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OOC: Anyone in the Kingdom of Scandinavia which they are none at the moment or NOVA can join




   Smoke and fire surrounded young boy that had blue pajamas.  His large wooden room seemed on the verge of destruction. As the fire came in to his room, the young boy did was he was told to keep his head down and let the smoke go over his head.  As he tried to crawl his way out, the door was busted  open.  A tall person dressed in black pointed a gun to the young kid as he mentioned "With this act the world will never see a war again".  The young boy scared closed his eyes, a second later he heard gun shots.  After the shots the boy felt that he was alive and that a body just hit the floor.  As he open his eyes he saw a young person wearing a uniform stand in front of him.  The young guy open his hand and said "Come with me, I will take you to safety".  The boy grabbed the young guys hand and they both left running his room. 




    As Alex opened his eyes he remembered that today was not a day of sadness but a day of happiness.  He noticed that he was a TV station.  They were bright lights pointing to his face.  He was sitting on a nice chair and in front of him there was a young woman in her mid 20's brunette well dressed conducting the interview.  Alex smiled as he though that he should act naturally, but there was nothing natural in this situation he was wearing base, his hair was fixed a certain way and he rehearsed this event a thousand times before this day.  As he checked the situation again he heard a camera man saying  "We are live in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1".  At that moment the entire room went dark except for the lights poiting on his and the reporter.  Alex through to himself "Thank God this is normal"




The reporter looked at the camera and said "Good evening ladies and gentleman!  This is Erica Robert reporting live from your favorite show Politics Fame and Fortune.  Tonight he have a special interview a person who was almost erased from political spectrum.  Years ago his father died in a terrible fire in his mansion.  The former Sir Victorioso was one of the most important political figured during a crucial times in the Kingdom of Scandinavia.  His son a person believed to have died in the fire was kept in hiding for years.  Now after all those years in hiding Sir Alex Victorioso has come to reclaim his role as a Knight.  Ladies and Gentlemen I present you my close Friend Sir Alex Victorioso.




Alex heard the crowd clap.  He smiled and waived his hand a little bit.  He turned around and smiled again and mentioned to the reporter "Thank you, is a pleasure to be here.  I would like to thank everyone for their warm welcome and their understanding of the situation".




Reporter : Sir Victorioso, do you mind if a call you Sir Alex?




Alex: Not at all




Reporter: How does it feel to be back in the Kingdom?




Alex : It feels good.  I have been wanting to come here for a while.  Is very good to be here and the people have been very good to me.  I am glad that I have a opportunity to follow my father footsteps and to help the people more.  I get ....a little nervous once in a while getting used to all of this attention, however is something that I have to deal with.








Reporter : Many people have criticized you for your disappearance and lack of battle talent.  How can a knight not be a good warrior?




Alex : (Smiling) As for my lack of presence in the region, I can only apologize.  I was in a process to develop my skills to be a useful citizen in the Kingdom of Scandinavia.  As combat abilities, I am right now working really hard to improve my combat abilities.  I am happy to announce that I have joined the military and shortly after this interview I plan to fly to their recruiting center.  However, there is one point that I would like to point out, the ideals of the Kingdom is not really war is peace and neutrality.  As a person that believe in those ideals I can't help to express that there are other way to deal with conflict rather than war.  As a knight my job is to protect the kingdom and there are a lot of ways to protect the kingdom that does not include conflict. 




Reporter : Any love interest, I bet the girls would like to know?




Alex: (Laughs) No, not at the moment, right now I am getting used to the fact that I am back in the Kingdom.




Reporter: Your brother is the one that has all the control of your father estate, how does it feel?




Alex: Not good, but not bad.  There are a lot of problems in the world right now.  Do I wish to have my family castle and title back...yes.  Is it that important?...No.  See I have a place to sleep and eat.  They are people around the world that need those.  Rumors of a war seems more important than who owns a castle.  The things that I can do, do not depend on legalities it comes from your heart and mind.  Regardless of your birth and tittle those are the thing that makes us who we are. 




Reporter: What a great guy!  Give a big applause to Alex Victorioso.  This is the end of our five minute initial interview. 






Alex turned the TV off and looked at his aides.  "What do you guys think?" said Alex.  The aides looked at him and mentioned "very well played, your popularity with the peoples increased a couple of points".  Alex crossed his hand and said "You guys are expert and that is all that you can say, and I though you guys where smart". 




Alex waived at them to leave the room.  As everyone left the room, Alex grabbed the military jacket and decided to wore it.  For the moment he was in full uniform.  As he looked at the mirror he said to himself "Who am I really?"...




Alex went to the hangar to see the new suits that arrived at the base. 




Elevators doors opened in front of Alex showing the hangar of the base that he is currently living.  The sounds of people yelling and wielding in the background compelled Alex at first, but he shortly got accustomed by it.  Taking a sip of water from his water bottle Alex walked to the station that he was assigned to.  He sat down in front of his computer and started to configure his OP to be more compatible with him. 


As Alex was typing two engineers walked to his station.  The two where somewhat nerdy looking with glasses, one of the engineers asked “Why is your compatibility rating is 70%?  I though you were a competent pilot”.  Alex for a second stop typing look at the two engineers and continued his work.  He calmly told to the engineers “Is none of your business what are my capabilities of a pilot are.  Your job is to make sure that I can get up in the air, other than that please refrain for any additional comments.”


All of the sudden one of the engineers gave a look that he recognized Alex.  The engineers looked at him and said “Wait a second; you are the Knight that returned from the dead?” .  Alex chuckled to himself “Is that what you think that I returned from the dead, if so please contact someone who cares about your childish notions”.  The engineer scratch his head and said “Sorry we don’t have people like you here in the hangar, I know everything there is to know about you.  Alex Victorioso, Knight of the Kingdom of Scandinavia, reported dead in the fire that destroyed the Victorioso fire.  Morning all over the country, one of the last knights of the world dead”.  Alex stop typing one against this time he looked at the person straight in the eyes and said “You don’t know anything about me, you only know what a book tells you.  There is always more to a person that a book and a percentage.  That is why the 70% compatibility does not bother me at all, it indicates that I have to outthink my opponents rather than rely on pure skill. That is the only opportunity that we are going to have if we pilot inferior suits, especially against coordinators.  If you excuse me I have work to do, there are some new prototypes suits coming from Orb.  I need to prepare to see them and give my full opinion to the king.  If you don’t mind I rather stop the idle chatter.”  With those work Alex continued his work at the hangar.  Typing away and thinking about one thing “Why is he here?”

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