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Merry Christmas!!


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Merry Xmas everyone! Just got myself a PSP (ya i know theres already a ps3 but THATS TOO DAMN EXPENSIVE!) but it doesn't function properly... At least im exchanging it with another psp by dec. 26 considering that theyre not opened in the holidays... Man am i lucky. Its already xmas and the next month jan 5 exactly, im leveling up! i mean its my bday!

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[me=Kaizer]looks up from his pile of shiny new ways to waste time[/me]


Merry Christmas everyone, I would've been around sooner, but like many, I had to go and spend a lot of time with the rellies.  So, what did everyone else get for presents?  I didn't get alot, but I didn't really ask for anything either, so I guess thats my fault    I got:


Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories

Final Fantasy 12

Final Fantasy 5 Advanced

Super Robot Taisen Original Generations 2

Summon Night Swordcraft Story 2

Chip and Dale: Rescue Rangers Season 1 DVD

2 Kendo Shinai's

1/144 scale Blast Impulse model

1/144 scale Blaze Zaku Phantom model

1/144 scale Chaos Gundam Model

$95 in gift cards for book stores (cause no one knew what manga to get me  )

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