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MS Piliots and The Hunt For Food


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OOC: Sorry this took me awhile to get it up.  And sorry if I god moded at all.




The sun blasted down on the capless Jeep.  The scenery was mostly dessert, but it was hard to really take in the beauty.  On account of Karl weaving in and out of traffic. 


As the three of them made it in to the city they began to scope for their mission objective: find food...fast.  There were many shops and stores on the street.  Filled with people, food, clothing, and every now and then a ZAFT flag was waving in the air.


Karl, hurry up and find some parking.


James said as he put his hand on his stomach, he could feel it bubbling and aching.  Leaning out the side of the Jeep the wind hit his hair and pushed it out of his face.  It's to sunny. He thought to himself.  Taking a deep breathe he waited for the car to stop.

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Karl looked at James. "How bout you shut up, or you can walk back." Karl looked around for a spot. Seeing one, he moved the jeep towards the spot, cutting off some guy in the process. The other guy honked his horn and flipped Karl the finger. "Screw you, you prick!" He looked over and saw the faces of the other two and quickly turned back around and started to park. Karl shut the jeep of, got out and headed towards a small eatery on the other side of the road. Looking over his shoulder he called to the other 2. "You guys coming?"

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