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  1. In line with the site's 2nd anniversary, a trivia will be held. When there are 7 or more people online, we'll start the trivia! So hang around the site! The trivia topic for today will be on characters in the character library, so make sure you read about them! It'll be held at the shoutbox and it's going to be a question-answer type of trivia, so fastest fingers first! Prize: Depending on the turnout, but expect it to be greater than $50!
  2. If there are more than 5 people on, and people are game, the game will start! But either hannah or I must be on to host the game
  3. Awww... come on, don't you just love this yellow-faced thingy? The first game was just held tonight and the prizes are as follows! $100 to Veicien $200 to Darkphoenix $300 to Tomomi Congrats!
  4. We are starting a new game here in AD and it needs 5 or more people online and active to participate in the game Game name: Seek the Smiley! No. of People needed: At least 5, all moderators and faction leaders are welcome to join. You would also need either hannah or me to host the game Taking place at the shoutbox or the chat. Information: At the start of each game, the host will upload a specific smiley face to any part of the site, and you will need to find it! Clues will be given to help you in your search. But you will need to know the site in and out If there are more people participating, prizes might get bigger, but maybe less detailed clues will be given out. There may be other bogus smileys hiding around the site and these are aimed to give you a momentarily sense of hope as you see the yellow face But you must find the smiley that the host has asked you to find, though the size may be different. The game ends when a person correctly gives the url of the page that the smiley is at. Only after the smiley is found, then will the host upload another smiley into another random page, where another game of Seek the Smiley begins! Prize: $100!!!! Just for finding the correct smiley Note: The host's decision is final Other details may be added at a later stage
  5. Since the last thread was made over 2 months ago, I would like an updated list of times that you can come on to the site. Name: (your displayed name) Time: (when you're available) Timezone: (please state your timezone based on GMT offsets) Please don't inclue daylight savings xP Just a rough estimate will do. Like this, Name: lynnks Time: 8pm - 11pm daily Time Zone: GMT +8
  6. Please note that you are not allowed to be related to any of the characters in Gundam Seed or Gundam Seed Destiny, so you would have to change your name and history a bit.
  7. indigence \IN-dih-juhn(t)s\, noun: A state of extreme poverty or destitution. Indigence comes from Latin indigentia, "neediness," from indigens, indigent- present participle of indigere to be in need of, from Latin indu (archaic form of in-), "in" + egere "to be needy, to need, to lack." The adjective form is indigent.
  8. ukase \yoo-KAYS; -KAYZ; YOO-kays; -kayz\, noun: 1. In imperial Russia, a published proclamation or order having the force of law. 2. Any order or decree issued by an authority; an edict. Ukase derives from Russian ukaz, "decree," from Old Church Slavonic ukazu, "a showing, proof," from u-, "at, to" + kazati, "to point out, to show."
  9. sorry sorry, was late in posting the Word of the Day, just pretend they were posted on the day they were supposed to be okay? quagmire \KWAG-myr; KWOG-\, noun: 1. Soft, wet, miry land that shakes or yields under the feet. 2. A difficult or precarious position or situation; a predicament. Quagmire is from quag, a dialectical variant of quake (from Old English cwacian) + mire, from Old Norse myrr, "a swamp."
  10. argot \AHR-go; -gut\, noun: 1. A specialized and often secret vocabulary and idiom peculiar to a particular group. 2. A secret language or conventional slang peculiar to thieves, tramps, and vagabonds Argot is from the French.
  11. prepotency \pree-POTE-n-see\, noun: 1. The quality or condition of having superior power, influence, or force; predominance. 2. (Biology) The capacity, on the part of one of the parents, as compared with the other, to transmit more than his or her own share of characteristics to their offspring. Prepotency is from Latin praepotentia, from prae-, "before" + potentia, "power," from potens, "able, powerful," present participle of posse, "to be able."
  12. circumspect \SUR-kuhm-spekt\, adjective: Marked by attention to all circumstances and probable consequences; cautious; prudent. Circumspect comes from the past participle of Latin circumspicere, "to look around, to consider carefully," from circum-, "around" + specere, "to look." The noun form is circumspection.
  13. Hm.. what location type do you want? School/Office/Home/Supermarket? I can do the designs, just need to know the location type
  14. gregarious \grih-GAIR-ee-us\, adjective: 1. Tending to form a group with others of the same kind. 2. Seeking and enjoying the company of others. Gregarious is from Latin gregarius, "belonging to a herd or flock," from grex, greg-, "herd, flock."
  15. Actually, it is set up. Sieg, you can start organising your team and the opposition.
  16. Go ahead. info posted up at Onogoro liubei: do you have any program that draws floor plans? I'll be using sims 2 for the moment.
  17. prolix \pro-LIKS; PRO-liks\, adjective: 1. Extending to a great length; unnecessarily long; wordy. 2. Tending to speak or write at excessive length. Prolix is derived from Latin prolixus, "poured forth, overflowing, extended, long," from pro-, "forward" + liquere, "to be fluid."
  18. Hm.. why was it in the library? It's back to the correct board now
  19. Scoreboard for the Training Grounds Name Information Points Missions Playing Characters Keiji Kiel Flar 0 None liubei013 Demetrius Amherst 0 None evo_Sieg Siegfred Correa 0 None kct Sayaka Nakano 0 None Jase Jase Truesdale 0 None Shaftronics Zeru Ayanami 0 None neogmkuma Juan Miguel Mendoza 0 None DarkNoise Jettie Phoenix Tiamara 0 None Bladester50 Kawahira Ichigo 0 None Janus Janus Chiaki Matsuo 0 None This board will be updated weekly or when there is a major update.
  20. [align=center]Using the NPCs[/align] Only use NPCs if there are not enough PCs who signed up for your simulation. An officer cannot take only an NPC into the simulation - thus creating a one man show. There must be at least one other PC. An officer can choose how many NPCs make up his team, but not the other team. He can then delegate the control of these NPCs to himself, or to the other PCs in his team. I will be choosing the NPCs for the teams now (after the officer has told me how many NPCs that he needs) through the roll die in the chat. Each NPCs will be assigned a number and this depends on the number of the die I roll. Officers can assign one NPC to one PC or he may prefer to take total control of the NPCs. NPCs do not store memories, thus they will forget everything once the mission is over. NPCS will behave exactly how the person in charge of them uses them. This may differ from players to players, but there are no restrictions on how to use an NPC. You can also score points for shooting at an NPC, but at the same time, it is also up to the person in charge of them to control their movements. Points will not be deducted from you if the NPC you are in charge of gets shot, but try not to use them as a meat shield. Non-Playing Characters Number : Position/Name : General Information 1 Private Briel Saunders An average looking fellow, Briel recently 'graduated' from boot camp and is now officially a member of the FREE Forces. He handles any given tasks competently but isn't exceptional in any particular aspects. He works very well in teams, enough that he can be trusted to cover your back. Natural Age: 18 Agility: Average Accuracy: Average Tactical Acumen: Slightly below average 2 Private Takuboku Nakamura A slim, second-generation Coordinator, Takuboku was granted the gift of a strong analytical mindset but he lacks in physical aspects. However, he was armed with the belief in the protection of his homeland and managed to struggle through basic training. The soft-spoken young man makes up for his deficient physical abilities with his ability to quickly accumulate data in the field and then outline multiple paths and possible choices. Coordinator Age: 19 Agility: Slightly below Average Accuracy: Poor Tactical Acumen: High 3 Private Hughes Dechesne This bulky, muscular young man is very enthusiastic and slightly arrogant. Before enlisting, he was a star linebacker in his high school's American Football team; a sport that his idol, George Glenn, also played. Because of this, he is strong and rather fast despite his large stature. However, he isn't the type to have both 'brains' and 'brawns' so he's not that sharp. Coordinator Age: 19 Agility: Above Average Accuracy: Slightly Above Average Tactical Acumen: Below Average 4 Leading Private Gerard Poirier Gerard was born from a military family passed all the tests that they could throw at him. He is an above average soldier, always completing all of his missions with great success. His teammates always know they can trust Gerard. He is quick to admit to his mistakes and seeks to correct them. His sturdy features gives him an almost honest and trustworthy look. Natural Age: 20 Agility: Above Average Accuracy: Slightly Above Average Tactical Acumen: High 5 Private Piers Kilch Piers had a fond liking for paintballing, archery and other aiming associated acitivies which contributes to his naturally high accuracy. He's cocky and always believes that he's right and shrugs off mistakes by saying that "Lady Luck" wasn't on his side. Kilch is a strong and fast runner, but he's extremely clumsy. He doesn't even know how to tie his shoes which he tries dearly to keep a secret. Piers has great upper body strength with muscles situated in his arms. Unfortunately, he believes strategy is for losers and supposes that he could never lose since he self proclaims that he is the "rock". In actual truth, whenever Piers tries to think or even focus on a strategy, he doesn't seem to comprehend it well. Kilch seems to be great at encouragement however and helps motivate the team while hoping to instill confidence. Coordinator Age: 20 Agility: Fast, but not reliable Accuracy: High Tactical Acumen: Below Average 6 Leading Private Ryota Mitsukuri He was one that looks for methods which 'solves everything' using various tactics, even if the said method is questionable. Relies a lot on use of instinct and thought-of-the-moment, although he is for one never a proper team player, because he sometimes questioned the strength of the teams that he would be assigned to. Once his trust is gained, a master tactician is in place inside any team. Natural Age: 19 Agility: Above Average Accuracy: Above Average Tactical Acumen: High 7 Private Kanako Sasaki One of the numerous female personnels in the FREE Forces, she was a senior and an older sister figure to some of the females in the FREE Forces. An accomplished marksmen (markswomen), she have no qualms about taking her own course of action if the situation permits it. Natural Age: 18 Agility: Average Accuracy: Above Average Tactical Acumen: Average 8 Private Jeanne Heron Jeanne looks like a mistake who somehow made it into the army. Her aim has hardly improved ever since she joined a year ago. But there have been a few lucky days when she shot every target down cleanly. However, she breaks into tears easily if spoken too strictly to and she takes a while for her mood to settle down. Her only bonus is her high agility which has saved her many times from being shot at during training. Coordinator Age: 20 Agility: High Accuracy: Poor Tactical Acumen: Low
  21. [align=center]Training Grounds[/align] [align=center]To present simulated circumstances to soldiers so as to facilitate realistic training. It is a building that is actually larger than it looks and is located next to the shooting range. Any exercise will have to be pre-booked and arranged by an officer of Sergeant rank and higher. No one will be allowed to join a simulation once it is in progress. There are two main types of simulation an officer can choose from and every new mission will begin in a new thread. Points, maps, non-playing characters, playing characters and the simulation type will be shown on the first post of each thread which will be kept updated by a referee.[/align] Type 1 Simulation: Players vs Non-human targets Type 2 Simulation: Players vs Players Type 1 simulation: Officers must form a team of at least 2 Type 2 simulation: A team of at least 3 must be formed, the other team may have as little as 1, but must also be led by a Sergeant, or higher. [align=center]The Hostage Situation[/align] Officers can choose whether to start a hostage situation for their campaign. They can choose from a Type 1 simulation or a Type 2. But they must lead a small squad to rescue the hostage(s). A one-man show is not encouraged. Dummy dolls are available at the storage room to act as hostage. Upon coming in contact with the hostage, the rescue team will be required to pull out from the building before the mission is considered to be over. OR, the rescue team will have to ensure that every member of the opposing team (Either the Non-human targets or the Players) is shot down. [align=center]Choosing the setting[/align] Choose either a home or an office setting. The construction workers in the training grounds will take around 1 to 2 weeks to complete the building, depending on the details that the officer has given. Officers will need to provide me on how many people they expect to join the simulation, what type of simulation they will be carrying out and any other details they would like to see in the floor plan. [align=center]Organising the teams[/align] While the construction workers are building, the officer will then organise his team in the Orb Union Headquarters. At the same time, if a Type 2 simulation is used, he will have to ask another officer to organise another team of the leading officer's preference. Squads can be made up of more than one officer, thus creating an elite team. [align=center]Timing[/align] Missions are given the time of 1 week to 1 month to complete, depending on what the leading officer has stated down. If the team fails to complete the mission by the time, the opposing team will be declared the winner and be given the points. Try to reply as quickly as possible, if you fail to reply within 48 hours, points will be deducted as well. Circumstance Points Gained Points Deducted A shot at the lower torso 250 100 A shot at the limbs 200 50 A shot at the upper torso (left side) 400 200 A shot at the upper torso (right side) 300 150 A shot at the head 450 250 Getting disarmed - 100 Disarming an opponent + 200 You are not encouraged to make physical contact with the opposing team. Once you have lost your weapon, you are considered to have lost. Not making a post within 48 hours - 100 points for each 48 hours or part theoref until the mission is deemed to be completed by either side. [align=center]Equipment[/align] Dummy Dolls Communication devices - ear phones and the like Toggle between nightmode or daylight Non human targets Full protective gear Armaments Weapons shoot red paint pellets at the opponent instead of bullets, but they are specially made to feel like the real thing. The paint pellets mark where the person is shot at. If you are shot wherever, act like it, the paint pellets hurt enough to leave a small bruise for a few days. Paint bombs are available but they are highly not encouraged to be used. They react like real bombs but they spill highly condensed bright red paint everywhere.
  22. apostasy \uh-POS-tuh-see\, noun: Total desertion or departure from one's faith, principles, or party. Apostasy is derived from Greek apostasis, "a standing away from, a defection, a revolt," from aphistanai, "to stand off or away from, to revolt," from apo-, "from, away from" + histanai, "to stand."
  23. impugn \im-PYOON\, transitive verb: To attack by words or arguments; to call in question; to make insinuations against; to oppose or challenge as false; to gainsay. Impugn comes from Latin impugnare, "to assail," from in-, "against" + pugnare, "to fight."
  24. It's alright, I'll probably join you guys soon.
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