts, adds missiles to the suit, on the shoulders that he applies and glues on. Next he pulls the legs of the heavyarm's and taking one of them, since he has two, removes the missil pods off that and gles them to the front of the legs. He sets these off to the side to let them dry as he looks at the arms and uses the Duel Gundam's arms. He puts these together and also lets it dry. He looks at the last part two parts, the head and what is going on the backpack. Thinking, he remembered seeing the Ahead that was used in 00 and had a Trans-Am drive with beam cannons mounted to it. Looking at the suit, he sees the beam gatlings and ponders something as he looks at the back of Heavyarms and sees the way it is set to accept the beam gatlings for storage. Looking at the backpack for the Duel Gundam, Zhane had an idea and would need to see if something can be made that could hold all four of the beam gatling guns to the backpack of the Duel Gundam Assault Shoud, where two of the weapons can be used and mounted ont eh shoulders like the Guncannon or GunTank and the other two can be placed on the arms and used. "Might have to be custom made, possibly 3D printed," he said to himself as he turned his attenion to the head. Looking at the suit, he takes the Duel Gundam's head and one of the Heavyarms' heads and begins to cut up the head of Heavyarms for parts on the Duel Gundam. Than he stops as he looks at what he is makinga nd just had an interesting idea. "I need to get a Gundam Dynames," he stated to himself as he knows what this suit will be and what to do with this suit design, "I long range unit with extremely long range sniping abilities." and he smiles as he looks at the backpack and knows what to do. "Soon Duel Heavyarms you'll be ready." he says as he puts the parts in one of the heavyarms boxes and clens up his mess. Afterwards, he places his gunpla kits int he storage locker, grabbing his stuff and heads out of the door. "First to the Gunpla shop to purchases a Gundam Dynames, a Penelope Gundam and a Gundam Alex. Then home and plan of action for Duel Heavyarms... no, will need a new name...... Duel Heavyarms Penealex." After a trip the nearby Gunpla shop, he heads home and gets out a piece of paper and writes down what he will need for hsi suit, the head with its Gun Camera, the sniper rifle and the solar furnace from the Dynames. The armor from the Gundam Alex and the funnel missiles and composite weapon units of the Penelope Gundam. Plus the extra armor form the legs and arms for more protection. Looking, he is goign have to possibly get a few more power supplies for this unit, as he is going to have an issue with that and heat. He will worry about that later after some sleep and research. But first he needs to work on his shoting and ranged weapons.
  5. For me, my first exposure to Gundam was Wing and I fell in love with the story and personality of the characters. 5 teenagers trained to pilot giant robots are sent to Earth to battle a force that wants to control everyone. It was good int he mid 1990s when I saw it on Toonami on the Cartoon Network. After researching the suits, the series and seeing both X and G, I am not a fan of G myself. The suit I love the most is one that I thinks fit my idea of a fun character to play, and I played this character for about 3 or 4 years on Multiverse Mush, Duo Maxwell and the XXXG-01D Deathscythe and XXXG-01D2 Deathscythe Hell, Endless Waltz version just due to appearance. The character of Duo is that of most teenagers in the world in my opinion and at the time, I was that way. His suit, was just cool. silent and deadly, and as it got upgraded tot he final version and how it was limited in the weapons, vulcans and a beam weapon. Straight close combat, one of the coolest designs and concepts as most MS in the series are either long range, mid-range or close quarters as a last line of fighting; or a combination of the three. To me, Deathscythe is all close quarters. A second suit I love is also from Wing, just due to the dakka it has, Heavyarms, and the Endless Waltz design with the partial mask Trowa wore. A few custom designs I have seen of this suit is the addition of a lot more missiles and guns. I could see that here as a gunpla for the GBN RP, but it would not want to move fast. SEED wise, I love the Dual and Buster Gundams and X I love the Airbuster I think it was called. For appearance, I love out of G would be Shadow Gundam, but that is about the only thing. Now I have a favorite non-Gundam suit I love, but will talk about that in antoher thread.
  6. I personally like Wing, as that was my first Gundam series to watch and got me hooked. X is good and has some interesting characters and history, such as what could have happened after the colony drops that occurred in UC. I would love to see more info on the characters that were there at the drop of the Colony. My least favorite series so far is G, as I have not seen Turn A. Now some of the designs of G is good, but I just could not get into it.
  7. Mai tried to pull away from the rails she was being held against, but the chute was not letting her, as the wind form the movement of the Archangel she was on, was causing her to be trapped. Slowly she reached for the harness and tried to unbuckle it as it was pressed just right in her chest from the railing. With a simple click, she was able to unbuckle part of it as she felt it loosen off of her lower chest and pulled on her up chest and arms. Slowly she reached for her sgian dubh, as she withdrew it, the ship moved and she held on tight, she was not going to lose anything else. As she was now able to move, she took the small single-edge knife and began to cut the cords on the chute. As the cords were cut, the pull she felt on her body was lightened and as the last cord was released from the harness' grasp, she fell backwards and took some deep breaths as she was having a hard time breathing. Slowly she looked up, seeing all the firing and the GINN's that were there, the suits that she saw on the island and now two others that she had never seen fighting the GINNs. She moves to a point to hold on and thought better of that and crawed to find a door to enter this ship. Finding one, she pressed the button on the door and nothing happened. Blinking, she looked and turned, sliding down the door and sitting on her bottom. For those that that are able to see her, her face has a few bandages and the side of her shirt/tanktop is dark red, and those with good eyes will see no weapons on her and she is in a tech outfit. She looks around and wonders if maybe jumping into the water would be a good idea, but would probably be shot from one of the weapons on either the Astray's, GINNs or the Archangel. For now she puts the sgian dubh in her boot where it is kept and removes the harness for the parachute and sees if she can use that to tie herself to the railing and to hold on, as she is not going to get into the ship and to safety anytime soon. Crawling, she goes to one of the rails and using the harness, she wraps it around the rail and than buckels it onto her again. Thinking, she gets the arms of her tech jumpsuit and pulling the sgian dubh out again, cuts off the arms and ties them into a knot and wraps that around herself and the rail as well. Hopefully, the pilot of this ship will not turn this into a rollercoaster and she holds on for life right now, after placing her sgian dubh in her boot again.
  8. Zhane was happy today, he had a good day at school, granted still tired after all he has been through with his cancer, and has two more treatment sessions before he was done and to see if he was cancer free after so many years. As he walked, with a cane that he was given, he entered the Gunpla Store and smiled as the attendant waved at him. "Hey Zhane, how ou doing?" he asked. "Tired," Zhane responded back. "Had a busy day at school," added as he walked to look at the Gunpla. "What are you looking for," asked the attendant? "I am looking at upgrading my Prime Gundam and want to work on a Long Ranged one," he said back tot he attendant. "I am thinking of an optional loadout for Prime besides what he has right now," Zhane added. "What are thinking?" the attendant asked him. "Melee wide, I have a GN Beam Saber, vulcan guns and a beam rifle. I want to have another weapon or two added to him, but not sure," Zhane states as he picks up three Gunpla, two XXXG-01H2 Gundam Heavyarms Custom Kai, the blue version and the GAT-X102 Duel Gundam, Assault Shroud version. The attendant looked at Zhane and asked, "You want anything else? Thinking, Zhane looked and nodded, "Actually yea," he said. Heading over he picks up four more gunpla, Gundam Deathscythe Hell, Gundam Age-2 Double Bullet, Gundma Barbatos and Blitz Gundam. "I think this will work," Zhane added as he returned to the counter and paid for his purchases, in addition to paint and glue. Zhane exited the store and headed home. -------------- The next day, Zhane was at school and looked a the Gunpla Club and walked in, carring his first suit that he made, the RX-78GP01OP Prime Gundam and the Gunpla he purchased the night before. Zhane looked aroudn the club and spoke, "Hello," he said simply as he saw no one. "Anyone here?" he asked as she looked at the application and sat down. While he filled out the application, a few others entered and stopped hwen they saw him sitting there. "Hey, who are you?" asked one. Zhane looked up, "Sorry, my name is Zhane Tan. I would like to Join?" he stated to them. "You wanna join?" another asked. "I would like to yes," Zhane responded as he looked at his near completed applicaiton. "I am filling the application out for membership," he added as he puts his pen down. They looked at him and one smiled, "What Gunpla do you have?" he was asked. "I have one I custome built," was Zhane's response as he pulled out his first suit. "I call him the RX-78GP01OP Prime Gundam, or Prime Gundam," and he sat it down. The group looked at it, "That's all you have?" asked the first. "Yea. I purchased some the other night to work on, just have not had a chance to yet. Had a long and busy day," he said as he looked at them. "Well, get that application filled out and than lets battle," one states. "I am still new to Gunpla Battles. So I am sorry," he commented. "I have not been in the best of health in a long time," Zhane added. "That's ok. we can teach you." two say a tthe same time, who look like twins. "Thank you," and Zhane finishes the applicationa nd stands as he walks and places it in a tray. He walked back to the table, getting his Gunpla and looking. "Where to?" he asked simply..... -------------- Ten minutes later, he looked at them. "Sorry," he says as he sits down and gets a drink of juice from his bag and drinks it. "You ok?" one asked him. "Yea, been sick my entire life and close to being cured, still get tired easily," he says to them. "Should you be doing this? With your condition?" another asks. "Its the only thing that kept me going," he says. "I am in the final stages of treatment for bone cancer. All the treatments makes me tired real quick, but I still love Gunpla. Prime ther was my first suit I built," he commented on the red and blue gunpla. "I am going to upgrade it, but I need to get better at the GBN first," Zhane added. "You did good, but we can work on the rest. Welcome to the Gunpla Club Zhane," one says as they offer a hand. "Now what is the gunpla you purchased the other night?" she asked him "Thank you," Zhane said to them as he put Prime back and pulled out the 7 kits .... OOC: Open to anyone who wants to join in.
  9. Mai stayed in the corner of the building as the sounds of weapon fire and explosions were heard outside. Looking as a glass of water was gave to her, she nodded her thanks and drank it as she looked at people here. Besides the soldiers and herself, there were both civilians and other non-combatants here. She listened to the talk of the soldiers and stood as she approached Sergeant Gibbs, "Excuse me," she said to him. "I have a plane in the hangar," she stated as she looks and the ground shakes from a nearby explosion. Sergeant Gibbs looked and nodded, "Sir," he said to the soldier who turns. "Mai here says she has a plane in the hangar we can use to get people out of here," and the soldier looks. "What kind of plane? A transport?" he asked her. "Yes sir, I call her Flerken Heavy," she responded back to him. "It is a modified transport that I use for heavy lifting with the Junk Guild, she said. "No weapons on her," Mai added as she looked at them. The soldier looked at her and the other non-combatants and thought for a moment. "Sergeant, take Mai here and a few men and get the civilians to her plane," he orders. "Radio command and advise of transport leaving with civilians, call sign Flerken Heavy. Advise the Archangel of the transport location and cargo," and he looked back at Mai as he walked over to a map, "Which hangar ma'am?" Mai informed him of the hangar and the word went out. "Find me a few safe locations to land the plane," he added. "Sergeant, when you arrive get the transport ready, grab any wounded and civilians you can and get them out of here. Here are some locations to land, find one that will get away from here and go there. when you arrive radio in." and Sergeant Gibbs salutes and Helps in getting people ready. Mai looked at a few scared people, "Don't worry, we are getting out of here," she says to them as she turned and makes the sign of the cross with her hand, "Oh Lord, be with us," she said silently to herself. She walked to the door, still shaken but trying to hold it as a she is handed a gun and looked at it. "I have never fired a gun." and she looks at those here. The Soldier nods and handed her a bag, "Here is some first aid kits. Grab what you can as you make your way to he hangar," and he looks at those leaving, "Do what Sergeant Gibbs here tells you to do. These soldier will be your guards stay with them," and he nods. "Sergeant, head out. Radio when you arrive at the hangar," and Gibbs salutes and the party headed out. Twenty minutes late, as the group of people, about fifteen total, went to the hangar. The group arrived, about 30 minutes later where Mai's transport is located, it took some time, due to stopping for cover. Gibbs radioed in their position. Mai looked at her plane and sees no damage and runs to it, "Oh it is good to see ye lass," she said as she gave it a hug. Gibbs looks, "Does it fly?" he asked? Mai punches him in the arm, "Aye she will fly," she said. "Me lass may not look good, but she can get us out of here," she added she runs onboard and to the cockpit. Thinking, she turns on everything and activates the APU. Mai checked all the gauges and sees everything is in good shape. Getting up, she runs out of the plane and checks the plane in a walk around than disconnects the gpu. A few soldiers help with the caulks and go to the doors to open them. Mai boarded her plane as the soldiers return and she turned to those here. "Strap into the seats in the back. That container is built to survive a drop with a chute. Me plane is not going to land in many areas, so I will do my best to get you to a safe place," and she puts on a headset as Gibbs and others drop into the seats around her. "Lets go big mamma," and Mai looked at him and smiles as she turns up the radio. She pushes the throttle forward as the transport moves and she drives strait, once the wings have cleared, she activates the tiltrotors and they powered to life. "Flerken Heavy, loaded with civilians and injured, taking off." she states over the radio as she stops and sees the suit in the way. Cursing in Scottish, Mai pulls a lever as the rotors rotate and she sets the breaks as she throttled the motors up. The Flerken starts to lift off like a helicopter and once clear of the hangars by about 100 feet, moves the level forward and retracts the landing gear. "Now lad, were do we need to go?" she asks Gibbs as gunshots are heard hitting the hull and she throttles forward, and increases speed with the jet engines at the back of the transport. Mai listens to the chatter as she moves the transport to avoid he shots being fired into the sky. As the fighting continues, shells are hitting the hull and she sees a few alarms as she kills the engines, allowing the rotors to work. As she does this, she says a silent prayer and heads for a safe zone. as she looks at the radar and blinks as she flips on her transponder and talked again over the radio. "Oy, I have non-combatants and injured on here, quit yer shooting at me you dolts...." she said as some unintelligent language in Scottish is followed over the radio. "Everything ok?" Gibbs asked her. "Aye, we are ok," she responded to him, "If they don't stop shooting at us," she muttered to herself as the Flerken is rocked hard by a hit and alarms started to go off. "No.. nonononononono," she states as she looked out the window "I'll kill the person who did that," she said to no one. ----- On the ground, the Flerken lifts off and lumbered off the ground as it flew away from the hangar. As it lifted off, the firefighting continued and it turned away from the hangars and the fighting and towards the ocean. The plan was to have the Flerken fly out and bank back to a cleared area a few miles away from the base, However, that was cut short, as a few shots, wild or not, flew and shot past the transport, before one hit the pilot side, engine 1 side, of the plane, damaging the rudder and caused the engine back there to explode. ----- Mai looked at Gibbs, "Take over," is her only comment as she flips the autopilot on and gets up and goes to the rear door and looks through the window and sees the missing engine on the pilot's side of the plane. Returning to the cockpit, she sits and looked at everyone as she says simply "Out." The people in the cockpit look at her. "Get to the container, I'm going to eject ye." and they all look at her. "Oy, do I need to whallop yer arses? Get into the container with the others," she said to them. "This plane is not going to stay up much longer. At least in there, you are safe. That container has chutes on it and will get you to safety, although no where near the area we need to be, but better than back there." and she grabs the yolk and stables the plane. "Get yer arses moving," and they all leave. Gibbs manages to get the people loaded up, "Mai," Gibbs said to her. "Lets go," he added. "I'll be fine," she responds back. "I do not want anyone to get hurt, so I am going to fly her and I'll bail afterwards. Might see about taking out a few of those dolts as well," she added as Gibbs gets on the container and Mai seals it and releases it. The container drops away and 6 parachutes deploy as it drops to the ground. She went white as she saw the damage. Returning to the cockpit, Mai turns the Flerken and sighs as she keys up her radio and transmitted "Non-combatants and injured dropped at ...." and she leaves coordinates. "Mayday...mayday, Flerken Heavy going down. Mayday, Mayday, Flerken Heavy going down." Afterwards, she gets her own parachute on and heads for the cargo door. Mai looked at the Flerken and sighs as she goes and grabs what she has that is hers, which is not much. As she went to grab a bag, that has her cloths, the Flerken is rocked and shifts hard, throwing her to the floor and she hits her head on something. Slowly she gets up and stands, only to be thrown towards the floor again. ----- The transport was going down, but not at a fast rate, controlled would eb the word and the big greenish-yellow craft with a Junk Guild logo/crest on the side dropped a container that, once cleared deployed six parachutes and landed about 2 miles from the fighting. a few more explosions occurred as a rotor stopped and smoked as another few shots hit the craft. The plan began to nose down more and exploded a few moments after what appeared to be a loan parachute appears and drifts down, towards the Archangel.... ----- She stumbled back towards the cargo door and looks as she grabbed the handle and opens the door, where she stumbled out of the plane. As she fell, she looked and saw her plane explode, while hit by a few of the smaller debris and deploys her chute. she rubs her head as she she blinked. Mai looked at where she was heading towards what looks like a ship, but her vision is foggy after hitting her head and getting hit with some pieces of her Flerken. She struggles to reach for the cords to help her change direction as she saw the weapons firing. She just froze as she heads for the ship and manages to land on something where there are rails and she rolls up against them and hangs on the best that she can.
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    Hal Biography: Full name: Hal Faction: AEUG Rank: Petty Officer First Class Age: 15 Sex: Male Height: 177.8 cm (5'10") Weight: 43 kg (94.79 lbs) Eyes: Amethyst Hair: Red Skin: Caucasian Handiness: Ambidextrous Personality: Due to his life as an orphan, Hal works hard, to get what he wants and is very protective of what he has and of his friends and will do what he needs to protect them. A street smart person, Hal grew up as an orphan on a colony at the L1 point and is tough, able to fight people easily if he has too. Resourceful and can get out of almost any problem that he is in, and will use anything around him to his advantage, anything can become a weapon. He respects those who earn his respect and is protective of those who need help or cannot fight for themselves. Hal will go out of his way to protect those that are weaker and who need help. Additionally, he will do whatever it takes to make sure others are ok before he is, and shows courage in the face of danger and never gives up, even if it means his life; he would keep on fighting tell the end. Hal is lonely, and hopes to have a family of his own someday, and is jealous of those who do have a family. Not a social type person, and takes a bit to get to trusting people and is always watching people, never letting his guard down. To hide this, he is a very cheerful, jolly and optimistic person. Always has a remark about something and making jokes, although they are terrible at times. Hal has an optimistic outlook on things, and keeps this, even when things are at their worst. He is one of the least serious pilots and is always wearing a very disarming grin. However, do not dismiss this as a carefree attitude. Strengths and weaknesses: Hal has a number of different strengths and weaknesses. Some of his strengths include being a street smart orphan and a salvager. Hal grew up as an orphan on a colony at the L1 point and is tough, able to fight people easily if he has too and learned to survive off of what he could find. Additionally, he is able to protect himself and others. From this, he learned to salvage for supplies and is an expert salvager, able to locate anything that he or others need. He will use whatever means he can to survive and everything is open if it can be used. Due to being a salvager, he is also an adequate technician and can fix many things, including vehicles and mobile suits. Although he does need assistance with working on mobile suits. He has signed on with a number of freelance operators as a tech to learn more and to make friends, but is still learning how to be a better technician and to use this. Moreover, from being a technician, he has learned adequate skills as a pilot and would be considered a rookie still in the academy. However, he can fight in a mobile suit, but usually the suit needs to be repaired more and so he works on his skill as a pilot when he can. Appearance: Not pale or tan/dark, skin tone is that of an average Caucasian male. He is well-built, especially for a fifteen year old, standing about five foot ten inches in height and weight about and has a smile on his lips, and a twinkle in his amethyst eyes with red hair reaching past his shoulders. Currently, wearing a red shirt that is covered by a black long sleeve like jacket, zipped up halfway, and a gold chain with a cross can be seen around his neck. His legs are clad in a pair of black pants, while a pair of black boots covers his feet, sometimes he has a solid red ball cap is on his head. History: Born in one of the Colony Side Locations at the L1 Lagrange point, Hal's parents were young and disappeared before Hal was able to walk, let along talk. He was taken in by a number of different people who felt sorry for the boy, and when he was close to being happy, those who had taken him in left due to fighting, death or some other reason. Additionally, some of those who had taken Hal in, where nice, while others were not so nice and he was either loved or beaten by different people. As Hal grew up, he went from one family to the next, through love, abuse, drugs, faith, and alcoholism to name a few. By the time he was eight, he was living on the streets and doing everything he could think of to survive, mainly stealing food. However, he did rob people from time to time, and was even used by others for illegal means. As he continued to grow up on the streets, he received many beatings by his adoptive parents and by the various people living on the streets. He has even had a few broken bones from some of the beatings and shows the signs of other beatings on his body. When he was old enough, was tired of living off the streets, was ready to fight, as he had nothing to go back too, joined the AEUG as a pilot and a technician. Growing up on the streets, he never received a formal education and so had to have help, as he was at about a third or fourth grade education level. Additional had a knack for fixing mobile suits. Additionally, was able to learn to pilot mobile suits and found that he liked to work at a distance, but was adapt at close quarters combat. Still he worked more as a tech and loves to fix things and prefers distance fighting as a sniper or support with his MSA-003 Nemo that has been modified as a Sniper. Possessions: MSA-003 Nemo Sniper Kills: n/a Role plays: Mai Ingram - For the Homeland Zhane Tan - Where Fun and Gunpla Meet Coliseum battles: n/a
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    Lee Full Name: Lee Jalahafi Gender: Male Eyes: Brown Hair: Brown Skin: Caucasian Handiness: Right-Handed Hometown: Pewter City Region: Kanto Relatives: Jayson - Father, Joyce - Mother Trainer Class: PERSONALITY: An easygoing man; Lee uses his mind first before he resorts to force to solve a problem. Moreover, it takes a lot to get Lee upset, and instead tries to find another way to deal with this. Loyalty is very important to Lee, and has a loyalty that is fierce when it comes to his family and friends, since he will defend them until the end. One of the most important aspects to him, is his friendship with people and he is even loyal to those who are innocent in these troubled times. Lee enjoys going to the Opera now and then, attending dinners, and is infallibly elegant when it comes manners. A charming person, he has a smile that is disarming, and is a well-mannered individual thanks to his parents and grandparents. He has a sweet caring nature that is the root to his personality, and he draws upon this nature all the time. Lee is a caregiver, helping those who are in trouble, and being there for those who are being hurt. He is always out helping those who are in need, both as himself and as The Shadow. This can be a flaw, as he does things for people and usually is taken advantage of, but he does it because he knows the world needs someone who can help those who need it. He is only human and he can feel what people feel and the pain they maybe in. APPEARANCE Lee wears a navy blue long sleeve jacket with a light blue shit under that. a pair of brown khaki's and a pair of simple black shoes. His brown hair is short while his brown eyes are framed by a pair of wire framed glasses that loop over his ears. A brown belt holds up his pants and a pouch is hanging from the belt and wrapped around the right thigh that appears to be a carrying case and a notebook can be seen sticking out of the pouch. HISTORY: Born in a small village, and raised in an area of Kanto where there is an abundance of forest and mountains, Lee learned how to survive and navigate these areas. He grew up to loving parents who were in professional careers of their own. His mother was the local nurse, similar to a nurse Joy, and his father was a teacher at the local high school. Both of his parents had a Pokemon, his dad had a Bulbasaur and his mother had a Geodude. As Lee grew up, both of his parents saw that he was unique compared to the other children and after being tested, found out he had some minor psychic ability. However, this ability was not even enough for most to find out about and so it was kept within the family. His parents think that this is what caused him to venture into the mountains and forest around the village, and while exploring a cave, he came upon a Gastly, which scared him, however, he was able to capture the Gastly, and now known as Shadow, and the two have been together since. As Lee grew up, the two of them helped each other out and made frequent trips to the mountains for days on end. From this, Lee learned much about how to navigate and survive in the mountains and the forests for days on end and has learned how to survive in forests. Lee wants to be a Pokemon Researcher like Oak, Elm and the other Professors around the world. LIST OF POKEMON: Shadow - A Gastly that Lee has had since he was 9 years old ITEMS: Notebook, Pokedex
  12. Mai looked as she let out a silent sigh of relief as she said something that surprised her, considering she was waiting to be told, 'Your going to be locked up for a bit.' However, when Yuna said "Very well then, I’m sorry about this mix up. You are free to leave." she stood, "Thank ye Mr. Yuna sir," she says to him as she curtsies. "I do apologize for any issues I have caused ye. It was not my intention to do that," she adds. Looking around, she waits by the table and is not going anywhere, without an escort, that way she is not breaking any rules. As she stands there, she blinked as Yuna comments, "There is one thing I’d like to ask first though.” Mai looks as he asks her a simple question, "I'll answer it to the best of me ability," she responds. As she said that, he turned on his heel and asked simply, “Does the guild still accept freelance jobs?” Thinking for a few moments, Mai looks, "Aye, they do," she states. "Although there is an overseeing body that governs the Guild as a whole, most of the work is done by small team of technicians who act independently," she adds. "I Am sure you are aware that most Junk Guild teams spend days going through battlefields salvaging equipment that is usable or working under contract." as she leans on the table. "The contracts that we can do vary, the contracts can vary," she says. "Everything from salvage operations to repair to recovery of equipment. That is handled by the local team. I am unsure if individual team members can do freelance contracts, that is a question for our team lead," she mentions. "Sorry I am not able to help ye more than that," she adds. She was released after about another thirty minutes and driven to her plane, the Flerken Heavy, and sighed as she went onboard . Her day sucked and she needed to relax somehow and as Mai sat in the seat, she was out cold. Mai woke up hours later, went to town and got some food than found the area to be beautiful. Later she returned to her plane and ate what food she got and then went to find the local Guild. After spending a few hours with the Guild and talking with them, she joined them and worked with them. She got to know the Junk Guild and even heard of Lowe Guele and the others, but never got a chance to meet them. Still, she was happy here and made a lot of friends. ------ A few days later, Mai was assisting on one of the contracts, which was working for ORB on getting some scrap from the battle she had flew over and she offered her plane. Then remembered she had not fixed it and with another tech went to go work on the tiltrotors. Mai enters her plane and about ten minutes later, Mai walks down the ramp and is wearing her grey jumpsuit, relieving a grey short sleeve shirt, the top of it has been tied around her waist, her long red hair is braided in a ponytail and she moves to get a ladder. Placing it next to the tiltrotor she had issues with, she grabs her tools and climbs the ladder. stepping up onto the wing, she begins to open the panels and sighs as she closes off the valves and begins to fix the problem, "Stupid EA and this damn war," she says as she works on the damage rotor and is most likely heard cursing in both English and Scottish. After about an hour or two, she sits back and closes up the casings of the rotor and double checks everything. As she does this, Mai begins to think on how she arrived at ORB and steps onto the ladder, beginning her decent as her are alarms and she almost falls off the ladder. "What in the ....." she gets out as she hears an explosion, followed by gunfire and jumps off the ladder, about eight feet off the ground. looking around, she drops as a bullet hits near her and the air of an explosion is felt. Doing the sign of the cross she looks, "Faith, what have I brought here?" she says to herself believing that she is the cause of this since she saw a fight that she has figured out was not to see. "I told him to let me go and that I brought trouble." she added as she saw soldier running and yelling at people. "Get to cover!" said one. "Get those planes out of here," another said as vehicles started to arrive. Looking around, Mai is not a fighter, in any way, shape or form, in the best sort of terms, she is a coward and is not a fan of wars and fighting, unless it is a sport, like fencing or boxing or football (Soccer). However, fighting with guns, and the loss of life was a whole different game. More cursing in Scottish, Mai grabs her tools and runs for her plane as she is thrown to the ground and lands hard as a shell explodes near her, causing the ground to shake. Slowly she moves, getting help form another tech, "You, ok?" he says as she looks and did not hear him fully. "Huh," was her response. "What...." and she is pushed to the ground, "Get down...." the guy is shot and falls on top of her, causing her to go oof as she was pushed to the ground. "Oy, get off me you git," she says as she quickly comes too. As she moves, she feels something on her side, . o 0 (I've been shot) she thinks as she feels no pain and moves forward, "Come on lad, we need to get out of here," is her comment as she looks and sees the guy face down, blood coming out from under him. "Hey, you, ok?" she asks as she pushes him, and he does not move, and she realizes and moves back as her hand comes to her mouth. "Lady, what are you doing, get out of her," she hears as someone yells at her as she looks and stands, haphazardly and runs for her plane. "Not to the plane, they are targeting them" the guy yells. "I need me stuff," is her response. "It's all I have," she adds as she is grabbed and dragged/pulled away. "It can be replaced" comes the response. Mai looks, "... No it cannot," she adds as there is another explosion and she is pulled away. . o 0 (Maybe the guy is right,) she thinks this, she looks and follows other techs as she sees them running and covering up as she is hit by debris form bullets hitting the ground and form the various items falling through the sky. As she runs, she slides to a stop as she feels something.... big moving. Looking around, she feels it again and backs up as a giant foot moves past her and she sees a "...mobile suit..." and she steps backwards. "What the ......." is her response as she turns and runs and stops as she sees soldiers fight soldiers and wearing the same uniforms... Turning, she heads a different way, running and hiding as she moves and comes to an opening and looks around. A gunshot is heard as something whizzes past her "Halt!" is heard as Mai turns and looks in shock at the soldiers and their guns and she begins to step away from the, tripping over some debris and falling to the ground. As she lands, she oofs and then stands to craw backwards, "Ple...please don't hurt me," she says in her Scottish accented voice as she looks at them. She is no match for trained soldiers, as she has only her sgian dubh, which is in her sock. "Who are you?" one of them asks. "My... Me name is Mai Ingram, I am a tech with the Junk Guild.," she says to them. "Why are you out here?" looking, Mai blinks, "I have no idea where I am at. I was just running away from the fighting," she says as she covers up at the sound of an explosion. "You hurt?" the soldier asks her as she looks down and sees the blood on her side, "I.. I don't know," she responds. "I.. I don't think so," she adds as she looks at it a little while longer than looks up at the soldier. "What's going on?" she asks them. Another soldier comes forward, "Its a coup," is all that is said as she blinks and is helped up. "Radio in that we have a tech here, possibly injured," he adds as another soldier radios in the location and situation. "Let's gets you checked out and to cover," he says as she looks at a soldier who helps her up. "Get her to cover and have her side looked at," and the soldier salutes and another follows suit and takes her items as they usher her to cover, the closest, which is near the Archangel. "I should have just gone to the sea," she says as she is now fearful that she brought this coup. "Ma'am," the soldier asks her. "Nothing lad, just..." and there is an explosion, throwing the three of them to the ground. Mai looks, as she has ringing in her ears, which clears up and her hand is on her head, "You okay miss?" the soldier asks. "Yea...." she says as she is picked up, dragged and they start to run, "Stay with her," says one of the soldiers as he turns and starts to fire. . o 0 (I want to go home,) she thinks as she and the soldier runs and stops near a wall. "Do you know how to use a gun?" the soldier asks her. Looking at him, she blinks, "I've never fired one," she comments. The soldier nods and looks and grabs a few clips and looks around for cover for them... "Mai," she says. "Me name is Mai," she says to the soldier. He looks at her, "Xavier," she says to her as he smiles. "Wish we could have met under different circumstances," she comments. Mai smiles back at him. "Aye, this stupid war has come to this beautiful island," she adds as she slides down the wall and sits. "Looks like we are safe for now, so take a breath," and he pulls out a canteen, opening the lid and offers it to her, "Than ye," she says as she takes a drink and hands it back. Taking it, the soldier takes a drink and looks. "Where you from?" he asks her. "Scotland," comes her response. "Earth Alliance territory?" he asks. "Aye. Although I do not believe in this war. EA thinking that they are better by protecting us from ZAFT. While ZAFT is trying to stop the EA in destroying them. Personally, rather you are a Coordinator or not does not matter. Everyone has the right to make their own decisions," she states. "And now the war has come to ORB who is neutral," she says to him. "Yea, but this was coming. Politics is not my area, but things just went wrong on the politics here." he says to her as Mai looks up. Replacing the canteen on his belt he looks, "Let's get to better cover," he says. "Maybe closer to the ships or a hangar, with a plane," she says. "Also, if we get separated, head for those buildings and find a hiding place and stay there. I will come and look for you or send someone to find you," he says to her. Nodding, she follows the soldier and them do a leapfrog type of moment with Mai behind him. Stopping at a building, he looks. He see's a building and pushes her forward, "To that building," he states. As they run, the soldier looks and stops as she grabs her hand and pulls her towards a building, the door opening as they approach and then closing as they enter. Looking as she breaths, she sees the guns pointed at her and she raises her hands, "um..." she states as the soldier does the same after handing his weapon over. "Who are you?" someone asks them. "Me name is Mai," she says as the soldier speaks, "Sergeant Xavier Gibbs, 5th Platoon," he says. "Was order to get this tech to cover and to be checked for possible injury. Been trying to find some cover to get into," he says as both Mai and Xavier lower their arms. "Have a seat ma'am, Corpsman, check her out," the soldier says as Mai is moved and sits as someone looks at her side and head. Mai just sits there, watching and listening as Xavier and the other guy talk. "They moved out in the M1s, the Archangel has been called for help," the leader of this group said. "That's good, but what's got this started. "It seems someone was not happy with the vote," the leader said. The corps man cleans up the scratch on Mai's forehead and arms. "You have some bruises and a few good scraps, nothing series. Where is this blood from?" he asks as she looks, "I..I don't know," she says as shock starts to sit in. "Maybe the first group that found me," Mai says as she looks on. in a state of shock at this and just sits and stays quiet as Xavier and the leader talk. "I think getting her to the Archangel will be the best, but has not arrived yet," Xavier says. "She is a tech with the Junk Guild, so that should help us." he adds as the building shakes.. "Sergeant, get her to the Archangel when it arrives," the leader says. "Radio command," he says. Inform them of our location and let them know we have some techs for pickup. Requesting to meet up with the archangel when it arrives." the radio operators salutes and talks as Mai sits there, listening and thinking as she pulls her bag close to her.
  13. Entering the area over the forest, Zhane looks around as he works on the controls of his Gunpla. "Ok, lets do this," he says as he lands just outside the area and goes over everything. Bringing the rifle up, he walks forwards and through the barrier. "Gunpla Battle Start" is heard as he looks around and waits as he moves forward, one step at a time. All of the sudden, he hears an alarm and looking, he drops his suit to the ground as an energy blast flies past and he looks, "Sneaky," he states as he squeezes the trigger and the custom beam rifle fires at the Leo and hits it. Moving forward, he keeps firing as he thinks and looks around as he brings his shield up to block some of the shots as two more Leo's appear. "Damn," he says simply as he levels his gun at the lead Leo and fires again. The beam rifle fires, as does the Vulcan guns from the head of his Suit and he takes out the first enemy suit. With shield up, he moves forward and than all of a sudden, the red and blue mobile suit rushes forward as Zhane... Lucky uses the shield to rush the Leo, knocking it to the ground. Aiming the beam rifle, it fires off at point blank range and takes out the second of three Leos. Getting hit by the third, Lucky looks, "Comeon," he says as he drops the beam rifle and pulls out a GN Beam saber and charges forward, swinging at the last Leo, hitting the arm and using the left hand, punches the suit before bringing the beam saber down onto it. The saber strikes and the Leo moves back as it too pulls out a beam saber. With shield up, Lucky combats the Leo with strikes and blocks as it returns in favor. "Just fall," he says as he pulls the trigger and the Vulcans fire form the forehead and the Leo blocks the shots. Taking advantage of this, Lucky moves in and using his own saber, aims for the legs of the Leo, striking at the knee joint and taking off its lower legs. As the Leo falls, he brings the saber down and stabs it in the chest, as it impacts the ground, disappearing as it is defeated. "Battle Complete. Winner Lucky!" the voice says as he turns off his saber and looks around as he breaths again. "I did it," he says as he moves his suit, the RX-78GP01-OP Prime Gundam out of the Battle and back to the lobby of the GBN. I need to add more to my suit here, but what I have so far is good for the time being, he thinks to himself.
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