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Found 5 results

  1. OOC - We're going to run with this until I get in trouble, which will hopefully be never. IC - Punctual as always Wullf stood waiting in the briefing room already in his officer's flightsuit. As he waited Ahrend flexed his arms and twisted his back a bit, getting a feel for the new suit that he had recently drawn from supply; waiting until he was in combat would be a sad mistake for a Squadron Commander to make. Seeing that he still had ample time before the rest of the squad was due to report Ahrend opened up the laptop that he had connected to the briefing room's projector and drawing out a disk from his flightsuit's chest pocket he slipped it into the computer. In response the machine gave a low hum as it began reading the disk. The room's projector flickered to life and an image of the ZAFT insignia came up on the center of the screen at the front of the room. However in the lower right corner there was an additional logo, one meant specifically for Wullf Tai. It was a black outline of a wolf's head, perhaps it wasn't the most threatening thing in the world but it was his badge and Ahrend was proud of it. Pulling back the sleeve on his flightsuit Ahrend glanced at the time, nearly 1300, 'They should be arriving soon.' Ahrend bit his lip for a moment, surpressing the feeling of mild anxiety. After all, he had been in special operations for years, why should his first squad exercise cause him so much grief?
  2. OOC: Sorry this took me awhile to get it up. And sorry if I god moded at all. IC: The sun blasted down on the capless Jeep. The scenery was mostly dessert, but it was hard to really take in the beauty. On account of Karl weaving in and out of traffic. As the three of them made it in to the city they began to scope for their mission objective: find food...fast. There were many shops and stores on the street. Filled with people, food, clothing, and every now and then a ZAFT flag was waving in the air. Karl, hurry up and find some parking. James said as he put his hand on his stomach, he could feel it bubbling and aching. Leaning out the side of the Jeep the wind hit his hair and pushed it out of his face. It's to sunny. He thought to himself. Taking a deep breathe he waited for the car to stop.
  3. Grabbing his bags James made his way to the dorms. The sun was beaming down on him and it started to get annoying, but much like the other soldiers on the base in time he would get used to it. The large building was better looking then any other military dorm he had seen. Walking in he looked at his assignment papers, breezing on past "Meet at Hanger XX" he looked for his room number. After checking the room number he looked for any signs which would direct him. In time he found his way to the room. The journey to the room was not bad at all, wooden floors, flowers, and the occasional portrait on the wall of some women in a dress. Entering the wooden door with the brass knob, James entered. It was a standard military room, but instead of the stereotypical concrete 4x4 walls, it was replaced with well finished wood. There was one window opposite of the door and to the left of the window was a single sized bed. To the right of the window was a small desk with a computer on it. Walking in farther he saw a bathroom on his right along with a wardrobe. He was tired so as soon as the bags fell on the floor he fell on the bed. Grabbing his music player. He put them on a drifted off to sleep.
  4. Standing out in the heat of the sun was murder, especially on a day like today where the temperature had climbed well above thirty eight degrees. Even where he stood in the shade of his GuAIZ R Ahrend was sweating, in spite of the khaki colored pants and tank top that he wore; though it wasn't a standard ZAFT uniform things were a little more relaxed here at Carpentaria and he decided that there was no need to be professional with his new squad just yet. He had arrived here early, in fact he had gotten there very early after having come down with his MS in a drop ship earlier this morning. His GuAIZ R now stood outside of what would soon be Wullf Tai's permanent home. Though it was empty now Ahrend would soon put in a request for four new mobile suits for his squad, which would hopefully be delivered in a timely manner. But for now he stood under his GuAIZ R and patiently waited, glancing at his watch every now and then.
  5. With his squad falling out Ahrend had turned his back on them and slunk back into the briefing room. As he entered the coolness of the room he relaxed and suddenly felt much older than he had a few minutes ago. Even though he was still young, by many standards, he could feel time slowly creeping up on him and Ahrend knew that in a few more years it would be time to consider other occupations, especially ones that would do more to ensure his longevity. Sinking down into one of the cushioned chairs in the room Ahrend let his officer's "face" fade away, after all both he and Laike were officers and if he couldn't even be frank with his executive officer then he would be in real trouble. Leaning back Ahrend closed his eyes knowing that it would only be a few more seconds before Rinawan came through the door.
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