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Advent Destiny chat


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I only used it when my monitor was burned out and was browsing at an internet cafe without an IRC client, as well as when I went to my grandparents' house. Given those few times, it's worked pretty well. I encountered no problems to speak of, at least on my end.


I can't really comment on anything other than if it works or not, as I don't use it that often, less so it's features. Otherwise, it's a good thing to have on Advent. Although I hear it presents problems with other members, it's still something the site shouldn't ever be without.

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I try to chat everytime I get hold of a PC, its just that the school's firewall blocks out IRCs, jeebus!


BTW, the chat function is a nice way to get instant interactivity between us people. especially when its non-RP, just to let would-be dull and boring times go by..

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It's a great way to try and meet up with people, given that people use different Instant Messenger programs and that not every computer has an IRC client on it (Darn school computers). However, I believe I'm on record as hating the underscore it prepends to our name.


Other than that admittedly minor annoyance, it's a great feature to have.

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Yeah people like Winders


DD, the underscore is just a way for the system to recognise that you are logging in from the browser. I guess it can't be helped. You would just have to change your nick to get rid of it after you log into the channel.

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I think the reason for the underscore is far simpler: just in case there's someone in the channel using your nick, that underscore ensures you'll still be able to get in.


Also, it's quite difficult to keep conversing when we've sometimes got pages of unread threads to catch up with, and countless longer-than-one-line replies to make.

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