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Gundam 00 MS


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Source: The Gundam Blog

Descriptions from Gunota Headlines.

Images from Ngee Khiong.


SVMS-01 Union Flag




“Union variable MS. It can change into a flight form but that doesn’t suppose transformation during combat. Armed with a Linear Rifle that fires electromagnetically accelerated live rounds. For melee combat, a super-vibrating Sonic Blade. One part of the machine is also equipped with an energy-covered Plasma Sword blade. There are many variations of this unit.”


Head height: 17.9 meters

Base weight: 67.1 tons

Designed by Hitoshi Fukuchi


AEU-09 AEU Enact (Demonstration colors)




“The latest MS developed by the AEU. A solar energy model, the MS itself can accept a direct supply of power from the orbital elevator’s generation system. The basic design is based on the Union’s Flag and shares many features such as the flight form transformation and armaments. “


Head height: 17.6 meters

Base weight: 66.8 tons

Designed by Hitoshi Fukuchi


MSJ-06II-A Tieren




“Human Progressive League (aka People’s Reform League, etc…still no official English version yet. Pick your favorite translation.) mass-production MS. Many variations for ground and space-use exist. Compared to MS in other armies, the unit is unusual in that its very slow. But as much as it sacrifices in mobility, it has strong defensive abilities and can be loaded with heavyweight armaments. It’s basic weaponry is a gun & Carbon Blade and though seen as an old model in contrast to other forces, its very reliable.”


Head height: 18.1 meters

Base weight: 121.3 tons

Designed by Kenji Teraoka

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Streamlined and realistic might be the words for it, although the first 2 (rather, the first one) looks kind of something SRW-ish (which is not surprising, given that one of their mechanical design staff is from SRW J).

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Heck, they don't make mass production ms like they do anymore O_O Ok, sure they're trying new designs and such, but seriously, at first glance, i wouldn't have guessed it was even from the gundam universe (kinda does look like FMP )

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Well, if you ask what I think...first two SHOULD NEVER EVER EXIST IN GUNDAM-Multiverse. Yes, I think that they are disgusting. Hell, it looks like 00 will kill Gundam as franchise. Jebus, if they want anorexic - they have ZOE-universe, where it would look very natural. But why in Gundam, gundamn it?

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o boy... the new designs are alright.. considering that it is their "first" time doing a Gundam series.... but what in the world happened to all the "old" weapons that signified a Gundam...


and the third Gundam has the eye of a zaku/goof (more zaku like though...)


@darkphoenix  yes i have to agree with it going to kill the franchise... well unless their storyline is absolutely perfect... it might bring the series back to where all of the other gundam series stands in the heart of the fans....

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