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  1. Everything seemed to be in place-The delegation committee was fully prepared and ready, with his own aides personally seeing to them and making sure that they were getting their jobs done. The stage was perfect-A clear sky of seamless blue, with but a few wisps of fluffy white clouds here and there, together with the acres of space provided by the strips of land in this particular Sumatran base. It was one thing to get Indonesians to trust him, especially when poverty and corruption was still present in an otherwise developed country, when he was but just a fledgling Union leader still learning the tricks of his trade, and when he was Chinese. Not to say that the government wanted to make things difficult for him, but despite the seemingly poilte refusals for the usage of their land, Phillip managed to convince that it was a publicity campaign which will be beneficial to the Union as well as the country herself. It was but a pathetic reason for the demonstration of the new mobile suit, however. The reason provided seemed to suffice for the Indonesian leaders, but for Phillip, he had wanted to see the Astray Diver in action. Having seen the summarised technical specifications once through, what he wanted was not information on pieces of paper-whatever the classification might be-but real proof of the potential talked about in the report from his informants. In the end, the opinions of others can only help him go so far. When one needs or wants something, he has to decide for himself, by himself... He mused. Of course, it was foolish to assume that he will be right all the time, but for this occasion, he needed no one else to help him, not in the areas of the healthcare and civil services of the Union and her various member countries for they were minute to what was coming. Still.... Phillip felt his impatience creeping up onto him like a stalking predator, waiting to strike. Perhaps it had been the prospect of seeing a new weapon possibly being inaugurated into his plans for the strengthening of the Union's weak military power, for good composure came as second nature to him after all his showings in public appearances as a businessman and as a prospective politician earlier on in his life. But he knew he had to wait. Waving away an aide who asked if he needed them to contact the other parties involved politely, that was exactly what he did, for he knew good things came to those who were patient.
  2. Hello everyone I hope that everybody is doing well. I am writing this post to request my character to be on a LOA (leave of abstense). I promise that I will make up something in the story that will make sense for the sudden disaperance, however, the real reason is that for the last 4 months, I have had countless interviews for Attorney's Firms and have been doing a lot of legal writing. I though that I would be able to balance everything including time for this RP, however given the fact that I have not able to get even to the site, I would like to request a LOA. I apologize for the inconvinience that this might create to certain people. Hoefully I will become active in a couple of more months. If you need to contact me, I will pay attention to e-mail and will respond accordingly. Thank you for your consideration.
  3. After thinking about this and discussing with F.A.I.T.H, I think we should have our Orb delegation make a brief detour to the Equatorial Union first to show off the Astray Diver. (It's also good for the EU's agenda of the acquisition of military hardware.) Then the visit may continue to the KoS. However, I realize that our lone active KoS member, Wing Zero, would benefit if given something to RP with. So a possible alternative would be for him and a small delegation of military personnel and low-level politicians to come from the KoS to the EU to 'observe' the proceedings. Feedback? Bomb threats?
  4. I made a thread in pointless chatter. I'll try to be active when I can... Thanks for your understanding - Bladester50
  5. Just to let people *know* you're still around the site
  6. Just out of curiousity.... do I really have to wear the dress/skirt? I mean does Janus have to. She hates it and feels really restrained in wearing one full stop. So would it be allowable for female officers to wear the traditional white pants instead?
  7. Four days had past since Rob's arrival to the base, Rob doing very little work within those days because he simply wasn't required, most of the time Rob would sleep in his room or just train to become more physically stonger. It was one in the afternoon and Rob had just finished his lunch, he stood up and walked away from the vintage dining table. Rob headed towards his bedroom, wanting a nap. Rob opened the door and entered the dark and silent room, he walked towards his bed and was just about to sit down till a knock on the door came. Rob signs and quitely says to himself in anger "God sake, can't you leave a soldier alone." Rob Relentlessly walks towards the door and slowly pushes the handle down, he opens the door and sees an old high ranked militry officer, Robs face goes blank as to the surprise of a high ranked officer meeting him withought rob even knowing. Rob quickly salutes the officer and stands straight. The officer starts to laugh and says "Looks like you seen a ghost, don't worry I'm only here to tell you that you have been assigned to go to the military headquarters of the Equatorial Union." Rob gives an evil glance to his superior and quickly responds "Do I have to, I was just getting use to things here?" The officer gives Rob a serious look and firmly replies to Rob " Its an order, also it will be a wounderful experience for a young Pilot like yourself. Anyway you will go there with a few of our politicains to observe the Astray Diver, you will mostly find ORB delegations so don't start any fights and try making some friends." The officer gave Rob a piece of paper that allowed him entry onto the ship but also a map for the base, the officer saluted and walked away. Rob left hanging there switched the bedroom lights on and kicked the door with frustration "Dam them, don't you worry old man I will be the one causing choas." Rob looked at his suit case and knew most of his possessions were still unpacked, Rob packed the suitcase to how it was when he arrived but there was one thing extra inside it and that was the white uniform he bought from the shop. Five minutes of walking and Rob had arived where the ship was, before entering Rob looked back at his base woundering if he would come back or not. Rob had zero knowlege about ships so he had no clue what type it was. Rob saw a handful of people walking towards the seats that they would be sitting in, Rob quickly found a seat and made himself comfortable init. The engine started to roar and the ship was ready for takeoff. Rob annoyed about evreything felt he needed some sleep to take his mind off of evreything. [OCC: This will continue at the Equatorial Union]
  8. Just out of curiosity, and seeing as we're set in CE 85 wouldn't Orb have made good use of the Akatsuki's relective technology after it's performance in 73? I dont mean like wide scale full reflective coating on all of our ms' as I know it'd be much too expensive for the economy but I mean minor versions of it that are weaker and protect specific and smaller areas. For example, like our MVF M11C Murasame's may have the coating covering their underside whilst in flight mode. But having this wont mean that we unequip our units of shields as it doesnt protect them from solid ammunition and melee attacks. To finish off, what I'm suggesting is just small versions of the reflective coating on some units to stenghten our units defenses and Orb's general military force. Say, any possibility of this going through?
  9. The KoS now have their own limited line of mobile suits to use.
  10. Though the official requisition process has not been completed yet, I am assigning suits to those with Licenses. evo_Sieg: MVF-M11C Murasame kct: MVF-M11C Murasame (Only customization with a Basic License would be a basic paint job. Default color is cyan, of course. ) Note: Orb pilots may be able to use the other suits in our limited arsenal only if the situation calls for it. @Everyone else: I encourage all of you (pilots) to try and participate in the Coliseum and get your MW Licenses ASAP.
  11. Now that the RP has been re-opened, I'm curious as to what all of you may plan to do. I'm considering organization the existing FREE Forces personnel/members into actual military units or squadrons.
  12. OCC: Anyone from NOVA can join. Rob locked his front door as he was exiting his flat, his destination was the stockholm base where he would from now on live and start to do his duty’s. On the porch was Rob's suit case what had all of Rob's equipment and daily basic items. Rob looked down at the porch and picked up his suit case casually, he started to walk forwards quickly and in twenty seconds flat Rob was out of his drive. Rob arrives on the main road puzzled, woundering where a parked taxi could be found. Rob noticed Loads of energetic children on the road, playing with snow, having a game of hockey and most importantly having fun. Rob showed a very faint smile as he was passing them, a smile of admiration. Rob gently walks towards one of the older children and quietly asks the child who seems to be very shy "Hello, can you please tell me where the taxis usually stick around?" The child slowly and quietly says to Rob "Hi...Err... There is a few taxis at the end of this road." The child's cheeks went all red and she started to move backwards, tripping a few times, Rob looked away and started to walk forward casually, he thought to himself "What is it with children these days?" Rob reached the end of the road and saw just the one taxi parked, Rob ran slowly towards the old rusted taxi worrying that another person may reach it first. Rob arrived and saw the driver inside the car, Rob took some deep breaths and demandable asked the driver "Hey, I need a lift to the stockholm base, outside the gates." The fat and ugly driver looked at Rob and quickly responded " Thats going to cost ya..." Rob cut the drivers sentence and by sharply saying "I don't care how much, ok?" The driver looked at Rob's eyes and then gave him the nod. Rob opened the battered but usable door and jumped inside the car, the seats were incredible soft, soft as a pillow. The car started to move,very jaggedly, the driver pressed the throttle evan more and the car started to go at a good pace. Rob knew the journey wound take fourty minutes so Rob made himself comfortable and started to sleep. [align=center]****[/align] The driver made it to the base and when the car stopped outside the gates, Rob's eyes flashed open as he felt the movement of force stop. Rob picked up his suit case and opened the car door to exit, Rob walks to the driver who asks for a certain amount of money, Rob reached for his left pocket and pulled out his wallet, Rob gave the driver the correct amount, the driver gave a dirty smile, he reversed his car backwards than quickly got out of the area. Rob walks calmly towards the two skinny guards at the gate, one of them quickly puts his hand out and says "ID...please." Rob reaches for his back pocket and pulls out his NOVA ID card, Rob hands it over to the undisturbed guard, he slowly checks the card and says in a more pleasent tone " Yes this is fine, Welcome Mr Langer." Rob gives an evil smirk to the guard as he passes though the opened gate. Rob starts to walk forwards till he reaches a huge old black door that seems to be open. Rob quickly but quietly slips though the door. "Where the hell is the dam reception" Rob says to himself as he is in the middle of the room. Rob looks to his right and notices a young lady waving at him, trying to call Rob over. Rob moves towards the short but beautiful lady and asks her "I guess this is reception?" The lady smiled and very kindly responds "Yes this is." She started to type rapidly on the computer and then stopped, she looked at Rob then at the computer and said with a deep smile "You must be Mr Langer, Rob Langer." Rob gave a nod even though it was not required. She give Rob his room Key and sarcastically says to him "Don't get lost!" Rob just turns around, ignoring the comment and walks towards an elevator. [align=center]****[/align] Rob reached the floor he needed to be at and exited the elevator, he saw a few officers darting there eyes at him, Rob thought to himself "I guess I'm not wanted, they will recieve pain in the future." Rob withought relising had arived at his room, number 102. Rob slowly opened the door and looked inside, it was a very well look aftered room, Rob walked in and dropped his suit case on the floor, jumped on the bed and quietly said to himself "To sleepy to look around the area or even my room."
  13. The camera flashes. The cacophony of voices abuzz and thunderous clapping and as he stepped onto the stage and into the line of vision of reporters, ministers, leaders and even students hailing from the various countries of the Equatorial Union, the podium. It was a sight that he was familiar with-Only that this time, the stage was bigger and ironically less accomodating of any mistakes he might so happen to make, something which he was going to make sure that won't be occurring at any point in his time as the most powerful man in the Union. He had came a long way; From being just a simple businessman with making money and doing what he wanted with it in mind to climbing the creaky leader of politics. With every step he took, Phillip Chew Sze Yuan seemed to draw strength from unknown depths and couldn't look any more confident than he knew he already was. Of course, he beheld no script on the podium, as he had known there would be none anyway. His aides had made sure of that. Without even batting an eyelid, he spoke, the voice amplified with every syllable spoken to the microphone. "Leaders, reporters, advisers of the nations, students; Good people of the Union," He paused, as though waiting for someone to remind him of anyone he had excluded in addressing. "It is with the greatest honour that I can stand here, before this great multitude in front of me-Or at least, before you people in front of the billions of television screens and radio sets-" It elicited some laughs, to which he responded with a mild smile. "for which I will assume office of the Leader of the Equatorial Union as of today." Thunderous clapping ruled the seemingly endless auditorium in which his speech was being held-and in his own home country of Singapore, no less. Displaying a mild expression of pleasure, thanksgiving and yet withholding himself from displaying more, he waited for the noise to die down before continuing. "This is indeed a great day for me, but more than that, I hope to make this a new era for the Union, and a new dawn for the people." Any hushed whispers were silenced with the bold sentence, and perhaps even one or two seasoned politicians present looked slightly intrigued. "It certainly isn't an understatement to say that our proud nation is, and will continue to be the wealthiest in the world. We have the power and the knowledge to bend the world economy to our will if we like." "But what of it? What would we achieve if we are but mere rulers of the marketplace? What real power do we have, and what protection can we garner with but just the Stock Exchange and international banks originating from us?" He gesticulated, as though truly asking the crowd for answers that they could not yet seek. "What of the people we have who still live in utter poverty, unable to even afford a decent meal every day? Are we so pompously occupied with our own dreams and our own welfare that we have all turned blind to the terrible gulf of the income gap? So much for the prosperity promised to them as we turned into the richest nation on Earth." The crowd was silent now. Some intimidated, some perhaps fuming and others truly contemplating the meaning of his words, but all Phillip needed to know was that they were listening, hanging on to his every word, either to strike him down or to glorify him. "No, my good people; I'm not criticising our economic development and neither am I putting it down. What I'm trying to bring across is that instead of simply adding more salt to an already heavily flavoured steak, why not turn our attention towards the bowl of soup, or even the plate of vegetables? We cannot have too much of one good thing; Just as it is for our worldly bodies which need a balanced diet, our nation simply has to pit the energy and resources and pay more attention to the other aspects or our imbalanced society. " He took a sip of water from the bottle next to him and was pleased to find the audience still enraptured. It was his night, and he was the star of the show. There was no stopping him now, not even the nagging fear that some politicians would eventually and inevitably issue statements of opposition regarding his hopes for the nation. "We have to take care of three types of people: The elderly, the needy and the poor. As any person with common sense would know, they have needs greater than ours, for none of them would ever wish for being in a situation they are presently in now. Indeed, it would seem to be 'easier said than done'. Skepticism is all part and parcel of the rebuilding and development of our nation into a better one." As we all know, the Equatorial Union's economic strength is literally unmatched by any other in the world. It is thus inevitable that there will be green eyes looking towards the Southeastern regions of Asia. What is the use of Free Trade Agreements and peace treaties if the human heart simply yearns for more?" His expression became deadly serious and the newly appointed leader took on a more severe tone to emphasize his own point. "Eventually, conflict and war WILL come to us, my good people, and with our current army consisting of no more than 20% regulars, we will have a serious problem on our hands in the future." Therefore, my good people, I beseech you to hear this: Our country needs great change, and there is no better time than to begin now, where our economic power is truly at its peak. Of course, that would have to mean corruption has to disappear for a little while...Say, several decades or so?" The final sentence broke the tense atmosphere as laughter was heard briefly, before it was drowned out by applause loud enough to bring the ceilings down. Phillip took another sip of his water. It's all going according to plan... He smiled and glanced specifically at the few leaders suspected of corruption, signaling to them that the next part of his speech would have them as his unidentified co-stars. Without any disturbances, His place as a leader would soon be cemented and he would have practically full control of what he wanted to be changed. It's just a matter of time... He thought and began the next part of his speech.
  14. OOC: Anyone in the Kingdom of Scandinavia which they are none at the moment or NOVA can join Smoke and fire surrounded young boy that had blue pajamas. His large wooden room seemed on the verge of destruction. As the fire came in to his room, the young boy did was he was told to keep his head down and let the smoke go over his head. As he tried to crawl his way out, the door was busted open. A tall person dressed in black pointed a gun to the young kid as he mentioned "With this act the world will never see a war again". The young boy scared closed his eyes, a second later he heard gun shots. After the shots the boy felt that he was alive and that a body just hit the floor. As he open his eyes he saw a young person wearing a uniform stand in front of him. The young guy open his hand and said "Come with me, I will take you to safety". The boy grabbed the young guys hand and they both left running his room. As Alex opened his eyes he remembered that today was not a day of sadness but a day of happiness. He noticed that he was a TV station. They were bright lights pointing to his face. He was sitting on a nice chair and in front of him there was a young woman in her mid 20's brunette well dressed conducting the interview. Alex smiled as he though that he should act naturally, but there was nothing natural in this situation he was wearing base, his hair was fixed a certain way and he rehearsed this event a thousand times before this day. As he checked the situation again he heard a camera man saying "We are live in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1". At that moment the entire room went dark except for the lights poiting on his and the reporter. Alex through to himself "Thank God this is normal" The reporter looked at the camera and said "Good evening ladies and gentleman! This is Erica Robert reporting live from your favorite show Politics Fame and Fortune. Tonight he have a special interview a person who was almost erased from political spectrum. Years ago his father died in a terrible fire in his mansion. The former Sir Victorioso was one of the most important political figured during a crucial times in the Kingdom of Scandinavia. His son a person believed to have died in the fire was kept in hiding for years. Now after all those years in hiding Sir Alex Victorioso has come to reclaim his role as a Knight. Ladies and Gentlemen I present you my close Friend Sir Alex Victorioso. Alex heard the crowd clap. He smiled and waived his hand a little bit. He turned around and smiled again and mentioned to the reporter "Thank you, is a pleasure to be here. I would like to thank everyone for their warm welcome and their understanding of the situation". Reporter : Sir Victorioso, do you mind if a call you Sir Alex? Alex: Not at all Reporter: How does it feel to be back in the Kingdom? Alex : It feels good. I have been wanting to come here for a while. Is very good to be here and the people have been very good to me. I am glad that I have a opportunity to follow my father footsteps and to help the people more. I get ....a little nervous once in a while getting used to all of this attention, however is something that I have to deal with. Reporter : Many people have criticized you for your disappearance and lack of battle talent. How can a knight not be a good warrior? Alex : (Smiling) As for my lack of presence in the region, I can only apologize. I was in a process to develop my skills to be a useful citizen in the Kingdom of Scandinavia. As combat abilities, I am right now working really hard to improve my combat abilities. I am happy to announce that I have joined the military and shortly after this interview I plan to fly to their recruiting center. However, there is one point that I would like to point out, the ideals of the Kingdom is not really war is peace and neutrality. As a person that believe in those ideals I can't help to express that there are other way to deal with conflict rather than war. As a knight my job is to protect the kingdom and there are a lot of ways to protect the kingdom that does not include conflict. Reporter : Any love interest, I bet the girls would like to know? Alex: (Laughs) No, not at the moment, right now I am getting used to the fact that I am back in the Kingdom. Reporter: Your brother is the one that has all the control of your father estate, how does it feel? Alex: Not good, but not bad. There are a lot of problems in the world right now. Do I wish to have my family castle and title back...yes. Is it that important?...No. See I have a place to sleep and eat. They are people around the world that need those. Rumors of a war seems more important than who owns a castle. The things that I can do, do not depend on legalities it comes from your heart and mind. Regardless of your birth and tittle those are the thing that makes us who we are. Reporter: What a great guy! Give a big applause to Alex Victorioso. This is the end of our five minute initial interview. *** Alex turned the TV off and looked at his aides. "What do you guys think?" said Alex. The aides looked at him and mentioned "very well played, your popularity with the peoples increased a couple of points". Alex crossed his hand and said "You guys are expert and that is all that you can say, and I though you guys where smart". Alex waived at them to leave the room. As everyone left the room, Alex grabbed the military jacket and decided to wore it. For the moment he was in full uniform. As he looked at the mirror he said to himself "Who am I really?"... Alex went to the hangar to see the new suits that arrived at the base. -------- Elevators doors opened in front of Alex showing the hangar of the base that he is currently living. The sounds of people yelling and wielding in the background compelled Alex at first, but he shortly got accustomed by it. Taking a sip of water from his water bottle Alex walked to the station that he was assigned to. He sat down in front of his computer and started to configure his OP to be more compatible with him. As Alex was typing two engineers walked to his station. The two where somewhat nerdy looking with glasses, one of the engineers asked “Why is your compatibility rating is 70%? I though you were a competent pilot”. Alex for a second stop typing look at the two engineers and continued his work. He calmly told to the engineers “Is none of your business what are my capabilities of a pilot are. Your job is to make sure that I can get up in the air, other than that please refrain for any additional comments.” All of the sudden one of the engineers gave a look that he recognized Alex. The engineers looked at him and said “Wait a second; you are the Knight that returned from the dead?” . Alex chuckled to himself “Is that what you think that I returned from the dead, if so please contact someone who cares about your childish notions”. The engineer scratch his head and said “Sorry we don’t have people like you here in the hangar, I know everything there is to know about you. Alex Victorioso, Knight of the Kingdom of Scandinavia, reported dead in the fire that destroyed the Victorioso fire. Morning all over the country, one of the last knights of the world dead”. Alex stop typing one against this time he looked at the person straight in the eyes and said “You don’t know anything about me, you only know what a book tells you. There is always more to a person that a book and a percentage. That is why the 70% compatibility does not bother me at all, it indicates that I have to outthink my opponents rather than rely on pure skill. That is the only opportunity that we are going to have if we pilot inferior suits, especially against coordinators. If you excuse me I have work to do, there are some new prototypes suits coming from Orb. I need to prepare to see them and give my full opinion to the king. If you don’t mind I rather stop the idle chatter.” With those work Alex continued his work at the hangar. Typing away and thinking about one thing “Why is he here?”
  15. "In order to build up an army formidable enough to withstand an invasion, we need to go on with this plan," Riva insisted. He swept his gaze across the Senators seated before him, holding the gaze of any who might seem to disagree with his declaration. This withering stare made them turn away before he did, a silent victory in the battle of mental strength. Senator Rafael rebuked, "With all due respect, Mr President, it's a folly to go along with your plan. The international scene is witnessing a massive de-arming campaign as well as a demilitarization policy. We would go against the grain if we were to fund the research and development of new mobile weapons for use by INVICTUS. We might lose allies and make more enemies! We already have a lot to worry about in the form of the Earth Alliance." The gesticulating Senator punctuated each sentence by stabbing his palm with his index finger. Riva could see that Rafael was swaying some of the other senators. However, the Senator was no match when it comes to a competition of charisma. The President rose from his seat and stated simply, "I hope you have not forgotten the horrors of the past, the occupation by the Atlantic Federation. We were invaded because we were weak and unable to defend ourselves. Even right now, we rely on our allies to provide us with the necessary training and equipment needed to have a barely functioning military -" "-'barely functioning' is a matter of opinion, Riva," Rafael interjected. Riva smiled, "By that I mean that INVICTUS is barely functioning when compared to the OMNI Enforcer or the FREE Forces, - or even the Black Company. We need become self-sufficient. Should the Orb Union or the Kingdom of Scandinavia decide to stop aiding us, we would be vulnerable to attacks." "I would like to re-iterate my previous point," the Senator fumed. "There is no need for us to build up our military because the other nations are disarming as agreed in the treaty-" "-You fail to realise that they can always do that in secret facilities. Research, development and manufacture of mobile weapons," the President reminded. He sighed to himself. This was going no where. They were simply restating their points again and again. It has been five hours since the discussion started. Taking matters into his own hand, he decided to bring the debate to a close. Sitting around here with a group of men who were more concerned for their political futures rather than truly caring for the welfare of the people was something Riva found to be extremely distasteful. However, he had to get thee Senate's approval were for his proposed bill. Every since the last elections in which a greater majority of the opposition People's Party won seats in the Senate, Riva had been having difficulties setting his plans in motion. The sudden alliance of opposition parties to form the People's Party took his Freedom Front by surprise and was able to garner more votes than the ruling party. He watched uninterested, as another opposition member droned away. When the man was done, Riva stood up once more. "We have given enough voice to our differing opinions on this matter. It is time we bring this to a close and vote on the verdict." The Senate had ten minutes to decide before they had to enter their preference in the voting device before them. Most of them had their minds set and it was only a handful that appeared uncertain. When the time limit was up, the voting results were flashed on the widescreen. Sixty-seven percent disagreed to the plan while forty-two percent supported Riva's scheme. The remaining one percent had chosen to remain neutral. A smile tugged gently at the edges of Riva's lips. That was a two percent increase in support from last month. It pleased him to know that his words influenced some. Nevertheless, it was still a setback for him. The plan that desperately needs to be carried out was once again rejected. Perhaps it was time for him to take some drastic measures...
  16. Username Character Name Position/s Pilot License Faction Leaders lynnks Alvielle Torren Chief Representative; Supreme Commander Keiji Kiel Flar Admiral liubei013 Demetrius Amherst First Lieutenant FREE Forces evo_Sieg Siegfred Correa Sergeant Training... kct Sayaka Nakano Sergeant Training... fireminerva- DEAD Takashi Kitsune Leading Private Jase Jase Truesdale Private neogmkuma Juan Miguel Mendoza Leading Private DarkNoise Jettie Phoenix Tiamara Private Bladester50 Kawahira Ichigo Private Janus Janus Chiaki Matsuo Private Civilians OPA Hiro Matsunaga Chef Alexander Von Freiheit Alexander Von Freiheit Computer Programmer Caerai Caerai Tantumori Junior Technician
  17. Username Character Name Position/s Pilot License Faction Leaders lynnks Alvielle Torren Orb's Chief Representative liubei013 Demetrius Amherst First Lieutenant (FREE Forces) F.A.I.T.H Philip Chew Sze Yuan Equatorial Union Leader Valiant Riva Cícero de Silva USSA President FREE Forces kct Hinako Shirakawa Sergeant Basic neogmkuma Juan Miguel Mendoza Sergeant Janus Janus Chiaki Matsuo Private Temari-Desert-Storm Alana Matthews Private Bladester50 Kawahira Ichigo Private evo_Sieg Siegfred Correa Sergeant Basic bren06 Jin Ortega Private DarkNoise Jettie Phoenix Tiamara Private Equatorial Union Kingdom of Scandanavia Aures Convicio Sir Alex Victorioso Pilot (Rank Pending) Wing Zero Rob Langer Pilot (Rank Pending) United States of South America Civilians OPA Hiro Matsunaga Chef Picup Hisana Tachibana Tsumoto Programmer
  18. liubei013

    Aquatic MS

    Just reviving this particular discussion, since Valiant mentioned the possibility of allowing such a suit. Rather than following Rad's (whereever he may be ) design, I worked on a more practical design that uses Astrays as the basic frame. This is just a rough draft (and I'm iffy about the name ) but I'd like you Orbies to provide feedback first. General and Technical Data Model number: MBF-M1D+USP-3B Code name: M1 Astray Diver Unit type: mass production sea-superiority mobile suit Manufacturer: Morgenroete, Inc Operator: Orb Union First deployment: C.E. 80 Accommodation: pilot only, in standard cockpit in torso Dimensions: head height 17.53 meters Weight: max gross weight 73.7 metric tons (77.3 tons w/RADS) Construction: unknown Powerplant: ultracompact energy battery, power output rating unknown Equipment and design features: sensors, range unknown; sonar, range unknown; water-tight/pressurized components inside frame; USP-3B Dive Controller pack; 4 x fin thrusters (2 x mounted on shoulders, 2 x mounted on lower legs); 1 x Rapid Aquatic Deployment Shell (RADS; optional) Fixed armaments: 2 x "Igelstellung" 75mm multi-barrel CIWS, fire-linked, mounted in head; 6 x countermeasure canisters, mounted on left and right hip armor Optional hand armaments: 2 x supercavitating torpedo rotary pods, mounted around wrists, trigger assembly in hands; 1 x “Itagaki” Combat Naginata, stored in compact form at rear hip armor; 1 x Type71-C Beam carbine Historical Notes The MBF-M1 M1 Astray serves as Orb’s first mass produced mobile suit during the first Earth Alliance/ZAFT war. Prior to the second war, the EF-24R flight rotor Shrike pack was developed to provide the M1 Astray with a limited sustained flight capability. However, it was apparent that Orb’s military had a glaring weakness, which was especially noticeable after the second Battle of Orb. The United Emirates of Orb was an island nation yet it did not have any truly aquatic/submersible assets. After the signing of the PEACE Treaty and the reorganization of Orb’s military into the FREE Forces, Morgenroete, Inc. was commission to design an effective mass production mobile suit under the condition that it would be based on the aging M1 Astray frame. After a few years of trial and error, the Astray Diver was introduced. Because Orb was unable to acquire sufficient technology from other factions, Morgenroete used innovative methods on old but proven technologies. While this Astray variant can easily walk on land, its weapons and equipment configuration is almost purely designed for underwater combat. It is generally not recommended to use the Diver for land combat. These suits are deployed either from carriers or naval ports. Technical Notes Design While the Astray Diver used existing suits, modifications needed to be made in order to make it operate well underwater. This required that the armor, cockpit, hydraulics, and other internal systems were water-tight and pressurized. A sonar system was also installed and several thrusters were replaced with water-jets. Additionally, Morgenroete was influenced by observational data of the Astray Blue Frame’s modifications for aquatic combat. This resulted in fin thrusters; each sleek armor plate had a built thin water jet. This provided additional maneuverability and hydrodynamics. Two thrusters were installed on the side of each shoulder while the other two were installed on the side of each lower-leg. USP-3B Dive Controller pack This is the main propulsion unit of the Astray Diver, mounted on the back of the suit. The central ‘spine’ of the pack consists of a column of protected propellers. These propellers provide the main ‘thrust’ for the unit and provide enough speed on par with that of other mass produced aquatic suits. In additional, four hardpoints around and along the ‘spine’ have enhanced water-jets that can swivel a full 360 degrees. This can provide precision twisting and turning which gives the Diver a significant improvement in maneuverability. Rapid Aquatic Deployment Shell (RADS) This is optional equipment that the Diver can use in order to quickly reach battle zones, especially given the lack of submersible assets. The Rapid Aquatic Deployment Shell is constructed of an aluminum alloy for a lightweight, yet sturdy delivery system. The ‘Shell’ consists of four ‘pieces’ which fit over the entire head and upper torso of the Astray Diver then locked together. The RADS is propelled by six strategically placed cylindrical chemical boosters. These boosters use a mixture of chemicals to produce a strong enough concussive force, creating powerful air boost that propels the Astray Diver headfirst at several times its normal maximum speed. Limited maneuvering is possible by using the Diver’s Dive Controller pack, but it should be reiterated that the RADS is not meant for combat itself; it is only meant to be used to get the Diver quickly to combat zones. Once the Diver reaches the combat zone, the pilot can then discharge the Shell. Each Shell has a small transponder which only activates upon separation, so they can be picked up and reused. Countermeasure Canisters The Astray Diver also carries special countermeasure canisters that spread particulate matter, fragments, and other materials that can disrupt or confuse enemy sensors, torpedoes, and provide a level of concealment. These are similar to countermeasures carried by military submarines in the past. Super-cavitating torpedo rotary pods While super-cavitating torpedo technology was available to both the Earth Alliance and ZAFT, Orb was able to acquire that technology early on, though they did not have anything capable of using it. Rather than having large pods slung under a large bulky frame (as with the Deep Forbidden), or have the launchers built directly into the frame (as with ZAFT aquatic suits), Morgenroete designed special pods that could be fired almost like any other mobile suit hand weapon. The pods consist of six torpedo tubes attached to each other and around in a circular fashion. The handle and trigger assembly was inside the ‘hole’ that the tubes encircled. A quick fire control option was added to allow a pilot to switch the torpedoes from ‘homing’ to ‘dumbfire’ mode. Because of the generally greater articulation of mobile suit arms, this option allowed a pilot to fire torpedoes straight forward and more accurately at specific targets, rather than just relying on the homing capabilities of the torpedoes. However, like the torpedoes on other suits, these are primarily effective against other suits and lightly armored vessels. “Itagaki” Combat Naginata One particular issue with the Diver was whether or not it should have a melee weapon. Some Morgenroete scientists felt that such weaponry was unnecessary while others preferred to have some sort of weapon if/when the Diver ran out of ammunition. Taking some inspiration from the tridents that the Earth Alliance’s Deep Forbidden uses, they developed a long, spear-like weapon based upon the Japanese Naginata. The shaft is about 14 meters in length, but the shaft can slide into itself in order to reduce its length for easy storage on the Astray’s rear hip armor. The blade (about 3 meters) itself is similar to a katana, in its strong, thin, and curved metal blade. It has been reinforced to handle the pressures in the sea as well its cutting capability. The disc-like guard, or tsuba, is located in between the blade and shaft. A small but powerful water-jet is inside the tsuba, which helps propel the naginata forward with deadly force. This is used in conjunction with the main functions of the naginata, which involves quick but large spinning radius and long reach. While the Itagaki is not capable of slicing through Phase Shift armor, its blade and added propulsion will still deal significant damage. However, this weapon is meant to be used as a last resort. Type71-C Beam carbine It was thought that the Diver would also be able to help in above-sea-level combat, but with its design and configuration, that was not likely. Instead, the standard issue Type 71 beam rifle was scaled down into a carbine. This made the weapon weaker, but more compact. It was also designed to be able to submerge in water and still be able to fire once it is brought out of the water. But it should be emphasized that this optional armament is meant for surface support, not for aquatic combat.
  19. I'd like to get things set up (with your permission, lynnks) for our first Training Exercise. I will be a referee for this first exercise and will also RP In-Character as an observer. evo_Sieg, please list your team members, Simulation Type, and 'location' (home/office/etc). lynnks or I will set up the floor plan once we get your information. EDIT: Here's the detailed map (thanks, lynnks) with enemy and civilian locations. Note that this map is not the one laid out in the Exercise RP. This should be used for reference for when you all actually are in the training area.
  20. After a discussion with lynnks a while ago, I decided to put together a rough draft regarding the organization of FREE Forces. I only started with the Naval fleets while I plan to work on ground forces at a later point. So, yeah, feedback and all that appreciated.
  21. This is for editing purposes for submission for the compendium. Comments would be greatly acknowledged but please take note, this is still a work in progress. ______________________________________________________________________ Takemikazuchi-class Carrier General and Technical Data Class: Carrier Name: Takemikazuchi Ships of the line: Takemikazuchi Unit type: Aircraft/Mobile Suit Carrier Manufacturer: ORB Union Operator: ORB Union First deployment: CE 73 Dimensions: Length: 330 meters, Width: 185 meters Weight: Dry Weight: 26,900, Laden Weight: 35,000 Propulsion: Azipod podded electric propulsion units x8, 1 in each outrigger, 6 on main hull, all azimuthing; additional bow thrusters x2. Equipment and design features: Sensors, range unknown; Fixed armaments: 25 mm anti-air Gatling gun x6, 250 mm rapid fire gun x 2, mounted on sides of bottom launch catapult; depth charge launchers/anti-torpedo chaffs, mounted amidship Mobile weapons: MBF-M1 Astray or MVF-M11C Murasame x60 in interior hangar + MVF-M11C Murasame in MA mode x10 strapped onto launch deck Launch catapults: 6 General, Technical and Historical Data The aircraft carrier Takemikazuchi is a trimaran naval vessel that serves as the Orb Union's flagship. It is designed to support the MBF-M1 Astray and MVF-M11C Murasame mobile suits, and can carry over 60 mobile suits, well in excess of the capacity of its nearest contemporary, the Earth Alliance's converted Tarawa-/Spengler class carriers and also larger than ZAFT's Vosgulov class submarines. She is lightly armed but can carry massive number of mobile suits. To this cause, she is intended to be protected by Kuraomikami-class destroyers and/or Aegis-class cruisers in operation. The aircraft carrier Takemikazuchi is a trimaran naval vessel that serves as the Orb Union's flagship. It is designed to support the MBF-M1 Astray and MVF-M11C Murasame mobile suits, and can carry over 60 mobile suits, well in excess of the capacity of its nearest contemporary, the Earth Alliance's converted Tarawa-/Spengler class carriers and also larger than ZAFT's Vosgulov class submarines. She is lightly armed but can carry massive number of mobile suits. To this cause, she is intended to be protected by Kuraomikami-class destroyers and/or Aegis-class cruisers in operation. In late CE 73, Colonel Todaka of the 2nd Defense Fleet is assigned to command the Takemikazuchi, which also serves as the flagship of Jona Roma Saran. A fleet under Jona Saran's command joins forces with an Earth Alliance fleet led by Neo Lorrnoke aboard the John Paul Jones for a joint operation against the ZAFT battleship Minerva. The Takemikazuchi is sunk in a battle with the Minerva off the coast of Crete, and Colonel Todaka goes down with his ship. After the signing of the PEACE Treaty and with the reorganization of Orb’s military into the FREE Forces, an expansion program was enacted to rebuild and expand Orb’s naval fleets. While there weren’t any significant changes in design (except for some added armaments and advanced azimuth thrusters), Orb mustered the resources in order to construct no less than three Takemikazuchi-class carriers, one for each of the FREE Forces naval fleets. ______________________________________________________________________ Aegis-class Cruiser General and Technical Data Class: Cruiser Name: Aegis Ships of the line: Aegis Unit type: Cruiser Manufacturer: ORB Union Operator: ORB Union First deployment: CE 71 Dimensions: Length: 200 meters Weight: unknown Propulsion: Azipod podded electric propulsion units x6, 1 in each outrigger, 4 along main hull, all azimuthing Equipment and design features: Sensors, range unknown; Fixed armaments: 250mm rapid fire gun x1; 25mm anti-air Gatling gun x3; centerline anti-ship missile launcher x21; peripheral anti-air missile launchers x18; depth charge launchers/anti-torpedo chaffs, mounted amidship Mobile weapons: Heli or MBF-M1+EF-24R M1 Astray Shrike or MVF-M11C Murasame x3 on landing pads Landing Pads: 3 General, Technical and Historical Data The Aegis-class cruiser is an Orb Union trimaran naval warship measuring 200 meters long and mounts a 250mm rapid-fire gun, along with multiple anti-air and anti-ship missiles. In addition, the ship has three landing platforms, which can each carry a "Heli" vertical take-off and landing combat aircraft, or an MBF-M1 Astray/ MVF-M11C Murasame mobile suit. Despite the nation's small size, Orb possesses a large number of these warships, and has organized them into multiple defense fleets. These ships, together with the Kuraomikami-class destroyers, also currently serve as escorts to the flagship of each Naval fleet, the Takemikazuchi-class carrier. In addition, minor upgrades were made to the carrier’s weapons and targeting systems. Also, the propulsion system has been upgraded to the same azimuth thrusters that the Takemikazuchi-class carrier uses. These “Azipods” provide greater efficiency and maneuverability for ships. ______________________________________________________________________ Kuraomikami-class Destroyer General and Technical Data Class: Destroyer Name: Kuraomikami Ships of the line: Kuramitsuha, Iwasaku, Sokowatatsumi Unit type: Destroyer Manufacturer: ORB Union Operator: ORB Union First deployment: CE 71 Dimensions: Length: 150 meters Weight: unknown Propulsion: Azipod podded electric propulsion units x6, 1 in each outrigger, 4 along main hull, all azimuthing Equipment and design features: Sensors: range unknown; Fixed armaments: 250mm dual rapid-fire gun x1, 25mm anti-air gatling gun x4, anti-air missile launcher x4, anti-ship missile launcher x6; depth charge launchers/anti-torpedo chaffs, mounted at ship's stern Mobile weapons: Heli or MBF-M1+EF-24R M1 Astray Shrike or MVF-M11C Murasame x1 on landing pad Landing Pads: 1 General, Technical and Historical Data The Kuraomikami-class cruiser is an Orb Union monohull naval warship. Smaller than the Aegis-class cruiser, the Kuraokami-class has fewer missiles and only a single landing platform, but mounts a dual gun turret. The primary purpose of the Kuraomikami-class is to escort Orb's larger warships, the Aegis-class cruiser and the Takemikazuchi-class carrier. Its high speed makes it not only suitable for escort duties, but also for patrol duties when lighter patrol boats are insufficient. In addition, minor upgrades were made to the destroyer’s weapons and targeting systems. Also, the propulsion system has been upgraded to the same azimuth thrusters that the Takemikazuchi-class carrier uses. These “Azipods” provide greater efficiency and maneuverability for ships. ______________________________________________________________________
  22. Well I made a battle request in the coliseum and it needs people... So yeah can someone please? It needs 3 people... with me its 4 people fighting a royal rumble
  23. A BASEBALL FIELD!!!!- I like baseball... I wanna RP a baseball game... lol B-Ball court... -I like b-ball not as much as Base Ball though lol Thats all for now
  24. A very very rough sketch of what the playground will be like. (If the name is bad, give another suggestion ) Please give any suggestions/ideas or places where it can be improved To present simulated circumstances to soldiers so as to facilitate realistic training. It is a building that is actually larger than it looks and is located next to the shooting range. Any exercise will have to be pre-booked and arranged by an officer of Sergeant rank and higher. No one will be allowed to join a simulation once it is in progress. 2 types of simulations. 1) Players vs Non-human targets 2) Players vs Players 1)- Officers must form a team of at least 2 2)- A team of at least 3 must be formed, the other team may have as little as 1, but must also be led by a Sergeant, or higher. Playing the Hostage Situation Dummy dolls are available at the storage room for hostage situations OR Major Cragus will be more than happy to act hostage (but expect a rather fierce one) Officers will be required to lead a small squad to rescue the hostage(s) Either a Type 1 or Type 2 Simulation can be used. Planning is required. Either choose an office or a home setting, I'll then give a random layout. Officers need to give me details (How many people will be taking part in the exercise, What simulation type and any other special requirements.) While I make the layout, the officer will then go organise his team. Squads can be made up of more than one officer (or they could make an all-elite team) What to do with the NPCs - to be decided by the Officer. Only use NPCs if there are not enough PCs who signed up for your simulation. An officer cannot take only an NPC into the simulation - thus creating a one man show. There must be at least one other PC. An officer can choose how many NPCs make up his team, but not the other team. He can then delegate the control of these NPCs to himself, or to the other PCs in his team. I will be choosing the NPCs for the teams now (after the officer has told me how many NPCs that he needs) through the roll die in the chat. Each NPCs will be assigned a number and this depends on the number of the die I roll. Officers can assign one NPC to one PC or he may prefer to take total control of the NPCs. NPCs do not store memories, thus they will forget everything once the mission is over. NPCS will behave exactly how the person in charge of them uses them. This may differ from players to players, but it is okay. You can also score points for shooting at an NPC, but at the same time, it is also up to the person in charge of them to control their movements. This training ground is also based on your own sense of realism -You can't always avoid being shot at -You cant always expect to shoot accurately -I don't need lengthy posts, just try to give a detailed RP Timing- Missions are given the time of 1 week to 1 month to complete, depending on what the leading officer stated down. If the team fails to complete the mission by the time, the opposing team will be declared the winner and be given the points. Try to reply as quickly as possible, if you fail to reply within 2 days, points will be deducted as well. Gaining Points- A shot at the limbs + 200 A shot at the lower torso + 250 A shot at the upper torso (left side) + 400 - There might be the case where you are wearing bulletproof vests, but I'm guessing these will make the shots hurt like hell even if there is no bloody wound. Thus it will also affect your performance. A shot at the upper torso (right side) + 300 A shot at the head + 450 Disarming an opponent- 200 ( Either through destroying the weapon or making him surrender) You are not encouraged to make physical contact with the opposing team. Once you have lost your weapon, you are considered to have lost. Losing Points A shot at the limbs- 50 A shot at the lower torso- 100 A shot at the upper torso (left side) - 200 - There might be the case where you are wearing bulletproof vests, but I'm guessing these will make the shots hurt like hell even if there is no bloody wound. Thus it will also affect your performance. A shot at the upper torso (right side) - 150 A shot at the head - 250 Not making a post within 48 hours - 100 points for each 48 hours or part theoref until the mission is deemed to be completed by either side. Getting disarmed - 100 Points, maps, non-playing characters, playing characters and the simulation type will be shown on the first post of each thread. (One mission per thread) They will be kept updated by a referee Equipment Available Dummy Dolls Communication devices - ear phones and the like Toggle between nightmode or daylight Non human targets Full protective gear Arnaments shoot paint pellets at the opponent instead of bullets, but they are specially made to feel like the real thing. The paint pellets mark where the person is shot at. If you are shot wherever, act like it, the paint pellets hurt enough to leave a small bruise for a few days.
  25. Since some of you have asked about the Pilot Academy, and how to gain entrance to the school, this post will be answering some of your questions. For now, I can only allow 2 people from Orb to join the academy, (other factions got 3 slots *grumbles*), that'll be kct and evo_sieg. When they( Valiant and Valentine) gives us more slots in the academy, i'll choose another batch to enter the school. Selection is based on some factors, e.g, total time spent on the site, total rp posts made, rp quality, date registered, and sometimes even your activity in the ooc forums This does not mean that sergeants will have a higher chance of getting into the Academy, All you privates and leading privates will have the same chance as everybody else if you're active on the site. I'm sorry to those who I've said could come after kct and sieg, I'll need to choose the suitable candidates all over again. Sorry to those who didn't get chosen..but you guys could head over to the shooting range to do some training or play soccer, or something.
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