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  1. All of the Kingdom of Scandanavia delegations were standing outside there dented ship in single file, the small group of politicians and officers lead by a retiring Lieutenant walked at a fast pace in a strict manner, at first Rob found it difficult and holded the que up ever so slightly with his hesitent movements, but in a matter of minutes Rob found a rythm that matched the movement of the group. Rob looked anctiously side to side, only to see the leaders of the other nations talk with each other about how to be more united as one. Rob slowly getting bored of the site started to think
  2. Might as well have a go. A couple of hobbies (Two or more): Playing Chess and Card games (Yu-go-oh, Duel masters and UFS) Favoured gaming platform: PS3, awesome. Favourite part of the Gundam franchise: The anime is all I need. Favourite video game: Grand Turismo 4 (untill number five comes out) A taste of your music playlist: Tupac, Notorious B.I.G, Puff Daddy, Linken Park and Disturbed by Artist or Band name. If you could switch places with someone for a day, who would you be?: lol, I love to be myself ^ *. Rate yourself on a scale of one to ten, for talkativene
  3. The delegates and the other important members were told that the trip would take thirty hours of flight and that evreyone should take this time to relax. The atmosphere inside the ship was very pleasant, people talking to each other, helping each other and overall showing very positive attitudes. Rob was one of the only people on the ship showing little enthusiasm and would instead ignore people than interact with them. Most of the time Rob would go to sleep but would usally wake up within the hour due to other members speaking loud. A few times Rob would slowly go up and down the ship to
  4. Wing Zero

    KoS & EU visit

    Sorry for the double post ><. I'm really busy for the next two days and won't post in the EU so you guys/gals go ahead. Sorry again WZ.
  5. Wing Zero

    KoS & EU visit

    Meh, I guess I will go first .
  6. Four days had past since Rob's arrival to the base, Rob doing very little work within those days because he simply wasn't required, most of the time Rob would sleep in his room or just train to become more physically stonger. It was one in the afternoon and Rob had just finished his lunch, he stood up and walked away from the vintage dining table. Rob headed towards his bedroom, wanting a nap. Rob opened the door and entered the dark and silent room, he walked towards his bed and was just about to sit down till a knock on the door came. Rob signs and quitely says to himself in anger "God
  7. Wing Zero

    KoS & EU visit

    I don't mind making a trip to the EU, I will be waiting for my next orders or even wait for Aures to come back .
  8. I like the avatar and signature of yours Faith. Avatar: 7/10 Signature: 7.5/10
  9. Wing Zero


    Hey I'm going to be inactive till next Monday , got do extra work at the moment and yu-gi-oh on saturday and sunday.
  10. Rob was walking closely behind Alex to make sure he would not get lost, while Alex was showing Rob the main sections inside the base Rob noticed Alex walked in a very Royal manner. Rob made sure he memorised all the key places in the base and what they had to offer. [align=center]****[/align] Rob arrived at the very busy shopping centre, Rob not fond of shopping showed a glum look. Alex telling Rob that he would leave him now walked into a shop and bought back with him a full white uniform. Rob not exited by the clothing looked to the left as if he never noticed it. Rob then heard Alex
  11. Rob looked at the Gaia's screen seeing nothing but an empty space "Hmm...Where is he, well at least my mobile weapon is black so it won't be easy for him to see the movement of this suit." Rob thought to himself. Rob started to admire the suits technology as Rob had never been in such a powerful suit before with such weapons and performance skills. Rob moved the Gaia slowly in a straight direction keeping his attention to the screen, then finally out of the blackness a red mobile suit appeared before him, strangely though the Red suit's back was facing towards Rob's Gaia. Rob stopped the
  12. Wing Zero

    Hi Y'all

    Hi there, hope you enjoy your time on this forum. (NOVA FTW)
  13. Wing Zero

    One on One Battle

    I need a battle. Name: Rob Langer Alliance: NOVA Moble Weapon: ZGMF-X88S Gaia Gundam
  14. It had been a whole two hours since Rob had lied on his bed, still peacefully sleeping not making a noise. The wind blowing through the window vigorously, flowing past Robs head. The silence had broken as someone opened the door, Robs mind turned on immediately, not opening his eyes but waiting for the person to talk or do some sort of action. Rob heard the person's voice say "Mr. Langer I presume" Rob's eyes flicked open, looking at the brand new ceiling, he pulled himself off the messy bed. Rob looked up and saw a young man in uniform standing inside the room. Rob gave a quick salu
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