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Re: Ship Crew ^_^ lol cmon people I need ya!

Sylia Rose

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Hiya guys


Last time I ran a ship all my bridge crew were all npc's which was not fun so I would like as many of you that ant to join me to help me staff the ship


I know being on the bridge or just working on the ship isnt very dynamic compared to an MS pilot but its rewarding none the less.  I know we are not allowed multiple characters yet but anyone whos interested just post and say what posistion you like I know OPA has already applied for CAG lol

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having extra crew members on the ship would be Sylia's decision, as it is her ship so she gets some say over its crew.  as for the NPC vs PC question, that would be up to you.  If the character is an NPC, he is open for everyone to use, but you could use him right away; you'd have to wait longer for a second PC character

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