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Re: Add Three Words: A Forum Game

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Okay! Collection time! Here's the continuation of the story we've all made.


The mongoose burped multicolored air waves, Dr. Seuss style, into an umbrella covered in purple, flashy dots. It smelled like a pudding that had a strawberry toffee.


(I've no idea what you guys were doing at the top of the 5th page...O.o But I'm just gonna go with this...)


There was also a yellow ferret that wore pajamas, jumping and dancing on the table. A polka-dot covered purple people eater eating green bananas with ketchup sauce and sour milk opened a packet of rubber monkeys that became chameleons and disappeared, but were replaced by gobs of grimy bananas in pajamas with pink sunglasses. Then rainbow colored backsides of heffalumps and woozles ate green eggs and ham in the pool of Valiant's new room, which is located on the coast, Papau New Guinea, and likes fuzzy wuzzy slippers concealing guns shooting chocolate pudding. 


Again, I've had to make some changes to people's posts for grammatical purposes. Don't kill me!!


Guys (and gals, of course!), I'm urging more of you to start new sentences every once in a while. After about three or four posts, you should be able to start a new sentence.


New sentence!!


Afterwards, four pretzels...

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