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FREE Forces Q&A


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Most of the text in the FREE Forces page, especially the descriptions of the various Command Divisions, were written by your truly, and subsequently approved by both Qrioser and Valiant.


If you have any questions that have not been brought up and cannot be answered by the FREE Forces page or by the Advent-pedia entry, please feel free to ask them here.




From fireminerva:


"Out of curiosity, how does one move up in rank?  I mean, I know that a nomination is needed from someone of a rank equal to or higher than the one your character might be promoted to, but what qualifies a character for nomination?"


To be precise, "nominations by someone of equal rank or higher to rank being promoted to" applies only for promotions to, and within, Command Divisions higher than Junior. This is because such promotions require not only the deliberation of Faction Leaders, but also in-character testing.


For Junior Command Division promotions, any officer of Second Lieutenant rank or higher may promote any soldier with a rank lower than Sergeant Major, and ask for consent. If consent is given, that officer may immediately role-play that soldier's promotion to the next higher rank, without testing. Note that this method is simpler because it also applies for demotions. Also, at this Command Division, promotions of more than one step are allowed, but such cases are the exception rather than the rule, requiring deliberations instead of just consent.


As for factors of promotion, we are being intentionally ambiguous because a character's promotion is not based solely on their in-character performance. In fact, the member him- or herself is reviewed as well. To quote the FREE Forces page:


"Ranks will be given out based on the quality of the application, and several other factors such as adherence to the rules and regulations of Advent Destiny, and even behavior on the forums, to name a few."


Other factors taken into consideration include, but are not limited to: quality of role-plays (not limited to the RP Quality counter), actual role-play participation, initiative in assisting site staff and members with various duties (ex. reviewing character profiles), and contribution to the site and RP as a whole.


The weight of these factors are left to the discretion of the one making the promotion. This is the main reason why all promotions must be reviewed by at least one Faction Leader, and why the rank of Second Lieutenant is intentionally very difficult to attain, both at character application and through standard promotion. Only those judged to be the most deserving will be granted the privilege of judging others.


For example, we won't mind if we end up with only two non-Faction Leader Second Lieutenants and umpteen Sergeant Majors, because we will be certain that those two officers truly deserve their higher rank, as much as the multitude of Sergeant Majors deserve theirs.


Despite this focus on the military, we at Orb want all of our members to be not only the best role-players, but also the best members of Advent Destiny itself.

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