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Getting things started...again


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I have sorta outlined a few plans for the Union itself, but as for squadrons...I don't think politicians can participate in piloting, not when he has no experience prior to that.


I'll be keeping watch, though, and was thinking if the squadrons are assigned simply to ORB, or to other Unions as well...?

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A good idea would be to have people designated to different squadrons, pilot license notwithstanding, and seeing that ORB is one of the greater powers in NOVA, have some of the squadrons deployed (or to be deployed) to fellow Nova nations, especially with USSA's situation and the Equatorial Union's lack of any military force enough to defend itself.

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Well, we need to know the exact numbers, because some of the member nations are just too big to be defended by small squads across the place (USSA and Equatorial Union are far larger than the whole of Orb Union), and given that the number of people having pilot's license is only...

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Currently I am the only member in the KoS (Kingdom of Scandinavia).  I have a couple of questions that I would like to express to NOVA.


What is our current thecnology level?  I assume that it is similar to Orb,however I would like to know our current level of thechnology so when I get to actual military places I can describe.


Currently I am trying to get the MS pilot license, hopefully before battle starts so that might help in the defense a little bit.


The question that I have is that is the NOVA military one military unit or an alliance.  The difference is that under one military unit everyone works toghether and there is no division.  Alliance I mean every country is on its own, but they work toghether. 


Being the only member should I worry about a shipbuilding program and the organization of fleets.  And if so can I use Orbs organization as a model and cut it down the size of it.  (Ex. Orb has 4 fleets, KoS would have 3 similar fleets).


I was thniking RP wise since numbers a limited.  to develop a plot in which the KoS just developed their first Archangel class vessel.  Their first protype.  (Yeah I know 20 years after everyone else).  However, since the KoS is very inexperience with the ship they ask Orb to help them sort out the bugs and stuff like that.  So the first crew is a mixture of Orb and KoS.  Which should be interesting to see how the countries dynamics work. 


The other possible story line we can just make an officer exange program and place me in one of the Orb squad until we get more people in KoS.  I don't know I am not a faction leader and I know I have no authority what soever.  However, I can try my hardest to run a nation via NPCs. 


Just let me know what you guys think or what should I do.

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@kct: Correct, the Equatorial Union does not have a full fledged military force.  It does have a strong economic strength though.


@Sieg: That's possible.  I'll look into that soon.


@Aures: Technically, you aren't; VAL is supposed to be the KoS leader but he's been absent of late.  (I'll bring that up soon with Valiant.)

Technology-wise, I'm assuming it's similar to Orb's, if not quite as high.  NOVA (Non-Offensive Vanguard Alliance), unlike the Earth Alliance, is a looser coalition of neutral nations.  So their military would not be one cohesive organization (unlike EA's OMNI Enforcer.), so yeah, it'd be an Alliance. 


Fleet: Sure, I suppose.  I do not know what vessels the KoS uses though, so I can't help with details.  Though I'd expect a larger nation like the KoS to have more fleets than Orb.


Story: We'd need permission for some stuff (like new tech) but you do make good points regarding possibilities.  We (the staff) have a story set up that we'll hopefully be implementing soon.  However, given the lack of other KoS members, you could coordinate possible project proposals and start out at Orb or the Equatorial Union.


(One such possibility would be the distribution of the newly-approved Astray Diver to other NOVA nations, which is an issue that could be brought up to the NOVA council.) 



EDIT: I'm going to implement that idea.  A small expeditionary FREE Forces group will be heading to the KoS to show the Astray Diver to the KoS military.  (This'll allow some of us to meet up with Aures)  I will go as Demetrius Amherst as the leader of this exchange.  I will need one of the Sergeants and maybe two or three Privates to accompany me.  You do not need a Pilot License at this time.  It's mainly just a discussion between military personnel.

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Thanks for the information.


That sounds great to meet up with Orb people regarding the thecnical support of the new Astray Diver.  I have talked to Valiant, aparently VAL is very busy at the moment but he should be back soon.  Futhumore, I heard that he have somewhat different thechnology. 


However, I apreciate the info, it helps clear up what I should be doing. 


*Going to clean the letrines* Man from thinking of building a fleet to cleaning letrines people do fall quickly in the work. 

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Heard of that from you on the IRC, although we need a statistics on faction numbers right now. However, given that we will show the Astray Divers this time (provided that they're legal), we must try to avoid tensing up the others around the region (although I don't think we will be bringing any there...we bring the Divers in paper as a form of proposal?).


Given that the Scandinavian are pretty much regal when it comes to stuff (I don't know, I just got that impression), those going must know their stuff about regality/whatever/etc. and so on.

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The NOVA list should be fairly up to date.  I think we have one or two inactives there at the most.


Valiant already approved the Divers; he and Kaizer are hoping to add more suits in to other factions in the future.  (e.g. Berah)

I was thinking that we should bring one Diver, since this discussion isn't set yet.  (For the sake of interaction, for now.)  I don't think we need to know all the regal standards, considering FREE Forces personnel are trained in diplomacy as well.

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I might not be the most appropiate person to do a recap but from I heard is that some Orb people are going to a Field trip to KoS, to show off their new toys.  But it has to be approved by VAL first. 


Actually about diplomacy my character went to Universities in Orb, so he can serve as a liason, if you can deal with his arrogance. 


When it gets approved are we starting a new thread?  And where is the thread going to be?

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Actually I don't know what you guys think of this, but I was thinking macking a joint Arch Angel Type ship.  I will not belong to any one country in particular it would belong to all.  The idea is to have at least one military ship as a symbol of the unity. 


However, I would understand if this would destoy the meaning of the alliance.  However, the idea was to have a place in which everyone can join toghether. 



Disclaimer:  I am the official bathroom cleaner in KoS so my opinion does not carry any weight.  Futhumore, I can't in any way speak on behalf of KoS.

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Don't worry about visiting KoS, I am sure something will work out.  Once the bullets start flying is inevitable to meet up sonner or later. 


I am very glad that people like the joint arch angel class ship idea.  I have two questions


1. Wha is the procedure to get a ship like that approve?

2. What you want to place in the ship?  Needless to say, I would like it, if it could submerge underwater, mirage colloid.

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