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  1. All of the Kingdom of Scandanavia delegations were standing outside there dented ship in single file, the small group of politicians and officers lead by a retiring Lieutenant walked at a fast pace in a strict manner, at first Rob found it difficult and holded the que up ever so slightly with his hesitent movements, but in a matter of minutes Rob found a rythm that matched the movement of the group. Rob looked anctiously side to side, only to see the leaders of the other nations talk with each other about how to be more united as one. Rob slowly getting bored of the site started to think about why he came to this dull mission and what was his reward. This mission is like if I was watching a bad movie just the same thing happening over and over again, how can they talk about being united when they don't even socialise As Rob carelessly drifted into his thoughts, the Lieutenant suddenly stopped and therefore the whole group besides Rob who only stopped in his tracks when he stepped on his fellow pilot's shoe, when this happened his mind flickered on and Rob quickly regained his composure, moving to the left a few inches to have an equal separation distance. The Lieutenant had moved his group to the side of the Free Forces delagations awaiting to interact with there leader, he moved two steps forward and into the center of his well prepared group. Rob carefully looked at each of the Free Forces members and then slightly tilted his head and moved his eyes to the back of his Lieutenant. This is going to be intresting, I hope this old Lieutenant can keep his nerve for the last time...
  2. Might as well have a go. A couple of hobbies (Two or more): Playing Chess and Card games (Yu-go-oh, Duel masters and UFS) Favoured gaming platform: PS3, awesome. Favourite part of the Gundam franchise: The anime is all I need. Favourite video game: Grand Turismo 4 (untill number five comes out) A taste of your music playlist: Tupac, Notorious B.I.G, Puff Daddy, Linken Park and Disturbed by Artist or Band name. If you could switch places with someone for a day, who would you be?: lol, I love to be myself ^ *. Rate yourself on a scale of one to ten, for talkativeness, ten being highest: 4 If you had a quality you could instantly have, what would it be?: Read peoples minds, thats a real quality .
  3. The delegates and the other important members were told that the trip would take thirty hours of flight and that evreyone should take this time to relax. The atmosphere inside the ship was very pleasant, people talking to each other, helping each other and overall showing very positive attitudes. Rob was one of the only people on the ship showing little enthusiasm and would instead ignore people than interact with them. Most of the time Rob would go to sleep but would usally wake up within the hour due to other members speaking loud. A few times Rob would slowly go up and down the ship to think of things he would need to do, when they would arrive. Yes, Rob was usally bored, his facial expression seemed like of a sad panda. After a long waiting peroid, the passengers were told that they would be landing in the next ten minutes and that they would need to be seated. Rob steadily awaited for the landing, desperate to get off that nightmarish of a ship. Finally the ship landed, Rob jumped off his seat and quickly made his way towards the ships exit. To his annoyence there was a que of people infront of him. Now Rob was ready to exit his ship and start his first mission infront of many other people.
  4. Sorry for the double post ><. I'm really busy for the next two days and won't post in the EU so you guys/gals go ahead. Sorry again WZ.
  5. Meh, I guess I will go first .
  6. Four days had past since Rob's arrival to the base, Rob doing very little work within those days because he simply wasn't required, most of the time Rob would sleep in his room or just train to become more physically stonger. It was one in the afternoon and Rob had just finished his lunch, he stood up and walked away from the vintage dining table. Rob headed towards his bedroom, wanting a nap. Rob opened the door and entered the dark and silent room, he walked towards his bed and was just about to sit down till a knock on the door came. Rob signs and quitely says to himself in anger "God sake, can't you leave a soldier alone." Rob Relentlessly walks towards the door and slowly pushes the handle down, he opens the door and sees an old high ranked militry officer, Robs face goes blank as to the surprise of a high ranked officer meeting him withought rob even knowing. Rob quickly salutes the officer and stands straight. The officer starts to laugh and says "Looks like you seen a ghost, don't worry I'm only here to tell you that you have been assigned to go to the military headquarters of the Equatorial Union." Rob gives an evil glance to his superior and quickly responds "Do I have to, I was just getting use to things here?" The officer gives Rob a serious look and firmly replies to Rob " Its an order, also it will be a wounderful experience for a young Pilot like yourself. Anyway you will go there with a few of our politicains to observe the Astray Diver, you will mostly find ORB delegations so don't start any fights and try making some friends." The officer gave Rob a piece of paper that allowed him entry onto the ship but also a map for the base, the officer saluted and walked away. Rob left hanging there switched the bedroom lights on and kicked the door with frustration "Dam them, don't you worry old man I will be the one causing choas." Rob looked at his suit case and knew most of his possessions were still unpacked, Rob packed the suitcase to how it was when he arrived but there was one thing extra inside it and that was the white uniform he bought from the shop. Five minutes of walking and Rob had arived where the ship was, before entering Rob looked back at his base woundering if he would come back or not. Rob had zero knowlege about ships so he had no clue what type it was. Rob saw a handful of people walking towards the seats that they would be sitting in, Rob quickly found a seat and made himself comfortable init. The engine started to roar and the ship was ready for takeoff. Rob annoyed about evreything felt he needed some sleep to take his mind off of evreything. [OCC: This will continue at the Equatorial Union]
  7. I don't mind making a trip to the EU, I will be waiting for my next orders or even wait for Aures to come back .
  8. I like the avatar and signature of yours Faith. Avatar: 7/10 Signature: 7.5/10
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    Hey I'm going to be inactive till next Monday , got do extra work at the moment and yu-gi-oh on saturday and sunday.
  10. Rob was walking closely behind Alex to make sure he would not get lost, while Alex was showing Rob the main sections inside the base Rob noticed Alex walked in a very Royal manner. Rob made sure he memorised all the key places in the base and what they had to offer. [align=center]****[/align] Rob arrived at the very busy shopping centre, Rob not fond of shopping showed a glum look. Alex telling Rob that he would leave him now walked into a shop and bought back with him a full white uniform. Rob not exited by the clothing looked to the left as if he never noticed it. Rob then heard Alex say "Whether you like it or not Mr. Langer you are an officer in the Kingdom of Scandinavia, I would not allow you to disgrace this institution. Furthermore, if we are going to be roommates I suggest you look more official...” Rob slowly moves his hand to the the uniform and takes it off Alex. Rob shifts his pointy eyes towards the price tag, Rob's eyebrows start to go upwards as Rob feels that the price is ridiculous, Rob thinks to himself "two hundred dollars!... What a stupid price for a stupid uniform, I rather buy thirty packs of Benson & Hedges cigarettes." Rob started to walk towards the shop, arriving at the till he gripped his wallet and slowly pulled out two hundred dollars, each dollar making Rob more angry then the one before. "Here you go" Rob said hesitantly to the woman at the till. The woman smiled at Rob and said "Thank you and keep the uniform clean." Rob with frustration picked up the uniform quickly and walked away from the woman saying "Don't you worry, I will keep it clean, burn it to hell!." Rob walked back to Alex but it seemed his attention was with two teenage who were taking pictures with him. Rob just calmly waited, until one of the girls said "who is this other guy…ohh he is probably his servant." Rob gripped his hands in anger, Rob's face changed as if he was going into a street fight, it seemed his mind had shattered. When Alex told the informed girls that Rob was an officer Rob lost his great anger. The girl then greated Rob and also said that alex was one of the last few Knights. Rob showed an evil smile and replied to the girl with a sinister voice "Oh is that so... Intresting." Alex saluted Rob and walked away so that he could talk to his wrist communicator. Rob returned the salute, one of the girls out of no where quickly and loudly asked Rob "Where you from and why did you join NOVA?" Rob looked at the girl with a confused face. Rob pushes the girl two steps back and angrily says to her "You don't need to know anything about me, your wasting my time and you don't want to be doing that little girl." Rob walked away from the teenage girl with a smile. The girl was scratching her head, slightly shocked from Rob's attitude. She asks her friend quietly "Whats with that guy?"
  11. Rob looked at the Gaia's screen seeing nothing but an empty space "Hmm...Where is he, well at least my mobile weapon is black so it won't be easy for him to see the movement of this suit." Rob thought to himself. Rob started to admire the suits technology as Rob had never been in such a powerful suit before with such weapons and performance skills. Rob moved the Gaia slowly in a straight direction keeping his attention to the screen, then finally out of the blackness a red mobile suit appeared before him, strangely though the Red suit's back was facing towards Rob's Gaia. Rob stopped the Gaia from going any further and then opened a com link to his opponent. "I guess you wan't to turn around so we can have a good battle." Rob softly spoke, the distance between the Gaia and the Savior was huge, even beam rifle shots would be easy to dodge. Rob relaxed into his seat waiting for his opponent to move.
  12. Wing Zero

    Hi Y'all

    Hi there, hope you enjoy your time on this forum. (NOVA FTW)
  13. I need a battle. Name: Rob Langer Alliance: NOVA Moble Weapon: ZGMF-X88S Gaia Gundam
  14. It had been a whole two hours since Rob had lied on his bed, still peacefully sleeping not making a noise. The wind blowing through the window vigorously, flowing past Robs head. The silence had broken as someone opened the door, Robs mind turned on immediately, not opening his eyes but waiting for the person to talk or do some sort of action. Rob heard the person's voice say "Mr. Langer I presume" Rob's eyes flicked open, looking at the brand new ceiling, he pulled himself off the messy bed. Rob looked up and saw a young man in uniform standing inside the room. Rob gave a quick salute and nodded his head to the strangers question. Rob listened to what Alex had to say about himself and that Rob could get along with him if he stayed within his limits, Rob raised an eyebrow and looked deeply into Alex's eyes, Rob starts to think about his rude roommate "Whats with this guy, he acts like if he's king of the country. I would like to see what his reaction would be if I don't call him Sir Alex." Rob noticed Alex moving his eyes towards Rob's shirt and giving it a good stare. Rob broke it by moving to the left and turning his body slightly. Alex whom not impressed with Rob's shirt remarked "I assume that you need shopping for new clothes because that shirt is hideous, better cover it with the uniform". Rob now started to get annoyed with Alex as he felt Alex was being a real jerk towards him. Rob kept his face straight and tried to stay calm by not thinking about Alex's behaviour. Rob simply replied to Alex’s remark "What this light green shirt, I think it goes well with my suit, I'm not the type for the uniform." Rob walks casually towards Alex and then stops infront of him, Rob gives a fake smile as he points his right hand towards the door, gesturing to go on ahead. "After you Sir Alex, you know this place inside out."
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