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  1. Biography Name: Mai Ingram True Name: Mairéad Sandilands Pronounced: my-redt, mawr + aid, mur + aid, or my + read Nickname(s): Mai the Red, Mai, Red Faction: Junk Guild Rank: Age: 18 Sex: Female Height: 5’6 inches Weight: 186 pounds Eyes: Green Hair: Red Skin: Caucasian Handiness: Ambidextrous Blood Type: AB- Family: Lieutenant Commander James Sandilands, Father – Deceased Anne Ingram Sandilands, Mother – Deceased Captain Lord Torphichen James Sandilands Jr., Brother, F-7D Spearhead Pilot – Alive Ensign Erik Sandilands, Brother – Decea
  2. I wanted to expand more on myself, and my history of RPGing. Table top wise, since 1992ish, everything from AD&S 2nd ed to Rifts and World of Darkness. I have been RPing on MU*es since about 1993 to 1994, my first was a place called Heroes & Villains or H&V. From there I went to Transformers 2005 MUSH in 1998 and was there first as Slingshot than Stratosphere and in 1999 Compile. I was also the Wraith and was active there till around 2005/2006. I was at other places, some I cannot even remember any more and some that I care not to remember. For a time, I took some time of
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    What is the link for the Discord
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    Hello, my name is John and I am a Gundamholic.. .... Just kidding. My name is John, i am an old rpger. Been doing rpg, MUDs/MUX/MUSH/MOO for a while. Use to do table top rpg back with Second ed ADD and the THAC0 system, not to mention RIFTS. I also play Gundam Breaker Gunpla Battler and a fan of Duo Maxwell and Wing as well as SEED. Additionally, i am active in Scouts BSA, married with 3 kids, 13, 11 and 6. So I am older, in my 40s, but be kind. I also joke alot and cannot wait to get into the rps and conservations here. *looks around* So where could I drop Deathscythe into a now Wi
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