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Re: Add Three Words: A Forum Game


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Okay, so I always find forum games to be quite entertaining, and they get people to interact and have a laugh together. (Which is good for the RP, In my opinion...)


So, this game is called Add Three Words. It's quite self explanatory, but I'll explain anyways.


What you do is add three words to the previous person's post, and you end up creating quite a random story! (Sometimes it gets quite humorous!). 

If someone adds a period at the end of their words, you start a new sentence.


For example:

I say "I once heard..."

Then someone else says "That pink bunnies..."

Then the next person would say "Are very fierce."

And someone replies " So I suggest..."


And blah blah blah.


You can add whatever your heart desires! Purple frogs! Polka-dotted bananas! A Squishy spark plug! So go to town and have some fun!


You get it right? So I'll start. 



I once saw...

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