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Re: 6th Months Celebration!


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I am proud to announce that as of 10:10 pm (GMT+8) today, Advent Destiny is half a year old! I have to admit, it has been a rather slow six months. I urge all members to show understanding and patience as we try to bring this site up to greater heights. Advent Destiny is still in its infant stage. We need active members who are willing to contribute ideas to help make this site the most successful Gundam Seed RPG.


I really appreciate the dedicated members' support and immense patience with us. I assure you that the staff of this site has set our sights far. Our aim is to keep this site running for as long as we can. We want it to last years. Advent Destiny is not just about role play. We want to make it a Gundam Seed fan site as well. A place where you can discuss your ideas of the various aspects of Gundam Seed and the related series. Advent Destiny will not be just a site for Gundam related discussions or role play. We wish to make this into a community. One where you will meet friends, even some who may become your lifelong friends.


Members come and go. This is the cycle that is inevitable on an online site. We can only cherish the loyal ones and hope that we can make the site better for these players.


We have a couple of updates to announce to mark this milestone.


Cosmic Compendium


We proudly present to you the Cosmic Compendium. It is a Wiki that acts as a database for you. It contains important information about the background of the world that you RP in.


We would also attempt to address ambiguous issues and expand upon information stubs from the Gundam Seed and the related series.


You might ask, this is a Wiki. Why can't we edit it? The purpose of using the Wiki software is to empower the AD Team with ease of editing the articles as well as comparing revisions made to the various pages. Members are encouraged to contribute. Simply post your ideas in the Suggestion box with a [CC] as the subject of the topic.


Please note that the Cosmic Compendium will be a continuous work-in-progress. It may look sparse now but I hope to populate it with as much information as necessary.


I am also pleased to inform you that the mobile suit pages have been put up in the Compendium, after numerous sleepless nights. The full listing has not been completed but I will add the listing shortly. Keep an eye on this section for updates about the Compendium.



Destiny League


The first season of the Destiny League is about to begin. Sign up now if you wish to join in on the challenging battles as you fight your way to become the best team in the Coliseum!

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*reads entry for Republic of East Asia*


Holy crap...you used my summary. O_O

I may have to go back and edit it slightly given the difference in the timeline from when I wrote that (back during the last vestiges of SEED RPG) to now.


Anyways, yeah, woohoo!  Here's to another six months and running!

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Kudos to AD's 6th month! Cheers for the next six 6th months! (or something in the power of 6, hehe...)


Its fun that it AD has lasted this long. I'll be willing to help as much as I can.


Maybe I could help in the ORB and Mobile Weapons pages, if you have an opening.


Congratulations again!

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I am going to help in the MW section too, perhaps, making a really detailed IWSP history (since I'm going to get the MG one soon). And probably a look at the other stuff (some of the MSVs played a big role, like the Proto-ZAKU).


I don't know, if I were to write history of the EU (Equatorial Union) again I definitely need a lot more help than presently.

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