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  2. Sean took no notice when the Justice fired at the Freedom. He was far to busy trying to cover up his next attack. You idiot. Do you actually think that I would actually make such a predictable move? The beams missed the Freedom completely. Once the beams had passed, Sean depressed the foot pedal and shot the Freedom forward. When the Freedom was within 100 meters or so of the Justice, it moved the shield, exposing the beam saber in its hand. Sean then brought the Freedom's right arm back over its shoulder, then brought it forward and threw the saber. As soon as the saber left his hand, Sean t
  3. Sean was pleased with the result of his defence. None of the Freedom's wings or other parts had even been damaged. Sean was aware that this maneuver had left him open to a quick attack, but he wasn't worried. Even if the other pilot had been able to see this opening, he was covered. The rail cannons on the hips of the Freedom were a sure fire way to deter any attack, for the moment at least. So when the Justice charged him, Sean was surprised with this move. "If I was him, I would try to pin me down with the subflight lifter and attack with the Justice will it's free falling." In preparation f
  4. Name: Sean Donnelly Arena Nickname: The Irishman Team: N/A Age: 18 Gender: Male Race: Natural Combat Style: Impulsive, reckless, destructive and violent. Good at all forms of combat though prefers to use melee whenever he can. Preferred MS: Anything he can kill people with. Personal History: Sean was always destructive and violent, especially towards coordinators. When he joined the Alliance and started to fight in the coliseum, he used it as an outlet for his anger and hatred of coordinators.
  5. OCC: Ya, I know. My bad. I've changed the post. Should be a little better.
  6. Although Sean was a very good pilot, he wasn't perfect. The coordinator's strategy was indeed well thought out, but it just wasn't going to cut it. Oh shit... I can't escape... I'm gunna die... I'm gunna die... I'm gunna... no, no! "You'll die!" Sean new there was only one way out, and he was gunna have to do it right the first time in order to live. Cutting the Freedom's thrusters, Sean allowed the large machine to drop towards the water below. "You're idea was good, but..." Sean paused to laugh "You just aren't skilled enough to kill me." The boomerang, although a very powerful weapon, was l
  7. The sky was blue, filled with white fluffy clouds. The water pure and blue and for one moment in time, all was peaceful. Sean was well aware, however, that this calm would not last. There will be another war, so the more coordinators I kill now, the fewer that will oppose our power in the future. The Freedom cruised effortlessly through the sky, giving Sean a sense of peace, and happyness that he hadn't felt since, well forever. "This battle will be over quick. No coordinator will ever beat the Irishman." Sean paused another moment and tried to picture the Justice in his head. "The only thing
  8. Sean was never one for deadlines, but this other guy was starting to piss him off. He peered out from behind his paperback novel and gazed at the display screen. The suns rays barely punctured the cool blue water that was surrounding the mobile suit. "It's hard to believe that this blue and pure world has to be shared by those damn coordinators. Well, there is a positive side to this battle; one less coordinator will be breathing at the end of the day." Sean smirked, remembering the days he spent watching the movies. He remembered the pictures of blue cosmos members eradicating the space monst
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    Ya, it's all good.
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