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Suggestions for some facilties...


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Sorry, but if you really want to rp a baseball game, you would have to do it outside of Onogoro.


And about your current way of posting about the military facilities, I would appreciate it if you only use the list of facilities as a guide. Double posting (twice!) in 2 separate threads is quite a turn off for me. If you really have to alternate between the soccerfield and the running track, post all your rp under a single topic like "Ichigo's spare time" or something. It is really advisable not to double post. If no one replies to your post, wait, or start a topic (here or Roleplay Discussion) to encourage people to join your thread.


I don't mind different threads being set up for different facilities, but just not used like this.

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Well, you could have made one single good post under the running track, saying that you made your way to the soccerfield and back again and there again and back again or whatever you liked doing.


Since you already have made your posts, and no one has replied to them yet, I don't see the reason for you to start off in another topic. The thing to do now would be to wait.


The shooting range is full of replies, but I don't see people shuttling between the range and another facility without another person replying to them

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Sorry, lynnks, I didn't intend for things to go like this.  (I already had a long discussion with him before, since he was jumping a day ahead and whatnot previously)  It was my fault for not clarifying enough.


You could easily start a new thread with just your character, however, multi-posting in a thread where you are the only RPer there is frowned upon. (If you look around, there are some 'stand-alone' threads with only one person in them, but they never double/multi-post unless someone else responds)


These types of RPs rely more on interactions with other people and allow us to observe more about what your character is like.


Also, just 'staying' in your own thread with only your posts is an unfair way to accumulate 'money' on this forum.


When I created those separate topics, I did not mean that people should just shuttle back and forth between them in a rapid manner.  Note how long some of us has resided in the Shooting Range, for example. 

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