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Re: Mu La Flaga vs. Rau Le Creuset (Possible SPOILER)

Who is the better pilot and why?  

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  1. 1. Who is the better pilot and why?

    • Mu La Flaga
    • Rau Le Creuset
    • Rey Za Burrel
    • Neo Roanoke

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I was wondering the other day when I was seeing Gundam SEED who was the better pilot.  It occurred to me that these two guys never meet on a equal fotting.  So I was wondering what people though about it.  I added the other two guys just in case people felt that they were better. 


If you are asking why I included them there then you have to see GSD.

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Why did you add Mu and Neo as two separate entries? They're the same person. And Rey is a clone of Rau, so they'd have comparable skill levels as well. So in the end, it really just comes back to Mu vs. Rau.


If this was a question as to which I liked better, I would have to pick Rau, 'cause he is a blast to RP as. But it's who is a better a pilot, and so I think I have to pick Mu since he lasted so long with Strike against Providence.

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Depends on the mobile suit, Rey wouldn't last against both old people even if he was a clone.


As for Neo..isn't he already you-know-who...akatsuki vs providence?


I'd still say Rau would win considering he blasted down 4 suits and damaged the Eternal with one Dragoon Blast.


Rau and Mwu just seem both experienced pilots that had done feats in their own rank and battle histories. Both are legends for their own things.


I just say Rau would would win considering Rey considers him like a god, Neo uses a Windam...don't even know...


Depends on what mobile suit you give to who, I just considering Providence total pwnage considering SEED.

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Well well, with my judgement of Mu and Rau, both are EXTREMELY even pilots (MW's don't really count in this case) It boils down to probably the most stupidest reason to resolve this deadlock. Mu wins. Because he doesn't spew philosophical garbage like Rau. Hope you know what I mean (and hope you excuse me for the terrible reason)

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Neo can technically count as a seperate person;



Mwu had his memories tinkered with so that he would believe he was a different person with different reasons for fighting.  Neo did not act very much like Mwu I felt until later on in the series (when he began to get flashes of his old memories).  A person's personality can make a great deal of difference in combat (Mwu was always serious in battle, but knew when to draw the line between being serious and overly aggressive.  Neo was calm and sometimes toyed with his enemies in the same manner that Rau would.).  While it might not make a huge difference in the end, Neo and Mwu could be considered different for the sake of argument. 


The same goes for Rau and Rey, because Rey is a clone, that doesn't mean he has the same knowledge and experiences as Rau, merely a similar genetic make-up.  While this means his ability to learn and react are about the same, his piloting skills are different because he is still younger than Rau (thus has had less time to learn).  If you don't believe that, just remember that Kira schooled Rey in the end of GSD.  As Legend>Providence and Strike Freedom>Freedom (technologically speaking, as I prefer Freedom over all), we would assume that a Strike Freedom vs Legend match should play out similarly to Kira's fight with Rau; but lo and behold that Kira's Freedom is completely unscathed in the end.  So Kira>Rau and Kira>>Rey, so by the transitive property, Rau>Rey, or Rau=/=Rey.



Now, my spoiler talk aside, I believe that Mwu is the better pilot.  He has fought off numerous enemies with either obsolete or underpowered weapons (Moebius Zero, Skygrasper), and he has always been a fair match for Rau throughout the series (save for when Rau spams DRAGOONS, ).  Given equal units that they are equally adapted to, I would say that Mwu would win. (besides, none of the other pilots can pull a La Flaga, now can they?  )

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Considering Mu dodged the Providence that well in only the Strike, I think we can give him dibs for that. If he had a gunbarrel pack, it might've made the difference... But man, if he had the Exass then, it might've been a big difference.


But hey, why not dream eh?


Mu forever. <3

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Rau....Well, what do you want from ME? (hint - avataravatar)) And I should say, that Rau not always had handicap - Moebius Zero, even though very vulnerable, can easily destroy non-prepared enemy. Well, as any unit, equipped with funnel-type weapon. And Rau fought versus him in Ginn. I mean - old scrapped Ginn. And of course, Providence very hard to control unit (hey, you should control 8 DRAGOONs at one time! and CE doesn't have any Newtype-based technology, so of course it's very hard to use).

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well it could be cause I read most of destiny and only seen a few minutes of the actual show, or it could be because I kind of hated the later half of seed cause it seemed like it was getting kind of moody...and I never really say the later half anyway. but I say Rey mainly cause well like has already been stated Rey and Rau had potentially the same skill level. But one main thing I noticed was that Rey doesn’t go on as big of a Ranting Rave as Rau. In fact the only time I remember Rey ever really talking on the radio was when he was talking to Shinn trying to convince him to attack. Every other time Rey was pretty much to himself. And as for Rey Vs Kira in the final battle, well that whole battle was kind of interesting if anyone had happened to notice the little new type experience that Kira had while fighting Rey. and then it was a single statement that Kira said that made Rey kind of freeze and Kira jumped at the opportunity right then....I mean yea at that point things were already looking pretty bleak for Rey, but if Kira would have fought instead of preaching it wouldn’t have been that decisive of a battle. At least I think so.

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I would like to clarify why I inserted the two other options


First I can see a person making an argument that they should be treated differently.  There is no SOLID evidence, that goes with the major theory that Neo = Mwu.  Before everyone start trowing stuff to me I would like to say that it has never been mentioned the same way as Kira when he survived the Strike-Aegis fight that he was in fact Kira.  I know that this is a strech, but I ask people to be open about different theories.  I have heard a theory which seems not proable, but possible that Neo has genetic memory from Mwu and that Mwu was cloned when he died.  Somehow they did a good clone that was not defective.  


Secound their personalities are different as mentioned in a privious post which was well though out by the way.  Hence they MIGHT be considered different people.  Because someone within reason MIGHT think that the option was created for a situation that is not that unlikely.


About Rey, Rey and Rau are different people.  There genetics are the same, but their expriences are different.  I never saw Rau playing a piano, but Rey did.  I added him because they can be considered similar enought and it gives the person who is voting more flexibility.  


I ask for the people that might feel that is silly, to think what other people might think.  I know that I am not always right, but I try to think what other people might think (with in reason of course)


As for the character pilot


I actually don't know. However, I give the edge to Mwu


Mwu and Rau where never on a equal battle.   Rau always had the advatage, but Mwu still did great.  Mwu trought most of the series piloted a MA, rather than a MS.  Which means he could not afford getting hit and he had less weapons than most people.  He almost always managed to tie against a Gundam with only a MA, so that feat is impressive.  In Alaska he destoyed a squad of grunts Dinn before Kira, with the Skycrasper so that feat gets overlooked too.  Another thing that I like to point out is that Mwu learned how to pilot a MS is less time than anyone else.  Within Months he fought in a MS Strike almost as good as Kira did before he went SEED, also in the battle against providence he did a great job staying alive considering that Dearka got his Gundam destoyed much quicker than Mwu did against providence.  Also when he gets Aksuki he destoys a grunt Army Kira style (proably use the same clip for both).  


Rau - The thing that Rau has going for him is that he mastered the Dragoon system very quickly.  Secondly, he always won against Mwu in every single battle.  Rau also held his own against Kira and Freedom not to mentioned when Kira was in SEED mode.  I don't want to fail to mentioned that Rau seems to be a more competent military commander than Mwu and hence his strategy might be more solid than Mwu which explains why he always walks in a fight holding the advatge.  So if strategy plays a big part the edge goes to Rau, however in just piloting I think Mwu is slightly better.


Is it me but I always found it interesting that Rau could pass as a cordinator even though he is a clone from a natural. I always wondered if Mwu could pass as a coordinator given his above average piloting skills?  

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I think the topic needs to be more specific on what mobile suits these people have.


I'm all for Mwu, but Providence and Legend are just to hectic with their little lasers for any mobile suit to avoid getting hit. Unless their piloting their Zaku's...


So yah..<<;

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