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Re: Add Three Words: A Forum Game

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Okay guys. Since it's been a while since the start of this game, I'm going to take Asahi's advice and collect all the posts to see what kind of story we've made. Here we go!


I once saw a Gundam show without a Gundam, and three cats with metal claws that ate beans, and drank beer that was quite strong and had strange green floating eyes that were pink and fuzzy.

Dark neon armies saw it, and threw rainbow bananas which turned into flashy fireworks, and created the first non-explosive big bang that Mormons flushed down the drain in the Conservatory of an airplane, which was flying in an ocean that's on fire. It cooked some red hot potato-scented clothing in pepper and butter that had expired years ago, and grown into a giant bomb and was eaten by giant purple lawnmowers that then blew them into a pink Haro's toenail.

It was eaten by an over-sized spotted vampire mongoose who smelled like Lacus without her guardian angel who was microwaved for being a bad leg that worked like a sack that was filled with paper sausages.


O.o Very interesting guys... I think my favorite part was either non-explosive big bang or the spotted vampire mongoose.


I'm going to remind everyone again that when someone puts a period at the end of their three words, it means that the next person to post must start a new sentence. Otherwise we get huge sentences that ramble on and on (Which explains why I had to insert a few "it"s in there to save people's eyes...)


So now we'll start with a new sentence.



The mongoose burped...

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