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  1. Everything seemed to be in place-The delegation committee was fully prepared and ready, with his own aides personally seeing to them and making sure that they were getting their jobs done. The stage was perfect-A clear sky of seamless blue, with but a few wisps of fluffy white clouds here and there, together with the acres of space provided by the strips of land in this particular Sumatran base. It was one thing to get Indonesians to trust him, especially when poverty and corruption was still present in an otherwise developed country, when he was but just a fledgling Union leader still learnin
  2. Hello everyone I hope that everybody is doing well. I am writing this post to request my character to be on a LOA (leave of abstense). I promise that I will make up something in the story that will make sense for the sudden disaperance, however, the real reason is that for the last 4 months, I have had countless interviews for Attorney's Firms and have been doing a lot of legal writing. I though that I would be able to balance everything including time for this RP, however given the fact that I have not able to get even to the site, I would like to request a LOA. I apologize for t
  3. After thinking about this and discussing with F.A.I.T.H, I think we should have our Orb delegation make a brief detour to the Equatorial Union first to show off the Astray Diver. (It's also good for the EU's agenda of the acquisition of military hardware.) Then the visit may continue to the KoS. However, I realize that our lone active KoS member, Wing Zero, would benefit if given something to RP with. So a possible alternative would be for him and a small delegation of military personnel and low-level politicians to come from the KoS to the EU to 'observe' the proceedings. Feedback?
  4. I made a thread in pointless chatter. I'll try to be active when I can... Thanks for your understanding - Bladester50
  5. Just to let people *know* you're still around the site
  6. Just out of curiousity.... do I really have to wear the dress/skirt? I mean does Janus have to. She hates it and feels really restrained in wearing one full stop. So would it be allowable for female officers to wear the traditional white pants instead?
  7. Four days had past since Rob's arrival to the base, Rob doing very little work within those days because he simply wasn't required, most of the time Rob would sleep in his room or just train to become more physically stonger. It was one in the afternoon and Rob had just finished his lunch, he stood up and walked away from the vintage dining table. Rob headed towards his bedroom, wanting a nap. Rob opened the door and entered the dark and silent room, he walked towards his bed and was just about to sit down till a knock on the door came. Rob signs and quitely says to himself in anger "God
  8. Just out of curiosity, and seeing as we're set in CE 85 wouldn't Orb have made good use of the Akatsuki's relective technology after it's performance in 73? I dont mean like wide scale full reflective coating on all of our ms' as I know it'd be much too expensive for the economy but I mean minor versions of it that are weaker and protect specific and smaller areas. For example, like our MVF M11C Murasame's may have the coating covering their underside whilst in flight mode. But having this wont mean that we unequip our units of shields as it doesnt protect them from solid ammuni
  9. The KoS now have their own limited line of mobile suits to use.
  10. Though the official requisition process has not been completed yet, I am assigning suits to those with Licenses. evo_Sieg: MVF-M11C Murasame kct: MVF-M11C Murasame (Only customization with a Basic License would be a basic paint job. Default color is cyan, of course. ) Note: Orb pilots may be able to use the other suits in our limited arsenal only if the situation calls for it. @Everyone else: I encourage all of you (pilots) to try and participate in the Coliseum and get your MW Licenses ASAP.
  11. Now that the RP has been re-opened, I'm curious as to what all of you may plan to do. I'm considering organization the existing FREE Forces personnel/members into actual military units or squadrons.
  12. OCC: Anyone from NOVA can join. Rob locked his front door as he was exiting his flat, his destination was the stockholm base where he would from now on live and start to do his duty’s. On the porch was Rob's suit case what had all of Rob's equipment and daily basic items. Rob looked down at the porch and picked up his suit case casually, he started to walk forwards quickly and in twenty seconds flat Rob was out of his drive. Rob arrives on the main road puzzled, woundering where a parked taxi could be found. Rob noticed Loads of energetic children on the road, playing with snow, havi
  13. The camera flashes. The cacophony of voices abuzz and thunderous clapping and as he stepped onto the stage and into the line of vision of reporters, ministers, leaders and even students hailing from the various countries of the Equatorial Union, the podium. It was a sight that he was familiar with-Only that this time, the stage was bigger and ironically less accomodating of any mistakes he might so happen to make, something which he was going to make sure that won't be occurring at any point in his time as the most powerful man in the Union. He had came a long way; From being just a simple
  14. OOC: Anyone in the Kingdom of Scandinavia which they are none at the moment or NOVA can join Smoke and fire surrounded young boy that had blue pajamas. His large wooden room seemed on the verge of destruction. As the fire came in to his room, the young boy did was he was told to keep his head down and let the smoke go over his head. As he tried to crawl his way out, the door was busted open. A tall person dressed in black pointed a gun to the young kid as he mentioned "With this act the world will never see a war again". The young boy scared closed his eyes, a second later he
  15. "In order to build up an army formidable enough to withstand an invasion, we need to go on with this plan," Riva insisted. He swept his gaze across the Senators seated before him, holding the gaze of any who might seem to disagree with his declaration. This withering stare made them turn away before he did, a silent victory in the battle of mental strength. Senator Rafael rebuked, "With all due respect, Mr President, it's a folly to go along with your plan. The international scene is witnessing a massive de-arming campaign as well as a demilitarization policy. We would go against the grain
  16. Username Character Name Position/s Pilot License Faction Leaders lynnks Alvielle Torren Chief Representative; Supreme Commander Keiji Kiel Flar Admiral liubei013 Demetrius Amherst First Lieutenant FREE Forces evo_Sieg Siegfred Correa Sergeant Training... kct Sayaka Nakano Sergeant Training... fireminerva- DEAD Takashi Kitsune Leading Private Jase Jase Truesdale Private neogmkuma Juan Miguel Mendoza Leading Private DarkNoise
  17. Username Character Name Position/s Pilot License Faction Leaders lynnks Alvielle Torren Orb's Chief Representative liubei013 Demetrius Amherst First Lieutenant (FREE Forces) F.A.I.T.H Philip Chew Sze Yuan Equatorial Union Leader Valiant Riva Cícero de Silva USSA President FREE Forces kct Hinako Shirakawa Sergeant Basic neogmkuma Juan Miguel Mendoza Sergeant Janus Janus Chiaki Matsuo Private Temari-Desert-Storm Alana Matthews Private B
  18. liubei013

    Aquatic MS

    Just reviving this particular discussion, since Valiant mentioned the possibility of allowing such a suit. Rather than following Rad's (whereever he may be ) design, I worked on a more practical design that uses Astrays as the basic frame. This is just a rough draft (and I'm iffy about the name ) but I'd like you Orbies to provide feedback first. General and Technical Data Model number: MBF-M1D+USP-3B Code name: M1 Astray Diver Unit type: mass production sea-superiority mobile suit Manufacturer: Morgenroete, Inc Operator: Orb Union First deployment: C.E. 80 Accommodation:
  19. I'd like to get things set up (with your permission, lynnks) for our first Training Exercise. I will be a referee for this first exercise and will also RP In-Character as an observer. evo_Sieg, please list your team members, Simulation Type, and 'location' (home/office/etc). lynnks or I will set up the floor plan once we get your information. EDIT: Here's the detailed map (thanks, lynnks) with enemy and civilian locations. Note that this map is not the one laid out in the Exercise RP. This should be used for reference for when you all actually are in the training area.
  20. After a discussion with lynnks a while ago, I decided to put together a rough draft regarding the organization of FREE Forces. I only started with the Naval fleets while I plan to work on ground forces at a later point. So, yeah, feedback and all that appreciated.
  21. This is for editing purposes for submission for the compendium. Comments would be greatly acknowledged but please take note, this is still a work in progress. ______________________________________________________________________ Takemikazuchi-class Carrier General and Technical Data Class: Carrier Name: Takemikazuchi Ships of the line: Takemikazuchi Unit type: Aircraft/Mobile Suit Carrier Manufacturer: ORB Union Operator: ORB Union First deployment: CE 73 Dimensions: Length: 330 meters, Width: 185 meters Weight: Dry Weight: 26,900, Laden Weight: 35,000 Propulsion: Az
  22. Well I made a battle request in the coliseum and it needs people... So yeah can someone please? It needs 3 people... with me its 4 people fighting a royal rumble
  23. A BASEBALL FIELD!!!!- I like baseball... I wanna RP a baseball game... lol B-Ball court... -I like b-ball not as much as Base Ball though lol Thats all for now
  24. A very very rough sketch of what the playground will be like. (If the name is bad, give another suggestion ) Please give any suggestions/ideas or places where it can be improved To present simulated circumstances to soldiers so as to facilitate realistic training. It is a building that is actually larger than it looks and is located next to the shooting range. Any exercise will have to be pre-booked and arranged by an officer of Sergeant rank and higher. No one will be allowed to join a simulation once it is in progress. 2 types of simulations. 1) Players vs Non-human targets 2
  25. Since some of you have asked about the Pilot Academy, and how to gain entrance to the school, this post will be answering some of your questions. For now, I can only allow 2 people from Orb to join the academy, (other factions got 3 slots *grumbles*), that'll be kct and evo_sieg. When they( Valiant and Valentine) gives us more slots in the academy, i'll choose another batch to enter the school. Selection is based on some factors, e.g, total time spent on the site, total rp posts made, rp quality, date registered, and sometimes even your activity in the ooc forums This does not mean
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